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Family Notices

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September 7— At Macquarie street, Hobart Town, the wife of Mr. G. W. Hamilton, Superintendent of Police, of a daughter.

September 9 — At the Middle Plains, Deloraine, Mrs. Joseph Rogers, of a daughter.

September 10 — At her residence, Sandy Bay,  

Mrs. T. S. Hall, of a son.

September 11 — At Liverpool-street, Hobart Town, Mrs. Sanders, of a son.  

September 11 — At 95, Collins-street, Hobart Town, Mrs. M. J. McLoghlin, of a daughter.

September — At Bathurst-street, Hobart   Town, Mrs. P. Levy, of a son.

September 14 — At Sandy Bay, the wife of Mr. S. Johnson, of a daughter.  

September 14 — At Cotehele, Deloraine, the   wife of Mr. H. L. J. Edgecombe, of a son.

September 18 — At her residence, Cameron street, Launceston, the wife of Mr. George Stewart, of a son.

September 22 — At Mary's Hope, Glenorchy, Mrs. Frederick Buck, of a daughter.

September 23 — At Meldrum Cottage, Table   Cape, the lady of William Latham Esq., of a  


September 24 — At Roseneath, Mrs. Brent, of  

a son.

September 27 — At Hobart Town, the wife   of Henry Wilkinson, Surveyor, of a daughter.

September 27 — At Launceston, the wife of James Robertson Esq., of a son.

September 29 — At Hobart Town, Mrs. David Lewis, of a daughter.

September 29 — At Hobart Town, Mrs. J. E. Risby, of a son.

September 29 — At Napoleon-street, Hobart   Town, the wife of Mr. H. B. Hurburg, of a daughter.

October 1 — At Plassy, the wife of Mr. W. M. Ferrar, of a son.

October 3 — At Bridgewater, the wife of Mr. J. T. Meaney, of a son.

October 5 — At New Norfolk, the wife of

William Stanley Sharland Esq., of a son.



September 16 — At St John's Church, Laun-

ceston, by the Rev Dr. Browne, L.L.D, Robert Walker Esq., eldest son of the Hon. J. Walker, M.L.C., of Hobart Town, to Emma Jane, daughter of John Cameron Esq., Launceston.   September 18 — At the residence of the   bride's father, Bothwell, by the Rev. J. Robertson, Dr. William Campbell, to Marion, eldest daughter of Mr. W. Moyes, Crown Inn,   


September 21 — By special license, by the Rev. Dr. Browne, L.L.D. at St. John's Church, Launceston, Mr. J. C. West, to Miss Mary

Maria Moore of Launceston.

September 25 — At St. Andrew's Church, Carrick, by the Ven. Archdeacon Reiby, Samuel, eldest son of Mr. S. Murfatt, of Hadspen, to Susan, third daughter of Mr. George Jarman, of

the Oaks.

September 26 — At Cullenswood, by special license, by the Rev. J. Fitzgerald, of Campbell Town, Mr. George Wright to Miss Tereza Lena, both of Cullenswood.  

September 28 — At Mount Seymour, Oatlands, the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Lachlan Campbell, Mr. Nicholas Garrand to Jane Thompson, second daughter of George Wilson Esq.

September 30 — At St. Joseph's Church,

Hobart Town, by the Rev. W. Bond, Mr. C. Hardiman, of Forcett, to Bridget Sullivan, relict   of the late Colonel Sullivan, of Tipperary,


September 30 — At St. David's Cathedral, Hobart Town, by the Ven. Archdeacon Davies, Jonas Gatehouse Esq., of Pittwater, to Sarah   Anne Harris of Hobart Town.    

September 30 — At Trinity Church, Laun- ceston, by the Rev. E. Drew, brother of the bride, Charles Baskerville Allison Esq., of   Streamshall, to Ellen Georgiana, youngest   daughter of Captain George Drew, Royal Navy.  

October 1 — At his residence. Meadow Bank,   near Campbell Town, by the Rev. Mr. Smith, Wesleyan Minister, Mr. James Clark, to Mrs.

Catherine Jamieson.

