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Mr. Jim Gerald Going Abroad.

Bound for London to fulfil contracts to appear in British films and in panto mime, Mr. Jim Gerald, an Australian comedian, passed through Fremantle from

the Eastern states with his wife on tne liner Strathaird yesterday. He will also visit the United States and the Contin ent with the object of observing recent theatrical developments. Mr. Gerald said that he was under con tract to the Gaumont-British company to make a number of films. He was not at liberty to discuss the details, but he was taking with him some scenarios which he had written himself and which would be placed before the company. No deci sion had yet been made as to what the films would be. Effort would be concen trated on making films which would find a ready market in Australia. He had also contracted to appear in the Christmas season of pantomime at Drury lane, and he had received, but not yet accepted, several offers to appear in other stage shows abroad. He intended to spend some time in obtaining new material for pro ductions in Australia on his return. He would spend at least a year away from Australia, but the length of his stay would depend to a certain extent upon the amount of success he achieved in his appearances in London. Although he has been a leading come dian in Australian musical comedy and pantomime for several years Mr. Gerald has never appeared in talking pictures. He has, however, appeared in a silent film. 'It was about 28 years ago in Sydney,' he said. 'The McMahon brothers made 'Robbery Under Arms' and 'I played the part of Warrigal.** Mr. Gerald hopes to have- an extended holiday before he returns to Australia. 'This will be the first time I have had a holiday of. any length in 28 years. I have been appearing in various' produc tions practically continuously since about 1907.' he said. During' that time he has had only four engagements. As a boy he worked in a circus— his first Job in the entertainment business. For the next 20 years he appeared under -the direction of Sir Benjamin and Mr. John Fuller, and there followed two years with J. C. Wil liamson, Ltd., and four years with Tivoli Circuits. In order that he might go abroad his contract with Tivoli Circuits was suspended for two years. If he re turns to Australia within that period the contract will be resumed automatically, and if he remains abroad for longer than two years it will lapse.