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BAANDEE. — ^'ery sultry weather prevails ana farmers are eagerlylooking forward to rain. The wheat is being trucked from the tiding, that from the stack of Westralian Farmers with a

bulk-handling elevator. — A very successful dance in aid of the funds for the hall candidate in the queen carnival competition was held on March 11.- It was organised by Mr. \V. Hunter, and Mr. Limlqutst acted as M.C. — The Metho dist Harvest Festival was held on March 12, and al a held on the 13th in connection wi'.h it there was a good musical programme. Mr*. T. Tranter, who has acted as organist for some years, was presented with a brass and -glass fruit stand by the members of the choir. Thf: Rev. James made the presentation. Mr. :in.l Mrs. Gorrie, who are leaving the district, wore presented with a cryital set (jug and goblets* — On March 15 Mr. H. A. Griffiths (C.P.) ad dressed the electors pf this district in the Agri cultural Hall. On March 21 they were ad dressed by Mr. Law, Labour candidate, and oi: March 22 by Mr. Mann, Countrv' Party candi date. BUNBURY. — Good progress is being made by the recently formed Bunbury Trotting Club with the preparation of the racing track on the Show ground, and it is hoped to have it in order for a meeting to be held at Easter. — In the South West Bowling Association fixtures Bunbury was defeated by Balingup, by SO points to 09 points. — In the Bunbury Tennis Associa tion fixtures Commercial Club defeated Bun bury Club by 7 sets, 55 games to. 5 erts, 53 games. — The steamer Elmbank, which is loading sleepers for Colombo and the Persian Gulf, is lifting 3,500 loads, which is the biggest quantity to be shipped from Bunbury for nearly two years. — The largest consignment of phosphatir rock (5,500 tons) to be unloaded at Bunbury was brought, by the 9.s. Salvua during the week. — Exports for the month of March, from Bunbury were 370,093 centals of wheat, valued at £90,432 and 572 tons of bunker coal. — Four exhibitions have been awarded by the Trinity Col lege of Music to Bunbury students, namely Chris tina Bushcr (Intermediate Division), Doreen Mort (senior) Dorothy Callahan (advance junior ),-.arid Roy Smith, (junior). — H. Cook won the title of champion surfer for the season in the competi tion conducted- by the Bunbury Surf Club, with a total of 34 points. B. Verschuer wa9 second with 24 points and. J. Verschuer third with 22 points. — Dardanup won the premiership of the Bunbury and District Cricket Association by de feating Boyunup. — Mr. L. Stokes was elected president oi the Bunbury Parents and Citizens' Association and Miss Sherlock secretary, at the annual meeting of the Association. Mrs. Baldock, who has been secretary of the Association' for close on 12 yeare, retired and was made a presen tation by members in appreciation of her work. — Fishing in Bunbury has been very good this season and several large catches have been reported lately. , , CALINQIRI.— The Minister for Agriculture (Mr. P. D. Ferguson) addressed a very big meeting at Calingiri on March 23 in support of Ins candidature for the electorate. At the conclusion of the meeting Mr. Ferguson received an ovation. ,Mr. H. Lambert; chairman of the local road board, presided. The Minister vas supported by Messrs. A. B. Stone, J. Tru man, and J. Dotspn. — The Parents and Citi zens' Association met .on March 25 for their annual meeting. The officers chosen for the year were Mr. Lambert (chairman), Mr. .Frank lin (secretary^, and Sir. Anderson (treasurer). It °.vas decided to stimulate inter-school games with enighbouring centres during the year. — On March 20 Colonel Nicholson, candidate for the Irwin-Moore electorate, addressed a representative gatheririg in the Town Hall. Mr. J. Truman presided. — The present dry weather retards somewhat the work of cultivation in prepara tion , for seeding, although in the Calcarra and Wyeriing districts a few teams are in action.

DANDARRAGAN. — Tlie last week lias been one of greatly varying temperatures, 'one day regis tering llOdeg. and that following only 70deg. — A recent bush fire damaged 'Several telephone' lines and caused temporary inconvenience to subscribers. Another fire caused further loss and damage to the Mungedar Pastoral Co., the loss this time being some sheep and a horse. This company has been particularly unfortunate with fires this jear, as in a previous one several sheep were lost. — Owing to the depredations Of rabbits a start has been made by Mr. C. J. Roberts, of Kayanaba, to fence a ' considerable portion of this property with rabbit-proof net ting. The Government, through the local ver min board, are Supplying free poison to settlers, tor use on- adjoining abandoned Agricultural Bank properties and Crown lands, which are badly infested with rabbitB. — There was re cently caught in the district a dingo measuring 5ft. from nose to tip of tail. Losses by stock owners' attributed to this dog amount- to hun dreds of pounds. / GERALDTON. — The Geraldton Municipal Council at its meeting last week discussed the question of undertaking a campaign to advertise the town as a seaside resort, particularly for the residents' of 'the Murchison i and Wiluna, and the agricultural districts. It was decided to . form a small committee to go ' into the matter. — During the end of last week Mr. J. S. Teaadale, general president of the Primary Pro dueers' Association, accompanied by Mr. H. J. Prater, general secretary, visited the district, and addressed meetings in regard to the miny problems of the primary' ' producer and '- particularly*. the v.heat-growing industry.-=-A meeting yras held at Geraldton last week at which it was decided to form a Debating Society as an ^adjunct of- the Repertory Club. — At, the. first meeting of the Geraldton Week Committee further officials were appointed and half a dozen sub-committees wero formed to deal with finance, publicity, sports, entertainments, children's, interests, and show week activities. — During the week-end a young man named Eenneth Harrison, of Greenough, had his right hand badly crushed in a1 chaffcuttcr; a man named F. Rodgers whilst working at a wheat stack in the Geraldton' railway yard.. had hia thumb crushed between the buffers ot two trucks, and a little later. J. S. Allis, a shunter, also got' his hand caught between two buffers, resulting in the loss ot a forefinger. Whilst working on the harbour a 'man named Paddy Scott, vrtio was engaged on a crane slipped «uu in putting out his hand to save himself, . had his arm caught between * the buffers of two trucks, sustaining a painful injury and two broken bones. All the cases were treated at the Victoria Hospital. ,

