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VALUES WELL MAINTAINED. Bradford Buyers Active.

Values for Continental types of -wool were on a similar basis to those of the opening sale, and Bradford competed keenly for suitable clips, at the second

Perth wool sale of the season, held at the Wool Exchange yesterday. The top price was 28½d. for a small star lot of super combing sold by Dalgety and Co; on behalf of the Boolardy Pastoral Co., Yalgoo, and, in the big lots, the highest price was 28d. for four bales of AAA. hoggets grown by E. G. Barrett-Lennard, of Mile Pool, Beverley. The four selling broker's offered re presentative catalogues of 20,000 bales from the Port Hedland. Roebourne, Ash harton, Gascoyne, Midland, Murcbison, North-Western and Great Southern dis tricts. As competition was keen throughout, only a few bales were passed in, the clearing at auction being about 95 per cent. Bradford showed considerably more interest than at the opening sale last month, and competed eagerly for types suiting their requirements.. For wools in which Bradford buyers showed interest there was keen general competition, es pecially for the broader types. These broad types of wools were in general favour, and were sought eagerly by the Continent as well as by Bradford. The general demand for these types of wools   made the sale considerably more ani mated than the first one, when Brad ford bids were conspicuous by their ab sence. America vied with the Bradford spin ners to obtain the best wools, and the Continental competition was keen for all suitable types. Carefully selected pieces sold ex ceptionally well, buyers being keen to obtain the fine offerings submitted. The same applied to super-lambs which were decidedly in sellers' favour. The presentation of wools proved to be a big factor. Immediately any par ticularly well-prepared clips were offer ed, bids came from all quarters of the exchange, and the competition to obtain these well presented wools was strenu ous. Elder, Smith and Co. had the largest offering of the day with 9,140 bales and 2,800 bags. Westralian Farmers, Ltd., offered 1,057 bales and 1,000 bags; Golds borough, Mort and Co., 1,160 bales and 430 bags; and Dalgety and Co., 7,733 bales and 522 bags. In the following reports of the four selling brokers, the only prices given are those above 21d., and the number of bales in. each case is given in brackets: —   WESTRALIAN FABMERS, LTD.   WESTRALIAN FARMERS, LIMITED, re port: — Wo ~ero first sellers, «nd submitted a catalogue of 2,100 bales (including bags). Tho attendant:, of buyers was ona oi the larcest yet «een in this market, nearly every scat in tho Exchange beins occupied. Com petition was keen from the outset, all sec tions of the trade biddins freely. The mar-. Tcet may bo quoted a* very firm on last sale's level. Competition was exceptionally keen on crossbred fleece. Pieces and bellies also' ?nmt with, a vory strong demand. Tho cata logue comprised an excellent selection drawn from practically all districts between tier nldtop. and tho jroldfiejds, the Murchison and the north, -to ''Gnowanyerup -and -the south. A large proportion was from the agricultural areas. Tbcie wools opened up in pood order oad sold well. Tho hishest price realised under tho .hammer by us -was 25.