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^Darling Range.— At the last meeting of the Darling Range Road Board, a peti^ lion was received from the residents of Maido, Vale asking that work be done on

Abernethy-road. On the suggestion ot -Messrs. Mndderson and Davies, the fore man was instructed to provide a culvert and plank footpath. A letter was received from the Lands Department stating that the Department would agree to the closing of a short road between Messrs. Allan's and Bateman's properties at Piesse Brook. ,'ln the discussion whicli followed, members ? expressed concern at the proposed closure. It was contended that, with the completion of Mundaring Weir-road as far as Piesse Brook, the road in question was necessary, us it would obviate sending traffic by the present road which was very steep and had a dangerous corner. A resolution was carried disapproving the closure. Gnowangerup. — The Eisteddfod organis ed by Mesdames Rowe and Pratt was very successful. Good audiences were present to hear both the juvenile and adult comn'1 titors. In spite of the increased awards however, there were fewer entries than last year, but this year, a great, deal of new talent wa3 revealed. The adjudicator was Mr. O. W. Berliner, of Albany, and he Rave the competitors a {Treat deal of useful advice aud encouragement. — At a recent me limp; of the local branch of the Returned Soldiers' League, a committee comprising the president, and secretary and Messrs. ?JJ. Davis, Foster, Stewart, A. Bell, D. Baines and Rev. Percy Clark, was appointed to organise the Anzac Day ser vice. The committee met on March IS when it was decided to invite representa tives of the various Churches to take part in the service, and it was decided to. ask the Rev. Percy Clark to give the Anzae address. A march-past is being organis ed—Mr. J. C. Jenkin, the lessee of the Lyric Dining Rooms, has disposed of his business to Mr. Henry Porteous, late of Borden. Kununoppin.— On March 16, 92 points of rain fell, and will be of immense value to holders of stock, in reviving the feed brought up by earlier rains and ensuring a continuous growth.— Ploughing and cultivating is general aud in spite of last season's reverses, farmers are very op timistic. — The recent harvest festival cele brations in connection with tlie Congre gational Church Mere very successful. — A trotting meeting was held on March 1G on the local course aud in spite of wet weather was a successful function. The club collected the insurance money and also held the meeting, as many of the owners of horses had travelled long dis tances. A dance was held in the evening iu the Kununoppin Hall and was well at tended.— On March 17 the Nungarin cric ket team met the local team on the Kununoppin grounds for the final match of the North Eastern Districts Cricket Association. Kununoppin won, the scores being Nungarin, 52; Kununoppin, 246. — A debating society has recently been form ed here and the first meeting was held on March 18. — A farewell afternoon was given to Mrs. D. Conochie at The Manse on March 22. Mrs. Cnnochie with her hus band and family has been in the district about seven years. During the afternoon the ladies of the Congregational Church presented Mrs. Conochie with a farewell token. Kwolyin.— A fire on Mr. Haggerty's farm, adjoining the townsite, did consider able damage, destroying a hay stack and sheds. — There was a good attendance at the Agricultural Hall general meeting held on Saturday evening. The financial state ment showed a small credit balance. The committee was congratulated for its ex cellent work during its term of office. The following were elected as committeemen for the ensuing year: — Messrs. M. Gmei ner, Saunders, Kingston, K. Hadlow. Cos grove, E. Saggers and B. O'Mahoney.— Teams and tractors are at work through out the district and a number of farmers have commenced sowing oats. Green feed is showing and further rain would bring it on well. Moora.— Mr. R. P. Bowman, one of the best known residents of the district, died at Dandarragan on March 23, at the age of 74 years. He came to Western Australia from England about 50 years ago and first came to the Dandarragan district 23 years ago as private tutor to the family of Mr. John Fraser and later went to the Hill River in a similar capacity to the Doust family. He was a man of great educational attainments, and forsaking teaching practised   accountancy in the district. He was   secretary of the Dandarragan Road Board for over 16 years, and it is claimed that the prosperity of that body is largely due to his influence. Quairading.