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AUCTIONS. ? _______ , ' , FORTHCOMING BALES, : rC'LDEB, SMITH and CO., LIMITED xrill con iCi duct Auction Sales of SHEEP, CATTLE, PIGS and HORSES at the undermentioned pentres:— — . . NOVEMBER. XABAWA, Tuesdav, fith. YORK, Tuesday, 5th. IIIUDQETOWN, Wednesday, Cth. XARROGIN, Thursday, 7th. MECKKR1XG, Friday, Stli. UARDANUP, Monday; 11th. XORTHAM, Tuesday, 12th. NORTHAMPTON, Wednesday, 13th. , HOYUP BROOK, Wednesday, 13th. 'KATANNINt;, Friday, 15th. CAPEL, Monday, 18th. ' HXRVET, Tuesday, 10th. TAMMINV Tuesday, 19th. CXOWAXOEROP, Tuesday, 19th. / . WALKAWAY, Tuesday, lOtli. ADDITIONAL SALES. KONDININ, Monday, 4 th, Off Shears Sale. CALINGIRI, Monday, 4 Hi, Off Shears Sale. ' KULIN, Tuesday. 5 th, Off Shears Sale. MULLEWA, Wednesday, 6th, Special Sheep HAHRISMITII, Wednesday, 6th, Off Shears Sale. ' WILLIAMS. Friday, 8th, Off Shears Sale. LAKE GRACE, Monday, 11th, Off Shears Sale. . PrXGELLY, Tuesday, 12th. Off Shears Sale. BOYDP BROOK Tuesday, 12th, Clearing Sale account It. G. Spencer. ? ELDER'S HORSE AND DAIRY COW MARKET SUBJACO v (Opposite Railway Station). ' FRIDAY, - NOVEMBER 1, 1028. ' / ? , At Half.past Ten A.M. Sharp. ' ELDEB, SMITH and CO., LIMITED, have re ceived instructions -to OFFER by AUCTION ai above — CATTLE ' ^PURCHASERS PLEASE tfOTE THAT WE ARR COMMENCING OUR CATTLE ? SALE AT 10.30 AM. SHARP). JFor Owner, Toodyay: _ C good Dairy Cows, -with calves at foot For Mr. A. F. Croft, Mardella: 1 Good Dairy Cow. with calf at foot. For Mr. E. D. French, ei Goomalling: ? 1 milking: strain Bull, 3 jeare old, bred 'by Hospital for Insane, full pedigree available at sale. For Owner. South-West: 2 good dairy cows with calves at foot. For Owner, South-West: 7 steers and I store cow. For Mr. T. Eahteott, Kalyalling: - 1 sood Dairy Cow, with calf at foot. For Mr. S. J. Darch, Ging-in: ? 1 good Dairy Cow. with calf at foot. For Mr. C. S. Brown, Aramadale: 1 good Dairy Cow, with calf at foot, lor Mr. A. H. Mead, Rockingham: 2 good Dairy Cows, with calves at foot, for II. J. Proctor, Kalamunda: , :$ good Dairy Cows, lor Owner, ex Great Southern: 4 good Dairy Cows, -withjcalves at foot. For Various Owners: ? i ?--/,, , ,' , 25 to 30 Dairy Cows, with- calves at foot and springers., ? , , U „ -HORSES. For Messrs. Lewis and Medlow. South Auitra 80 Handy to Weighty Farm Maree and Geldings, right ages, broken in, good con ditlon. For Messrs. G. and E. A. Brooks, Limited, Buck lands Park, South Australia: 1 5 Handy to Weighty Farm Mares and Vnr m ?c i?1?' ri5.hf aecs« B00d condition. For Mr. McMahon, Carrabin: 3 good Farm Workers. *or Air. D. Yelverton, ex Qnlndalup: *. - 3;Oood, Youns Farm Workersi For Warnlda, Limited, ex Koojan: '8 Good Farm Workera. For Mr. A. Moir, cs Koolanooka: ' .4 Good Farm Workera. For Mr. W.' J. Teakle. ex Isseka: -'j 8 Good Farm Workers. Tor Mr.' A. J Monger, ex York: ? . 8 Medium to Weighty Farm Workers. For. Various Owners: , ' . 25 to ,80 Farm Mares, and Geldings. Hacks - and Delivery Sorts. ' , ! FURTHER ENTRIES INVITED. FULLER PARTICULARS LATER. ' ? ' TERMS NET CASH. „ Firet-cla* luncheon and refreshments will be served at our, the Proprietress of the Cosy Comer Tearooms, Subiaco. . Will buyers please note that we have on Hand. for private sale a number of horses, dairv cows, carts and sundries. METROPOLITAN FAT CATTLE MARKET.' v ' 'MIDLAND JUNCTION. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6. At Half-past Ten; A.M. ' |T?LDER, SMITH and CO., LIMITED, have re SmftJ SS_^ *'__£_' ' °™ t0 j- 408 FAT OATTLE. ? ?' ? ' '?METROPOLITAN FAT STOCK MARKET. MIDLAND JUNCTION., m IM* WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER''*;/ ' IgLDER/SMITH,'and CO., LIMITED, hive re oVFE^bi -Seffi.fScE*!'-0'- t0 AT 8 A.M. t i ',816 SheeP and Lambs. ' »A h i' 0UT. off,erinff will be 3,500 stores, mint. ' f see special advertisc , ' 18 Cattle. ' ' ron ». ATI P.BL f .... S20 Pigs. .. , ,/.. ' 'MULLEWA MARKET. ? ' WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 6. At Two o'clock. ' . v i 6,700' SHEEP 6,700 TRpDER. SMITH and CO., LIMITED, have re *J- ceivcd- Instruction to OFFER by AUCTION ma above: , For Gabyon' Pastoral Co., Ltd., Gabyon Sta tion, Wnrarga: ? # ;? _ 2.°°0 Ewes, 2 years to sound mouth. ' For Yuin Pastoral Co., Ynin station, Yuin: 2,500 Wethers, described j« forward to fat. For Mr. A. Jensen, Bullardoo Station, Mul len..: 1,700 Wethers, forward to fat condition, September shorn, -well grown, 1, 2 and , 3 jears old. '' ' For Estate late H. W. Clarkson, Meka Sta tion, Talgoo: . . % . ? ^ 500 Aged Ewes, well grown, 'early shorn, forward condition. ^ ^ . TERMS AT SALE. Further, particulars from the Auctioneers, ELDER, SMITH and CQ., LIMITED, * ' -Perth, Oeraldton or Mullewa/ ? ' l LAND SALE. - ' . 1.780 ACRES Vk 'MILES FROM YORNANING TO HOMESTEAD. . AT THE WOOL EXCHANGE. ECONOMIC - i , BUILDINGS. PERTH. .ON THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 14, 1020. At Three P.M, ELDER, SMITH and CO., LIMITED, have re ceived instructions. from Mr. D. J. Kelly and the West Australian Trustee; Executor and Agency Company, Limited, as Trustees In -the Estate of the late T. F. Kelly, to OFFER by AUCTION as above: - , ? THE PROPERTY, SITUATED AT TOR ,NANING. The land runs to within one mile of Yornaning aiding. 