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1Donmcetifc utelfi ctre. LUiY OU REPOt'TERt.] Great consternation was excited in the town on ''ltursdaiy iinorving, among the ticket men, their relalives, nd aulbove all, their creditors, by the protnilgation in the Government Ga zette, of a Government Order, annulling all those Government Orders on which ticket men receivred their tickets. h'lie order, however, is not retrospectice. It dues not say, that present ticket-men are to return to Government ser vice. We advise the ticket-men not to talk They are at the mercy of Government. It is not only therefore, .coinmmon sense, Ibut good polier, to trust to the forheorance and kind nets of Government. At the muster of tick. et-meni on Miodl4yv, no intimation was made to them, that their tickets would be taken from them. The order tends to divest those of their tickets only, who may not have served all tile. time prescribed by the Act of Parliament 13ut all those whlo have served the time so specified, are quite safe. But they must cease to be master umen. They canniiot holl pro perty. 1We have seen a certificate bya compe:tent judge, of the success whicih has attended the l3oarding Schlol of Mlr IIarilonD. near Campbell I Town, ill the rapid inmprovement of his pupils since e he commenced his establish ment, so useful in that quarter. AMr Ml'Kaeg of thie huilk,'has been ordered to sulerintendl fifty men from the j il, in prepar. i?g a jpiece of ground at Goat Island for the erection of a powder-magazine, tlie men being of course worked in irons. We suppose Alr Al wi'l be lookinig out for an advance of ta lury, for these h!s extra services. \Ve are sorry to hear, that that old Engliah custom, at once cowardly and eruel, is coniiiig grndually iino fashion in this Colony, naunely, bull-hnlitiug; uint to inmake it still more cow ardly, our Australian " fatcy" prefetr old, worn-out ox",I i \\'e are hiup ly, to say, that the "' Theatre /loyal' as it is citlled, was ini request on ''ttuesday, and that the " corps dramatic" exhilithed still further imnprovelnent in t/e p'rifession. -ix hundred Acres of Land at Brislbane Water were sold last week, fur £3(65. by Alr Bodenhlam. A sns till piece of ((round next Mlaior h)riuwitt's Land, ulso wi'as sold, and pro duced £120.

Brooke Lodge a as brought to the h1mmrner by Mr Samuel Lvons, on 'lhursdtay last, and knocked down to the Rev Joseph D)ocker for 3001." On the same day, Photnix Park was bruight to the hammer in allotments, and knocked down to Messrs John \M'Donald, J. C, Phelpi-, L S. Edwards. J. T. IHughes, Juli Ma laolm, and Jolin Al'Larren, at an average of 32s. per acre; Each allotment. I inent had a fine water frontage of the river; I the central allotment of Forty Acres, which is surrounded by water, is to be pnt up to auction in the course of three weeks, in allot ments,'o correspond to those allotments already sold on ihe opposite aide of the river; this ground is very valuable on account of its belig.very high, and " the only part fit for bunilding stores and granaries. Goulburn Grove, a valuable estate adjoin ing Phomenix Park, will shortly hie brought to the hammer. It is said, that a house in Sydney has bargained already with other houses in Van Diemen's Land, for 10,000 bushecls of wheat. We doubt this. It is a very hazardous speculation. Our harvest turns out much better than was expected, not withstanding the smut and rust. . A great deal of wheat was sown last season, and where much is sown, much will be ga thered, in spite of drawbacks. A fellow named Kennedy, contrived to place a shawl which lay on the counter of a publican, in his bosom, but not without being seen to'do so. Committed to take his trial for the offence. A contemporary is noisily indignant at a private gentleman preferring to give his news to one paper, in lieu of another. This is not fair. Every gentleman ought to be at liberty in this respect, and not be hoisted into a public paper on such im pertinent grounds. Mr. Beveridge, we perceive, has an