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RASH CAUSED LOSS OF SLEEP. 'My trouble started on ray forehead, chin, and upper lip. It started by very red patches and then breaking into a nasty rash of red festered pimples, caus ing me great disfigurement, loss of sleep, n'nd much suffering, especially at night. 'I bad been suffering three months, an- tried «11 sorts of remedies, but obtained no relief. Seeing an advertisement for Cuticuca Soap and Ointment I sent for a free trial and after a few days' treatment I got great comfort, so bought more, and now T am completely healed.' (Signed) Mrs. Thurston, 33 Bedford street, Collhigwood, Vie. Soap Is., Talcum Is. 3d., Ointment Is. ?and -s For sample Soap and Ointment address: 'R. Towns and Co.. Sydney, NSW.' Cuticura Shaving wtick, Is. Gd.— (Advt.) For Tea — 'Crossedfish' Sardines. — For Tea — 'Crossedifish' Sardines.— (Advt.). CHURCH NOTICES. ANGLICAN. ST GEOBCJB'.S GATHEDiRAI/. SUNDAY, AUGUST 14. Qth After Trinity.^ 8 a.m.: Holy Commtmion. 11 a-m. : Matting and Sermon. Preacher, Kov. O. E. SaM, of .St. PhiMp'a, Cotto&loe. 12.15 p.m.: Holy Communion. ?1.15 p.m.: Holy Baptism. 7j3O p.m.: Evens-ons and Sermon. Preacher, His Gfaca the Archbishop. At evensong, the choir w-Sil lie assisted by an orchestra, con ducted by Mr. Haydn K. Hardwrick, ? S. JOHN'S CHURCH, Fremantfe. — Dth Sun day nfter Trinity. Holy. Oumusion, -3 a.m. Matting (s«;d), 10.15 a^m.; Sun.g Eucha rist a-nd Sermon, 1 1 a.m. Breather, Kev. K. M. Coliick. Sunday School, 3 pjn. ; Bap tisms, 4 p.m. ; Evensong and Sermon, 7. 'JO p.m. Preacher. Key. E. M. Ccttick. ? CHUBCHES OF CHEIST. LAKE-STREET, PERTH.— 11 ajn.. Com munion. Receive members.. Speaker, Mr. A. Hutson. 3 p.m., Men's Olass. Mr. J. W. Lansstord. 7:30 p.m., En.-iuigelis.ttc. Speaker, Mr. Chas. Schwab; subject, 'The Other Gtxrpet.' A we'tonw owairtB you. REMANTLE, HIGHhSTRBET.— 11 a.m., Communion Service; subject, 'The Stewardship Obligation.' 3 p.m., Sunday School. Rally, 7.30 p.m.. Evangelistic Ser vice, subject, 'The Question, of ?Destinj.1'1 Preacher, P. R. Stirling. Use question box. UBtACO, BAGOT-dlOAD (opposite State Sclioo'.). — Two helpful services: 11, Worship, Communion. Clpvalty boxes distri buted.) ; T.1'5 p.m.. Community Qinifinjg, Spe -i»l Gospel Message. Preacher, Mr. AC'ten Erooke. Oome with your friendl .

CHURCH NOTICES. i METHODIST. .. iTlTESLEY ? 0HUR0H. ? PERTH. rV . SUKDAY, AUGUST 14. MORNING. 11 a.m.. Rev. J. \V. Grove, M.A., LL.B. Ln'Uliem:— 'Holy is the 'Lord' (Abt). EVENING. 7.20 p.m.,.- Organ Voluntary 'by Mt. E. J. V'atkin. i ? ' 7.30 p.m.: Divine Worship, Rev. J. v W. irove, M.A., LLiB. Su'bject:' 'Dead Areas and Town Plan Introit: 'There is Mercy AVith Thee' (To er). Anthem: 'Hear My Crying' (.Sarti). Wednesday, August 17. a^8 p.m.: Illustrat ed Lantern Leotirre, by Miss ?Frances Jackson, Mt:S.A.. Central Hall, 283 Murray-street. SOUTH PERTH: Mr. J. F. Ward, M.A., uuior Choir. 7.30 .p.m., .'Mr. .Robins. Solo, iliss J. Leach. CO MO: 11 a.m.. Rev. Joseph Green, B.A.. nd Junior Endeavour. Subject: 'The i:ble.' 7.30 p.m.: Rev. Joseph Green, B.A. Subject: 'Divine .Favour.' ' 0L.AISEBROOK-I10AD: 7.30 p.m., Mr. H. j. Willis. ? ? riTEST _ PERTH CIRCUIT. CHARLES-STREET:. U a.m.. Miss'io'n !r R. Limb. 7.30 ,p.m., Annual Re ?habite Service. . Members of Order will attend. Preacher: Rev. Eric H. ). Xye. Anthem: '.'The Strain Up raise o£ Joy and Praise.' So-lo. 'Take irp hy Cross,' Miss Iris Parker, A.T.C.L., L..TjC.M. 8.45 p.m.: Programme of Music -nd Community Singing (to be broadcast). Jrchestra under leadership of Mr. Val. Smith. Accompanist, Mr. Thco. Meugens. 'Soloists, Hisses Dorothv Lang, Ella Peterson, Ins ?arker, EUie Martin; Jlilton Harvey Trum pet so'.o, Mr. Val. Smith. Violin solo, Mr. W. Stirling. Programme arranged by Mr. Vf. Muikens. Special Collection in. aid of Perth1 Hospital Appeal. ' TUART HILL: 3.30 p.m.. Rev. Etk H. O. tfye. 7.30 p.m., Rev. Percy Clark. Anthem, 'Sweet is the Sunlight.' Prayer Meeting TUART HILL: 3.30 p.m., Rev. Eric H. Oi Xye. ? . ?. ? ? r EEDERVILLE _ CIRCUIT. WEST LEEDERVILLE: 11. Rev. T. W. Bindeman. Sabject, The Unfolding Mysteries. Anthem by choir. 7.30, Rev. Alwyn Schroe d«T. .. Choral service. The City of the Great King. Solos 'There is a Green Hill. Miss S\ YMes. 'The Holy City,' Mr'. J. Pa*e. Anthems and Special Music by the choir. An inspiring and upiifting service. , WEDNESDAY .NIGHT, men's get together. Lecture, Mr. Colin Unwin. Circuit Sunday School Convention, Tues day. August 1G, West Leederville. NORTH LEEDERVILLE: 11, Rev. Alwyn Schroeder, 'Compassion, a New Interpreta tion.' 7.30, Missioner R. Limb. Anthem, 'This Radiant Sun.' , CSBOR.NE PARK: 7.30, R.ev. T. W. Binde man. Subject, 'The Bitterness of Scorn.' Ar..(hem. 'Bright Beautiful Home.' WEMBLEY PARK: 4, Rov. T. W. Btnde GUELtTP: 2.30, .Rev^ Alwyn Schroeder. 'PREMANTLE CENTRAL ' MISSION. WESLEY CHUBCH. — 11, Divine Worship. Preacher, Rev. C. A. Jenkins. .Subject: 'The CMMon of God.' 7, Prayer, Mission Hall. 7.30, Service for the People. Preacher, ReVj, Jules Johnstone. Subject. 'The 'Right of Choice and its Responsibility. ' Anthem, 'The Lord is My Light.' Next Sunday night, brg service fbr men. See- Church n-yti-:es neit week. Men's concert, Friday, August 26. To-night, 7.30: Open-air meet ing. 8.15, Evangelistic service.. TJORTH FBEMASTLE: 11, Rev. Jules Johnston*. 7.30, Mr. Norman Jones, B.A. .'SOUTH FREMANTLB: Oorarinuatfon of Mlission II. Sister Alice. 7.30, Rev. C. A. Jenkins. Community singing at 7.10. HOPE-'STREET: 7.30, Mr. Stephen Jones. OUBIACO ? CIRCUIT. SUBIACO: 11 a.m., Rev. Norman Hicks. 7.30 p.m.. Rev. R. R. Flemicigr. Anthems, t'O Lord be Merciful.' 'The- Splendours of Thy Glorv.' .Solo, 'GoA is our Refuge.' Miss Claudia Phillips.. NEDLAJTDS: 11 a.m., Rev. R. R. Flem ing. 7.'30 p.m., Mr. A'. J. Packer. Soloist, Miss M. Robbins. . DERBY-ROAD: 11 a.m., Mr. P. Miller. 7.30 .p;m., Rev. N. Hicks. Anthem by choir. JOHMONT: 11 'a^m^ Mr. J. H. James. 7.30. p.m., Mr.H. B. Snell. 'fTICTORIA , PARK CIRCUIT. VICTORIA PARlEl Il7 Juvenile Rechabite Church. Service. Preacher, Rev. J. E. Stone. Members of 'Pride of Youth.' 'Methodist Children's Home,' and 'Renown' Juvenile Tents and Order in General are requested to attend in- Regalia. 7.30 p.m., tRev. J. E. Stone. Anthem bv the choir. WELSHP00L: 7, Mr. J. N. Birks. Metho dist Home. 7, Mr. J. Stevenson. CARLISLE: 7.30, Mr. A. E. Punning. MAYLANDS. — 11 a.m., Rev. W. R. Lang, Communion. 7.30 p.m., Mt. Ken. Grove, B.A. Anthem. BAYSWATER:: 11 a.m., Mr. E. Howe. 7.30. Rev. W. R. Lang, com munion. NORTH MAYLANDS: 11 a.m., Mr. G. Gri/ftths. 7.30 p.m., Mr. W. Williams. Aathem. Come. ? : BRISBANE-STREET: 11, Mr. J. N. Birkb. Anrhem. 7.30, Rev. A. W. Bray, Boy Spouts and Cubs' service. Solo,- Mr. E. J vBray. Anthem. Laymen's 'Mission com mences August 20, 4 p.m. MOUNT LAW LEY: 11, Rev. A. W. Bray. Anthem. 7.30. Mr. D. Ogden. Anthem. Anniversary, August /^lUILDFORD: 11, Mr. Melbourne. YJo. VT Rev. R. Hocking. BASSENDEAN: 11. Mx. A. Hill. 7.30, Rev. F. S. Finch. CAVER SHAM. 3.30 p.m., Mr. Leader. ? /^OTTESLOE CIRCUIT. — Cottesloe Beach: V^ 11 a.m.. Rev. A. T. Newtton Holland* 7.30 .p.m., Mr. C. Beedles. Anthem, 'God is The Spirit.' Hardy Memorial. 11 ajn., ?Mr. Westlake. 7.30 p.m., Rev. A. T. New ton ? Hollands. Anthem, ' 'Incline Thine Ear.' , /^(ILAREMONT CIRCUIT.— CLAREMOST: \J 11, Rev. J. H. Lang'don. Chorus Endca vourers. 7.30, Rev. J'. H. Lsr.gdon. Intr-nt, 'Ho}vest Breathe an Evening Blessing.' An them, 'Just as I am without one plea.' SWANBOURNE: 7.30, Mr. T. Hetherine ton. Anthem. CONGBEOATIONAI.. THIN1TY CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Preacher, Rev. J. Ernest James, B.D. 11- ».m., sermon, 'The EagCe's Young ' Solo, 'Rock of Ages,' Miss Whitehead. 7.10 p.m., Organ Recital, Mr. H. Vwwles P.B.C.O. s 7:20, Community Singing, Sermon, 'The Rising Generation.' Anthem, 'I Am Alpha and Omega' . (Stainer)-. Soloist. Miss Alice Connap. Soio,,''The Way of Peace,' Mr Roland Parsons. Monday, 15th to lDth. Lectures on Preach ing. Rey.. J. Ernest James, B.D. . Tuesday, 3 p.m., in Guild Hal!. Prohibition AddTess, Rev. J. Ernest James, B.D. Friday, 6 p.m.. Laymen'* Tea. ?Sunday, 21st, Last Sunday Services by .the Rev. Ernest Jamea, B.D., as Acting Pastor of Trinity Oh-urnh. '- ?

^?ORTH ?'..___ PERTH. v ; ? ? . 'Preacher. Rev. .W.-tP. Graham, B.A. Morning' suhj^et, 'Rejoicing in the Lord.' Evening subject, 'Lily work of the 'Pillars ' Wednesday, 8' p.m., Concert by Children. JOHNSTON MEMORIAL C0NGBEGA TIONAL CHURCH, Adelaide-street. Fremantle. Preacher. Rev. C. F. Argyll Sazby. 11 a-m-., subject, 'Unity is Siren^th.' 7.30 p.m, subject, 'A Good Time.' Anthem, 'I Am ASpha and Omeza' (Stainpj). ? VI7EST PERTH-Leederville Junior Christian Tf Endeavour Rally, 9.45 a.m. Services 11 a.m., Mr. Bathgate. ? 7.30 p.m., speaker. Miss Solomon. Vice-president World's W.C.T.U., South Africa. Anthems. Bright singing. OUNT HAWTHORN.-^ll a.m., Junior Christian Endeavour. 11 a.«n., Mx. C. G. Hoskins. 3 p.m^ Sunday. School. 7.30 p.m., Mr. S. .H. Barnes. ? Ant/hems by choir. Visitors heartily, welcomed. Njookenbooroo. 7.30 p.m.,' Mr. W. M« ? _^ WELSH CHURCH,, Trinity Buildings.— 7.30 pjn., English Service, Mr. 'F. W»rne, Subiaco. . ? ? ? Entrance from Hay-«t., opp. Bamett Bros., Ltd. , . piONGREGATIONAL UNION AND HOME \y MISSION OF W.A. The Men of 1hu Denomination are cordially invited. 1o n Meeting at Trinity Church' on Friday Evening, August 19. Tea at 6 o'clock, followed by a meeting, which will be ' ad dressed by the Rev. J. Ernest James. BJ-., of Collins'Street Church, Melbourne. The object of the meeting is to form a branch of the Congregational Men's Association. The cost of the tea vrili be Is., and the after meeting win close punctually at 7.4-5 o'clock. J. P. BATHGATE, General Secretary. BAPTIST. PERTH CENTRAL CHURCH, MUSEUM . STREET. — Preacher, Rev. John Ewing. 11 a.m.. 'The Romance. of Luke's Gosnel.' 7.30 p.m., 'The Parable of the Pearl..' Wed nesday, 7.45 p.m.. Blackboard Addresses: Genesis, Part 2. , NORTH PERTH BAPTIST CHURCH. Preacher, Rey. J. Arthur Lewis. 11 a.m., 'The Man from the Other Side.' 7.30 ipjn., 'Ourselves and the Universe' — the second of a series of addresses on 'The Book of Job and Its Message for To-day.' ? Anthem, 'And the Glory.1 Weeknight Service. Thursday, 8 pjn. Stu dies in Prayer: No. 4, 'Prayer and the Good ness of God.' Speaker. Rev. J. A. Lewis. AYS WATER. — 11 a.m. and 7.30 .p.m. Rev. Edward Hogg. ? CLAREMOXT. — 11 a.m., Mr. B. Treuaman. 7.30 p.m., Mx. W. Cla-rke. ? ? COTTESLOE BEACH.— 11 a.m. and 7.30 pjn.. Rev. Hy. Cordon. ? LEEDERVILLE. — 11 «jin., ''Redemption -by Sacrifice.' 7.30 p.m., 'What Is It to be filled with the Spirit 1' Pas-tor F. C. Aldis. AYLANDS.— 11 a.m., 'Christ Our Pass over.' 7.30 p.m., 'The Riches of His Grace.' .Rev. C. Urquhart, B_i. Wednesday, 7.45. 'Soul-Winning.' by Rev. E. Hogg. OUNT HAWTHORN. — 11 ajn. and 7.30 p.m.. Rev. Wm. Gitmour. ? SBORNE PAEK. — 3.30 p.m. Rev. Wm GHmoux ? ' ? .__ ICTOJIIA PARK. — 11 a.m. and 7^30 p.m. Pastor P. Norton.

CHURCH NOTICES. PBESBYTEBIAH. ST. ANDREW'S,* St. George's-terraco. . Minister: Rev. Georfe Tulloch. 11 a.m. — 'A Liivinjr Church.' Solo, 'Still Will we Trust in God' (Blandu-iPu-Uer), Miss B. Barton. Anthem, ' 'But the Lord is Mind fa'!' (Mendelssohn), Mr. T. H. Jones.- Mus. Bac, will p!ay (a) lElegy in G., (b) bnpro i-isation, («) 'The Heroes' March' (Men lelsffthn). i ' 7.30 pjn. — 'An Open Door.' Anthem, 'Uo'.y 'Art Thou' CHande'i) ami 'O Love the :Lord' (Sullivan). Organ: (*) 'B'.eva- tion' (©a'tiste). (b) 'Solitude' - (Godsrd) (c) 'Overture to oeoasionaJ Oratorio' (Handel). Mr. T. H. Jones. .Mu«. Bac., will give au organ recital in St.' Andrew's on. Monday 22nd inst., at 8 pjn. . ? ' COTS' CHURCH, Fremmntle. — ?Morning, 11. 'Evening, 7.30. Preacher 'both services, Mr. J. Dixon Johnson. On Wednesday evenirrg at 8 in the church, Mr J. Dixpn Johnson will give a lecture on the life of Mr. 'Reader Harris. K.C. ' ? r-lI-AB*a*'0N'r (?eoTner Princess and Chester L' roaids).— Minister, 'Rev. Arthur Torrent 11 a.m. Suibject 'The Haunted H«art.' 7.30 p.m. Suibject, '? 'Why Stand Without i' Anl.hem. 'S%veet ia.Thy Jlepoy.' ? VST FREMANTLE. — Preacher, iRev. A. H. Lewis, 'BvA., B-D. 11 a.m. 'Goodnea* and Mercy.' 7.30 p.m. 'The Making oi a Ph»phet.' Anthem. ? . ? ? ROSS MEMORIAi. iPUBSOYTBRIiAN CHUR0H, corner of Haiy and CoKn'sts. — -11 a.m. 'The Cha-llenge of the Uncertain. '' 7 30 p.m. 'The Other Side orf -tlie Door. ' Special ? 'service fmr -youn* people. .Specaal muiic: Introit. ? 'O iFather'1 (Handel). Inthems, 'Hark. H.AM, SouV' (&h«Ucy). 'Sun of My SouJ'.' (Turner). Duet, 'Out oi the Ivory Payees,' Misses Betty Browne ana Ella Molntoah. Preacher, Rev. A. Heathcote Fletcher. ? - ? : ? ST GILES Muont Liwley. — Rev. E. Dsvid Pearson. 11 am. Rev. W. G. CowJey, preacher. Anthem, ''Lead Kindly iLiSht,' 7.30 pjn. Wholehearted service, . ? ? ?' ? ? I ? i_ ?M'ORTH ' ? P£RTIH. 11 ajm. Rev. Alex Grow. Item hy jainior choir, 'Take Thou My Hand.' 7 M p.m. Special choral service. Preactcr, ?Rev'. Alex Crow. -Jntroit, 'O Saviour «4 the World!' (Goss). Antheais, 'Gloria (Mo zart). 'O Come Let us Worsbap. (W, S. Fotherinffham). Solo, ''There fa a Green Hill (Mrs. Elsie Simpson). iSolo, Mr. J. Enston. APOSTOLIC FAITH MISSION.— Tonifot, Y.M.C.A., at 7.45, Prayer and Praise. Sunday.— Wallish's HaU, 1.1 a.m. Fellow ship. 3 p.m. Biible Class. 7JM). Go&pel Service. Wednesday and Friday at 7.45. SALVATION ABUT. TJERTH FOBTRBSS. GREAT SALVATION MEETING, Conducted by ' - COMMISSIONER ^WHATMORE, ?'?*-. Territorial Commander. 1 Supported by Lieut.-OoloBel Mackey, Brigadier Haywood, ?Divicioiial Commander Brigadiers Bailey and Young, Social Secretaries, Departmental Staffs. 'Stirring , Testimonies From ? Latest Trophies-. Perth and Leederville Bands in Attendance. The Oommi&sioner W4R Speak. SUNDAY.. Perth Town Hall, COMMISSIONER WHAT ?.MORE win conduct Young Peoptss's C6n«re«s, 10 ajn.. 2.30 p.m. and 6 pjn. Admission by Invitation Ticket. MONDAY, AUGUST 15. Firemantle Citadel, COMMISSIONER WHATMORE will Lecture on his ' World- Wide Travels.' ' . The new Chief Secretary, Colonel Oranres, will be welcomed. Mt. 9'.eemari, M.LA., yrall be present. Brigadier Haywood and Briga diers BaiCey end Youhg wtll -support. .PUBLIC WELMQME MEETINGS to the New Chief Secretary, COLONEL ORAMES, a* follow: — ?.'?..' ( ? TUESDAY, 8 p.m., Midland Junction CHta* del. . .. ' WEDNESDAY, 8 p.m., Leedervii&e Citadel Bcittdier Haywood and D.H.Q. Staff Supportnigi . ? Everyone Welcome. ? PERTH. — Open-air, Saturday, 7 p.m., oppo site' railway eitation; Sunday, 7 a.m.. kneedriU; 11 a.m., HcCineas Meeting; 7.30 p.m., 'Sa-Ivation- Meeting. Adjutant and Mrs. Perry, officers. ? . ? ' LEEDERA'ILLE. — Sunday, 7 \a.m., lme» drill; 11 a.m., Holrnees Meeting. Sub j*ot, 'Adversity'; 3.15 p.m.. Praise Meet inr; 7.15 p.m.. Bong Service^ 7.30 p.m.. Salivation Meeting, subject, 'iA Successful Auction Saile Brings Death.' ? /^LAiREMONT.— 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. and 7.30 \j p.m., SeCTetary* Gnnter. ? ASSENDElAN. — 7.30 and 11 a.m.. and 7.30 p.m., Oa plain Cerini, Lieut. Ingram. /COTTESLOE BEACH. — 7.30 and 11 a.m.- and \j 7.30 pjri., Enssgti Philips, Lieut. Clarke 1JU6EMANTLE. — 7.30 and 11 a.m. and 7.30 M. p.m., Enatgn and Mt». Reese. ? . riUILl-FORiD.— 7.30 and 11 a.m^ and 7j3O JTi-p.m., Captain Evans, Lieut. Robinson: f* OSNELLS.— 7.30 and 11 a.m. and 7.30 VX p.m., Captain Pryfe, Lieut. Parker. HIG-HGATE, — 7.3O' a»d 11 a.m. aud 7.30 p.m., Captain and -Mre. Bloor. ? ? MAYLA2tDS.—1.3O and 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.. Commandant and Mrs. Hurst. ORTH FREMANTLE. — 7.30 and 11 ajn. and 7.30 p.m., Lieut. Boston. ? MIDLAND JUNCTION. — 7.30 and' 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m., Mrs. Commandant Has luck. ? SUBIACO — 7.3O and 11 a.m. and 7.3-] p.m:, Ensigsi Hay, Iceat. Outtig. VICTORIA PARK. — 7.3O and 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.. Adjutant and Mra. Maier. ? WEST .SUBIAOO. — 7.30 and 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.. Captain Laudcr, Lieux Oleary. ? ' ' OTHEB SERVICES. : SPIRITUALISTIC CHURCH .OF W.A. IN CORPORATEiD. ~. Foresters' Hall; .Francis-*t. s SUNDAY SERVICES.