1.280 acres freehold and 500 acres. O.P. '? IMPROVEMENTS: 500 acres cleared, 120 hcres' chopped down, 900 acres dead, timber, ISO acres virgin country, subdivided into 8 pad docks, eood fencing, watered by 12 soaks, mostly permanent; timbered with white gum, Jam and sheoak free from poison; four-roomed Jarrab house. S 1,000-irallon tanks, bat shed. 4 stall stable, chaffshed. sheep yards, stone dip. About 120 acres under croc. Rainfall. 18 inches. . i 'Possession approximately ,one month from date of sale. ' , ? TERMS: One-quarter cash, £200 per annum for 6 years, balance in the seventh year, bear ing interest at 7 per1 cent V - The property will be' offered on a bare basis including crop. Stock and , plant will bt sold later. ' , * ' . Further particulars and ?inspection arranged through ? ? ; - , ELDER. SMITH and CO.. LIMITED. Perth and Narrogin. * - ? MORTGAGEE'S' .SALE. \ ~' ',', HIGH-CLASS FARM,AT.GREENH1LLS. ' ' _S65 ACRES. 3 ROODS, FREEHOLD. _/ OX THURSDAY, NOVEMBER' 28, 1929. At Three o'Olock, P.M. AT THE WOOL EXCHANGE. ' ECONOMIC BUILDINGS,- PERTH. , ELDER, SMITH and CO.. LIMITED, under in structions from the First Mortgagee, will OFFER at AUCTION as above. . Farm, known 'as WELLARD'S. ' , Containing together 885 acres, 3 roods, free hold, consisting, of '(1).' Avon Locations 941 and 2053 and part, of each of Avon /' Locations 1434 and 1783, being the wholo of the land contained in Certificate of Title, Volume 455, Folio44 and (2) Avon Location 15868 comprised in Crown Grant Volume 45S. Folio 160, and (3) Avon Location 4026. comprised in Crown Grant Volume 834, Folio. 163. The property is situated about three-quarters of a mile from Greenhills Railway Station and Townsite nnd is all fenced with netting of 0 wires, subdivided into 7 paddocks with 6 wires, nbout 800 acre* cleared,1 comfortable stone house, 4 rooms, with conveniences, including kitchen and bathroom, galv. iron stable ond barn. 48 x 42. machinery shed 42 x 15, sheep yards and cement dip. , - Exceptionally well watered by well and soaks This is a particularly good farm comprising nearly all citra strong fnrming land which ba« vielded heavy crops and carries about a sheep to the acre. TERMS AT- SALE. Further information from ELDER. SMITH and CO., LIMITED, .Perth and ^Branches. B. S.1 MONGER, YORK. Local Agent, or STONE, JAMES and CO., Solicitors, Perth.

AUCTIONS SPECIAL SHEEP SALE           MIDLAND JUNCTION SALE YARDS.   WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER. 6.   (Immediately after the Sale of Fat Sheep.) 3;490 SHEEP 3,490 ELDER, SMITH and CO., LIMITED, have re ceived instructions to OFFER by AUC TION as above: — For Messrs. Black, Cope and Black, Ningaloo Station, Carnarvon. 2,200 Ewes forward condition, mixed ages. For Mt. Phillip Station Ltd., Mt. Phillip Sta tion, Carnarvon. 1290 Ewes mixed ages not over sound full mouth, early shorn, forward condi tion. ? TERMS AT SALE. ? LAND SALE. GOOD FARM. KELLERBERRIN DISTRICT. 1,813 ACRES, FREEHOLD. SITUATED 4* MILES~NORTH OF W00LUNDRA AA D 94 MILES ? FROM KELLERBERRIN. AT THE WOOL EXCHANGE, ECONOMIC UUILMNGS. PERTH. ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14. 1929. At Half-past Three P.M. CUDER, SMITH and CO.. LIMITED, have re ?*-* ceiv-cd instructions from the West Aus tralian Trustee. Executor and Agency Company, Limited, as Trustee in the Estates of the late se-?£r- Clane Watt and Keith E^erard Watt, to OFFER at AUCTION as above the property comprising Avon Locations 7C67, 7068 and 15843. IMPROVEMENTS — Bat .House, eight rooms and kitchen . all necessary outbuildings, about 1,156 acres cleared. 540 acres fallow (cultivated), 480 acres under wheat. 40 acres oats, 1 1,000 cnbic yard dam; Goldfields Watei Scheme laid on to property. Subdivided into 10 paddocks,, good fenciDg, boundary netted. All good wheat land STOCK and PLANT— 00 sheepr 4 cattle. 3 pigs, 10 working horses, 7 light horses. 16-row McKay Combine, 8ft. Reaper Thresher (Massey), 8ft Sunshine Hart ester, 5-furrow Mould board Plough, 14-dise Sundercut, 35 tyne Cultivator, Grader, Waggon, Engine and Chaffcutter. Overland Motor Car. The property will be offered (firstly) off a walk-in-walk-out basis, exclusive of fur niture; (secondly) including crop (thirdly) bare. TERMS. — (1) On a walk-in-walk-out basis, exclusive of furniture, but including motor car: One-third cash, £500 per annum for five years balance in the sixth year, interest at 6 i per cent, on all unpaid purchase money. (2) Bare, Land, Improvements and Crop: One quarter cash, £500 per annum for five years, balance in the sixth year, interest at 6$ pel cent, on all unpaid purchase money. (3) Baie, Land and Improvements Only: One fifth cash. £500 per annum for five years, balance in the sixth year, interest at CJ per cent, on all unpaid purchase money^ Further particulars from and inspection arranged through ELDER, SMITH and CO., LIMITED, ? Perth and. Kellerberrin. ? SALE OF HIGH-CLASS SHEEP OFF SHEARS. A VONDALE PARK, BEVERLEY. ', FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 15. At Two P.M. Sharp. POLDER SMITH alid' CO., LIMITED f-J have received instructions from Mr. O. L. Broun who is arranging for the leasing ol his property, to OFFER by AUCTION as above— 1,000 Merino Ewes, 3} years to sound full mouth (to be drafted in lots to suit buyers) 100 Merino Eucs, aged. 600 Merino Weaners, mixed sexes. 