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Next Saturday evening the annual busi ness meeting of the W-A. Music Teachers' Association will be held at the Karrakatta Cluri TTnTl. tc-TiPTi nffipprs fnr trip ensuiliz

year will be elected. Students of Mrs. Walter McRostie will be heard in a recital of verse-speaking (by choir and soloists) and mime on Mon day evening, at the Assembly Hall. Miss Iris Parker (contralto) and Mr. Edward Black (pianist) are assisting artists. Mr. Black has composed the music for an item by Masefield, 'And Let Us Sleep.' A recital of music for two pianos by pupils of Miss F. Hodd is announced to be given at the Women's Service Guild rooms, National House, on the evening of Wednesday, November 30. Supporting items will be contributed by Miss ?!. Martin (vocalist) and Miss E. Shorter (vio linist). Music-lovers desiring to be pre sent are asked to communicate with Miss Hodd, 16 Barker-road. The Kylie Club, which hitherto has met monthly on Saturday afternoons, will from to-day hold evening meetings, at the Karrakatta Club Hall. To-night's pro gramme is concerned with the music of Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann and Schu bert. Beethoven songs will be sung by Sliss Ida Geddes and Mr. Theo Meugens. Mr. James Glassford will plav bis violin 'Romance' in G, and Miss G. Montgomery a set of his variations. Chopin's early piano trio in G minor, Op. 8, will be per formed by the Ensemble Players; Schu mann songs will be sung by Miss Geddes and Mr. Meugens, Mr. Glassford and Mr. K. Devenkh will play two movements of his A minor violin sonata (Op. 105), and Miss Montgomery will play the 'Kinder- scenen,' for piano. Schubert will be re presented by songs, Miss Geddes and Mr. Meugens being the interpreters. The Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, under Mr. Val Robertson's baton, will give a concert at the Town Hall on Tues day, November 29, when the programme will include Haydn's 'Clock' Symphony, the overtures to 'Masaniello' (Auber) and 'Rosamunde' (Schubert), Tsehaikowsky's ballet music to 'The Sleeping Beauty.' and Wagner's 'Albumblatt.' Miss Ida Geddes and Mr. David Lj-le are the assisting vo calists. An interesting feature in con nection with the former's appearance ?will be the presentation of songs by Berlioz ('On the Lagoons') and Schubert ('Litany') with orchestral accompani ment. Handel's 'Messiah' is beinj performed this year on the afternoon of Sunday, De cember 18, at Queen's Hall. Two of the principals will be new to Perth in their respective parts, namely. Miss Desma Eastmqn (soprano) and Miss Phyllis Browning-Turner (contralto). The inen will be Messrs. David Lyle and C. L. Jen kins. The chorus will be composed of ni-.*- tropolitau and suburban clioirs, and the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra will provide the accompaniments. Mr. E. S. Craft will be in charge, with Mr. Koy Wood at the organ. The concert to be given to-morrow even ing in His Majesty's Theatre by the Perth Symphony Orchestra, under the conductor ship of Mr. G. J. Reid, will conclude this season's series of Sunday evening con certs. The programme has several fea tures of special interest. It will opeu with two new compositions by Doni. S. Moreno, of the Xew Xorcia Benedictine commun ity. The first, which the composer has dedicated to Professor Ross, id a 'Tri- umphal March,' and the second is entitled 'Valse Pathetique.' The second half of the programme commences with three movements from a new work, 'Idylls of the King,' written by Mr. N. Burton, a member of the orchestra. These parts are entitled 'Sir Galahad' (symphonic form), 'Merlin' (minuet), and 'Camelot.' Other orchestral items in the programme are the overture to the 'Flying Dutch man' (Wagner), 'Dance of the Hours' (Ponehielli), and the '1S12 Overture' (Tschaikqwsky). Mr. Hyman Lenber (vio linist) will play with the orchestra the second (Andante) movement from the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, and Signor Enrico Rigattieri (tenor) will be the as sisting vocalist. The Repertory Club has already pre sented five full length plays this year, .and the production of Shaw's comedy, 'You Never Can Tell,' next week, will make the sixth. Few comedies wear so well as this early effort of Shaw's — it was written in 1898. Other Shaw plays presented in Perth this year were 'St. Joan' and 'Arma and the Man.' All three differ widely from each other, but it is possible, and interest ing, to trace the dramatist's aevelopment through them all. At the Criterion Theatre. Sydney, next Saturday. Miss Preston Stanley will play a part in her own four-act drama, which she has entitled 'Whose Child?' It is some time now since a play by an   tralian author appeared in a J. C. William- tion theatre (states the 'Sydney Morning Herald'). The last example occurred in 1928, when Mr. Louisa Stone's ''The Lap of the. Gods' was produced at the Palace by Mr. Gregan MacMahon. Before that, one must go back to 1923, when the Cri- terion saw a performance of 'The Flaw.' by Doris Egerton Jones and Emelie Polini, in which Miss Polini played the leading role. Miss Stanley admits frankly that in writing 'Whose Child' she had propa-   ganda as her principal aim. For a num- ber of years, by means of public meetings, petitions, deputations to the Minister, and, finally, by a private Bill which she intro- duced during her term as a member of the Legislative Assembly. Miss Stanley has sought to bring about a reform of the divorce law. So far, all her efforts, have   failed. Parliament was dissolved just as her Bill had passed its second reading, and the other means of approach have not stirred the political world to action. So it occurred to me at last,' said Miss Stan- ley, during the week, 'to set my views be- fore the public in a play.' Although the propagandist aspect of the play is the dominant one, she has naturally striven to make the situations as persuasive and as theatrically effective as possible. The last act is interesting, because it presents a play within a play. There is also a scene in Parliament, and it is here that Miss Stanley will appear in the part of a woman member who brings forward a Bill and suffers a check at the hands of an unsympathetic Premier.