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BALINGUP. — At the monthly meeting of the Primary Producers'- Association on October 17, Miss Olive Wauchope, B.A., save an interesting talk on life 'in Switzerland where, for- two

years, she was teaching in the International school for girls.— rOn October 28,' Mr. W. D. Johnson and Messrs.' Simper and Arnott ? will be .invited to address a public meeting arranged by the Primary Producers' Association and the Farmers' Co-operative Society. ' On 'the ? same date a co-operative' district council meeting, with delegates from all . societies from Harvey to Manjimup. will be held in Balingup. — Stock are all looking ? well' and record entries' in ? sto3k sections are,' expected at. the forthcoming show on November'?. . The Baxter cup, presented by the Minister 'for competition in ? agricultural classes, is causing much interest. ' BAKER'S HILL.— Light rain fell on October 14, 23 points being recorded. — On the morning of 'October 16 a fairly severe frost occurred, vines and other, tender plants being nipped in .some orchards. 'The extent of damage is as yet unknown, feme grape vines suffering badly and ? others alongside practically escaping. — There was a splendid attendance at the opening of the teains season on October 11. The open ing of the shelter shed and declaring of courts open for play were performed by Mr. E. A. Letch, chairman of the Xortham -Road Board. Several members from the Clack'lioe Club came along to participate in -general play. — On Oc tober 10 a successful dance was held at the local hall, the organiser, ? Mr. Bert Westley, of Wporolop, prompting the .entertainment in sup port; of. .the; candidature., of Miss Hilda Eastwood for; the Woorolb'o popular girls' competition, con ducted' ? bn..behalf ' of the unemployment relief fund- at- Wooroloo.— r-The - Tennis Club visited the Mundaring' Weir' Club oh October 18. Baker'a Hill' won by 18 sets 140 games, to 15 sets 140; games. . BOWGADA.— On ' October 14 the- Bowgada. branch of the Primary Producers' Association had a' well attended meeting at the 'Agricultural- . Hall/ when- it -was decided to put in twd exit_ gates 'at Uhe' siding so as to relieve any. congestion during the' wheat ? carting season,- the Railway Department to supply the posts to hang the gates on. 'The gates, and- labour supplied by; the branch of the association.— Three more points of rain were 'registered in the ?' town, whilst both -East :and i.wesh. about. 30 .points were re corded. -This later rain; although' impeding hay carting, had a very good effect on the standing crops. Stripping of oats 'is late this season, and later stripping- of. wheat is anticipated. Crops are leoking remarkably well. Cornsacks are com ing to hand slowly. Only one,- truck of bales' has arrived consigned the ipcal-Co-operative Store; to date. — The wheat buying -.agents are .getting.-, busy ..and it is anticipated: there will, be fiytif bnyiiciagents at' the siding 'this season' besides- the Wheat Pool. — There was a large attendance at'the tennis;courtsioh October,. 18. — On* the same day . Pinkanitha -cricketers- 'visited ' Bowgada (Morawa Association). Pinkanitha made 8 « and «ix for 64, and Bowgada sis (closed)', for 160. DENMARK. — Although warmer weather is being experienced generally, there' are frcqnent cold .spells, accompanied by sharp showers. — Bayley Bros, have made their first lot of ensil age, for the. season;- Most settlers make one . cutting, but Bayley Bros, have .'two cropsv A number of settlers; from the Walpole Land Settle ment Scheme came on October .15, and were shown over the 'holding. — Dr. Underwood, accom panied by Mr. J. F. Fibner, GowOTinent Veterin ary Officer,' was in the district last , week and ^visited, 'the Government Research' .Station , at Carmarthen.— Membera of the Agricolfaral and Hortfcujtural :? Society Committee -inspected some -*toek£ on 'the holdings of Messrs.. Kerlejr; and Murray, on .October 11, before the; cattle, said ; to: hr;sufferini» from -wasting disease; were -treated by Mr. McGougb, who claims, to r know the core ior the disease. — The annual meeting -.of the' Cricket- Association/ was ' held on: October' 15. Delegates from Williams Bay, West Denmark, Carmarthec and 'Denmark were present. . The election of officers'; resulted: — President, Mr. J.' H: Wullemin; vice-president,: Mr. P. Docherty; sec retary, Mr. \T. J.