85 Merino Ewes, 1J years. 85 Merino .wethers, 1 1 \ jeare 350 Merino Wethers, 2J years. 30 Merino Rams, North Booborowie blood. M.SPnCiai a'enH°n i» drawn to the fact that Mr. O. L. , Broun's sheep have, for many yean «'«*.. been well .and favourably know^/nd the entnc flock has been founded and bred on pure North Booborowie blood lines' LIGHT REFRESHMENTS PROVIDED. wiSTTr°CK,,PKPCnASED BY OUTSIDE BUYERS Wu'ino5E .PLACED ON TRUCKS FREE OF CHARGE, ALL REASONABLE CARE BEING TAKEN, BUTNO RESPONSIBILITY ACCEPTED. TERMS AT SALE. Further Particulars from ELDER, SMITH and CO , LIMITED ? Perth. Northam and Beverley. ' -, FUTURE STOCK SALES.' ? T)ALGETY AND , COMPANY, LIMITED will a^cTTJ^.?sleund°efr-!HEEP; WGS' ™ UT.VKARRk.F^fiT NABAWA. — Tuesdav, 5th. ' . BRIDGETOWN.— Wednesday, Oth. x\ARROGIN.— Thursday, 7th. DARDANUP.-iMonday.' lit , NORTHAM.— Tuesday, . 1 2th - * - KULffiUP.— Tuesday', 12th. / , (Sheep Sale) NORTHAMPTON.— Wednesday 13th «OYUP BROOK.-Wednest£ 13th.' TOODYAY. — Thursday, 14th. SPRING HILL.— Friday, 15th. KATANWNG-fey,5^;. DINNINUP.— Monday 18th EEVERLEY.— Tuesday. 19th. HARVEY.— Tuesday, 19th. WALKWAY.— Tuesday, 19th. ? KOJONUP.— Thursday, 21st. DONNYRRO0K.— Thursday. 21st. NARROGIN.— Thursday, 21st. MOORA.— Friday, 22nd. ' NORTHAM.— Tuesday, 26th. OAPEL. — Tuesday, 26th. PINGELLY; — Tuesday, 26th. WICKEPIN.— Thursday, 28th. UTAKARRA.— Friday, 29th. ? METROPOLITAN FAT STOCK MARKET. COPLEY'S SIDING. ' MONDAY, NOVEMBER - 4, 1929. At Half-past Ten A.M. D ALGETY AND COMPANY. LIMITED and ELDER, SMITH and COMPANY LIMI TED, will offer by PUBLIC AUCTION, account owners — : ? - 150 FAT OATTLE. ? METROPOLITAN FAT CATTLE MARKET. MIDLAND JUNCTION. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1929. At Half-past Ten A.M. D ALGETY AND ' COMPANY. LIMITED! will offer by* PUBLIC AUCTION, account various - owners- — ? ? ' 232 FAT- CATTLE. ? METROPOLITAN FAT STOCK MARKET. ' MIDLAND JUNCTION. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER C, 1929. D ALGETY , AND COMPANY, LIMITED will offer' by PUBLIC AUCTION, account various owners — 'At Eight A.M. S,46f' SHEEP AND LAMBS. 4 CATTLE. At 1 , P.M.' 120 PIGS. , NABROGIN, MARKET. 1 OFF SHEARS SALE. 2,606' SHEEP 2,506 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7. 1929. At Two'P.M. , ', D ALGETY AND COMPANY. LIMITED, instructed bv various owners, will .'offer by PUBLIC AUCTION, as above; the following— 270 ewes, right ages. 100 wethers. ' 80 wethers. \ ' 100. wethers. 80 wethers. 70 wethers. 80 young ewes. 200 ewes, 4 and C tooth. 06 ewes,- 4-tooth. 150 ewes, very good quality, six-tooth and sound mouth. ' 150 ewes, nice quality, right, ages. 230 ewes, 4, 6 and sound mouth. — 90 m.s. weaners. - 40 rf.s. hoggets. , . 150 crossbred weaners, m.s.; very good condition. 300 mixed sex weaners. . .150 m.s. weaners. - ,100 'm.s. lambs. ,- 100 m.s.: Iambs. 130 m.s. lambs. ( PIGS. ? 20 porkers. 10 weaners.' ' i FURTHER ENTRIES INVITED. DALGETY AND COMPANY, LIMITED, Particulars from the Auctioneers, ? NARROGIN or PERTH. ? SPECIAL' SHEEP SALE. KULIKUP. ACCOUNT M. S. .C. SMITH, ESQ., CULTCUP , , ESTATE. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1929. At Two P.M. DALGETY AND COMPANY. * LIMITED, have been favoured with instructions from the nbove estate, to offer by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the -property situated nine miles from Din nimip'and 3 miles from Kulikup Siding, on the main Kojonup Road — - 1,200 SHEEP 1,200 400 frcsli,full mouth ewes. GOO wethers. 200 lambs. ' Account i Outside Owncra — 900 SHEEP 900 800 4 and 0 -tooth wethers. 100 '.6-tooth' and 'full;' mouth wethers. The above sheep will be drafted in lots to suit purchnsers. ' Further Entries -invited from (he Auctioneers, Perth . and Bunbury. mo BE , DRAWN NEXT MOXDAY. ' UGLIES' SWEEP. ON THE 3IELB0URNE CUP. FIRST PRIZEi £1,000. TICKETS— 2/6. ,

AUCTIONS. . FIRST ANNUAL DISPERSAL SALE. , OFF-SHEARS. 1,189 KOONOONA 1,189 BLOOD SHEEP. SPRINGHILL, SPENCER'S BROOK. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1929. At Two. P.M. DALGETY and COMPANY, LIMITED, have been favoured with instructions from the Estate of the Late A. G. LOTON, Springbill,' to OFFER by PUBLIC AUCTION — 40 14 year old stud ewes. 35' 24 to 4 year old stud ewes. 20 stud ewes, bound mouth (Bacton bred). 40 cast stud ewes (Bacton bred). 42 lj-year old ewes! G4 2} year old ewes. 170 sound mouth flock ewes, Nangetty bred. 48 flock ewes (Nangetty bred). ' 288 ewes, sound mouth (Springhill bred). 84 cast ewes (Springhill bred). 