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PRINTING. PRINTING in-all its branches per formed at the SYDNEY MONITOR OFFICE, namely :-Pamphlets, Circu lars, Cards, Bills, Placards, and all kinds of Legal and other Forms, Deeds of Apprenticeship, Charter Parties, i .5c., sc. 8c. Price of the SYDNEY MoNITOR, one Number, 58. per Quarter. Ditto, both Numbers, 10s. per Ditto. Advertisements, 2s. 6d. for eight lines; above eight lines, one penny extra ---for evey line. FOR MVIADRAS &s CALCUTTA. THE FINE NEW SHIP "-Dutchess of Northumberland. 541 Tons per Register, ROBERT JOaBIN(t , f lat IH. C. 8.3 Commander, will sail for the above - Ports on or about the 17th April. For Freight or Passage, -having excellent accom modations, application to be made on board ;or to WILLIAM WALKER &Co. March 28th, 1835. FOR HOBART TOWN. THE FINE A. 1. S I1IP T1 Royl GeLL""f' 486 tons Register, Cap~tain U)EO. RIiCiAttat, Wilt sail wn Fourteenl Days. For Freight or Passage, apply to the Comn mander on board, or to - O D.4J1'ES, GORE 4- CO. Agents. FOR LONDON DIRECT. HE FINE BARQUE - 1 T Albion - burthen per register 311 tons, WILLIAM SKiY, comismander. She is now oa ing, and as the greatest part of her cargo is ready to be put on board, will be quickly despatched. For freight or prssaee, apply to JAS. 13. IIETTI'NGON, - B---. B ING N91Miller's Point. - SthE-B-Y AUCTION. - GRANT FROMi THE CROWN. C -IMPOR7ANT--SALE - OF 6 FIFTEEN VALUABLE ALLOTMENTS - IN MACQUARIE -STREET. Commanding delightful Panoramnic Views of the Harbour, Shipping, Do main, the Heads, Woolloomoolloo, pc. c.. And on account of their Sa lubrious Situation, admirably adapted l fbr the residences qf it'-.*-;ºt,,, < tiemen, Government Officers, and I Others. By MVfr. Samuel Lyfons, . . On FRIUAY, 15th Ma, at 12 o'Cloek-precisely, oh e the Ground; F -1VHERE REFRESIHIENTS WILL RE PROVIDED. S LYONS in submnitting this truly Valuable lvi Pro arty to the notice at the-- Public;,-cannot - refrain (although convinced of his inability to do     justice to its numerous and striking merits) from endeavouring to point out a few" among which its   unparalelled convenience and proximity to all the   principal places of business and public resort are not   the slightest, and yet at the same time possessing all   the advantages of a rural situation, free from that   inconvenience so justly and universally complained   of in the Town during the summer months, when   " Brickfielders" are of such continual occurrence, and affording the purchaser the site for a residence   where the invigorating sea breezes may be enjoyed   uninterrupted by clouds of dust.   Although the peculiarly delightful situation of these Allotments must be apparent to any who may be at thetrouble of inspecting them, still Mr. L. feels I it incumbent on hint to expatiate upon the extraor- D dinary value of thi. property which it may sately be 5 said has not its equal in Sydney, and consequently presents an opportunity to purchasers which will never again occur, of possessing ,a delightful retired residence, on a picturesque spot within a few m' nutes walk of any part of the Metropolis. I i'even of the Allotmients have frontages to the Do main, to which the purchasers would no doubt ob- I thin a itrect Irate-entrancei-,,W w li:-to-iiny -rialize-the