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The children attending Cobden School had a "wonderful time at the picnic on the golf course. Sajita Claus arrived by car and received cordial reception. He distributed toys and lollies to all from one of the elms which was decorated as a Christmas tree. The higher grade pupils also received a shilling and a bag of lollies each. The afternoon was spent in races in which the grown-ups took part. The results were as follows: Boys, 6 to 8 years, Bobbie Andrews 1, Ralph Morris 2; girls, 6 to 8~ years, Esme Lambert 1, Alice Walker 2; girls, under 6 years, Mary Grant 1, Yvonne Dalton 2; boys, 10 to 12 years, Ist division, Herbert Meade, Bobbie Thompson, dead heat; 2n.(i division, Bernie Richards 1, Jim Wilson and Len Moorhouse, dead heat 2; girls. 10 to 12 years, Ist divi sion, Edith Lee 1, Heather Don 2; 2nd division, Joyce Roberts 1, Jean Simpkin 2; boys, 12 and over, Ist div ision, Cecil Rhodes 1, Gordon Hay den 2; 2nd division, Les S*nith 1, Lionel Monk 2; girls, 12 au ( i over, Lesley Baker 1, Ella Meade 2; girls, over 14, Dulcie [Roberts 1. Alice Clarke 2; young ladies' race, Miss Betty Sorrensen 1, Miss H. Finlcy son 2; boys, 8 to 10 years, Frank Ro bertson 1, Cliff Rantall 2; girls, 8 to 10 years, Phyllis Burtt 1, Margaret Wilson 2; Siamese, girls, Rose Cust and Mavis Johns 1, Jean Simpkin and Joyce Roberts 2; Siamese, boys, Ist division, Herbert Meade and B. Rich ards 1; B. Cook and Jim Wilson 2; 2nd division, Cecil Rhodes and Frank Moran 1, Jim Moore and Les Smith 2. wheelbarrow race, Ist division, Keith Lambert and Ron (McKay 1, Gordon Hayden and Dcs Lambert 2; 2nd divi sion, Don Wilson and Arnold Cole 1, Bernie Richards and Jim Wilson 2; ladies' race, heavyweights, Mrs. Bert Scouller 1, Mrs. H. Wilson 2; ladies' race, bantamweights, Mrs. Eastman 1, Mrs. Lambert 2; ladies' race, mi fl yweights, Mrs. P. Hos e 1, Mr?. Burtt 2; committee ladies' race, Mrs. Pat Moran 1, Mrs. L. Simpkin 2, Mrs. H L. Harris 3; married men's race, W. Johns 1. J: Nicol 2, T. C. Inglis 3.

A meeting of .taxation experts to be held at Canberra will consider the establishment of an appellate tribunal to hear all appeals against taxation assessments.