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STUD STOCK. — ^ ? Further Valuable Purchases.

(By 'Barunah').

Since I last wrote on this subject local breeders and growers have gone to consid erable expense in bringing across furtliei drafts of high-class, well-bred stud stock.

selected from the leading herds in the Eastern States. Included in these pur chases have beerf milking Shorthorn cattle Romney Marsh, Dorset Horn, Border Lei cester, Lincoln and merino sheep and thoroughbred horses. Of outstanding interest were three spe cial stud and stud merino rams from the recent Sydney ram sales. Two of these were procured from Messrs. Chas Mills (Vardry), Ltd.. of the popular Kiverinn stud Vardry, near Hay (N.S.W.), for the Great Southern breeder Mr. J. F. Mur tloek, of Harcourt, Ballaying, out from Wagin. One of these rams, costing very little short of 400 guineas, was a fine sheep indeed and appealed for style, con formation and covering; a typical Vardry sire, he should do a good deal of good in the Harcourt stud. The other ram was a moderate priced sheep . and should prove a good purpose ram in breeding flock, rams for the north. The third of the Sydney sale purchases was an attrac tive Boonoke, purchased for Jlr. J. Deane Hammond,, of Cuttening. Kellerberrin. from the celebrated Kiveriua breeders, Messrs. F. S. Falkiner and Sons, Ltd. It is a. fine upstanding ram of good frame, solid bone and bulky covering typically suitable for local wheat belt conditions, and J&T. Hammond should feel well pleas ed, with his purchase. f Stud rams were also obtained in South Australia for a number of breeders. Bun garee was represented in three costly pur chases from Mr. M. S. Hawker's popular North ? Bungaree merino stud. One of these sires was selected for 'Mr. H. R Drage, the well-known Bungaree stud breeder of Jib Jib, Northampton. Mr. Drage favours the big, burly bale-filling type as represented in this year's pur chase, and during recent years has laid out a good deal of money importing suit able stud rams and ewes from the parent flocks, for it is his intention to build up the Jib Jib stud to cater for ^ the northern flock ram trade. From North Bungaree came another cost ly and well-bred sire for the Northampton district, being purchased by Mr. E. Drage- (brother to the Jib Jib breeder) 6i the Trevinson stud. The North Bungarce stud was favoured by Mr. J. C. Phillips, of Culham, in the Tood yay district. Last year, Mr. Phillips brought across a large draft of young ewes from .the parent flock and as ho has now secured a stud ram, it is apparently his intention to form a small stud with a selection from these ewes. The ram i* an attractive youngster, and should prov» the right class of sheep whether for breed ing young rams for the Toodyay property' or for .the Gaseoyne station holdings, Jimba Jimba and Mt. Augustus, in which Mr. Phillips is also interested. In the shipment was a draft of ten yearling se lected rams for the same owner, and these no doubt will be used on the balance of last year's purchase in keeping up the standard of the Culham flock. South Australian breeders were further represented in the draft of six merino rams imported recently by Messrs. F. and H. Blechynden. of Roesland, Mt. Kokeby from .'Messrs. John Collins and Sons, ot Collinsville. ? Messrs. Blechynden arc breeders of high-class Dorset Horn sheep and it is apparently their intention alsn to build up their merino flock. Include! in the draft was one sttid ram and fiv* selected rams. All were typical of the Collinsville flock for their bone, size anil general bulk, and Messrs. BIcchynder. were very pleased with their purchase The stud ram was a very attractive and well covered sheep. Messrs. Collins have built up a valuable connection in this State. Station Drafts tyr the North. The balance of the merino rauis com prised station drafts of flock and 'selected rams for pastoralists in the eastern gold fields areas. In these parts the popular Bungaree strain is favoured extensively, and has proved its suitablity both as re gards carcass and bulk fleece and \the strength of constitution to withstand the hardships of drought. In the five con signmetits which came across there were 200 rams and all were of Bungaree blood Mr. M. S. Hawker's North Bimgarec sheep were again favoured, for from chis flock came drafts of 80 selected r.ims fo« the Pinnacles