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Erection of Buildings.

'Lone Bushman.' — It is anticipated that Anzac House will be completed bv September 1, 1934. No information is available concernini the buildin* dates of the hotel at the eni-nor

of Mill-Etreet, as the licence hag yet -to be ob tatined. Lord Howe Island. 'Anxious to Know' (West Perth). — (1) There is no village, name given to the settlement on Lord Howe Island; (2) the village settlement on Norfolk Island- is known us Kingston; (3)' correspondence for Thursday Iiland should be ad dressed, Mr. ? . Thursday Island, via Brisbane, Queensland. Mulberry Wine. 'Pinky' (Victoria Park). — Owing to the action of the fruit juice upon the iron, it certainly would be very risky for anybody to drink tnul lierry wine which had been left in an ordinary kerosene tin to ferment. A tin or iron vessel is totally, unsuitable for such a purpose. You should use a vessel of wood or earthenware. A Reformatory at Rottnest. ?'Argument' (llerrcdin)l — Mr. F. I. Bray ot the State ATchives Eoatd.x states that a refor matory for boys was established at Rottnest on May 16. 1881, by proclamation of the then Governor, Sir William Robinson, but the pur pore for which the institution was established was not precisely, stated. In 1878 the Chief Justice, when convicting two youths, had made some forcible remarks concerning the need for a juvenile reformatory, and in consequence of representations made at the time to the Gov ernor, one of the youths was sent to Rottnost to serve his sentence. In 1879 the erection of a reformatory at Rottnest was contemplated by Major-Genera 1 Sir Harry. Ord. then Lieutenant Governor, and apparently it was erected,' for m 1881 a building- known as 'the reformatory' was declared a gaol. The institution was closed on September. 27, 1901, and the 14 Jnmat .were transferred to an industrial school. '