nounced the re-opening of his very bene- ficial Academy, at reduced prices, agreea- bly to the custom of the times. Mr. B's. industry, and of course means of support, have been greatly injured by the Australian College. It is good to see competition in teaching "the young idea" &c. as in   trade and farming, but how far it is either publicly useful or liberal, for the public to subscribe to an a, b, c. school and an AB ab College, to destroy such worthy school masters as Capt. Beveridge, we care not to enquire. A College should be supported. But that is not a College (such as plain men understand by the term) which teaches not only the higher departments of learning, but also thrusts out to beggary the hum- ble instructor of the rudiments of learn ing?   Mrs. Brown re-opens her Academy at the residence built by Mr Cooper the architect, one of the best houses, and certainly the most healthy and picturesque situation in the Town of Sydney. Mrs. Brown is a lady, who, ow- ing to her manners and accomplishments, de- serves the public patronage in the highest   degree. She for a long time gave private tuition to the daughters of Mr. Justice Dow-   ling, Mr Campbell of Bligh-street,. &c. Our old friend Grono, will never' cease doing something in the Jack-tar line, so long as he continues to have the full use of his very active body and mind, hitherto exercised in labours the most useful to his adopted country. In about two months, he will launch another vessel, built by him on his farm at Pitt-town. The lf'illiam the fourth steamer, has returned from Windaor, and brought down a good lot of wheat. There is some talk of a monthly Ileli gious magazine. A miscellaneous magn zine will not answer in New South Wales for se.ven -y'ears to come, much less a reli gious one. lie must be a novice, who un dertakes such a work. SvNIY T'I'iATniar.-On T'lhursday night, there was not a full, bht there was a very gen. tee: house, the boxes showing off militarv oli ers in full dress, their wives and daughters. The serio-tmelodramta of the " Tale of Mys tery", was pel formed. It went off well, the company not only clapping, but even cheering occasionally. " Fortune's Frolic" followed for the third time, and seemed to give undtli minished satisfaction. alonlday atd 'Tuesday were lholitdatys at the Tniaks, as well as at numbers of shops in Sditov audi elsewhere. Cap'sain Biddtilph hl:s hired Mlr. Street's 'lihtrf on a lease of two years, for the con veltience of his sleamer the Sp/ia .trJane. Befitre the Meil proceeds to London, she will go to and retut run fr Hobalirt. The robbery on the Bank of Australia was bIrought to light by nmeans of the notes hIeiig put intito circulation. If lynam's rote icry were nit an idle tale, howiv is it Inone If the Iotilcs of vlwhiclh hie was robbIed hve foutidl their way into circulrnation at Ieen (letectedl? '['he Creditors of Ilyam ought to have ndtlverlisedtl the best'description of the notes they couhl; but they never tuttik aniy notice of thiir loss, ihumanely sittintt downi with thie nisfortune. The Minertl Strveyor has instOituted prose t utions against all those, who cabbaged hi. water hy clantldestinely lsetinserting pipes uitnder ground inlo his lurge irou ones, ii divers streets of Sydiney. Eight prisontters, natives and cnigranrts, unller the new lsgilsltales' Acl, were trats ported to V )eiemen's Land in ihe C/ementnhe. LICENSES TR f4NStERREtI ON Tre Isr. INSrANrT. -Abrtaham Poia)rk of the ' l'olicki's Lontldoni Tavern," to John King, of the Glohe--Johln King, ' Globe Tavern," to George Watkins-Georgeo Sippe of the ' Ilotal ITitel," to Johin HI. Berner -'l'hominas Revcs f lie " ilope," to Johln t orn -Wilitim N. Palmer, " 'Toh Rising Sun," to Thomas Reeves-W\\'iillit Flowers, "' 'The FIortune of War," to Vil lam N. Pahner-Nathaniel M'Cullock, "''The Governor Bourke," to Itenja min Sinileton--,Jnm?nes Slade '' Th'ie New Inn," to Jamens 'tyles--\Villiami II. Noble, ' WVoodcutter's Arims," to WVilltnt Btulge l-Franci· Ben, i ''lhe Custom Ilouise,"' to