Open circle, 3.30, by Sister Jean and Mta. McDonough. Evening address: Rev. Chas. L&thwell. Eighth Principal of Spiritualism. Messages, Sister Jean. Thursday: Divine Healing, 8 p.m. .Saturdya, August CO: Medioma. 'At Home.' 3 o'clock. P1RITUAL Science Church,' Rechabite (lower) Hall, WiUiam-st., near James si. — Sunday, 7.30: Trance Address by, Mr. 'Shepherd. Clairvoyance, Miss De -Launay. Oc cult class, Monday, 8 p.m., also Divine Heal ing, SForeaters' Hall, i'rancis-st. Sister Pa ? _? ? *? THE Babai Movement. — A meeting will be held .Sunday, 7.30, National Chambers, Barrack-Bt. Speaker, Mrs. Juleff. Subject, 'The Vital Need of Religion Unity.' ? . HEOSOPHICAL Society, 192 St. George's terrace. — Sunday, 7.30 p.m.: The Society stands for universal brotherhood. Lecture en titled, 'The Progress of' Humanitv.' Pub lic invited ? NEW Thought Centre, 197 Murray-a. — ?Sunday 11a.m.: 'Christ's fearlessness.' and 7.30. Wednesday, 3 p.m.: Healing circle. Friday, study class, 6.30; concentration, 8 p.m. librarian wishes all books to b« re turned, re-cataloguing. Rooms open* Monday to Friday, 11 to *? ? MRS TRUSLOVE wishes to notify her many friends that heT classes will be erased for about six weeks, as she is leaving for Eastern States by to-night's train IBERAL Catholic Church, Brewer-street, off Stirling-st. — Sunday, 11 a.m.:-Holy Kucharist. 7.30 p.m.: Solemn benedicition. Monday: Festival of tHe Assumption of Our Lady, 7.30 a.m.: Holy Eucharist. 7.30 p.m.: Solemn benediction. ? ' SPIRITUALISTIC Endeavour Church, Tem perance Hall, Museum-street. — Sunday' service, 7.30 :- Address by Mr. Roberts. Clairvoyant delineations and spirit messages from flowers by Mrs. Morris. Hearty welcom* to old friends and new interested. IGHER Thought Temple of Truth, No. 10 Basement, Forrest Chambers, St. iieorge's-terrace. — Sunday, 11 a.m., 3 p.m., 7.30 p.m.: Subject; 'Prayer of Truth.' Mr. Breedon Hames can be seen by appointment for health, peace and prosperity, Monday to Friday, 1 0 a.m. to 5 p.m. , INTERNATIONAL BIBLE STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION. — Sunday, August 14. . PERTH.— 'V.A.L. - Hall, Murray-st., 7.30 p.m.: Mr. R. Lazemby. Topic, 'The Six iJapbisms Taught in The .'New Testament.' FREMANTLE. — Women's Service Guild Room, Market-st.- (entrance opposite Canton ment-st.) : Services 3.15 p.m. and 7.15 p.m. All welcome. No collection. QCIETY For Spreading Knowledge True Prayer, ' 54 'Royal Arcade, corner Hay Barrack streets. — Practitioner in attendance daily (Wednesday excepted), 11 a.m. -3 p.m 'Phone W2. ? . ? SPIRITUALISTIC Service, rRechabites* Hall, Parry-street, Framantle.— Sundaj evening, 7.30: Address' by Mr. Richards. Subject: 'The Bible Evil Spirits and Spirit ualism.'' Clairvoyant delineations and spirit messages from flowers by Mrs. Haynes. AH welcome. ? - ? SPIRITUALISTIC Church, Perth-road, Bas sendean. — Sunday, 7.30: Address and messages, Mrs. O. Harris. Wednesday: Ad dress, healing circle and messages by flowers, Mr. Shephard and Mrs. 0. Harris. All are welcome. ? ' ? HRISTADELPHIAN Church, Brown's Ha.ll, Murray-street, nest Gas Depart ment. — Free public lecture, Sunday evening, 7.30. Subject, 'Does It Matter What We Be lieve.' ? 1BST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIEN TIST, Assembly Hall, Pier-strjeet, Perth. Services: Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. Wednesday: Testimony Meeting, 8 p.m. Sun day School, 11 a.m., Piccadilly Ballroom, Hay st Reading Room, Australasia Chambers, 68 St. Georgc's-ter., open to public Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., Wednesday ex eepted. when it is open 11 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.

CHURCH NOTICES. OTHEB SERVICES. ';'?'-'? ? ' .v ' TJOSEMOUNT THEATRE, ** FiUgerald-st., North Perth. Evangelist E. E. Roenfelt continues his series of Prophetic Addresses as under: — Subject, Sunday, August 14, at 7.30 p.m : ' Daniel '« Strange Beasts: A Winged Lion, a Bear, a Four-headed Leopard, and an Iron toothed Monster. What: Do They Signify?' Illustrated, by life-size representations. Come! Alt Welcome. LEEDEKVILLE Men's Class, Sunday af ternoon, 3 p.m., Town Hall, Cambndge st. The Rev. J. E. James, B.A., B.D., chap man Congregational Union Australasia, and of Independent Church, Colhns-st., Mel bourne, on 'Immortality.' Public invited. LEGAL. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF WESTERN - into AUSTRALIA. PROBATE JURISDICTION. In the Matter -Jf the Will of MARY ANGUS (aleo known as Mary Katie Angus), :ate -'??' of 0 Brookman-street, Perth, in the Stale of Western Australia, Married Woman, ',' Deceaseu. . ? NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Notice is hereby giAen that all perE«ns having any CLAIMS or Demands agamat the Estate of the abovenamed deceased are re quired to send particulars of tame in writing to the Executor, care of O'Dsa and O'Dea, Solicitors Warwick Houisc, St. George'ster race, Perih, on or before the 12th day of September, 10U7.-at the expiration of which itime the Executor will distribute the assets of -the raid deceased without reference to any claims or demands of which he shall not then have bad notice. Dated this 4th ooy of August, 1927. O'DfcA and O'DEA, Warwick House, Perth, ?Solicitors for the Executor. ? IN THE SUPREME COURT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. PBOBATE JURISDICTION. In the .Matter of the Will of JOSEPH DAVID SON HOSSACK, late of 20 Goldsworthy - - road, Olaremont, in the State of West ern Australia, Builder, deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Notice is 'hereby given -that aU' persons having CLAIMS ' or DEMANDS against the estate of the above-named deceased are re quested to send in- particulars of such claims , in waiting to the Exer cutor of «he Will of the said deceased, «are of M. Kott, Solicitor, 69 'Sft George 's-terrace,., en. or be fore he 12th day of SEO?TEMBER, 1927, after which d»te the said executor will dis tribute the assets amongEit the persons en titled thexeMy. having regard only to those claims of which 't'he Jixecutor then sha-l have notice. ? Dated the 12ih day o£ Augusit, 1927. M. KOTT, of C.T.A. Buildings, 63 St. George's -terrace, Perth, Solioitor for the Exe cutor, Cyril Allan. Blinco. ' ? In~thb~supkeme'court of western australia. psobate jurisdiction. In uhe MaWer of~the~Will of ROBERT . NOLAN, late of Lord -street, Perth, in, the State of Western Australia, Dealer, de ceased. ? NOTICE TO CREDITORS. No.tica is hereby given that all persons hav ing CLAIMS or DEMAND'S against the esta'te of the a'bove-named deceastd: are re quested to «endin particulars of such oiaiars in. wTiting to the Executor of the Will of the said deceased, -care o-f iM. Kot-t,' SolK'.tor, 6'J St. Georce's-tenrace, Perth, on or before the 12th day of SEPTEMBER, 1927, after which date 'the said Execuitor will distribute 1'he aesets amongh't the persons entitled hereto, having regard only to 'those o'-aiina of which ithe Executor then shall have notice. \ Dated the 12th day of August, 1927. M. KOTT, of C.T.A. Building*, 09 St. George's-teirrace, Perth, Solicitor for the Exe cutor, Albert Alexander . Collis. . ? ' IN TH1E LOCATi COURT HELD AT M£lt REO1N. ? NO. 2712/1927. Between H. L. SPARGO, Plaintiff, andj'. J. WALLACE; Defendant. ; TO F. J. WALLACE, of Bodallin. Take notice- that a Plaint has been en tered and a SUMMONS issued against you in tho- above Local Court by H. L.,Spargo, of Merredin, for .the sum of £79 15s. 2d. fjr goods »old and delivered, and an Order has 'been made that the Publication of a Notice of .the Entry of Such Plaint in the 'West Australian' of the 8th and 13th days of August, 1927, andT-in the 'Merredm Mercury', of .the 4th. -and 11th days oi August 1927, shall be deemed good auj sufficient service of the Summons upon you. The Summons will be heard at Merredin qn Thursday, the 25th day of August, 1927, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, and if you do not appear either in person or by yoa: Solicitor aA the .time* and place above men tioned, such Order will be made and pro ceedings taken as the Magistrate ' may think just and expedient. ' Dated the 3rd day of August. 1927. E. P. FOREMAN, ?? Clerk of the Court. CECIL H. LORMAN, of Merredin, Solicito: for the above named P'rain'tiff. ? ?_ IN THE SUPRSMJi COURT OF WES TERN AUSTRALIA. . PBCBATE JURISDICTION. In- the Estate of HENRY WHITE, former!} of 28 Irwin-street, Perth, l.ut late o1 Bennett-«treet, East Perth, in the Stati ? of Western' Australia, Contractor an« Timber Worker, deceased, intestate.

Notice is hereby given that ill PERSONS having OLAIHS or DEMANDS, against the Estate of the . above-named Henry White, de ceased, are required to SE.ND in PAIiTLCU LARS thereof in writing to the Adminis trator, care of Messrs. Lohrmann and Tin d»l. Perpetual Trustees Buiidins?, oil St. George'a-t.errace, Perth on or before the 20th: day cf August, one thousand nine hundred ! and twenty-seven, after which date the Ad- i ministrator will proceed to distribute the I as&ets of the said deceased among the per sons entitled thereto, having regard only to claims of which he shell have had notice. . Dated this 28th day 'of July, 1927. ?LOKRMAXN and TINDAL, Perpetual Trustees Buildings, 89 St. Geoi^ge's-terrace, Perth, Solicitors for the Administrator. IX THE SUPREME COURT OF WESTERN ? . AUSTRALIA. : PROBATE JURiSDIOTION. In the M*tter of the Will of JiENS ABRA HAMSEN, laie of Lockhart-s-treet, Cpmo, in the .State of Western Australia, Miner, deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. 'J Notice is hereby given 'that tu!l .persons having CLAIMS or DEMANDS' against the estate of the above-named deceased' are re quested- to send m particulars of such .claims in writing to .the Executor, of the Will of the said deceased, care of M. Kott, Solicitor, 6'J St. Geoxge's^terrace, Perth, on or before the l'.'th day of SEPTEMBER, 1927, after which da.te the said executor will distribute the assets amongst the persons tuiitled thereto, having regard only to those clsihnB of which the Executor then shall have no tice. ?Dated the 12th day of August, 1927. ' M. KOTT, of C.T.A. Buildings, 09 St. George'a-terrace, .Perth, .Solicitor for the Exo OTttor, Colin Gordon. ? ? IN THE SUPREME COURT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. No. 49, of 1927. ' ' IN BANKRUPTCY. Re VICTOR GEORGE WHEELER, lately of Mt. Palgravc, Pastoralist. Receiving order made 29th day of June, 1927. . ' Date and place, of first meeting 31st day of August,' 1927, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon at the Supreme Court. Date of pnblic examination, 31st day of August, 1927, at 10.30 o'clock in the 'fore noon at, the Supreme Court. Note. — All debts due to the estate should be paid to me. . . j ? ? M. M. MOSS, . 'Official Receiver, Supreme Court, Perth. Dated the 10th d-ay of August, 1927. POULTRY. DOGS. ETC. (Sixteen words, is. 6d.; six constcuUve- ln- terttona. 7a. Cd.) A.A.A.A.A.A. — PARKINSON'S COLONY POULTRY FARM For baby chicks and batching eggs; also stud poultry, from the greatest layers in the universe. English and Australian Utility Black Orpington and White Leghorns. These birds have mpr» utility show wins and laying competition records to their credit than all other breeds combined. I hold tho world's record for quick and safe delivery; this same safe de livery guaranteed to -any .part of the State by Toad, rail or* aeroplane. Prices: Chicks, 10s. dozen; £5 17s. 6d. per 100. Eggs, 8s. setting; £3 per 100. No stickfast Send for free catalogue. Tom Parkinson, Jurendine, near Northam. Postal Address: Box 29, Nor tbam. Tel. 7, Jurendine. AIREDALE and Collie Puppies, also adultsl relingui-sbing these breeds, cheap. .Mel lor, Paley-st., BeJmont (home Sunday ) . HORT Stories and' Sketches are a regular ? feature of the 'Western Mail.'* The Editor is always pleased to receive those, particularly Vnen they have a Western Aus tralian or. Commonwealth setting, and are brightly written. rpOPICAL Photographs. — 'Snaps' of uu JL usual incidents, accidents, etc.. will b« welcomed by the 'Western Mail' if prompt ly delivered to the Editor. Here is a chance for the alert amateur who wishes to maka money. ? - ? . ? W.A. SAFE DEPOSIT, W.A. Chambers, 104 ?St. George 's-ter.: Safes to Let. Valuables, Money. Papers. Lugjage, and Goods of all Descriptions taken for .Safe Custody. . .

POULTRY, DOGS, ETC. A LSATIAX Puppies, from recently import Cm. ed stock, and orders booked for com Eg litters. Mellor, iDaley-st.. Belmont. ? A 'N'DALUSIAX Settings for Sale, all from ti. prize strain. No. 7 Cuthber:-st., West Subiaco. SIITON Poultry Farm, Axmadale. Black Orpington and White Leghorn Eggs, '35a. per hundred, £1 for fifty, (is. - per dozcj b'rdght paid 50 or over. W. Whittle. ? BALGAY POULTRY FARM. OSBORNE PARK.. Best Advice: Secure Our Famous Laying ?Strains: — . Utility White Leghorns. : Utility Black Orpingtons. , - -. Utility Rhode Island Keds. ? ^ . Utility Indian Runner Ducks. For Sale, Breeding Penis, Cockerels, Pullets. ;uaran-.e$d. all .laying now. Eggs, settings md incubator lots. ^ ? BLACK ORPINGTON (Marvill) Eggs and Chicks,, guaranteed from highest laying - train pgg^,. 45s. per hundred, 6s, Gd. per setting. Strong, healthy, and clean Chkrks, 15s. per dozen, 'and £5 5s. per hundred, freight paidl ' R. ' R. 'Hopper, Swan View. LACK Orpington Chicks, Marviille, lay ing strain, 15s. per dozen, £5 5s. per 190; Eg^s/ 6s. 6d. per settohig; fresght paid. A. L. Oc-kcrby, Swan View. BLACK Orpinpton .Settings, from tested layers, 7s. 6d.; selected Oockerel-s, from li-3.: Cd. Bjrry,' Araerst-rd., West JlidJand. BL.VCK Orpington and White Leghorn Set tiln^s, . 5s. ;. Chicks, 12s. dozen; from sound, hea.lthyi stock. Ct»nn&]i, Warbrook. BLA.OK Orpingtons, splendid winter layers, 3'5. Cd. setting; fertility guaranteed. 56 Bronte-M., off Bennett-st., East Pe.rth. BIjACK Minorca Setting avaiCable, 6s. 6d. A.. Carman, 18 OonaoJ'Iey-^t., Wembley. BORDEK Collie Dog Pup, ready for break ing,- parents great ? workers, £2 10s. A. Crawford, Woor.oloo. . . ? R30DERS: Brooklyn, bos. ana 60s. Adai- table Hovers, 35s. ; Multiple . Fireless from S2s. Gd. STOVE BROODERS: Biu» Flame Stove Brooders. Chick Feeder*. Chick Founts, Toe Punches. Catalogue. All Poultry Dog and Beekeepers' Kequisites. JAMKS GOSS. Wireworker, 133 William-si., ' ' ? Perth. ? BROOKLYN POULTRY ' FARM, PARKKRVILLE. Day-oid Ohieks. eggs and stock birds of ioUo»4ng breed* now available: — White Leg horns, B:_ack Orpirgtons, Plymouth Rocks, Rhode I&Iand Reds. Book early to ensure delivery. Poui'try foods an«f medicines, anil our famous Brooklyn Brooders, which are now in universal use on the most up-to-dat« poultry farms. Wherever Brooklyn Brooders have been tried, they have superseded ail other makes. . At the last Sydney Royal Show, under most adverse conditions, Brcok lyn Brooders proved to be what we claim for jfem — the MOST PERFECT and (RELIABLE BROODER in existence. Inspection of farm and sitock invited. Price iist and free' book let on applica-tion. . ? . 'DROWN Leghorn1, .Plymouth Rocl? Boos -U. ters, 10s., for pens. Buff Orpington Set .t-mgs, 6s. log Outram-«t. ' : ? C BATTLE Dog Puppies, jiotural heelers, J 3Os. each. J. Wynne', Belmont Park, near school. CXHEAP POULTRY WHEAT. J . 12s. Gd. and -15s. per bag. Guaranteed all good-size grain. ' Pis Wheat, .8s. bag. ? A. EDMEADES, Fremantle. ? /CHICKS ? CHIOKS ? CHICKS. VIGOROUS AND HEALTHY. EASY TO BEAR. Breedixg stocks, bCood from sisters world's record 'pen', ? W.A.; Ea-sternHStates. and Burn ley eggiaying competition winners, English iuiponed. AU breeders are reared on free rai.^e, ensuring complete vigour and sturdy chi-cks. Thi's stock is remarkable for its ege-producing capacity. B. Orpingtons and White Leghoiss, £5 per 10O, 15^: -dozen; freight paid. Live delivery- and no stickfast guaranteed. lil'LI, RANGE POULTRY FARM, ? Swan View. .. ' TShJGKKSS:. Jllack . OriMflgtou and Whit* \J Les'horns week old, 15s.1 dozen. £6 per luO. Day Old, £5. per 100. James Uoss, Poul try, L»6g, aud Bee Requisites, 133 William. st., Penh. ? .- ? CHICK Food'.' 2l*-. -rwt.; Lucerne Chaff, 14s. c«-;.; Lucerce Poliard, 15s. Gd. c«-t. ; iieat Meal, 15s. cwt. ; bran. Pollard; Shell Grit, aOlr Poultry, Dog and Beu ltequisitts. Jamts Goss,. 133 Wii'iiam-st., Perth. /SoCKKRTsTAX.lKb .Puppies, pedigree, grand \J tihampion, iirouuh; Australia. \v'. Cihmery, hk Majesty's Theatre, Perth. T\AY-iQLP. ? CHICKS. Bla.;k Onpinglohs and W. Leghorns, 15s. per dozen/ JSS' 15s. per' 50; XS '103. per' 100. ' . . EGGS. . Settings, from 5s.; Incubator Lots, 35s. per 1O0. Fertility Guaranteed. . ' COCKERELS. BlaicV Orpingtons and- W. Leghorns, reaUy nice birds, 21s. each. Breeding Pens, etc., prices on application. Freight .paid on all orders., When Better Birds are Bred.' We!ii Breed ''Em. THE. MULVRA POULTRY YARDS, . ' Belmont. 'T|AY-OLD White Leghorn Chicks, from won U derful layers. £5. .100 immediately de livery. E. B. Mainstone, Swan View.