Government upon the subject, the same as is allowed to the inhabitants adjoining the various Parks in London. The frontages vary from 26 to 27 feet each, by depths of 5Lto 133 feet. The liberal terms upon which they are offered for - Sale, ought-alone to-be sufficient-inducement to oc casion spirited competition, viz. fu~r last bearing ten per cent. interest, with security upurchaersh "rtyo pa theirown conveyance. A Plan of tht Allotments is exhibited at the Auc tIoneer's Itooms. - SALES OF GOODS. FOR SALE. ASMALL CHESNUT HORSE, broken in for AL Saddle or Harness, warranted sound wind and limb. ALSO, A LARGE STOCK OF SINGING CANARY BIRDS. Further partlculars ma be known on enquiry of --- THOMAJ SOLLETT, - No. 3, Goulburn-atreet, II-est. - - - .NrSALE, - .Per FREAK, STATESMAN, AND OTFIEB ARRIVALS. -INVOICE of Iron, Rod, B~ar, and B~olt I Lnvolce of Carpeting Invoice of Cott on Tbhread and Shirts Invoice of Green, Black, and White Paints -Sadhdlery-conslstinig of GIg and Chariot Harness paper-consistlng of Foolicap, Pout3 and large size, --36 by 2345 for Printing Copper, 22 to 28 02. Irish Pork, Cork- - Oxford Candlewick Hoop-Iron. small and large sizes ALSO, - Colonial Tobaccof -JOHN GILCHRIiST. - ~ No. I, George.Streett

HIGHLY VALUABLE WATERSIDE PREMISES. WITH AN UNEXCEPTIONABLE TITLE. Mr. A. Polack IIAS the pleasure of announcing to the Public, that he has been instructed to dispose of a IlHARF AND STORES, situated in the pre ferable part of Darling Harbour. On exceedingly liberal Terms. In the Stores is a WVell of excellent water. The many Local advantages attached to this Property, together with the terms of sale, will be explained on application to Mr. POLACK, at his Auction and Commission Rooms,.Lower George street. VENETIAN BI.NDS, Suitable for Windoosr of any Size ALSO, i~auitell Q1hia ilinbl;s, ON SALE, AT GEORGE PAUL'S, GEORGE STRlEET. CARPETINGS OF SIIP Latest and Most Fashionable Patterns, From 2s. per yard and upwards. Hearth Rugs, Oil Cloth for Halls, Passages, Stair Cases, and Gigs. ON SALE, AT GEORGE PAUL'S, GEORGE STEER7. NOW L.ANDING, Ex " SURRY. NIRON. EST ENGLISH, 1, $, -, 1 inch each, round and B ' square ------ - - - Best Swedish, small size Boiler Plate, 5 to 6 feet long, j to finch thick Best Turned Arms-and-linxes-2;-and-3-iuch-- - "Carron," 2 inch &c. Cart Boxes Best London made Glue Machine Bands -of "Catgut" Crown Glass, 14 by 20, 16 by 20, 16 by 22, 18 by :4 A ON_ SALEAT -A LAUNCELOT ITIEDALE'S, C 67 George-street. A A JUST ARRIVED fl PElt B "ANN" and " STATESMAN ,-' C AND C ON SALE, C At the Stores of the Undersigned, r I as ,r1 asn u.rrntz anu %. uvcr. ....,..., I Nails, shingle, Lath, Rafter, Batten andlSpikes, from 31 inch to 6 inches, made from patterns F sent from this Colony Winduw Glass, all sizes Saddles, Riding and Racing c Bridles. 