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? AMUSEMENTS. ? 'VJKXT *AU.KI).\Y. AUAIN TIMI MPIIANT. J-- KXT SAILIJDAV. .\(i.\l.\ TI!IL MPILNNT. -NK.\r NAITKUAV. AU.MN TKll MPUANT. A .Splfl.tli I Crist in ratumwimt':, Iii:itil iiul T-cii...iul.ii Ciiu-.suini'l Film. , U'rmiriftil Technicolor Cinesounu Kihn. ItU lUUU UIX in 'HK\- L-KIN.' Kit 'HARD DIX in 'KliU SKIN.' Hit-1I.\K:- UIX in 'Ur.U SKIN.' And Au'tru Uoldw,yu*s Pt-|juiai- I'layur, JOHN UILUI.I'T in '.Masks of lliu Di-vil.' JOU.N' OILBKJCT in ?'Mxwki of the Devil,' JOHN UILUEKT in 'Masks of the Devil.' ON ST.' E. /.iiotln-r Brilliant Act. OX ?: ..iUE. ^jollier Itiilliant: Act. T..ii JTANSON TIJIO (HAKPISTS). THE HANSON TRIO (HARPISTS). All These on Saturday. All These on Saturday. BETTER and Better every week. Improving even upon our Own Wonderful Standard. Never lias a picture been so sreatlv praised as 'Thunderbolt.' (lew. JJuncroft's All Talkie. It id consiiliTcd the areatost Cinesoiind Drama yet shown in Perth. NOW SHOW ISO. Vivfdly renipnibi-riiiir. '-Ihit Wolf of Wall Street' all Pi rtn is prii(3inK (ieo. Hancroft's sec ond All TalKie 'Thunderbolt,' specially selected for PARAMOUNT HIBTIIDAY WEEK. The combined oifrauiiatioiss of Union Theatres, Ltd., and Paramount Pictures have combined to make to-day's ptogrramnie in honour' of the Ninllh 'Annual' Paramounfs Birthday Week abso lutely unsurpassable. «E0. BANCROFT'S ALL TALKIE, UEO. ltANCKOKT'S ALL TALKIE, 'TITUXDERIJOLT.' 'THUNDERBOLT.' And please read below -for other remarkable Attractions. Patrons are advised to attend the Morning Sessions or Matinee, and thus avoid disappoint ment to-nfehL (You 'can see this Wonderful Show for 1/ during the Morninjr Session.) AMBASSADORS One of the Union Theatres. AMBASSADORS .VOW SHOJVLXG. AMBASSADORS LAST THREE DAYS. ' AMBASSADORS LAST TIIREK DAYS. AMBASSADORS Four Sessions Daily. AMBASSADORS Four Sessions Dairy. AMBASSADORS Four Sessions Dailv. AMBASSADORS Commencing at 10.30' a.m. . AMBASSADORS Commencing- at 10. 30 a.m. , AMBASSADORS TALKIE PRICES AMBASSADORS Are strictlv as usual. No in AMBASSADORS crease taking place in our usual AJJBASASDORS reasonable popular prices. UINESOUND Rememl-er. Cinesoiind Picture CLNESOUND Presentations — Better ami Clearer CINESOUN'D Can be onlv heard at Union CINESOUXD Theatres, and are here improved CINESUIJND by the perfect acoustics of the C1NESOUNB1 Ambassadors. . v Drama that tini»lt?s with (lie srreat primitive forces of love and fate. Buncroff's compelling characterisation. A man who takes what he wants,. And a woman with the courage to fight for the man she loves. By the director of 'Underworld.' , ? GEORGE BANCROFT, GEORGE BANCROFT. GEORGK BANCROFT. GEORGE BANCROFT. . GEORGE BANCROFT. * GEORGE BANCROFT, ? With Ricliard Aden (star of 'Wings'), Fay Wray, Tully. Marshall, Fred Kohler. and many other popular players. GEORGE BANCROFT in 'THUNDERBOLT.' GEORGE BANCROFT in 'THUNDERBOLT.' GEORGE BANCROFT in 'THUNDERBOLT.' GEORGE BANCROFT in 'THUNDERBOLT.' GEORGE BANCROFT ' in 'THUNDERBOLT.' GEORGE BANCROFT fn 'THUNDERBOLT.' You will thrill to the strength of 'Thunder- bolt.' Strong, arrogant, boastful! A man who takes what he wants and destroys those in his '* path. In love with a beautiful girl he wreaks / n strange vengeance - on the man who steals the love of his. girl. Stronger than 'Underworld.' Greater; than' 'The Wolf of Wall Street.' Ban ? ,. croft's iiriost ' astouudins characterisation. A. fcaraniount All Talking Picture with . ' *'. Cinesound Presentation. . ' . TocPtiior with Metnv-Goldwyn's Comedy. LEW.- CODY, in 'A' SINGLE MAN.' LEW CODY in 'A SINGLE MAN.' The euticinjr- story of a bachelor of forty with flaming youth ideas. Novel Stage Presentation. 'THE RADIO IDEA.' 'THE 'RADIO IDEA.' Featuring on stage a rare treat for music lovers. ? ' ?Australia'g. Greatest Vocalists. ' ? TITE. METROPOLITAN OPERATIC STARS. ? THE ^METROPOLITAN . OPERATIC STARS. , THE* METROPOLITAN OPERATIC STARS. Presenting, excerpts from opera and- popular melodies. BERT HOWELL'S STAGE BAND BERT HOWELL'S STAGE BAND Will- again delight you this -week with their numbers 'On the Air,' 'A Radio,' 'A Cottage and You,' and other numbers. ' ' THE CORPS DE BALLET. ' , The .Ballet of which Perth is so proud — don't forget they're Perth girls — Excelling themselves in the delightful 'Radio- Numbers.'. AMBASSADORS' BERT- ITOWELL AMBASSADORS And his ' AMBASSADORS UNIT ORCHESTRA. AMBASSADORS Perth's Biggest and Greatest AMBASSADORS Orchestra, offering 'Melodiana'' AMBASSADORS (Ketelby). ''AMBASSADORS Classical and popular numbers AMBASSADORS endinj* with the 1S12 overture. ;',LES .WALDRON.' . LF.S WAT.DRON. : ' At '?{ue'TCbniolc of Australia's Greatest -? : , ??? ;av'urlitzer organ. / VDansg&Mpta,'? in conjunction wfth Dancing* L$f?$%---\', Stars. PRESENTATION ARRANGEMENTS. . D00RS-;OPEN 10.30 EVERY 'MORNING. 11-L-A$&.- EAJILY SHOPPING SESSION. With ~Ja-*k Lainjr at the Wiirlitzer. - S.lO.-^ame Wonderful Elaborate Prusramme ?s at 8 p;nY. Full band presentation, ?ft p.m. — For' those, remaining in town. .8 ji.ifl.^-=The Marvellous Unit Entertainment. v AMBASSADORS' BOX' PLANS NOW OPEN. AMBASSADORS 'Phone HS188 (3 lines). AMBASSADORS 'Phone BS188 (» lines). Box plans for the Entire Lounge, Dress- Circle, for all* afternoon and evening performances for \ one wec-k now on view in the Theatre from 9 ajn. to 9.30 p.m. POPULAR WEEK DAY PRTCES. '-, Week-day Prices: 10.30 till 12 (noon-: Stalls, . 1/; Dress Circle, 2/. Children, day sessions: ? ' Stalls, 8Jd. (no tax). Dress Circle 1/; 12 (noon) . to ,5.30: Stalls, 1/6; Dress Circle, back, 2/; Front Circle, unreserved, 2/G. 5.30 and after: x Stalls, 2/; Circle, 3/: Reserved Section, 4/1 Children (at night): 1/ and 2/ (except re servation). All prices plus tax. , ffiEMPIiE COURT CABARET. . / CENTENARY BALL.. . XOrganised by. the Electricity and Gas Depart ?lneat Ladies' Social Club., in Aid of B-S.P.C-i.) 1 ? '.' THURSDAY} SEPTEMBER 12. XWe dancing. Balloons. Novelties. Some thing unique. Ballet of eight wonderful girls. ' '?- Merv. ' Lyons orchestra. Sumptuous supper in ' eluded. Plain and fancy dress. Prizes include aeroplane trip. .Limited number of tickets from members of ; E.'and G. Department, R.S.P.C.A., Nicholsons, Mus~roves, Booklovers, Temple Court. - Single Tickets, 7/6* ? . . M. MOYNS. President G. SMITH, Secretary. ; ffHaiPLE COURT CABARET A AND TEA ROOMS LTD. '..''? ' TO-DAY: ' i ' ' Afternoon Tea Dance. - . , 3-5 p.m. Tariff, 2/. ' TO-NIGHT: ? St. John of God Free Ward Ball. -;;.'. .8-30 pjn. Admission, 10/6, '?--;' Merr Lyons's Orchestra. '-- \ * Temple Court Ballet. '' For Reserves 'Phone B4174 or B4175. ?- TVAJTCDiG. TO-NIGHT. DANCING. YOU DO NOT EXPERIMENT WHEN' YOU LEARN FROM V. '?? ' ? MISS ETHEL P1IILP. MISS . KTHEL X'HILP. ? \ ? SUCCESS IS CERTAIN'. ?/ TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT. TONIGHT. ATTEND HER ADULT LEARNERS' AN*I) ADVANCED CLASS, ,' ' ' v V,A.L. BALLROOM. ; (Corner of Murray ami trwin streets). ACKNOAVLEDGED BY PBIITU'S BEST DANCERS As 'THE PLACE TO LKAK.V' Easily, Correctly, Thoroughly and Quickly. INDIVIDUAL and EXPLICIT INSTRUCTION bv THE LARGEST and MOST EFFICIENT STAFF of TEACHERS in the STATE. - ? ANYONE CAN LEARN. ? IRRESISTIBLE MUSIC BY RON MOYLE and HIS FAMOUS ORCHESTRA. '-: , ADMISSION: 1/9, incltiding tax.* ?PRIVATE LESSON'S BY APPOINTMENT Y.A.L. BALLROOM (ONLY ADDRESS) : .' CALL, WRITE or THOXE B1721 or B7S03. TnUCliRE - PARTY. TO-N'IGIIT. \ WEMBLEY HALL, 3J7 IIAY-ST., EAST PERTH (Opp. Royal Mint.) ? .. ; First prize, £2; second, 10/. Supper. ' Admission: 1 /C, inc. tax. 3 . EAST PERTH PROGKESS ASSN. (Inc.). '?? ? Promoters. '::'?. i A PI'LECROSS, tWS'MN'o ~ b'ridge, and .??''? A COMO FEKRY SERVICE. BOATS LEAVE PEHTn. ::. Week Days: '7.35. 9.30. 11.15 a.m.; 12.40 ;.' 2.30, *4.15. *S.25, «(i.2O, »11.0 p.m. Saturdays: *7.35. 0.30. *11.0 a.m.; 12.30, : 1.30, 3.0, *-l.3O, *C.2O, 11.0 p.m ? Sutfdays: 9.30, 1 1.0 a.m.; 1.15. 3.0, 6.30, 7.0, *0 p.m. -.'? ? *Applocross only, r - SWAS RIVER 'FKRRIES. LTD. ? BRIDOK and EucIhp Evening will be held in fcli'e Yoirng Australia L--ugiie rooms, in aid \ot the Building Fund, on Friday, September 6, ':??? at 8' p.m. i :'*?'.-. Good Prizes. / ? To Book Tables ring B1891. EUCHRE ? TO-NIGHT ? EUCnRK. Euchre Party will be lield in the Soldiers' *?-'.?' Institute, South-t--r., Fremantle. To-night, in aid .VT. -..' of Fremantle R.S.L. Amelioration Fund; £0 in 7)rizt-s, If 30 tiibles. W. Beer, organiser. P. S. - - Jane. Secretary. ' JL'MBLE SALE Mill Ik- Held in iv-r;\ . THE TKMPKKANCK JlALL, ?:,C~- ?: -?-? ' Museum-street. 7SV- 'OS WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER A, at 7 P.M. ; -.% :?-. ? fn Aid of R.S.P.C.A. ? '#?0: :?-'; ..TNSIST on s«-cin^ the njirn. — stamped on every ;^Sj -j A; foot — Fcrido Brake Lining. .''-~;- - .'..?/??

? AMUSEMENTS. ? THE STORY OF SONNY BOY. 1 HE STORY OF SONNY BOY. J IS DELIGHTING «- HUGE AUDIENCES Illlil- AL'DIEXCES ?\T THE 'PK1NCE.' WHERE AL JOI-SON' AS -TIIE srNGI.NC FOt»L' TALKS AND SINGS AS DISTINCTLY AND NATI.RAI.LY AS IF HE WAS \CTl'ALLY WITn YOU IX PERSON. ' 'CINESOUXD' GIVES YttU THIS WONDER FUL AND FAITHFUL REI'IJODLXTION. Still Showing DAILY from ]t a.m. till 5 p.m. NIGHT SHOW AT S.d. , NTJHT SHOW AT S.0. ' At * Perth's Le.irling 'Talliie' Th««tre. ? THE PRINCE OF WALES ? ? THE PRINCE OF WALES ? . ? ? THE PRINCE OF WALES ? ' A THEATRE OF WONDROUS CHARM. One of Union Theatres. M. JOLSON IX 'THE SIXGIN'G FOOL.' iL JOLSON* IX 'TIIE SINGING FOOL.' 4.L JOLSON* IX 'THK SINGING FOOL.' iL JOI.S.OX IX 'THE SINGING FOOL.' \L JOLSON' IX 'TIIE SINGING FOOL.' .\L JOLSON IX 'THK .SINGING FOOL.' A.L JOLSON' IM 'THE SINGING FOOL.' : XL JOLSON I\ 'THE SINGING FOOL.' 4L JOI..S(1N' IX 'THK SINGING FOOL.' \Xj JOLSON IX 'THE SINGING FOOL.' iL JOLSOX IX 'THK .SINGING FOOL.' iL JOLSOX IN 'THE SINGING FOOL.' The world acclaims 'The Sinking; Fool.' Not merely bocause it ia a !-i:j picture, not merely j because it is full of gaiety, of melody, of big t scenes, of Al Jolson's amazing personality ? t BECAUSE IT IS A STORY OF LIFE AS WE [JVE IT — BECAUSE IT HAS A HEART AND SOUL! IT IS BECAUSE -IT HAS MORE THAN THAT — A WARNER BROS. YITAPnoXE PRODUCTION, WITH EXTRAVAGANT 'C1NESOUXD' SUPPORTING r ENTERTAINMENT, INCLUDING t THE V1TAPHOXE SYMPHONY c ORCHESTRA. CHARLES HACKETT, A Famous Tenor. BERNARDO DE PACE. Known throughout America as 'The Wizard of the Mandolin.' WARING'S PENNSYLVANFAN3, The Famous Collegiatf Orchestra. COMEDY SKETCH, With 1,000 Laughs. PRINCE OF WALES ORCHESTRA in NOVELTY OVERTURE and ENTRACTE. LADIES AND C1HLDREN ARE ADVISED TO ' AVOID THE CRUSH AND ATTEND THE EARLY SHOPPERS' SESSION, COMMENCING AT 11 AJL EXACTLY AS AT NIGHT. PRICES: STALLS, 1/1; DRESS CIRCLE. 2/2. CHIL DREN: STALLS. Ud.; CIRCLE, 1/1. SPECIAL NOTICE TO COUNTRY PATRONS. ' As 'THE SIXGrNG FOOL' with Vitaphone will ' never he seen and heard elsewhere in Western Australia, Reservations will be accepted by letter from country residents if accompanied by cheqne, postal note, or money order. ' ' * BOX PLANS FOR LOUNGE, DRESS CIRCLE, ? OR STALLS AT THEATRE DAILY FROM 9.30 ' A.M. 'Phones B2222, B5074. WALK ALONG AND INSPECT OUR ? ART GALLERY OF COMING ATTRACTIONS. OUR NEXT ? ^ , MAURICE CHEVALIER in ' 'THE INNOCENTS OF PARIS.' GET YOUR COPY OF 'CINESOUND NEWS.' - ?T^HE PEOPLE'S PAVILION THEATRE. Singe 1913. Established 1913. I ' AS PERTH'S FAMILY THEATRE. Where You, Yours, and Country Visitors Are Always Welcome. ? One of the Union Theatres. ' TIIE PUBLIC OPINION REQUEST ; For the All Nations' Amusement Theatre.' ] With the Cream of the World's Supply. ; At Our Own Family Right Prices. ; DAY (2,000 SEATS). Cd.; NIGHT, 9d. TO-DAY. A COMPLETE CHANGE OF PROGRAMME. - No. 1. , . Your own established favourite. RICHARD BARTHELMESS. 'OUT OF THE RUINS.' A romance of Paris — gay, mad, Paris as it has never been swn. Paris with its cafes, its night clubs, its ftrange love pacts. 'Out of the luins' is highly dramatic and contains one of the most poignant love storips conceived. Barthel mess has pretty Marian Nixon as his leading woman in the picture and she makes a decidedly beautiful French girl. No. 2. ~ ?-.: MADGE BELLAMY And MARJORIE BEEBE, ~-. In an amusing six-reel Comedy Drama, 'VERY CONFIDENTIAL.' Comedy, World's Xews, and Travelogue. Opening of New Cottage at ParkerviTle Home on September 15. If you Iiave a spare seat in your ear be at the Pavilion Theatre at 1 p.m.. Sunday, September l.~-. PRINCESS THEATRE. PRINCESS THEATRE^ RINCESS THEATRE. PRINCESS THEATRE. FREMANTLE'S ONLY TALKIE THEATRE! **' FREMANTLE'S ONLY TALKIE THEATRE.' SEW TO-DAY AND SHOWING THURSDAY AN» 5JEW TO-DAY AND SHOWING THURSDAY AND J FRIDAY ONLV. S . .-' FRIDAY ONLY. ; ' ; ? 3 ';? — Our. Seqond Titlkie Programme. — § — Our Second Talkie Programme. — Sound Effects, Musical and Vocal Synchronisation. The Romanes of Historv's Supreme Dare-devil. DOU«;LAS FAIRItANKS in 'THK 1KOX MASK.' DOUGL:\S FAIRBANKS in 'TIIE IRON MASK.' A thousand thrills, a thousand hiu^lis, a thon sand gasps crowd upon another as the most daring guardsman of all France fights' for love and coun try /during the glorious times of 'The Three Musketeers.' 'One for all. all for one' rings the call of the fearless friends that immortalised the dynamic pen of Dumas. . (A United Artists' Picture). (Presented 'bv 'Cinesound.') ALSO SEE AND HEAR ALSO SEE. AND HEAR FRANCES WILLIAMS,; America's own comedian jn '?-;?' ? Songs of Humour. ALSO SEE AND HEAR 1 ALSO SEE AND HEAR FRANK .GABBY, the world famous ventriloquist in a skit on race-course life. Supported by our Wonderful Silent Comedy. 'HAROLD TEEN.' starring ARTHUR LAKE 'HAROLD TEEN,' starring ARTHUR LAKE On Stage, Twice Daily, at 2 p.m.. and 8 p.m. sessions only. THE h\ VARRE BROS, and PINCREE. THE LA VARRE BROS, and PINCREE. THE LA VARRE BROS, and PIN'GREE. World-famed Burlesque Acrobats. Book your seats at Theatre or by ringing FM525. COMMENCING SATURDAY NEXT. COMMENCING SATURDAY NEXT. OUR THIRD TALKIE PROGRAMME. OUR THIRD TALKIE PROGRAMME. Strong GEORGE 'BANCROFT Arrogant GEORGE BANCROFT Boastful GEORGE BANCROFT 'TnUNDERBOL T.' ' T H U N D E R B O L T.' With RICHARp ARLEN and FAY WRAY Drama that erupts with the greatest primitive forces of love and hate! ISancroft's compelling characterisation! A demi-god who takes what he wants. And a woman with the courage to fight for the man who loves! ? REMIKR TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT. REM1ER EMIL .TANNINGS. PREMIER EMIL JAXXIN'GS. PREMIER EMIL JAXNINGS. PREMIER 'SINS OF THE FATXIEIIS.' PREMIER 'SINS OF THE FATHERS.' PREMIER 'SINS OF Til E , FATHERS.' PREMIER 'SINS OF THE FATHERS.' PREMIER 'SINS OF THE FATHERS.' PREMIER - 'SINS OF' THE FATHERS.' PREMIER Paramonnt presents a great cast PREMIER of Emil Jannings, Ruth Chatterton, PREMIER Barry 'Norton, Jack Luden. Zasu PREMIER Pitts. Forced by wild ambition, PREMIER urged by mad infatuation for a PREMIER woman, the* storv of a man's light PREMIER with life — and his defeat. Ambition. PREMIER greed, rnthlejsnrss. and devotion. PREMIER 'MEN OF THE NIGHT.' PREMIER 'MEN OF THE NIGHT.' PREMIER 'MEN OF THE NIGHT.' PREMIER 'MEN OF THE NIGHT.' PREMIER Herbert Rawlinson, Garetii HiifhoF, PREitlER and Wanda llawley, in a fait niovin-r PREMIER dram-a of prime, love, unexpected PREMIER, climaxes, tense' action, in fine crook drama. premier comedy — gazette, talkies first st'bi.rban talkies, talkiks ? september :!0. ? /'centenary concert. Kj centenary concert. tiik doris melville school of dancing, school of dancing. Celt-brates THE CENTENARY . With THE BIGGEST PRODUCTION YET STAGED. THE THEATRE ROYAL THK THEATRK IfOYAL WEDNESDAY. SKrTE.MP.ER 13. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER IS. KM) Talented Artists. ]»i0 Talented Artists. Who will hold your attention from inception to finale. QHEXTON Nicholson-road. PICTURES. iO FfEXTOX West Suhiacn. PICTURES. SHENTON TO-NIGHT, SHEXTO.V 'THE GIRL ON THE BARGE.' SHEXTOX 'TIIK GIRL OS THE BARGE.' SHEXTON '-THE GIRL OX THE BARGE.' SHENTON 'THE GIRL OX THE BARGE.' SHENTON* 'THE GIRL OX THE BARGE.' SIIKXTOX ? SHENTON Also. SHEXTOX 'HOT STUFF' Featuring SHEXTOX 'HOT STUFF' ALICE WHITE. SHENTON 'HOT STIFF' ALICE WHITE. SHENTON 'HOT STUFF' ALICK WHITE. SHENTON 'HOT STUFF' ALICE WHITE. SHENTON ? SHEXTON Showing- Friday, Sl/ENTON 'True Heaven' and '.S.O.S.' LDjTIME DANCE. v VICTORIA PARK TOWN' HALL. TO-NIGHT, WEDNESDAY, 4 th. Black's Champion Orchestra. Good floor. No jazzing. Refreshments. Ladies 1/1, Gents l/7\. A. LAWRENCE. M.C. ? .A. — West Perth Football Club: 'Monster Plain and Fancy Dress Ball, Star Picture Hall, Vinceut-st. (entrance Leederville Oval), THIS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1929. Sup per, prizes, excellent band. Come in Fancy Dress. AN'CING.— Berkely Studio, 41 Barrack-Ft. Miss Gwen Callow will hold her Instruction Class To-night (Wednesday). Itiilmduat instruc tion. S-ll. Fee I.'. Private lessons l-y appoint ment. 'Phone I5.1U73. Classes. Monday. Tues day. Wedne^!:iv, Friilav. ami Saturday. Notr: Carnival, Scpt^mb«-r 14. » ? LOOK ~fTTf~Tho Cyclone Quality Red Tag Oil all uciiuitiu Cyclone Gates. Femes. Herl steads, etc;. None genuine without. Cyclone Fence Co., Ltd., 114 Murray -st., Perth.

? AMUSEMENTS. ? aOYTS ? REGENT ? HOYTS [)YTS ? REGENT ? HOYTS 11OYTS ? REGENT ? HOYTS WITH UNASSAILABLE POLICY. Direction: lloyls Theatres, Ltd. iliinasriuir Directors: Messrs. G. F. Uiillith, and K. W. Thring. .taily session*. Continuous. 11 a.m.: 5.30 p.m. i»t- Luxe, 2.oO and 7.50 p.m. HOYTS TUIRD GALA TALKING SCREEN PROGRAMME. The ilireclors have pleasure in presenting the ?Jreiiiest Navai Picture in the History of Motion 'icluri-s. TIIE COLUMBIA SOUND SENSATION THK COLUMBIA SOUND SENSATION. Vhich took the Eastern State Capitals by storm. 'SUBMARINE.' 'SUBMARINE.' 'SUBMARINE.' 'SUBMARINE.' 'SUBMARINE.' 'SUBMARINE.' 'SUBMARINE.' 'SUBMARINE.' 'SUBMAR1N E.' 'SUBMARINE.' 'SUBMAUINE.' ? 'SUBMARINE.' Composite of all Great Undersea Disasters made nto a Dynamic Photodrama. Stan-ins .JACK HOLT. JACK HOCT. In his finest achievement of the screen Everybody likes this artist's work, but it U n this protluction that lie stands out most dis inctjvely. as did Wm. Haines in his characterisa :ion of 'Jimmy Valentine.' ? Supported bv DOROTHY REVIER and RALPH GR4VES DOROTHY REVIER and RALPH GRAVES And thousands of naval ratino-s. See a navy in action. Visit a Submarine. Wit less its rammm;? and sinkin- Behold the crew rapped m the torpedo chamber with no hope )f escape. * Accompanied with every sound to Perfection. Featuretres include FOX MOVIETONE NEWS, Further World's events in sound 'and sight. TOE BAXJOISTS. Fox Movieto :e Entertainers. PATHE REVIEW. Interesting Topicalities. ON THE STAGE. rhe J- ^tS^s^mjv&F9 Ariists- BERT WESTON and VERA.I Artistic and Novelty Equilibrists in free hand surprises. EMMIE GABLE and THE REGENT BALLET. EMMIE GABLE and THK REGENT BALLET n a Beach Speciality and Request Terp'sichorean lovelty, 'The Powder-putf of My Ladv's Bou doir.' , Harold Partinsrton and the Recent Orchestra in i selection of the latest Song 'Hits., perey ^Burraston at the Wurlitzer in contrast ing 'Veterans of Variety.' The. visiting Lacrosse Players will he guests h the management to-morrow (Thursday) even r-rSi£!rdky n^- September 7. The Fourth Talkie r7£i?»-£f °l the GaIa Month: 'GIVE A^T- TAKE, The Famous. Play as a Dialogue Comedv Starring GEORGE SIDNEY. CHILDREN ADMITTED TO STALLS \T 3I0RN ING AJSV MATINEE SESSIONS FOR Cd rr B0XPLAJ-S -VOW OPEN AT THE THEATRE trom 9.30 m Ring B1945 and B194C for ? Reservations and information. M'£l!iS£ THEATRE AJtnllC THPlTnp MAJESTIC lilfcArRE u^i^In ?rirecti.on: n°yt8 Theatres, Ltd. W wpl?{n 1-anasln*r ?V?c*»re: °- F-. Griffith MAJESTIC and F. W. Turin' MAJESTIC ° MAJESTIC MAJESTIC COMMENCING TO-DVY MAJESTIC COMMENCING TO-DAY* IAJESTIC * MAJESTIC For a season of three days onlv MAJESTIC . MAJESTIC Made right In vour own State MAJESTIC MAJESTIC A Western Australian Romance of MAJESTIC the 'Back Blocks.' MAJESTIC MAJESTIC MAJESTIC 'DOWN UNDER ' MAJESTIC 'DOWN UNDER ' MAJESTIC 'DOWN ITNDER ' MAJESTIC 'DOWN I7NDER ' MAJESTIC 'DOWN UNDKR' MAJESTIC 'DOWN UNDER.' MAJESTIC 'DOWN UNDER.' MAJESTIC 'DOWN UNDER.' MAJESTIC 'DOWN 'UNDER.' MAJESTIC 'DOWN UNDER.' MAJESTIC 'DOWN UNDER.' MAJESTIC 'DCWN UNDER.' MAJESTIC MAJESTIC MAJESTIC Produced bv Harry Southwell for MAJESTIC exhibition in Great Britain. MAJESTIC MAJESTIC W.A.'s First Feature Length Movie. MAJESTIC MAJESTIC nnd with an MAJESTIC Entire West Australian Cast. MAJESTIC MAJESTIC \ MAJESTIC Also MAJESTIC MAJESTIC GUY NEWALL, MAJESTIC MAJESTIC In the film version of the famous MAJESTIC . plav by MAJESTIC J. JEFFERSON FARSEON, MAJESTIC , MAJESTIC MAJESTIC 'NUMBER 17.' MAJESTIC 'NUMBER 17.' MAJESTIC 'NUMBER 17.' MAJESTIC 'NUMBER 17.' MAJESTIC 'NUMBER 17.' MAJESTIC 'NUMBER 17.' MAJESTIC . - MAJESTIC ? HOYTS MAJESTIC, FREMANTLE. PYTS MAJESTIC. FREMANTLE. A TO-DAY. 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' ' 'Alias Jimmy Valentine'' '?Alias Jimmy Vaiientine' Watch out for 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' Jimmy Valentine! 'Alias- Jimmy- Valentine' ? He's- in - town, and 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' ' he means business. If ?'Alias Jimmy Valentine' you've cot gold, he'll 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' jret that. And if 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' you have a girl, he'll 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' steal her heart. ? 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' .Never has* Bill 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' naines had a role 'Alias Jimmy Valentino' like that of the pal 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' lant cracksman. See 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' it. 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' WILLIAM 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' WILLIAM 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' WILLIAM 'Alia* Jimmy Valentine' 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' HAINES. 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' ITAJXES. 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' HAINES. 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' Lionel Barrymore. 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' Leila Hyams. Karl 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' Dane and Tully Mar 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' shall. 'Alias Jimmv Valentine' 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' Also showing: 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' Mabel Poulton in 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' 'Alias Jimmy Valentine' 'The Alley Cat.' fXESOUXD TALKIES AT THE grand; One of the UNION Theatres. A revelation in reproduction to the crowds who have thronged Perth's Family Talkie Theatre. PEOPLE'S POPULAR PRICES. TO-DAY. TO-DAY. SEE AND HEAR SEE AND HEAR ANTONIO MORENO and HELEN COSTELLO In Warner Bros. Vitaplione Part Talkie, / 'THE MIDNIGHT TAXI.' , 'THE MIDNIGHT TAXI.' ' 'THE MIDNIGHT TAXI.' 'THE MIDNIGHT TAXI.' A thrilling drama of rum-runners and their illicit traffic Supporting Vitaphone Entertainnient. The Vitaplioiie Symphony Orchestra; Misrha Elmait, Celebrated Violinist; Ciovnnni Martinclli. World-famous Tenor; The Howard Ill-others, fun makers supreme; John Charles Thomas, America's outstanding Baritone, with Vivienne Segal. GRAND'S POPULAR PRICKS: Daily till fi ' p.m. — Stalls: Adult* 1/1, child ren (id Cire-li-: Adults, 1/74. children «.'.(i Week Nights. — Stalls: A.lnlts. 1/7A. children Si«l.: Circle. Adults. 2/2; Children, 'l/l. From Circle: Adults. 2/8A, Children, 1/1. Saturday and Holidav Nights: Stalls, 1/7.'., Circle 2/s.C Resirves. ;{/3. Book now at Box Office or Ring B3321. IT IT'S AT THE GRAND IT'S A GfiAXD TALKIE. COMING SATURDAY: 'CLOSE HAR.MOXY.' 100 per cent.. Talkie. TVTETROPOLITAN ORCHESTRAL . SOCIETY. Under the patronage and in the presence of his Excellency the Governor. Will give a SPECIAL CENTENARY CONCERT in the Town Hall. Perth, On i TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER. 10, 1-J2!-. At 8 o'clock. Hon. Conductor: Mr. Harry Vowlos. F.IJ.C.O. Assisting artists: Miss Phyllis Browning Turner Mr. E. Mothershaw, Sir. Keith Cummings. Admission, 2/ plus tax. - Bos plan at Nicholsons. JTWLD-TIME DAXCIXG. TO-NICnT. fO-XIGIIT. UNITY THEATRE. BEAUFORT-ST. Pateman's Orchestra. Strictly no jazzinar. Richts Reserved. Admission 1 /. plus tax. B. RICHARDS. Promoter. NOTE: Private lessons by appointment. King B729C. ? EUCHRE Party, :n aid of the Children's Nur sery, will be li*»i«l en Wed.. September i, at S p.m.. at the Xiirsery. 20 J Murniy-st., op;j. lioans. Prizes. £1 first, and '/(* second. Ail mis sion 2/. p!u- tax. Good supper. Roll up to aseist the nursery. ? F'OK Speakers and Singers, highly recommend ed. I'jsca, Pastilles. Price 1/6.

? AMUSEMENTS. ? REMEMBER PHOTOPUOXE — THE CLEARER 'TALKIE' EQUIPMENT CAN ONLY BE HEARD AT THK CAPITOL! CANTO L T 11 i: A T It E. V A 1' 1 T O I. T 11 E A T it K. U A V 1 T O I. T II E A T K K. C A l'ITU L T H K A T J! K. V A P I T O 1. T 11 )i A T R K. C A P 1 T O L I' U li A T it E. On the Great White Way. Direction: Capitol Tht-aUu (Perth), I-td. Managing Director: Stanley N. Wright. O'cuenil Manager: Jack Coulter. AGAIN' TO-DAY. AGAIN TO-DAY. AGAIN TO-DAY. ACAIN TO-DAY. AGAIN TO-DAY. CONTINUOUS SESSIONS, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. CONTINUOUS SESSIONS, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. CONTINUOUS SESSIONS, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. CONTINUOUS SESSIONS, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Capitol Presents A story of flaming youth! Of its pleasures and its loves; its mistakes and its loyalty. And of low it can teach its elders how to live. ?THE JAZZ AGE' 'THE JAZZ AWE.' There has been endless ?THE JAZZ AGE' conflict between the older 'THE JAZZ AGE' and younger generations ?THK JAZZ AGK' ever since Adam and Eve ?THE JAZZ AGE' raised Cain. 'YUM JAZZ AGE' Hut parents always held 'THE JAZZ AGE' the upper hand until the 'THE JAZZ AGK' hip flask protected the spot 'TIIE JAZZ AGK' where the razor strop used ?THE JAZZ AGE' to land. 'THE JAZZ AGE' 'THE JAZZ AGE' HEAR THEM SPEAK. 'THE JAZZ AGE' HEAR THEM SPEAK. 'THE JAZZ AGE' HEAR THEM SPEAK, 'THE JAZZ AGE' It is a part talkie. 'THE JAZZ AGE' 'THE JAZZ AGE' With 'THE JAZZ AGE' MARCELINE DAY 'THE JAZZ AGE' MARCEL1XE DAY 'THE JAZZ AGK' And 'THE JAZZ AGE' DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS,. 'THE JAZZ AGE' DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, 'THE JAZZ AGE' JUNIOR, 'THE JAZZ AGE' JUNIOR, 'THE JAZZ AGE' And 'THE JAZZ AGK' HENRY B. WALTHALL 'THE JAZZ AOK' HENRY B. WALTHALL 'THE JAZZ AGE' And 'THE JAZZ AGK' MYRTLE STEDMAN. 'THE JAZZ ACE' MYRTLE STEDMAN. 'THE JAZZ AGE' 'THE JAZZ AGE' See how the younger set 'TIIE JAZZ AGK' lives. lie ut their parties, 'THE JAZZ AGE' iKirticularly the escapade 'THE JAZZ AGE' tliat almost changed a 'THE JAZZ AGK' young man's career! 'THE JAZZ AGE' See how the rivalry of 'THE JAZZ AGE' the boy's father and that of 'THE JAZZ AGK' the girl's almost led to the 'THE JAZZ AGK' unhappiuess o£ the lovers. 'THE JAZZ AGE' And thrill when the 'THE JAZZ AGE' 'youngsters' tell the older 'TIIE JAZZ AUK' generation just where they 'TIIK JAZZ AGE' 'sot off' and fought their 'THK JAZZ AGE' own way to happiness. 'THE JAZZ AGE' 'THE JAZZ AGE' ? Hear and S--e Hoar and See METRO MOVIETONE ACTS. METRO MOVIETONE ACTS, And IIARRY CROSS'S STAGE SHOW. HARRY CROSS'S STAGE SHOW. HARRY CROSS'S STAOE SHOW. 'Bells and Belles.' With the Wedding Finale. - Also PHYLLIS HAVER, PHYLLIS HAVER, PHYLLIS HAVER. VICTOR VARCONI and JOSEPH SCHILDKRAUT, In 'TEXT!! AVENUE.' ?TENTH AVENITK.' 'TENTH AVENUE.' They both loved her! Both promised to go straight for ben But to help her both broke their pledges and outraged law. (A P.D.C. 'silent' production, released by Hovts Productions, Limited.) . Box Plans at Musgroves, Ltd., Lyric Honse, Murray-si., 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.. and at the Capitol Theatre from 9.SO a.m. until 9 p.m. Tel. B2141. ? NEW OXFORD THEATRE. EW OXFORD THEATRE. ? Theatre Beautiful. ? Leederville's Super-Cinema. NEW OXFORD TO-XIGnT. NEW OXFORD (1 -— ANIMATED NEWS. XF.W OXFORD m — A Wm. Fox Special, XEW OXFORD 'LOST IX THE ARCTIC.' NE» OXFORD 'LOST IN THE ARCTIC.' NEW OXFORD 'LOST IN THE ARCTIC.' NEW OXFORD 'LOST IN THE ARCTIC.' NEW OXFORD 'LOST IN THE ARCTIC.' NEW OXFORD 'LOST IN TIIE ARCTIC.' \EW OXFORD A glimpse of life beyond thr NEW OXFORD borders of civilisation. It's a NEW OXFORD perfect screen entertainment. NEW OXFORD (3-— COMEDY. NEW OXFORD (4) — VICTOR MeLAGLAN, NEW OXFORD with Claire Windsor/ and Clyde NEW OXFORD Oook. in ? NEW OXFORD 'CAPTAIN LASH.' XEW OXFORD 'CAPTAIN LASH.' NEW OXFORD 'CAPTAIN LASH.' NEW OXFORD 'CAPTAIN LASH.' XEW OXFORD 'CAPTAIN LASH.' NEW OXFORD 'CAPTAIN LASH.' NEW OXFORD 'CAPTAIN LASH.' XEW OXFORD 'CAPTAIN LASH.' NEW OXFORD 'CAPTAIN LASH.' XEW OXFORD 'CAPTAIN LASH.' NEW OXFORD A tremendous drama of the NFW OXFORD sea. with a heap of; comedy. NEW OXFORD GLORIOUS ORCHESTRAL XEW OXFORD MUSIC. _..£ ^ 'Don't Forget to Remember the TWrtieU of St'pl'-mbcr,' TALKIES. TALKIES. TALK IKS. TALKIES. On the .Man-pilous Kayeophone System. ? ? Reserves. B--7M!-. ? . YCEUM THEATRE MT. LAWLEY. YCEUM THEATKB, MT. . LAWLEY LYCEUM LYCEUM TO-NIGHT'S SPLENDID LYCEUM PROGRAMME. LYCEUM NOTE. — We confidently guarantee LYCEUM that the. famous picture 'Mother LYCEUM - Knows Best' will give - complete LYCEUM satisfaction to every member of to LYCEUM nighl's audience. LYCEUM Presenting LYCEUM Madge Bellamy, Barry Norton, and LYCEUM Louise Dresser, in . . LYCEUM 'MOTHER KNOWS BEST.' LYCEUM 'MOTHER KNOWS BEST.' LYCEUM 'MOTHER KNOWS BEST.' LYCEUM 'MOTHER KNOWS BEST.' LYCEUM LYCEUM Madge Bellamy, gorgeously beauti LYCKUM ful,» will enthrall you in this heart LYCEUM touching romance. LYCEUM LYCEUM. Showing with: LYCEUM 'A MODER.V DU BARRY.' LYCEUM 'A MODERN DU BARRY.' LYCEUM 'A MODERN DU BARRY.' LYCEUM Featuring the beautiful LYCEUM MARIA CORDA. LYCEUM i A story of a Parisian mannequin, LYCEUM- who, by a trick of fate, falls- in love LYCEUM with a king. Their dual struggles LYCEUM for happiness make a fascinating pic LYCEUM ture. ORCHESTRA MUSIC. LUXURIOUS NEW CIRCLE SEATS NOW ? INSTALLED. ? ii «' H V E N G E R,' A Play of the French Revolution, Will be Presented In the HIBERNIAN HALL, MURRAY-ST-, By the CENTENARY PLAYERS, ' CENTENARY PLAYERS, CENTENARY PLAYERS. CENTENARY PLAYERS. On FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER C Proceeds to Charity. Admission, 3/ arid 2/. Children, naif-price. TJIANOFORTE RECITALS. LLOYD POWELL. The distinguished English Pianist, Professor of tlie Royal College of Music, London and Ex aminer for Associated Board of R.A.M.. and K.C..M. At Karrakatta Club Hall. WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 4, at 8.15 cm. - MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 0. at S.15 p.m. Box Plan .it Nicholsons. Reserved Seats. 8 13 ; Unreserved, 2/2. ? ? ITM.'KD NICE AN1) HIS ORCHESTRA^ ' RKD NICE AND HIS ORCHESTRA. POPULAR WEEKLY DANCE. TO-NIGHT (Wednesday). TO-NIGHT. ^ KING'S HALL. SUBIACO. Danciuji. S-ll. 30. ADMISSION. l/'J. ? C1LARK.MOXT — PICTURES, — CLAREMONT. J LAIJKMONT — PICriIJtES, — CLAREMONT. TO-NIGHT, From the Play. 'It is a Uiiiirh,' by l'annic Hurst. JKAN HKKSliol.T. in 'The Younger Generation.' JEAN llEltSUOLT, in 'The Younger Generation.' ' ? And DOROTHY SEACOMBE in 'THE THIRD EYE.' DOROTHY SEACOMBE in 'TTIE THIRD EYE.' An All-British Programme. FRIDAY NIGHT, 'ONE OF THE BEST' and 'THE AIR CIRCUS.' RE YOU COMING. Plain and Fanry Dress Ball, to be held Pro testai-t Hall. Beaufort-st.. Thursday Nijiht, Sep tember 5. Gents 2/. ladies 1/0. plus tax. Good music and supper. Prizes. SUBIACO FOOTBALL CLUB. Will hold their usual Weekly Social ami Dance in the Club Ruoxua TO-NIGHT. Lucky jirizes. good orchestra, refreshments. Everybody welcome. B. Adam, Hon. Sec., Social Com lniltee^ ? rpRlXITY CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. I Organ recital To-dav, from 1.30 p.m. to 1.&5 p.m. Mr. H. Vowles, F.R.C.O. Pro gramme: Consolation (Liszt), Basso Ostinato (Arcnski). First and Last Movements 5th Svm phony (Wiilor). ? * T-iREMANTLE R.S.L. BALLROOM, Old-Time Dancing Where in ~o To-ni^ht! Old-Time Dancing BUSH'S To-night! Old-Time Dancing de luxe Orchestra, To-night! Old-Time Dancing Chocolate Dances, To-night! Old-Time Dancing Etc. To-night! Admission: Ladies, 1/; Gents.. 1/G. 3 hours of good Old-Time Dancing. Mr. H. L. Knapp, M.C COTT1SH Hall, Uigh-st.. Fremantle, Friday next, September 0, at 8 p.m. to 11.30 p.m., MASQUERADE CARNIVAL. Jazz Streamers, Balloons, Novelties in galore, Spot Dances, Smirk's 'Supreme' Orchestra. Ladies 1/6, Gents 2/. no tax. R. King. Proprietor. C'1Y CLONE Goods are best. Scud for Cntaloime ,' containing illustrations and prices of Gates, plain arid ornamental Fences, for fainr and resi dences. Bedsteads to suit all rr--|uiicinrtiu, to i lie Cvclone Fence Co., Ill Murrav»t., Perth. ? 1T-O It Well-tailorrd ^nits, maiie from the l.--st. 1 smut-tot materials. =e,; Stewart'*. 51 \\ il liam-st., -next Viking House. Terms arranged

? AMUSEMENTS. ? THE GLORIOUS GIAXXIXI.' HIS MAJESTY'S THEATRE. -ssors ? Fullers Theatres, Ltd. Jircctioi ? E. J. GR-WESTOCK, LTD. , THE MUSICAL KVKXT OF iOl'.t. TO-MORROW. h TO-MORROW, r TO-MORROW. h TO-MORROW. t TO-MOKROW. ' TO-MORROW. TO-MORROW, At S« p.m. Com-erts also on Xe\t Saturday. ? 1 Monday. September P. 2 Wednc&diiv, S^picuiber H. t E J. Gravestock, Ltd.. has the Honour ( to Introduce r The World-famous Young International Star, ^ from Covent Garden, the Berlin, Hamburg, 5 and Vienna Opera Houses, and the t Principal Concerts of Europe and America. 1 Signorina ? d;:solina giannini DUSOLINA GIANNINI | DUSOLIXA GIANNINI , DUSOLINA GIANNINI DUSOLINA GIANNIN , DUSOLIXA CSIAXMN DUSOLINA GIANNINI , DUSOLINA GIAXXIXI , DUSOLIXA GIAXXIM ('Gee-ar-nee-nee'), \ A-ho ha* been Repeating in Adelaide the ?Triumphs , Achieved by her in Sydney and Melbourne. f What Adelaide Critic? ra3':r7^_FX OF ' 'DUSOLINA GIAXXINI— A QUEEN OF 50XG.' — (Adelaide 'Advertiser. ) 'The qualities of her voice oast a spell over Her audienco. Any attempt to dwihtam s roice is useless.'— (Adelaide 'Register. ) 'F J Gravestock. Ltd., deserve the thanks »d hearty support °€ the public, for presen^g =uch an artist as Dusolina Giannini. Slay « leau to the introduction of other stars at their best. — (Adelaide 'Mail.') ? 'Si-norina Dusolina Giannini, of whom we have heard so much, ami of whom the half has not been told . . . there are not enough adjec Sves to do her jurtice.'— (Adelaide 'Gossip.') Associate Artists: . Mr. Sol Deutsch Miss Milly Bernstein (Violinist) ? (Pianist). P,.:™,,. ? Vice-Regal Enclosure. 10/; other Rjer^et 7/«; Unreserved, 5/ and 8/, plus tax. Snts' Concessions. Box Plans at Suchotoonj. Unrewrved Tickets for first Concert on Sale TO DAY^' THE STAR CONFECTIONERY (opposite H^M. Theatre). FTFTxtT ' MATINEE TO-DAY. g^fs = ?£K|: ^ MATIXEE TO^ S- n^is CIRCUS w rti« CIRCUS S CIRCUS W BTH8 DOORS OPEX 1.30. CIRCUS WmTHS DOORS OPEX 1.30. CIRCUS iviHTIll CIRCUS Jr WirUK CIRCUS 'IRTHS CIRCUS wIrttIs CIRCUS WIRTHS Performance Starts 2.30. CIRCUS WTRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS Performance Starts 2.30. CIRCUS WIRTHS riRrni njlnl CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS IVIRTHS Same Programme at Matinees CIRCUS iviBTits CIRCUS WIRTHS as at Night. CIRCUS 'IRTHS CIRCUS WIRTH8 C»-CUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS Every Evening at 8. CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS Location: CIRCUS WIRTHS CIR£H- WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS '?' CIRCUS WIRTHS CARNIVAL SQUARE CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS (White City.) CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS Everything New. CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS Waterproof Tents. CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS PRICES: 3/, 4/, 5/, 6/, 8/, CIRCUS WIRTHS (plus tax.) CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS Children Half-price All CIRCUS WIRTHS Parts. CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS Reserved Seats, 8/, plus tas. CIRCUS. WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIRTHS At Nicholsons. Book Early. CIRCUS WIRTHS CIRCUS WIR1TIS CIRCUS WIRTHS Save Disappointment. CIRCUS ? LEGAL. ? IX THE SUPREME CO.URT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. In the Matter of THE COMPANIES' ACT, 1893, ami in the Matter of DEVONSHIRE FLATS. LIMITED (in liquidation). The Creditors of the abovenamed Company arc required on or before the 20th day of Sep tember, 1920, to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims, and the names and addresses of their solicitors (it any) to Mr. Joseph Samuel Foulkes. the Volun tary Liquidator of the said Company, care of Messrs. Ford. Rhodes and Davies, Chartered Ac countants (Aust.), St. George's House, Perth, and if so required by notice in writing from the said Voluntary Liquidator, are, by their soli citors, or otherwise, to prove their said debts or claims at the office of the Voluntary Liquidator, in St. George's House, Perth, at such time as shall be specified in such notice, or in de fault thereof they will be excluded from the benefit of any distribution made before such debts are proved. Dated this 3rd dav of September. 1929. J. S. FOULKES, Voluntary Liquidator. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. In the Matter of the BANKRUPTCY ACT AMEND MENT ACT, 1S98. and in the Matter of JULIUS W. H. ULLRICH, Farmer, * of Tenindewa. TENDERS are hereby invited for the PUR CHASE of: — The PROPERTY known as 'Keofe'sV* situated 2J miles west of Blullcwa. VICTORIAN LOCATIONS: 6469, 5174. 3820, 2445, 2440, 2447, 2448, 2449, 3396, 3397. 3459, 3460, 3598. Comprising 1,414 acres or thereabouts. IMPROVEMENTS: 980 acres cleared. 400 chains fenced. House, four rooms, stone. Three wells, good water. GROWING CROP: 2o0 acres. Further particulars may be obtained from the undersigned. Tenderers are required to state terms of pay ment. Tenders must be accompanied by a cash de posit of £50. - Tenders will close with the undersigned on 13th September, 11)29. The highest or any tender not necessarily ac cepted. ALBERT E. WESTON and CO., Public Ac countants and Auditors, Goldsbrougb House, St. George's-terraee,- Perth. TX THE , COURT OF BANKRUPTCY. (District of Western Australia.) No. 59 of 1929. Re Bankrupt Estate of FREDERICK CHAPMAN BROWN, lately of Anna dale, saw milter. Dale of petition. 2S-S-1U29. Date of sequestration order, 28-S-1329. Date and place, of first meeting of creditor*. 17-!»-I929, ar 2.30 p.m. at Supreme Court. Peith. NOTE. — All debts due to the et-talc should bu paid to me. 1 M. M. MOSS. OIHi-ul Uecvher. .Supreme Court, Perth Dated 2nd ;?eptemb-.T, l'J2l-. ? N THE SUPREME CUUKT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. In the Estate of ALFRED FOWLER. Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. All Claims against the Estate of ALFRED FOWLER, late of 213 Heytesbury-road, Subiaco, in the State ot Western Australia,' Bricklayer and Builder, deceased, must be eent in to the Execu tnrs of the Will ot the said deceased, care of HIE WEST AUSTRALIAN TRUSTEE, EXECUTOR and AGENCY COMPANY, LIMITED. 135 St. George'fc-urrace, Perth, on or before the 23rd day cf September. 1929, after which date the ?aid Executors will Distribute the Assets of the Kstate ot the said deceased, having regard only io the Claims so sent in. Da:ed the 16th day of August, 1929. F. W. DORNEY, Solicitor for the said Execu tors, Trinity House, 70 St. George's-terrace, Perth. ? LICENSING NOTICE. ? THE AUCTIONEERS ACT, 192X. Schedule 'C.' APPLICATION* FOR LICENCE. To the Resident Magistrate of the Magisterial District of Swan, — I. GEORGE IIEXRY OWENS, now residing at Dalwallinu, and carrying on business at Dal n-allinu, do hereby Apply for a Country Licence (or Licence for the Magisterial District of Swan) under The Auctioneers Act, 1921, and I give notice that I will bring such application before you for hearins at Moora on the 20th day of September. 1029. at 10 o'clock in the forenoon. Dated the 29ih day of August. 192». GEO. 11. OWENS. Si-mature of Applicant. N.B. — Any person wishing to object to thi- application may do so provided he serves the prescribed notice on the applU-ant at least three days before the hearing. Forms ot notice mav be' obtained from the Clerk of Petty Sessions at Moora. . CJERVE Rvi^lla Cunitd Spaghetti on toast for O breakfast. Requires heating only.

? AUCTIONS. ? SUMMARY OF AUCTIONS. TO-DAY'S SALES. H. D. Pell and Co.: Furniture and effects. J^O ilount -struct; 11 a.m. Ashenden and Co.: ruv litiire, piano and effects. 1'-7 Hensmnn-road, sii -iaco: 2.30 p.m. Mansfield's: Pawnbroker's 1111 ?edoemed pledge?, at Mart, 3 20 Barrack -street, lasemunt; 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. A. W. Ducat: furniture, fras stoves, corner Uay and J'i«*r U'ucts; 2. 30 p.m. FORTHCOMING SALES. To-morrow. — A. G. Wells: Furniture. Subiarn: - 11 a m.; also furniture, in rooms, .r-0S Hay-street; !.3O p.m. A. W. Ducat: Motor cir and truck*, 'evptith-avcimc, Inglewood; 12.30 !-?''? lyi1' 3. Campbell: Furniture and effects, 20 Willis itreet. Victoria Park; 2.30 p.m. Francis K. Temple: Furniture. 40 Caniac-street, Fremantle; I p.m. A. W. Ducat: Furniture, 357 Welling :on-street; 2.30 p.m. ..,-,. Friday. — A. W. Ducat: .Building material, Mur ray-street; 11 a.m. Wml Beer: Furniture, 1 re mantle Auction Mart; 2 p.m. September 9. — Hodd. Cuthbertson and North: Brick residences, 20, 22. 24 Forrest-street, Cot tesloe, in rooms, Warwick House; 3 p.m. September 10. — Langsford and Son: Nedlands blocks, in rooms; 3 p.m. September 24. — Learmonth. Duffy and Co.: Citv properties and large subdi visional area, in rooms. 87 St. George's-terrace; 3 Pra October 1. — Learmonth, Duffy and Co.: Auc tion. Melbourne Hotel, Perth, West Perth homo. South Perth home, in rooms, 87 St. Georgester race; 3 p.m. THIS DAY. THIS DAY. WEDXESDAY. SEPTEMBER 4. At Half-past Two P.M. IX THE ROOMS. CORXER HAY and PIER STREETS. VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURX1TURE. and EFFECTS, GAS STOVES. Etc. A ? W. DUCAT, instructed by the owners, will ?^i- SELL as above, including: — Dininsr-room SUITES. SIDEBOARD, Oval Oak Table. 2 Extension TABLES, Linos. CROCKERY and Glassware, Cutlery. 2 Oak HALLSTANDS. Bedroom SUITES, Large Wardrobe. Double Oak and Iron BEDSTEADS. Good DRESSER. Safe. 2 Good GAS STOVKS. And General HOUSEHOLD FLRMsIIINGS. SALE TO-DAY, 2.30 P.M. TO-MORROW (THURSDAY), SEPTEMBER 5. At Half-past Twelve P.M. OX THE PREMISES, DALLEY'S GARAGE, Corner Seventh-ave. and Bcaufort-st., Inglewood. FOR ABSOLUTE SALE BY AUCTION 1 STUDEBAKER LIGHT DELIVERY TRLCK, 1 BU1CK, 6-CYLINDER CAR. A . W. DUCAT will SELL as above, without J\. reserve. ? TERMS CASn. ? THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5. At Half-past Two. GENERAL CLEAR1XG SALE OF FURXITURE. OX PREMISES 357 WELLINGTOX-STREET, PERTn. A . W. DUCAT will SELL on account of The x\. People's Furniture Store, who has 6old the lease of shop. The whole stock of Furniture must be cleared without reserve, comprising: — OAK B.R. SUITES, DIXIXG R. SUITES. DINING TABLES. Quantity OAK DINING CHAIRS. GLASS D. K. DRESSERS, 14 ASS. TABLES. SINGLE WARDROBE. DUCHESS CHESTS. . OAK BEDS. C. and N. DOUBLE BEDS. COM. BEDS. LARGE ASS. BEDDING. ICE CHEST, GLASS TOP TABLE. FIRE SCREEN. PEDESTALS, LINO. SQUARE. LINO, PICTURES, SAFES. A.B. CHAIRS, SINGLE and DOUBLE STRETCHERS. D.H. SEWING MACHINES. SK. WARDROBES. 2 SUPERIOR OAK SIDEBOARDS. 3 DARK SIDEBOARDS, CROCKERY. GLASSWARE. 2 OAK HALL STANDS and everything re quired for furnishing. ALL FOR ABSOLUTE SALE. ? FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6. At Eleven o'Clock. O\ THE GROUND CORXER MtJRRAY-ST. and FORREST-PLACE. BUILDING MATERIALS. BUILDING MATERIALS. A. W. DCCAT (540 Hay-st.) has received in structions from the owners to SELL as above, including: — 100 sheets Corrugated and Ripple IRON, r..OOOft. T. and G. Flooring. 5,000ft plain 6x1 Flooring, 1,000ft Oregon, 200 slate Slabs, 20 Box Frame Windows, quantity of cisterns, pedestals, and sew ape fittings, steel girders, stair cases, jiirrah timber and quantity of builders' material. TO-DAY. TO-DAY. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4. IN THE ROOMS, 91 ST.. GEORGE'S-TER. At Three o'Clock. SPLENDID BRICK BUNGALOW, NO. 53 NAP1ER-ST., CLAREMOXT (With Large Grounds). ALSO TWO CHOICE .RESIDENTIAL SITES (Adjoining Above.) ROBERTSON BROS.. LTD.. have been in structed bv the Owner to SELL as above — A. — Lots 12 and 13 of Swan Loc. 717, having a frontage of 100ft. to Napier-st. Claremont. bv 150ft. deep, with a HANDSOME BRICK RESIDENCE, con taining 5 good main rooms, kitchen, vestibule, bathroom, pantry, etc., wide front verandah, beautifully situated on the hill, close to Perth-Fromantle-rd., trams and taxi route. B. — Lot 14, adjoining the above. 50ft x 150ft. C. — Lot 15, adjoining the above. 50ft x 150ft. THESE ARE TWO IDEAL RESIDENTIAL; SITES. Well Elevated, Level and in a Rapidly Improving District ? INSPECTION INVITED. ? WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 18. IN THE ROOMS. 91 ST. GEORGB'S-TEK.. PERTH. At Three o'Clock. IMPORTANT SALE OF TWO VALUABLE CENTRAL BUILDING SITES IN ST. GEORGES-TER^ PERTH. ROBERTSON BGOS . LTD.. have been instruct ed by the Perpetual Executors, Trustees ind Agency Co. (W.A.). Ltd.. as executors of the wilt of the late Dr. W. Tret ho wan to SELL «s above: Lot« 1 and 2 ot subdivision of Lot 4. of Perth Town Let L5C, situate St George 's-ter.. between Mount-st. and Malcolm-et Lot 1 has a frontage of 114ft. to St. George'e ter., by a depth of about 150ft. on one tide and about 112ft on the other, triangular shaped. Lot 2 has a frontage of 50ft by a deptb of about 150ft IDEALLY 5ITUATED FOR PROFESSIONAL CHAMBERS OR FLATS. One of the few remaining vacant building ittcs in this favourite thoroughfare; at the ioi portant junction or St George'f-tcr.. Ceorze-et, and Malcolm -st, immediately opposite the Pub llo Works Perart. offiet-s. ? TO-DAY. TO-DAY. MORTGAGEE'S SALE. WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 4. IN THE ROOMS. 91 ST. GEORGE'S-TER. At Three o'Clock. VALUABLE FARMING PROPERTY. 3.778 ACKES OF KICU SOIL. LATHAM. COo Wongan Hills-Mullewa Line). ONLY 2 MILES FROM RAILWAY STATION. ROBERTSON BROS., LTD.. have been in structed by the Mortgagee to SELL a» Victoria Locations 4014, 4007, 4003. 4009, 4010 ami 6510. all Conditional Purchase Leaseholds, having a total area of 3,778 acres, about 8,000 acres of which is EX CEPTIONALLY GOOD SOIL. York gum and ti-tree country, balance light loamy ecil. with little sandplain. There are 900 ACRES of CROP. 2 wells, and windmill.-.. The rencing, cottage and outbuildings are in disrepair. This was or.e of the first properties selected In the dinrict, close to the railway, in ASSURED RAINFALL AREA. « Inspection Confidently Invited. Full particulars from Messrs. LOHRMANN, TIXDALL and CAXNY. Perpetual Trustees Build ings, St Georce's-ter.. Penh. Solicitors for the Mortgagee, or the Auctioneers. ? IX THE LOCAL COURT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Held at Perth. Between L. H. DEAGUE and CO.. LTD., Plaintiffs, and EDWARD COOPER. Defendant. THE BAILIFF will SELL by PUBLIC AUC TION on SEPTEMBER 9. 1929. at 2.30 o'cioek. in the Rooms of Beaufort Auction Mart, ?40 Beaufort-st ret't. unless the above-mentioned Warrant be previously satisfied, the following: — Wardrobes, Sidehoanls. Kit. Safes, Dressing Tables, Dressers, and Quantity Furniture. SALE 2.30. TERMS CASH. LEW COHEN. A-ictiot;eer for liaililf. Local Court. IVrl li. 'T-ASCA' Pastilles. 1/G. Recommended foi JL s]»cakers and singers.

WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER IS. IX THE ROOMS. 91 ST. GEORGE'S-TERRACE. At Three o'Cloclc IMPORTANT SALE. ARCADIA WIXE SALOON AND CAFE, FORREST-STREET, COTTESLOE. (Close to the Ocean.) ROBERTSON BROS.. LTD. nave been instruct ed by the owner to SELL as above: — ? THE ARCADIA WINE SALOON, Shop Din ing-rooms and Tearooms, Kitchen, Pant tries, Large Bedroom, etc., with Cottage o. four rooms, verandahs back and front, man's room and outbuildings, septic AntaExceptionally Good BUSINESS, to be sold as a going concern, including furni ture and fittings, large Frigidaire, Gramophone, etc., close to the ocean, and facing the Golf Links. The books of the business are available for in spection by bona-Ode purchasers and easy terms may be arranged. Full Particular? from the Auctioneer* TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1. At Three o'Clock. AUCTION SALE OF THE FREEHOLD OF THE BEST KNOWN WEST END HOTEL. PERTH. TOE MELBOURNE HOTEL. THE MELBOURNE HOTEL. LEARMONTH, DUFFY and CO., in conjunction with McLEAX, CARMICHAEL, LTD., have been favoured with instructions from The West Australian Trustee Executor and Agency Co., Ltd.. as Trustee of the Estate of Edwin Courtney Wells (deceased) and Mrs. JL V. Harrold to OFFER by PUBLIC AUCTIOX in their rooms, 87 St George's-terrace, Perth, on the above date, the above ?well-known and prosperous Hotel, situate at the corner of Hay and Miligan streets, subject to the existing lease, which expires on February 9, 1930. The building is a three-storied brick one with wide balconies, containing large dining-room (4/ x 28), saloon bar, and public bar, bottle depari ment, kitchen, sen-cry, small parlour, and usual offices on the ground floor, and a large cellar accommodation underneath, and 32 public bed rooms and 2 sitting-room;:, together with adequate servants' quarters, 5 bathrooms, 2 linen presses anil usual lavatories on the other floors, hot and cold water. The property is sewered and electric light and current are installed throughout The buildings occupy only portion of the land being: — Portion of Perth Town Lot n48. with 99ft to Hay-street and 125ft 6in. to Milligan street. Registered Volume 530, Folio 48. Terms: Deposit £15,000, a further payment of £10.000 on February 9, 1930, balance by yearly payments of £8,000 computed from date of sale. All unpaid purchase money to bear interest at £7 per centum per annum payable quarterly and to be secured by usual mortgage securities. Full terms and conditions at sale. Values in all clflRsep of property are more pro nounced in this neighbourhood than any portion of the city, and values are moving with rapid development of business houses, now in course of construction or about to be constructed. The trade of the hotel is obviously participating and offers a great opportunity of securing a really good investment with a big future. Descriptive pamphlet on application. This and further particulars may be obtained from the Auctioneers, LEARMOXTTI. DUFFY and CO., Perpetual Trustee Buildings, St George's-terrace, Perth. . And McLEAN. CARMICHAEL, LTD., Alliance Buildings. 96 St George's-tcr., Perth. THE WEST AUSTRALIAN TRUSTEE, EXE CUTOR and AGENCY CO., LTD., St George's-ter., Perth. Or PARKER and PARKER, Solicitors for Mrs. Harrold, 21 Howard-st, Perth. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1. At Three P.M. DESIRABLE VILLA RESIDENCE, SOUTH PERTH. River Frontage, near Mends-st. Jetty. LEARMOXTH, DUFFY and CO. have received instructions from absentee Owner, who is not returning to the State, to OFKKK by AUC TIOX as above, in their Rooms, 87 St George's terra re: — L«-t 29 and part of Lot 3 of Perth Sub. Lot 79, having a frontage of 57ft. to Melville terrace by a depth of 152ft The Residence is a solidly-built one of brick, containing very large sitting room with bav window. dinin;r room, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, bath room, and icwtry. laundry and box room. Ver andahs on two t-Uies. and back. Septic tank installation, rose garden, lawn aud' fruit trees in full bearing. Large electric stove; also gas main near resi dence. The position is an excel Ion t. one, facing a beau tiful white sandy beach, in high position. TERMS: £800 can remain en mortgage for 3 or 5 years, balance cash. Inspection by Arrangement. The buyer can have the option of purchasing the furniture, at valuation, specially made bv Messrs. Harris, Scarfe and Sandover. PRELIMINARY. TUESDAY. OCTOBER 1. At Three P.M. DESIRABLE WEST PERTH RESIDENCE. Park side of liny-street. LEARMONTn, DUFFY and CO. have received instructions from the Owner to OFFER bv PUBLIC AUCTION as above, in their Rooms, s'7 St. George's-terrace: — That commodious Residence, known as NO. 6 OUTRAM-STREET. The Residence is exceptionally well built, ami contains lat!?e diiiiug-room. sitting-room, s-in.ikc room. 3 bedrooms, bathroom, splendidly titled kitchen, and pantry. Also — Motor Garage and Workshop. Sewered. TERMS: |£l,*i00 cii mortgage at V per cent., and balance ? cash. '

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24. At Three o'Clock. UGHLY IMPORTANT SALE OF CENTRAL ST. - - GEORGE'S-TERRACE PROPERTIES. )9FT. AND 49FT. OIX. FRONTAGES, RESPEC TIVELY. LEARMOXTH, DUFFY and' CO. have been favoured with instructions from Messrs. lohnson and Lynu, Limited (who liaving recent y purchased Warwick House for the'' .^Hg11?* uid will not require this land) to OFFER by ^ PUBLIC AUCTIOX as above, in their rooms, 37 St George's-terrace, the following St George s- ? . .errace Properties: — . ' (A) Portion of Perth Town Lot H2, liaving a frontage of 99 ft to St George s-terrace, by a depth of 185ft. IMPROVEMENTS. Well-built Brick Residence, of nine rooms (lately occupied by Mr. F. A. Hadley), Motor Canute and outbuildings. All buildings are well back from street frontage, with ample room in front for the erection of offices or first- . (B) Portion of Perth Town Lot H4, being Lot 3 on diagram 3748., having a front age of 49ft 6in. to St. George's-terrace, by a depth of lS3ft Vacant This sale offers a rare opportunity of securing a valuable business site, in the most progressive « business centre of the city, where these are practically the only lots available. In close proximity the following buildings are in course of erection or will be erected at an early date: — Royal Insurance Company, Goldsbrough, Mort and Co.. Australian Provincial Assurance Associa tion, Ltd., Yorkshire Insurance Company, and the Shell Oil Company (immediately opposite). Extended terms (published later) will o« offered. CLYDESDALE MARES AND STALLIONS. EL DER'S HORSE YARDS. SUBIACO. Friday, September 6, 1929. At One p.m. ELDER, SMITH and CO., LTD., have received instructions to offer tor Mr. A. A. Stokes, Abbotsford. Victoria. — Clydesdale stallion, Coliban, 9 Clydesdale mares, breeding and particulars at sale. For Estate late M. Rasheed. Adelaide: CIvdesdale stallion. Abitana Bold.- imported from N.Z.. foaled 1925. full pedigree and particulars at sale. ? TERMS CASH. ? * ? t ELDER'S HORSE AXD DAIRY COW MARKET*. SUBIACO (Opposite Railway Station). FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 0, 1929. , At Half-past Ten A.M. Sharp. ELDER, SMITH, and CO., LIMITED, have re ceived instructions to OFFER by AUCTION as above:— CATTLE (PURCHASERS PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE COMMENCING OUR CATTLE ,. SALE AT ' 10.30 A.M. SHARP.) For Messrs. Paterson Bros.. Pinjarra: . 2 choice quality Dairy Cowe. with Calves at foot For Sir. A. \Y. Moirell. Waeel: 1 good Dairy Cow. with Calf at foot.. For Various Owners: / ' 25 to 30 Dairy Cows, with Calves at foot and Springers. HORSES. For Mr. E. J. Hann, Campbelitown. South Aus tralia: — 20 hands io weighty Farm Mares and Geld ings, right ages, good condition. For Estate of the Late M. Rasheed, Adelaide: 20 handy to weighty Farm Mares and Geld-, ings, good condition, arrivuur by the 8.E. Karoola. For Mr. F. S. Jaques, Qua trading: 3 good farm workers For Mr. II. Sainsbury, Ballidu: 1 good heavy Draught Mare. For Messrs. C. Smith and Sons, ex- Yarding: - 2 good farm Workers, 1 Light Horse. ? * For Messrs. Port and Co.. Limited, ex Pindalup Mill: ? 7 weighty Horses, straight out of work. For Various Owners: 25 to 30 Farm Mares and Gelding;, Hacks and Delivery Sorts. ' ? - FURTHER ENTRIES INVITED. FULLER PARTICULARS LATER. TERMS NET CASH. First-class Luncheon and Refreshments will be served at our Yards by the Proprietress of the Cosy Corner Tea Rooms, Subiaco. Will Buyers Please Note that we have on . '?' ' M hand for Private Sale a number of Horses. Dairy -^ Cattle. Carts, and Sundries. ^M OPENING MARKET — SERPENTINE. ^J OX THURSDAY, SEITEMBER 12, 1S29. ^M AT SERPENTINE HOTEL YARDS. ^H ' Two P.M.. Sharp. ^M 100 CATTLE. 100. ^H 200 SHEEP, 200. ^H 40 PIGS. 40. ' 'a^H 7 HORSES. 7. - . i^H SUNDRIES. , ^B ELDER, SMITH and Cu., LIMITED, have re ceived instructions from Various Owners, ( to OFFER !-y AUCTION as above. 1 11)0 bead dairy cattle, comprising freshly -A calvt-d cows, backward and forward fl .springers, dry cows forward to fat, and ? jfl a number of heifers. ?? 200 merino ewes, mixed ages, with a good ?? percentage crossbred lambs at foot. ' ?? 40 slips and store porkers. V ^HJ 7 medium draught aud delivery marc* and J^B geldings. flBJ 4 Mlb sulky harness, good order. ^BJ FURTHER ENTltlES INVITED. ^ With U. «. SEXTY. Aaent, Arinadale, Or (lie Auctioneers, elder; smith «.»i co.. limited. Perth. \ Buyers from Perth cun each train for Bunbury, leaving Perth 7.35 a.m., on the morning of the Sale, and return bv train leaving Serpentine fi.20 p.m.. arriving in p'erth at 7.S0 p.m. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. 7 MERREDLX TOWN LOTS. OX SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 21, 1929. AT DUFF'S MERREDIX HOTEL. At Half-past Two o'Clock POL ELDER. SMITH, nnd CO., LIMITED, have re ceived instructions from the West Australian Trustee. Executor, and Ajrency Company, Limit ed, as Administrator of the Estatp of Daniel Vinson Dos-setnr. Deceased, to OFFER by AUC TIOX as above: — (1) Merredin Lot 337. situate Fifth-street containing 5 acres. ' (2) Merredin Lot 338, situate corner Fifth street and York-Goldfiehls-road, contain ing 5 acres 1 rood 33 perches. (3) Merredin Lot .839, situate, corner For ri-st -street nnd York-GoldfieldE-road, con taining 5 acres 2 roods 2 perches. (4) Merre-iia Lot .140. situate Forrest street, containing 3 acres 2 roods. (5) Merredin Lot 489. situate Haines street. containing 3 acres 2 roods 12 perches. '* (C) Merredin Lot 490. situate Hainps street, containing 3 acres 2 roods 12 perches '* (7) Merredin Lot 615. situate corner Mac Donald and Uarling streets, eontaintnir 1 acre 15.3 perches. REMARKS: Merredin in a good solid growin-* centre, and this sale affords an excellent oppoi- ''?' tunity to secure country town propertv. TERMS: Om-third cash, balance in 12 months plus 7 jM-r rent. ~' Further particulars from ELDER. SMITH, and CO.. LIMITED. Perth or Kellcrberrin: or ? ? .7. 11. KKXDALL. Merredin. Local Agent. P.-.SCA' Pastilles. 1 /.;. Kceoninieiided~for ? ? ^peake^5 and singsrs.