Proprietary, Ltd., of Thf Pinnacles station, LawTers; 40 selected rams for Mr. Arthur Male, of Ida Valley station. Menzies; and 40 flock rams for Messrs. Millars Munro, of Yandal station Lake Darlot. AH were yearling rams and. despite the drought in the South Austra lian stud country, particularly bulky and well grown. Also of Bungaree blood were two consignments from Mr. Walter Haw ker's well-known Anama stud. Ther. were 20 flock rams in each consignment one being brought across by Mr. G. A Cooper, of Gindalbie station, Leonora and the other by Messrs. W. H. Halford and Sons, of Credo station, out from Kal goorlie. ' Milking Shorthorn Cattle. Among the many high-class herds of pedi gree dairy cattle in this State few enjoy the same enviable reputation as the Tip perary Milking Shorthorn stud, owned by Mr. W. G.'Burges, of York. When, in the early stages of the building up of the stud, a draft of heifers was secured from Messrs. Dunster Bros., of The Hill. Shell Harbour (N.S.W.), Mr. Bulges made a very valuable purchase, including the re cord breaking Hope III. of The Hill, and the promising Pinkie 8th of The Hill. Con sequently, the arrival of another con signment of well-bred heifers for the Tip perary herd from the Shell Harbour breed ers attracted considerable interest. There were five heifers in the shipment, but they landed very much out of condition after their long journey. Two of them, Spangle 8th. of The Hill, and Sally of The Hill, were both served by Eminent of Darbalara prior to shipment. The others, including Empress 4th of The Hill, and Daphne 8th of The Hill, were also much admired, and all five should prove a decided acquisition to the Tipperary herd, which must be re garded as the premier Milking Shorthorn stud in this State. British Breed Sheep. Mr. A. J. Monger is regarded as one of the keenest and soundest men in the farming areas of this State and his York property, Daliak, is one of our show hold ings. Mr. Monger caters extensively for the fat lamb raising industry on Daliak aud does so in a thoroughly up-to-date and sys tematic manner. He believes firmly in the value\ of the good British breed ram in fat lanib raising and therefore uses none but high-class selected rams in J.he diller ent flocks. It of interest to know that he baa imported two quality consignments this year. One of these, consisting of 10 selected Lincoln rams, was secured from Messrs. Docker Bros.; the well-known Vic torian breeders, while the other, of 10 se lected Dorset Horn, rams, was drawn from Mi'. W. J. Dawkins's Newbold (South Aus tralia) flock, which is the leading Dorset Horn stud in Australia to-day. The de mand for Lincoln rams has -increased con siderably during the past two years. A week or two ago an interesting draft of 25 yearling rams was imported from the Victorian breeders, Messrs. Richard son Bros., of the Grasmere stud at New lands North. Equally well grown and typi cal was another draft of 20 yearling rams which arrived from the same breeders last week. These were brought across for Messrs. Kitts and Horwood, of Dear Park and Deepdale,' in the Geraldton district. Another interesting purchase was that of a stud ram and six special stud Shrop shire ewes from Messrs. C. -5. Hawkins and Sons, 'of The- Pines, Sheppartou, Vic toria, for Mr. G. L. Burges, of Quelgeu ning, Meckering. Though n-5t big, perhaps, they were a breedy lot and should prove an acquisition to the Meckering stud, which ranks among the best of our Shrop shire flocks. It is five years since The Pines blood was first introduced . into the Qucl genning stud. The introduction was cer tainly successful and the ram, Pines Pole Star, purchased in 1925, has be^n a pro minent: prize winner, annexing the cham pionship at the last Perth Royal Show. As with the Lincoln, the popularity of the Romney Marsh has increased consider ably in recent years and the demand for flock and selected rams is now greater than the local stud men are able to cope with. Already this vear: local supplies are very much depleted and it has been found necessary to draw from the Eastern States. Though small, the draft of six selected rams imported by Messrs. Canie rer and Co., of Brunswick Junction, pro vided an interesting sample of the class of ram that Eastern' fat lamb growers are using. These rams were procured from the successful South- Australian breeders. Messrs. Davidson Bros., of Mt. Barker.