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Adelaide, April 20.

: The conference of the-heads of depart-"' nients of the railway services -to bo held in Brisbano on Tuesday next will be at- tended by three South Australian repre-

sentatives. '

Excellent returns are reported from Arltunga, A parcel of 12 tons of ore from the White Range mine has given 2oz. ) lOdwt. of gold to the ton by | battery alone. Thirty-one tons from the White Range Excelsior ha3 yielded nearly |36oz. This gold is valuad at £3 14s. per ounce.

Tho All Nations Fair in aid of the blina

schools again did prosperous business to- day. Tho total takings r are expected to far esco3d the promised,.£3,000.


Melbopene, April 20. * The tender of the Australian Forgo and Engineering Company Proprietary at ¿£21,905 has been accepted for the con- struction of a steamer for the Port Phillip pilot service. The condition is imposed that a minimum wage must 'be paid, and that all machinery must ba locally sup- plied.


Sydnet, April 20. ' The quarterly meeting of the Miners* Delegate Board was held at Newcastle to- day. It was stated that the only question in dispute between the colliery owners and the mon was the one with regard to filling away the smalls, which was regarded as a matter of minor importance, and to »11 appearances the industrial conflict has


The German warship Cormorant was placed to-day in Mori's dock for repairs.

Mrs. W. Rand, whilst stepping out of a train this evening at ArnclÜfe, fell and re-

ceived such injuries that she died shortly [

afterwards. The deceased was the mother of Mr. W. A. Rand, hon. secretary of th» New South Wales Rugby Union.

Broken Hill, April 20.

Mr. G. D. Delprat, assistant general manager of the Broken Hill Proprietary mine, has been promoted to the position of general manager. He assumed the duties on April 1.


Brisbane, April 19.

The Governmeut hava rewarded the Northern blacks for the assistance rendered by them to tho snrrirors of the roconfc hurricane amongst th» pearling float. The blacks hava been sent a store of flour, axes, clothing and tobacco. About 145 bodies wore buried by the natives bit^rcsn Capes Bathurst and Melville.


Hobart, April 19.

Ward and Williams, the recaptured escapees from the Hobart Gaol, have each been sentenced to six months in irons and 14 days' solitary cenfiuement.


Auckland, April 19.

Two miners named Juo. Patterson and Alex. Beatson were killed by a fall of earth while working in a sluicing claim in Southland to-day.

Auckland, April 20.

A special meeting of tho Invercargill Harbour Board was held to-day, when ib was reported that a shortage of about .£400 fxistud in the accounts of tho sccrotary, J. E. Pox. It w.13 decided to institute criminal proceedings ag.iinsb Fox.

The body of a. woman named Andrews, who disappeared very my< sleriously a i?û:!< agi, ha» boon found. She is supposed to have committed