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AUGUSTA^— Tar from experiencing a heat ?wave, a, keen 'south-easterly gale, with heavy showeis ot ' rain, has prevailed in the district for the -nast week. Under good weather con

dition* the eighth annual agricnltuml show took place at Kartidale. Competition in the various classes of stock and produce was limited, owing*. donbtlesB, to many old settlers having left the neighbourhood; and the attendance was also on the small side. A successful dance was held on the night of the show. BADGEBUP. — On November 11 the Rockwell club journeyed to Katanning, and suffered then first defeat, Rockwell scoring1 71 ari-l Katanning 99 for six wickets (Sampson 56). — Mr. W. M. Martvn had a horse struck by lightning and killed during the storm on November 11. — On November 15 an old and respected resident passed away in the person of Mrs. F. H. Flugge, The deceased was one of the pioneers of the Rock well district, and leaves a large circle of rela tives to mourn her loss. — Haycutting is now becoming general, and some good yields are being obtained.

BUNTINE. — Buntine's final cricket match in the first round was played on Sunday at home against Wubin, when an exciting game resulted in a draw. Wubin, with 9 wickets down, were 28 runs in arrears. — Wheat carting has com menced, a few bags having come into the Biding today. — The Moya Cricket Club held a successful dance in aid of their funds on Saturday night. BOODAROCKIN. — Harvesting is well under way, though yields are not so satisfactory as the appearance of crops suggested owing to pinch ing of the grain due to the dry finish of the season. — On November 18, a 'surprise party of about 60 strong visited Mr. and Mrs. Pollard to commemorate the completion of their new home. A thoroughly enjoyable time lasted well into the moraine. BRUCE ROCK. — On November 12 the Bruce Rock Colts (129) were at home to the Babakin cricket team (89). Bleehynden, of Babakin, topped the bowling list with eight wickets for 29. — The first load of Tvheat for this season was delivered to Bruce Rock on November 13 by Mr. A. Pope. — On Thursday, November 16, Messrs. Elder, Smith, and Co., held their monthly Bale, when 1,279 sheep were yarded and sold. Competition was keen, and prices distinctly in advance of late rates. — On November 17 the ladies' committee held its annual dance in the Road Board Hall, in aid of the . Bruce Rock Memorial Hospital, this being a success both financially and socially. CARON. — Wheat has already started to come into the railway yards, and the majority of fanners have commenced harvesting. — A very successful dance was held in the school on the night of November 18, in aid of funds for the tennis club. CORRIGIN. — Hay carting throughout the dis trict is nearing completion and most crops are ready for stripping. The straw is generally short, but the grain yield is expected to be nearly as good as last season. — The improve ment in flocks and the evenness of the season have resulted in the wool clip being the best to date in both quality and quantity. — At a sale conducted by Goldsbrough, Mort and Co. on November 14, young ewes off shears sold at 12/. — On November 13, the recently in stalled bulk-handling scheme was given a trial when one load of wheat was satisfactorily loaded. — ^)n November 19, a cricket team from Corri gin was defeated by Eondinin at the latter town by 147 to 87 runs. — The Corrigin Tennis Club conducted a handicap singles tournament on Sunday. The finalists were as follows: — Men's 'A' grade: J. George and F. Berry. Men's 'B' grade: S. Corbett and E. Overington. La dies 'A' grade: S. Szezecineki and M. Ainsworth. — At the rifle range, the Corrigin Club won a shoot against the Returned Soldiers' League team bv a comfortable margin.

