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THE WARS 0f BATHURST 1830. "He, who is in battle. slain, will'never live to light   again;   But he, who fights and runs away, will live to fight another day !" BUTLER. Wake then, my muse ! Australia plume thy wings ! Of S * * * * 's warlik sons the poet sings ! Shades of the Greek and Roman bards arise ! Teach me to soar - in epic -to the skies ! As heros live, immortalized by you ; So shall my subject and my heros too, By deeds of valour and by envied fame, Their poet crown, and celebrate his name. Mount then, my Pegasus ! Sure, in such a cause, Howe'er we trip - we must ensure applause ! Unlike great Scott, who fell at Waterloo ; We'll found our fame on S * * * * * and his crew ' Sing then the S* * * 's and their chosen band, Pick'd by Macpherson to save the Bathurst land From rapine, fire, plunder and the sword Of convict bandit and of mounted horde ! On Warragambia's banks how battle wag'd, And man to man they met (as bulls enrag'd, When gadded by the fly, in summer day,   They tear the turf, and meet in fierce array !   Onward they rush'd, bold S--r in the van - Chargd the foul bandit, and the fight began !   The whizzing bullet flew from side to side, Mark'd out the hero, and graz'd his "derrier" side ! Right for the temple came the unerring ball - Olympus trembled ! - Our hero's doom'd to fall ! No ! IPallas watch'd, and interpos'd her shield ; And, as Achilles, Styx'd, the goddess steel'd Brave S---r ' And fresh embolden'd now, Onward the hero strove, through briar, through brake and bough. Firm stood the bandits - and nought seem'd discompos'd - Their foes repell'd - and man to man oppos'd. S--r and S---rs strove, but strove in vain - Thought on their home, and sigh'd for peace again ! lIaply then, thus Minerva whisper'd in his ear, " Cease, cease my son ! - this motley foe, I fear, Has pluck and prowess yet enough to scar D--g himsel'f, were he inclin'd for war ! Where are fthe red-coats ? Sure, by Mars, they're paid ! Besides your shot's expended I'am afraid !" The hero ponder'd - Reason was his guide - He chose the safest and - took Minerva's side. Fools only think that retrograde's defeat ! Blucher, 'tis said, won battles by retreat ! Wake, muse, awake ! Timotheus, strike thy lyre ! Great S--r's murderous fame will set our woods on fire ! Achille' heels, 'tis sung, foul Paris slew - But, S--r, 'twas your hccls that saved you. The brig Amity, which sailed on Tuesday day for .Norfolk Island, has taken down sixty eight persons, under various sen tences of transportation, five men as part of a 'boat's .crew,.and the ex-reverend Peter'Fenii, to officiate as schoolmaster to the children of thl'Commandant; to gether with a young man named Stanley, who h:~s -been sent down under the es pionage dr Dennis ?'l1ueH usystem, that is, without uiny trial. ,Captain Dunctn FoTbes, it appears, has made a most fortunatietrip to the wret'ks which he purchased .in.l'orres's Straits. irrom the Siuiftsure and Governor Read,y, he lias obtained merchandize amounting to upwards of one thoisand pounds, .two cbronometers, besides the spars, rigging, &c. Hie is also reported to have got off the Colonial schooner Mermaid, repaired her, loaded her with the spoil from the wi'ecks, and is on his passage to Sydney in the same vessel. 'News arrived in Sydney 'on Monday that six bushrangers with. twelve stand of arms nine pack.horses, and a quantity of provisions, had been chptured after a stout resistance at Patrick's Plains by the Mounted Police, and have been lodged in the Goal at Maitland, where they await their trials. That part of the country appears now in a state of tran Lackie, Mr. Hely's constable at.Hyde Park Barrack, has been appointed jailor at Parra. matta in the place of Thornton. The women per ship Forth were landed on Saturday morning, and distributed to the various assignees. The Doctor of the vessel, we are informed, would not give a character to any of them in consequence of their in- subordinate conduct during the passage out.