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Rovers far tfce Carahral Sitk.

(By 'Feltowwr.')

.Players. and supporters. alike attach spe cial interest to the league football com petition, this year ? in view of the fact that Western Australia will send a team

to Sydney, to participate in the carnival in August. Western (Australia has for many years fielded a side sufficiently strong to extend. the best that .Victoria and South Australia can produce. Of course, the fact that many of the players who represented this State in 1930 will not be available suggests that this year the side will exceptionally strong, but in football as in ouier sports and phases of life no man is indispensable. There is always someone left to take his place; whether he does as well is not assured,' but with so many promising jun iors1 coming into the game there should be no reason why Western Australia should feel -unduly concerned as -to :its'repre- sentatives' prospects, at. Sydney. Glancing at the names of those who went to Adelaide with the State side in 1930, one finds that in three-yean many changes have taken place. Old -players have re tired, and others have gone to other State/. T. Outridge, J. Leonard, W. Thomas, J. Gordon, A. . Western, J. Walsh and G*. Bee have retired- from' league football, while S. Penberthy. G. Moloney and B. Diggins have established - them selves as capable footballers in Victoria. R. Doig has also departed, in tragic cir cumstances which will not soon be for gotten. - They are players whose services will be missed, undoubtedly, but just as the various , clubs affected .have had to search- for new-,' talent, .so will .the State selectors have- to' 'experiment with young players. One feature which is immediately appar ent is the. fact that two of the rovers are unavailable. Leonard is now playing hockey, and W. Thomas is serving East Perth in? an executive capacity. There are now few rovers of- outstanding quality. In H.' Screaigh, East Perth has found a worthy successor to its most recent cham pion rovers, L. ? Duffy and W. Thomas. Screaigh may lack the polish of. that pair, but he certainly has skill and determina tion. Last season he made his debut in league football and r»o -well did he play- that he was ; awarded the medal for the ' best and fairest 'player in his dab. This season ' he has started equally as well, and it seems that he will gain a place in the. State side. He has the right spirit, that of going on, beaten only, when the ball has been kicked away, and he is: always looking for openings. and .giving leads. His kicking should' improve, 'but withal, he stands out now as the leading rover :in': the 'league. In-1930;three rovers were sent away. It does 'not seem' likely now that the selectors will select more than two, for now good rovers are few apd far between. There is still plenty of time for men to show their worth, but at present there are few showing good form. G. Smith, of Subiaco, is playing well and must be considered as a possible State rover. Smith has modelled his style after that of Leonard, and while inclined to overdo, the- short pass, there can be no denying his value to Subiaco as a means of producing systematic play. -Last Satur day be was Subiaco's best man. For some years he has been one of Subiaco's most dependable players. R. Lucas went away with the State side, bat his club mate, C.Keightley. has been roving with greater success this season. In form, Lucas would be a popular* selection and he has still some weeks in which to reach his top. Keightey is a rugged type of rover, who has been one of Perth's best in the last, two matches. West 'Perth's rovers, Rainoldi and DalzieU, are of; a different' type. Rainoldi seems to have inexhaustible energy -and a knack of get ting the* ball in awkward positions. Dal zieU was a. power,., in West. Perth's side towards the end of last season. Speed does not characterise his play, but he is cool, kicks well' and 'has a good idea of position play. ~C. ? Reynolds, of East Fremantle, would be a strong possibility in his best form. At present Screaigh and Smith appear to have the best chances ef selection, with KieightlCyUext: -