\d. ' for 8 -ales of AA M-o grown, by Mr. D. Wilson of WoodafuIliJJS— a bulky stylish wool, and considering tho ?weight cut by the sheep the Tttum. per head must be a handsoran ono. The ?well-known /brand MM/MOANA/W.A. account of Mr. JI. Milne, Borden, realised up to 25d. for two bulky stylish -lines, _- CJN- BOWER, account of J. Boucher,' Dumbleyuns. opened up rather short, but very fine, and was taken by a Continental buyer requiring fine quality wool at 242d. Comeback wcol made up to 213d., crosebreds to 202d., pieces to 20Jd.. hollies 173 d. The second -portion of the IRWIN HOUSE clip was offered, and realised prices practically identical with those realised in tho September sale. This also ppplie* to the LAKEHVAY clip from tho East ern Murchtsfln. Tho first portion of the will-known OREENW0OD/MTJRCHIS0N clip va» offered, and mado up to 23*d. for ho~ sets, and 2-3id. for wethers. Our top price lor Jambs vu 22id. for bra-nd 70X jrrown bv ?D. Wilson. Woodanillins. The .oUowini prices wero obtained by us: — D. Wilson, Woodanillinjr, (S) 25id (3) 223d.; M. A. Milne. Borden. (9) 25d' (5) 24d.. (7) 2}lld.. (4) 223d.: J. Boucher, Dumblnyunu. (6) 21!|d., (7) 21Sd.. (1) 21Jd.: J, It. Bremner and Sons, Baverlfiy. (0) 24d H5) 23d-. (3) 223d., (!) 21Jd., (3) cbk 2 Id.; H. P. Tuckiield, Yealerin;? (i) 235d., C2) 22d.; Greenwood Pastoral Co., Meeka ihnrrn. (11) 233d.. fS) 231d. (12) 21Jd -7) 21Jd.; A. L. Nevillo. yealnrln^ (4) _*_: ,A 2n*Jv J* A- Gretn. Yealering, (6) 23d., -J) 22id; C. H. Oardwell. Roman's Lake (14) 22Sd.; W. J. Cook, Dandarrn^an, (G) 223d., (9) 21d.; .T. A. 'Stewart. East Pin Kelly. (0) 222d.. (3) 22Jd.: S. B. Rudduck. Coorow (15), 22id.: Lake-way Station Co., miuna. (C) 22id.; F. Reynolds, Meckerinc. - = - =2id.. (5) 22d., (4) 21d.: R. Mann Sh-Ckleton. .(3^ 22Jd.. (4) 21Jd.: J. ScheSI Goomalhng. (1) 22id., (8) 21Jd.; ,T H. l«irsen, Jeunneubbine. (2) 22id., (3) 21id. H. iD. ITorwnrd, Jeutnacruobine, (2) 2*-ld (8) 21d.; G. Jlowden. Yealerins, (3) 22Jd.': ?A- W. Morrell. Meckerins. (5) 22d.. (1) -lid.: Warwick Bros.. York. (5) 22d.- G ?Donald and Co., Northam, (10) 21Jd ? A Veitch. Bjilltulinff. (3) 21Jd.: .T. M. Yo'unr.' Gwambypiae. (1) 2l3d.; Squire Fletcher 9«'k»: ,-?- 21id-J O. W. Turner, Camaraah. (4) 211d.: Cnrtor and Sons. Thren Sprin~s, 00) Slid, fl) 21.1.: Mrs. A. P. CttllM Jfccksrins. (4) 21Jd.; H. G. Johnston. Dan Cin. (8) Slid.: O. B. P.ustand, Gutlia. (4) -lid.: J K Hobiton. Thri-n Springs, f8) aid.; Sadler Bros., Gobmallinp. (3) 2Jd ? Mrs. Seroope, Irwin, (4) 23%d., (0) 22d.! fa) 311d.; R. Barton -and Sons, Ban.nd«e' (2. Slid.; J. II. Jacobs. Erikin. (3) 31Jd. 4* _?.? B,Vgln* Wicfcepin. (X) 31Jd.; C. J. Martin, Wyeninjr, (1) 2 lid.; W. H. Grace Xorrolockraff, (2) 21Jd.; G. J. Sutherland. Mt. Kokeby, (2) 21id.; Taylor ond 'Son% Dt_n«rin, (2) 21}d.: C. S. Blatchford. Goo^ BiftlluiK, (1J 21id.; 0. J. Gent. Ke-llorberrin. iV, 21*d-: '? E- Walshe, Yealerinc, (1) 22d.; Mrs. M. -Baston. Tammin. (2) 22d ? A- E. McLollan, Kellerborrin. (10) 21d ? ,T aicPherson, Jpn_apullen, (6) 2 Id ? \ J Smith Xorthnm. (S) 21d.: L. and L. w'ilson. y?P0TJ?I' W 21d-: -T- J- PilBe. Knlrallins U), 21d.; O. C. Bothe. Coorow. (1) 21d ? A#..yhyattl Gnovvanffi-rui-. (1) 21d.: A. G ?rnliVe^-- T*'''jn. (^1 2 Id.. (2) 2 lid.; L. _J. Baikie, Quairadingr, (l) cbk. 2 Id. GOLDSBHOTJGH. MORT, AND CO. GOLDSBROUGH, MORT nnd CO. repor' —The second series of tho Perth wool sales opened before a larjro attendnnce of buyers representing all se-:tion^ of tho trado. The morket was stronp. -ivith animated competi tion, and all tho features of' the last Perth a-Ies, and recent reports from Eastern States markets vrore in evidence. Our catalogue qorapwed -wools representing the Ash*nrton. -ittTchison, Eastern Goldfields, atrricultural and Great Southern- dijfricts. Franco and Germany -wen* again active on -wools suitable for thoir irade, etrons support beinc also forthcoming from Bradford. The followin prices ivere obtained by us: — Agricultural and Great Southern districts T. Bailey. Roman's Lake. (6) _l}d., (4) 22jd. Ohas. Ball. Dumbleyunp. (5) 22Ad Mm. Esther Beard. Onetree Hill. (7) 21_d.' 