rvOG MEDICINES. MESSRS. DAY. SON and HEWITT'S IWORLD FAMOUS DOG AND CAT REMEDIES., . Arc Obtainable ? At ? , . ? ' ' THE WESTRALIAN FARMERS. LTD.. ? Send, for Pamphleti. ? ^_ DOGS wanted, Airedale, Kangaroo, Irish Terier, Bull Terier; must be males. Pur .culars to ??.-.' ? HATCH BROS., 1 W.A. Trustee Buildings, -.'? St. George' s-ter.. Perth. ''Phona A6885. PGGS.ABE DEAR1: iKEP YOUR BIRDS~LAYING STEADILY ' . . ?' . With ?'-' ' ?? - SINGER'S EGG PRODUCER. . * - SlNGKR'S EG& PRODUCER. A natural ezg-maker, 'makes hens want o lay I Tones them up, increases appetite, issisU digestion, stirs up sluggish esg -roducing organs. Country customer';, send Jostal notes, 141b., 93. 6d.; 281b., Ids.; ililb., 30s. 4d., to J. GOSS or FAULDING'S, vha will forward bigs by goods train. Packets, Is. 3d. and Is. '9d., sold by J. 3OS3, 133 Williaxc-st., Produce Dealers, etc. Wholesale from F. H. FAULDING and CO., J13 Murray-st., Perth. ?*'?. Send for FREE BOOKLET on 'Poultrj ('arming1^ to Singer Stock Remedy Co., 17/ Harris-st., Sydney. EGGS, Barred Rocks, Buff Orpington-s, ? White. Orpingtons., 10a. 6d.; Black Or pingtons, 'Leghorns. Runaers, 7s. 6d.. A.' Lethbridge, Basaendean'. EGGS, Settings of Rmnner Ducks, Black Orpingtons and White Leghorns, 6s. 6d., freight paid. H. H. Wishart, Wooroloo. pOR SaJe. Muscovy Ducks and Sack X Orpingtons, laying, 5s. ; drake, 7s. 6d.: »Uo .SetDimss, 4«. 6d., irom ?good stock brood er aud coops, jEl js. ea..vh. Greenough, end Basin{-ha.'.l-at., Victoria Park. ' Tj^CKKi Sale, M'uscwy Ducklings, Turkey _T Hens, young. BTown (Leghorn Rooster, Pen Muscovy. Wilkinson,' Ida-st., Bas«en dcan. . . ? ? 17K-R Sale, Irish Terrier Pups, pedigreed, f J. Dornan, 5D. McCleery-fit., Beacons Kelg, Fremantle. ' ? . FDR Sale,. Black Orpington Fowl, young and laying, clean and healthy. 144 Fark-st., Subiaco. ? ' . FOU '9a.!e, to-day and 'Sunday, Pedigreed Pekingese Pwppies, . strong and healthy. 190 Carr-at.. Leederville. ? - - FOR Sale. Acot-rd. (.27), Causeway, Pup Dog, 5s.. black and tan; Fowls, black, 'i&. each; Roosters, 4s. ? FOR S-iC'e, Runner Ducks, cheap, or ex change for fowls. No. .2 Richnurad-st. GOATS. 10 months old, splendid milking 6train, cheap. Smith, 222 Walcott-st.V' terminus. Mt. Lawiey. ? i ? /GUINEA ? - ; PIGS. THREE DOZEN DOES REQUIRED. ? - ?. Apply ' CHIEF VETERINARY OFFICER, ©epartmeot of Agriculture. ? Perth. rNCUBATORS: Prairie State, Cyper's Stan dixd, Multiplo, Perth Standard, 60 egg £7 115 egg £9 10s., 150 egg £13 10s. Cata logue and particulars. All Poultry, Dog and Beekeepers' Requisites. JAMES GOSS, Wireworker, 133 William-jt, Perth. ? ' INCUBATORS, The 'Simplex,' 54-egg machines, and the -best storm-proof Fire less (Brooders in- W.A., one' oi each for £3 10s. A limited number again this season. J. F. Roberts, 9 Myrtle-st., Perth. A manufacturer of Poultry Appliances for over 50 years. ? ^_ ? ' INOUBATORS, hot water, 60 eggs, Prairi* State, from 50 eggs; Petalumas. from 54 tggs. Elms Lea, Kanin-bla-rd.. Nedlandg. 1--11'UBATOR, aectric. Sentinel, 300. egg, .periect mixr, cheap, going a-wiay, 44 .Ed ward-st. Nedlands. ? ' 1IXCUB.ATORS1 for Ssl«, various makes, all guaranteed ; cash or terms. Incubator Repair Company. 12 Town-shend-Td., Subiaco' XNCUBATOR, Standard, -KJ egg, new, also X Brooklyn brooder, cheap. 87 Holds worth-st., Fremantle, opp. Bnnnings. ? I'NJMAX Runner Pen*, six birds, 30s.; good stock. Run-nadux P.'F., Wharf-st., Queen's PaTk. ? ' ' NiDIANj Runner Daclos, best laying strain, Settin-gs, Eggs, 3s. Gd. Mrs. Crooks, Hamill'ion-st., near station, Queen 'g Park'. IRISH Terrier Dog, Pups, pedigreed, priza wanner. White City Dog Show.- 105 E»st St., Mt. Hawthorn, upper end lake. ANGAROO -Dog Pups (female) for Sale: well bred. R. Hansen, . Phiilip-st., Mad-' d4ngton. ? ANGAROO Pup, well bred, for sale. 32 Richmond-si., Leederville. NOW- WHITE Pure Rice St»rcn, coi.'»rj the collar, gives a durable Snith.

POULTRY, DOGS, ETC. LARGE White .Muscovy Drake for SaJe; good stock bird ; Teasc-nabLe. 39 Paimer iton^it. ? .: ? ?? H/fARVILLE Black Orpington, White Lodge WA Le-ghorns, Egg Settings, 5s. . 25 Ber rick-tft., Victoria Park; Zoo' tram. ? NEAVEDALE - POITLTRY FARM. PICKERING BROOK. Reliable breeders of high class, utility iVhite Leghorns and Black Orpingtons, Wia lers of single test (White Leghorns) alsa ? inter test, ia last Subiaco egg-laying com jetition Our tested stock, reared 'on free ?ange, are of Bpleudid type and lull t-l vitality. Now booking orders for : day-iid rhicks, while ieehorus ori-Iy. loi.di-z.; £j 10*. )er 100. Settings, both breeds, 10s. 6d.; Special, £l'ls. Incubator Lots, £2 lOi. per 100. Cockerels, £1 is. Quotes Breeding Pens. Inspection invited. Satisfaction assured. NINE Paii-rs I.It. Ducks, Caying, 6s. pair. J. Brinden, Cyril-st., Bassendean. fV-JJ Good Goat gcves two quarts, jurt kid (J ded. 71 Mab'e-1 -at.,North Perth. ? EDIGREED .Pomeranian Puppies, cheap. 35 Yilgarn,-st., West Subiaco. ? . PEDIGREE1 Bulldog, brindle; anyi trial. 562 WtCiam-*t. PEN Indian Runners, also Mammoth Pekiha' laying al£O AyJesbury Drake, c'htssp. Hall, Guildford-rd. and Eoherts*:., Bays water^ ? ' ? ' ? PIGEONS for -sale, excellent racing strain, flown Southern Cross, .pedigrees sup plied. Prices moderate. 20U Loftus-st., Leed erviile. ? . ? . - '- ? ? PLYMOUTH »Rock Settings, from well-bred stock, 8s. 6d., freight paid. H. Dennis,' L'ookernup. ? ' ? (_ ? ?' OMERANIANS, ?beautiful miniature pup r-'les, pedigreed, .cheap. E. Hilton, 39 b'remanUe-rd., Victoria1 Pack (trams H) or 28), near Causeway. 'OOULTRY FARMERS' ORGANISATION X OP W.A. Have you received a petition -form for the Compuhory Egg Pool. If not, get in touch witih the undersigned, who will supply them, and any other information required. Re member this is for your own benefit, .whether in a large or small way. This is urgent.-' S. CUNNINGTOX, Secretary, Welshpool Poultry Farmers' Organisation. IJiHODE ISLAND Reds, Setting. 6s. 6d. Xti Sit now, lay when: eggs are dear. 89 Railway-parade, Mt. Lawiey. ? * ? - R..-I. Reds, Cockerels, PuHets, Hens, Set fkgs, Eggs for iSale. £1 Is. each, include eariyi stocnr winners. M. E. Pye, Camelia St.. North Perth. Tel. A3432. ? , RUNNER Ducks, laying, 6s.|piir; Muscovy Ducks, 4s. pair; also Bicycle, £2 10s. 70 Queen Victoria-st.. Fremantle. ? UNNER Duck Setting, 13 eggs, warrant ed fertile, 'best laying strain, only 3s. 6d. Gaunt, Chapmon-st., Bassendean. SE^rTINGS of Indian .Runners, Rouens, good laying strains; Ayles-bury-Peking, good market birds, 6s. 6d. per setting, freight paid; from F. Coatee, Co«te'« Siding. ? ANTED to Buy, Fox Terrier Dog, pupTy, weiU bred, no fancy prices'. State ag«. C^S. this offlce. . ? ' WANTED to Buy, .Ducklings ard Turkey Chicks-. Particoilars, R. BTOosa, iDal keith Gariens. N--dlands. ? ? liniEAT. WHEAT. . , WHEATv WBcst value in trade. Bag lots. 5s. 6d.; 10 bags, 5s. 3d.; wholesale. 20 bag lots, 5». bushel Al Chickfood, 18s. 6d. cwt. Maize all varieties. Wheatmeil, £10 10s., ton, 2,000 ?b' ROSE MILLING CO.. , ? ide-to 110 James-st.. Perth. WHEAT. WHEAT. WHEAT. For Poultry, cheap, 10s. per bag. Pig Wheat, 6s. per bag. . BIGER. ? 229 Newcascle-st.. Perth. ' . ? 1TTH1TE Leghorns, same «train -wrnner's W winter test, Muresk Agricultural. College eggJoying competition. 10*. Gd.. setting (15 CTgJs), 50s. 10O,' freight extra. T. Boulter, Division-st., V?e!shpool. ' HITE Leghorn Cockerel, bred from my champion pen, ready for jnating, 10s. 6d. OidneJd, C-3 Geddes-st., Victoria Park. JUTE Leghorn Settings, f rom my. chaci pion pen. 5s. petting. Oldfield, 69 Geddes-st., Victoria PaTk. ? . HITE Leghorn Cockerels, five, good strain, IOs. Cd. es-ch. Shugg, Scarboro Bea-rh-rd.. Osborne Park. ? . ? - IITHITE Leghorns, settings, same strain as IfV competing birds. Muresk. 5s. doz. K.a O^a Ponltry Farm.' South' Belmont. ? IirTE LEGHORNS and Black, clean, ?healthy, birds, laying. 3U3 Stirlmg-st.

LICENSING NOTICES. rRE LICENSING , ACT, 1911. (Section 54?.) APPLICATION FOR TRANSiFER. To the Licencing Court for the Guiidford District. I JAMES ANDERSON, being the licensee if the Billiard Saloon situated at 36 Com nercial-road, at Midland' JunrtoDn, do hereby nakfe APPLICATION for a TRANSTE.R of ?ights. ami privileges of the BILLIARD LI CENCE held by me in res-pcot of the said -remises to EdmTird Thc-mas Begley, of 130 Jea-ulort-street, Perl'h, sod I, the said i.a n-axd Thomas Begley, do hereby concur in such applico'tion, and request that the said [ransfer may be made. . ^^ Dated this 8th. day of AngusV 1927. ? , . T JA'MES ANUE-RSOS. SignatTire of Proposed^ Transferor. ?' Signature of Proposed Transferee. ROAD BOARDS. rpHE' ROAD DISTRICT ACT, 1919. ' Form No. 69. MEMORANDUM OF MAKING AND ?LEVYING OF RATES. ' - . TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. ? At a Meeting of ? the Darling Range Road Board held on July 4, 1927, it was resoived that the various RATES should be LEVIED on the ratable value of all ratable property within 'the respective Wards of the district as specified' hereunder in accordance with the provisions of the Roads- Act, 1919, and the Health Act, '191 1-19. ' . ? ' ' SCHEDULE. ? ' Lesmurdie Ward. Maida Vale ^Ward and Heideiberg Ward : .'4Jd. in the £ on the unim proved value. Road rates. Kalamunda Ward: 6d. in ihe £ on the un proved value. Road' rates. Health Rate, id. in the .5.. ?Sanitary Rate, id. in the £. Total rates in Kalamunda. -Ward. :7d. in the £. ' ? . R. S. SAMPSON, ;' . . . ? . ? Chairman. ? ? TENDERS. A Jk..— NOTICE TO 00NTRACT0&3. BUILDING MATE-RIALS. Before commencing to Build, obtain prices from '-:?':: ' WHITTAKER BROS.. SUBIACO., .The .Timber and Tiardware PeopCe. WE SUPPLY EVERYTHING IN CON NECTION WITH; THE BUILDING TRADE. COAOHBUlLDEtiS and WHEELWRIGHTS. ? Vehicles of All Kind* Built to Order. Repair? of AE' Descriptions. 'Phone 7196-7-8. ? A. DOUGLAS JONES AND CO~ LTD Tel. M21 and 87. Tel. M21 and. 87. BALTIC FLOORING AND LININGS. YELLOW PINE, RED DEAL. ' SeeU* ior Your Plasterboard and Cement Goods. Timber and Hardware Merchants,. GUILDB'ORD. Customers, hlow'our horn for us by telling others how we treat yon. . . ? '?-?'?'. . '? . ' .' ? ' '- ' '? .' Al'~~ A PERMANENT CEILIN8. TINDALE'S ???''? t - ? . ' ♦ riBKII.OID PLASTER BOABD. * Hade' to any Design. ' Plain or Ornamental. '?'..'? CHEAP. DURABLE. ARTISTIC. . Manufacturer! of — Ceneni Cisterns, Troughs, Baths, Rollei*, Lavatory Basins, etc., and Plaster OratmWs of all Descriptioaa. ' TIXDALE. Modeller, -I75 WeilinrioD-atxMt, Perth. BBdCKS:— Sole Agent for State Bricks Prices quoted, .delivered. Wire Cut lire and all kinds oi Fancy Brick stockad Blue Metal Screenings, Lime, 5s. 6d hair Gravel. £1 load, delivered. J; Bradley, corner Roe and Fiugerald sts.. Perth. Alios JJU1LDEKS AND. OONTKACTOitT Don't Forget KENNELITE, The Improved. ? 'TAYLOKITE' WHITE, ANT EXTERMINATOR. Approved by State and Commonwealth Go .vernments. CITY. 0F TiRTH. TENIDERS are invited for the COYSTJVl.' TION of a 15ft. GRAVBL SUBUJ1AUE ytoCn in pion-street; Victoria Park, between JBut land-avenue and 'Raleigh-street ' .fT^.ndCp?.di?'in'c-riy markeJ wia i5-e received at the City Engineer's OSce 207 Murrav street, until 4 .p.m. on Monday, August 22, Plans, specifications and schedule of auanti. ties may be obtained at tbo aibove office urnon payment of £1 deposit. ? A receipt from the City Treasurer covering such preliminary deposit ac- is la.:d dcawu in the General Conditions of Contracts must ac company tender and a further deposit as ii reijuired therein must be lod;ej with tr.o City Treasurer upon acoeytauce. oi the iciiuer Ail deposits .must be either in cash or 'bant n:arkd cheque. - The ? lowest or Miy ttudcr :mt liece&ssnit atcaiited. W. E. BOLD. ?? ? Town Cleric '~ (Ceniiaued oa 1'aje li.j

? -TENDERS. (Continued froc 7s£a 18.) fA GfilODLTURAIi BANK ACT, 19OG. INDUSTRIES ASSISTANCE ACT. 1&15 A2.T) .V ' ,;AiI'ENI-iI'ENT ACTS. TBNOJEB&.ftir -tho PURCHASE o£ ihe Under mentioned: LAXD and LEASES wi-a be re ceived by the Trustees on id*i*s and a.t tho .; V Lo«U Offices named. Tenders Heturna^te at PerUi — 27/8/27; ' ? 16118/24. Peel Estate .Lot 6S0, being «he whole of the laud comprised in Repurchased Estate Lease 20/1763 (55), Eitattfiine in the nameof Wil liam Aaron Sayers. Area 125 atrea 1 VttoA 1 perches, ? situated T mites south o£ Jandakot. described 83 23 acres first-cla=s ibuHrush swamp, 18 acr&s second clas-s. £ood swamp, ba.Janco sandy. 41 acres cleared, 6 port cleared, 120 chains 3 u-ire, 5O chains 4 -wire fencing, 2'Jft. vraH,; broomed J.WjB. House, mLfc shed, dairy, stabie, sheds, J-iffsties, stock an a plant that may be in our poss«ssion and belonging to tho ptaca »t tho time of purchase, 19/1151. Lot 76 oi'pVn 314S, Portion of Cannmj Location 12, bcVnr the -whole of the. .land ?comprised in C.-rtifirate o£ Title Vol. 940 Pnl. 44, standing! in the name of John Davies Area, '7 acres 2 roods 24 perches, situated \ mile norph-wefit &f Uaddington. Ali pood land. J.W.B. House, -Urooras, -tfas-hhoose, iron uhed. 2 1.000 gatton tanks, 40 ch*ins fencing, 3 acres: mixed fruit trees. TENDERS &EBURXABLB AT NARROGEf, 27/8/27. . 10/1016. Dtimberninp, 'AjJl. Lots 45 and 140, beuij the whole of .the land compriswl in Certificate of Tifcie Vol. 695 Bel. 127, Vol. 652, Fol. 61. standing in the. mime of Frank jjesiip Boothey. Area filit-acrps situated 3 miles south from Dumberning,' described as all first-class land. 376 acres cfcared, 183 acres part clear ed; 40 acres rnaj; 8 -permanent soaks, 24S chains 6 -wire. 131; chains 3 wire and netting,, 38 chains 1 -barb 'boundary fence, 68 cumin* 6 wire, 40 cha-ixs. 3. wire internal fence: i xoomod etona-and, jorrab House, dairy, *hed. TEXDEKS RETURNABLE AT 'KUNUN ? OePIN, 27/8/27. ? 616/25. Avon Location 14201, .being the -whofe of tho jand comprised 'in Oonditi-onal Purchase Lease 38K)9/;5S, standing ia 4he name of Joseph Thamns Townsend. Area 816 acre.3, situated 12 notes east of Xungarin, describ ed as 305- acres first tt&ss salmon, ffimiet and roailee, rod clay soil, 431 acres' second cla&s; jam, maljee und ititree scru-b. balance third- cSaac, 300 acres cleared, 137 acnes part cleared; dam, 1,000 cy.,. 123 chains 6 urire fence; half neighbour's, 200 chains 3 Trire fencing; J.W.B. House, 6pst«il stable, ma chinery shed, iSock and piant tixU may be in our possession and be&mjjinp to the ph««p at line time of purchas*. TENDERS RErURSABIiE AT BTOTBTJSY 27/8/27. 132/23 Notaon Location. 8108, 'being the irho.l« of tibe land comprised in Homestead: Farm Lease 21970/74, standing in the name of Walter James Bart. Area 78 acre* 2 roods 54 perches, «'itu«t«d 8 miles sou-th-west of Pem 'berton. AM firsl-oiisa I«wd, bnrwTi sandy -foam -»-ith about It!) acres moist summer land', red.gum, karri and cosuarin*. Watered by p£,rman«i.t *oal-, 71 acres clewed, 4&. acres part dea-red, 10 acres rung. 20 *cro» s»p rung. Well; 132 chains 4 triro boundary fence, 30 chains. 4 wire internal fence; 3 mxaned House. J.W3., shied arnd sties; stock *nd plant thai may be ia -mr possession and belan«ine to tho phree At the time of purchase. 1*18/22. , Neteou Locatfon 828-9, beinc tJm whote of tho land comiprised in Somestesd Farm. Lease 22612/74, staodM&e in the nacre of Erne»t Frederick PxeeSmanuIe. Area. 147 meres 2 roods 16 perches, sita*ted 1 mite west from Dia mond Tree, described as 140 acres ftrst-cJaes *ed karri' loam, ibaianoe' second olass gravelly loam, 15! acres, beared, 6 acres part cWre.i 40 acrei Tung; -weli; 61 chain* 6 wire 45 -vh*m» 5 wire 'bouodaTy ifenci&jr, 27 dains Z wire internal fencing; 4-«H-med J.W.'B Mmse; sbed, .stock and p!«nt that may 'bo in onr possession and. b«Conxu-c to tha pice at the time -rl pjrrcbaao. Tho imtwoTement* are quoted from office recordg and ara beHenred to b* correct, but ?the- Trnstoes dto not guartM»toe them. Ten derers must satisfy . themselTes as SLJ11* ''?proTearents and their coraKtion lemderens are required to its to what amount -K deposit they are- prepared to pay^ t*o terms required for the .baimoe of pundMMe ?Jso if mbJe to carry on. without fnrtber as ?i£-utnce. . . . ? . AH tenders to 'b» /orwwrded' to *h« District Inspector Agricultural Bank, at place named ?nd envelope ^bo be marked: 'Tender for ?????? ?? ?? s prx-pttrty. ' -. ? No Tender neeeasarilv -!oepted. E. L MoIAHTT, ... ' General 'Manarer. . Bc£££?*T'} ?^^ fo*****' SettUment iT5?/?^ IndustriiOK Assstaaee Baud. /-Rd0P ©ETTLB1CENT ©RPAKTMBNT. COTTAGE BBaiOVALS; The Group Settlement Advisory Committee i Invites Tenders for the removal, re-erection and renovation of . 7 more or less sets of cottage, tank. E.C., milking shed and milk room from Groups '37 and 39, Peel Bstate to new sites on Groups 35 and '39 and.Duck pond. ' ' AJternmtire . tenders ar» raqniroi m . to\ (a) labour only. ' Jb,} }J*}-0-Vl ??d fioterHiK .. .. .. ... '.:.??: At) ?l*bour,' -material and transport, (d)- Transport only. ' , ? AJ1 V^'* .,,mnst ,b« *t per iet of eottage tank, i.e., nnlking shed and milk room, and must be % accompanied with. , a. deposit ot- 5 r--per cent^jmnimum X35. ' '???- ^'; ; ? - ' ? ; .''?'.' .?,Ib'»v'»»4 specifications may be seen, on J.-wock daya between the hours of 10 «jn. and .1 pjD.; and',2 p;mi and a p.m.,' and on Satur days 1O a.m. to \1 noon »t ? ; ? Av Workers Homes Board Offlcei Perth, ';?? .Brqnp .Settlement Office. Perth. ? .- ,.-,,' Group Settlement' Office, W»lliird, ?? icce'*Ted--^eSt ?*' a°7 tender'inot necesrarily , Tendert to -be endoried,' '.fTender for Be ?.'mov«Jkj .Peel 'Estate, ? ' ttose- «i noon on* i^t ????'???:.-.,.-??-?. . E: A. McLARTY, Chairman. . I^^TO^ENTSHEETaiN. it ^Kwt?' As^'sup'iOT P^^cfaDd I !mir ° ?m-ir'S4 Jt is str--nit an* beiag non briith!,.eMilT, erected, without fear orfrac ?' -VIa.r*e variety of sizes eliminates waste -aBd^roduces labour costs u?1?3'* Write for Free .Catal6gue, No. 4, «md: Price: JjHC*. ; ?*.'*.?, ''',-' ?' . i ??:. JAMES HARD IE 'and CO., 'LTD' - ' . ?' . -'???? .' Riverrale. - ? ? ' ': ? Western Australia. Lii;ting ' geap: '?MORRIS PULLEY BLOCKS: .1 !a,,Cl abtvvc aI1 thiDSs sa'e. '1'Kht. easy to handle, and of the highest efficiency. 7^ «HT?^ aiMi'B?ntish and rated iB British. toni/ all tested to 50 per cent, overload. , All sizes and types stocked. ', J..K. W. GARDAJI and CO - , - .. ; 138 Murray-st.1 - - . Perth. ?M'LEA^'..! fiRLTD' AXD MGO.1 ? 10t MURRAY-STREET, .STOCKS OX. HAND _ ALL BUILDERS' REQUIREMENTS. .0 ,X ? ^ ' W E L D X » G Air Classes of Oxyweldinff Done. ? Cast Iron, Aluminium. Steel rwMr v ' Bronze, etc. ' By an, Expert with 18- Years' Experiene* MOTOR WORK, A' SPECIALITY. PRICES REASONABLE. T. EILBECK and SON, LTD., John-«treet, West Perth. J-Tjn-AR HOTEL AOT- STORE. TEOTJERS ' Are Invited for '.VA.-ITVE YEARS' LEASE, , Commencing Septem'bcr 9, 1937, ?'JOt .the Above Well-known HOTEL «nd STORE. Tenderers to state amount of ingoing and weekly rent they are .prepared to p»y, or alternatively, amount of weekly rent with eo ingoing. Stock: in Hotel .and Store approximately £1,000, t J be taken , over . at cost. Furniture, and Fittings at valuation. Terms, quarter cash, balance by approved P.N.'s at 2, 4 and 6 months, with interest ? t 8 per cent, per annum add-ed. Bank cheque for £50 to accompany-Tender. Tenders close 12 noon on Tuesdav, August 23, 1927. Further particulars from Mr. A: N. AL TORPER, Solicitor, Gernldton, or the Sscre tary, Globe Brewery Limited, Gcraldton. TlTILLS and CO. * PROPRIETARY, LTD . BUILDtRS : Send your P!.-..i for an esti '! t0 m-n, cof.?r yoar r°of wi:h our h.'ch etoss, Tiles. Workmanship sunranteeJ .V.' V'Maniifacturera of Roofing Tile.s (llarseille, pattern V Stoneware Pipes and Fittines 0. and W. Pedestal Pans. J'avinc and Garden Edcinj; Tries Fireplace Brirks. Fire Bricks and Blocks. Kitchen Crockery, rtc. LARGE STOCKS AIAVAYS ON KWD Beweraeo Fittines and Plumbers' *sii3Diic« in Stosk.' Tel. A4260.

