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At a meeting of the Perth Road Board on Tuesday night, presided over by|Mr. J. Scaddari; - M.L-Ai, the:' secretary v (Mr:1 W. E. Stockdale) reported that the board had

i Uebit balance at the bank, after pro riding for accounts which were passed for payment, of :£257, compared with a debit balance of £1,804 on May 26 last year. Rates collected during the month to date totalled £442, made up as follows:— Road rates, £335; health and sanitary rates, Maylanda, £86; health and sanitary rates, Osborne Park, £21. He said that he had received.,^ letter from the Bank of New South ; Wales in which it was stated that the board's .application for a temporary advance limit of £8,000, pending collection of. revenue, had been approved at the bank's pleasure as usual to November 30. The board decided to alter the name of Fitzgerald-street, .Mount : Lawley, . between Walcott-street and.' the golf links i ' reserve,' to Alexander-drive. The tenders of Mr. M. Georgeff for the construction of 15 chains of road in King Edward-street. Osborne Park, and of Mr. G. Geneffe for, road construction .work in Constance1' street, Osborne :Park. were accepted. ..A letter was received from the Taxa tion Department in, which it was stated that, Jn view of the conditions prevailing at present, it appeared unlikely that any variation of departmental valuations for 1931 as~ supplied to the board would be made^for 1938. It was anticipated that an additional area of the board's district would be re-valued' for land tax -purposes for 1932, but, as this work would not be completed for some months, it would Be of no use to the board for rating pur poses for the coming financial year.