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ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES.-A gratify- ing feature of the official returns of tho arrivals and departures at and from the various ports of the colony for the month of April is that the arrivals have, for the first time for many months, exceeded the departures, albeit the difference between the figures is very small. The arrivals totalled 1,691 as compared with 3,910 iu the corresponding period of last year and 1,314 ,for the month of March, while the de- partures numbered 1,609 as against 2,021 ia April of last year and 2,373 in March of this year. The net gain to the population by excess of arrivals over departures for the month, was therefore 82 persons. The detailed returns for March as supplied by ^ Police Inspector Back, of fremantle, aro

as follows :-Arrivals : Adults, 916 males, 513 females, total, 1,429; children, 101 male, 110 females, total, 211 ; infants, 25 males, 26 females, total, 51; total, 1,042 males, 639 females, grand total 1,691. De- partures : Adults, 983 males, 437 females, total, 1,425 ; children, 60 males, 54 females, total, 114; infants, 38 males, 32 females, total, 70; total, 1,036 males, 523 females, grand total, 1,609. Included in the arrivals were 3 Chinese, 4 Japanese, and 2 Afghans and inthe departures 12 Chinese, 2 Japanese and 4 Afghans.

THE INVITATION TO THE NEW SOUTH "WAI.ES PREMIER -The Premier (Sir John forrest) has received a telegram from Mr. ÖJH. Beid, Premier of Now South Wales, regretting that ho will be uuable lo visit Perth. Mr. Reid added :-'* My trip is for rest, and the railway journey is too long} as I catch the next steamer. Many thanks for your kind invitation." Our Ka goodie conespondent telegraphing last > night stated that " the Mayor of Kalgoorlie has telegraphed to Mr. Keid at Adelaide invit- ing him to visit this district. A letter containing a requisition signed by about 2,000 people will await Mr. Eeid at Albany asking him to address a monster meeting at Kalgoorlie on Federation.",


Premier will pay a visit to Helena Yale on the 19th inst. to open the public hall which has been erected in the district. This will be the Premier's first official visit to the town since it was gazetted a municipality.

Nsw JUSTICE OF THE PEACE.-Mr. G. W. Hester has been appointed tby the Execu- tive Council a justice of the peace for the ;- Blackwood magisterial district.

INTERCOLONIAL MAILS.-The ordinary weekly mail for transmission to the East- ern colonies will be made up at the General Post-office to-day at 1.45 p.m.

MECHANICS' INSTITUTE LITERART AND DEBATING- SOCIETT.-The weekly meeting of the above society was held on Monday evening last. The subject for the evening was & lecture by Mr. Short on ** Adult Suffrage." The lecturer strongly sup- ported the extension of the franchise to women, and endeavoured to show that by i personal observation in South Australia

and Nsw Zealand, as well as argument, that it would be of immense advantage if that reform were introduced in Western Australia. Subsequent speakers upheld the lecturer, and a very pleasant evening was spent.

I SOCIAL AT GUILBTORD.-A valedictory social under the auspices of the Young People's Society of Christian Endeavour was tendered to Mr. E. Simms in the "Wesley Hall, Guildford, on Tuesday even- ing, May 2. About 70 persons were pre ( sent. Mr. Simms, who has filled to the

satisfaction of all the position of secretary during the laät two and a half years, is taking a well-earned holiday in New South Wales for a few weeks. The evening was a pleasant and enjoyable one to all. A good musical programme was well carried out .under the leadership of Mrs. Wilkinson, and games of various kinds were indulged in. (After an excellent repast, the president

(the Eev. H. Wilkinson), on behalf of the members presented Mr. Simms with a handsome album, suitably inscribed, as a memento of his past services.

THE PREMIER'S MURCHISON TRIP.-The Premier and the Minister of Mines will leave Perth on Monday next for the Mur- chison. They expect to return on Tues- day, the 16th inst.

SETTLEMENT.-Additional reports from Government land agents in the country have been received by the Minister of Lands. Mr. B. Eliot, the, agent at Gerald- ton, stated he had during the month of April received ona application for a pastoral lease of 5,000 acres. The agent at* Bever- ley (Mr. G. E. H. House) informed tho Minister that he had received three appli- cations for conditional purchase areas total- ling 400 acres, and two applications for homestead farms totalling 480 acres.