358 2 J -year old wethers. RAMS (IN THE WOOL). G3 lJ-year old rams. 10 2 J -year old rams. 5 3J -year old rams. Springhill has been owned by the Loton family for many yeats, and by careful selection of rams, and attention to breeding, has earned a reputation for the quality of its stock. These sheep are all pure Koonoona blood. LIGHT REFRESHMENTS PROVIDED. All sheep purchased by outside buyers will be put. on trucks at Spencer's Brook, free of charge — all care being taken but no responsi bility; ? ' ? rpHE WESTRALIAN FARMERS, LIMITED. NOVEMBER. MECKERIXG, Off-shears sale, Monday, 4th. NARROGIN, stock sale, Thursday, 7th. BAANDEE, off-shears sale, Friday, 8th. CUNDERDIN, off-shears sale, Friday, 15th. QUAIRADING, stock sale, Monday, 18th. NARROGIN, ? stock sale, Thursday, 21st. WAGIN, stock sale, Friday, 22nd. WILLIAMS, off-shears sale, Friday, 29th. DECEMBER. DARKAN. off-shears sale,' Friday, 6th. QLTNDAXNING, off-shears gale, Saturday, 7th. DOODLAKINE, TAMBELLUP, ' BROOKTON, MOORA, NORTHAMPTON, YEALERING, DUM BLEYUNG, as advertised. - TERMS AT SALE. Further Particulars, THE WESTRALIAN FARMERS, LTD., Perth and branches. METROPOLITAN FAT STOCK MARKET. MIDLAND JUNCTION. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1929. At Eight o'clock. rpnc WESTRALIAN FARMERS, LIMITED will A SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION as above: 3,515 Sheep and Iambs. 3,515. . . 32 Fat Cattle. 32. At Half-past One p.m. ? 200 Pigs. 200. FAT CATTLE SALE. ' ~ COPLEY'S, SIDING. ^MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1929. At Half -past Ten a.m. THE WESTRALIAN FARMERS, LTD., favour ed with instructions from D. McDonald, Esq. will SELL by. PUBLIC AUCTION as above: — Ex Fossil Downs Station: ? 25 Fat Cattle, brand ZV5. ? 1*^ OLDSBROUGH. MORT and. COMPANY, *DT LIMITED, will conduct SALES as under: — COUNTRY MARKETS.. NOVEMBER. QUAIRADING, Monday, November 4. NORTHAM, Tuesday, November 5. KATANNING, Wednesday, November 0. NARROGIN, Thursday, November 7. MOORA, Friday, November 8. BROOKTON, Thursday, November ?' 14. NORTHAM, Tuesday, November 19. KOJONUP. Thursday,' November 21. NARROGIN, Thursday, November 21. YORK, Thursday. November 21. WAGIN, Friday, November 22. PINGELLY, Tuesday, November, 25. NARALING, Tuesday, November 25.' CRANBROOK, Thursday, November 28. WICKEPIN, Thursday, November 28. .„ KELLERBERRIN, Thursday; November 28. MECKERIXG. Friday, November 29. ADDITIONAL SALES. KATANNING; Wednesday, November 6. Off Shears Sale. v ? DUMBLEYUNG, Friday. November .8. Off Shears Sale. ???; ♦ '? BAANDEE,' Tuesday, November 12.. ^ ' Special Off Shears Sale. . . Account Messrs. '?Ormisber and 'Tickle. WOODANILLING,. Thursday, ' November .4; . Clearing Sale. ' ?? . ; ? ? Account Messrs. Bell Bros; ' ' ? WAGIN, Friday, -November 23: Off Shears' Sale.' ?? ORANBROOK, Thursday, November 28. , ? Off Shears; Sale. .'...?? METROPOLITAN FAT STOCK MARKET. MIDLAND, JUNCTION.. , . f-i OLDSBROUGH, MORT and COMPANY, VJT LIMITED, will .OFFER as under:— .:. ON TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 5.'. 1929. ? At Half-past Ten A.M. t 10 ????? '^CATTLE, r, :;..,;?:. -'10. ??!„???.?. ? ON WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 192*9. At.EighfA.M. ?'- 1,300 SHEEP and LAMBS, 1,300. 4 OATTLE, .. .',? 4. . At One P.M. ? 30 . PIGS, ? 30. METROPOLITAN FAT CATTLE' MARKET. COPLEY'S SIDING. ON MONDAY; NOVEMBER -4; 1929. . At 10.30'; a.m. . \Ti OLDSBROUGH. MORT and COMPANY, VX LIMITED, will OFFER by PUBLIC AUC TION:— , Account ,D.. McDonald, Esq., Fossil Downs Sta tion. Derby: j. :. ',?''. 25 FAT BULLOCKS, 25. businesses, partnerships. a.a. ;.;'_???- - ' -a. THE BEST YET. FROM R. H. STANFORD and CO. MIXED; CORNER SHOP. NO OPPOSITION. ' AN AMAZING 'MIXED' BARGAIN. £315. ' TAKINGS £40, PROFITS £7 NET. ..ever in the history'' of Perth ?baa a more' genuine Mixed Business such as this been offer ed. We personally know.'ithis business .and are. prepared to guarantee everything, in .connection with it. THE SHOP IS SITUATED ON A FINE CORNER in a thickly populated near suburb, surrounded by hundreds of new brick homes, and. there is ABSOLUTELY NO OPPOSITION FOR OVER HALF A MILE. The Dwelling of. 4 lovely and modern rooms, together With every possible convenience, is attached to the shop, with a private entrance to the street, forming a. REAL BUNGALOW HOME. The whole is of brick, arid built in the most modern style. The RENT iis ONLY 35/, LEASE '2 YEARS, WITH OPTION OF PURCHASE. No shop is more daintily, and better fitted. The . whole of ?' the' shelves have glass facings, which keeps the stock free from dust. There are 2 modern counters, large Day ton computing scales, large ice chest,' .glass show cases, jars, 'phone, and in fact everything that is necessary. The STOCK is well assorted and GUARANTEED TO THE VALUE OF £160. To a smart couple this is a lifetime opportunity. The takings at present' are £40. but by a little more energy the TAKINGS SHOULD BE £60 WEEKLY. There are personal reason's why ; this wonderful and profitable business must be, sold quicklv, and if you want a business where your money will always be worth 25/ in the £1 see this toTday. Everything is spotlessly clean, and it's an absolute Bargain. . ' FULL PRICE FOR. EVERYTHING, WALK IN, WALK OUT, IS ONLY £315. - ..'?'? V Do not think this' advertisement is exaggerated, it's not: the business is better than we 'can de scribe. ? R. H.' STANFORD and CO., B8§86, Business and Financial Agents, . Durham House, 840a Hay-st., City.' - Opposite His Majesty's Theatre. 