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THE HURRICANE IN THE WORTH. tBlv 'iELEGRAPI.J BidisaiRAS, March 13. Reporte from Oooktown state that on Monday, during a lull in the hurricane, the barometer on the schooner Olive re corded 29.70 to 2910. The damage done by the hurricane Is estimated at fro.) £40,0u0 to £)11,000. Later telegrams from Cooktown state that the Warrego has brought in news that 400 lives have been lost in the hurricane and 80 boats have been wrecked. The Australian United Steam Navigation Co. has received a wire from Cooktown stating that the Warrego has arrived there. She reports having searched the islands and the reef and having found 87 boats, five schooners, -and a lightship wrecked, and nearly 800 lives lost. The Warrego also found 86 boats and three schooners anchored in Flinders Bay. Of the schooners lost the Bagitta was owned by Clark and Gatridge Bros, and the -Silvery Wave was owned by Clark and others. Two white persons were on board the Sagitta, and hx th are reported drowned. They were Alfred Gutridge, of Brisbane, and Harold Gutridge, his nephew, the son of Arthur Gutridge. Oaptain Murray was also on board the Sagitia. There werethree wlitepersonsop board the Silvery Wave, Oaptain Eiward Jefferson, managing partner in the firm oiSohn Nicholas and Son, of Thursday Island, and:Edward Attlow, son of .Mr Attlow, of Brisbane. It is feared that all of them havebeen lost. The boats attached to the Sagitta fleet are thought to have been lost with all hands. There were 16 boats attached to the Silver Wave fleet, and all are lost. The two vessels were owned entirely by Brisbane people. - The schooner Olive appears to be quite safe with all 'on b:ard, as are probably all her laggers also. The Telegraph Department has re ceived advices that A. - and R. Gnt ridge, R. B. Murray, E: J. Jefferson, J. Nicholas, E.. Attlow, Captain Lowell, and two other white men went down in the Sagitta, and that four men were drowned froin the lightship. A colored -man reached the shorewith 'two women after swimming for four days. The beach is strewn with dead fish, snakes, and lbirds;. The telegraph offite and ull other. uildings at Musgrave have been blown down. The Warrago arrived at Cooktowu on 'Monday morning with 400 colored men and 11- whites. Shbe.-reports that B0 boats and the Cbannel Rock _lightship are totarwreciks and piled on the teach. The steamersVictory and 'White Star .were in atterndance. The Warrego got 160 cases of pearl shells from the Olive. 6° " . .'. .. 01. ith`urricno e .ca xe, first frcnm the soutli-east by easti It changed- during the storm to east, then tonorth, then to" south-west, and thein to west; and finally died away between .orth :and .east. The natives tare 4iburying .their deed at Bathurst Bay, where 'the masts of the sunke-i liggersiare like ; forest. The gale raged all BSatuiray nighit and Sun day morning, extending fronm .the flIowicks Group to tfe Channel Rock. All the :islaids have bee i:searOhed, aid0all disabled& vessels towed into places rf safety. The black4 on the maintland buried the drowned white men, all of :whom were mutilated by the sharkis. 'About 8h0 ciolor d and 30 white nien. are still missing, biet the exac-t total is uncertain untiLthe ~sahi'e articles are overhauled; 8ix' sobhoners; 60 'dd luggers, aBd 2O diring hbotie ave beei w'~ked.: _tWau~p r Ivbtt'54p'is i~ttP* z7: ··. i~;;,

searclhing the llands. to the tistwai , and the Whit -$ta l toiilg horth-east to th% tilor. All supposed to be alive have now been rescued, Reports sent from Thursday Island on Monday contain no definite news ex ctpt tram the Oreat of the Wave, which has been dismasted. Mrs Porter, wife of the captain of the Crest of the Wave; sfins ta that e schode's Sagittaand u iittef Wa7Ptve ib& dnhbored hear the CrAJ hbt the. Wave after,the ehom burst. The position occupied by the Sagitta was dangerous to the Silvery Wave, whose anchors were dragging. Guns were fired by the vessels at intervals to warn each other of -their positions. Mrs Porter fancied that the Sagitta slipped her cable. and, got away from the Silvery *ave. Tlib Sagitta disappeared duriht the night, as also did th% lightship. No news has reached Thursday Island since of the vessels working in the vicinity betwieen- Claremont Cape and Melville .Island. These were the Olive with 16 luggers, the Sagitta with 10, the Crest of the Wave with 14, the Silvery Wave with 1,, the Aladdin with 15 ; the Admiral, a tender belong ing to the Clark combination, the Tarawa, belonging to the Queensland Pearl Fishing Co., with .about 18 loggers ; and a tender, the Waiwera, and the Meg Merrilees, belonging to Bowden and Doyle, with 14 luggils. Threre were approximately over a hundred loggers, besides seven larger craft aid two tenders. TheTokio Man due to-day from South May brings more news. The greatest anxiety prevails at Thursday Island as so little is known of the effects of the hurricane on the EChooners and the liggers.