TENDERS. SAFES. FIREPROOF , SAFES AND STRONGROOM D00RS~^ Oant-iiever- Verandahs ' and Builders' ^Iron work. Collapsible Gates; and Grills. *^ ? ' - . ? Safes Opened and Repaired Equal to New. ^eys fitted to Any Lock. B. 3LA.KUTZ. 578 Murray-st. 'Phoiwi 3697. of its- being held suspect. rpENDERS FOR ' LEASE. TENDERS are invited for ? THKBE YEARS' LEASE of the premises, situated Nom^8 MOUNT-STREET, WEST PERTH. ..™, build,'5^. oonta-ins in all FOURTEEN SrO££I1?TVT/,W°RKSHOPS- GARAGE, and ffe?nP«SG'OljT QUARTERS. THERE ARE oP^L°ilSr-BALC0-N'IES a=d VERANDAHS, evw7i-.n(l01lS' H0T WATER SERVICE, SEWERAGE. Etc *£EAL-F0R FASHIONABLE BOARDING TENDERS CLOSE AUGUST 3J TT^l?n5.einfn1s ioT Inspection, «tc^ per HODD, CUTHBERTSON and NORTH, LTD., . Warwick House, ? :St.. George's-terrace. ? . TBNTJEas are invited until noon on, Mon __,, *Vy^2nd inst., for the BRECTION and COMiPLETICtN of BUSINESS PRlBMiSIB in Queenistreet. Busselton, for Mr. Bert Moore. ?Plans and speciftcations and »tl nxformation may ibe had at my office , The lowest or any tender not aecensrilT accepted. ' ii. BOWSER -CUMP.STON, ULBJ.A.. Architect, Austral Chauniben, M 'Barrack-street. TEXDEBS are invited for the PURCHASE of an UP-TO-DATE BRICKMAKIXG PLANT, including on« S3 li.p. D.C. motor, belting, shafting, etc.; one mill and roller* worm and cutting tables;- two sheds, each 120ft. xl9ft.; one died, 60ft. x- 19ft.; about 200ft. steel rails, truck and turntable, about 500ft. wire rope; kiln, to hqld 40,000 bricks; lease clay pit, two years to run. Everything in orderto start as going concern. The low est or any Tender not -necessarily accepted. Tenders,, which should be marked 'Tender for Brickworks,' and addressed to A. M. FINLAY,- Liquidator COLLIE BRICK, TIL£, AND POTTERY COMPANY, LTD. (in liqui dation), Municipal Buildings, Collie, &Te re turnable on the 31st day of August, 1927. rpENDERS ire invited until noon Tuesdaj, ± 16th inst., for STRUCTURAL ALTERA-. TIONS and BAR FITTINGS at the GREAT WESTERN HOTEL, in William-Street, for Mrs. M. O'Sullivan. -Partienlaia obtain^lil* at my ofltee. J. L. O.OHILTREE, Architect, - ? _Weld Chambers. ENDERS AJHJ ESTIMATES, for Fire Bricks, Tiles, and Lumps, ai supplied to Victoria, N.S.W., S.A., and Ta« manian Governments. Boiler Settiao » -*-** ciaKty. Increased efficiency and - reduce* eo«U guaranteed. - ORDISH PIRE BRICK COMPANY, ? PTY., LTD., ^ ? Dandenong, Victoria. ? ._ rp v n ? 5 i' 5 JL PURCHASE and RBMOVB J.W.B. HOUSE. 7G Howiek-st.. Victoria (Park, off - ? GallipoU-st. ? fpENDERS, letumable Aupiftt 35, are 'in- A viitefl; for the ERECTION «nd COMPEE TION of BRICK RESIDENCE on Lot 1161 High-st., Fremantle. Plans and specifications may be inspected »t Mercaatale. Press,1 199 High-^t., Fremantle. ? ? ? ' TENDERS are invited for CLEARING about 80 ACRES LAND to be left fit lor pkragh. Tenders close AUGUST 18.. Apply R. S. Tajlor, Bnllsbrook, MidUnd Railway. ? . ? . n^EXDBRlS are invited for' SEWERAGE X CONNECTION at 227 Heytesfoury-rd.; S«'.bia«o. 'Pla-ns may be seen at John ?Mosey's, 35 Barraek-st. No tender neees .S'arily accepted. Tenders returnable noon, August 17. 1927. , ENDERS. Returnable Aujrust 18; inriled for Erection Brick Residence (Workers' Home Board), on Lot 44 Fifth-road. Arma dale. Plant and specification inspected, J. Daly. Fifth-rd.. Armadale. ? VpHERE IS NO NEED FOR DELAY. MB. BUILDER ? .' Because, a t'rYonr Service i« the . ? ? .WU-SDEBLICH . PRODUCTS. such as ROUGH-CAST and DURA . BESTOS, th eide*l gable fillic-g, easily fixed. No waste, no falling out. WUXDERLK7H MBTAL CEILING'S and LININGS always available in a variety of desirni at - ': ' reduced prices. For WINDOW HOODS use Wunderlieh. FISH ? .. SCALH TILES /and SHINGLES, stamped out in 6ft. by 3ft. sheets, ' .they ore both protection and ornt ' '.- ; meDt. Do not forget the Wunderlich guarantee of satisfaction and ser ? 'Tjce:* -?=???? .??--. WUNDERLICH, LIMITED, Local Manufacturers, ? . Newcastle and Lord sts., Perth ? Tel. A3161-2;3 — ? Tram 22. ' rp: J. JtRIGGS;. Lime and Stone Merchant, 76 X Kisg-st., Perth. I quote for ail classes .of Lime, Building Stone, Quarry Rubble, Lime, Grit, on . trucks or delivered ; also Cement, Cow Hair, Gravel, etc. Particulars on Appli cation. Note address, 76 Kinr-st., Perth. -p O ' ' . B U ^ I LD E R.S TENDERS are invitedi and will he re ceived at Noon of- FRIDAY, 19th INST.. for the ERECTION and COMPLETION of . BUSINESS PREMISES, WILLIAJC-ST., - ' ' . ' PERTH. - ; ? Brick and Reinforced Concrete, for . PAMOUS LASKY FILM SERVICE, I LTD., PARAMOUNT PICTURES. -Neither lowest nor any .tender neeMsarilv accepted. ,'.*.. ' ?, . . Plaits, Specification, etc., at my office. S. R0SENTHAL;A.RJ.A.. .-'?.-. -Architect),: ' ?'. , Warwick House, Perth. O^O ' ? ' ' BUILDERS. TENDERS »re invited until noon of MON DAY. AUGUST 22, for the ERECTION and COMPLETION OF STRUCTURAL ALTERA TIONS,. ADDITIONS, RENOVATIONS and PAINTING, to BRANCH PREMISES, Nor th&m,' for the. BANK OF NEW SOUTH .WALES, with which is amalgamated THE .WESTERN AUSTRALIAN BAN\K, LTD. The lowest tender not necessarily accepted. Plans, specifications and conditions of con tract may be seen at the- offices of the ar chitects. ? HOBBS, SMITH, and FORBES, ' Architects; 1S5 St. George's-terrace, Perth. OV) ? ' BUILDERS. TENDERS have been extended until noon .of WEDNESDAY-, AUGUST 17. for the ERECTION AND COMPLETION OS1 EXTENSIVE STRUCTURAL ALTERATIONS and ADDITIONS to Royal' Bank Chambers, St. George's-terrace, Perth, for THE ENG LISH. SCOTTISH and AUSTRALIAN BANK LIMITED. HOBBS, SMITH and FORBES, Architects, 135 St. .George's-terrace, Perth. , . rpo BUliiDERS. TENDERS HAVE BEEN EXTENDED until Noon of WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17 For NEW BANK FITTINGS AND FIXTURES At The Royal Bank Chambers, St. George's t. ter., Perth, for ' ?THE ENGLISH, SCOTTISH and AUSTRA ? LIAN BANK LIMITED. ' HOBBS, SMITH and FORBBS, Architects, 135 St. George's-terrace, Perth. r£O ? BUILDERS. TENDERS arc invited for the ERECTION of BRIOK RESIDENOE, ..Petra-street. : East Fremantle, for E. Lobb','Esq. ,', Tenders close my office nooni Thursday, August 18. ' . - ? . The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. ? . ' RONALD G. OLDHAM, A.R.I.A., Architect and\ Sworn Valuator, ? Market-atreet, Premantle. ? TrTo CONTRACTORS. We Can QUOTE and SAVE YOU £'s on STEEL WINDOWS. CANTILEVER VERAN DAHS, STRONG ROOM POORS. GRILLES, BOLTS. (Collapsible) .GATES, ROOF TRUSSES, TANKS, and General -Iron Work, 'etc. HOLTOM and. CO..' 696 Wcllongton-st., Perth. ? A1552. ? rpo CONTRACTORS. TENDERS wiil be received u.p till Noon on Monday, August 22. for the .Erection of RBSIDENeE, DaCwallinu. Plans may be seen on application to R. A. ?BELL, Esq., Dal-waHinu, or our office. ObDHAM, BOAS and EDN1E BROWH, ? Architects, No. 00 AjM.P. Chambers, - ? Perth.-. iri^O, ' HOUSE . WRECKERS. '? TENDERS for DEMOLITION and ItK MOVAli of two tw-o-s-torey Residences, Milli can-st., wKl close at Noon on Monday, tAs lotli ' inet. in lieu of 'Saturday, the 2ath insl., OLDHAM,. BOAS and KDNIE BROWN, Architects. ?^Vo. fl»'A.M:P.' Chambers, Perth.      

TENDERS.       TO PAINTERS AND DECORATORS. TENDERS are invited and will be received at or before 3 p.m. Thursday, August 18, for REPAIRING, PAINTING and DECORATING WORK at the Royal Hotel, Perth, for MRS. M. E. COOMBES. No tenders necessarily accepted. Particulars and specifications at the offices of   POOLE and MOURITZEN, Architects,   29 Barrack-street, Perth. TT E RAND A . H H. We e»n quote for Cantilerer Verandah! complete or in 'part, including iteel work. Ornamental Faicia, Gilded Letters, Oalvaa ited Art Metal Ceiling, and all other enrich ments. . . ........ You'll not regret Tinging A5a43. ABCUS, LIMITED. * ... Dyer and Prince sts.. West Perth. vyALLFORTlS CURBS DAMP WALLfl. ' BARNBTT BROS., LTD., Agenw. Particulars Sent Alone Gladly. WOODWORKERS: Watch this eotamu for date of demonstrations of our Patented Belt Sanders, Jig Saws and aM classes Wood working Machinery. Over 5O0 Belt Sanders cnuplied in Australasia in three years. Finish equal to best hand work at saving of 75 per cent. No hand planing or aeraping. Ooming soon. E: G. LACEY, PTY., LTD.. 108-112 S*ckviHe«t., Colliiigwoed, Victoria. . PUBLIC NOTICES. V- A. A. A. A. A. -A.' A. YOUR OPPORTUNITY FOR SIGHT. MR. FIST, Optometrist and Connltimf Op. . t»ci»n, manager Associate J Optioiuii, 20 Brennan's Arcade. Will be- personally in attendance thia -week. Special machine for Rimless Repairs, no need for new lenses. Post Mune day. 'PhoD« 3333. Night 4487. Note Address— JUST IN THE ARCADE. A JlJl.— AHEAD TO FIT ALX. HEADS. GROSS'S HATS. 630 Bay-streat and Forrest-plaee. HAT RENOVATIONS OUK SPECIALITY. The Best Pfaiee in. Perth to Secure Your Supplies of - HATS, SHIRTS, COLLARS, TIES, ? «nd MERCERY. ? . A BOON TO MOTORISTS. WEIR'S OARAGE, 171 St. Goarge'a4«me«. 'Phone* A5544, B603. Oars Ganged, Overhauled, two mechanics always *v«il«ble. Fleet of up-to-date Hudson T«xis. Straight runs, Frenuintle-Perth 17s. 64. single, return 25s. Petrol and Oih, nil kinds sullied. Sea the mw made in Aus toalia. Bower working. 'Phone A5644, B603. A^ ACCIDENT. - That taught me something. When I finish ed fixing the fi.iaj suit waa a ami, ?potteo. grimy and wrinkled. I didn't know they couid clean out grea«e and oil and dnit. New I send them to the Parisian Dye Co. regularly and they list longer and look newer. - Saits and ladies' costumes Dry Cleaned and Pressed, 6s. Sd. PARISIAN DYE CO.. 217 Murray-«treet. Works: 299 Hiy-sU Subisco. ? Establithed 1903. ? ' HI who's ?fcoui; uZeankk AN© DXEB.I . Why, CHERRY'S, CUreraont, Pertk Shop, 281 Murray-st., Queen's Hall Buildings. ?Pho»» T418, A3O89. ? A MODERN PLANT. AN EfyiClENT STAFF. WAVERLEY DRY CLEANERS, . Murrsy-stree*. - ' Works: Adelaide-tcr. Tel. A1149, 1251. ? We Collect and Deliver: ? BARCLAY AND SHARLAND LTD ABCLAX AND SHARLAND, LTU Designers and Predneera of ? PRINTING OF THE BETT*R KIKD. COMPANY PRINTING. ,- COMPANY PBINTING, ( Consisting of Articles of Association, Scrip Contracts, Prospectuses, Balance Sheet*, Code Books, and Confidential Work of all kindi executed. _ ' ' BARCLAY and SHARLASD, LTD, BARCLAY and SHARLAND, LTD, 999 Hay-st.. Perth. ? : 'Phone 5051. : ? TJATH HEATERS. BATH HEATERS. We are meters of the Famous. Dtwedrn Bath Heater, the one that lasts- longer and gives un exceptionally quick How of hot water. Compare .. our 33*.. 6d. special — .the little marvefl. Installations quick, Jivelly, and satisfactory. ' : HARBY ARMSTRONG and col. LTD., ? 51 WiMiam-atreet, near Hay-st, 'DAYSWATER CRICKET ' CLUB. Jlaffle won by No. 226, Mr. A. Wells, Mur? ?raji-street, Bayswater. : A. GOLDING, Hon. S-ecretary. /XARS for Hire to reliab!e~driver»:who~hold V-» ? « licence, available day or evemioc;, no mileage limit, no deposit required. We never nJJoae.' UXITEiD MOTORS, ondy address, 978 Hay st., near -MiMean-tit. A1743. ? ? . /~1ASH REGISTER REPAIRS. Registers Joaned ; white repairs are mads by onr Expert Trained Mechanics. Every job gnaratiteed. NATIONAL CASH REGISTER CO.. OF A., LTD., 339-341 Murray-st. 'Phone A1369. . . CHALONER (late W. W. Greener. England), Expert Gunsmith, ? 112 Rokeby-road, Subiaco. Repairs all stakes of guns and 'rifles,' builder of the Challenge Cycles,, all accea sories stocked. 'Fhone 2561. ? ^ DESIGNS are invited from ARTISTS with in the Oommonwealtb for — (1) A 25in. wide x 40iu. deep coloured poster, featuring the message 'Au«- , tralia CaJb You.' The poster, which wilt be displayed throughout the Br ,tish Empire and America, should stress the attractions of the Commonw«iath for the settler, the investor, and the tourist. The poster ' will be litho graphed. (2) Three three-colour covers for a folding, booklet, 'Australia Calls You.' The swes are .7 3-8in. Trade x 8Jic. deep, -3Jin. wide x 8iin. deep, . and- 3Jin'. wade x 8iin. deep, respec tively-. Designs must reach the Chairman,' Better ment and Publicity Board, Victorian* Rail ways Department, Spencer-street, Melbourne, from whom any further particulars may oe obtained, not. later than August 31. ' E. C. EYERS, Secretary, Victorian Railways. THINNER AT GORDON'S HOTEL. First-class Menu. Cold Drinks. Best Attention. Country Visitor*. Try, on; Meals, from Is. 6d. ?. E- L E C T R O C U L T U R E: MESSRS. ALEX. TROUCHET and SON heartily Thank agricCturists who «o promptly took advantage of tbeiT offer to Loan 100 Apparatus to fruit growers, and' very much regret . disappointing so many others, their stock for loan purposes' being now ex hausted. Tho spontaneous demand _ - made by the growers shows their belief in ElectToculture* and in progress. . ' In order that their clients will not bo put to any pecuniary loss -whatever, and in order to prove the bona fide of the Christofleari Process of Eleetroculture, Messrs. A. Trou chet and Son are pleased to inform clients ?that in the event of no beneficial results hav ing been seen in the course of two yenrs, a written guarantee witnessed and signed be ?fore * Justice -if the Peace will ibe given them,' by which,- their money wiH be- -repaid them in fulll plus bank interest. This offer is- fair and equitable. ' - ' ALEX. /TROUOHET. and SON. la Padbury Buildings, Forrest-iplace, Perth. Sole Agents for: Java, Singapore, Federated Malay States, Siam, India, Ceylon.' Sumatra. Bmma. South Africa, and Demenaira. FEDERAL CAPITAL COMMISSION, - ' CANBERRA. COMPETITION FOR DESIGN OP COAT OF ARMS. Competitive designs are invited- for a COAT OF A'RiMiS FOR THE -7ITY OF CAJf B'ERRA, which is the seat of the Common wealth ? Parliament,' and Administrative De partments, and is located in the Federal Capi tal Territory; an area comprising toaout 900 square miles. The Territory and City are controlled by the Federal Capital Commission, a type of Municipal Corporation. The design must not conflict with the Coat of Arms of 1he Commonwealth or, the Seal of the Commission, ultlhoush -he motto of the latter, namely ''Pro Rege Lege KtGrege'.' may 'be used if desired. If 'herafdic devices are adopted they must conform strictly to !)he rules of British HeraJdry. Minimum size of design 6in. square; maxi mum 12in. square. Must be suitable for re duc'tion to small sizes for letterheads or enl-aTgement to flag size. Bketoh should t.hoiv proposed colours. Prizes of £25. £10, and £5 will .be a-rrarded to the best three designs which * will be come the property of the Commission. , Designs must not show- any name but should be nccompanied by sealed envelope bearing ouihor'-s name and address, and be received by Secretary, Federal -Capital Com mission. Canberra, not later than Wednes day, 'September 8, 1927. T7«. INSTONE AND CO., LTD., ' Sanitary Encineers and General Plumbers, 11-18 Essex-street, Fremantle. We carry Complete Storks of Sewerjigi Fittings. Pedestal Pans, Cisterns, Basins. Baths etc. Roof Repairs and General Plumbing are carried' on under our personal supervision.