SCHOLASTIC APPOINTMENTS. - The fol- lowing appointments in the Education De- partment are announced :-George Everett, pupil teacher at Albany school; Miss E. M. Dingle, assistant at North Fremantle school; Mis3 A. Foley, assistant at Fre- mantle infants' school ; Miss F. Connolly, teacher at Greeuough North Back Flats school; L. C. Wood, assistant Albany school; J. K. Parkes, master Pingelly school; Miss M. Ashe, assistant Beverley schcol; Miss E. I. Mackay, assistant Geraldton school; Mrs. E. Blackman, mistress Hoffman Mill school; Mrs. L. Willis, sewing mistress Mundaring school ; Miss L. Clarke, sewing mistress Cookernup school; C. J. Wobb, assistant North Fre- mantle school; W. Holmes, master Bin- doon north and south half-time schools ; A. P. Lyhane, master Clackline school, and Miss E. Nielson,assistantNortbFremautle «shosl, "

PEBTH WEATHER.-The temperature readings at tho Perth Observatory, yester- day", wero-maximum, 66.8, minimum, 52.G

PARIS EXHIBITION -The Premier is, we understand, in communication with several gentlemen with the view to the appoint-

ment of a commission to superintend the^ despatch of the West Australian exhibits for the Paris exhibition. The commission will be a purely honorary one.


f of tho above association was held last Wednesday evoning at the Bibra Lake schoolroom. Messrs. Gordon, Nicolay and Bray accepted offico as chairman, secretary aud treasurer, respectively, until the general meeting at tho commencement of tho financial year of the association, to bo held in October next. Af tor other business had been transacted, it was arranged to hold a social after the next monthly mooting.


Intelligence of a serious shooting affray at Shark's Bay reached the Commissioner of Police yesterday. It appears from a tele- gram roceived from Inspector Lawrence, of G oraldton, that that officer had j ust recsivo d word from Constable Baker, of Shark's Bay, that Mr. John Cowap, a local resi- dent, had shot a Malay named Abdullah through the left breast, and that the injured man's.depositions had boen taken and Cowan arrested on a charge of shooting with intent to kill. The constable added that Cowan had accused Abdullah of loi- tering about his primise3 on previous occasions, anti that an altercation ensued, during which Cowan drew his revolver and fired twice. One bullet penetrated through Abdullah's loft breast and passed out at the back. The second shot struck the man's hand. Though Abdullah

seriously wounded it is thought that he

will recover.

LEISURE HOUR CLUB.-Owing to counter attractions the lecture on "Novels and Novelists," which was to have' been de- livered by the Rev. G-. Horrington last night under the auspices of the Leisuro Hour Club, was not given. It was an- nounced that it had bean postponed till Saturday- week, the 13th inst.

WESLEY CHURCH LITEEART SOCIETY. A meeting was held in Wesley Church Vestry lart night. There was a represen- tative attendance. The Rev. G-. E. Rowe pre- sided. It was decided to resume the meet- ings of the Literary Society for the winter months. The officers and the committee were appointed, and it was arranged that the opening meeting should take place on Friday week next. Messrs. G-. Wright and A. T. Wreford were appointed dele- gates to tho Literary Societies' Union.

QUEEN'S .HALL CONCERT.-The second promenade concert of the season will be given in Queen's Hall on Saturday night next, for which a special programme has been arranged, and on which occasion.Mr. C. Wyncol will make his first appearance

and sing two tenor solos. Miss Jean' Drammond, the talented contralto, , will also take part.


lu our advertising columns will be found a copy of a requisition, bearing 57 signa- tures, which has been presentod to tha acting mayor (Cr. Campbell) asking him to contest the election for the vacant mayoral

;. Mr. Campbell has replied by promis

to accede to the wishes of the reqni sitionists. The only other candidate so far* announced is Mr. A. Gr. Bussell, of Perth. Nominations for the mayoral

election and for the election of another councillor, closo at 4 p.m. to-morrow (Friday). The polling day has been fixed for Saturday the 13th inst.


-The above society hold the second con-

cert'of the present season on Saturday, afternoon next, in St. George's Hall. The orchostra will play Schuberfs B Minor Symphony (The.< Unfinished) and other works by Gounod, Auber, Edward German, and J. F. Barnett. Mr3. Kerferd and Mr. W. H. Woodfield will he the vocalists. The box plan for front and balcony seats is now open at Nicholson's.

SWAN EIVEB MECHANICS' INSTITUTE. During April 67 now members of the Swan Biver Mechanics' Institute were enrolled, 45 books were added to the library, and thero were 1,512 visitors to the library. A literary and debating society has been formed and meets each Monday evening. Concerts have been arranged for each week. The Perth Chess Club has been incorporated with the institute and meets each Wednesday evening.