EAST NANNUP. — Feed is in abundance on nearly all locations. Several settlers are cut ting oats, and good yields are expected. — Mr. H. M. Pullen visited the settlement during the first week in November. He was favourabjy im pressed with the pastures. — East Nannup School will be completed during the coming week. GNOWANGERUP.— During the recent storms a great deal of damage was done to the crops in the Pallinup district. The property of Mr. R. T. Fletcher was nearly flooded when he re ceived three inches of rain. — The soccer club celebrated its 21st birthday on Wednesday night by giving a dinner. There were about 40 pre sent, nod the function was highly successful. — At the practical examination in piano playing conducted during October in the Eatanning centre by the University of Western Australia, Marion Walker secured credit in grade III., and Audrey Foster honours in grade VL GREENOUGH. — With regard to the proposals for the better drainage of the Bootenal district, Mr. J. C. Willcock, MXJL, the member for the district, advised the Greenough Road Board that the Commissioner of Railways, had decided, after an inspection, that the two culverts at Bootenal did not require enlarging, on account of the board's drains being inadequate. GERALDTON. — During the week, Signor Cog tantino, Vice-Consul for Italy, has been paying a visit to the district to observe the conditions of his fellow countrymen. He was entertained to a banquet by the Italian community on Mon day night, and to a civic reception on Wednes day morning, at which he expressed his appre ciation of the kindness tendered him as' the re presentative of Italy. — The death occurred on Sunday evening at Geraldton Hospital of Mr. John Michael Craig, a very old resident of the district. Deceased, who was born in Ireland, and was within three weeks of celebrating his 87th birthday. He came to Western Australia when only eight yean old with bis parents, and reaching Geraldton in 1877, followed the same occupation as his father, who was a warder in the employ of the Imperial authorities. — The Municipal Council ia continuing its' efforts to induce the Postal Department to content to the truncation of the corner of Pott Office Line in the intemte of the afety of traffic. The De partment has refused so far on tfes gramd that to take away any at the land would spoil it for future building purposes, but it is pointed out that there if no likelihood of the land being requited for that purpose for many yean. It is urged that the corner should be truncated in the meantime and that the department should resume the land if ever it were required for building. GABBIN.— The recent hot weather has caused crops to ripen, and very few green heads now remain. The general 'opinion now with regard to the wheat yield is that it will exceed last year's average, the season having proved suit able for the later-sown crops, which is fortunate, for these were in the majority. Haycarting is practically finished, and harvesting: of oats and early wheat* is becoming general. Yields ap pear up to expectations. — Very few bales of cornsacks were delivered this year, as farmers can now cart to the bulk-handling plant which has been installed. — There appears to be a big local demand this season for farm hands and girls to assist. KORBEL — With the advent of warmer weather harvesting will be in full swing. — The silos for bulk handling are now being completed. HERNE HILL.— The Swan Schools Sports As sociation held its annual inter-school sports at Herne Hill on November 10 in very warm wea ther. The results were as follows: Herne Hill, 199J points; Caveraham. 149 points; Middle Swan, 93 points; Eden Hill, 84 1 points; Upper Swan, 82 points. Rose Letica, of Herne Hill, who is only nine years of age, wag champion girl, and R. Pow, of Caversham, was champion boy. — The Parents and Citizens' Association con ducted stalls on the sports ground. More, than £20 was taken, of which more than £10 were profits. — Mr. L. Thorn, M.L.A., presented the shield to Mr. N. Mitchell, headmaster of Herne Hill.

HAYNESOALE. — The combined school sports, held in Cranbrook on November 18, proved very successful, and were well attended, six schools participating in the event*. Tentenden again won the shield. HaynesdaTe securing second place with only nine children. Three of the over eleven championship trophies were won by ? Haynesdale Bchool pupils, Dorothy Fnraess winning the gold armlet and brooch for the 75 yards handicap and champion girl athlete, and Geoff. Pick win ning the old medal for champion boy athlete. — Wool buyers are very active in the district, and up to lOd. all Tound has been offered, with the exception of locks. — Crop-cutting: is in pro press, and. some good yields are reported, although in many instances the . straw is much shorter this season than usual. Clover hay crops an- exceptionally good, and an abundance of natural feed is to be seen everywhere. Ploughing for summer feed is in progress, and, in some cases, Sudan grass and maize have already been sown. KELLERBERRIN. — Harvestins; operations are proceeding under very changeable weather con ditions. The oat crop has been harvested with generally very good result*, up to 34 bushel* per acre being garnered. Wheat result* vary, but early report* indicate that the district avenge will be maintained. — On Friday, Nov ember 10, the pupils, of Hiss L. M. Watt (music) and Mrs. Seddon Vincent (elocution) gave a very ?ocoessfnl recital in the Regent Theatre before a large audience. — Whilst running   with a bucket to procure water to extin   guish a grass fire near her home, Mrs. A. P. Burfein fell and broke her right arm. — At a meeting of the local branch of the Primary Pro ducers' Association it was decided to ask the Road Board to extend the prohibition period for burning-off until March 1, owing to wheat, under present conditions, remaining in the field on many farms until after that date. — All members were present at the Road Board meet intr held on November IS. Nine dozen beaters, for bush fire fighting purposes, are to be pur chased. As a result of a drive to collect motor licence and rates arrears, the secretary reported a surplus of £1,380. and it was decided to place £1,000 on fixed deposit. An organised scheme of rabbit destruction is to be carried out in January and February. — In. addition to laying a bitumen road in Massingham-street, the Main Roads Board is excavating a four-foot drain to carry away storm waters on the north .side of the street. In the past this locality has been a miniature lake in the winter. KUNUNOPPIN.— The cricket team on Novem ber 5 played the Yelbeni team on the latter's ground, the visitors winning easily. — On Novem ber 12 the Tennis Club journeyed to Nungarin as guests of that club. The honours of the afternoon's play went to Nungarin. The Sifle Club on November 1? entertained Nungarin uid Herredin riflemen for a team shoot over the 300. 500 and 600 yards ranges. Trying conditions prevailed, with mirages, owing to the heat; nevertheless, six possibles were scored. W A. Couper (Ktraunoppin) putting up the fine score of 103, finishing with a double possible, funu noppin team won easily. Total scores: — Kucu- noppin, 739; Nungarin, 688; Merredin. 686. — Wheat cartine has commenced, but is rot yet general. No report of damage to crops in thin district from the storm has come to hand.