October 7 — At St. Joseph's Church, Hobart Town, by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Hobart Town, John Murphy Esq., to Eleanor, eldest daughter of the late Michael Fitzgerald Esq.,  

Elizabeth-street, Hobart Town.

October 9 — At Huon Island, by special license, by the Rev. E. Freeman, A. M., Frederick Gray Esq., to Marianne Martha, eldest daughter of   Henry John Allen, Esq., of Huon Island.


September 9 — At Prospect Farm, Port Cyg-  net, Pierce Keating, late Serjeant in the 99th regiment.

September 9 — At Charles-street, Launceston, Jane Frances, the wife of Mr. W. Wright, aged 38 years.

September 11 — At the Sailor's Home, Hobart Town, aged 41 years, John McLuke, late of the   whaling brig Maid of Erin.          

September 11 — At Macquarie-street, Hobart       Town, John Thomson, in the 56th year of his   age.  

September 12 — At Elizabeth-street, Hobart Town, Edward Taylor, son of George Taylor,


September 12 — At Somerset House, North Melbourne, David Rout, aged 24 years, second   son of Mr. Basil Rout, of Hobart Town.

September 13 — At Sandy Bay, the infant son

of Mr. T. S. Hall.

September 14 — At 3, Church-street, Hobart Town, Mr. Edward Payne, in the 73rd year of

his age.

September 14 — At the residence of Mr. A. Randall, New Town Road, Louisa, youngest daughter of the late Mr. James Bradshaw, of   Back River, New Norfolk, aged 20 years.

September 16 — At Hobart Town, George Gordon, son of Mr. W. Rout, aged 9 months.

September 17 — At James-street, Battery Point, Hobart Town, Richard Alfred, infant son of Mr. Richard Smith, master of the schooner Iona, aged 14 months.  

September 18 — At Hobart Town, Mary, the wife of Josiah Hand, of the Lord Melbourne, aged 34 years.

September 20—At Launceston, Henry Hills, of Allenvale, aged 72 years, late of Tarring, near Worthing, Sussex, England.

September 22 — Mr. James Armstrong, late of Hadspen, aged 69 years.

September 22 — At Sandy Bay, Mr. Thomas Martin, late of the band of the 99th regiment.  

September 25 — At Elizabeth-street, Laun- ceston, William Henry, son of J. H. Mitchell, aged 3 years and 3 months.

September 26 — At 65, Davey-street, Hobart Town, Captain Joseph White, aged 62 years.

September 27 — At Gardener's Bay, near Port Cygnet, Ann, the wife of Mr. T. Reeves, aged

68 years.

September 28 — At Launceston, Alice Ann, daughter of Mr. W. Bucknell, aged 6½ years.

September 29 — At the residence of Mr. Crofts, Brisbane-street East, Launceston, Mr.   B. H. Bullock, late of Exeter, England, aged 55


October 2 — At Hobart Town, Kate, youngest daughter of Mrs. Waters, Elizabeth street.

October 3 — At Hobart Town, Josiah Charles, the infant son of Charles Miller, of Barrack and   Liverpool-streets.  

October 5 — At Hobart Town, Mrs McTavish, Rosebank, New Town Road, aged 84 years.


At St. Joseph's Church, on the 7th instant, by the Right Reverend the Bishop of Hobart Town, Mr. JOHN MURPHY, to ELEANOR, eldest daughter of the late Michael Fitzgerald, Esq., Elizabeth-street, Hobart Town.    

At Oatlands, by special license, on the 7th inst., at St. Paul's Church by the Rev. M. Keohan, and at St. Peters Church by the Rev. J. L. Isun, GEORGE VALENTINE ROBERTS Esq.,   of the Board of Education, to ELIZABETH BENN, daughter of Mr. M. Quinlan, C. D. C., Oatlands.   

By special licence, on the 7th instant, by the   Rev. J. Norman, Mr. T. W. Lucas, eldest son   of Mr. N. Lucas of Brown's River, to Susan,     second daughter of Mr. John Bellett of Sorell,   Rivulet, Pittwater.