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/ Nourishment Peanut Paste is particularly appealing during Lent because it supplies the nutriment usually derived from meat and contains in well balanced form all the essentials required to satisfy healthy appetites. Old and young alike appreciate the peanut flavour and will readily make a satisfying meal from 'Eta' Brand Peanut Paste sandwiches. During and after Lent, therefore, see that your daily menu includes this sustaining food. Use it for lunches, afternoon teas, or suppers. Served as a savoury it is exceptionally appetising with tomatoes, lettuce, gherkins, or olives. ETA WL^ ML A ?k^ brand PEANUT PASTE Ckefol for Frjing. NUT FOODS LTD. Kso trod n CnrH ?*? ? para vesctabfa w — -?« « i ? * ? t lusis siij saitmhing sad nusm the fan aatmri Sydney and Melbourne It's moments like these YOU NEED '*KM ' I * CT . t_ _ ^^^^^ 1 AlliJLAJMk#.u ^^^^^ THE UNIVERSAL SWEET M^ONLYbyJ«me»Sl«muii— Hender^'f &«« l^'S««sa^» Hom!.^ N3.W. aid Auckland. N^. 35.5

? mminmm ? mmim ? ' ? inimimiUM I The j Kraft Cheese j Hour j From station 6IX every after- j noon next week, between 3 . and 4 o'clock, the Kraft . Cheese hour. Sixty minutes j of happy entertainment fea- j turing Boans Tzigane Band. ! This week the afternoon ses- ! sion will run from 2 to 4 ; o'clock. Beginning at 2 p.m. ; with a bright programme of ; recorded music and ending ; with the Kraft Cheese Hour, ; between 3 and 4 o'clock. ? Monday to Friday 3 to 4 p.m. \ ? Afternoon Session, 2 to 4 ? j It's safe to t\ine in to 6IX at ; any time — 6IX programmes : are carefully chosen, and splen- ? didly presented. Tonight when j you switch on the radio, one - turn of the dial will give you ? 6IX, and it will be the same any : other day or night. 6IX enter- | tainment is always enjoyable — j always interesting to every : 4