6* bahionable Weymouth Head Collars Slop°, consisting of Blue, Flushing, Pea, ind Mon- A key Jackets and Trowsers WVotsled Plush- Waistcoats and-Scotch-Caps -- -t Gentlemen's white Calico Shirts, with linen fronts and lawn collars Also-plain-ditto -- - I Striped Shirts Fancy Varlentia Waistcoats Duck Frocks and Trowsers Hats, best superfine, London Blankets, finest Witney Canvas and Bagging, Sacks and Bage. Paints of sil sorts Pitch in firkins, 'Tar and Oakum Pickles, Sauces, and Mustard. ALSO, Flyson Skin Tea, In whole, half, and quarter chests Mauritius Sugar . Soap, Starch and Blue Sherry Wine, in 3 dozen cases Cape Wine, in pipes, half and quarter pipes and on draught Maderia on draught flest Vinegar Rum and Brandy, in and out of bond. GEORGE SALT TUCKER. James' Buildngs, (eorge-suree , 30th April, 1835. Cut Glass, Crockery, Lamps, Stoves, IRONMONGERY, &c. LEVICK and YOUNGER ARE NO/' LA.1DING, ROMs THEP PREAK &s STATESMAN, -A N ASSORTMENT of CUT GLASS, consistlng I.L1of uart and pint Decanters, Carrofts, Tum blers, Wmies, Custard, and Jelly Glasses, Dishes, Finger Glasses, frosted and cut Butter Pots, Salt Cellars, pare glasses for Cruets, &c. &c. Willow pattern Plates and Dishes, Cups and Saucers, *Chamber Sets and Jugs, assorted patterns, &c. Elegant gilt and bronzed 1, 2, 3, and 4 Light Suts pending Lamps, Shop, Bracket, Hall, and Table Lamps, Nursery and Safety Lamps and Lanthorns. Iron Boiler Plater, I to 4 inch thick, round, square, .and flat Iross, assorted Nail, Rod, and Sheet ditto, of various sizes. -Iron Pots, one to Alfty. gallons, in-packages to suit country dealers. Shingle, bitten, and 3-inch Nails; also-Tacks, Brads, and Nails, from 1-Inch to 7 inches, various --descriptions.-~ - . * Stoves Handsome Fnll Registers, with and without bright polished bars; Half Registers, shop, cabin, and other stoves, in great variety, bronzed, brass, anti green Fenders, brass andateel Fire-irons, Bellows, and Coal Scoops, Brushes, &c. Four-in-hand tandem, gly, riding, hunting, with p art and do Whips, Bridles, Ssiades, Stirrups, Currey Combs, Brushes, &c. SIron rim, drawback, and stock Locks, assorted sizes, Bolts, Hinges, Gimbleta, Cast Steel, Italian Irons, Shoe Bills, Smith's Bellows, Anvils, Vyces, Hammers, Files, Angr, 4 to h4-inch, Coach Wrenches, Iron Wegts I oz. to 56 lbs., Scales and Beams, Pit and I-adSaws, Chisels, Planes; * together with a great variety of articles too no merous to partlcularlze; the whole of which will be sold at reasonable prices. FI'holesale and Retail Stores, Lower George-,treet. I

ORIGINAL BIRKMINfrGHvfwA*M AND -S-HEFFIELD JRONJIONGERY, OIL, AND COLOUR WAREHOUSE, mi'. 68, GEORGE STREET, (Formeryi Macdonald's.) NILS OV, IN RETQRNING THANKS for the unprecedented patronage with which the Public has been pleased to honor him; begs to intimate, that he has received, by the " ELIZABETH TAYLORSON ," UNDAUNTED," "WARRIOR," and " JANE'," part of the First Quarter's supplies for the Year, to which he invites attention. J. T. W. will not descend to the hacknied mode of advertising prices, but he would assure his Friends of his determination, to Sell as Cheap as any 1louse in the Colony. It is almost unnecessary to point out, that in extent, and general assortment, his Stock affords facility to Purchasers far greater than any other in New South Wales; and as the whole of the Goods have been purchased in England with particular care, and strictly to his~order, their quality. may be relied on. The Show-Rooms and Shop, will now be found to contain every article of taste and utility, and the newly-arrived Emigrant will find great advantage in procuring his supplies at this Establishment. The following List contains-some of the leading Articles, as the º iole could not be got within the limits of an Advertisement.