^ Kingston.— At a wind-up social ' ' of the Soccer Association on October 17^Mr. John Clark presented the,';winnins trophy— the. Clark cup — to. H. Tysoe, ^captain, of the Denmark team Qtlier presentations -were made vto Mr. W: Hodg son, secretary of., the- association, Mr. W. J.' Kingston, ' hon. .secretary vof the Great Southern Carnival, and.'to MesnCNabbs, Pitt, Evans, Hill and i James (umpires)'.— Rev. Holland has taken np.dutifs here, at, the ^Presbyterian Churcbv — A utnnrer; of. school ; children , went to Albany by charabanc to see H.M-A.S. Australia '.and several residents, went to Albany to hear/ Mr.. Peter 'Bawsotu-^rrA; farewell -social was given on October ^ - 1.4 to Captain Braimbridge- and -Lieutenant Ton kin; of the Girl Guides., -.Both ['are leaving the, 1 district.' ^ The former 'was' -'presented with a clockijand -,the latter with-' a' silver-plated jain Vdish' andv^spoon. — JL very old resident, Mrs;. ..?Read, late of Norseman, died on October n-.^r-' . In' the ; second . of a series of : bridge-, evenings* condnctel by the local sub-branch of the -Returned .Soldiers' Leipue. for which 'aggregate 'prizes ? are offered, Mr; Gauntlet* and Dr. Underwood were the winners.— Denmark defeated Kentdale in a:, return : football match by 11.12 to 2.6. — \. Bayley Bros, and Mr. W...-H. Tame were prize : ...-wihneTS'at-the Royal Show for bacon iand honey vTeBpectfyely..r-Mr. Hfreina ; has -succeeded -Mr. R. ?^Boardley -as a -Agricultural Bank 'Inspector.' ? '-?;. ''?'-.'? I ?-?' '' ' ' '?' '?'? .- ??-..- : ? .; '?' , I. .' ? : DARLINGTON.— On October. 14 the ladies' golf ;K«ommittee .held a - gymkhana oh ' tbe ? local links 'Jn'aid of Red CrossJ funds. A large number ?-? of [visitors and residents . were present. ' Ihe .'competition results , were: Stroke, Mrs. Keane; putting. Miss Walker; Jclock golf, Mrs. Cqlledge; approach putting; -Mra.- Colledge; approach with bucket, Mrs. Walker; long drice^ Miss- Flower; putting ;machine, Mrsi ' Vincent.— A service of song' by; a specially augmented choir-was held ?tVSt. Cuthbert's on, .October 11.— A' lete in .aid-dtthe Presbyterian Church rands' was -held '. in JRev. A.. Crow's, grounds, on ^October _17. ..when ? a. substantial sum was realised. — A. tennis tourna ment attracted many entries and was won by ' Miss May and G. L. Bennett.— The. Girls' , Club held a bridge party on October 17, organised by Misses Curlewis 'and- - Palmer, ' .'at': tha red-. ?dence of ? Mrs. Curlewis. -Proceeds were ,In . aid of tbe Girls' Club gipsy camp at the forth coming Red Cross- fete. — A plain and fancy ,dress ball held at the hall on October 15, in aid of local, relief, funds.- was well' attended, v .

) DONNYBROOK.— A; variety concert produced . by: -.the;' girls of. the: Dpnnybrook Hockey Club was'.- held '.at ' the. -Memorial Hall 'on October .,ljfi'andVatrracted.a crowd of dver.80.0 people; £ Comedy-: sketches, concerted . items, choruses and ''.gymnastic '-'displays were * included in'. the ' pro-.: . gramme.- ' Over £30 ' was' taken1: ate the door. -rOri ' October .15 members of \ the'; 'Memorial . Ha3l library 1 accepted ;an invitation^of. the .the ~ locate sub-branch of the Returned Soldiers';Leajrue to- a bridge match. ,'. Teams of eight ladies: and 'eight 'men- from- each' vbody took part in -?-'pleasant evening's bridge, '-the library team . eventually winning by' eight matches.— Com- mencing' on:' October 24; the library will be. open for an additional hour on Saturday even _ ing ' from 7.30 to 8.30.— Although ?' it is /as 'yet' a' little early to- make any accurate forecast of the coming -season's' 'apple crop, present indications point to a moderate to heavy setting; with the exception of Jonathans, , which appear to be rather light. The. setting will probably: .be heavier . than ' was ? anticipated, in : view ' of\. the : heavy Jcrop.. exeprienced ;last^ season. —A Iarge'-J number ?: of members were 'present at a meeting of the^ newly. formed trotting, club ? on^ October .14, when'jMr. Perry, of the W-A. ????: V Trjotting' Association, .was present ,to advise , the' meeting ol ;:theux rules;: and v conditions' -under, . which the spbrt---'is .governed. The club, has _ ob- tained ther permisison of 'the itiad board 'for the use of the recreation', ground .to. hold meet ings on the -basis of 10 .per cent. of. the gate money; being' paid to the board: A track will be : prepared' as^ soon as possible in readiness for a -meeting to be held at an ealy date. — 8everal-. matters affecting the spring show. to be: he,ld ,on November 18 were dealt ? with by-: the' Agricultural Society committee at- a meeting on October 17. It was also decided ' to enlist the aid of' the- Dairy Farmers' As sociation ~ and Fruitgrowers? Association in an. endeavour to stage a' display by each associa tion at ' the autumn show nest year. DOODLAKINE.