Clrleas Wlliams-'fThomas WVeetlon, " The Sprnead Eagle," to WVilliam nLay cock--Setlih Hlhwker, Thec (:liorry Gardens," to T'lhomann \Veedon-Georege Welsh, " Te't - ." to Josephl Clytnn--,osephli Moore, "'ITe \Vatertman's Arms," to 'ilhti Mel'ing -uhitnes MhElody 'r The Ilihlalnders," tio Pe'ter M 'Cormtnck-W\illilnm Cok, " The linrossa Tave'rn," to \\'illihn DnrghIn-IEdward M'Cabn, "l Cllrrency Lls" t Tlmtl.s Hnley-George Payne " lico live,"'' to Jolhi Iobertsonn. The Laddy Leith (hrig) hits comie round frolt (huorge's River, where she wais built by iher eplirilctl prolrietotr. Slue wtants some mnattelrs duone to ciitipletlc hlier, Shie talkes a goonl figure. hlr Proit we see his started as an actioneer. H,-ving ihad no smltl share of practice in tihe art if wielding thl ivorv, we darten say hle will ilek up a good manly cemtiu Ibs which fill frtom die tables of his veterat competitors,

Counsel, it is said, is allowed by Mr Rossi against a prisoner, but not for him. If this be true, it is extremely unjust, the law to the contrary in anywise notwithstanding. It is also said, that the Sydney Bench refused the other day, to hear a money complaint, on the plea of its being merely a civil affair. Swind ling , whether in money, bills of exchange, or property, is not a civil, but a criminal affair. We know that our country Justices have in terfered in civil disputes, and even acted the part of Sheriffs. But swindling , such as ob taining money, or obligations to pay money, upon false pretences, are all acts of a cri minal nature, and ought to be heard and de termined by the police. Sir R. Birnie heard a dozen a.veek of such cases, and committed thereon. It is calculated, that half'the number of prisoners who debark annually ini the Colony, embnark annually for the penal settlements. A proof of the incorrigible love of thieving in the prison population sent hither. Tile Elrza Frances, an English whaler, has been obliged to come to this Port, on account of part of her crew having mutinied. The mnutineers are all in jail, and will, pr6hably have been examined before this. Journal goes to press. The weathier still continues very droughty, mnalgrb the showers which have fallen here and there. Lieutenant Blackburn it is said, has resigned his command of the mounted police, in favour of Lieutenant Daley. Some of the mounted police are acting the part of Magistrates as well as police-men, i. e of drunken magistrates. This, it is reported, was the case last Wednesday night at the "Cherry Gardens, when a police-man in dis guise, proceeded ex-officio, to ransack the house. Another of these self appointed Jus tices, also drunk, acted Purtell over again, (knowing no doubt, that the Supreme Court has laid it down as law, that the police must be supported,) and took a man from his own door in another direction, swearing he was " a d-d rascal of a bushranger!" As the Overseer of Captain Btunn was rap ping" at the door of a friend, on the night of Saturday. a passer-bly catne up to speak to him: he bade him good night, but at the same nno merit, and while his face was directed to tlhat of the quiescent rapper at the door, the fel. low introduced two fingers to the opening of his fob, and in ano instant drew for'h the con tents, a silver watch, and immediately ran. Unluckily for this man of brass, lie was met by the conissithhis who were going their rounds, anid they, not liking his flurried mllunllcr, took hian into cnstody end kept his watch. The ownler coise up and detclared how tile felliow had come by it. lie was sentenced by the Char/les to the watch-house, until taken be fore the police. SPEED ou ST?EAM NAVIGATION.--At half past eight o'clock last Monday morning, cer tain tmaize, horses, and a cart, were at Alait. land, and were put on board the Soph/a ,ancl steamer at that hour. 'At ten o'clock on Tfrusday Iltornintr, tile horses and cart were at Parramltta, hard at work ! 