Agricultural Implements, &c. C Adzes for Fencers C AxeA, felling va.rranted - c Do. mortice, single"and double end C Arms and boxes ecllnr Axlesos excellent T. Axles and ditto Bells for farms Do. for oxen and sheep Backbands Bows and yokes for bullocks Curry and inane combs Chains, lending, body, claw, timber, drag and lock Cart boxes, l-i to 6 inches Cheese hoops and rats Edging hoes Fi'ts, t r"c;ff'tti, aun pn, in tue imu. apj.lU- p ved kind Pleams and lancets Grind stones, and stones for scythes, and other i purposes Garden shears Harrows, single and double Harrow tynes Arms, wood and iron [loes, chipping, grubbing and garden iron-potsfronmtto 6O gallons -- Do. furnaces Knives for bay and chaf -Do. and--sazors-fo servant - -. Lines for plough reins and garden Lanthorns, house, pocket and stable Mills, ordinary and superior warranted Milk seives and strainers Do. pans, tin and iron Machine wire, No. 16 to 65 Do. smutting Nails, lath, shingle, batten, hurdle, brad and spike I most superior Ploughs, wood and iron mould board Plough shires and other mounting Pick axes and mattocks Rakes, garden and hay Shovels Spades, ordinary kind Do. hammered. the best article ever imported worthy of particular attention Seives In sets of wire and cane Do. brass wire for flour Screens for Wheat and lime Sickles amL scythes Saws, cross-cut, and pit, the best article ever made Spaying knives and needles Shingle and paling throws Traces, plough and cart Tarpaulins made to order Tin ware, including quart and pint pots, titn dishes and every other article- requisite Vine and other pruning sheers Wheelbarrows and iron wheels Wedges and maul rings Brushes. Including bannister, horse, house, hearth, nail, paint, shaving, scrubbing, tooth, and white wash Blacksmiths' Tools, &e. Anvils Bellows, @Qto 40 ires - Callipers Castrating clams, knives, and Irons in sets Drsll-bows and drills __ Files, Sat, 3 square and half round t Files, safe edge, warding, smooth, and rubbers of " all sizes Farriers tools, in complete sets -Hammers, hand and striking IIron braces Do., squares ýNailbra stakes, boera and hammers Plyers--- -- - Rasps for farriers t Rules d- Screw plates, 4 to 18 hole d Stock and dies; in complete sets tr Tongs. Hardies, cold chissel, &c. - h Fire irons - - h Vyces d Carpenters', Coopers' Cabinet ma. n kers' and other Tools. Axes lopping, side, broad, and sbipwrights Adzes, poled,, and headed Angersj to 2ilinch, shell and screw Bevels of all kinds 11 Burnishers Braces with ti to 48 bits Chalk and chalk lines Compasses mnd. dividers

Cabinet files and rasps C Chissels, firmer, socket, mnortice, carving and gra ving Garpenters- pencils,-red-and-black - -C Carvers' tools in sets 'C Drivers C Drawing knives C Gouges, tanged, socket and carvers' of various C sweeps E Gisnblet', the only article ever imported worthy of E notice F Glue pots, and glue F Hammers, rivetting, claw, upholsterers, saddlers, and veneering F -land, sash, dovetail, and meat saws, ordinary, F past steel..and.annrnvpA t nnlnn.anriner teni Pincers - Planes, hench in sets C Do. sash with templets C Do. moulding and others, the largest anti only as- I sortment worthy of attention in the Colony. F Do. sash fillister and plough Plane irons for moulding and other planes, cast I steel I. Rules 2 feet plain, and real box, 2, 3 and 4 fold Squares, steel, blade, mitre, and others I Saw sets I Sandpaper I Timber scribes I -Turn-screws of-sizes--- -- - Trowels, cast steel, tempered equal to London, I very excellent Tinmen's tools (in sets) Wheelwrights' buties. I Builders Fittings, &C. Bell cranks, chains, levers, and bells Brass foundry, including in