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PRESENTATION TO REV. STAHLEY REID. On Monday evening the lady mem bers of St George's Presbyterian Church, Boulder, presented the Rev. Stanley Reid with a silk gown as an emblem of his ordination. The Mayor (Mr J. M. Hopkins) occupied the chair, and briefly referred to the high esteem in which Mr

Reid was held by the congregation and the citizens generally. On behalf of the congregation, he then presented Mr Reid with the following address : " Rev. Stanley Spencer Reid, B.A., St " George's Presbyterian Church, "Boulder City. "Reverend Sir,-in this your inves titure to the high and honorable cause to which you have allied yourself, we, the adherents and members of St George's, desire to extend to you a heartfelt welcome, and with that welcome to convey to you the hearty congratulations and sympathetic pleasure with which we hail this ceremony, a ceremony which will in later years serve to remind you of the many arduous and almost insurmountable difficulties with which life's course is blazoned, and if in future days it recalls to you this eventful social gathering let us express the hope that you will look back upon a life unchequered, feeling at least that the Almighty, to Whose will all men must bend in reverence, has been pleased to guard you through this world and grace your name with wreaths of victory. On behalf of the congregation, and in all sincerity, we subscribe our selves,-John M. Hopkins, Mayor ; R. W. Milieu, Jas. McKenzie, John W. Mann, M. M. Hopkins, M. Balfour Scott, G. R. Henderson."