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All States' Carnival.

(By 'Centre.')

There were no surprises in the Western Australian Lacrosse Association's senior matches played on Saturday, all the teams nerformine true to form. Nedlands, by

defeating Fremantle, advanced to fifth place at the expense of Perth. The in different displays given by Perth this year have been very disappointing and are hard to account for. Acting on the advice given in this column a fortnight ago a lec ture was delivered to the club by an old player. Faults were pointed out. Sug gestions for improvement were adopted by the team. These good resolutions were apparently forgotten on Saturday for all the old faults— crowding the goal and bad passing— were again in evidence. I would suggest that the team could be placed to better advantage by playing Ryan on the defence ar.d possibly Algar on the attack. On Saturday last Moyle, who was sub stituting for Loughton, gave a brilliant display of goal-keeping and the club is iudeed lucky in having such a good reserve keeper. Bruce Sutherland, the old Fremantle player who has been resident in Melbourne for nearly 12 months, returned to Western Australia and- is qualified to play with his old club. His transfer should have been placed before the Permit Committee of the association last week, but it was handed in too late to be dealt with. In cidents like this serve to illustrate how necessary it is for clubs to be properly represented at all meetings of the Associa tion and for delegates and club secretaries to be fully acquainted with the rules and regulations. An invitation by the South Australian Lacrosse Association for this State to send a junior team to Adelaide this year has been declined with regret for financial reasons. The Association, acting on the report of the selectors, Mesre. Hickey, Daniels and Carmichael, has decided that Western Australia will be represented at the Australian Lacrosse Carnival to be held in Melbourne during August. An announcement by the selectors regarding the personnel of the team will be eagerly awaited. Clubs should be pre paring for the Gala Day to be held on the Subiaco Oval on July 30. The events will be of a similar nature to those held last year and in order to finalise the pro gramme a committee consisting of Messrs. Angus. Kyan and Bennett has been formed. Box Lacrosse. Private advice from New York states that Australian indoor lacrosse as intro duced into Canada lnst year has been taken up enthusiastically and that a pro fessional competition has- been inaugur ated between teams representing New York, Toronto, Chicago, Detroit. Cleve land, Montreal. Buffalo and Washington, and is attracting: crowds up to 9,000. The American publicity experts refer to the game as 'the great Australian name of indoor lacrosse.' The Victorian Lacrosse Association lias decided that since Aus tralia is credited with having invented the game it shall be played here and has com pleted arrangements with a St. Kilda dance palais to conduct a series of games during the winter months. It is expected by the Victorian Association that the introduction of the indoor game will give lacrosse a big advertisement and will do much to popularise the outdoor game. Eight or nine clubs will be formed and they will play a competition probably on knock-out lines. The teams will consist of six players. In America the teams con sist of seven players with reserves and substitutes. .The West Australian Association realises the possibilities of this innovation of the game. It was discussed at its last uieet iu&* but no decision, was arrived at,