DEATH OF AN OLD COLONIST.-The death is announced of Mr. Jame3 Clinch, of Berkshire Valley, which took place at his residence ou Friday, April 23, at noon. The deceased was one of the earlier settlers, having lived in the district between 45 and 60 years. The funeral took place on Sun- day last, and iras very largely attended. Tho body was conveyed from Berkshire to the New Norcia mission station, a distaaco of 32 miles, and was met jby th» mourners and their friends at Glentromie, who formed a procession for the remaining four miles to the New Norcia Roman' Catholic cemetery. At the cemetery the remains wero met by Bishop Salvado and the clergy and brethren of the mission. There was a solemn requiem mass. Father Martinnie officiated, and was assisted by the Bishop, clergy, and brethren. The pall-bearers were Mr. John Clune, Dr. D. O'Connor, Mr. William Campbell, and Mr. Stephen Sheridan. The chief mourners were Mossrs. Alfred and Fred W. B. Clinch, sons, and Mr. Thomas Morrisy, son-in-law, of the deceasod. A large number of wreaths and crosses covered the coffin and hearse. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Bowra and O'Dea.

RESULT OP A FIGHT.-Two men, who ^ave the names of Crane and Jno. Smith, came to blows yesterday in Wellington street over an argument. Crane was knocked down during the scuffle which followed the verbal argument, and his head coming in contact with tho kerbisg he was seriously injured. Plain-clothes constable Crick seeing a crowd collected proceeded to the scene, and finding that Crane was badly hurt sent him to the hospital, where on arrival he was admitted by Dr. Miskin and his injuries dsalt with. He was detained for further treatment.


night the Metropolitan Fire Brigade was called out in consequence of a report that reached the station that a fire had broken out at the Shamrock Hotel. On proceed- ing thithor it was learned that a smell of burning having been noticed in the passage between the saloon bar and the billiard-room, investigations wore made, when Cr. Potts, descending to the cellar, found that a mass of straw had caught firo, presumably by the careless use of a match by a smoker in the passage above referred to. The firemen found on arrival at tho sceno of the outbreak that their labours had been anticipated by the councillor, who had extinguished the incipient blaze. No damage was done.

A BOLT FEOSI A BACK-BLOCK. - The City Engineor 'is supplied by the City Council with a horse and trap with which to make his inspections of works in pro- gress and those for which contracts aro reputedly let by the council, and therefore ought to be in pxe^rass. lïfap. the 0%

Engineer is busy in his omeo his horse and trap are usually idle in the yard enclosed by the police station, the fire brigade station, tho back premises of the House of Assembly, and those of the Post Office. Yesterday ic seems that the horse used by the City Engineer conceivod the idea that it could do a9 eiEoccive work as its driver by itself. Strnck, no doubt, with an urgent desire to find out why the roadway ia Hay - streot West, after being steam rollod repeatedly, had been chopped up by municipal employees,

or to discover if the street in which a coun-

cillor resides had boon proporly steam rolled-it set forth on a voyage of inspec- tion " on its own." A prosaic police report states that "Tho City Engineer's horso bolted, and was stopped in Barrack-street beforo any damage was done." Such is the diEforonce between picturesque history and plain facts.

PERTH POPULAR " Pops."-rhe second of the series of entortainments known as "Popular Pops," and organised by Miss Heinbockel and Miss Isabel Keid, will be given in the Perth Town Hall on Wednes- day evening, May IV. A highly attractive and diversified programme will include the presentation of '* Milky White," in which Mr! Tom Cannam will sustain the title rôle.

Under the auspices of the Fremantle branch of the Federation League a Federation cam- paign will bs opened this evening with a public meeting at tho "Wesley Hall, Mandurah-rOad, South Fremantle. The speakers at tha meet- ing will include Mr. N. K. Ewing, M.L.A., fho Ecv. G. E. Wheatley, aud Mr. M. L.


Tho proprietors of the Melbourne Cash Gro- cery Store, No. 83 corner of Murray aud Pier streets, announce in our special columns that their latest up-to-date price list is now avail- able. They claim that as they only buy and sell for absolutely spot cash, tiley are in a posi- tion to retail all tho standard brands of gro- ceries at prices that defy competition.

Attention is drawn to Messrs. Jas A. Todd & Co.'s sale at 11 a.m., on the premises, 856 Hay st., of completo Household Furniture, to be sold absolutely without reserve.

Attention is directed t» tho salo of rujs and furs from the furriery et Mr. H. Lawrence, of Adelaide, to be held nt Bartletto's studio, 457 Hay-street, commencing this morning at 11 o'clock. The goods wero inspected hy a largo nnmbor ot people yesterday.