PUBLIC NOTICES. 17IREMANTL& STARR-BOWKBTT V SOCIETY. Groups 1, 2, 6, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, M* 9. WHY PAY SENT? WHY PAY INTEREST? SEXT BALLOT FOR SFREE O? INTJSREST LOAN, Sroup 5, Monday, August IS, at 5.15 ip.m. Mem'bera of Group '5 mult he paid up 10 Friday, August 12. Subscription* received up to 4 -p.m. on day ot ballot. BALLOTS TO WLLOW. Group 8, August 22; Group 2, ,Augu»t 39. 3roup 4, September 5; Group ', September 10; Group 7, September 26. Ihe First Tree of Interest 'Loan goes to a lucky member at ManjUnnp who oarj P*id i° 8s. subscription, loin now. and partiierp*te in the second 'ballot. Ml Ballots are conducted by meant*' strict !y -in acocrdance with the rules and a« fast is the funds accumulate appropriation meet ings are called and the loan allocated. Sub scriptiore is. per share .per week. Loans £1-00 per share, FREE OF IXTER EST and for Ten Years. Write or Ring up for printed matter and read and judge r-w yourself. WhK 3s good for hundred* of thrifty people is worth your'' consideration. Where there's a will there's a way, and ?rhere there's a STARB-BOWKETT HOMK there is neither RENT nor INTEREST t0 Particulars a;d share appKcatien fonas Trom the Secretary, 5 Oanton'ment-st.' 'Phen« a»26. ? / ? FUR SKINS. TANNED. DYED. MADE INTO RUGS, SUR COATS, ana FUSS. THE GEORGETTE FUR COMPANY. Opp. Theatre Royal. 55 SKIN'S- TANNED. DENNY'S, 42 BEAUFORT^ST. The Original Furier ..Taxidermist. Quotes Posted. Try a Pair of For 'Insoles, -Od. and, Is. GRAMOPHONE asd Sawing laachlBCs »?? pairs and Parts for all known makes al Thomsons, 745 Hay-kt., opp. Wesley Chorea. 'Phone S416. ? . ' ? . Q.U.O.O.F., PHOENIX LODCB. Baffle of Bi$t. WiMsay K-o. 115. : ? IF yaa. are in aoafct ea Taxatiea —mil consnlt _ . C. BIEKMAKK, ' Taxation ' 6t-aeiati*t, 33 Barrack«treet. FhO. ' TeJ. A5O03. ITTERSHAGEN'S Country Service informs tha hram iat«r*Med that ' Ua La»a Qrosa BolMo« Tractor. 23 karae power, ploughed on Jose 16, York's farm daawasm tion, Wataeree, two aerea, heavy elay soil aet ploBghed 'for 7 yean, ia &? atnalas oa ma gallon ol er»de oil.. Coat, ad. aar a*e tor taeU which coat 80a. par to*, ex »re maatle Bole Agaate for W.A. : H. 0. 1TTBR8HAOEN. Oap. Wait fiabiaeo Skatiac JT' ~' T~: : ~ NEIL6ON, omoiAM, (By Vice-Re g»l Appeiotment). 11 Paabury Bailiinga, Forrest-piaoe, Perth. ? ? 'Phone Al»l«. ? LEARN to drive any make of car or track. We give, indtridnat instruction and gua rantee your licence, c!*m« day acd even dnc.' See ua for ail cOacaea ot motor turion. DOMINION' MOTOR SCHOOL OF lNarRDC TIOX, Rear K78 Bay^t. A 1743. - LEARN- Esperanto, Esperanto C!«-s«es are commencins. Persona interested seek information, Wednesday Evenings at 7.30 o'clock. ' ? , JAMES-ST., SCHOOL. LOOK for the1 'Cyclone Quality Red Tag' on all genuine C; close Gates, Fences; uedsteads, etc.- None genuine without. Cyclone Peace Co., Ltd., 114 Mnrrayrst., Perth. .?.,-..,'.:... ? ? . ' ' : MEN, there will be plenty of ane sunny days luring the winter months. Keup jour suits in a. elean. spic and span con dition by takirj1 advantage of oar Special Cleasi and Press 1 pain of Trou pers FBEE, if cent with one, suit for clean ing aad pressiag during thia moath. PARRANTS, LIMITHD. Oleaaara 'aad ' Djers, -20 Forraat-slace ' opp. foit Uatce, and at 19 Adtlaide-it.. Freaaette. Tel. A3924. TiriLLlSTBRY. Fl«lS. OOR3ETB. , UJOAS aad OO., PTY., LTD.! 85. Barraek-axreet, ops. JiichoUoas. . Ladiea! We will renovate your furs and tarn then oat in . up-to-date atyle. We have the ilatest faehcona in -MiHinerj. ' Sole Agent, for Nu-Bono Oorseta, the only wovto-ivire boa« in. AmtraJia. ?fOTOB RADIATOBS RKPAIRXD A.ND ***? BUILT BY EXPJtRTB. JOE AKMSTRONG. ? . »65 Haj-st. ' MR. LUCAS, Attrologe^ giv^i fibt Character Readinc. ewad «ian-p and give full birth- date. 7 Areade-rtreet, Prau- ran, Victoria. ? ? ? . . ' - ' - . OTICE is hereby gives that tae PlART KtMSHlP huner^i ei.'««in-g betarees Jamea Henry Prout and i*aut itryee, trud iof aa «A*THOKNK aad Ulliu, Oo*ch bualders, 14 to 1G iuutb-tHroM, Perth, hoe been Dl£3SOLVEl- a* from Augaat 10, 1937. Ail debts- owing to and due by liewthorae and HiU (Bryctt aud Prout) will be received' and paid accordingly »y Jaatea Henry Prout, at 14 to 18 Jwnes-st.. Perth. ? . J.H. PROUT. ? ? ? JXS. BjtVCaV. el ? T-ERTH LITERABY INSTITUTE. 'Ldbraiiai, which are aa tho ahrincs where all the ralltaa of the ancient eaintz, f oft ot true virtue, and that witaoat deiasion or im posture, are preserved and reposed.' . 'The Library With tho. Oatalagva.' 11,000 Books for Your Penual. ? The Most Modera . ' Biogaapsy, E.s»y», Fiction. Uiatary, TraTaL and Sciajuiac Worts. -? ? ' READING ROOM. With. -American, English, and Austtalian ; ; Jtagaiinea and Papers. . BILLIA1U) ROOM WITH TWO. TABLES. LIBRARY HOURS: ; Monday to *'rid»y: lUa.m. to 8 p.m. . ' ' tr»turdeya : 10 a.m. 10 1.30 p.». - 6.30 p.m. to ti' MEMBERSHIP: From 7e. per quarter, and 25l. per anniaa. ^ COUNTRY MEMBERS. . From 12«. Cd. a g garter, and £2 2a. a. Year. ALL FREIGHT PAID.' Address all inquiries to n. S. HUMPHREY, . Secretary and Librarian. .Tel. A1834. PERTH STAiRR BOWKETT SOCIETrBS. ? (.Keg. .'Maiiamg Societies Act, VJM). 115 -V*i«Iiam-at.', Perth. 0 iBallots for Free of Interest Loans to , 'be held Septem-ber 14, 1-J27. Amongst (societies: — Xat. No. S. Royal No. 6, Standard No. 7, Union No.. 8, Mutual U/l, 9/2/ 9/3, 9/4, and U/-5. - AH Loans by Ballot and Free of Interest. New Members may, join at any time (the New Group, 9/6). Apply to PHIUP 'DERRICK, ' ' General tiecretary, 115 William-st., Perth. ? . ' p. M. BONSKRUP. F.I.y.A.a... A.S-V.8.U. Patent Attorney.' By Official Examinatioa. ? ? A.M.P. Chambers. ? '_ ? POULTRY FARMERS: Why pay high prices for Wheat when you can get good Sheep Wheat at 10«. per bag. BIGEtt, 229 Newe*»t!e-st.. Perth. ? ' 1-K1.NT1.NU AND RUBBER STAMPS Executed Daily by ?IAS. K. GEE, l»7 Murray-st. (Upstairs), Opp. Boats, Ltd. Cheapest and at liovd as the best ? Tel A-2330. No Travellers. TXEPAiRS TO THINGS MECHANICAL. These sporting and household thinigs .re paired and adjusted by Experts at minimum cost. Keys made, Safes opened, Scales and1 Lawn Mowers adjusted. Gun*, Rifles, Re volvers repaired to function as new We never fail. HARRY ARMSTRONG and CO., LTD., j ? 51 Wiaiam-street. near Hay-st. RUTLAND AND THOMAS. Tailors. Hatters, and Mercers We feature Men's Fashion Shirts, with two collars to match. HATS. By all the leading makers, jn the latest shapes and shades. Overcoats, Pullovers. Underclothing, and General Mercery. TOWN HALL. HAY-STKKE r. ? 'Where the Better Hats Art.'. (Conttnjied on Pace 20.)

PUBLIC NOTICES. (OanUnntd* f ron rnm.- ? SCALES. — Xew buaineisej, payine better every m until since changing to 'Accu- rate' Weighing wittt the 'Avery' Computing Sale. Entirely springless and all-Britust. AUSTRALASIAN SCALE 00., LTD. (A. J. BAKER, W.A. Representative). „ ? 31 King-street, Perth. ? SCALES— AND THE NEW ACT. — We h»ve in*taij'ed the latest apparatus and have highly technical Experts to repair, adjuM Scales, which we guarantee to pus under the new Act. HARRY ARMSTRONG and CO., LTD., ? 51 WiHiam^street, near Hay-st. ? SWANBOURNE DISTRICT SOCCER CLUB. Club Number. . ? *3*6. ? ? rn I ~~x ~jL t ? i ;. o~~ 5T ' 'ROWDiBLL FOR REFUNDS.'' Let us prepare your return* and examine your Mseaamenis. Uomult u» on all Taxation probleau. ?? ? ROWDELL, LTD., Taxation SpocUtliatt, Sheffield Houie, 713 Hay-atreet, P«rth. ? ? ]-uff's Buildings. MerxBdin. TAXATION Returns compiled, csecked, re funds obtained if due. Most moderate charges in Perth, under expert supervision. Oldest established connection in W.A. CHRISTOPHER HUNTER, The Equity (basement), 229 Marray-it. rpHE COMPANIES ' ACT, 1893. THE SONS OF GWALIA, LIMTBD. Notice is hereby given that the Registered Office of the above 'Company will, as from, the eleventh day of August be removed from 55 Macdonald-strett, Kalgoorlie, to No. 4 first Floor, National Mutual Buildings, St. George'i-terrace, Perth, and will be acces sible to (he public for business from 10 a.m. to 12 noon and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. vreelc days Saturdays excepted. ; Ifcted this eleventh day of August, 1837. E. B. NEWMAN, Attorney for the abort named Company. T»HE AUSTRALIAN TAILORING OO A CW. Dethridge, A. Ounanini). . 118 Barrack -ctreet. KEW SEASON'S GOODS NOW OPENING Australian and English Wortteds. Scotch and iris* Tweeds. y KEEN PRICES. Call and Inspect, or Writa for Samples. . ? We Pay for Delivery. jfpHE PERTH BENEFIT ilUILDIMe IN 'J. - VESTMENT AND LOAN SOCIETY. (Permanent and Incorporated) (Established 1962). DIRECTORS t Lawrence .Alexander, Esq., J.P. (Chainamn) J. Marychurch Jenkins, Esq., J.P. (Vice chairman).. ' J. O. Fisher, E*q. H. W. Be/ilaqua, Esq. H. 0. Sewell. Eiq. ? . . AUDITORS. J. D. Whyte (Coombs, Whyte aad LHii rfisn). ' . I1. R. Boyce (Flack and PJaek). A First Class Savings Medium for the .'careful and thrifty. Money always available at short notice if investor desires to withdraw before completion of term. Interest at £5 per cent., paid from date of issue until withdrawal if shares are paid in full from commencement; if shares being completed by periodical payments, interest paid according to a scale. - Denomination of Shares, £25. Year 1926 surplus profits credited each investor at £»i per cent. 'Bonus, in addition to interest. Interview Secretary, or write for prossee ? tus, 25 Barrack-street, Perth , . ? H. G. DUNCAN. Secretary. ^J»HB HEALTH ? ACT, ' 1911-19. Under the provision of 'The HeaXfa Act, 1911-19,' Section 86,. subsection (2) ?rt is hereby notified that the Commissioner ol PubInT Health, being the Local Health Authority for the area mentioned hareunder has made the foXowing contract for the re moval of niffht-oL!, urine and rubbish, ai irom the date specified hereunder: — ViHasa Area. Copel. / Contractor, Henry Thomas Delaporte. Sanitary Charge 'per pan per removal, la. Typhoid services, Is. 4d. Collection and removal of house Tefnse at per removal of 4 cubic feet, 6d. Collection and/Temov_l of rubbish, and of. femtive material in bulk per load, 2e. 6d. -Period of contract, 2 years' from. 1-7-132T. THE PROMOTER of the Concert held Princees Theatre, Fxemantle. on S'UN DAT AFTERNOON, AUGUST 7, desires to THANK the following: — Sir Thomas Coombe (loan of theatre); Framantle Tramway Board. 'Westrslian Worker.' FreniantJe 'Advo- osto,' B. Sfeppelt and Son (advertising); the Manager and Staffs of Princess and Majestie Theatres, Mr. W. MuCligan and Perc. Barry, Tailor, loan o( care; Nicholsons Ltd.. loan of piano; also following artists who made the concert the success it was:— Mr. Ernie Walker and Mr. Con Moreni, arranging pro gramme, Lnror artists. Mr. Phil. Smith and - his Revue Co., and Mrs. Little and Princess Orchestra*. HE FEDERAL INSTITUTE OF AC COUNTANTS (Incorporated). NOVEMBER 1927 EXAMINATIONS. Candidates are advised that the .November. 1927, Examinations will be held on the 9th to Wth November inclusive. New candidates to the Eiamirptions must lodge their entries by August 15. Candi dates whose applications have already been accepted must lodge their applications by August 31. By order, -' A. F. STOWE. ? __ ? State Secretary. HE PUBLIC ARE CAUTIONED Against Negotiating Or in Any Way Dealing with SCRIP CERTIFICATE No. 5207, For ! 25 Ordinary Shares in ' SWAN BREWERT. Transfer has 'been, stopped. Finder rewarded. y ' '? ? ? C82, this office. mHE PERTH DOLL HOSPITAL, 144 Bar X rack-fct. Dolls of every description re paired. Also Aeenl for Madame WeigalT* Paper Pattern*. Call and see . catalogue. Journal every month, price 4d. ? ? ?. rpo AGENTS AND MANUS'ACTURE»3. COMMERCIAL TRAVELLER Open to Accept Several Good Proprietary or ?Other Lines. Metropolitan Area. Particulars in Confidence. Box No. C.T., this office. rpO SHOWMAN AiNID EXHIBITORS 1 ' tj. THE SHOW CA'RNIVAL OF THE * ? EASTERN WHEATBBLT I MT MARSHALL 3rd. AGRICULTURAL SHOW. BennAbin, September 17, 1927. To Be Officially Opened ly His Excel lency the Governor. £200 in Prize Money. Trotting— 'Running— Cycling — Sheep ' Tk-g .Trials and Extensive (King Pro gramme. Xtancinc at night. A special 'train to BencuWjin arriving night before Show and departing Show' sight for Perth. A wonderful opportunity to visit the ?wheat belt. Showmen are asked to .make early applica tion for space on .the grounds. iVI7.A. WILD FLOWER EXHIBITION AND jW, FLORAL OOMPETITIONS.' To be officially opened by His Excellency the Governor (Sir William Campion, K.C.M.G., on SEPTEMBER 28. At 3 p.m. - Schedules now xeady, write, 'phone, or call at Secretary's Office. 15 First Floor, Surrey Chambers, City.1 ' ? Entries CEose September 9. ? ' T17E .CLEAN' Anytbhrg, Anywhere, bin we IW don't -wash clothes. Out 27 years' ex perience is at your service. Of , course, there »re imitations — but we know HOW. No other process can clean Carpets as efficiently as ours. Ring up A2395 or Write . THE W.A. AVINIDOW jtnd CARPET OLEANING CO.. LTD., ? 18 Marmion-street. North Perth. jWESTERN. ? AUSTRALIA. THE COMPANIES ACT. 1893. AUSTRALIAN RUBBER MILLS PROPRIE TARY, LIMITED1. Notice is hereby riven that the REGIS TERED OFFICE of AUSTRALIAN RUBBER MILLS PROPRIETARY. LIMITED i» SITUATE at the Offices of Hubert George Woodroffe. 33 Kine-otreet, Perth, and that -the said HUBERT GEORGE WOODROFFE is -he Attorney of the Company in Western Australia. ' ? Dated this Uth day of Aujrust,- 1927. . LOHRMA^N and TINDAL. 89 St. GeorRe's-ternvce. Perth, Solicitors for the said Company. ? __. ? V17OBSTED AND WOOLLEN MAJfu^ i™ FACTURERS. JOHN VICARS and CO, LIMITED, HarriukriUej CNear Sydney). New South Wales. ; Manufacturers of Worsted and Woollem Pieces Goods. All Proeeases are Worked Including: ? CARDING. COMBING, SPINNING. WEAVING. YIKISHING, ETC, ? TJ ,Z. — PATENTS, TKaDE MASKS R. SPARROW. Recistered Patent Attorney. ? 35 Barrack-street, Perth. ? SNOW-WHITE .Pure Rich. Starch, armour slate ajaiaU dirt and wear.

