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Taara and


*»» «Toftü tordas nawiaSi bl lía - pa**, - ^*

' Attention ia directed to " tba' aa« ,;:* aouaceawnt of tba important tala ot

town properties by Messrs* H. Start and Co« tomorrow. - -

l;.;;" '-' ».» . V::- -'?;*.: :

it is announced that Ur* B, S4 .Seville, Government Tobacco Ex pert, will . bo present at >the Towns-

ville Showj

?Mr. Warden P. M. Hishon», .passed through town yesterday irom Towns- ville, where he had been attending the BUty Wilson trial, to Georgetown, I : Constables johasoa sad Brynolds

returned from " Townsville by, tba

.baratta yesterday, having aUaaded 1 the Carpentaria Downs nardee ¿rial, j

At tba Haull^labu paart am Waa- (

nesday last tba Ataartoa Newapapar. I Co. proceeded against I, H. Laxaras | to recover tba «um af £9/4/«. aaa : for actvertiaittg.. A verdict?tor plats -

till waa entered* .with costs amount-

ing to 3/6,

Tba- nsaira appeariag oa tba J an- ti ces roster at the ' Caima. Police Court for the contins .week aw ? Messrs. W. J. Munro, Dr. Kerwin,

and Kl lt. Miller.^

- Court ûT^drna will ba held _ on

Monday next.

The bi-monthly electoral court was

baal at tba Police Coori om Vadosa» , .lay. the electoral registrar. Mr. T* W. Fanait feeing ia act-denna, Sixty six Barnes were registered and ; JÄ

revised,' -

As usual, a large number of south- ern, tourists are. seeking-, tho con- genial climate of North. Queensland .for the"';" midrwinter, it» beautiful . scenery and smooth passage being the

chief attraction. On the JVyreama alone 400 passengers ara booked ' for its next trip» being due ia Sri»!

bane yesterday* v-'

-~ *

. .The Kev. W« Slater returned to Porti Douglas by the ArawattUa last ? 'night, . ? . .

. Vessels arriving at Cairns during the week ended 2nd inst«- numbered 12 with an equivalent tonnage of 13,61? tons. There .were the same number bf departures during that

period. -.

: .

Mr. John Dan, practical first-class tailor and outfitter,- Abbott Street. Cairns, notifies that he ia his own

traveller, and will have the pleasure | of visiting his back country-custom-; j

"ers and friends next .week. ~ :

Mails for southern ports by the I Mourilyan to-morrow close foe pack

- eta amt newspaper» .«* G-4S pm. ¡ . ordinary letters, 7.-15 pm* «ad laka .

fae letter» a. 8 pm,

. Mr. James Davie«, late of Hamble- don Junction," bas decided upon en- twine; int« the etorekeeping bu« inf as at Aloomba about tba end of Jane.

~ ?- Always wp-ta-date 'ht style ; alwaye

prompt in executing work.. Always - reliable. John Ban,: tailor and ~i oat? i litter. Cairns, ? invites country orders

and guarantees the best value and

most-moderate charges.*

«r. IL«. Wan.?_. Qn-rttnrlTn

stator Adelaida Coeapaay. la traMâ. ina Xorthrngr .»ba gi-tels, aaa! id' due in Townsville to-day* »MB «Jae* vill extend aa Jar aa Caine*

? Among recently proclaimed rcaan»

ves is an area of five acree, town of . Kidston. Georgetown district, - for State School parpoasaj

Mies Neville, daeghtar ot Hr Bs S. Neville. State Tobacco Expert, ar- rives next Tuesday oa a visit to Cairns and will be the guest of Mr, and Itrs. H. O* Newport at «ha h'aaierunga State Nursery. It ia. understood that daring he* stay aaa» Hiss Neville will dativas tara ha> turen oaTheoaophy«

The fortnightly

Manchester Unity OddfeSbwa

held on Wedneaday night. P/Z.'Brtt* ß. Kennedy presided ia tba. of N.G. Bro. P« O'Coaai ~ amounting to £23/13^'

for payment, and the receipt^, totall* ed £24. The ljaU'eaaaantten rapcrU ed that the aale of tk^uw ates pre» gressing and the faaction prom jean1 to be successful. - Mattera of at routine nature wera dealt with«

Mr. George Scragg arrived yester-  

day from a visit to the south and returns this morning to A^%&*&^%

Messrs J. Graham. ' father and son., arrived yesterday from Townsville on a visit 'to Cairns.

Messrs Kreyer and J. Gooaey. from Townsville, are paying a visit to


Mrs. Donald, of tba Laen. Cook- town, accompanied bv Misa and Maa- ter Donald, arrived yeeterdey from

~ iabaae. aad will holiday in Cairas

Statical. CneJttawat

tarong* from the soeth yesterday. Mr. MiUtam Elliott, late

of the Townsville Town Council, ar- rived, yeaterday em a vhat to Caine. Mr. Deightoa. nrishaar. ia paying a viait to town, haviag arrived yneter

*~- J

3fr. Ryan, achoo} teacher, arrived ^irtajtaj teat» Milaa and proceeds -jP charge of a school on,that -aaa^aaaani "aaaaaw ^ , ^' -. ,,

Mrs.-Huddy, of the Ord. left yes- terday for Cooktown to be present at' the wedding of her sister. Mías

Mr., Armstrong, Mareeba, returned yesterday from Townsville.

. Mrs H. C. Wilson arrived yesterday from Townsville and leaves to-day for the Herberton district on a visit to relatives. Mr. H. C. Wileen has goae aoath.

Mr. McIntyre, formerly ot Carpen-1 tarin, is passiag through to Herbar-1

toa. ... . . . ?

Miss Olive. Cooktown,. who had ! been visiting friends in Atherton, re-

turned home yesterday, being Joined j on the, steamer by Miss E. Olive, from Stanthorpe.

Mr. J. 8. Straw arrived from New- castle . (N.S.W.) yesterday to - take charge of. the ironmongery depart- ment ot Messrs Burns Philp A; Co.'s

Mr. W. S-Murphy. M.UA . is paav íag down the coast on his way to

>. Mr. W, Gower, bead teexher of the

Uerhertoa State School haa beaa tnasferred to Maryborough, for which place he leevea abott the loth inst.

Mr. Crothers. Karanda, ia payiae/ a

nett to Caima.

Mr. T. J. Kerr ead. Miaa Kerr (Mjawat -Gara**) Wit tor Coofctoam j mt II day. '


Mr. W. H. Olen arrfred anadeen»1!

Kia« freon Uar Gulf, oa a visit to


The nettlina* of Miaa Iteddee. . ot Oharas, to Mr. Itobert Boldaa ha» asea thad to take place oa Wi asi da* next at St. aam'i.

.(the. commercial visitors to : Cairns | at - present , axe Messrs Haughton, Bitte. l)uolà* aa»Üwütt. -.

It is understood that - Bellevue and Bulimba stations have-been amalga- mated by their new owners and ? are being worked and managed as one property.

Mrs. Shandon, nom Brisbane, . ar- rived . yesterday 0:1 a visit ,to relatives. She was accom- panied, by h;.-r son. Mr. E. M. Shan- non, of the staff ol Dalgety &; Co., Toowoomba, who. will "spend a hoh dav in thia district.

?." ff ? .

The Misses ^Street, Kuranda, v:ho had been'spending, a holiday in town returned home yesterday.


Mr. C. H. Jones who is conducting an art union to be drawn in July at Townsville, returned yesterday from the western towns. - Mr. Jones re- ports that he disposed of tickets very largelv. The first prim ia a golden horseshoe valued at £100.

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