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Conference at Bassendean.

}A conference of local governing au thorities at the Bassendean Town Hall, on Monday, decided to continue efforts to secure' the renaming of the Perth

Guildford-road via . Bassendean, the Great Eastern-highway and the gazettal of the thoroughfare as a main road. It , was agreed that with this in view Messrs. W. D. Johnson, J. Hegney and R. E. Clothier, M's.L.A., should be requested to arrange deputations to the Minister for Lands (Mr. M. P. Troy), and the Minis-; tgrgfor Works (Mr. A. McCallum). The local authorities represented were the 'Midland Junction. Municipal Council and the Perth, Bassendean. and Bayswater Road Boards. The chairman of the Bassendean Road Board (Mr. R. A. McDonald) presided. .3£ letter was received from the Com nusjsioner of Main Roads (Mr. E. Tin dale) stating that the main road through Belmont had been; and still was, regarded as the principal highway to the eastern districts. It had recently been decided that the designation 'Great Eastern highway' should be applied to the road east from Midland Junction. If this designation was applied to the continua tion -of the road to Perth, it was con tended that the route through Belmont was the one that should bear that desig nation. . It could hardly be said that the road through Bassendean was the main route to the eastern districts. The secretary of the Bassendean Road Board (Mr. L. R. Latham) submitted the results', of a census of vehicles which trayeltea over the Perth-Guildford roads onMthe north and south sides of the Swan River from November 26 to December 2,: from 6 ajn. to 10 pan. daily. He said the census showed that vehicles used the roajis as follows: — Belmont route: To Perth, 4,434; and from Perth, 4,347. Bas sexicleari route: To Perth, 5,161; ang. from Perth, . 5,227. The traf fic];, via Bassendean thus exceeded th'e' traffic on the Belmont route by l,$07 vehicles a week. About 54 per cent of the traffic used the Bassendean route and 46 per cent the Belmont route. From Guildford to the Perth Town Hall was nearly two miles shorter via Bas se&dean than via Belmont. ;The delegates to wait on the Ministers wete appointed as follows: — Messrs. W. %, Abbett (Perth Road Board), J. H ward (Bayswater Road Board), and R. A.^ McDonald (Bassendean. Road Board), and Cr. F. J. Warnock (Midland Junc ti6ri Council).