'W. A. Beeck, Ivatanniner. (9) 22d. E. A Butcher, Bruca Rock. (2) 21d. H. J. Ohors 3oy. JTymW-tr, (1) 33Jd., (3) 22d. B. P. CWsJlow, Northam, (2) 21d. \V. H. Barlins ton, Kellerberrin, (6) 21Jd. Jsmes E. French, Northam, (4) 21Jd. Chas. Griffin. Jarring. (4) 21d. S. Hsnmer. YilMminninjr, (5) 215d., (2) 21d. W. P. Henderson, Wagin, (.) 3_-_. Ernest Hill, Hsrrismith. (5) 21 J. R. O. Hitchcock. Xortham, (2) 21d. Frank Boylo, Tooli-bin. (9) 22Jd. M. Rl Kealley, WoodanillinK, (2) 21Jd. W. A. Leaver, Dahvallimi, (2) 21d. J. W. Mann, Tammin, (I) 21d. T. and G. Marchant, AVIckepin. (0) 22d. W. C. Robinson. Minge new, (5) 2W. E. tT. Shannon, -»onwn's Lake, I (4) 22d., (4) 21Sd. P. M. Shannon. No mnn'a Lake, (9) 22. d.. (8) 211d. 11. O. Sims, B&yerley. (2) 211d.. (6) 22d.. (S) 22 jd. ,T. W. Slee, pingaliy. (2) 213d. Esf. late John Stewart. Glenjrarry. Gnowatiserun, (10) 23d., (8) 22Jd.. (3) 213d., (6) 21d. 3L. O. Timms. Gno-wancerup, (17) 23JJ. ,(G) 22}d., (10) 21id-. Carlton Wisbey, Xyabins. (1) 21Sd. C. A.- Kins, AVagin East. (1) 23d-, (1) no3d Mwihlson: ' X. D. Brand. Xarloo Station; (12) 233d., (6) 22d. A. E. Burt and Son, Oudabunna, VTubin, (5) 22Sd.. (1) 22d.. (1) 21id Leonora Pastoral Co., Leonora, (7) 22d., (a). 21id. C. H. Rowan. Woorree, Gcrildton, (4) 21!?d. Korth-West: Bart Bros., Pesdamulla Sta tion, On-slow, (7) 213d. ELDER, SMITH AND CO. ELDER, SMITH and CO. report: — Our of fering of 9,oGl hales (inclusive of bags) was drawn largely from tho pastoral areas, com-, pri-sing tho Port Hcdland, Onslow, Gascoyne, Murchison, and Eastern Goidfields districis. as -well -s a good reprcsenta-tion of clips iromlho Midlands, Eastern agricultural areas, portion of tho i-outhern, and a fow clips frflm the Gnowangerup district. Com petition was spirited from tho outset, valuns bein~ steady on opening sale rates for supor fino quali'ty wools, broader fibred descriptions polling in growers' favour, espoei_lly where showing character. Pieces nnd lambs sold equally as well as at -the opening- sate. The highest prices obtained by. us were: — Great Southern, 263d. for 6 bales account W. W. Woods, West Brookton; Gnowangerup dis trict, 26Jd. for 5 bales Dr. F. M. House, Privett, Gnowang'erup ; Murchison, _(3d. for 6 bales account YarragadeeNalbarr iPastoral Co., Xalbnrra station, M-t. Ma-gnat; Eastern agricultural districts, 25jdi for 8 bales account estate lato P. Ryan, Rossmorc; Midlands district, 25a. {or ?! bales account 'W. Coaker, Moora; Gascoyne, 24d. for S tialcs account mrnirs, Gifford Creek station, ?via Camarvori; Eastern goldfields, 23:Jd. for *i bales account Melrose S-:otion. Ltd., via Leonora; Port Hedland district, 22Jd. for 4 b.iles ac-count Muccau Pastoral Co., Ltd., Ifarble Bar; Onslow district, 22d. for 4 bales eccount Itindfroo Pastoral Co., Mmderoo eta tiqn, Onslow. Interlotted Lot3: 24d. was ob tained for on interlotted lot drawn from the Mnrchison and another lot from -the agricul tural areas ^realised the same price. The fol lowing prices were obtained 'by us for gnmy merino fieoco (un^ss otherwise stated:— Ajricultural Areas. — W. 'W. i\Voods, W.

