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To the Editor.

Sir,— The article in 'The West Austra lian' -: entitled 'Why Beef is Dear' (by 'Drover') raises the question of the de partment regulations dealing with cattle  

tick in the Kimberleys. On page 10 of the regulations under the Stock Diseases Act, 1895, which were Gazetted on August 5,   1927, appears the, following:— 35. No stock whatsoever shall be al lowed to cross the quarantine boundary line from East to West Kimberley, ex cepting broken-in horses, which are cer tified by the local inspector of stock' to be capable of being easily handled for     treatment at Hall's Creek, and, excepting also groomed horses used by persons    

travelling overland and by special per-   mission of the local inspector of stock, to obtain which, 14 days, notice must be given prior to crossing the quarantine       boundary. Such horses, however, must     be thoroughly treated by washing with a solution fatal to tick at the police sta- tion at Hall's Creek, for which a charge   of 2/6 per head is to be made. Now it is well known to everyone in-   terested in the Kimberleys that cattle roam   across the quarantine line over its length of 500 miles without let or hinderence and     there are as many ticks in West Kimber-   ley as in East Kimberley. Ticks went     through the, cattle on Louisa Downs sta- tion in West Kimberley in 1916-17.' In 1918-19 the tick got on to the cattle on   Gogo station farther west, in West Kim berley. In 1921 they reached the cattle     on the late Mr. Percy Hutton's Jubilee station. These facts are well known to the officials in the Stock Department,     Perth and dips for cattle tick have been erected at Yeeda, Wallal and La Grange       in West Kimberley for the purpose of dip ping cattle leaving the West Kimberley       by land for the southern portions of the State.             "Drover" believes that the quarantine: line between East and West Kimberley is maintained in the interest of the Wynd   ham Meat Works but in view of the facts set out above it might reasonably be in ferred that this line has been imposed and is mainitained in the interests of the shippers of cattle from West Kimberley to Perth. It is to be hoped that the Beef Cattle Commission will give the Chief Veterinary Officer (who is responsible for   the regulations) an opportunity of ex plaining and, if possible, justifying, on the grounds of public policy, this quarantine line— Yours, etc.,           FAIR PLAY     Perth