— On M^ireh. 22 a number of yountr people tendered Mr. Harry Carter and Miss N. Fitzgerald a gift evening in the Quairading_ Hall. The_ young couple are to be married on April 4. Mr. Ca is the manager of the_Quairading Farmers Co-operative Co. at Yoting. During the evening, Mr.' T. H. Argus on behalf of the company and staff presented Mr. Car ter with a cheque. — The annual meeting of the Quairading Football Club was held on March 21. The balance sheet showed a credit balance of £7. The following office bearers were elected for the ensuing year: — Patron. Mr. James Waters; president, Mr. A. Cr. W. Loudon; vice-presidents, Messrs. W. Heaton, T. Heal, H. Growden, W. Wishart. J. Dolin and J. Baikie; sec-: rotary and treasurer, Mr. A. H. Taylor;' auditor, Mr. G. F. Jacobs. A long discus sion took place regarding the native team and it was decided to instruct the dele gates to vote for their inclusion at the Association meeting. — Mr. T. H. Argua has bought Mr. J. Kerr's property ad joining Whitchaven, and Karikan. Tambellup.— At a meeting of the Tam bellup Parents and Citizeus' Association it was decided to hold a centen-ary ball on April 6 for the old scholars of the Tam bellup State school. — At Easter, teams chosen from the Tambellup Cricket Associa tion will play matches against Narrogin and Midland-Guildford. This will be the fifth annual visit from Mid land-Guildford cricketers, and the match with them will be played on Easter Saturday. In the evening, they will be the guests of the Women's Friendly Union at a dance. — Very little rain has fallen in the last few weeks. Many dams are dry, and if the rains hold off much longer, some of the farmers will have to start water cart ing- , Three Springs.— At an adjourned meet ing of the local road board on March 10 it was decided to send a delegate to a de putation to wait on the Minister for Works (Mr. A. McCallum) in connection with proposals for a bridge over the river at Mogumber, and also to attend a con ference to be called by the Northern Dis tricts Federation of local authorities at Geraldton. It was decided that repairs to the Arrino-Bellaranga-road be placed on the estimates. A tentative loan proposal AVas held over for consideration at the next meeting and it was decided that ne cessary work be done by contract in the meantime. It was decided to recommend to the Main Roads Board that £2,000 be added to the £1,500 already allocated for expenditure on the Perenjori-road; that a survey of Coast-road be made, and that £2,000 be allocated for Womarden-road. It was also decided to call the attention of the Main Roads Board to the deplor able condition of the main Gcraldton road, between Yandauooka and Cuff's Cor ner, and to the necessity for maintenance work on the main road between Carna mah and Three Springs. The board decid ed to constitute itself a health board and a vermin board. Messrs. Thomas and Mut ter were appointed a finance committee. The secretary was instructed to write to 1 the Midland Railway Co. to request that the railway fence along Railway-street be placed back about 12 feet, and to ask the manager to make an inspection of railway property in the district. A motion was carried that compulsory fencing notices be served on owners ot town blocks. — Mr. T. Meldrum, late of Armadale, has purchased the baking business recently carried ou by Mr. F. Keehner. — St. Pat rick's Day sports were held on March 18, the function proving a financial success Wagin. — The reported decision of the Agricultural Bank trustees that no super phosphate will be provided for cropping land that was seeded last year, is not meet ing with unanimous approval. One well known farmer contends that it is prac tically impossible for a man with limited capital to get into the system of fallow ing all his land. The bunk trustees, h;- said, were aware that the all-fallow system was the only safe one to adopt in drier areas. Pressure should have been brought to bear on their clients and insistence made on a gradual adoption of the system. If they had demanded that 50 per cent, of the stubble area should bo fallowed the first year, 75 per cent, the second, and ail fallow on the third, they would not have had to face the serious position confront ing both trustees and many farmers. Williams.— The Commercial Hotel, un til recently leased by Mr. Pearce. has been taken over by Mr. Bunion formerk of South Australia.— Mr. and Mrs. II. J. Rintoul. pioneer residents of the district, have left by the Karoola for a holiday in the Eastern States.— Canon Frewer. who has been an ardent worker for the Bro therhood of St. Boniface since 1016, and warden since 1010. was tendered a farewell social on March 20. A large number of residents attended. The guest was pre sented with a wallet of notes, donated bv the residents of the Brotherhood district. — Jlr. Durnin. who eaniu from Maylands. has taken up duties as ??'?ationmnster here. — The Marling School has been closed ow ing to the attendance having fallen be low an average of 8. and Miss Aileen Egan has been transferred to Charlie's Creek. — Burning off is practically com pleted, and rain would be welcomed by the farmers.