Brookton (6), 26|d., (9) 23 Jd.; F. R. Over hcu, Lomos, (3) 24d., (a) 221d., (4) 21Jd., (4) aajd.; A. K. W. Ward, Toolibin, (8) 243d.; ?G. L. Bur«es, Ueckering, (10) 22_d., (7) 21d.; R. E. Burges, Me-ckeria?, (10) 22d.; W. G. Burges, (5) 23d., (9) 22d., (6) 21id.; X. P. Burges, Burges Siding, (4) 233d., (4) 22d., (8) 21-Jd., (5) 21Jd.; J. C. Dompstor, Grass-Valley, (S) _22d., (10) 22id., (11) 21Jd.; L W. Vivoash, Kortham, (7) 22gd., (9) 22d.; G. R. Kennedy, Xarro fe-iin, (5) '223d., (4) 21.Jd.; J. C. Fisher. Brookton, (6) 22Jd., (5),221d.; estate lat« P. J. Ryan, . 'Sort-am, (8) 25id., (14) 22Jd.; F. ? H:' -Dennin, Syncing, (4) 23d.; D. . Barrott-Lenivard, York, (10), 23id., (10). 22Jd.. (20), 22Jd., (10) 21d.; J. TV. Muiler, 'Williams, (6), 23d.; A J. H. Watts and Sons, Waeel, (4), 22Jd. -(S) 21id. P. Ledsham. Balkulinff. (8) 22jjd. A. O. Dyer, Kellerberrin (10), 21id. S. S. Malej-. Toodvay (4), 21jd. H. E. Jasper, Cunderdin (7) 22Jd. T. P. Dujrgan, Yerri coin (6) 22id. K. B. Wood, Tinkurrin (li) 211. A. J. White, Southern Brook (4) 23S'l. (5) 2l.d. J. A. Kitto, Cunderdin (0) 21$d. (7) 21Jd. W. T. Clark, Moulyinning (5) 21d. E. T. Carter, Meckerin? (13) 22d. G. F. Downie, Yealerine (6) 23_d. E. T. Rey nolds, Mcckerins (10) 23d. (5) 213d., (4) ?21£d. AV. Dawes, Lake Yealeiing (5) 211d. J. Linto, York (G) 22Jd.-C. W. Sainshury Lomos (G) 22 Jd. Salmon ond Lowe, Xortham (5) 223d., (12) 21d. J. Meredith, Moulyin nimr (10) 21d. J. J, Mann, Balkulinjr (4) 212d. P. G. Lavatcr, Toolibin (4) 23Jd., (5) 2_d. J. Jackson, Coonibcrdalo (5) 2ad., (18) 21_d. George and Beet-son, Greennills (8) 23d. W. P. Overhen. Lomos (4) 221d F. Combley, Meckering (4- 21?d. F. T. Car ter. Tammin (9) 22$d. -S. B. H. Lang, 'Wicke- pin- (6) 2ljd. H. J. Wallace. Wickepin (fi) 21.d.'A. E. Southall, Wickepin (4) 22Jdl C. Ij. Elsegood, Yealering (5) 21Jd. Oliver and Brown,' East Dumbleyung (11) . 233d., (4) 21id. J. B. Taylor, Corrigin (4) 21_-L, R. T. Kin'^s, Ncrtham (10) 2l2d. W. J. McClelland. Kellerberrinv(5) 23d. ER«n and O'Brien-, Kellerberrin (0) 21d. N. T. Han nagan, Xortham (5) 23_d. (10) 213d. (6) 21d. S. Bullock, Bullock Hills, via Wasui (1) A.A.A. lbs. 21d. F. H. Denning,' KTyabiuK (1) A. A. lba. 223 d. Gnowangerup DiBtrict.— Dr. F. IT. House, Privott, Gnowanjrerup, (5) 2Cid., (5) 23d., Gar,e Bros., Yaraivee, Gr~^an?erup, (5) 25Jd., ,(5) 25d., (7) 232d.. (5) 23d., (4) A.A.Pcs. 22d. W. F. Stew art, Broomohill, (6) 24id., (6) 22Jd. A. .T. Kelly,. Bromeliill (8) 25d., (4) 21d.;P. C. Wickham, Gn'owanprerup (lfi) 24ld., (4- 22d , (5) _ljdi W.F. Stewart, Brooraehill (2) A.A.Lbs. 22_. \ Murehison. — For. Yarrcgadee-Xaibarra Pastoral Co.. Nalnhrra Stn., Mt. Magnet (6) 26d., (4) 25Jd., (15) 23 Jd., (7) 23Jd., (11) ?23d,, (4) 22id., 11) 2-2Jd., (8) Pcs. 22Jd. Wandarric Ltd., Wandarrie Stn.,- Mt. Magnet (0) 25Jd.. (11) 243d., (14) 24Jd., (21) 23d., (12) 22*d., (lil) 21Jd., branded Lew (17) 21Jd. (5) 21d. Estate la-te H. AV. Clarkson. _Ieka Station, via Yafeoo (_) 251d., (11) 243d., (J3) 24Jd., (13) 2-?d. (13) 22d., (S) A.Pcs. 2_ld. 