WANTED TO BUY. ? (.SixtMB words. It. M.; str coiuseabT* tsv . serUons, 7s. Cd.) ? A. A. — Mrs. A. Biss, Secondhand Ololhiir of every description. Fancy Coatumcs Evening Dresses and Dress Suits on hire. Prompt attention to letters and telegrams Tel. 4595 353 Murrayst. ? BONES, highest price, cash, Binney and Sons, Swan Fertiliser Works, WeUhpool Siding. Postal address, Welshpool. - BUYERS Books, Magazines. Comics; also Sell, Exchange. Soldiers' Bookshop, 150 Murray-*t..' Branch 250 William-at. ?pUKXITURE or General Merchandise, in A any qnantity, nothing too large or too small. l\ A. Mansfield, 134 Barraok-st. 1*1 57-61. ? IjlURNrrURE ot Every Descriptioh, Tools Ha«Ainery. Iron, nottiae too Oarga or too Ejnoli, we c«ll and inspect. Verrier ud Son, 316 Wellington-st. ? FURNITURE, any quantity, nothing too large, highest price givfm. Aihenden and Co.. 577 Hay-st. or 'Phcae 4598. HIGHEST Prices Old Teeth, Gold, Silver, Jewellery, etc. P. Masai, next Grand Picture Theatre, Murray-et. JEWELLER'S Roller Wanted to Buy. C66, ? thi3 office. ? SEWING Ma«faoa«s Bought, any good n-ake; trigbeiit prkea. A3367. Kennedy, Accvjt Ward Bros., Brenaan'a A-rcade. ? - STAMPS. Aas*.rali«f..f used, between 1844 . and 18G0; also Collections. L. U. Troachet, 399 W-fllington-nt.. 1'erth. ? STRONGROOM DOOR. WANTED. State Dimensions and where to be seen. . ? C18. this office. ? WOOLS, all trades, bought; better prioe -I- than if auctioned., I 4-uy, exchange, any thing. Denny's Exchange, V& Beauiort-st. YBES, New Fisk. 935 x liil JW 10«.-. 3O x 5 Truck, 70s.; 30 x S.77, 45s.; 33 x 6.60, £4.' Other sisce. Coulson VulcanUing, 11B James-st. ? ]_ ri^YiREiS, Wanted to Buy, 880 byi 120, see X. ondhand. Tyres, C6, this oSioe. ? ANTED' any quantity Wire Netting, 2 inch. 5 or 6 ?eet. Asbby, Wetohpool. Tel. W55. ? . ? WANTED, Double Elevbant Drawing Board, in good coaditioo, «ta+e priee. 09a, this office. ? . ? WANTED to Buy, 50 to. 100 Soeeta Gal vanised Iron. Box H583. Perth G.P.O. aVtBD, Theodotrte, Tripod, 1DI8, this offioe. ? WANTED, a good secondhand Stove. 123 . Aacot-rd., Victoria Park. ? ANTED to Buy, Tinsmith Circtecutter Machine. D19. this office. ? ANTED to Buy, a Doll's Pram. State ? price to Pram. E23. this ofiee. ? ANTED, 8e* Awy 1-ton Scales. OSS, this ogee. ? wheat; wheat. wheat. Rose Mill:ng Co.. 110-106 Jamasi Reauire f.a.q. inferior smutty screening! Cash forwarded same day wheat received. i Agents wanted all district!. MOTORS. ETC. (?tctoam trmla, is. 84.; Ms MunUn Ib A A. A. A. A. A. A. ▲ A' A. A. _V ? A. A. A. A UNRESERVED AUCTION SALE OF UNRESERVED AUCTION SALE OF . UNRESERVED AUCTION SALE OF MOTOR CABS. MOTOR CARS. 1 MOTOR CARS. At ? . . : THE TIVOLI GARAGJ5. , THE TIVOLI GARAGB. THE TIVOLI GARAGE. THIS MORNING. AUGUST 19. THIS MORNING. AUG0S-T l». THIS MORNING. AUGUST 13. AT ELEVEN O'OLOOK. Five of the ears detailed below are tor sols absolutely without reserve. You should, not miss this excellent opportunity to seenre a ear at your own price. - . . ? — '. .Prospective buyers are requested to bring along their own mechanics and examine and try these oars before the sale. , A foil description of the main working parte ot these care wiH be given at the aale. ui many cases terms can. be arranged for re liable buyers. 971. ESSEX FOUR TOURING. Absolutely Without Reserve. 972 ES3BX FOUR TOURING. Absolutely Without Reserve. 2088 DODGE TOURING. Absolutely Without Reserve. 2082 ANOALDO (Italian) TOURING. Absolutely Without Reserve. 78S HUPOMBILE CONVERTED DE LIVERY TRUCK. Absolutely Without Resarva. 2092 BUICK STANDARD SIX, 1925. TOURING. , Low Reserve. 2080 FORD (iate model) TOURING. Low Reserve. 2090 FOSD LIGHT TRUCK (starter ; ' modef) . '. Low Reserve. 2055 MATCHLESS MOTOR CYCLE 7 «.p., 1926, Electric.. '. ' Low Reserve. WBSTRALIAN AUTO SERVICES LTD (L. W.. HAWTRSOK, Au«tiooeer). ' ? Tivoli Garage. ? 'A!'' ?*??? A- Av A- ?*? A. . skipper bailey motor ookpany, ? '? . ? ltd; v 900 HAY^TREET, usbd oalr and truck »epabtmbnt is now at the rear of hay-st«bet ; showrooms. u«et- car showrooms ahe facing murray,street. walk right through garage from hay to murray-3t. showrooms. CHEVROLET Tourer, 1926 undersong model, five full bsiUoon tyres, black Nerertrck hood, wilt give any trial; (ntty equipped and .licensed until June 1928 £115; Deposit £37 10av - ? ' . ,. . ? CHEVROLET Demon»tr-tron Ciar, 1927 model, in tip top order throughout, fitted wtth spot light and automatic vereen wiper £155; Deposit £50. ? .. 'i ? - ? .' ? ' ? OHEVBOLET Ton Truck, ia perfect m«ch*ni-_l condition, tyres nearly new, Atted with coach built body, drop sMes and back, canopy and screen; £145; deposit £5O. FORD Ton Tru'ok, «veriuM_ed *a€ wel! shod, two spares, will give any trial) requir ed; £75.' deposit £25.. '. ?:' BUIOK Six, 'Master model, owned by well known city gentleman, and has been carefully handled, 'be-mg sold to -wind up estate. £300. deposit £95. ? . ??'. . ? ' RUGBY Tourer, lwoery painted, Uks rood appe»ran«e, engine O.K., ready to drive away licensed for 1928; £110, deposit £35. ' 'ESSES ?Six, de lux* model, five fotttel !oon. tyres; four of tfceoi, new, just Te-p*io»ed and overhauled, will give any trial, Ikenied ?for 1928; £165, deposit £55. ; BUIOK Ca-r, .this is an absolute snap, lat« model, four-wheel 'brakes, five' new -Xichelin tyres; yoa can ibave any trial, licensed for 1928; £135, deposit £45. FORD Tourers, six to choose from, all1 self starters, some -licensed .for 1928 and aU ab solute gifts, £32 lOo. to £65, on terms to suit you; , G^M.C. Truck, cost £880; w« ,^iuad this tnicJc oumalves between Fremantlw and Perth, when we did our own assembling, we hare no -further use for it now and wiH sacrifice at half iprice, engine in good mechanical order, and tyres as new. £440, easy terms. We hare Severail Others to Chooee tron. we have basily the best vsbd oars and trucks in-perth to ; choose from. we give terms to suit you. ooucntry clients. write to u» for our list of used cars and trucks: .A. — FORD Ton Truck, overhauled, stan dard body, with canopy,- windscreen and sideboards, new tyres; £95, deposit £25. HUPMOBILE CAR, 5-sea-ter, does 25 miles to gallon, new tyres, licensed for new year; £145, deposit £40. We Never Close. UNITED MOTORS, only address,' 978 St., near MiUigan-»t. A1743. __

MOTORS. BICYCLE*. ETC. — Used Cars, all makes, from £20 to ',£150, cash or terms. O'.Leary, Auto Specialist. 5»8 Hay-st. ? » WILLYS-KNIGHT FOUR. Special 7-Seater body, cushions covered witi- special moqoet, bumpers, side curtains, etr guaranteed perfect' order. . Ha* been priVa-tely owned and excWlen*ly kept, only t-vo years old, wvold make very good hire ear. - Owner Has Purchased Wil!ysKni«hi - Six. Price Only £295. Tennj Arraofam ADAMS MOTORS, LIMITED, 442-6 Jfurray-atraat, i Perth. CCUMULATORS (2), new, cheap; Olds mobile Oar, .Indian. Motor Cycle, Driltine Mactiine; Engine, suit tanned. Denny's, 42 Bean-fort-at. ? ? RMSTRONG CYCLES— «fce best for roaa or aath. Send for illustrated Cita lo*ue.^ THE ARMSTRONG CYCLE and , ? MOTOR AQKKCY. ? AT SYDNEY ATKINSON MOTOB6, LIMITED. DODGE TRUCK, late model in very good order ? ? . . . . £100 CHEVROLET, 1926. model fieve new tyres, new hood, Diieo as new £125 CHEVROLET, 1924 model, in very good condition ? . . £95 FORD, late seH-starter model, four new tyres ? .. £70 DODGC under«luBg, 19C5 niedet, overhauled and painted, well shod,' good, -buying at ? £150 MORRIS-COWLEY, fiveseater, «v« balloon tyres, small ? mileage . . : £155 I 3 Motor Bad is* Complete, any Offers. 41-45 PIER-ST., PERTH. . \ TTWOOD'S : BARGALVS. SECOND TO NONE. . MAXWSLL, cporto twtriag car, fitted with America- body, I've tyres, os*nptete)y ever kaoled, fuliy ?quipaad and ready for the road, a very attractive aad economical car. only £150. BUIOK SIX. touriu car. 1923 model, in irtt-class order and condition, nicely painted, genuine leatier uphoistery, nickvl radiator, fully eouipped, five tyreu in Srst ekMs order, exceptional bargain, £100. CHEVROLET touring ear, de luxe, in first class order and ooodition, wall dtod, fully equipped, and ready for the road, oome and try it. £85. . DODGE tearing ear, newly painted, in good ?echanvesri erder, fully equipped and ready to drive aw«y, tyras little worse than new, an ideal family ear, £75. ESSEX touring oar, fttt«d with new black aaverleek hood, in first-ciaas mechanical order, well shod and fuliy equipped, a saap, £75. MORRIS OXFORD touring car, fitted with English bodry. adjastable front- «aat. nkely painted aad m first-clan order and ©ooattioo, five tyres, licenced and faHy equipped, £145. DODGE touring ear, in food runninr order and condition, fatly equipped and ready to drive away, tyres equal to new, only £5t. FORD Muring ear, aejf-startcr owdel, nics ly painted aad in ftrat-clasc order aatd osaWJ tiea, ftiUy equipped, ready to drive a-way, £60. Aiao a few others u- chooas frosa. , Terms arranged to ink Purehaeeri. WILLIAM ATTWOOD. Ohrysier Distributer, 2M-301 Murray-a»., ? Alao 212 Pier-M. ? AUSTIN .'??-- ' ~20. Fine big roomy car, splendid appearaaefi aad in good mechanical order. Fitted -with rear wind shield, ran risor, 2 apare tyres aad ether extras. Painted Royal blue. A bargain at «50:' DENNY BROS., LTD., ' . ? Murray-street, Perth. ? ' jLTmoa IjTdm . We -nrly trade in g«od used Can, so be/ore buying, coarpare our vehicle* ana prices. TEiRMS EXTENDED OVER TWELVB MONTHS. We WiX bs Plraacd' to Demonstrate. DODGE, uoderrlung Badai, niee appearaace, good condition, £150. ' ? HUPMOBILE 4, overhauled a»4 vaiatsd, food running crdcr, well shod. £110. DODGE, Ftnl-«la«s eanditian; forly eajoip J*«V very good tyras Ukr-m»h»ut, £90. D0DO£ licensad far foH year, has only done small mileage, Cnt-ciaH order, £90. FORDS, good order and eandition, well ?bod, £40 each CITROEN, latest modal, Fre_en bady. four new*£22r^e'' ¥*ry *°*H lnUeKe- tooi ' HUDSON, 7 seater, splewdid order, good appearance, weU shod, £100. TRUC^CS ?REPrcaLIC, 25 cwt^ spJeadid aeekaa-cai ^fiSD,',*' t'rM- £27B JUSPUBLIO 2-ton, first-ehus maeasvnieaiiy. P»*umatic froat and rear a«« atyres, £925. AUTOS. LTD., (Hudson Essex) Distriovtars. ? »»6 Hay-street, Perth. . RA^av,'n? 8tron* »««tric Nickel Tank, JJ Dashlight Sturmey gears, licensed, 1928 v £30, (ems. Stott's Garage. Lebderville. ' CDABY Anstin, .condition guaranteed, _-J«- ff a«e D4,o00; inepection, tria!'; cash price. £165. Reg Budd'a Garage, Gnildiord. M199. 1CYCLE8: The REGAL CYCLE for all claaa of wark. Wall made and finished, from £7 16*. cash. Terms from £2 10s. de posit, and 5s. weekly instalments Country customers need not hesitate Send for cata logue We guarantee satisfaction. Used machines taken as part oayment. Rebuilt arnraa on hand. We quit them at low prices. FRY and SON, Reg»l ' Cycle Works, ? 93 Rokeby-road, Snbiaco. ? ICYCLES: Several good secondhand, easy terms, from £1 deposit, 5a. week ly. Ooneress Cycles, 2SO Murray -st, (near BIC YCLES. Scarlet Runners, juvenile £4 15s.; gents, £5. 18s. 6d.; Racers, £7 10s. Dozens secondhand Cycles. 'Furnise, Cottes loe Bwch. Tel. F374. ICYOLE, Fleet, B.S-A.., £6 10s.; Eadie freeiwheel, £5 10s.: B.S.A. and ;Stdecar £15. A. Watts, 25O Lakesg., Perth. BlCx'OLE, -secondhand, ;in- perfect- order. tools, for »*Je, cheap. 47 Byers-rd:., iMid land JaocTion. ICYCLE. B.S.A., new wheels, chsin, seat £4. 1 Noxbert-st., off Wittenoom-st., East Perth. ? BICYCLE, Eadie coaster, new tyres, etc., cheap; no further us«. 81 Brandou st., of Fremantle-rd., South Perth. B.S Jl., 4i, gooa oroer, £15, ternks ; Bike taken as part payment. 604 Hay-st Jolimonl. week-end. UICK, 2 stater, late model, beautifully kept, in excellent order. £55. 31 Gill St., Cottesioe Beach. C^v c~ c! a a c. ~a ) COVENTRY MOTOR CO., LTD. iMOTOlt CYCLE DEPASTMENT OFFER SXAHS- in . . , SEOONDH-IN-D MACHINES. Reliable and Sound. DOUGLAiS, 2| h.p., eJectric, good condi tion, £27 10s. TRIUMPH, mod«l P, now battery, me chm_ic*Ily sound, £5O. IN-DIAN SOOUT, peTf«et' rnuoing order, £70. Inepect-ioo In-vited. ? MOTOR' CYCLE- DBPlAOTIMENT, COVENTRY MOTOR 'CO., LTD., . Cor. Hay and MMiigan streets, Perth. HEVBOLET, Model de-lnxe, leather up hol&tery, good tyres, and good appear ance, £-100. FORD, 5-seater, self-starter; first-class order, £75. FORD. 5-seater, self starter, siieeial body, £60. 'FORD, light ? de livery, table top body, £30. STCDEBAKER light, six, good running order, nice. appear- ance. £95. «asy terms arranged. ' MANTON'S GARAGE, ' Cottesioe Beach. . ? Tel. F426. ? ' /^»HEViROLET Touring -Car. 1924 prodoi: \J tioo, leather upholstery. Many . extras, including toe-pCetn, mats, automa-ric wind screen wrper, clock, id/)«h light, sun visor, complete with good equipment of tyres, tools, side curtains, etc.. licensed. Prie-e -70. Term* arranged. Wintenbotfom Motor Ow»pany Limited, St. ti'eorge'tf.ter.. P«r:h. C1HEVROLET TouTing g»r, splendid equip J meat of Miciielin tyres, roomy Colonial body, leather upho-*t«ry. new black Never leek hood, runs and pulls we\fl. Price £35. Winterbostow 'Motor Company 'Limited, Si. George's-ier., Perth. C1HEVROLET Truck Chassis,* months' I old. fitted with 30 x 5 heavy duty lyres requires a few mechanical adjustments Price £50. Cash or terms.. Wint«rbottom Motor Company Limited, SI G-oorgeVter., Perth CHEVROLET, 1926 model, privately; ow \J ned, five new balloon tyres, small mile age; £125. Saturday afteroon at 21 Wilber force-st., Mt. Hawthorn. C1HEVR0LET Truck, 'bus body, suitable / caravan, taJble top if desired. £»0.' C50 this office. ? .'? /CHEVROLET for Sale, underslung, late \J model, buyer to take over instalments D8, this office. ' ? DODGE CAR, black hood, Coots r well and tu« well, —150, terms. - ' WILLY-S-KNIGHT, -in perfect condition, bumpers back and front, £200, terms OVERLAND FOUR, in ;*ound condition £»5, .terms. ' BUICK P0UH; n«wry painted and in good running order, £100, terms'. STC'DEBAKBR LIGHT SIX, an exoel -en.t. bangaim at £85; terms. DODGE, watt sbod and ia (*od order, . ' , Agents for : WHIPPET : CARS, fuMy equipped, £210, term*. . ' . ? WILLYS-KNIGHT SIX-BS, fulry equipped from £450. term.. . ' J 'i' w««. i\ALOOX KNIGHT, fuiKy equipped, £360, terms. OVERLAXD-CROSSfLEY TRUCKS, com plete ffrrtlt body, £295, terma.i ' SCOTT'S MOTORS, 351-353 WcAimcton-street, . ? Perth. ? ^^ ; , (00-WB4J* am -lga 81).- _ '_?

MOTORS. BICYCLES. ETC T (Continued from Page 20) CLEVELAND Six! U.te production, splendid appearance, bla«k 'Neverteek hood, has only d-oiwj very small mi-oag«, fitted with tampers, unotorraeter and many ot.her extra*, ?Atochanicailly ^ ? good a.s new. Price £223. . Termi arranged; Wimerbottom, Motor Cwn pony. Limited, -St; Goorgo's-ter..' Pertk. ? (^OACHSUH/T .Sidecar, and Chassis, 'tyre in J 'good condition, for LETa-rley-Davideon. AVinch, . Goverment-rd. and Ja«nes-»t., Bas*en- | dcun. C5TOLE, Iree wheel, beautiful condition,- al most now, £5 10s. Shot Gun, 35s. 37. Harroff»te-8t., near cor. Oxford and Cam t-ridge sts., Lecdervillw. ? T~V0DG-B BROS.. USED OARS. 'When an automobile is- pood, -}t « * «''?« of great Treasure and MUufsetion. When :t ij bad, it is a ?terrible breeder of discontent. Knowing this as well we* do, it -would .be dowrrriffht stu-pidrty for us to have anyUung to dio with, the bad variety. Remember. A used car U only «? cood ?« the flim with whroh. you deal. WTNTERBOTTOM ?MOTOR COMPANT, * LIMITED, St. GeorgeVter., Perth.' DCMX3-E, 5 seater, .painted prey, ?bSaek hood, £80, deposit £20, balance £4 month, no interest. 100 f\raneis-st. 'Phone 53-13. ON'T MISS THESElll HH. ON'T MISS THESElll ? YOU CAN OWN ANY ONE OP THE FOL LOWING MACHINES BY TAKING- ADVAN TAGE 01' OUR EASIEST OF EASY TERMS. 22 A.J.S., i.v., just overhauled and re enamelled, £41. Several 1926 Machines from price* £55 upwards. A.J.S., 7 h.p! and Sidecar, electric, steer ing damper, family two-seater sidecar, a . jplendid puller, £93 10s. This mschino has r just been overhauled and ia cheap at the price, ' ' VEL00ETTE, o.h.v., in first-cl»«s order *nd appearance, a fast sporty machine, worth £80; sacrifice for £89 10s. A..T.S,, 1026, 31, electric equipped, Smith xpeedo, not hod much use, £68 10t. Tyres good. A.J.S., 2J, electric, good tyres, two spot lights, steering damper, extra nickeling and buffine, etc. This machino looks very smart and will sell at £55. Another, £12 10s. B.S.A., 2} h.p., 1926 model, a good solid job and in good order. Wo will accept £32 10s. on this machino for this week only. mOUGLAS, two-speed, kick starter, elec tric light, perfect tyres, splendid appearance, £31 and well worth the price. Another, £37 105.' i WEST CYOLES. LTD., ? 567 IUy-st., Perth. ? DON'T iBuy n New Car this year. Let mo regrind your cylinders and fit now pis tons (n your old favourite car. [ c.-ui m« you -\ large expense ind guar antee satisfaction. SEK ME FTRST. OthMs have, why not you. Ask to see letters of satisfaction from men who know r:-r owners, tractor owirers and motor cy clists. LINDSAY 0. HUMMEUSTON and CO.. : ? a J^ns-st; ? T^OUGI-AS, pinion scat, orij:«n.\l tyres itill UL/ sood, will trade push bik«-, £25. S2 .Hpytfs»»ry-rd., S»-)iaoo. ? TfiOi:«I.AS. l!-2fi. kick start, all chain AJ drive, little u-o, runs Hko new. Apply IP'J To\Tfr-.-t.. l.tfderviUc. ? Tf V-l'Ul'*Ai!- MoUir Cyrlo for c?.\K toe order, Bl'KR.VNT. 5-JoaUT, any r«»s«nv»ble tri»! *4S. 1V». ihU ofne-f. ? |j- LAST4013E. Uaality A tor ranni hoodt, all colour*. H for le-aUi«r ho^di. C for upisoUtwy. , In a good tarifly of trantparent te)oar». IVTUUlStl S-j.r Tourins -Car, oc- few A mont'hj old. con i'135 C«xl app«ar*nvf, mechanically found, excepiionaXy cool buy ing at A~-00. Turin* a ranged. Winw-rboit-om ' 'Motor Company Limited. St. Cieorge's-tcr., I'erth. ? ERW MAJM-REN MOTORS. LTU Anaonnco the Followin USED CARS TOR SALE.