— Fine weather has Eet in and crops are drying off very fast.— The rainfall for September was 96 points and for October to date 61 points.— Haymaking is in full swing . and shearing is Bnished.— A number of farmers went ? to Nangeehan to attend the field day at the ?' State farm on ^October 16. — A women's croquet '. club has .been formed with Mrs. W. A. .Jones ? president and Mrs. M. Rhodda secretary .—On Ootober. 14 a birthday party was held at .the ?- Agricultural Hill, to celebrate the sixth anm ? versary of- the opening of this branch .of: the : .Countrv- - Women's Association. — Miss Joan Bee 'cher; formerly of Doodlakine, was married to -Mr. J. Dyke at _ the Presbyterian Manse ;? on 'OctbSer' 17 ^ .... ^EtllEKER.— Dry weather prevaUed during the past '??week ' enabling' the settlere on th« ' swamp ?lands'., to make a start.,.with their ploughing^— The sand bar at Torbay -Inlet is open and the water, level of, the Lakes is below the two. feet ? *markJ' Even though heavy rains were to ^-bc experienced within the next few weeks -it_ is not anticipated that there will be -any trouble irtth the water this year.— The Elleker. Progress Association 'held its monthly meeting on October 14, when the matter of leaving monies in..the consignment-note' boxes ' at unattended ? sidings ? vas further discussed, and suggestions to- pre-, yent the theft of these monies is being made to the . Railway Department.— The new school quarters have arrived at Torbay and the con tractors are making a start with the erection of 'them.— Anglers at the coast report poor catches last week-end. Good hauls .principally of pilchard,' continue to be obtained by the. fishermen working the nets at Wilson's Inlet— For the- 12 months ending September, the ftarrt kup-Redmond district despatched 2,126 tons of -produce. This, compared with the previous years records, shows a decrease of .197 tons. The heavy frostF during the early stages of the potato crop seriously affected the yield in this area. The Gledhow-Rudgyard district despatched 3.423 tons of produce, this compared with the previouj Tear's records shows an increase of 349 tons, due to the heavy yields in the CuthbertGrass mere area. HARVEY.-Gratif.ying support is being ac corded the Agricultural Society for the annual show and' entries should be particularly strong in the cattle sections.— At a meeting of tlu trotting* club committee held on' October 12, arrangements were finalised for holding the first meeting of the season on November 14, when a six^event programme with £70 stakes will o^ decided. — As the result of the efforts conducted last week by the hospital committee, including the rag ball and gala afternoon, almost £35 ha* been added to the hospital fund. — At- the last meeting of the Debating Society, Messrs. P Hall and R. J. Wright, who took the affirmative side on the subject 'of the 'Prohibition of Alco holic ' Liquor,' defeated Messrs. A. Johnston and A. L'Eplattenler, the negative team, by a narrow margin. — Now. that the- season is drier atten tion is being again evidenced in stack ensilag* and the Agricultural Society Has shown practi cal interest by offering good prizes -for the bart stacks in the district, which will be judged when the tim#: arrives for commencing to use the ensilage. — The- Memorial Library has received from -the ? executors of the estate of the lat^i Dr. Harvey (Messrs. R. Q. . Hayward and L. Pearson), a valuable collection of scientific and literary works from the doctor's library, a total of, 118 volumes. An almost life-size portrait of Dr. Harvey accompanies the gift. A photo , ' graph of Dr Hayward bas also 'been obtained ' and it is hoped that these will be unveiled on Show- Day and so form a memorial to the tw-* men -who so greatly helped to pioneer the dis trict— A ' lease n38 been' granted to Mrs. E. Pinner *fot a period of five years, of the Road Board' Hall, for the purpose of installing talk ' ing pictures. — At the final ladies' day of the ' ; golf club. Mr. A. D. Hill, president of the club. 'presented the trophies won .during, the season. 9b October 10 the itroke handicap matches

