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DETACHABLE - WASHABLE .V;'- .... INlERCHAN^EABftE J Thatk the NEW ? // P^^g 1S££P.0W^MOHELr: H gl^^^MI Here is' a great O-Cedar improve - M *I ^^aj!1tiillv§ I ment — a solid steel frame with 1/ i1 -*-5g=-v.j-i-=Hj spring action, which allows you to 'slip, the pad off and on in a mo L^^JI|_rWf:F7^T^^l ment for washing, reversing or l^^sp^^fcggggj renewing. This great newimprove qBi^SflB ment makes the O-Cedar Polish §ll|§||2jt|j|J|j§§ Mop still more efficient, still more jjg==5BJpjj§jpii labour-saving, still more' the most ^^^^^^^^^fa effective and economical 'means of , =^^^^^^^ keeping lino, parquet and polished '^^^^^^^^'^J^jEL. paid for itself over and over again. Why ' ^^^^ '' ./Eg^^^^ °ot bring the new one into service now 2 , ^F . s*~m^ J&/~ ? ^^L.' ^°^ ty Hardware Shops & Stores f ' /*m&iM!atBE''!\ ^^ throughout the Commonwealth, ^^^^_ ' ' '^4^^ Wholesale Distributors: GIBBS, BRIGHT 4 Co.. ^^^^^gg^^^^^^ : . Melbourne, Sydney* Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane. ®. Last week in Buckingham's Cash and Carry, Sydney, our sales girl was try ing to .sell' Bunyip Soap to a new cus tomer who thought Bunyip was no bet- . ter'than the soap she was using. Along comes another lady who overhears the argument. 'Don't be so silly,' she says as she buys 4 tablets, 'you can't compare Bunyip with that soap, it - has got miles to go before it comes any where near the good old Bunyip.' This is the opinion of careful hard working women all over Australia.     If you would like to try a sample of               the famous Bunyip Soap which every-             one says is so much better, cut out       this coupon, post it to us, and we             shall send you a generous sample.                 name ............... address .................                     Sole Manufacturers and Patentees, The Bunyip Soap Co. Ltd 25 CLIFF STREET, FREMANTLE. , ? '?-, ? :. ,i ' 'Phone FM60. ,'-,.. Soap Makers Since 1890 — But Always Up-to-Date.                 _ 11 ? ; .; _j ? ,. -l).f ; \ , ? ??punam jAilie anext'ia wbl ^ ?- |B pah of fiandb H in tfie Caunchij Ultlag - i*You; have, heard a lot about RELAX *' 6h9^ -'r'^ - 7':f|^^Y' ?PAI?«. ^ni1 how- easy It-makes ^ Hj^1' --.:?'?''?'%?%? *v!f^-.'.washes. Wh'y; not prove this for your 1 BHH i^L '-self? Get the special trial bar from your ?HI! 7 ? ? ^^ ? -?.?..*?'?? grocer and make the test next wash day. HKwfj / ' ' ^VT . ? A product of Westralian Soaps Limited.

^^^^^^^ amber dear, fragrant liquid — -/I ^fiJIlop^ harmless to animals, but sure ^ .'ifPu^lSr death to those winged maraud ^^^BBr ers who steal your health and W ? comfort. Recent laboratory tests The fly is the: filthiest insect -proved ..'ELY-TOX to be the known. Literally hundred^ of most deadly insecticide sold. , deadly bacteria swarm in the In comparative tests, FLY-TOX putrescent ooze ofa fly's spongy gave the highest efficiency— . foot. It contaminates everything 96.4%, other brands being as 'it touches — your food; your low, in killing power, as 6.66% ! drink; even your tooth-brush. Au*r.i«o D*t*moni _. . / r t FRAZER & BESX.LTD. .There is only one safeguard. bnijmi, st***. M«fl»~a«. *uuu* ««d rwh 'KILL THEM. , p^a 1 The simplest safest and surest ^^iMtttt^^ JSJl way is to use FLY-TOX. jBI^9tt^K^)/^^ ?A 1 lA MB 1H ^^^ Italian ? 241- 1 gallon ? 11/6 «Rr^ m» ' , ^Bk J^T^ iclUmcmuHOotL) - ? 71 Hk ^^9^^ ' k. iKo^ ' ISozt- ? H6 Sat%. - 2f V^A iS^K t' A Jp^T ' Special Flfto* Two pitt* drip- 'vBHL tWa _^^ ' ' ' ttakmitpny -«act 2(6 ^- NCW ^'before its too late ?? ,v.v ?' .? ^F3»29 ' ??...-. ? '' \

i sJhnaoctl^ | I jn MQOORIE bettet 'ted I I ^^ costs the same as most ' | I teas, but in actual use it | | costs less because of the | t small quantitq required, ' | due to the better quality, | 1 , pnerfragrance.andgreatH | I er strength. Qet a packet . | | ta-daq, and see hou? much j| I further it will go. ? _^^ | | ' Make it a 'regular' treat j^SSA. I I on your grocery list. IMS$gm | 8 '0^Aml^fledwii(fijoo(lQ$k (^m |

IP^iW COOL Fo» 9i^ ^ y^EAUTIFUL little undies, slim ^\Ji refitting and graceful ... faultle^sly vL/ i j ?^'cut to allow nimble limbs full ^^y/ play. Unlike any other lingerie; be ^^^*\ cause 4 Celanese ' is moisture-proof ... ^:«*;t»ii-^l not clinging damply as you dance or : \jS^c\ J?et heated . . . but cool to the j-kin, tf£§^llfresh and uncxumpled. Shrinkproof, V^pM--^stretchproof and colourfast, constant Loofeforihi, brand washing only adds softness to this mark which ident- shimmering lingerie. Practical tor every ^?lanefeC day and every weir, it is surprisingly menu. . inexpensive CELAMEJE - Lungefe I K ? ? ? - .. 7 ~cv, Australian representatives: \ ^,« ***** ???-??? £££*. niSn ? '««-\ t There lives a girl There lives a girl in America, a lovely, lovely girl. She is paid £78.000 a year. And she uses Creme Charmosan for her skm. She is Billy Dove, First National film star. Many of the lovely stars who use Creme Charmosan arc dollar mil lionairesses. They could pay ten guineas a jar for their skin cream if they wished. They use Creme Charmoean. Mary Astor, Dorothy Mackaill, Alice White, Maria Corda, Leatrice Joy, Phyllis Haver, Anna Q. Nilsson. Loretta Young, Jacqueline Logan, Doris Dawson, Thelma Todd, and many other stars declare Charmosan the most . beautifurand the BEST skin cream (note that word 'best') in the world. Can you imagine these lovely aristocrats of the films using any but the BEST cream. to take care of their precious skin? There are cheaper creams than Creme Charmosan. Oh, dozens of them. But, dear lady, Creme Charmosan does for your skin what ordinary creams can never, never, never do. So what are a few pence where your precious 3kiri is vConcerned? Charmosan is greaseless, ? so cannot grow hair. What a blessing. It makes the plain or ageing skin look years younger, prettier, lovelier. Lightens and whitens a freckled brown skin. So good for sunburn. Holds face powder for hours and hours these hot, sultry days and nights. Snow white; no crude colouring in it. Price 2/6 per larg^ DOUBLE SIZE jar. Sold everywhere.