'in z. z a. a. r it I. A BARGAIN AND A FORTUNE FOR A LIVE xWIRE. POPULAR GUEST HOUSE AND ORCHARD i IN THE HILLS. THE HOUSE, which is recently built, consists of 10 rooms, bathroom, laundry, bath, basin, shower and hot water installation, 10ft. stone verandahs, cool store. LAND: 12 Acres, hill loam, 8* acres or chard in full profit, private clientele absorbs all fruit. There are stables, cow sheds, and all necessary outbuildings. WATER: 2 wells, 1 bore. 2 soaks, a spring and several tanks, scheme available, but not required. The property, which is being run as a guest home, would be equally suitable for a convales cent nursing home, or a maternity hospital. As the present owner wishes to join his wife in England immediately, the place is offer ed at a ridiculously low figure. PRICE £1,600, on .£500 deposit, or £1,600 cash, with all the household furniture in. Now this is a bargain. . THE CENTENARY AGENCY COMPANY, 4 Ground Floor, Forrest Chambers, 62 St. George's-ter. ? B1527. ? ? APARTMEXT HOUSE, West, 9 rooms, clean and well furnished, £3/15/ overrent; £460. ANOTHER, West, 7. ? rooms, splendid position,. lets well, rent 55/6; lease. £295. APARTMENT HOUSE, high position, handy town, 22 rooma and 3 kitchens, lease. £940. A money-maker. APARTMEXT HOUSE. Aberdeen-st.. right posi lion, 14 rooms, 5 full suites, £4/5/ ovpr rent. £375. APARTMENT HOUSE, Outram-st., G rooms. clean, new: stuff. Rent 35/. £125. FOGC, % ? 815 Hay-street, Perth, ? WATCH to-morrow's 'The West Australian' for List of Cars to be offered at Public Auction. Auto Auctions, Ltd., 838-40 Hay street, Perth.

BUSINESSES. PARTNERSHIPS. IA-A.A.A.A. — B1847. ? B1847.— .AXA.AJL -«L INTERSTAE TRUSTEE CO./ Bon Marche Buildings, llarrack-st, 18 to 20 Bon Marche Buildings, First Floor. Apartment House, with lease, 12 rooms, profit £5 per week. Cash, £100, city. Apartment House, City. £150 cash. Apartment House. City. 14 rooms. Cash x350. 5 years' lease. Mixed Business, 8-roomed dwelling, half let off, ice chest, fittings, -show cases, etc., stock, price £60. Tea Rooms, City, handy foods, cheap. Bakeries, freeholds, from £2,000 to £7,000; also good leases. Big .List of Hairdressers, Tobacconists, etc. Mixed -Business with round, takings £30 to £40 per week. Price £80. 'We Finance. We Finance. We Finance. THE INTERSTATE TRUSTEE CO., ? ? Bon Marche Buildings. Barrack-st. ? XZ ~ ' ~ A.A.A. . EVANS and CO., Registered Estate and Business Agents, No. 7 National Chambers, Barrack-st. Opp. Town Hall. Tel. 1096. TEAROOMS, river beach, well equipped, nice stock, good plant, lease, three living rooms, large grounds; £275: THEATRE SHOP, best suburb, present owner 4i years, selling groceries, smallgoods. confec tionery, drinks, cigarettes and tobacco, cakes, two Peters' cabinets, also nice tearooms, four nice tables, 12 chairs, showcases, soda foun tain, Ecales, meat cutter, large counters and fixtures. The cheapest and best business around Perth. Profit £8 to £12 week. Kent 36/. Six years* lease. Look! A gift, £330. Nothing bet ter. Hay-Bt. West: APARTMENT HOUSE, 10 rooms, beautifully furnished. Sacrifice, £275. A .A. — Tip Top Confectioners (under big the a'tre), big show every night and matinees (talkies), shop beautifully fitted up and heavily stocked, turnover £80 to £40 weekly. This is a wonderful chance. £500. . i GEO. BALES, 142 William-st. A.A.A. — Nineteen Rooms, furnished, centre St. George's-ter., lease..' £1,250. Ned Stirling, 70 St. George's-ter., B5391. ? A .A.A. — Suburban Mixed Business, well stock ed, all lines, counter; fittings, two Dayton scales, cash register, ice chest, glass cases. Tak ings £40 week. Cheap rent. Good dwelling. Snap. £350. Universal Tea Co., 14 and 15 McNeil Chambers, 9; Barrack-st B5636. ? A— WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY. MOTOR GARAGE AND ALL TOOLS FOR SALE. In good wheat belt town, only 130 miles from Perth. This business -has been established for 4 years, and owner has first-class connection. Owner will personally, introduce buyer to all clients. Owner doing practically all tractor repairs 'in district and in busy season employs as many as 6 men. Resson for selling being ill-health. . Books Open to Inspection. PRICE. Walk In, Walk Out. £400. Apply J. H. GLENN, Sole Agent, 288 Cambridge-st. Terminus, Wembley. 'Phone ., B8291. ? APARTMENT HOUSE. 7 rooms, kitchen, all 'cons., gas . stove, bathheater, etc. A very clean house, nicely furnished and always full. Rent 35/. Plenty of linen. Motor entrance. ?' Price £195. APARTMENT . HOUSE, single storey, 14 rooms and cons.,- two ' gas' stoves, bathheater, beautiful suites, carpets, etc. Everything spic and spsn. Spacious lawns and grounds. Rent and lease right. Price £450 and good value. . MIXED BUSINESS, good suburb, takings average £60. ' Rent- and' lease O.K. Good, living ace. Wonderful value. Price' £290. CITY and SUBURBAN SALES, Second Floor, Viking House; William:st. 'Phone B8282. ' APARTMEXT HOUSES: Here- are a few to choose from. 8 rooms, showing good profit, position right, £280; ;..-.'? 7 rooms, always full, rent only 32/6. £315. 12 rooms,, ideal position and spotlessly, clean, £475. ?'?..' :? 24 rooms, the best proposition in Perth, .full. £950. ' '- Also 28 Tooms.and 36 rooms, good buying. JAMES STEVENS. 117 Sheffield House, Hay-st., Perth, and 'at Town Hall, .Fremantle. i'A .' RARE ; ' OPPORTUNITY. 