'This couveyance is more rapid than that from tile Ilawkesbury tby horse and cart. It is proposed to the Government, that all constables before they receive their fee for killilg a dog, shall satisfy the Bench that they have burnoed thlie body. The streets have be come almost pestilential, by the carcasses of dlogs lying ahlout. A sewerr law is now wantled in Sydliiey, to prevent disease arising from filth thrown into the sir, els. 'Tile good folks of the Ag.nes are very poli. :icallv reporting all sorts of news abotil quarrels bietween thlie Chinese andt British. They have tea to s/ell. Eulrrors.ui. Mlousrr --" Our object inl these renmarks, is int to sow the seeds of dlis seiesion bletween Enigland and the -United St,ates."-S!rdlney IHerald, 31s December, 1832. ThIis explernatiion is certainly necessary, for, whoever' reflects oil the vast iilunence which this .Sydney Journal exerceiss over the ifflirs oif Enigland anid Americai, will acknow ledge, lthat thie eXplanation given wilh so much cloldour, is necessary, in order to keep peace betr, een these nations. Oie' Prick Brady of Pitt Town, hlas been coriuuitted onl the warrant of the Coroner, after due iliquest Iade, for the murder at Pitt T'lown, of it fellow servant. It occurred in an Iffrl'ay which took place during the Cristitas festivities on Mr Grottno's Frm. 'tHtE LArE Mn. JOlt:. M'lxTYRnE.-Charle James, one of the witnesses against the four Imen latelyc sentenced to death, for tihe murder of this genitletian, having confessed that lie was one of tire muirderers, and that hle depo sited the Iolly in a cernin wvater-lillle in, the tneighillrolrthttil of Ml i"l'Intyre's Fiatri, anid hiis watch, it tire sttump of a tree, was, atitli his owIt croirsenrt, sent on T'uestlay lest, to IIrnter's'iRiver, iii dharge of that respectable consiblle D)owl, to point out the slots in qiiestion. r "Levis has lIcen nplplinited to tihe coti Inand of tile Go'ern·or' P/illip. Poor Price, tihe ticket of-leave Jock"!, Ierilng given to liquor, was,. for hIis miisconIuiCt iii Ilis cips, selit to a rlad pLarlty, whlere lie lately cnlideil his inortal race. lie was a lively well. IlellaveLi.4tllui, niii a favourite with (lhie well. fancy, whlen stalner. A la.ndress has Icen lodged in cistotly for etealing a watchr froin the dwellin-hliouse of Mlr G(illies, tlhe ship-.uilelcr, on Tuecsiday last, vlwhil Ie ? v was sorting ouit sonie linien to take it to wash. ''Thle schooner Frienpship is loading (among oth'r property) with Colomnial horses, for sale at V. DI. Liu'd. 'Tlhe Distlict of Juggerah, Biriihane \Water, ihas lilherto beeni so quiiet and ordlerly, that thie attention paid to passes &c, ini other parts of tle Crlon, has ls been never, or brut little attended to tlhere ; evil ihas, lhowever, ait length resuiltedt from this laxity, anid thie bushi theret is nitv iecrrrsn by a itareel of fcllows, free naii tuntld, hlin may ultiunately occasion great iriscitief, parlictlhirly fromn their conaduct to wards the .4Aborq'ine. Co(mplhints are Intlde iry tIhe lattr, thait tiheir wotenrr halve Ieen setduced from thetn, and tlrhat eveni lire-urinas Ihave beenr used on some occasionis, as iuisirtn lienlts of iitihulllatiol for accolplisiirig thlis pturlose.; tIhe dillicrlty is, to bring sirich mat. icrs horne to the parties, asid even theni, uniless violencee Iras bleen coinmmitted, it would lIe til cult to get thIe law to hrear sulliciently for tihe protection of this itioffeniisive race, from far greatler savnage thlin themselves. Captai letrge 1iwson, of thle IBritishl whvllahlr the Eliza Iralncis, prosecuted ten of iris sailors Ilbfore tie Sydntlley ench orn loin dla. After his rlepositlinl had been read to ,lllil sigired my hIil, it was lhiseovered oil hris ciross-uxamrliatiin,-tht- hlf . ri of it wavs illor-n in lion whlich hie dld not know of hIis o"nr kiowlelgoe havirig helievedl it ol tile estli nonly otf his oflice'rs, All tliis part of CI t. fTi'?s tileloistioin haill to go for notlhlinL, anid tI]' exainiatoi , wias iuit olf' till the olhicer ,. ,. at;endt and tllepose severally to what ....y kiiew of their owis knowledlgeK, Skihppers are had lawyers.