NASH FOUR ? 185 . STUDEBAKER, latest model .. .. 260 t BUIC1K SIS ? 60 HUDSON ? 175 .FIAT 5O5 ..-, ? „, .: 260 J'lAT 509 ? ; 170 J-'l.VT 503 .. ? * 290 DODGE ? «-'..? 90 IXIRDrBMIc-oa-Tyrb^- :T*'.: '.. ' .:,' '7T DEMONSTRATIONS FREELY GIVEN. EA3Y TERMS ARRANGED. ERI0 MADDREN MOTORS, LTD., ? 996 Hay-st.. Perth. ? 'PSSEX 6, : COACH. This car a In beantiful order through out and fully complete with wire wheels, bumper bars, motor-meter,; snnbbers, spare tin and carrier, starter on dash, extra air, etc., etc. All tyres in splendid order. Special reasons for selling, wiU sell at i very low figure for cash or terms. Inspection and trial week-end at 207 Ade laido-ter. 'Phone A1534. : VERYTHING BUT THK CAR. A Full Range of th-e Best Makes of REPLACEMENT PARTS ? ' ? : Kept in Stock for practically all Makes '. of Cars. RUN THROUGH THIS LIST. King Pins and King Pin Bushes. Steering Tie Rods, Pins and Bnsh-es. Spring Shackle Bolts and Bushes. Piston Ping nnd Piston Pin. Bushes. Flywheel Starter Ring Gears. Crown \Vho«ls and Pinions. Transmission Main Shaft Gears. Transmission Countershaft . Gears. '.Twdson' one-piece Forped Steel Valves. ?'Keedley' Electric- Welded Cast Iron Eoad Valves. 'Quality' Piston Rings (all sizes) Standard nnd oversize. 'Tu4!hHI' ' Titanic andi Ordinary Typo Front «nd Rear Springs. ' R.BJ. Ball Races. 'Orange-' Roller Bearing*. Fan Belts' and Radiator Connections. , Bumpers,. Kick Plates, Robe Rails, Foot Ttails, Wind Deflectors, and all Nickel-plated Monirtinga. - . ALSO A PULL STOCK OF PARTS FOR FORDS. SOLE AGENTS FOR VAN OLEEF OLD ?« DUTCH PRODUCTS. LUCAS ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND BATTERIES. Tfot Necessities, Specialities, Novelties. A. C. McOALLUM LIMITED, Headquarters for Motorists Supplies, ? 96 Murray-«t.. Perth. ' ' EXCHANGE or Sell Single Seater Car with apecial body, «ood irrd-er, will take .piano or-, iLond near Pert value l£l 10. 'Saturday aitarroon or Sunday morning. 45 Havelock 8t.. West Perth. ? - EXCHANGE or iSeJI, Sina-le-seater Oar, with cpociaU bodji. good order, will take phmio or J*nd, near Parth : ? v»ta« £110; Satur d«yi afternoon or Sue-day morning. 45 Have lock-«t.. West Perth. ? XCHANGE, Set of Citroen Wheels,- 710 x 00 tyres, new, with -cash, for set balloons 715 x 115. Ring U149. ? FIAT, 505, in excellent mechanical order and irood appearance, five -tyres, In good order; Price £273. ERIO MADDREN MOTORS, LTD., ? 005 Hay-»treet. Perth. ? I MAT Oar, fcito -501, done 10,850 mile*, guaranteed perfect order. Well looked after, accessories and ifour spare tyroi, quirk cash salo £105. Well worth £275. Inspec rton, A. Ripper.tro, Gtralrtton. FLVE Almost new Dutrtop H«ivy Sorvi-ce ?M-otor Tubes, 30 x 3J. 3 A-lma-rd., Mt. Lmrley. FOR Sale. Lannoh. 20ft. by 7ft. bram, Fair* bank«-Morsn enpinn, good hu-Il, reverse Cp*t, FritJi mnpneto; guaranteed, dot, cheap, r yitxGtTald «nd -iou-ld, WelHiqrtnnfSt. TjlORDS. FORDS. FORDS. , ALL USED PORDS, HaiRIVG OUR O.K., - 'WILL GTV'E ENTIRE SATISFACTION. 'Tiro TPollowinc TIBOONDITIONED TOUDS Are OTTERED AT TtnOBS and 'Vi TERMS TO SUIT ATiL BUTERS: ?FORir- avn.s. -Aoiu- Tunnies. F-ORli I.icin HEI-TATnilBS. 'OJti-- T»rm:; 'Th' 'Aisthmi'?.: 'V-r,; tvw,)^;^: -^vxa.- -ynrnr,: i.-sjrTn.'. ;ir. ..a.;. -.,_ -.T...

MOTORS. BICYCLES, ETC TtOR Sale, 2-ton Motor Lorry, alm-9-t new. - : Small deposit. Take -over terms. 398 [urray-st. ? ' ? ' 3^OR Sale, One Gent's Bicycle, in good run- : . ning order; cash or terms. Inspect to ay. 195 Lake-st. ? ; ? 70R Sale, Closed Delivery Body, fit Ford . chassis, suitable light trade offer. -Broad-, ay Stores, Nedlands. ..'-.'' ' ? . [7»OR Sale, Road Racing Cycle, good con U di-tion, B.S-An parts ttirough-out. 5-16' ? illiam-st., Mt. La.wley. ? TOE Sale, strong Bicycle, Ed-ie-Coa»ter, C £3. 1O1 Railway-paTade, Mi. La-wley. r«0RD Tourer, 1926-27 model, wire whtels, t? Balloon tyres, all extras, guaranteed lerfect order and appearance. £100. Mt. Law ey Garage, Walcott-st. Al'375, day aad light. ? . ? CV)RD,, Single-seater, late model, for sale, C good runnirig order nnd well shod, fit ed -speedometer, spot light, Yale oiler, air irake; mus'. seU, £45. 337 Stirling-st. 7*0RD Sedan, sewly painted, blue leather V upholittred, in first-class ord:r, suit raveller, ch/ap, £95. H. H. Follinj*on, jOich and Motor Works, Fremantle. ? 7«0RD 'Car, 5-seater, solf-starter, machinery i- ond tyrea -in good condition; take over crms £4 10s. per month, and give me £10 or my interest. D6. this -office. FORD Ton Truck, Ruekstell axle, Strom foerg carburetter, tyres good, take £-SO, acpoait- £2o.-7U3 Beauiort-st.; Mt. LaW'?y FORD,' first-class order, self sUrter. new ?tyres; £50, bargain. 116 . Brisbane-st.. lear Beaufort-Et; ? .__ F~0RD Closed Van, snit butcher, erocer or baker; price £50. Can give terms. D7. this office. ? _; ? 0BD Halt Ton Truck, £25 or be«t offer. 3-2 Richmond-st., 'Leedervill-e. . GARAOE, Iron and Aslbcstos, for removal. Suitable small car, Austin, Citroen, £10. 36 James-s-t.,. FremarAle. . . . ? p O R D O N C Y 0 L E S 'SELL BECAUSE THEiY EXCEL' Gordon's Offer the Biggest Rang* and the : Best Value. OUR AUGUST SPECIAL. Pattern Racer, equipped -with gas lamp, rear reflector, celluloid mud-guards, toechps. and straps; wheel syren; large tin carbide and full tool equipment, bell pump, etc.; £11 10s cash As above,- nickelled all over, £12. Popular. Model. £6 5s. „„_.,. EASY TERMS AS USUAL. Illustrated Catalogue of several other Models' post fret. Note the only address: GORDON CYCLE AND MOTOR CO., . ? 332 Murrayst., City. ? p»ORDONx CYOLKS. 'SHLL BECAUSE TIIEY EXCEL.' Gordon's offer the Biggest Ran«e and thi Be&t Value. OUR AUGUST SPECIAL. , Pattern Racer, equipped with electric Ii«ht, celluloid mudguards, toucHps and «, £lx 10-5. cash. Popular ModeJ, £6 5s. Easy .Terms as Usua.. U-ustrated catalogue -of several otner mod os post free. Note the oniiy address: GORDON CYCLE and MOTOR .CO.. 332 Murray-tt., City. ? m /^ORDOXSON Cycfics: New B.S.A Road \JT ster, Dunlop .tyres, Brooks saddle, Rey nolds chain. Major Taylor, complete, £12 10s. ? GOSDONSON Cycles: Fanmus So* Trades . men's Models, complete, £6 5s.; with Kadlo coaster, £7. a27 WeV!uo#ton-»t., near Pior-st. ? ' ? ; ? . ? (^ORDOXSON Cycles, New Pattern Racers. T de luxe finish. £10 10s. cashr terms ar raas«d, wor:li inspection. 22) WeUing ton-st. ? . GORDONSON Cycles. New Pattern Road sters, Oceanic lyres. K»die coaster, cooi plfte. £9 10s.. terms arranjed. 327 we. liagton-st. ? ? ? ' /^OliUONSON Cycles aro buUt by Tommy VJT Uordon, who has dissolved partners*:? w:-h the Gordon Oyclo Co. ? 7TOVKS3JMENT TEXOEK BOARD. FOWLKR STE-VM ?KiACTOS, Secondhand, for -a!e, bv te«der. Inspection at State 1m plemcut Works, North Frem»n:le. Tenders close -.15 p.m. on Thursday, August IS, 1»27. forms and vxrticulars fron* Teudtr Board Oaice. Murray-it., Perth. No nusocaole ot fer refund. ? . ARLKY and Sidecar, electric light mode!. perfect order throushcut; cash or terms. Apply 39 Hubert-su, Victoria Park. ? HAJU.KY- n.VVHVSON acd semi-wide Sde car. good rucnirj; order, £45. 52 Charles st.. M'MKtnd JuiK-tion. ? AKLKY 7-9, 192-7 model, electric, sell or exchange, for pood ton truck. 42 Ted .i;.i«-n\n.»-d Victoria Park.

HARLEY. 7-9. and Sidecar, best offer; tas? bike part puymeot. 240, opp. West l.erderville station. ? ; ? HE-VD Lamp Lenses, aati-{r!«re, in the fol.'on-ins sizes, SJin.. 9in., 9 l-Sin., 91in ? Special Price- to Clear them, 7s. 6d. pair The Armstrong Cycle and Motor Agency, Perth, t'resnantle, Kalgoorlie. ? HERE'S A BRAND NEW CAR AT A SECOND-HAND CAR PRICE. SCORES OF POUNDS BELOW NEW PRICE. In order to clean up the balance of our Oldsmobile stock, we offer. — ONE OLDSMOBELE COACH, ABSOLUTELY BRAND NEW, LATEST 4-WHEEL BRAKE ' MODEL. Also:— A COUPLE OF DEMONSTRATION MODELS (Practically New). , To be, disposed of at - - ? EXTREMELY LOW FIGURES. . SEWELL AND POOLE, - ? Hay-street (opp. His Majesty's Theatre) .. PERTH. '.' / Sule Agents for -Chtrndler-Clevel-and C*^8 HUMBBR UMBER . ?: ?? hUMBHR BRITAIN'S HUJU3EK. BEST HUMBER MOTOR CYCLE.1 HUMBER .'_ , A Wiiso Invostmeri-t. Giving Dividend* of -Pieasnr«. Choose a- Humber «»d Have the Beat. .. ' a-49 h.p., o.h.v. .. .. ' ? «4 3-49 h.p., slv ? £69 OOVBNTRY MOTOR CO., LTD., Motor Cy-cks Department, ?Oor. H-ay and 'MU-liga-n atreets, Perth. HUPMOBILE, single soater, powerful en.-, ginc, magneto, well shod, good mechanical condnion, had private -use only, ideal coun try car, m-ako good 25cwt. utility truck. Price £90. Terms. 23 Vrewnra7. Nedlands. INDIAN Prince Motor Bike, bought new Februarv. 1927, only run, 2,000 miles, condition as new, light model, easy terms. WHITE WHEATLEY MOTORS, LTD.. ; 1032 Hay-st. (corner Qeorgc-it.). ? INDIAN and Sidecar, 10-1-2 h.p., clcc, k^. £25 for qtfick sale. 69 Adelaide-st., Freman-;lo. ? '' IT IS NOT OFTRN AN OPPORTUNITY ? SUCH AS THIS OCCURS I 501 FIAT, in splendid order, 5-teater good tyrei and upholstery ? £175 501 FIAT, 4-Mater, ovenin tyre* ... £195 OAKLAND Six four-wheel brakei, bal loon tyres, excellent condition .. 1199 OLDSMOBILE Six, nearly new condi tion ? £170 ARTHUR ANDERSON, LIMITED, 1056 Hay-streot, ^ ? Perth; ? ADIBS and GenUomen, Motor Oar Driv ing Taught, all makes, £2 10s.; licence guaranteed. O'Leary, Anto Specialist, 53S Hav-st. A32S1.


MOTORS, BICYCLES. ETC. . LOST, between Nedlands and Cottesloe Beach, Cowley Spare Wheel and Tyre, tainted Hight blue. Reward. Lloyd, F113Q. IVfORRIS Truck, splendid order, nearly ill new, £135 cash or terms. Union Print, So3 Hay-st. . ? ' ? . M.0T0?IST- -bwrtowV ;LEATHER Gauntlets, black, 8s. 6d. ; ? . Gauntlets, tan, 9s. 6d. Gauntlets, suede, 17s. 6d. . Gauntlets, tan hide, 21s. ? Motorcyclists Leather Coats, unlmed, £4 Motorcyclists' Leather Coats, lined, £5 Motorcyclists' Leather Helmets, 9s. 6d. ^Motorcyclists' Leather Biding Breeches, 'Motorcyclists' Leather Waistcoats, -with S eMoetorcyciiats' Leather Waistcoats, no sleeves, £2 10s. MORTLOCK BROS., LTD., MORTLOCK BROS., LTD., 890 Hay-st., Perth. 47 Adclaide-st., Fremantle. ? MOTOR .'?.'* ?CA11- . SWEATER. PffUs -weH, good appearance^ condition; seif -starter, magneto ignition; well shod, licensed; any trial. - . £80 OR BEST OKFBR. 347 'Barker-rd., Sn-biaoe. TirOTOB HOODS COVKRED; And all REPAIRS to HOODS ui CUSHIONS. MOTOR CANVAS, 72in., 9«. 6d.'-mrf. NELSON BROWN, 89 James-Btroet. . MOTOR Boat Engine for sale. Fiat, 4 cy linder, long: stroke, with, magneto and carburetter, JE8. Aho parts of Fiat 2 ton chain drive Truck. J). Campbell and Co., 3K5 WelHngton-st., Perth. Tel. 3720. ? MOTOR CAR DRIVING TAUGHT in Any Make of Car Desired. Your Licence Guaranteed, £3 3s. UNION MOTORS (Tel. 6535), 423 Wellington st., Perm, opp. station. MOTOR Bike, F.N., Bosch magneto, new tyres, carburetter, absolutely reliable. £15. 1 Norbert-st., off Wittenoom-st., -East Perth. ? . ? MOTOR Car, jrood order, sell cheap, wi exchange piano, also chassis, cheap: Yel land, Bassendean. 'Phone Mll-8. ? ?\TEVER~ SUCH' ? BARGAINS Al in Used Motorcycles and never such a list of wonder offeTs as this. Never such a selection or such low prices as this. Come, see and compare. ? B.S.A., 2S h.p., 1924 model, with head lamp, running order, not overhauled, £21. B.S.A., 2} h.p., 1926 model, practically new, one month's guarantee, £48. B.S.A., 22 h.p., 1926 model, first class con dition throughout, £43. S.S.A., 41 h.p., 1923 model, strong coach sidecar, lamps and horn, Tunning order, £35. Harley-Davidson, 22 h.p., 1926 model, first class condition throughout, headlamp, ori ginal tyres, one month's guarantee, £50. Harlcy-Dayidson, 7/9 h.p., 1925 nftdel, good condition throughout, original tyres, £50. ' Sunbeam. 4 h.p., 1925 de luxe, four-speed, Terry saddle, original balloon tyres, good condition, only in use few months, £89. Norton, 31 h.p., 1924 model, Kith head and and tail lamps and born, fairly good condi tion. £40. SCOTT, 6 n.'p., 1925 electric twin model, with horn and coach built sidecar, good con dition, £65. Sidecar, flexible one-pieea ekaaais, coach built body, £16. ? ^ Free Driving TuJtM*. , Trials Given. Easy and Convenient Ti fa: MORTLOCK BROS., LTD, MORTLOCK BROS.. LTD.. 890 Hay-st, Perth. 47 Adclaide-st., Fremantle. NEW Record Motor. Crosscut Saw. cheapest, fastest, and most reliable, easy to handle Simple to operate. Small deposit. ea«i terms. Can also be hired. Tree Clearini Machinery Co.. 749 W«'»ngton-»t. ? 'BOSTON, electric, -nickel1 tank,- spotltcht ?*?* Brooks pillion and rests, «te«rinc Dampre perfect cona-tron. £50 cash. INDIAN SCOUT 'oed condition, mest sell, £13 cash (licensed) CRESCENT CYCLES. Gottrslor Beach.

ONE B.S.A. Anss:e Racing Bike, almost new. Apply 99 Aberdeen-st- after two. VERLAND TOURING OAR. £oss and Pel-s well Price £20. Winter-bottom Motor Company. Limited, ? St. George' s-ter.. Perth. ? OVBRLAXD Light 4. s-plendid condition, good tyres, new spares, biuirpers, etc., £65, terms arranged. 36 Brisbane-st. ILLION SEATS, ordinary, 20s., 3-Os. 4Os, .and 4as. each; Astride^-Jos. eaoi-- Pil lion Footrests 6$.., 6s. 6d. and 7s. 6d. pair. Pillion Footboards. K)s. Gd. pair. The Arm stTonsr Cycle and Motor Agency, Perth, Fre nvantle. Kalgoorlie. ' _____ T- I L 0 T ? OI 0 L E S. FOR QUALITY. ENDURANCE, AND . ?.',- .? PRICE. No. 1 All Steel Roadster .. . . £8 10s. No. 2 All Steel Roadster .. .. £9 10s. No. -3 Road*ter -De Luxe . . .... £11 10s. No. 6a All -Steel Rafer . . .... £9 10s. No. C All Steel Racer .. ..» .. £10 10s. No. 7 Kacer De Luxe .. .... £11 IDs. No. 8 Path Racer ... .. .. .... £12- 10s. All Models (fully equipped and guaranteed. Lasy terms, from £2 lus. deposit sod 5s. weekly. - ' '? _? _ ;Write f«r Illustrated Catalogue and Testi monials. ' „.. CYCLE- ACCESSORIES. BIG REDUCTION. ,-Syrens. 2s. 6d., large size 3s. 6d.; Gas Mask. Grips, 6d. pair; Brilliant Chains., 3s. 3d.; Cyclometers, 4s. 3d.; Cleaning Sets, coni; plete 'with, airbrushes, 3s.; Carriers, 2s. 6d.. 38., -3s: 6d.. extra large 4s.; Reflectors, 6d. and' 9d.V Bells, 6d. and 9i; Bell Metal. 2s. Bd.; Chime- Bells, 2s. 3d.; Clockwork Bells, 3s.; Saddle -Pads. 9d.. Is., extra good lines Is. 6d., 2s. 3d., 2s. 6d. ; Tradesmen's Car riers, 10s. 6d. ; guaranteed Inner Tubes, 3s. 3d. Everything, for the Cyclist at the Lowest Prices- in W.A. Send us your requirements. W. JAOKSON, Manufacturer and Importer, 124 end 120m Barrack-street, Perth. PURCHASE TOUR ' A00K8ORIES AT WEBTS; AND BANK THE DIFFERENCE. FOR THB MOTORIST — ,- Engine Bonnet Silencers, 5s.. 6d. sflt. Hood Dressing, Z%. 9d. tin. Waterproof Driyinc Goats, 40a. each. Small Shifting Spanners, Is. 6d. each. Tyro Paint. 3a. 6d. tin. ' FOR THE MOTOR CYCLIST— ? Sidecar Lugjrage Carriers, 12s. 6d. Handle-bar Grips, from Is. 6d. Oil Cans, Is. Gd. Waterproof Suits, 40a. - Waterproof Leg«in(s, 12s. 6d. Goggles. Is. pair. Chain Rivet Extractor*. 3s. 3d. Box Spanners, 2s. Od. per set. Electric Sets, £6 2s. '6d. .; - FOR THE CYCLIST — ' Cycle I»cks. Is. Cd. Oil -Cans. 9d. each. Klectric Sets, 25s. .. ' Tyres, '7s. 6d. ... A7at*rproof Copes, 10«. M-udcuards, Is. pair. 'WEST CYOLES. LTD.. 567 Hay-jstreet, Perth. QUALITY^ SERVICE, SATISFACTION. That is Whit Yoa G«t -with a LENNY OYCLE. LESXY'S STANDARD SOADSTER, Complete Ready for the Road, £5 os. LESSY-'S SPECIAL SACER, FHlea -wisa Speed Tyres aad Pnll Eqairmea;. X1O 10s. lESST'S DE LTXE HiCER, 'W-:th XirteHsfl 'FoT'ts asa Stays. Fa:i Sq^iip 3s«st *nd XiTflo^E I3x*raxiet, ii; iiwi. ISSSsY-S B^Jl. STEC11L. Tte 3osi HOTMy 'Cci; Ecj-. tsc «3-cj^r»r;*e« £:5 IBs. I. Hf'VV'? ?**-?.'??.'' JT'-'^'7^ ;rr *: as .-t. r«r-_i.