'MIXED BUSINESS, wonderful stand, low rent, only S2/6. Ice 'chest,- scales,' showcases, crockery, chairs, tables, lino., -carpet, good stock. NO INGOING, as the price1 is ONLY £200. And the Stock tandv Plant are Worth the Money. Termn Arranged It Required. ' . L. V. SHUGG, T. and G. Chambers, ? Sf Qeorge's-ter. .B3767. A. G.' RUSSELL. 11 7 Barrack-street:— Very central, 28/ beds, extra good, business, only £295. Adelaide-ter., 12 rooms, eight suites, lovely premises. Lease, £475. West; Perth, on hill. 11 rooms, .extra superior.- £325. 200 others. T GUTHA.— Boarding House, , good casual ; trade, suit two;: low rental. Partciulars ap^ piy'Mrs:.Miii»;:;rr;;''-;v!''---::'. :1':.-': .'' -*?'?. APARTMENT ?i Houses:- We, have .wonderful .var iety from £100 to £1,175; Select locali ties. Visit us. Watters and Maher. 29 Bar rack-st., 'Phone B3689. . r A. PARTMENT Houses, furnished, city, one J\ £65, another, 8 years' lease, £150. W J. Reside, 41 ; Francis-st, Perth;, BUSINESS— Look 1 £4B._ Think, counter, fit tings, scales, ice chest, 2 , tableB, 5 chair?, lolly and pickle jars, showcases,' crockery, beds, odds and ends, all stock, £45; worth double. Listen, double-fronted shop, three rooms.' Rent. 12 /&. Good stand, old established. A gift. What more do you want? ? ??.. - . ' :? Apply AGENT; . ' ? ? t 14 Luxor Arcade, . Beaufort-st;, Perth. BOARDING House, six .rooms, rent 32/6, good central -position, permanent clients. Only £100 ; for quick -sale. ' ''.?'? r ? . B. C. MATTHEWS,. ' .- ? 861 Hay-st. ? BOOKSHOP.' at present' paying, under man , agement, very large stock of the best Secondhand Books. D51. this office. Perth. ?/'^.C.O.— Cash Mixed (Business, with rouud, V1 -horse, cart and harness, stock, counter, fit tings; two scales, , ice chest, etc. Takings £29 £30 week. -Rent 25/. -Bargain to-day.: £150. Universal Tea Co., 14 and' 15 McNeil i Chamber*. 9 . Barrack-st. J15636. , ? . ? €LEAN Mixed Business, living accom., nicely furnished,', small deposit taken. . Rent SO/. Further particulars, 359. .Hay-st.,- Subiaco. O YOU. REQUmEFINANOIAL. ASSISTANCE in 'Your Business.' If you require, a working partner with capital -. consult' us. : We have nu merous 'clients waiting with . money to invest in any sound business 'that will show reason able living1. Don't waste our time with hot air propositions. All businesses must bear strict in vestigation.- ? ,. '.:-?..' , . , BRADLY and RANDELL, ... : Financial and Business - Agents, 27..' First Floor, A.M.P. Chambers. ' . B7232; ', ? TQRESSMAKIXG. DRESSMAKING. WELL ESTABLISHED BUSINESS.1 ' ? Suitable for two.- . - ? ' Good Connection. ,, , Excellent position Subiaco., Good reason for selling. No reasonable; offer refused.' C88, this office, . Perth. E.E.E.— City, ^Confectionery, cakes', pastry, ' drinks, etc., , stock, counters, fittings, soda fountain, 2 Dayton-.scales,' Toledo scales, cash register, 'glassware;' ice ichestsi' tables, chairs, etc. Net profit £15 week;, cheap rent. Bargain. £1,250. Universal -.Tea Oo..',14 and 15 McNeil Chambers, 9 Barrack-st.. B563C. , EXCELLENT Opportunity secure Motor Garage Business, good.' position, oxywelding, etc., freehold, can be purchased or rented. Whole ci partnership. . Garage, this office. Perth. LATS; £7 PER WEEK NET PROFIT. Six . modern self-contained Flats in city. Fur FLATS niture. insured for £1,000. Owner will FLATS accept £875 for quick sale. Family FLATS reasons; ' .. . ' . FLATS CITY, freehold, 20 rooms, five self FLATS contained . flats, hot and ? cold water, FLATS modern 'furniture. Returning £10 FLATS week., Always let. £5,100. Terms. BETTER THAN ANY HOTEL AT THE PRICE. TAKINGS £100 WEEK All cash over counter, Mixed £100 WEEK . Business,' no fruit, or vegetables, £100 WEEK no delivery, excellent stock and £101) WEEK plant. Modern brick shop and £100 WEEK dwelling, of. 4 rooms, every'coii £100 WEEK venience. Room for another £100 WEEK shop, on. tramline. The- takings £100 WEEK are the best recommendation cf £100 WEEK the position; W.I., W.O. £2,200. £100 WEEK Half cash' deposit, balance ar £100 WEEK arranged. FREEHOLD STORES:— We. have a splendid list from1 £730 upwards, ' with good businesses attached. , FOX and CO., i 129 St. Georce'srterrace, Opp. Foy and Gibson's;' I^RERHOLDi Brick Shop. 4 rooms. 'all cons., growing district, suburban, good opportun ity for start... £590. £150 deposit, balance rent. No agents. Owner, CS9, this office, Perth. ? V ? TjMtEMANTLE: All kinds of Businesses for Sale. A Inspect my: show window' for bargains.' fleridy, 199 High-st.,; Fremantle. I^jMSH. Chips, good shop, near good hotel, no opposition, good suburb, £50.* Rosemount Agency,. North Perth; ,;..-' .- * ? ^ ? G.G.G. — General' Mixed Business, well stocked all lines,- counter,: fittings, Dayton scales, Tc-Tedo scales, ice chest, glass cases, etc. Takings £40. Rent 35/. Must sell. ' Sacrifice. £240. Universal Tea Co.,- -1.4 and 15 McNeil Chambers, 0 Barrack-st'. B5630. '?' ' ALF SHARE PARTNERSHIP in Sound Sea Side Teatooms, interest includes building, stock, fittings, fixtures . and ' all plant, summer turnover will show big increase on capital out lay, a real genuine concern that will, stand any investigation, lady preferred, must be prepared to devote whole , time to business. „ =: PRICE- £210. ' Further Particulars from BRADLY and RAXDELL, Financial and -Business Agents, J7 First Floor, A.M.P. Chambers. B7232.

BUSINESSES. PARTNERSHIPS. i^iENUINE i PROPCiSITIONS. CITY FLORIST. ' Average weekly takings £25-£30.. central posi tion, long lease, at reasonable rental. Full par ticulars on application'^ . '. ~ . . ?'.'.,.'. GENERAL STORE, takings' £55, good accom modation. Price £425___ ... ' ..;.. . ' WINE* SALOONS; £750. ,£800,. £1,250,; £1,800: COUNTRY NtWSAGEXCY, takings £60, to £70. £050 will negotiate. - ' : ? COUNTRY MIXED.' showing £9. clear, takings £65 Price £550. _____ '[-'? CITY DINING ROOMS, splendid connection, 200 meals, about £900 will negotiate. ? ' . . CORDIAL FACTORY, big 'turnover; . country: districts. Price £650: , LET ME KNOW YOURs REQUIREMENTS. . ' WM. SCHOFIF.LD. '-_,.' HOTEL ami BUSINESS BROKER, , 5, 0 and 7; FORREST CHAMBERS/PERTH.. /^lEVUINE Mixed Business, for. quick salej^cor-: Or ner position, groceries, fruit, vegetables, tobacco, confectionery, milk, .cream,- cooked meats, splendid plant, £290. This is at valua tion. No agents. Apply D50. this office. Perth. ? .-'??'' -':' ? GOOD Mixed Business, carrying all lines, ;,liy-: ing accommodation, must: sell, sacrifice. Owner, 43 Ceorge-st.; East Fremantle. ??'?.-? GUEST House, li rooms, full-;..furnished,' wide ' verandahs.' capable accommodating 50 sruests. rracticaliy booked; £450. 23 John-st.; Cottesloe. ? '' r ,. - ?'.-.'? . TTOTELS. HOTELS. ..-: HOTEL^ A BUSY SEASIOE HOTEL. Trade £135 per week, lease 3. years, well fur nished and excellent accommodation. £2.000 cash will ' negotiate. ..' -. A LEADING MAIN LIXE HOTEL..- - Frpehold. well built building, every accommo dation/Owner stares. he has cleared £2.000 a year. Price £14,500. terms can be arranged. . IN WHEAT DISTRICT. So opposition, .trade £130, per week, three ? cd a half years' lease at a- low rental.' Tnis is an opportunity to Eecute a really cheap hotel Price £1,000, furniture at valuation, (about £5501. ? _?' , J HOTELS FOR SALE IN ALL DISTRiCTS. , WM. SCHOKIELD '.??.' (Late Manasrer CastlemaineiBnewery), HOTEL and BUSINESS BROKER. 5, 6 and 7 FORREST CHAMBERS, PERTn. TTOTELS. T~T '.'?'-'? i ? HOTEp. Hotel Buj-ers. See us. We have some Excellent Freeholds and a Few Suburban Leases. ~ Alsa Country Leases, showing, good returns, 'oh our books. t' ' ' - '. ' DALEY and CO., ? Hotel Brokers, Sheffield House, - ? 713 Hay-st. ? ' LADIES' Toilet Salon in large Country town. Great Southern line, splendid trade, no op position, suit one or two ladies. £125. D40,' this office, Perth. '

BUSINESSES, PARTNERSHIPS. TTa O T EL S.;v H O T E ,?? L , S. WE ALWAYS HAVE HOTELS ; ' v; ? - J i (Lease, and Freehold) : ?' .' ??? ;' ..??.._ FOR SALE. . ??_.' '?'.??: ''? \ - C^ALL AND SEE.US. . CONNOR, DOHERTY; 'and DURACK, ' ??LIMITED, , ....-- Howard-st., Perth. „ HANDY Foods, good mixed : turnover. £U0, stock, etc., worth the price. £475. Good accommodation. Rent £2. D23, , this office, Perth... ? .'''.'? y '? -1 ??;.-' HERE'S' a change: Apartment- House for sale, clearing average £5 week, well : furnished, Hay-st., -seven minutes from Town Hall. Sacrifice £350. D44., this office. Perth. v MILLINERY : and Ladies' Outfitting Business at Narrogin, highly -.profitable 'concern,' picked position, modern shop, stock; £200. ? walk in, walk out;-or ownei-' will accept partner. for-£100. Further particulars, Symond3, Licensed Real Es tate Agents, Forrest Chambers* (Basement). St. Ceorge's-ter.. Perth... 'Pliorie:'B7560.i MUNDARING: Guest House, J.W.B., 11 rooms, ;ihc\udins rlarge dining room arid, kitchen, bathroom, all conveniences. 10ft. verandahs alt , round, practically fully furnished, near Post Office, 1 acre of. ground. A gift, . £950, £200 deposit, balance. 30^ per weekl ' F. R. 'PEARSON, : ? ' L. Burridse and Peajiion, Ltd., * . C.T.A. Buildings, 69 St. George's-ter. B3 31 6. ? ' TUriXED ' _'?'?,?- .BUSINESS. '.Confectionery. Cool Drinks, Teas,. Luncheons, Handy Foods, etc. Nice shop and fittings, ' good clean stock, and. situated in, a good business centre. Rent only 22/8. : This is a Very Cheap Business at £210. JAMES STEVEXS. 117 Sheffield House. Hay-st:, ?'. Perth, ?; and at Town Hall, Fremantle. MIXED Snap: Adjoining Theatre, modern fit tings. . theatre rights, soda .fountain, ! ? cost £140. Heavy stock. £175. Watters and Maher, 23^ Barrack-st. . ?' . ? ?* MIXED lines; Lord-st., takings £40, big stock ' and plant, residence. Rent 35/. Full value, £235. D24; this office, Perth. ? _?*' 'W'EWSAGEXCY. Stationer, etc. Gordon' and ?i^i Gotch and other good agencies, well stocked shop,, autltoriscd 'Daily News' round, excellent ?living accommodation. £40 weekly, audited re cords. £400 only. Another, smaller, £70. , . ;' TOBACCONIST and HAIRDRESSER^ two sa loons, living accommodation. £25. .weekly. ' A bargain ' at £160. SE'iVICE STATIONS: We have 3 good pro positions, inquiries invited. ? ' TRADERS' SERVICE CO.. 101 St. George's-ter.: Tel. B7801. NICE Littlp General1 Business, almost in city, four rooms, two 'kitchens, gas. wood stoves, clean stock.. Bargain. - Tel. 6011. Weld Agency, 191 Beaufort-st; -. ? - ' 'VTICE Home, furniture for sale, suitable — .V Boarding - House, partly let. £75. D30, this office,.: Per Hi. . ? - SCHOOL' Business, 550 scholars, no opposition, [rent 22/6. Price £130. This is genuine. Apartment House, seven rooms, city, rent only '32/6. Ingoin'g £50. Lovely clean ' beds, linos, /and useful furniture; £50. Tel. B5554. Mrs. Landon and Co., 177a llurray-rt.

BUSINESSES, PARTNERSHIPS. PERTH BUSINESS EXCHANGE. 62 St. George's-ter. . i ' . - ... ' . ? A CHANCE OF A LIFETIME. ' ' ' ' ? '...,-'?? i' } FISH (Trawler Agency), SPOT LESSLY CLEAN WHITE ENAMELLED SHOP and SUPERIOR. DWELLING. . EASY: RENTAL, gdod lease. Located in absolutely 'the FINEST POSITION on . MAIN ROAD of DENSELY POPULAT ED, SELECT SUBURB. £16 PER ? WEEK CLEAR PROFIT MADE IN 2. . --DAYS' TRADING last week. MARVEL LOUS OPPORTUNITY AND GREAT BARGAIN. £225. 1 PERTH BUSINESS EXCHANGE, ' . Forrest Chambers, ?62 St. Georg'eVter. ? Tel.B7953. ? PARTNERSHIP IN MOTOR CAR BUSINESS. Wanted, Smart' Man to' join high-class sales man in general motor agency business, principal has exceptionally good car agency, together with other valuable agencies, present turnover £40 per -week, stock .in hand over £200, bank bal ance £200, ? also has good, terms car finance-, reasonable ^ wages - guaranteed and halt share of net profits, ? capital required £325, man able to drive preferred. For further information apply to .;??,.'? BRADLY and RANDELL, ' ,-. Financial and -Business Agents. ' 27 First; Floor, A.M.P. Chambers. B7232. 'PARTNERSHIP Offered in sound: business cou JL nected direct with motor trade,1' good op portunity for right man. Capital required £200. Full ~ security guaranteed. C33, this office, Perth. ? ___^ ? PARTNERSHIP' wanted in ? manufacturer's agency by energetic young man, with capi tai. For appointment apply - ? D37, this office, Perth. . TO Lease, Well Established Commodious Ser vice Station, Garage and Repair Shop, known as . . ?- BROADHURSTS MOTORS. Centrally situated in William-st.,* between in tersections of Brisbane and Bulwer sts. , Arplv BROADnURSTS DEPARTMENTAL -?' .STORES, LUIITED :'|1EJU-OUARY Business opened at the Forest .'X* ers' 'Hall, FranciR-street, Friday, 8 p.m.; Saturday; 2 p.m. Produce, Cakes, Fancv ? Goods cheap. ? _^ ? TOILER, with small capital would like 'job -X poultry or mixed farm, would go share, es lW?riei;ce wanted. D5C, this office, Perth. ?WfOODYARD. WOODYARD. Situated in progressive suburb, doing splen did trade, books for inspection, long lease, cheap rent, horses,- carts, harness, elec. motor, saw and bench and good stock wood. This is a First-class Business and Cheap' a* £300. Cash. JAMES STEVEXS, m Sheffield House, Hay-st., Perth, and ?t Town Hall, Fremantle. WAXTED Urgently, MTxed BtisinessrwiliTpay up to £250. Sei.j in full, particulars at once. Immediate inspection. Genuine buyer. BRADLY and RAXDELL, 27 First Floor, A.M.P. Chambers, Financial and Business Agents, ? B7232. ? _^ ONLY threo days left to buy a ticket in the Uglies Sweep on the Melbourne . Cup.

BUSINESSES, PARTNERSHIPS. WANTED Bakery, 2,000 to 3,000 loaves weekly, suburban area. OA29, this office, Perth. ? WANTED, Country Bakery and Dining Roomi, must be sound. Cash buyer. Or Bakery alone. CS1, this office,' .Perth. ? __' ANTED, Small Mixed Business with living accommodation.- ' D24, this office, Perth. ?'.-;? MINING. J7-IMBERLEY OIL OPTIONS. NO LIABILITY. . Notice is hereby given that Certain ' Shares have become forfeited for non-pa vment of the Second Call of 3d. per share - due, . August 13, 1929. and will be offered for Sale by Public Auction at the Exchange Hall, Stock Exchange, of Adelaide, on Wednesday, November 6, 1921) at 2.40 p.m'., unless previously redeemed by order of the board. , T. S. WILSON, Sec Adelaide, Oct. 23, 1929. N.B.i — Shares may be redeemed up to Tuesday, November 5, 1929, at 4 p.m.. the day preceding the sale. JT ES' TROIS GOLD MINE. NO LIABILITY. Notice is- hereby given that certain Shares have become forfeited for non-payment of the ? Third Call. of 8d. per shade, due October 9, 1929, and will be offered for Sale by Public Auction at the Exchange Hail, Stock Exchange of Adelaide, on Wednesday, November 6, 1929, at 2.42 p.m:, unless previously redeemed. By order of the Board. . . T. & WILSON; iSec ?Adelaide. Oct. 23, 1929. ' N.B. — Shares may be* redeemed up to- Tues day, November 5, 1929 at 4 p.m. the day pre ceding the' sale. UB PR1XCESS R.OYAL GOLD MINING , COMPANY, NO LIABILITY. Notice is hereby given that certain Shares have become forfeited for non-payment of the fourth call of 3d. per Eliare, due, October 9, 102!i. and will be Offered for Sale by Public Auction at the Exchange Hall, Stock Exchange of Adelaide, on Wednesday, November 0. 1.929 at 2.45 p.m., . unless previously redeemed by order of 'he ISoard. T. S. WILSOX. Sti Adelaide. Oct. 23, 1929. X.H. — Shares may tie redeemed up to Tues day, November 5, 1929 at 4 p.m. the day pre ceding the sale. MEETINGS. 'PAST FREMANTLE FOOTBALL CLUB. A Meeting of Members will be held in the Club Rooms TO-NIGHT at 8.30 o'clock, to finalise the Club's Novelty Sweep. ERTH WOMEN'S SERVICE GUILDS. Viking' House. William-st.,, Perth. Members* Djy,' Friday, Xovembci 1. Speaker. Mrs. Farleijrh. on 'Women of ths Bible' Discussion to fol low. All Women Welcome. SPRING Coil Fence, put up in 5-chain rolls, all ready to erect. The strongest sheep fence made, easily shifted. Full particulars on application- to Cyclone Company. 114 Murrar street. Perth /'VJiLTt three days left to buy a ticket in th« Uglies Sweep on the Melbourne Cup. ? ? ..