MERREDIN.— On November 14 44 points of rain were registered, bringing the total tince the beitinnin? of the year un to 1.166 points The rain delayed hay cutting for a few day*, but it is now in full swing again. Some of the crops are cutting above last year'* avera-re.— The loc£l sub-branch of the Returned Soldiers' League held a successful reunion in the Town Hall on Armistice night. — Dingoes have been fairly prevalent in tibis district recently, and on the night of November 15 the Government trap per secured four frare-bred half ?frrown dingoes. — The girl guide movement is spreading in this dis trict. At the first annual meeting 30 guides and 30 brownie* answered the roll call. Miss Foord is acting captain oi the former, and Miss Morris and Mrs. Kendall of the latter. — At the annual, meeting of the Fire Brigade the following officers were elected: — Captain, Mr. Don Phil lips; foreman, Mr. W. Jones; apparatus officer, Mr. E. Riordan; secretary, Mr. K. Helman.— At the Parents and Citizen** Association meeting it was decided to vts* the Education Department

to include a master's oOe*t wfec* the additional classroom is beinr built— Tb» Cricket Associa tion matches resulted as follows:— Colts (1F6) beat Jilbadji (87): Brika (4 for SIS); and Mer redin (8 for 208). played a. draw; Nukarni (8 for 104) beat Nokaning (78). The Nokaning team haa decided to withdraw from the associa tion. MT. ERIN.— Some excellent yields axe being secured in the Mt. Erin district, and farmers took full advantage of the spell of hot weather last week to go ahead with their stripping ope rations. MULLEWA. — An. election for one member for the Central Ward of the MuUewa Road Board was held on November 18, when Mr. F. C. Al brecht was elected. — There have been several crop fires during the past week. Mr. Cunning ham had 200 acres destroyed, Mr. J. diddle 150 and Mrs. Yelverton 15. — Both matches in the local cricket association on Sunday were drawn. At Mullewa. Railways made 116 (Gol lan 36, Sweet 22; Martin 6 for 84, Campbell 8 for 88), to which Tardun replied with 81 for five wickets (Campbell 60; F. Brand 5 for 39). — At Devil's Creek. Towns declared with one wicket down for 250 (W. Bryant 147 not out, Haley 86) Devil's Creek played out time, losing seven wickets for 78. NARROGIN. — On Saturday. November 11. a motor collision took place at the intersection of Fortune and Earl street*, in which Police Sergeant Donaldson, who was a passenger in one of the cars, sustained injuries to his head and side, and both of the can were more or lesr damaged. — A pleasing ceremony took place in the Mayor's Parlour on November 14, when the members of the Narrojrin sub-branch of the Re turned Soldiers' League handed over the Newde gate Cub to Jhe Mayor for safe keeping. ^^ NEW NORCIA.— Last Saturday St. Gertrude'* Ladies' College celebrated its diver jubilee. Over 60 ex-pupils came in charabanc* and cars, and were adequately catered for at the commo dious hostel. At night the present pupils of the College gave a concert, which was thor oughly enjoyed by an audience which packed the hall. — In the second round of the cricket competition the College boys^ — 7 for 183 (de clared) of which J. Polinelli compiled a meri torious 79, drew with the New Norcia team — 4 for 138 (V. Clune 40). NORTHAM-— Mr. M. J. Cahfll (chairman) and Mr. J. W. Burgess, of the State Licensing Board, sat at the Northam Court House on Thursday. November 16. and granted renewals of club, publicans* general, wine and other liquor licences. — The Northam committee ap pointed to collaborate with the Department of Agriculture in investigations into the incidence of stock disease*, particularly toxic paralysis, held its first meeting on Wednesday, November 15, the president of the Northam Agricultural Society (Mr V. L. Bode) presiding. The Chief Veterinary Officer (Mr. A. McKenzie Clark), Dr. Underwood and Mr. T.,L. Shier, departmental officer stationed at Northam. attended to advise the committee on the steps the Government proposed to take, Mr. Clark explaining that experiments would be carried out on group* of sheep on Mr. R. Blood's property at Meckering. A vaccine had been produced, he said, which, it was hoped, when it wa* perfected, would prevent toxic paralysis. The committee decided to invite farmers whose flocks suffer from epidemics of disease to advise it immediately in order that departmental officers may carry out investi gations. — The president (Mr. J. Catten) and all other office bearers were re-elected at the annual meeting of the Northam Workers' Club (Inc.) on Monday night, November 13. — The Grass Valley branch of the Northam and Dis trict Fire Fighting Association held its annual meeting on November 14, when the following were elected fire leaden in the respective dis tricts: — Messrs. A. E. Smith, Austin Sermon, A. J. Cooke, J. C. Dempster, and W. G. Spen cer. — The Northam Health oBard received advice at its meeting on Thursday night, November ifi that the Minister for Health had auDroved

