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British Maiket SmmmJ

LONDON, Dec. SI:— Universal Pictures announce the completion of negotiations by which all pictures made by Efftee Film Productions. Ltd.: of . Mplhnurno will K»

released m ureat Britain by that organi sation. The negotiations were conducted by the managing-director of the Australian company (Mr. F. T. Thring) and the amount involved by the arrangement . is fljW.OOO. The pictures concerned are 'Diggers,' 'The Sentimental Bloke?' and '.?His Royal Highness,' in addition a 'va riety of short films, including the Barrier Hecf. series. ' ' , ' . ' ' ' To-day Universal Pictures and Mr. P. W. Thring staged a successful trade ecreeit ing: at the Cambridge Theatre of 'His Royal Highness,' as the first step in the campaign to popularise Australian pic tures. A repetition of its Australian suc cess is aleo prophesied for 'Diggers.' ' [The importance of this arrangement for British release of Australian films is the greatly widened market. There is a de finite limit to the amount of money a pic ture, no matter how popular it may prove, can earn at Australian box offices. Jf these pictures appeal to picture^oers in England their earning capacity will be enormously increased. In an interview prior to leav ing Australia. Mr. Thring said that it won economically impossible to continue mak ing talking pictures of the necessary high standard for the Australian and New Zea land markets alone, but, with the secur ing of an overseas market, the future of the industry in Australia was assured.]