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Shortly before noon yesterday Captain Russell, harbourmaster at Fremantle, re- ceived information from Colonel Angelo, the superintendent; of the Rottnest prison, that two boys named Brown and Law, in- mates of the reformatory, had succeeded in making their escape from the island in a 13ft. dingey. Captain Russell at once in- structed Captain Morrison, of the Govern- ment steamer Penguin, to proceed to sea in search of the fugitives. The Penguin left the river wharf, with Water Police Cox- swain Hoptains on board, shortly before 1 p.m., and proceeded as far as Little Island, a distance of 19 miles. The coast and reefs were carefully scanned, but no traces of the escapees conld be found. As it was thought that the dingey might have drifted seaward Captain Morrison deemed it advisable to shape a zigzag course on the return journey, and the Penguin was accordingly alternately headed to sea and shore wards, but notwithstanding that the strictest search was maintained the exami- nation was resultless. Captain Morrison stated that there was a very heavy swell on, and huge breakers were rolling on all the reefs. He considered it improbable that the dingey could live in the sea that was running, and was of opinion that it had capsized and that the occupants had been drowned. Whilst the Penguin was engaged in the search mounted troopers were observed riding along the beach engaged in a similar work. No report has been received from the troopers, and it is probable that they will continue their

search as far as the Moore River.

No definite particulars could be obtained concerning the boys as to their ages, parentage, or the offences for which they had been sent to the reformatory, but both are believed to have been under 15 years of age. How the lads managed to obtain the dingey is unknown, as all boats are supposed to be placed in the boathouse at night and padlocked to fittings in the shed, which in turn should also have been padlocked. The boys are supposed to have made their escape between 10 p.m. and midnight on Tuesday, as they answered the roll-call on that evening, but on the following morning at call-time

their absence was observed.

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