of the expenditure of tne Government-* propor tion of the cost of constructing an improved lavatory block for the men's ward and a new isolation ward at the Northam Government Hos pital, the health board having undertaken to find half the money required. PITHARA. — Harvesting ia general and good yields are being obtained. Mr. A. . Bonney carted the first load of wheat. into the bulk bins. Up to date no bagged wheat has been delivered, although there is a big demand for Premium wheats by merchants. Mr. Leahy lost some valuable feed by fire on November 18. a spark from a train being the cause. Luckily all wheat had been carted out of the paddock. — The East Pithara hall committee conducted a dance on November 18. QUAIRADING.— On November 15 the York Amateur Musical Society rendered a play in the hall, entitled 'The Belle of Barcelona.' The effort was greatly appreciated by a large audience. Fifty per cent, of the net profits will be de voted to the funds of the local hospital. — On November 15 Miss Modea was entertained at supper and presented with a string of crystal beads by the Girl Optimists Club, the occasion being her twenty-first birthday. — Mr. W. May, of the Bank of New South Wales, has been given notice of transfer to Midland Junction. SALMON GUMS.— On November 15, 132 points of tain fell, this being the highest regis tration in any one day for the year. The rain arrived too late to benefit the crops to any ex tent, but it was greatly appreciated by those fannere who have been forced to cart water. — Mr. Laangfield, manager of the State Farm, Mer redin. is at present engaged in judging the Mr. Langfield, manager of the State Farm, Mer and some quite good crops are being inspected* Stripping has commenced, the season being a particularly early one. — Shearing has now fin ished. Many farmers have already received quite satisfactory returns for their wooL— She Salmon Gums Tennis Club held a dub tourna ment on Sunday last. Mr. W. L. Throasell won the gentleman's singles championship. Miss B. Dolan won the ladies' singles championship, and Mr. and Mr*. J. Haslam won the mixed, doubles championship.— The Parents and Ortisens* Asso ciation ot Salmon Gums held a dance on Satur day last,' the proceeds of which were to aug ment the children's Christmas tre* tends. TO0DYAY.— A very old resident of the dis trict, Mr. A. Stevens, died on November 15. There was a large gathering at the graveside on the following day, the Sev. F. G. O'Hallonn officiating. Many yean ago. in partnership with Mr.- a Bull, Mr. Stevens conducted the Avondale vineyard which was one of the finest in the State and the show place of the dis trict. — The Veteran** Cricket Association opened the season on November 15 when Wanderers (82) defeated Boven (85). — On November 17 during hay carting on the Cnlham estate, B Jeffries. who was riding on top of the load, was thrown violently to the ground when the side of the waggon collapsed and the hay slipped off. He was picked up unconscious and rushed to the Toodyay hospital Buffering from concussion, bruises and shock. He fortunately escaped serious injury. — The old military barracks — one of the relics of convict days— are to be demolished. — Hay cutting and carting ii in full swing and the stripping of barley, oats and wheat hag commenced. TAMM1N. — On November 15 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bensley, of the National Bank, who have been transferred to the Goomalling branch, were tendered a farewell social by the resident* of Tammin. The hall was crowded with well wishers from surrounding districts, and the guests of honour were presented with a wallet of notes. A smoke social was also held in the Tammin Hall on Thursday, November 16, in honour of Mr. Bensley. Mr. J. Camm, the new manager of the National Bank, commenced his duties on November 18. — The Bank of New South Wales opened a branch here on Novem ber 18. — Tammin 'A' cricket team beat Doodla kine by 66 runs, the scores beta; Tammin 164, Doodlakine 98. F. Livesley 45, and A. Sut clifie 43, were the chief scorers for Tammin. The 'H' tonm wa-i Hpfofltpri hv 1Q rnns nrhpn