the stamiiped bed, caps, I and ferrules, curtain pins, bands, pole ends, and ornaments, caddy furniture, draw and table 4 knobs, finger plates, spike ornamue'ts, &c.; and in the cast, elaw and other castors, cupboard turns, curtain and picture rings, cranks and f pulls for bells, hinges of every description, hooks and eyes. sunk and flush handles, rack pullies, sash screws, stair rods and eyes, sash and table fastenings, &c. Bedacrews .Ditto castors Rolts, barrel chain, crank, Rush, neck, round, spring, and abutter Brads, wrought, and cut, j to 3 inch' Door knockers, scrapers, nobs, porters and springs Door plates, of sizes Ebony and horn knobs, in sets and dozens (an entirely new article highly approved in England Hasps and-staples----- Hinges, iron hook ahd eye, abutter H. H. L., chest, butt, bed roof, table, back flap, and dovetail Latches, pulpit, French drop, thumb, spring, bow, and long Locks, liranmab's, lnion, Chubb's, Young's and Barron'a patent of all kinds, invaluable in this Colony-to-those requiring security Ditto, brass case, cupboard chbeat, camp, desk, closet, drawer !in sets), dead, super, drawback sloping deskirdn rim, mortice long, and upright, and rabited mortice, Rash, with crank handles for French windows, pad. plain, patent, and in sets, till, assorted oicmmo c to-patlet; stock--of every kind, and trunk Pulleys of all kinds, and for sashes - Sash weights, made to order Screws, # to 4 inch, and brass head Turnbuckles, for shutters Tacks, 2 to 18 oz., black and tinned Tenter hooke Cooking Utensils. and other ftr- - iishing Goods. Breid this - Hason and ewers (metal) Britannia metal tea and esffee sets Ditto Percolator "'Iritannia metal-mustard and pepper sets Ditto ditto egg cups Ditto ditto pocket flasks Bird cages to order Butchers' kitivee,.steels, and chopper.-- - Clothgs Jiqes Cantle-mehilds Choppers Canntstera of sizes Coal-scoops, iron and copper, do. "improved pattern Cinder-sifters and dust-pans - Cottage ovens to hang over the fire (a most useful article for the country) Cocks, spihit, " iWe, beer, and raeking Curling tongs and pincers

Cruet stands, japanned on tin. wood, and paper C mounted in gold and bronze, a very excellent article [ -Corkacrewi -plain;-ivory-headiand patent -[ 'Cheese knives and toasters Coffee and potatoe roasters - Candlesticka, table and chamber (complete) Cash boxes, plain and patent locks Dish covers, block tin (superior) S Dripping and bake-pans of sizes Fish kettles, tin and iron Fenders, wire for guakds, pierced Iron bronzed, brass and steel Fire-brasses of various patterns Fire-irons, common and case hardened, with gold tire-pans C Graters, nutmeg and bread Gridirons, plain and fluted,with troughs Irons, Italian and smoothing Knives and forks, white, green, and black bone 'I handles Ditto cocoa - Ditto ivory in sets, plain and balance, and most I superior, in cases Ditto pen, pocket, pruning, sheeps' foot, and vine I Liquor stands, a most excellent article- Ladles and skimmers, ship and other .. Larding pins and needles Meat hasteners, and bottle jacks Mops and brooms Oval and round pots, from one to ton gallons Plate warmsers japanned Pudding and jelly moulds Paste cutters, jiggers, and tweetern Saucepans, iron, common and block tin- all sizes Stewpans ditto, ditto, ditto Spoons, tea, desert, table, and basting Ditto, egg, mustard, and salt, In metal, ivory and bone Scales and weilhts, i, setts Ditto large weights, 14, 28, and 5f1bs. Steelyards. 