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London is to; see shortly a noteworthy Italian film built around the life vof Francis of- Assist,.' 'that colossal mystic (as one- writer has it) whose incredible

ndventures — unaertaicen with, a suDisme recklessness and a magnificent gaiety — would, make the most wonderful boys' tale in the world, and whose spiritual experiences transcend . those of ail other saints.' Frequently on our programmes before the war. Italian films are never seen in Perth nowadays. .A bull-fighter's cape worn by Rudolph Valentdno has been sent to Sydney, to be placed in the new Capitol Theatre as a. memorial to the late. movie star.. .Follow ing Valentino's- death has personal be longdrigS' went into private hands, .but members of the motion ; picture industry spent a.-y.ear.gathering ni- his studio vest ments.- -These are now- being distributed to the principal theatres throughout the world.. The cape-is of green satin, em broidered in gold, and studded with gar nets- It was one of- three worn by Val entino five years ago in the production of ''Biood and, Sand.' The. other-. two have been sent to the Capitol Theatre, Chicago, and- the Riviera- Theatre, Omaha; from which the new kinenia in thfe Haymarket, Sydney, is. being. modelled- -; -.-. ? FoUowmg the ceremonies- associated with the first anniversary of Valentino's death the distribution' of 'the. vestments was. made. The cape, which was the only allotment; to' Australia,: will riot be' '? seen publicly ?'. before - being- placed ? in the' Capitol next February. ?. : ; .'..' The latest and biggest venture of the Soviet Film -Trust - (says - the ; ''Daily News.' London) is: a 'reconstruction of the Bolshevik .revoJutiori of 1917,' under the title,. 'Ten -?;, ' Days ..that Shook^ the World.' .'The- action of this great, spec tacular film begins just before the Keren sky coup, d'-etat ofMaTch, lOW.and1 ends with' the establishment .of the 'Soviet Gov ernment the following November. Hun dreds: of thousands of ' people have been used in the making, 'of the. filin. ? '. ;, . A- prospectuis has been issued by Wes traliari .Southwell: Productions 'Limited in connection with a new film to be entitled 'Gold.' The producer -is . Mr. Harry Soiithwellj who has had varied experience iri:such work. ? :The; f ilm is . to ? be pro duced:at a cost, to the ?company,: not ex-. iceeding, £4,000.' Says the prospectus: '?'The authors of .the boot, have cleverly* selected fro, mthe story ot the State's .past brave' examples of the .drama; the startling ,tragedy,.th'e effervescent. comedy ;to, be discovered in that AuricJlliad/.The newcomer, ..whether «o3icitor's clerk from ;the purlieus of the Old Bailey, impoverisli : ed 'younger-sori :of some belted Earl, the -.actual hardened- miner -fromr California or ? the Urals;-; .the:r Australian bushman,- or the 'Parisian Apache, parade the: stage and play their parts. The story is won derful, and the resultant ,picture, pro duced with the .invaluable and enthusias ? tic..: backing; -of -the State ? Government^ and . the; .Kalgooriie '? Chamber;' of Mines, can be made into an epic masterpiece. .Success is assured, .for AustralianVFilm ??Players .('who under the experienced guidance of Mr. Southwell; -have proved themselves in 'Down Under.'- tobe natur ally blessed by temperament and appear arice)/ but ' need' the backing of a com pany to be in the position to set to work on' the playirig''of' the- kind of story ^ the whole film-world hungers for. And the ??eostof such'a .production, compared with what would have'to be allowed elsewhere, can be fcopt down' to' a ridiculous figure — approximately ? one-sejentli -. of typical .European or American outlays.' . '? . ?'? The! capital' of : the :: company ) is set down, at £25.000,' divided into 25,000- £1 shares. Of these ; 4.500 are offered f oi-. public subscription;'. 1.500. are 'to :be ;r» . served for issue' to the producer- under Agreement, and £10,000 are to be held in- reserve.' '. ?-..- .' ? .' -. ; - .

'A. film university, will (says the New -York correspondent of the Loridoc-'.'Daily .News'.) shortly, be founded in New .York. It will be ? connected, /with 'the famous Columbia' 'University,- of 'which ^Dr. Nicholas Murray Butter is- head. '^The :University.ha'd the first -school of practi cal .journalism ' . in ; America, .where : ? th«j students actually. vprodiice: -a paper as .part of ;their. studies^ ,The. kinem'a school .will have a 'course. lasting two-yeairs,.v It will-'only beopen to -those' who, have pre viously , taken rthe ?' first two' years' of a science -course.- A- motion ,-picture degree will -be' given to students 'who graduate. They 'will be allowed ^to- specialise' m yarioits departments, but : the : course is. intended to -coyer \the three great branches of the film world, ? producing, selling- arid -'showing. ' . -: . : '_?''?; The directors of NewEra.who are' re sponsible for the production ' of 'The Somme,' are to produce another big war film,; entitled- '1918.' which will' give .a vivid pictorial description of the German onslaught in the March of that year, thes counter-attack by' the .British .and Frenclvarid all the dramatic events which led. up to the signing of the armistice. Ar rangeinents have been completed .with the Army Council ana the trustees; of .the Imperial.' War Museum for the produc tion of the film. ??'..' -.?'? .