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South's Impressive - Win. Grand Final on Saturday.

(By S.B.G.)

?South Fremantle's victory over East Perth was. most impressive. In the early part of the season the Southerners were winning games, but one always had the

feeling that their success was due to the play of three or four x men. Later they slipped back, but during the last few weeks have come again with renewed vi gour, and are seriously threatening East Perth's right to the premiership. Saturday's game revealed South as a well balanced side, with every man pull ing his weight. Their form was parti cularly good, and for the first time this season they caught my eye a& a potential premier side. * With a strengthening of their half forward line, South, would not have a weak lick, for in other parts of the field, particularly the rucks, they are well served. It. is good for the game to see the hononcs go round, and a* South. premier- ship would give an extra fillip to the game in this State. .- The Minor Premiers. East Perth acknowledged that they* we're beatenby a better team on the day and have no -excuses to offer. They con tend that the inclusion of Walsh and Clune on Saturday will materially strengthen the side, and they have no qualms as to who shall be the ultimate winners ot the premiership. Saturday's re-play should prove a big draw, and, fa voured by fine weather, the gate receipts should be in the vicinity of £1.000. The Claremont-Cottesloe Club. Mr. Cnffe, the Claremont-Cottesloe club delegate, waxed indignant at the League meeting last week regarding statements in the Press concerning the management of the finances of his club. Mr. Cuffe mentioned that hiss club had recently made a trip to Narrogin, but .the proceeds of an art union had '.'over ed that expense. There was really no need for Mr. Cuffe to explain how the trip was undertaken, my contention was that it would be more beneficial to heb) the ju niors in the district than to gi'anu bonuses to coach and players. Placing a new club on its feet ig a big undertaking, and no one expects any tangible results for tbrr-e or ? four seasons, as Mr. Moffat stated, but one still feels that a lot more could have been done for the juniors. The success of any club depends- large ly on the type of men at the head of af fairs. A club needs the support of the^dis trict's leading citizens, not only financial ly, but in the actual management of its affairs. A hard working coinmittceman is of more value to a club than the man who merely hands a donation of a few pounds to the treasurer and then forgets

J. Suhderland (8F.) and W. Fletcher (E.P.). Who played leading parts in Saturday's great game between South Fremantle and East Perth. ' ?

J. Suhderland (8F.) and W. Fletcher (E.P.). Who played leading parts in Saturday's great game between South Fremantle and East Perth. ' ?

that the club exists. It is .personal con tact between, club ofiicials and plnyers that engenders that good fellowship with out which no club can sucoeed. Do the Claremont ofiicials follow the doings of their club by attending in per son at- training nights and on Saturday afternoons?' I venture to ©ay that unless they take an interest- on the lines indi cated above, the club will never progress. A young club needs to foster that spirit more than an old-estaMis-hed club for while the traditions of the latter are es tablished those of the younger club have created. Let us hope that in future the Claremont residents will support their club. and that its officials will give prac tical service by keeping ' in close touch with the players. 'B' Grade Premiership. West Perth easily accounted for South Fremantle in the final game for the 'B' grade premiership. The final scores read: — West Perth, 17.12; South Fremantle. 8.8, showing a big margin in West's fav our. . South Fremantle 'may congratulate themselves on the fact that both their 'A' and 'B' teams have contested the final games this season, and the 'A' grade team ' should not lacli material for the next couple of seasons TheWiA.F.A. final between Jolimont and Mt. Lawley was won by the former by 14 points.. Johnny Leonard, the Su biaco . rover, has been devoting some time -to ? the winners this season, and the result of his work has borne' fruit. It is good to see senior players inter esting themselves in the doings of the boys. . ' . Eastern States Gossip. Collingwood, by defeating Richmond in the final'samc, added -another Victor ian premiership to their already, success ful record. This is the seventh occasion on which they have won the honour, the last being in 1919. The years of their successes were 1896. 1902. 1903, 1910, 1917, 1919, and 1927., In' addition they have been runners-up on' eight occa sions. The Magpies have a remarkably fine record since their foundation in 1892, -both from actual results and the point of view, of club management The game itself was a mud scramble, and the conditions seriously affected the aerial artists of Richmond, who were of no use on the day. The.low scoring, 2.13 to 1.8, is a clear indication of the state of the ground, and Collingrvood s extra strength carried -them through. Despite the rain, which fell practically throughout the game, there were 34,000 spectators present. West Adelaide Win. The grand final of the South Aus tralian Football League was played op Saturday between the West and North Adelaide teams. ' Wests as minor preja iers had been beaten by North on the previous Saturday, but reversed the positions tliis time, winning 10.10 to S.10- The. going was very heavy, and West adapting themselves, better and showing more dash, won their first premiership for 15 years. A. repetition of the disgraceful scenes that followed the previous game was prevented by a small army of police. Geelong's Losses. ; Geelong, who were so soundly trounced by Colling wood in the -semi-final- in Mel bourne recently, are losing four of their players. Cliff Raiikin (captain and coach) and Lloyd Hagger (for many years the club's, leading forward) are retiring. la addition, Syd Hall, * their crack wing man, is .being transferred to Ararat and Jerram to Melbourne. These four will make a big gap in Geelong's side and good juniors will be in demand next season; ? ? Junior Premiers. The following is a list of the teams who won the. premiership honours in the various divisions for the 1927 season. , ' B.' Grade League, West Perth. . . ' Perth Suburban Association, Maylan-ds. Perth Districts . Association, Common wealdi Bank. ' . . s W.A.F-.A., Jolimont. . ? r Metropolitan Juniors, East -Perth. .