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THE Jubilee festivities at Fremantle havi been brought to a sad end by another o those dastardly shooting outrages, for whicl in the last few months the Port has acquire* so unenviable a notoriety. On Thursday wee] the children's Fanoy Dress Sall took place a

I the Town Hall, and was, as will he seen fron

the account appearing in another column, i

j most brilliant success. Dancing was kep

I np till midnight, after which the companj j began to disperse. Abont 1 a.m. on Fridaj morning, only the Mayor and Town Council I lore, Mr. W. S. Pearse, M.L.C., several ladies and gentlemen, a few children, and the Corporation officials, remained in the build

j inp. The Mayor, some of the Councillors and

their friends were in the banqueting room partaking of refreshments before dispersing

¡ to their homes after the arduous labours ol

the evening. While the Mayor was engaged in proposing a toast, William Conroy, th« landlord of the National Hotel at Fremantle, came to the door and asked for Cr. Snook, The Mayor in courteous terms askod him to cease his interruptions, which request he complied with. Soon after the gathering broke ap and the party went towards the main entrance of the hall, where the cloak- rooms are situated. On coming oat of the banqueting room, Mr. W. S. Pearce, noticing Conroy, said *' good evening " to him and asked him what he was doing there. He replied "Pm waiting for someone" or used words to that effect. Mr. Pearse then passed on just behind the Mayor and Councillor Haley, while Conroy remained waiting. Almost immediately afterwards Councillor Snook came oat, and it is supposed he and Conroy walked down through the triangular courtyard to the entrance court at the nain door. Here they were seen by a spectator conversing to all appearance in an amicable manner. Their words, as far as we have been able to glean, were not dis- tinctly audible, but we are informed that one of them was heard to laugh just before tho shot was fired. Apparently without any previous warning, Conroy pat bis hand into the pocket of his overcoat, and, taking ont a revolver, presented it at Cr. Snook, and im- mediately fired, sending a ballet through the front of Cr. Snook's jaw, which came out at the back of hie neck. The wounded man at once fell heavily forward on his side, the blood meanwhile gushing from his month. Baring this time the Mayor, Cf. Haley, and Mr. Pearce were in the cloak-room. Im- mediately they heard the shot they rushed oat into the entrance court. Mr. Pearce en- countered Conroy, and said, "Good God, Conroy 1 What have you doneP" Conroy replied, "He turned me away this even- ing," or words to that effect. Mr. Pearce then asked him where his revolver was and he replied that it was in his coat-pocket. At the same time as Mr. Pearce took hold of him on one side, the Mayor had ateo secured his other arm, and, feeling in the overcoat pocket, produced a small poeket revolver. The two gentlemen at once placed their prisoner in the cloak-room, and, without delay, sent for the police, on whose arrival he was given into custody and conveyed to the police-station. In the meanwhile, Cr. Haley had not been inactive. While the Mayor and Mr. Pearse wero securing Conroy, he knelt down beside Cr. Snook, and, propping him up into a sit- ting position, did what, he could to staunch the wound, from which bleed was flowing freely. Dr. Hope was sent for and arrived soon after. The wound having been dressed by him, Cr. Snook was taken to his residence where he now lies. The bullet has nottouched any vital part in its passage thrpngh the neck, but grave doubts are expressed as to the wounded man's recovery on account of *his advanced age and the severe shock to his

system. Cr. Snook is in hts 71st year, and i only a short time ago retired from active I business, with the exoeption of that im- posed on him by his duties as a Town Councillor. He is universally respected in the town, and, as soon a« the news spread throughout Fremantle yesterday forenoon, one continual expression of sympathy passed from month to mouth, accompanied with the atrongest denunciation of what the public look upon as an apparently most dastardly outrage. The assumed reason for the attack is that Conroy had been refused admission to the Hall by Cr. Snook, at an earlier stage in the evening's festivities, and it is supposed that on admittance being denied him, he went home to get his revolver, and then returned .to the hall to await an opportunity of effect-

ing his design. There are, however, rumours j that a family dispute is at the bottom of the matter, Mr. Snook béing.a connection of his assailant. It is hardly necessary to add that theße reports are little more than surmises. There were several ipeople, inolading ladies, in the entrance court when Cr, Snook fell, and the scene that ensued was .most painful, several of the ladies fainting, and others ex- pressing the excitement of their feelings by hysterical shrieks. Throughout Friday, the. outrage was the staple topic of conversation, and much regret was expressed, not only, for Mr. Snook, but deo that tba Very suoceeafol

Jubilee festivities should have been marred by BO sad an ending. The action of the Mayor and Mr. Pearce in eo promptly securing Conroy was the subject of universal commen- dation, and a feeling of thankfulness was generally manifested that the occurrence had taken place inside the hall rather than in tbe dark streets, in which latter case the perpe- trator would probably bare effected his escape, and suspicion wonld immediately have fastened on to Thomas Hughes.


On Friday morning William Conroy w&s brought ap at the Fremantle Police Court be- fore Mr. E. Fairbairn, RM. and Mr. L. W. Clifton J.P., and charged with " feloniously and maliciously shooting one John Snook with intent to kill and murder " him. Im- mediately on the prisoner being placed in the

dook the information was read, and Sergeant I Peacocke then requested a remand for 8 days, which was granted. The prisoner, who to all appearances, was calm and composed, was then removed to the cells. Conroy, who is well known in Fremantle, is net a native of the colony, but has relations living here. He is of short etatnre, has a round face with a shaven chin and short moustache and whiskers. Tho police Court was crowded with persons eager to catch a glimpse of the prisoner. Sinoe writing the above we learn that the revolver bullet has been found. After going through Cr. Snook's neck it grazed the comer of the wall and passed into the right hand side cloak-room. Numbers of persons visited the Town Hall in the course of the morning to view the blood stains on the floor, which marked the spot were Cr. Snook




Drs. Hope and Ingoldby saw Mr. Snook at half past five this evening. He is doing as well as can be expected, his pnlse being fair, and fever moderate. His condition is pre . carions, bat it is impossible to say for a day or two what the result will be.