'also Noondio'Stn., via Yalgoo (5): 2qd., (7) 241d... (l*).24d., (10) 233d. (5) 231d., (10) 22£d., (5) 22$d., (5) 21-Jd.V (8) 21d., (14) A.0Jcs. 21ia. - Clinch Bros.-, BurnorbinmaK Stn., Mt. Magnet, (16} 243d., (5) 24Jd., (12) 20Jd., (0) 22d., (11)( 213d. Dandaraga Pastoral Co., .Sand stono (12) 243d., (10) 23d. Springs 'Pas- toral Oo., Curbur Sin,, vi» Yalgoo (7) 243d., (8) 24d., (4) 223d. It. .«. Black and Son, Atley Stn., Sandstone (11) 2_id-i (12) 24Jd., (6) 223d., (7) 213d. Belelo Pastoral Co., Ltd., Meekatharra (13) 24}d., (12) 233d.. (19) a23d., (5) 22J4., (20) 22Jd., (0) A.A.PCS-. 21d., (5) A.A.A. Lb-3., 21Jd. Bholl Bros., Gidgeo Stn., Sandstone (6) 24d., (4) 23}d., (12) 23Jd., (C) 2-Jd. Hamilton and Harper. Windimurrn Stn., Mt. Magnot (5) 233-l., (7) 23Jd., (11) 2Ud. T. E. Barr Smith, Ninghan Stn., via AVubin, (12) 223d., (5) 22d., (29) 21d. J. H. Louzhnan, Mul lewa (14) 23}d., (8) 21Jd. B. O'Brien and Son*, Bungar Stn., via Paynes Find (4) 23d. KaUi Stn. Co., Cue (4) 223d., (4) 22Jd. Morrison and Cftlder, Bulga Downs, via Sand stone (7) 23d. Murrum Pastoral Co., Yalgoo, (3) A.A.A. Lbs. 222d., (2) 21Jd. Pandaraga Pastoral Co., Sandstone (2) 213d. Kalli Sta tion. Co.. Cue (1) 23d., (3) 21. d. Morrison nnd Calder, Bulga Downs, via Sandstone, (7) 23d. Sholl Bros., Sandstone (1) 21d. Woirgan Hills Line. — Solomon, Xaughton end Co.. Perenjori (4) 24Jd., (8) 22d , (5) 213d. Thomas and Co., Ltd., Jibberdin?, WuWn, (7) 23Jd., (.10) 25d., (o) 233d., (6) 22Jd., (8) 213d., (3) 21Jd. North-West PorU: Gifford Creek Station, Co.. Carnarvon. (8) 24d., (5) 282d. (15) 22id., (15) 21Jd., (2) 21?d.. (1) S. Lbs. 20Jd. Butcher Bros, and Paterson. Hill Sprinps Station. Carnarvon, (C) 22id. G. ?11. vBiirt.-. Yinnetharra Station, Carn-arvon. (17) 23d., (12) 22_d., (6) 2ljd., (27) 21d. Doorawarrah Pastoral Co., Carnarvon, (5) 21d. MInderoo Pastoral Co., Onslow. (4) 22d. Itt. 'Phillip Station. Ltd.. Carnarvon. (1) 21J.d. Muccan Pastoral Co., Marble Bar, (4) 223d., (12) 21J. J. St. K. Olerk, On slow, (1) 21d. Eastern Goldfields: Melrose Station Ltd., Leonora. (6) 23½d. (4) 23d. (7) 22½d. W, H. Halford and Sons. Credo Station, Kal goorlie. (16) 22j¾d. (13) 21¾d, Hawker. Chomley and Co., Leonora, (4) 22}d., (5) 21Jd., (31) 21d. Harrison and Leonard. Laverton, (7) 22Jd. Kookynie Pastoral Co.. Ltd., Kookynio. (9) 221d., (8) 213d. R. H. Adamson -and Co., Lnwlens, (12) 22id., (12) 213d. », Midland Lino nnd Geraldton District: W. Ooaker, Moora, (4) 25d. Sir H. B. Lefroy. K.C.M.G., W-lcbing. (7) 24Jd., (10) 233d., 17 (23Jd.. (6) 22.3d.. '(8) 22*d. A. AV. Pad-bury, Koogan, (16) 24d., (8) 23d. A W. Edgar. Olontromie, Now Norci.i, (13) 233d. ,(15) 23i_... (8) 23d.. (14) A.