50 to GOOlbs, and patent Slop-pails - Snuffers and trays Trays, waiters, bread, and knife baskets, in sets, complete and excellent Tart and patty pans, in great variety Tea and coffee urns Traps for mica, rats, and foxes WVine strainers. Curriers' and -Tanners; oool1_&c. Copperas and ivory black Knives, fleshing, beam, hair, and round Lamp black Steels, hand and thumb Slickers Stones for scouring Tanners' oil Tanners' scrubbing brushes. Fowling Pieces,, &auc Bullet moulds Flints and caps Flasks and belts, single and double Muskets and bayonets Powder, blasingt Ditto, in canister, coarse to glass Pistols -- Shot, buck-to-dust Turnscrews and nipple wrenches. Grintery1 8ce Awls of kinds, and haits Bristles Heel tips Hemp, fine and coarse, and flax Lasts and boot trees Shoe nails and sprigs* wrosght and east Shoemakers' tools (in sets) -- ----Crrates, &C.-- Cottage, full register, Grecian, kitchen rengesoven doors and grates, and single and double back 4 register Iron and Steel, &ac. Hoops, 1 to 21 Inch Iron bar, 1 x j toS x 1, including lyres Nail rods (fine brad to spike) Round and square iron. I to 2 inch Steel, blister, tilted and cast Sheet steel, of sizes. Lamups and Glasses, &Q. CONSISTING O0 1 Bracket lamps, in gold and broeze - Balance balls, with chain or rope Cabin, swing, and patent safety lamps C'himnies, straight, globed, plain and obscured

Gold and bronze table, sideboard, and chambep lamps Lamp cotton and wicks, for argand burners Lamps foIFrrsing roomirn sadishop, viTlIione, twos three, and four lights, in gold and bronze (the newest style) Moon,.thistle, and lotus shades (obscured) Reading lamps Senumbras shades, 7 to 10 inches, obscured, starredi and painted Oils, Paints, &c. Black oil Sperm ditto genuine. Colours dpi, for house and scene colouring flUd feaf . Gums of all kinds Linseed oil, boiled and jaw Paints-White, red, black, blue, and yellow Pitch, tar, and rosin Turpentine Varnishes of every description. Plumbers' and Glaziers' Toole (An complete Sets.) Bossing irons, chafe wedges cutting flyers, dres sers, drawing knives, -DIAMONDS, -hammers, hacking and stopping knives, mallets, sucker hooks, shave hooks, soldering irons, andeaupeus. -Plated-and--Silver- Goodst-a.-- - British.plate spoons Ditto ditto forks Cruets, 49 5, 6, 7, and 8 glass, hth revoltviag Candlesticks, a splending assortment Ditto in pairs Cake baskets Corner dishes in pairs and acts Forks, desert and table, sn steel Liquor frames, 3 and 4 glass Spoons, tea, desert, and table, on steel, plat & ans. King's pattern Skewers on steel Sugar crushers Ditto and other tongs Silver and German ore thitibles Snuffers and stand Toast racks Tea and coffee service (In seta); S&zudrles. Bees' wax Bread rasps Bushel and other measures stamped Iis I;otidlat Bell-pulIsand ropes Butter prints Bits for bridles Buckles Bedsteads (iron) Bath bricks liar and grain tin Corks and bungs Chamois skins Cloga (Bath), and ladies' spring Ditto gentlemen's ditto Copper-plates for engravings Cucumber slices Dog collars (brass and chain) Fish hooks and lines -Fencing-folls Girth webbing Guaging rods Hairs for violin bows Hop knives Harp strings, (in complete sets) Imitation flies, for fishing and fflotas Iron chests Jews harps Iron, brass, and copper wire (all alzes) Lucifers Lead (pig and sheet) Metalltc and other rBaor strops M ill.atones (real French Burrs) Oyasnter knives - Pumicestonm- - -Roll and-flour-sulphur -- Raddle for sheep marking " Rope of all sizes, and blocks Round-of-beef knives - - Stair rods and eyes Stitrup irons Sewing twine Spectacles Steel busks (Metallic spring) Salanonlac, and corrosive sublikate Spelter Solder for coppersmiths' and borax Surveyors' chains and tape Telescopes Tin plates (in boxes) Table mats Ditto D'Oyley's Vitriol (blue and white) Whip-cord - - Woodien.ralt shovels Whiting