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Poor Standard of Play.

(By 'Centra.'}

General speaking the association matches on Saturday lust were .disappointing, the stan dard of play being far below the average. With a few notable exceDtions combined play was

lacking, ana it was eviaent mat ciuds neeu instruction in this important' phase of the game. A few lectures on tactics with . the aid of a blackboard should be helpful, .and as there are plenty of old players willing to render' this service, club secretaries should make ar rangements for holding regular instruction classes without delay. Guildford, which appears to be having a lean year, failed to extend Mt. Lawley,' despite the fact that the latter gave a very indifferent display. Guildford .was un fortunate to be without the services of its regular goalkeeper, several 'easy shots being al lowed to get in. Mt. Lajwley was very disap pointing and played like a team of juniors. Payne was the only member of the side to play up to form. Perth defeated University by a comfortable margin, but its forward play was very ragged. There were, too many in dividual efforts and the shooting for goal lacked sting. Bird, playing at third home, is not used to advantage. This player is an excellent stickN handler and if his comrades were to play back to him there would be far better re sults. The third home position is the pivot for all attacks and the club thai; realises this fact and makes proper use of it will be the first to attain success. The Midland Junction Club under the able direction of secertary Jim Scott is rapidly put ting its house in order. The club is now well organised, juuiore are encouraged, and the social side fostered. Midland evidently has designs on winning the I. J. Taylor shield this year, aid intends to qualify. ?' The fixture committee of the association met last week and made slight alterations to the fixtures. The district match on May 26, be tween Fremantle ajd University net down for the East Fremantle Oval, will be played on the University Oval, while on June 4 Como and East Fremantle will play on the Esplanade, instead of South ePrth. Box Lacrosse.. As indicated last week the origin of box lacrosse is somewhat obscure, and from the letters and reports received from America the belief is apparently entertained there that the game had its origin in Australia. Perhaps tlie first announcement of box lacrosse appeared in the 'New York Times' about 18 months ago when a writei described 'a lacrosse match he saw in Sydney in February 1930; it was ft championship game played before 35,000. The game had taken on wonderfully in Australia, where the general principles of lacrosse had been retained; but a more attractive game made of it.' The writer continues: 'It has become a 'long shot* game in which the players have been reduced from 12 to eight with seven sub stitutes rendering the game more vivid.' The writer recommended /the lacrosse authorities in Canada 'to give the game a trial as reconstituted by the Australians and it will then sweep its way into popularity.' In the American Inter-Collegiate lacrosse an nual for 11)31 mention is made of the difficulty of arranging an Olympic Lacrosse contest 'owing to the fact that in Australia the game is played with eight men aside on a restricted ground,' wbile officials of lacrosse associations in Aus tralia hud lad many inquiries from Canada for particulars of this new game. What has liappened in Australia that we should be credited with inventing the game? About two^years ago two prominent Melbourne clubs played a six a side game one evening in a leading dance ball, for ' charity. The ex periment was considered to be a success and last year, a knock-out competition between teams of six aside was arranged. The games were p Laved on the ordinary playing field, the length being reduced to 50 'yards and were quite interest ing. The writer who witnessed this contest in Melbourne,' was impressed with, the possi bilities and induced the local association to in- - elude a match of this description in the Gala Day sports. This is all that is known in Aus traJia of the lacrosse which has taken Canada by storm.