|A. Pcs. 21d. J. McM. Olune, Mogumber, (4) 24d Holmes and Holmes: Wd., Minsenew, (S) Said., (7) 2njd., (5) 22d., (30) 2l3d.'. (H) 21 Jd.. (4) 21J1I. Cuptain J. E. Lloyd, AVnlebing, (11) 23id., (5) 22Jd., (8) 21Jd., (8) 21.. D. K, hnd R. H. Preston. _muri Park. GeraMton. (11) 23 Jd., (S) 23d., (3 0) 22d., (5) 2 Id. Cuuninstton and 'Sons, Wale bins. (4) 2Sd., (9) 222d., (4) 224d. A. E. Grant, Ynnget, Geraldton, (9) H2d., (4) 21_d. (3) 21d., also AVoolanoolca, (12) 23Jd. (C) -2l5il, . E. Leo Steern. Chilimony, Osjiivie' (5) 223d., (6) 22d... (D) 22id., (5) '21.d: 0. E. Ma!ey, Arriuo, (4) 21d. C. B Wil liams, Moora, (5) 213d. . J. G. AVillianis, Piawaning. (4) 21id. G. H. Purser, Piawau. in? (5) 23*d. Mrs. S. E. Park, Nnraling, (7) 2-2d. England Bro^.. Moora, (4) 22Jd., (5) 21_d. A. Lumber. Moora (5) 22 id. J. Silcock. Geraldton.' (9) 2i*d. E. A. Trim Coomberdale, (4) 22d. Woodcock Bros.,' Northampton, (15) 21}d. Haussler and Zuogge, AVinchester, (13) 223d. Pearce and Co., Berkshire Valley. (3) 21d. B. H. Neumann. Dalaroo. via Moora, (6) 233d J Glass, Northampton. (4) 22d. A. Hatherley, AAnlfcaw-ay, (5) 24d. V. p. Davidson, Moo.-n. (4) 21Jd. B. -Humberston, Northampton. (4) 'j'^^' BaRGnowaugorup, (14) 23Jd , DALGETY AND CO. DALGETY and CO. report:— Our cata logue comprised a most attractive select-ion, dra\ra from all parts -of tho State, and some exceptionally- choice lines wero incloided, the distribution, of offerings being: — 'North- West, 33 per cent.; Murchison, 43 per cent ? agri cultural districts. 25 per cent. AVo had the jattsnaction of securing tho highest price lor the day, and top for the current season m obtaining 28?,d. lor a lot of super comb ing, submitted oa behalf of the Boolardy Pastoral Co.. Ltd., Boolardy Station, Ytflgoo' y/hih Mr. E. G. Barrett-Lennard, of Mile pool. Bcverlcy, secured 2Sd. for hw top line o£_AAA -onsets. Lambs, pieces, bellies, etc. suitable for tho Continent and Bvadiford, were in exceHen.t demand, and values -were about on a levnl with tho September rates, but snowed sh«_t irregularity. This irregularity was noticed chiefly on Gascoyne and Mur chison wools, which were more or less faulty, carrying sticks or seed or very tender. Mr. O. AV. ?Dowden, of Challa Station, Mount Mag net, secured 24d. for a line of lamb's wooi, Boolardy Pastoral Co., 232d., and _Ir T H. AVilding; Mokine, 231 d. Thundelarra' pieces made to 23d. AVayga bellies. lOJd. Yairalont, necks, lO^d. S-coureds were in ex cellent demand. Messrs. F. S. Thompson and Oo.. Pardoo, obtaining 43}d. and 43d. for their tw- top 'lines of scoured fleece, and Stov-e Bros., Mount Welcome, 42Jd. The fol lowing prices were obtained: — Agricultural Dixtrictsv— E. G. BarrettLeo nard, iltlepool, Beverley. (4) 2Sd.. (4) via I^ortham, (8) 21}d., (4) Cbk 21d. T. H. Bo^le, GreenhilU. (S). 