playing Kellerberrin Warriors. — Hay carting is still general and most fanners have commenced harvesting wheat. Wheat ia being carted and the bulk-handling elevators were used for the first time during the week. W0NGAN HILLS.— On November 15 the An glican Sunday school girls, under the leadership ot Mrs. Williams and Miss Mead, presented a highly successful pantomime 'Beauty and the Beast.' The frocking and scenery created striking efforts. ? The door takings were over £13. which was considerably augmented by a sale of work. On November 18 the pantomime was presented at Konncngorrin;;. The total pro ceeds are to be devoted to purchasing a suit able font for the church. — The local tennis team defeated Calingiri by 5 sets. — The Railway Cric ket Club defeated Kontiut by five wickets. The scores were: — Kondut 150, Calingiri 5 for 155. — The weather is very changeable, the thermo meter readings ranging from very high to very low. Harvesting of oats is being retarded and high winds are causing a considerable loss by shaking out. Notwithstanding this, many good returns are being received, ranging from six to nine bags per acre, — Harvesting of wheat has commenced in a few isolated instances, and the yields reported are better than anticipated. A few loads have been received at the siding. The smaple was clean and full, the bags weigh ing exceptionally welL WANNEROO. — Letters have been received from Senator Johnston and Mr. Gregory, M.H.R.. in reference to the application -for. increased postal facilities, notifying that a service twice a week would be established as far as the Wan neroo School, commencing on January 1. 1934. Dissatisfaction has been expressed at this ar rangement and a further petition is to be pre sented to the Postal Department signed by residents for an extension as previously requested. The West Australian Institute for the Blind owns certain hind in the district bequeathed to it by a supporter, but owing to its financial posi tion it could not pay the rates and requested the local road board to suggest some means of disposing of the land. As the board had not the power to remit rates it has been left tn the secretary (Mr. T. Scaddan) to effect some settlement. WESTON I A.— Harvesting is general through ?out the district, although the weather is any thing but good, the days not being warm enough, and the nights too cool. — The rainfall !nst week hampered harvesting operations con siderably. At . Carrabin 88 points were recorded, at Westonia 56, and North Walgookn 46. — The crops itre i-ot stripping up to expectations, and emus are still coming down the fence in large numbers, and trampling them down. — Man; farmers who previously carted their wheat tc Carrabin, are now taking it to the bulk silos at Walgoolan. WYALKATCHEM. — Although the constructioi of the temporary silo at this siding is noi completed, delivery of wheat in bulk has already commenced. Mr. Peters delivered the first load for the season. Harvesting operation! are now in .full Ewing. — Miss E. Riley ha* beei appointed matron of the local hospital in plact of Miss Quealey. who resigned after being matroi for 6* rears. — A. complimentary social is beim

tendered to Miss Quealey on December 1. — Wyalkatchem defeated North Eorrelocking at tennis by 17 sets to 10. YANMAH-— The Yanmah School Children'* Calf Club held it* annual field day and parade of calves on Friday. November 10. ~ The judges were Messrs. Ireland and Coombes. The cham pionship was won by Peggy Brown's calf, whilst the reserve champion went to Gracie Hansen's calf. Other awards were made as follows: — Calves up to three months: Beryl Reynolds. Three to six months: Peggy Brown. Six to twelve months: June Hughes. Over twelve months: Peggy Brown. Parents and friends at tended and inspected the work of the children, which was displayed in the school. A chil dren's concert organised by the assistant teacher (Miss Porter) was much appreciated. After noon tea was served by the ladies* committee of the Yanmah Parents and Citizens' Association. — The Bridgetown Repertory Club played the three-act farce, 'Lord Richard in the Pantry' to a crowded house at Yanmah Hall on Satur day srening, November 11.