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The Constance barque from the Downs, May   the 8th, was towed into harbor yesterday by the steamer Oberon, which was chartered for that purpose by the agents of the Constance, Messrs. Moses and Co. The Constance brings 200 im migrants, who, with the exception of two fami lies, come out under the Bounty Regulations. They are thus classed : married, 11 males, 12 females; single, 17 males, 147 females; chil- dren between one and twelve years of age, male 5, females 14; infants 2 males; of these are, adults, 163 English ; 7 Scotch ; 17 Irish ; chil- dren 16 English, 2 Scotch ; infants, 2 English.   The Immigrants all appear in excellent health,   and we believe have no complaints to make of the treatment they have received on board; on the contrary they all speak in the highest terms of Capt Ellis, Dr. Done, Mrs. Tillard, the ma tron, and the Officers of the ship. Of the several immigrant vessels which have arrived here  

within the last two years, the Constance appears   inferior to none in cleanliness, good discipline on board, and in the healthy and cheerful appear- ance of the passengers who are principally from the neighborhood at London and the home Counties. The Constance arrived off the coast of Tasmania  

on the 12th inst., since which time her progress has been retarded by strong southerly gales. About 50 or 60 of the immigrants are for Launceston, and the northern side of the island,   who will be forwarded to their destination by the Oberon to-day. Several of the Immigrants com- plain that they are compelled, to proceed to Launceston although they shipped for Hobart Town where they have friends. We make no    

doubt that this difficulty, when explained to the   proper authorities, will be got over with satis faction to all parties.

The wreck of the James Baines, partially des troyed by fire in the Huskisson-dock, has been   pumped dry and is afloat ; but it is impossible yet to say to what extent the hull has been injured, or

whether she can be rebuilt.

The Royal Charter (s), is Intended to be des patched again for Melbourne in July.

The screw steam ship Lord Ashley, intended ,. for the intercolonial postal service between Mel bourne and New Zealand, sailed on the 27th   May, for Auckland direct, from Milford Haven.   This vessel, which is the pioneer of this line, is  

the property of Messrs. Pearson.Coleman, & Co., I ?who have takenup the contract tor the service. The Lord Ashley is a fine vessel of 600 tons ibuilder's measurement - fitted with engines of

30 nominal and 250 indicated horse-power. Her [ speed has been tested at from 11 to 13 knots per   hour. The arrangements for passengers are of  

. a very high character.and the successful carrying j

out of this service will be hailed with acclamation    

in New Zealand, where its want has been one of   the greatest drawbacks under which the colony has laboured. The Lord Ashley is the first Vessel which has ever sailed from Milford Haven with emigrants to any of the southern colonies. About sixty passengers going out under the aus pices of the provincial government of Auckland embarked at Milford, the remainder having gone on board in the Thames. The event was celebrated by an entertainment given by Messrs. Pearson, Coleman, and Co.

The following is a list of passengers: Mr. Clarke,   Mr. and Mrs. Giles, Mr. Stewart, Miss Hamblin, Mrs. Finlayson, Mr. Butler, Mr. Davidson, Mr.

Hayman, Mr. Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. Farron, Mr.     and Mrs. Norfolk and family ; and ninety-one in   the steerage.  

The ships of the Aberdeen line now on the   berth are the Wave of Life, British Merchant,

and Walter Hood.

The "Lobelia. - Captain Gooding of the   British ship Lobelia reports having sailed from     Sjdney on the 2nd May; experienced severe     weather with heavy squalls throughout the pas-       sage ; whiilst proceeding through Torres Straits,

observed the American ships Halcyon and Ches- ' ter Home ; the former on tho North Western , Reef; and the latter on the Great Detached Reef;

which said vessels were reported to have been lost   on the above named reefs. Both ships were in good conditiun, and not in the least damaged, having even their royal yards up, etc. The cap tain of the Lobelia proceeded close to both ships   but saw no one on board; the wind was blowing hard, and a heavy sea on. The captain did not proceed on board of either of the vessels. Arrived at Samarang on the 13th instant, and reached Singapore on the 23rd June - Straits Tfmes.

Intelligence reached Lloyd's agency on Mon-   day of the loss on the coast near Pooree of .the ship Golden Era, Captain Brown, bound with a .large cargo of rice from Akyab to Eurolie. The vessel isa total loss. Crew saved. - Calcutta