211d. Boolardy -Pastoral Co.. Crazanoro Park, (C) 233d., ,(6) 222d., (6) 22Jd., (6) 231d. Estate late' A. G. Loton, Springhill, Spencer's Brook, (6) 24d (4) 233d., (4) 22Sd.. (7) 21Jd. O. E. Cockram. Clearhills. Gnowang&rup^ (5) 23Jd.. (4) 22d. A. F. AViJson, Fairview, Dunvble yung, (4) 22d. J. T. AAr«ters, Yericorn. Too dyay, (8) Slid. P B. AVatts, Wdckepin, (4) 2 id. E. H. and A. A. 'Enticinap, Newton Heath, Dudinin, (4) 2lR A. .R. Oaldow. Three Sprines, (15) 22Jd. R. Smith, Jtool l:ag.ine, _ork, (0). 21*d. E. M. Riloy, Qua nagarra. Moora. (4) 23d., (7) 22d. T Tier ney, Indarrie, Walebin-s, (13), 21. d. A. Ken ne&T: .Bev«r!ey, (5) Cbk, 2 Id: T. P. Groves. Av-addingiton* (4) 223d. J. E. Marsden, Ri yersdahj, Pincelly. (5) 22Jd. D. Hartnett, Pinselly, (6) 2l£d. H. A. Dewar, Cowering, Pingellr. (7) 22d. Kelson and Sons, Ex moor, Moora, (9) 2_?d., (1) 21Jd. A. L. Lotoa, Enterprise Farm, Popanyinnine (4) 22*d.,.(9) 2S.d. F. R. Walsh,, KgoKnt, Xor'. tham. (1) ,24d., (G) 22d., (5) 3ljd.. (4) 1st Pcs, 2-21d'.' R. and D. Bluntishv Invor nvay, Broomehill, (5) 25d., (-6) 26d (4) 22.d.. (4) 23d. J. A. Tonkin, Koorin.a. Coomberdale, (8) 22Jd., (G) 213d. A, Cyril Engl:sh. Merrilup. Kukerin, (5) 25id-. (12) 91d. J. W. Parker, BaHadoDg, York, (5) -3d.. (4) 22id., (4) 2_d.. (5) 21Jd. A. D. Morgan, Lymwood,- Northa_i, (9) 22id. AV. J. and S. J. Manvick. York, (S) 22Jd. T. AA'. Boyle. Hookina. Greechill^. (9) 21d.s (5) 21d., (5) AAA Cbk E 22Jd.. (4) AA Cbk E 21»d., (7) AAA Corr 213d. H. H. Side, Onk'jands, Toodyay,. (1) 2-lJd. Walker Bros., Dangin, (5) 21ld., (5) 2Ud. R. Mc Millan, Spence-r's Brook, (4) 21Jd. Green Bros. Dan-larracan. (2) 22Jd., (1) AA Mo 223d., (1) Mo H Mo R 212d. MDRCHISON DISTRICT. — A. J. Brown nnd Sons, Yonno Downs, Gum Creek, (5) 21Jd., (4) 21id.; .Tones Bros.. Boogardie. Mt. Magnet, (4) 25id., (5) 233d;. (11) 24Sd., (6) 24d., (8) 23Jd., (G) 2Sid., (5) 23Jd., (4) 23 Jd.. (4) 2l2d.; Moorarie Pas toral Company.. Jloorarie, Meekatharra, (4) 22}d., (4) _ld.; Dalgaranga, Limited, Dal jraranga. via Yalgoo, (4) 24jd.. (4) 21»d., (4) 21Jd., (4) 22d.; C. W. Dowden. Challa, Mt. Magnet, (21) 261d., (10) 24d.. (13) 23Jd., (4) 22Jd.; Olark and Bros.. Pulla ?aroo. Payn«'a Find, via AVuhin, (8) 2Ud.t (7) 3ld;; J. p. Meehan and Sons, Limited, Austin Downs Station. Day Dawn, (6) 26d., (14) 253d.. (11) 2-lia., (4) 24Jd., (11) 23}d., (7) 243d., (5) 21id, (11) 24Jd., (7) 22id.. (5) 21Jd.. (6) 21Jd.; Monger and Lee Steere. AVongoondy I'.state, Mullewa. flO)215d., (11) 22id.: Stewart and AVehl Bryah Station. Peak Hill. (5) 23d.; Morri? «ey and Company, Munbinia, Yulgoo, (5) 24d.. (lli 23id., (4) 22d.. (8) 22d.. (8) 22id,, (5) 27d.; G. F. Power, Mnlgul Stn lion, Moekatharro, (4). '2.3d., (4) 223d.; E end H. .Nairn, ? Yarrabubba, Nannine, (5) 25id.: Boolardy Pastoral Cbmpany. Yalgoo, (2) 28Jd., (12) 26W., (I.',) 25d., (14) 25Jd. (12) 23jdJ (n)- 23d., (7) 24id.. -6) 22Jd.; AV. . H. and H. H. Turner. Mt. Wittcnoom, Yalffoq, (14) 23d., (17) 22Jd., (28) 23Jd., (4) 21d.; Seaton 'Bros.. Thundelnrra, via AVubin, .(l).25d., (3.7) ?23_-L, -(_?) 23id.. (2)