MOTORS, BICYCLE8.- ETC. \H~~ — : — — reo ? ' !5cwt., 30swt. SSewt.. 2-ton, and 2i to 3 ton. Truckt. BiOKARD, , ROVER,. . REO. And ARMSTRONG-SIDDELET CARS. A.E.O. LORRIES, T to 10 Ton*. DENNY BROS., LTD.. 439-447 Mnrrayst.. Forth. RMOOaE AN!D SON. 60 Short-Rlreet. Auto Parti Minuiaetureri. . Axles.. . We make axles for car, truck, or traetor, from the best Esetish Axle Steel. Agents sup plied. / Gears: — Spiral Pinions and Crown Wheels,. Sliding, internal and silent giars; Starter Kings for fitting to Flywheels, kept in stoex. Special plant for casehardening. Crankihaft Grinding, etc. We have installed the best crank shaft grinder obtainable, and are prepared to do high class -work at ? reasonable price. All. work guaranteed, and price right. ? ? - ' ? ADIATOR Shell for 1923 Dodge for sale. 223 Lake-it. ? tl'AIRS to a'.l Automotive Electrical Equipment. Sole Agents in W-i. 'for all Bosch* products. ? ELLIOTT and KIESEY, LIMITED, ,.-. 382 Mmray-st. Tel A50UU. ? ? - ' T-E0 TRUOK, '~ 250WT. In good mechanical order, with table, .top body and canopy. Drop sides, f6ur-iso.-d tyres. All ready for the road. A -bargain at ?- - ' .'-. v ?:. ..-''? £300. --??-.-. V DENNY' BROS., LTD., /: ?..-':??? ,- ' ? Murray-street, Perth. ?'-?. ' TiOVER, .-...?? ? - ? _.; .- ' v'' 9/° This car has been UBOd for- demonstration ?work only. Is in' good order, only done smtall mileage. ' ' £200.

DENNY BROS.,1 LTD., ? ? Murray-street, Perth. ? SECONDHAND Cycles, guaranteed. £4 to O £7 10#., cash or term*. New from £3 10s. Send for catalogue of tna superior cycles, 1926 Beverlcy winner, etc. Two-point Mngncto, as new, £4, or offer. Big X secondhand Spare Parts. Numerous secondhand Covers, good condi tion, from 10».. all sizes. Inspect. Tel. 1025 Cott. CRESCENT' CYCLE and MOTOR WORKS, Mason-fit.. Cottesloe Beach.' ? CEVEN ?Searf-er Dodte Brothers Car, -te ♦3 production, in good wider -thrxmchoul, ne^viy painted, black Nev-er!«ek hood, good tyre- etjmpnsent. tools, etc. Price £135. Terms arranged. Winterboiioin iJtotor. - Company Limited. St.',Oeorge's-teT., P«th. . CJIDECAR ^and Chassis, euit -SJ B.S.A., up-. O hol«ered, real leather, duco piinted, electric Jitfht, m&t, etc., now. L«e Ma-hers Body W6rk«, »19a Hay-«t., Perth. C1DECAR complete, ftrone chassis, well up O holsterod. vcoachbuilt body, all .fittings, elec-tric light. £9 10s. 18 Carton-rd., Clara mont. ? ' - CIDECAR and Chassis, .suit 1)ir bike,, wpl i3 paint eny colour. £10. 302 Bagotffd., Snbiaco. ? SPVRE Sonkey Wheel, Tyre and. Tu-be, com pete, fit an Austin 12 h.p. car, £3 10«. conyptet-e. Ring A5425. ? ' QPEOIAL . VALUES We Bar* x few nnd ew on hwid ttat -re are -prepared to «eM ax very low prices. This selection inetades: — ' Chevrolet Cars aad Trucks. Ford cmrs and Tracks. Overnad Car*. - ? - -' - - Hapmobile Ohra. Dodge 'Sro&ers Chrs. And Others. Price* Rang* from £30. - Ko SMimke Offer via be Xsrmwd. WrSTHRBOTTOM aiOTOR'COllPAirr, LIMITED, ? St. George-' e-terrace, PerUu OPECIAIi ' DELO'ESY TRUCKS. LATEST INTERNATIONAL ADtDITIOS.

Thi* Special Delivery Track has beec ad ded to tne already extensive line of Inter national satoc traajport vehicles. It m*e:s a lonf felt want in the light delivery tieM. It is not a redesigned passenrer car. The engine. eluic-X transmissibn, propeller shaft, rear axle, springs, and frame are all built specially* for truck service at high speeds. Samples are now on exhibition, sad ample stocks are coming forward. CHASSIS PRICE £250. Payments including body prices : extended at slight extra cost. RICHARD PURSER AND' COMPANY^ '' Corner, of George and Wellington sts., Perth. ? 'Phone A60-J5 and A7204. ? /p.T. Radge Motor Cycle, £10 cash. 95 -I Hobart-at., Mount Hawthorn, tram ter minus. TITHE TROJAN* PETROL SAVER; loWond! X Koojr, Warwick House, St. George's-ter., is here, , and is s«Cd and fitted to any car for 3Os. Local invention. -A. written guaran tee is given for refund vi moneji if unsnis fartory. . . . rpRIUSIPH, 3J h.p., sTOOd. co&dition, cujdne X recently overhacijed, £12 10s. cash. 'Boost SaK^bury-st., Mayiand3. Inspect weekends. rpRlUMPH, 4 h.p., decompressor, singTe ?X speed, good running order, lamp, horn, tools, £6 cash. 18 Caxton-rd.. CkTemont. ^pWO Ba'by Citroeos, ibalioon tyres, twelve X months old, suit lady. ,ne*-iy painted. Cash or ^erin-s. ' 100 liVaacis-st 'Phone 6049. ? : ? q^Y3lBS, New Fisk, 335 x 135. £7 10s.; X 30 x 5-Truck, 70s.; 30 x 5.77, 45s.;- 35 x 6.'6O, £4. Other siies. Coulson Vulcanis ling, 118 Jarmes-st. rpYRES, excepbtonally good, under 500 JL miles. Tunning, M x 31, 35s., 31 x 4.40, 4as.; -33 x 5, £4 10-l. G61, this office. ITp — TO — . THE — MINUTE ;j- _ TO . — THE — MINUTE NOT ONLY IN QUALITY, BUT ALSO IN SPECIFICATION IS MOTOR CYCLD LEADERSHIP i ? EXPRESSED BY' MOTOR- A, J. S. CYCLES. -. MOTOR A. J. S. CYCLES. It is not only in Us British built sturdi nesa, in strength, in service that A.J/S. ex cels. It is beyond all argument the most up-to-date of tlio world's motor cycles, re plete with every modern feature, many, of them exclusive to A.J.S. design. Detachable -cylinder heads make decarbon ising a matter of minutes only. Oar tvpe brakes, instant and sure, make AJ.S. the Mfe«t of all mounts. Twist of wrist con trols, places all control uuder your hands and feet. Grease gun lubrication eliminates guesa work in frame lubrication. Whilst other notable advantages are the AJ.S. automatic carburetter, the 'detachable back wheel, the micrometer front chain ad justment. Vernier magneto adjustment, the unique engine shock absorber, etc, ... Let Us Demonstrate A.J.S. Up-to-dateness to you.

PRICES FROM £68 10s. Terms, from 17s. 6d. Weekly, according to Deposit. ?'.?.'? ' ? WEST CYCLES, LTD., 567 Hay-street, Perth. WANTED, Bicyc los out of order, anv con dition, a-so Gun*, Rinos. Cycle, * next Cottesloe Beach Pom Office.1 Tel. i-'374. ANTED, Two Secondhand Motor Bikes, cheap. Full particulars, price, JD'l,. this office. 'ANTED -to Buy, Liight Motor Truck; cheap for cash. 54 NorfoCk-st., North Perth. ? . ? ANTED, late modsl Hartey (plectrrc) and C.B. Sidecar, mnti be good order, appearance and reasonable. C5O, ihis otlicc. ANTED Kud^a Multi Cylinder, Ind Piston. . Particulars, condition and price to CIO, this office. V17HITE-, WHEATLEY MOTORS, LTD. CARS ' RECONSTRUCTED AND GUARANTEED FOR THREE MONTHS, ARE THE BEST. Overland Light 4, 90 days' pnaranlec. £95. Cbevrol«-. undersong. 1926 de iaxe model . . - ? ? £120 DuruI 5-ssater .. .... ..... .. £53 Ford grocer's Cioscd Vaa ? £65 Willys-KnighJ. 5-s***.er ? £245 Indian and Sidecir. de 5axe model . . £S5 Ford Liglt 1-toa Truck ? £35 Siscer. Enjtlisa licit 5-seater .. .. £1S5 Ford, 5-?e»i--r. se!f-s--irser ? £35 Wliippei, sisisfe £eat*T, daao. ««r. SUucari 5-fvat#r ? £275 Ford R-saaboa: Lish: Dejvtrj- a=d KES'-e-ie»:-r col^:i)I3^d .... .. £73 Sn:^-k 1-iot Tr=ck ? Best offer. Ortrjiud. 6-t:. ce :«?, carries -rar 3 ieoi;:!:?'' pEiTiai^1. Tiis tar ?& ?eona; ;o ««-, FiirS Toa Track, rtrr s»oi T»-ae .. £75 Fccc T.-.-c ^TJ.-i- ?rieip ? £53 ATicsITt.Tiir-i-.:^^*- .?5. «-».fr»3*r -_ .. .. £^7o X--r* S5pv.r Site. r;i: -65 a =:--:. s.s =r»- £;;. rp-£ 'Tie:-!*: irwir.-;':tr'i £-::v*r«- boar. F-Mt-r*; a^iici; Tix.-i ? i-io'S -mr.z.-.t.--~ *'i. j-ott £-:-? . . ~'. . _T i*rj C-'.T-'4ii. ?;-rriv 3tT-£t_ rrtir^ rf« n:t'r~\T- *. .*' V .V .'_' .'.' I' I -^. - -::.\- Kxr^HT r . .. . ..;»:.-- ? ?\^ -.?;?_*-?» ? . x »,--:»'.-. v ::iTrr r«:;'-:K-« - ? - - .. -:7i

MOTORS. BICYCLE8. ETC VJTANTED. Chevrolet Car. hito model, me i.TT chanlrally gound; state bedrock cash prico, also terms. IJ22,,this office. ? WANTED, Bicycles, out of order, any con dition; call ? anywhoro. Cycle, next Cottealoe Beach Post Office. Tal. F.T74. yrniTE ,'';'. wheatley's ? . WHIPPET ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE STANDS .''??' ALONE. ; ASKDKTAII^ At.' ,1032 Hay-st. (corner George-sl.). 1T7HY . NOT . ' ? ? ? - GET W * A VELOCKTTE, A VELOCETTE. A VELOCETTE. The Finest Light Weicht Motor Cycle made, as its continued successes prove. _ Cillc at our Showroom and inspect the machine which LKADS WHILE OTHERS FOLLOW. PRICES FROM £49 10s. WEST CYCLER. LTD., - . 5fi7 Ilaj-st.. Perth. Opp. Bon Marcbc. ? Tel. Afflna. VlflLLYS-KNIGHT FOUR. Only 11 mondh« old, and has run 8,000 miles, perfect order and car guaranteed — extras, etc. PRICE £325. Terms Arranged. ADAMS MOTORS LIMITED, '442-6 Murray-street, Perth. MACHINERY AND OIL ENGINE&' (Sixteen -words, is. ed.; six eshsmetitiva U certiens, 'is. 6d.) » USTSALIAN ELE-CTHIC CO., Bennett ^\. «t. Secondhand Motors for sale or hire, also large Generators for arc welding. Elec tric ?u=ips made in all sizes. Repairs of all kiads faithfuly carried ouS. iTAHATFCUTTESS- Slronpiy bui:t, sturdy. V sinp'.e meciici&m. pears «E-xo«td, we'J piial^d, aU sites, from 7cwi. per hour, uj-- Ask for i5e '?I-eea--riii' CiaCcutter Leaflet. HALLOO H BRO5_ 30. 32. 5J W:3-Haai*t, Perii. TT^LKCTSIC JiOTORS. AC. AXD SIS Direct rciip^ea ssd be.: driven, pampinc pTaar«. Hez** Li^tTsic. P:cna* Show and icta3T:-»;or Ch»rp=s Sets. ijtsu Icr T.B.T. Electric 3t»thiaery. E. H. SASS acd CO, Ei«-srit»; Er^r:e»ric; Experts. SI ?icr-f !«?«;. TtL A2293. ;Hcrt«*lc- Cf^ee Pilice ilui;c:ac«}. Ei^rr;! f-r sle rr»:=c-:=c. Trrt:-:=5 s=d re Ar7-I-tr.rti. { |,':.r..T5'.C M--:-- r.-r? ?;: P »r:. X=«. ;? I :??::-.. r-x- »-« r-s;- i*::. -ui-.jb*- for j^rt I r.,, .v IV,;. r..-,::cri. i'lnuj. 10

MACHINERY AND OIL ENGINES. (Continued from Pig* Si.; T^LKCTRIO . , MOTORS. ?Li , EUSCTBICt MOTORS. , ; EtECTBld MOTORS! ' PARKINSON MOTORS are foolproof, they run year after year with out attention. PARKINSON Ball «nd Roller Bearings nover givo a moment's trouble and are so well housed, no grease can leak out and no dirt or dust get in. Such dependalibity is to bo found hi every detail of PARKINSON MOTORS and that is why they givo such efficient service and arc performing the most arduous duties with per fect freedom and trouble. - , --,' All Sizes Stocked. '»' J. It. 'W. GARDAM and 00., 138 Murray-st., Perth. TpyrNRUDE B.OWBOAT MOTOR. There is stiH time to snap up one of these . thampion detachable Outboard Motors at the special reduced price. Motors are complete with high tension, waterproof magneto, auto matic reverse, and automatic tilt-up for .shal low water. . * 2 h.p. Single Cylinder Modal, £42. ^port Twins also available. .Literature on. request. MAIiLOCH OROS. ? 50, 52, 54 Willi»m-st., Portfe. ? fjTUJlM EJGUJES.— The Built-in Quality LL' Uhart you get in a ' Fairbanks-Morse Typo Z. Kerosene Engine is the result of t over 50 years' manufacturing ex perience. Tie 'Z' is truly a remarkably knr-prioed e&giflo — high tension magneto throttle governor, water cooled, twin fly wheels 'and renewable bearings are just a lew at its refinements. 3-h.p., £36; 3-h.p., £54; 6-bjp, £93; W-Jv.i-., £135. Easy Tern** if Desired. . Ask £ or the 'Z' Catalogue.' MAIiLOCH BROS, ? 50, 52. 54 William-^., Perth. ? TT'ARMERS, PASTORAlilSTS and «T.T, J: COUKTRY DWELLERS I Bring city convenience to your home wffch the Kohler Lighting and Power Plant. lilO volt current direct from generator. No stor age ibattexies. Fully automatic. Operates all domestic conveniences. Services all out houses. A boon to women folk. Tho only complete system. Write to-day for parbteul ATKINS (W-A..), LTD., &M. Hky-at., Perth. HARVESTER, Sunshine, Binder, Osborne Chaffcutter, two knives, Ford Cat. 230 Pier-st. ? j ? jlTACHINB ?. ? . TOOLS. For LATHES. DRILLING MACHINES and »U Classes of MACHINE OOI/S call and gee us. As heavy stocks are carried imme diate delivery can be given. Being engineers ourselves, we import just the right type of machine to suit your requirements, and will give you_the benefit of our experience. All ?locks are the products of leading manufac turers. T. EILBEOK and SON. LTD., Machinery Merchants, ? 2-8 John-at.. West Porth. flf A -R I N E ? MOTORS. DTT BRIE, 5 Kp., 4-Mroke motor, com plete with, reverse gear and dutch; ai^riiten ?ioa magjjeto ornd braa» propeller. . All principal wearing parts are rnter dmngeahle with Ford motor parte. Excellent testimonials from, local users are available for inspection. ' MAI/LOOH BROS, '. 50, 52, 54 Williani-rtree*. ? Perth. i ? ? ., ? ?mriLKINO ~~ ~ MACHINES. It will pay you to investigate tha ROYAL - MEDAL, with its special Teat Cups, Vacuum Tanks and Puliator.'. . ; .- ? ' ? Sole Agents, '*' MA0FARLANE and CO., LTD, ? «8 Mnrray-»t, Perth. ? 'VTO. 13 Oliver Plough, in good order, £2 - -Ll 10s. Chaff cutter. Rising Mouth, as good as new, £5. Heavy Strong Spring Cart, 13 inches, patent axle, used as timber dray or box dray, in good order, price £18 10s. Ap ply to O. Chersmas, Crawford-st., East Can nington. CBDB Roffiers (10), suit «U diassas of country; substantial shell's and a*Ses; prices from £I8. Contract Office, Fremactlg. OHEEP . SHEARING iliCHINES. No Other Machine WiR Give Ton. tire Same Satisfaction as LISTER, beca-uee more 'oa. the spot' repairs can bo done -with LISTEB, and, berag ?British bnill by R. A. Lister, the qua&ty and design of the inochine aro world-renownod achieve ments. The Type 'S' Hondipiece » an abso lute masterpiece' for livelier and tieaner cut tins sad . cool running. Portable, semiport able, and shed plant* supplied. Lai ns for ivand further particulars. t MALLOCH BROS, ? WiilHom-st., Perth. ? , SKANPIA MARINE A3TD SUATIOXASY OBDDE OIL ENGINES. Will work on crude oil, naptha, solar ail, petroleum, kerosene, latest Patent Quick Starter, size 4 to 300 B.H.P., also PBNTA D?BOAitD AND OOTBOAUD ? ENGINE. JAMES HAYOH, ' Sole Agent, , 34 Colonial Mntual Chamber*, Perth. TO Bakers and Pastrycooks: 2 h.p. Elec tric Motor and Cake Mixer, complete, in perfect order. Ring U01. ?TTJTANTED, Motor, 1 to 1 horsepower, 220 \ TT direct current to drivo 18 quart ieo cream churn, or complete ice cream churn with mo tor. State price and particulars, E. Johns Bruce Rock. ? VtTE ARE SOLE AGENTS IN W.A F0E-1 [W ??MATTHEW'S' GRAVITY CON VEYOHS. ? (Osee installed, costs nothing to run '- 'SIROOCO' FANS (for all purposes) 'KARMALV PACKINGS . («s supplied to the Government and Principal Mines). SJJ0OTEB8 and STTJA&T PTY, LIMITKD 376 James-itnet. ? ? Tri. 19*8 (.two line*). 1 TfTOODWORKINS MACHINERY. W« bs*« in Stock a Very Lars* Ranee of UP-TO-DATE -WOOavrOWKIXG MAOHINEaY. By ireM-known makers, saitaMe for Con tractor*. Cabinet Makers, etc. It -wHl Pay Ton to Inspect ovr Stocks bthn purchasing T'1im»fcim.i. Jtata Io*t«Bed where reqTDred ia maniac T. EILBECK aod SON, LTD, Machinery Merchants. ? 2-8 John-street. West Perth. TVfOOI-WOISON« MAOHINERY. All dasses of New Woodworking Mach inery in stock, well-known makes. We are prepared to fit oat any shop in complete run. . nine order. Quotations and literature upon re quest. T. EELBEGK and SON, LTD, ? John-street, West Perth. ? ?YTtTOOO Working Machinery of AH Classes'. |VY Latest designs, Belt Sander Specialists D«p»Mtrating shortly. See Tender columns.' E. G. IiACEY, PTY, LTD., 112 Sackville-street. Coili&gwood. ? Victorio. ? '^ flFrblj MUST HAVE BELTS. Ws stock belting suitable for every re quirement: — Balata, Hair, Rubber, Leather, Cotton. Consult us abont awkward drives and high ?peed machinery. ATKINS (W.A.), LTD, 894 Hay-st, Perth. ( ? FOR SALE. ? (Sixteen wordi. Is. 64; six consecntiTe In aerttona, 7a. 6d.) I A Jl.A. — At Baa'rds. — Iron, Galvanised, cor U3. ragoited, at reduced prices. '?Orb' brand', 5-ft., 2s. Sid.; 6ft., 3s. 3 id.; 7ft.. 3s. COd.; fift., 4a. 4Jd.; 9ft^ 5«.; 10-ft., as. 8Jd.; 'Guinea' brand, GfU, 3s. 2ld.; 7ft., 3s. «id.; 8ft, 4b. aid* OVi., 4s. lOJd.; 10ft., 5s. 7d, sheet. Preo on rails, Perth, --hea[-er zsccen quoted, free on rails. KrejiianMe. Case Jirta, 'Orb' brand, 5ft. to SfU. £2S 10s. . Bft., £2D; 10ft, JD29 10s. j»er t-on ; ??Rubiea' krand, 5ft. *o SCt., £'J7 15s.; Oft., i-^.S o.s. 10ft., £28 15b. ton. On rails Frenianlle. At the Rn-irds Co., Ltd. ? ? I A BOON to Country Peopl»: treab. V*g* UX. tables, 5«. upwards. Fruit, who:e»a;» xatct. H. R. UcAa^tane, Roe-at. ilar£cu, JPerth. ? I A — Doherty, 9s.; Ytttei, 1C3.; UTOnniej, \£\. 12s.; Cabbages, Swedes, 6t. j cwt.; Ireight paid. A. DmitrieB*. Amiada.le. i A — 1 Prize Carnations, 5s.; Phlox. Storks, lt\. Oi. dozen, post free. Florist, ci thenton tJ., Olaremnn't. ? _^ ? 1 A Pair of Large (Mass Swins Donrs suit IiX aWe for sihop, coat JE.10, take AVO. S72 Bay^st, Penh. ? ! A BSOLtJTEIiY Best »Spectnc!&i, '.Us.; Pince X*Nbt, 2!ls ; Home (rlassea, 10s. Quick repairs. D. EverseU. