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EASTERN GOLDHELDS. ♦ — Pastoral Interests.

(By 'Barunah.')

-Much has been saia ana written aoout the Eastern goldfields of this State during the past five years, as the result of the opening up and development of millions

Ol acres 01 pusi.uiu.1 vuimkiry tucii; xu. sheep-raismg purposes. It is also generally known that in this work, Eastern capital has played a very important part. At the Eame time few appreciate how general has been the realisation of the immense possibilities which lie before this country, and still fewer realise what a variety of pastoral interests are represented in the personnel of these Eastern goldfielda pas toral owners. Among the local station men who have acquired interests in these parts are many names usually associated with other parts of the State. Mr. C. Foulkes-Taylor is a member of the old Western Australian family of that name, and is perhaps even better known as the principal shareholder in the Yuin Pastoral Company, which owns one of the finest 'and best improved of our Lower ' Murchison properties in Yuin. One of his partners, Mr. E. H B. Lefroy, is equally well-known in both the pastoral and stud sheep-breeding worlds, for being a member also of the Boolardy Pastoral Co., and Badja, Ltd , he has interests in the two well-known Murchison stations, Boolardy and Badja, and also in the well-known stud property, Cranmore Park, at Walebing. hi the Moora district. Mr. Lefroy has furtlfer agricultural interests in a small farming property wliieh he owns in the Moora district. Mr. W. Padbury lias perhaps the largest farming interests of any one grower in this State. His in terests in the agricultural areas are in deed extensive, for he owns mixed farm ing propositions in the Three Spring, Moora, Round Hill, Wannamal, Moolia beenie, Swan and Cranbrook districts, and is interested also in that well-known stuJ property, Koojan. His partner in tho goldfields venture, Mr. P. F. Robinson, is equally well known for his association with Coongan station out from Port Hedland. Mr. W. Fitzgerald has interests in the Leonora district, but is far better known as being associated with the Murrum Pas toral Co., for, not only does he own one of our leading pastoral wool-growing pro positions in the Murchison in Murrum sta tion out from Cue, but he also controls valuable agricultural interests at Goomal ling. One of his partners in the Leonora property is Mr. T. G. Kitching, and he, too. is a well-known Murchison iden tity, for he controls Edah, one of the finest and best situated small stations in th^ Lower Murchison. Also interested in the Leonora district are the' Messrs. E and H. Nairn. They, too, are we'l known fn the pastoral world, more particu urly as connected with their wcllim

jroved upper Murchison holding, Yarra - bubba. station, out from Nannine. From this property, situated in what is known as the 'Cue soft patch' comes one of our best pastoral clips. Mr. Norman Higham, who has recently acquired in terests in the Laverton district, is a pro minent pastoral and stud sheep-breeding figure, and he has extensive pas toral and agricultural interests iu this State. With his two brothers he is interested in the three weil known Ashburton district stations, Nanu tarra, Glenflorrie and Mt. Stuart out from Ouslow, and also iu the Great Southern stud property, Barraminning. In the Menzies district a far northern pastoralist In Mr. Arthur Male has extensive inter ests. Mr. Male is connected with Streete and Male, of Bropme, for he has large in terests in bis Kimberley cattle runs, in eluding Roebuck Plains station. To this formidable list of prominent local pastoral ists can now be added the names of Messrs. Camerer and Maitland, whose pur chase of Adelong station out from Men zies has just been announced. Until re cently these pastoralists were the owners of the two big Gascoyne station propor ties Eudamullah and Arthur River, out from Carnarvon'. Having disposed of these interests it is apparently their intention to put money into the development of Adelong station, which will probably now be converted into a sheep run. South Australian Pastoralists. Although a great deal of the credit for the successful conversion of this goldfields country to sheep and- wool growing must be given to our own local pastoralists, we must not overlook the work that has been done by prominent moneyed settlers from South Australia, for undoubtedly it was they who set the lead and showed definite y that the dog menace could be success fully overcome without unnecessary loss or expense. Prominent among the settlers, who have come across from the Southern State are the Messrs. Hawker. Mr. E. W Hawker and his son Stanley were almost as well known in this State as in their own even prior to their purchase of Ed judina station, for they own the great East Bungaree-Belcunda merino stud in addition to a number of pastoral proper ties in South Australia, and their sheep have played a big part in the building up of so many of our best-known pastoral and agricultural district flocks. Mr. M S. Hawker, who is interested in Sturt Meadows, is another member of the fam ous, stud sheep-breeding family, and in South Australia owns the North Bungaree merino stud and a number of pastoral pro* perties. Associated with him in his East ern goldfields venture is his North Bun» fcaree manager and stndmaster, Mr. F. F Chomley. Particularly prominent in Ade laide is the name Rhymill, the family at one stage being connected with the fam ous Canowie merino stud np to the time of its dispersal. It has now acquired pas toral interests in this State where the two young Rhymill brothers have settled, purchasing a station property to the north of Southern Cross. In the stud merino world of this State the name Koonoona is equally as important as that of Bun garee. and . it is of interest to know that the principal figure in ihe Tarmoola Pas toral Co. of Leonora is Mr. W. G. Hawkes. the studmaster of the celebrated South Australian Koonoona parent flock. In Mr. Hawkes is another South Australian of wide and varied pastoral experience, for his interests there are by no means con fined solely to the stud propertv in the inside country. His partner, in Tarraoola 13 Mr. R. M. MeBride, a member of one of the best known and most widely interested pastoral families in South Australia. Mr. MeBride ha9 played a valuable part iu the building up of bur Eastern Goldfields' flocks, for, act ing as advisor to numerous pastoralists in those parts, he has selected and purchased many thousands of high-class station breed ing ewes in South Australia to come across to this State. Mr. MeBride is a firm be liever in the future which lies ahead of Western Australian and, irf addition to his interest in Tarmoola. he has extensiv agricultural interests in the South-Western clover country. The Messrs. N. O. and it. Killicoat. of Alfred Downs? station. Menzics; J. C. Mc Neil, of Wildarra station, Leonora; and 'NT. Robertson, of Melrose station. Lake Darlot, all hail from South # Australia, wlice they wer? prpviously actively inter ested in -n'astoral nnd agricultural mirsnits. Tn thfi Yundamindera Pastoral Co.. who own Ynndani)''lern and Mt- Colin stations r-ve two more South Awstralifl''' in Messrs .Scott-Martin and Peaiw*. The latter is n-ell-knowr in -he southern State as the iwner of Tl-p Hums estate. Victorian Representation. As is generally known, South Australian capital has played an important part in tlie development of this State, white New South Wales growers, too, have acquired considerable interests. In Victoria, how ever, the same interest lias not been notice able and in view of this fact it is impor tant that Victorian pastoralists have been nttraete/1 by this Eastern Goldfields conntrv. Tn the western districts of Vic toria the names of Manifold and Black are well mid favourably known. Wealthy families both of them, they have now iicnuiml extensive interest* in (he Pin nacles: station' put from LawWs, where thev have invested a considerable sum ol money in imp'roveinoiit* ami stock. A re cent 'addition to the Victorian qii-ita ? iu this eastern country, is Mr. E. J. Xooke, of Melbourne, who has acquired and is now improving and stocking White Cliffs station, out from Laverton. New South Wales Interests. Associated with the famous Riverina stud sheep district of New South Wales, no name is more widely or favourably known than that of McCaughey. The fam ily now has extensive pastoral interests in this State, for Mr. S. McCaughey has de veloped more than half of his 1,000,000 acres of country at Wiluna. Mr. McCaughey is well-known in New South Wales, particular ly as associated with the Riverina merino stud at Coree. . Another prominent Ne' South Wales s»tndniastc?r, who has acquired pastors! interests in the Eastern Gold liolds is 'Mr. -T'. R IlWe. of the successful Murgha stud.' Mr. Howe also control? other extensive aiirir-nlttiral aud pastoral interests in his own State. Queensland and New Zealand. Queensland is well represented by Mr. F. C. Allen, a progressive pastoralist, who lias' acquired a valuable holding iu the Laverton district since coming to this State; Mr.' J: B. Howe, mentioned in the

preceding^ paragraph, also controls station interests in Queensland and so claims fur ther mention as a representative of that State, as well as New South Wales. Appar ently, Tasmania is the only State not repre sented in our goldfields country, for the eastern representation extends as far as New Zealand. Representing the Dominion is Mr. R. Acton-Adams, who purchased Pingin station about 12 months ago. Mr. Acton-Adams, in his own country, is a wealthy landowner and pastoralist and is obviously impressed by the pastoral possi-' bilities of our Eastern Goldfields country, for he is putting a* good deal of money into his holding there.