23d., (20) 22|d.. (5) 222d., (7) AA pcs 23d.; Samuel Oliver, AVairie_ah, AArubin, (4) 25id., (4) 25id., (5) 21?d.; Three Rivers Station, Ltd., Meekatharra, (7) 2S_d., (6) 22Jd., (19) Sljd., (7) 21Jd.: A. F. Broad, AVagga, via Yalgoo, (67) 24id., (6) 23d., (2) 2_d.. (S) 21d., (22) A pcs 21 jd.; McKenna Bros., Carlaminda, Yalgoo, (2) 25Jd:, (1) 24$d., (11) 2id.. (7) 22.d., (34) 21_d., (27) 21d.; Lc Jeune and Sewell, Boo da no o, Mt. Magnet, (4) 23|d., (9) 22id., (8) 21d.; Darlot Bros., Ltd.,- Byro, Mullewa, (2) 23 Jd., (16) 23d., (8) 22Jd., (4j __Jd., (12) 21Xd.; F. R. 'Walsh, Judai Station, _te3katharra-, (4) 243d., (7) 24d., (5) 22.d., (4) 22d.; Wydgea Pastoral Co.. Mt. _i« jnet, (4) 24jd., (4) 2334.. (5) 23_d.,. (.I.:,) 22Jd.. (10) 22Jd.; V. R. AValsb, Mileura, Cue. (2G) 25*d. (14) 233d^ (141 22_d.. (16) 225d.. (lo') 213d.; C. .H. AVittenoom, .Muralgarra, Cue, (131 25id., (15) 23d.. (5) 24Ad.. (6) 233d.; Mews a-ad AVimbridge, Hillview. Nanniue (11) 25id., (23) 24.l.d.. (8) 23Jd., (6) 221d., (17) 22d.; Mrs. L. D. Mitchell and Son?, YaHadong, Mullewa, (8) '~23.?d., (S) 23}d.; Nookawarra Pastoral Co., Yalgoo, (4) KIMBERLEY. PORT HEDLAND KOE BOURNE, ASHBURTON, and CARNARA'ON DISTRICT. — A. J. and P. Rose, Quanbun Derby, (24) 213d.; Stewart and AVohl, Bon ney Downs, Nullasine. (4) 22id.; DeMarchi Bros. s.nd Coppin, Kimingarra, Port Hed land (G). 22Jd.; Stove Bro5« Mt. AVelcome, Roebourne, (1) 21Jd.; Casack and Ferguson, Tambery Station, Roebourne, (19) 21Jd ? B. H. Sharpe and Co.', Mardie, Onslow, (4) 22d.; Yanrey Pastoral Co., Ltd., Onslow, (4) 23d.r (8) 213d., (2) 21id.. (3) 21d.; Gogoola Station, Onslow, (6) 23Jd., (1) 213d.: O. Gord&n Gooch, Wandagee. Carnarvon, '(21)' 22d. ; Dairy Creek 1'astorai Co., via Mullewa (4) 22id.: A. r» Milne, Coordewandy. via Mullewa.. (1) 233d.; C. Collins, Glenhurrh via Mullewa (4) 24d.. (0) 21Jd.: Caraeier and Co., _uda_ullab, Carnarvon (5) 2f'id (8) 22 Jd.; AV. Hatch. Lyons River, Carnar von, (1) 21d.; Chapman and Scott, Moolro Downs, Carnarvon, (10) 25d.. (33) --4d GERALDTON DISTRICT.— E. E. Martin Ogilvie, (8) 21_d.; J. B. V TOompson, Myra Vale, Aorthera GuHey, (7) 21*d.; G. J Williamson, Koolianooka, Dindiloa,~(8) °2id ? Estate late J. B. Percy, Tibradden. Gerald ton! (4) 223d.; H. F. Wilson, Fairview. Dnm' bleyung. (4) 22d.; T. K. Readhead and Sons. Minnmooka, Geraldton, (4) 24Jd., t!4) 23Jd. D. and E. Grant, Moonyoonoolca, G«raldton (1). 23d., (1) 213d., (4) 21Jd., (2) 22dj A. O. Mitchell, ^Northampton, (7) 23Jd. ? (4) 21d., (2) 21Jd. EASTERN GOLDFIELDS.— Ejudina Pas toral Co.. Ltd.. Yarrie, via Kalgoorlie (24) 22d., (21) 213d. ? \ - SCOURED3.— F. S. Thompson and ' Co Pardoo, Port Hedland, (8) 43Jd. (34) 43d W) 42d (7) 40d., AAA pcs. -4) 36d ;' Ue Grey River Pastoral Co., Ltd.. (4) S7d ? Store Bros.. _ilt. Welcome, Roebourne, (4)