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ST. GEORGE'S CARNIVAL. The carnival arranged in aid of the Boulder Presbyterian Church was opened on Wedaesday afternoon, when sports were held in the Recreation Reserve. The weather was stifling and the heat an' dust prevented an; but enthusiasts from putting in an ap pearance. "'ihe committee did not appear to think the sports of such prim ary importance as the evening turn out, so they wert- not dis heartened, and got the various events through as quickly as possible. The results were as follow: Trades Assistants' Handicap. One mile. Trophies valued £3 3s. and jr. --). McDonald, i; R. Taylor, 75yds, 2; G. Mott, iooyds, 3. Obstacle Race. Trophies valued. £3 3s. and .£.-C. C. Taylor, i; Bert Rolfe, 2. Carnival Handicap. Two miles. First, gold watch valited £zo; second, trophy valued £2.-Bert Rolfe, s85yds, I; G. Mayman, 295yds, 2. Inter-club? Wheel Race. One mile. First, medal valued at, £5 5s; second, trophy, .2.-J. E. Bigwood, I; C. narslhall, 2. Hurdle Race, 12oyds.--E. Rowell, ;; E. Tinley, 2; W. Corfield, 3. Champion Hurling Pitck. Prize gold miedal valued £3.-J. Dowd, 122ft. 6in., i; G. Jordan, 99ft. 4in2.. 2 J. Free, 98ft liin, 3. ,The ground was brilliantly lit vp with arc and .incandescant lights at night, under which the- soats and ath lettc events :were brought off. There was a splendid attendanc-e, and a fine li5;ogramme of sports was gone through. together with an exhibition of Japan ese swordsmanship. The St. George's Cartival was ton tirmed enderb electij c li hi at tte B3ptide' Rycre.ttion Reserv cn .Friday th't, A group of little girls gave an ex tilltiofl of Indian chili swinging,and th'e Japanese again appeared in their double-handed swordsmanship. The Boulder racecourse on Saturday was the scene of military sports, which under proper management would prove one of the gieatest atttactions yet seen on the. fields. Up? to the last tlihe coim:. mittee who were conducting the day's edeints failed to nmake it boom as they might have done, and ýn unfortunate postlionement caused the public to -a miost lose sight of the affair altogether. VWhen the old committee decided to hand over the managemeit to Mr H, M. Eldtlc tlt ? "pnly allowed him As many hours as it would require days to work up the show, so. he had to make up scratch events on the grounds, but he quickly found material, though, of course, competitors were untrained and unable to do justice to themselves. The

first event was cutting the Turk's head, for which Messrs. P. J. Daley and A. Barclay, both ex-N.S.W. Lancers, competed, Both men had evidently practised for the event, as they per formed well, Mr. Daley eventually win ning by two points. The Gretna Green Race, proved very amusing, as the lead horses in every instance proved more or less intractable. The competitors were Messrs Kennedy and Marmnion, the winners; Messrs Clifford and Green, and Messrs Neeves and Page. ' lhe tent pegging was the best event of. the day, six competitors, the Rev. Stanley Reid, Messrs Daley, Barclay, Elliot, Marmion and Neeves facing the judge. Lances provided by Inspector Newlands were used. HMr Elliot won the event by one point, but he dropped his lance after taking a peg, so he was disquali fied. " Mr Daley was therefore declared the winner with seven points, and Reid and Mr Marmion equal for se cond. In the run off Mr Reid woni. A scratch entry of six, Rev. Stanlev Reid, Messrs G. Kennedy, G. Brown, Daley, Neeves and Clifford, was re ceived for the Umbrella and Cigar Race, and the result was-Kennedy, r; Brown, 2; Rev. Stanley Reid, 3. The Rev. Stanley Reid and Messrs Neeves and Daley tried conclusions for the best horseback. wrestling. Messrs Neeves and Reid were the first pair drawn. Mr Reid soon got a good hold. but his opponent slipped across his (Mr Reid's horse), and a great tussle ensued before he was finally unhorsed, and the c lurch declared triumphant. Mr Reid made a gallant show against Mr Daley, but he was giving away too much weight and strength. His horse, however, was quicker and readier ,n responding to the heel, and it gave "ae powerful ex-lancer all he could do to secure the verdict after several minutes' hard play. Eight entries were received for the tilting at the ring, but owing to lack of practice the horses of most of the -competitors were very green and awkward to manage. The winners were Messrs Marmion (ii points), El1 liot (so) and Barclay (8), the other competitors being the Rev. Stanley Reid, Messrs Clifford, Morcom, Gren, and Daley. The mounted melee w.t; .not a success, as only two entries could be raked up, and after .a good exh .bt tioer of mounted swordsmanship ..Tr Barclay was adjudged to have bea:en Mr Daley. Eight competitors lined 'up for the Rescue Race, so it was <te cided to run it off in two heats. In the first heat Mr Kennedy was first, iwith Mr B1arclay second, Mi Clifford .ind Mr Neeves being the other starters. In the second heat Mr Daley came first, Rev. S. Reid second. Messrs Elliot and Green were-the other starters. • Mr Kennedy won the final, -with Mr Daley second.: Mr Daley iwon the Lemon Cutting with Mr Barclay second.Messrs Clifford and -Marmion also competed. Messrs G, Kennedy. and G: Brown tried conclusions in the Tandem Race. At the home turn Mr Brown's lead pony got off the track' and managed'to break away, which left Mr Kennedy an easy winner. iBoth riders up to the time of Mr Brown's lead pony getting .beyond control were displaying great still with the whip, 'and a most -exciting finish was being looked forward to.' furlong race for previous competitors concluded the programme.