arere won by W. D. Masstaghain, 8V1«. 72, irid-Mrs. Breen; 65, -13,-52. — There- have been ?eirular arrivals of single men .during, the week. ?or :employment on the river .deviation scheme .. md the camps are assuming large proportions.' ^ PINGELLY. — A social evening was held at the renounce of Mr. H. J. Brown, M.L.A., on Sep tember 30 to bid farewell to Miss May Thomp son on the eve of her departure for Perth. — ? At the monthly meeting of the road, board, Mr. 3 R. ,Williams ? resigned from membership of the' board, owing to-ccntinued ill-health. The resignation was . accepted withr-regret, and a motion 'of appreciation of his services wa» re corded. The chairman (Mr. W. O. Sewell) re ported that when he .was in. Perth; he inter riewed the-: Commissioner of Main' Roads In re spect to the' promised grant of £i;000 for work jn^the North ;? Wandering-road. ..He was ' in formed that- it ' would' be impossible to ' make ivailable- the sum promised, bat'- a grant of £250 might be made. It was suggested by a ratepayer that the members accept a travelling illowance for attending tne meetings. After dis ;ussion, the members stated- that they would prefer not to receive any remuneration for their lttendance. — A 16-mile cycle rrace. resulted: — F. Watson, 1; L. Hoad, 2; R. Pearson, 3; F. Pear son, fastest- time. ? A ljrinile track ' race re. suited: — W. Gilchrist, 1; R. ^ Pearson, 2; W. Korwell, 3. — The Rifle Club advanced the R. Williams and captain's trophies into -the third . stage on October 11. With handicap added, fL McCloy gained the top score -of 69i, winning the club's gift, and , the ? day's pool 6hoot W. Clark gained the highest score off the gun. QUAIRADING.— The Golf Club held a dance m October 15, in aid of the Jimmy Taylor und. The Bum of. £8/7/6 was realised and ►30 has now been .collected.— Seven ' children, 'epresenting the ' various schools in. . the dis trict, sat for their . scholarship examination -n October 15 and 16. — The annual meeting of he Cricket Club was held on 'October 15. The bllowing office-bearers were elected:, Patron, J. Forrest; president. J. P. Waters; vlee-presl- . lents, E. W. Shenton mhTJ. ^V. Dolan; secre ary E C. May. The membership' -'.fee was ?' ixed at 10/6. — Dangin Cricket. Club beat ; Juairading on October 17 by( 80 runs. ./Toting , icat Amateurs by 10 runs. — At a public meet ng held on October- 17; ahe. following -resplu- ; ion was carried: 'That ? we make an appeal o the Minister in charge of the Aborigines Jepartment to build- a' male and female ward or the natives. at the local hospital.'^- The Jirls' Optimistic Society, accompanied by friends, leld 'a picnic at Topin Rock on October .18. — ; ' The boy scouts attended the morning service -f the Church of Ensland on October 18. ROLEYSTONE^r-A deputation of the unetn Jlbyedof the district waitqj-upon the Citizens' issociation to ascertain if ,; anything could be lone, on - behalf of ' .,:the ._« unemployed. . . The position of itlie;-«u«le.:imenviwas stressed, 'and it ^was- stated -'thaV 'one d;ryL'^9ch-'ilmonth''-wa(i .. ? ill -the workvtheyimvere getting. . 'Jt was :te- ,?; solved that:, the Citizens'. Association; function uVa'n unemployment relief,' committee for. the purpose of raising funds. — A' social and? dance in. aid of the local hall fund was successful.— Mrs. Wilton, an old and respected resident^ of the district; died in Victoria ;, Park.— The heavy frosts experienced' early in the season have bad a disastrous effect upon the early peaches amd apricots. Some trees are quite bare of frnit. and the early crops promise to be rery ? mall. — A road to the V.A.L. resort is being made, and .when ..finished will be a great con venience 'to tbe. many visitors to this, excellent spot— Very little work ia now being done at the Canning -Weir site, but a large ganf - is expected to start work in the near future.— Two bungmlows have been completed and a third ii .beinif- erected on tbe YJl.U raort— Wild- . flowers are very plentiful at present — Tbe main ' road baa never been in better order than it w at present — The local Girls' Club fuccessfuUy , held a dance in «id of the hall fund. : ' SOUTHERN CROSS^— At the Southern Cross Police' ? Court. Theodore— Gusttve Mnller was-- fined £20 tor having supplied drink to aborigines at a camp' Bear Southern Cross. — ? - Messrs. -N. Nunn (chairman) and J. F. Worthing (YUgarn Road-Board) and. C. Alday (secretary) who comprised a deputation to the Main Roads Board, .were. informed that. £1,000 as a grant was not available for road construction. With regard to the '£2.000 loan on the power. station plant, the State Treasurer promised to forgo interest for another year.— The 'Yilgarn' Road Board has had to put off a number of men from road repairs in the town.— In ' the southern farms on the miners'.1 settlement, there were frosts rafet 'week. — The - Yilgarn Cricket Association fixtures began on October 11. Bailirays went to Moorine Rock and were defeated on the first innings.— Representations have been made by Sir John Kirwan. President of the Legislative Coun cil, as a result of complaints of there being no Justices of the Peace in Southern - Cross at times. The. Premier- (Sir James ' Mitchell) ' has been asked to take action. .'.- .; ? '. ? ;. :? ' ' TAMBELLUP.— Miia L.. E. Faulkner, matron of the Tambellup Hospital,, if Ho has been on six, months' furlough in England, has/advised the conimittee that she will not return, for health reasons. '- We* Locke, who acted., as -matron during 'Hist Faulkner's absence, has been ap pointed in ' her place.- — The . annual meeting of the Tambellup Tennis Club war held on October .9. .-. The courts are fully equipped 'and in ex jcellent condition. .Officers elected ? for the en suing, year, were: — Patron, Mr. A. Thomson, ?M.L.C.; president, Mr. . R. W. Phillips; rice presidents, . C H. Wittenoom, M.L.O., A. E. Piesse, M.L.A., Dr. Crowley. Messrs. A. G. Nor risb. J... A. Harvey. H. G. Burridge, G. Hpdby, W. Barton. O. Saggers, J .A. Bessen; captain, Mr.-R.' W^Phillipsr vice-captain, Mr. A. E. Bes sen; honorary secretary.- Mr. ,W. E. Ladd; assist ant secretary; Mr. W. White; committee, . Messrs. R. Bayne,-. J^ M. Bucklahd. H. (Barton. D. N. McDonald, H.- Simpson, and W. Murphy; women'*, captain. Mrs. H. Barton; vice-captain, Miss'Noni Collins; auditor, Mr. A. J; Smith.— Nominations have again been called ' for the vacancy in 'the North-West: ward of the Tambellup Road Board. This will be the 'fourth time, no nominations having, been ' received on the : previous ; oc eadbna. '.'.^. -._-'. ? '-.-...- ' -?'?? ??'-- .,-.'?' _

WALPOLE.— On October'' 14, a party of 25 attlers journeyed to Denmark at the - in vita ion of Bayley 3roe.' vThey-' were taken over' ' - he j farm 'by.,;Mr. ;Frank- Bayley. ':-:? While on the .' pnr,'they were introduced^ to Mr.' W.' Red-' nen, who gave tHein an interesting lecture- on ' Mshires.' :-Theyr also Inspected.- Mr. Redmen's lairyherd, of Jerseys. Mr. Frank Bayley ex jlained the ravages of the lucerne flea and the' : risitors : were: then given a demonstration ' of , mtting and stacking, green pastures for stack -' lilage-^for,- summer 'fodder.— Warm -weather ' is being experienced at. Walpole npw , and is naking'a wonderful difference .in '; the ' jfrowth' jf 'the 'pastures;, which have been rather ? back- ? ward up;. : to ' date. Many - settlers have now. ? -een' supplied with a cow. - '. ; ' '.-V WILUNAw-^-Purlng the week 42 points of rain tell,: and on .October, 8: conditions again became normal. , The days are now bright and cool, with chilly nights.— During the ; past fortnight three members of the nursing staff, Sisters* G. Snelland Williams and Nurse Pollard, attached to the Jocal hospital, resigned, and early- this week the matron, Sister Pollard,' handed 'in her resignation.— On October 18 the handicap chess tournament was advanced a stage further. . Re sults: L. Double beat F. Hall, R. 'James'beat W. O'Neill and. T; Onttrim, L. A. Woolf beat ' O'Neill and Onttrim. F. Hall beat Flemming, Preedy beat Hall and Flemming,' and drew with W. OTJeilL— Mr. G. L. Baines, the .new Kcre tary to the local road board took up his' duties on September 28. — Reports each week bring in good returns, and prospect* from Eureka, and some very high values -are expected when the State' battery reopens. — There is -a strong move in the direction of .erecting, a privately-owned five-head battery;— Only the' best ore is now being carted into ; the battery, owing to high transport charges. — A good: many men in the district are breaking .low-grade stone from- 6 to ^8 dwt. In-the- hope- that' they, will .'get some return while the bonus:' price per ounce and pre mium are all in their, favour.- — Several hopeful reports have come in from.Mt. Verhoo. A number of shows in. this district are* opening up well below water level. Crushings will be . put through. at McHugh's battery. . WONGAN HILLS.— A few warm days have made an appreciable difference to the ripening, crops and hay cutting- is now general. A very fine crop of -Bencubbin variety of wheat is to be v seen on the State Light Farm. Mr. Hawker, a Visitor from South' Australia, who was one of the judges at the Royal Show, considers that the 100 acres will .ai'erage ten bags. per. acre. -Considerable local ' and district interest - is beinc evinced \in this prolific yie.lder. — A team'of riflemen-- from Dowerin- defeated the ; :6cal marksmen by 34 points.— Mrs; Pine,' who is. in- charge .of .^hs. -Girls? .Friendly Society's van, when ' on 'her way to Calingiri, was com pelled to walk ' bver'six' miles' to obtain assist ance, when the-' van broke, down. — The accumu-1 ? lated building .fund of the, 'Church of England is about £400.' It ispr'opased to build a suit able church in ' the. .future; — The. new tennis ;courts-.are nearingt completion. — A start is ,to be made to lay down another nine holes adja-; , cent tle; ' old 'golf/ links, but nearer1 the' ' town~' , .-'.'?''.' ' ??.???' WELLARD.— The weather has. been very',in- settled, with 'cold winds and rain. — At 'a special meeting of the Wellard sub-branch of the Re- - turned Soldiers' League, Mr. T. Scotland re signed from the secretaryship. -His resignation was accepted with regret, and. Mr. Rr B. Alexan der was elected to the position. YORK.— The official opening' of the York Bowling and Croquet Clubs took place on October 14, the ceremony being performed by Mr. A. Thomas (secretary) - in the, absence of the' president (Mr. Warren Marwick). — Shooting was .conducted over the- 300 yard range on October 14 for a club trophy. S. Flynn assisted by a -handicap of 9 was the winner with a score1 ot 70, followed by- J. Williams. 69, and R. Gream, 66. — The Hockey Club conducted a social and dance at the- Masonic Hall on October. 14 to wind up the season's operations.: During the evening trophies, won during- the season were presented,' the premiership cup donated by tne patron (Mr. F. G. Selby) . being; won by the blue . team'.— A party :of ' children from the Broomehill State. School, who had visited the Royal Show under' the control of their headmaster ?(Mr. -Potter.), broke their journey at- York on the return, trip. on. Oqtober 10, and were, enter tained during the afternoon and evening. — The Selby medal donated by Mr. F. G. , Selby for the fairest and best player in the York District Football Association was awarded to Herb Screaigh the rover- of the Central Club. — The ordinary 'meeting of the' York Road Board. -was held recently when. 'the chairman, Mr. W. G. Burges, presided. It was stated that as it bad become too' dry 'to continue- the cleaning of drains with- graders,- all graders' had been dis pensed with. — An Appeal Court was held by the board. Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom appealed against, their property, valuation, owing to a large portion having gone salt. A reduction was made in each instance., An appeal made by the W.A. Trustee, Executor and -Agency Com pany in connection with the estate .of the late D. B.i Lennard for a- reduction- in the unimproved value was not agreed to. — The first, matches in. the York and District Tennis Association were played on October. 11. Mt. Hardy . played Rail ways on the letter's .courts, the home team winning with 13 sets to 11. Avon visited Burges Siding and wan defeated by 20 sets to 4. — The rainfall for last week was 11 points, making 39 for October and 1,727 since January. — There was a frost during hist. week .which is unusual for October.- ? ' ' =