Alr Lyons, wishing to make the most of his castle-like foundation at the corner of Church lill, proposes adding another story to his fine structure. Tobacco and wool presses are now mnanu factured by one Mr Bayles. This deserves encouragement. On Christmas day, a fire broke out in the kitchen of Air Chisholm of 'George-street, owing to our old Colonist's extraordinary pre parations for the f:stivities of the (lday. For. tunately, it was got under before it extended beyond part of the roof, which though a shingled one, was not so combustible as is most other timber, such as pine, "cedar &c. It created however intense anxiety and alarm among the spectators until it was got under. A new powder magazine is to be built on Goat Islutid. A Mr Bennett of Druitt-street, has lost -come pre perty by h!s house being forced on .Friday wh:le he was away from home. Competition is good for trade. On this principle, Mr Hyland, carcass butcher, and one of the pleasantest to deal with in the Colony, as well in manners as in zeal and punctuality of all sorts in his businrse, it is reported, is about to overthrow the veterans Aspinall and Mackie, in soap-boiling and candle making. The dark coloured stone now laying on the Sydney streets is worth putting on. The whi:e is an extravagant mode of laying out the sums appropriated by the Council.for repairing thie streets. We hope to see none but the best matefials used in future. 'There is plenty of the best at Penant Hills; the best, though dear at'first, beisng the cheapest in the entld. A constable.named Stnith, has been com. mitted to take his trial for an assault witlh intent to ravish a female prisoner of the Crown, who had been committed to hiis cus. tody by her mistress resi ing in Bringelly (Mrs Lowe.) A lanthern :it is " shid, is to be erected on Nobby's Island at the entrance of the Huu. Ster, in lieu of lighting or pretending to light the anxious mtariner on stormiy nights; u hen the rain puts out the 'fire which at present is lit every evening for that purpose. T'he requisition, now signing, requesting the Slherif' to call a Iullic tmseting oil stoie 'snarl:et day, in February, to petition the King :and Parliatmet fur a Ilouse of Assembicy, has not yet been transmitted to the Sheriff as mentioned by a" contemporary. A vagabond of the name of *""""**, a "freed tm;:ns, has tnever since ceased to annoy a lady of the name of Catmnpell who resides on thie Liverpool road, because tile Supreme Court and the laws required her to be intru. mental. in bringing a brother vagabond of Ihis to hpuhlie justice. lie has been ho und over to keep th?e peace. 'It is a pity, lIokiing at the .rtnimus of this innan, that he conhlt be punished as his wickedness in itself really deserves. A Mlount, d Police-mans complained of in another parnagraph, and also a foot sollier, have been tried by a Court-martial. ,\Ve call. not state the result. \We are happy to per. ceive, that military offelnces against the pen pile are thus taken early cogotizance of. It was the practice insDarling's time, particularly with regard to the ferocious conduct of drunsk. etn soldiers of the 3)thI, to slur over their drawn-bayonet violences. The rmaster of the Arew Zealandrr whaler, reports to have spoken thie following vessels. _Australiant .......... ... 75 tons 'l'as,,r .......-........ 300 barrels .hno. .................. 100 do. Alio. (Amei ioen)........ 50 tons :W'olf.. ......... ... 450 barrels. Tl'e A?rnes, \\Williamts msatt r, which left this port six msonths ago for the Isle cf France, was wrecked in l'Torrcs'Strails a mionth after she sailed. Crew saved by Captain Friend of the Persian, save one tmals Weo should like to know, whetlshr the Commsander of tile A?,g'ncs had on board a copy of Calpt lKing'a intrrutctions to sail in the inner channel? To slew what a Church Esalblishment, even a Refurmed! one like that of the Churchl of Etlgland, will do in thie way of nmammon, its head appointed ias 13ishop of one of his ,Provinces, (Hanover) a t 1.l- ar'ia l in tillts 13riishl arssy! known indeed as a mnerry good natured soldier, but by no imeans notorious for chastity, sobriety, or devotion. Another cricket match has been decided be- tween the Australian and Amateur Clubs, the former beating the latter at one innings. This was on Tuesday. The Race-ground was nearly half full of spectators. The Amateurs are sadly mortified. Currency Lads belong to both clubs, but they are more numerous in the Australian. William and Thomas Richards have been committed by the Sydney Bench, to take their trial for the abduction of an Orphan school   girl, on the evidence of her mother. Either or her or daughter are depraved, for the latter stated, that the taking of her away was with the consent of her parent. The trial will show. Pease are not a common crop in CsIt:lher huidt, the climate being froit experience as tlllfavollrablec to them as to osts, for a crop Pstase Ilose very well ill Argiyle this year, norwiths.ita1tli llg tile dry weather. Pensse witheltandl drought I'ttcr thin snO . 'The thdiiler-storm rains to thIe west, south, and north of the Blue Alounitais shave savedl the grass of those dtistaint parts of the Colony, and have forwardedt the puotatoes just plant,,(t. 'Two of the mess tltider settenice of death fir the murdler of tIhe late Air Dl'Intyre, have been parldotled the capital part of the senitence, atid are now o boardl tile bulk. 'The other two still remain in tie condemneCd cells, snamely, 1'Grath, miand DI)aley.