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Now, Mr. John D. Valentine, please stick to facts on SUGAR!   There are one or two associations in the     South that seem to take a keen pleasure in     attacking the sugar industry. Their   capacity for bowling over Aunt Sallies of   their own making is quite extraordinary,     but it is time that they were brought to   book. They misrepresent the position so   shockingly, and are so unfair in their com-   ments, that they' are likely to do harm to       the 30,000 families engaged in Australia's   sugar industry unless we give the people       Mr. John D. Valentine, Honorary Secretary of the Launceston 'Henry George League,' is typical of these thoughtless critics. In a recent letter to the Press he said that if the duty on sugar were reduced to pre-war level, 'the fruit growing and - processing industries, and the confectionery and condensed milk manufacturers would be able to recapture their export trade without resort to the niggardly grant, hush money, which the sugar magnates allow them from the enormous spoils they reap.' LET US GIVE THE FACTS. They tell an entirely different story. The facts tell a very different story, indeed       Manufacturers of jams and canned fruits, of confectionery and condensed milk, for export, get their sugar at the price at which they could land in Australia the cheapest foreign sugar of equal quality. That's a different story, isn't it ? Down falls Mr. Valentine's whole case. If he were in the witness box, under cross-examination, he would be forced to admit ' that his tale is sheer invention, a cock-and-bull story of the wildest kind.' But in addition to giving all export industries their sugar at import prices, we growers go further : we give those engaged in the fruit industry a special rebate to help them in developing the demand for their products, and this is what Mr. Valentine calls being niggardly ! ! ! Either Mr. Valentine and the members of the 'Henry George League' — and the ladies of the Housewives' Association — do not know these facts, or they de liberately misrepresent them. Which is it ? Srnserted bu the, Sugar Growers of Australia for the information, of the S/eopIe o/iS mommh like we&e you meed : Made only by James Stedman- Henderson's Sweets Ltd. |Hg^^^HHHBg| : - ^-^^^^tf ^k 'Sweetacres,' Rosebery, N.S.W., and Auckland, NZ. A i^Lsii^i^i^i^i^iflH

BOILS CARBUNCLES ? ULCERS ? ECZEMA ? AND ALL BLOOD TROUBLES ? The Standard Blood Specific will do for you what it did for this man way back in 1904, and what it has been doing for thousands of other sufferers since. FREMANTLE, October 29, 1904. The First MR- TAUFIK RAAD, PERTH. — dose will Dear sir, — Just a few words to you to you the superiority convince of you treatment over others who treated me for blood impurities   and urine troubles. I was eight months under their treatment with     out any improvement until I started on your Standard Remedies,   which cured me completely in a few weeks. I will do all I can to   recommend your treatment wherever I go.     yours, etc.,   T. SMELLIE. TAUFIK RAAD, Phar., M.S., M.C.S.S., Australia's Leading Herbalist 83 William-st., Perth, opposite the Economic..