LAKE GRACE.— Further showers fell last week and during the week-end, which will ma terially assist the growth of early feed for stock, ind unless there is a dry spell at an unusual [-eriod, there should be good feed and fat stock available this winter. — Mr. W. Bennett, who has been on the staff, ot the New South Wales Bank it La'ie Grace for over three years, has been transferred to Perth. He has taken a very prominent part in sport ' here: — The Kukenn cricket team paid a visit to Lake, Grace, on Sun lay last «nd won a very \ close match i by two runs. ' MANDURAH.— Four trucks and a charabanc pith over. a hundred adults and children visited the South Perth Zoo recently, * under the aus pices of the Parents and Citizens' Association. —Wintry weather was experienced last week-end, leavy wind being followed by a few showers of rain. — Mr. Holland, chairman of the progress issociation, has gone for a short holiday, accom panied by Mrs. Holland, to Singapore and the Straits Settlements. — Mandurah cricketers recently gained an impressive victory over Pinjarra, mainly 3wing to the good bowling of Don Powell, who took nine of the ten -wickets. — Mr. H. A. Laslett, I.P., accompanied by his two sons, Messrs. T. ind H. K. Laslett, has gone to Bullfinch to take iver again the licence of the Exchange Hotel, which some time ago vas burnt down. The Brighton Hotel. Mandurah, is also changing hands. Mrs. Fell handing over to' Mr. Chivers, sf Perth. — Action has been taken against some owners of straying cattle. — Visitors and residents »re eagerly waiting for more rain to bring down the King George prawns from the Estuary, whiting are still plentiful. — The school was closed most of this week to enable the teachers to attend a school of instruction, in Pinjarra. — One of Mandurah's oldest residents, Mrs. Dal rymple. wife of a late teacher at the school has gone to Bradley 's Siding to live with her son, Mr. James Dalrymple. who is teaching, there. NAREMBEEN.— The St. Patrick's Day ball, held in the Agricultural Hall, was a great suc cess. Visitors from all the adjacent districts, as far away as Kulin, attended.— On March 25 the committee of the Narembeen Hospital held a dance in the Agricultural Hall in aid of the funds of the institution, the function being a great success, financially and socially. — On Marc £6 the Narembeen country cricket team met Bruce Bock at Bruce Rock, in the semi-final for the premiership, and won after a very exciting game. — Narembeen 113. Bruce Kock 104. NORTH MERREDIN.— The weather of late has &een very changeable. Except for very light showers no rain has fallen, but farmers are proceeding with seeding preparations. One farmer will commence to drill oats on light land during the coming week. Stock feed ia becom ing scarcer. TRAYNING. — About 450 persons attended the dance in the Town Hall on March 18 to wit ress the final of the voting in connection with the Dampier Queen Carnival, in aid of the Catholic convent building fund. Final figures showed that Miss R. Roberts (Trayning) was the winner with 89,958 votes, followed by Miss M. Quinlan (Nungarin), 34,733, and Miss K. Hall ( Bencubbin -, 22,374 votes. The competi tion, which has been conducted' over the past six months, realised over £400 towards the building fund. The crowning ceremony of Miss Roberts will take place in the Trayning Hall on April 29. — There was a good attendance at the St. Patrick's Day sports on the 18th inst., when trotting, pedestrian and ' novelty events were contested, the financial results being very satisfactory. — Through an accidental fire, the homestead o' Mr. H. G. Dann, at South Trayning. was completely destroyed on the 2Qth inst. The building was partly insured. — The Minister for Works (Mr. J. Lindsay) addressed tha electors in the Town Hall on March 10 and was accorded a good reception. WYALKATCHEM.— There was an attendance of over 30 at the annual meeting of the local sub-branch of the Returned Soldiers' League, the president, Mr. H. A. Sear, being in the chair. His report showed that the past year had been most successful. The membership was a record and was still increafing, while the branch had a credit balance of £14. The following officers were elected for the ensuing vear: — President, Mr. B. O. Read; vice-president,' Mr. C. E. Mil ler; honcrary secretary, Mr. H. A. Leslie; trea surer, Mr. O. R. Corr. — A cricket match be tween Wyalkatcliem and Koorda plaved on the latter club's ground on March 20 'resulted in a win for Wyalkatcliem by 110 runs to 90. — A tennis match between Wyalkatehem and Dowe rin, played at Dowerin on March 25, resulted in a win for Dowerin. Arrangements are well in hand for the forthcoming Central Wheatbelt tennis .championships, which will be j.layed on the Wyalkatehem club's courts dur ing the Easter holidays. YELBENI. — Rain is urgently wanted ? here. — A dunce held on March 25 in aid of the Yclheui Band, for music, was a success. ? Tl crifket season has ended with the local team fairly well up in the league. — Stock feed is getting low, and in some instances farmers are feeding their stock on hay. — During the past few weeks the war on the rabbits has been a success. — In connection with the coming elec tions a keen contest for the local neat it ex pected.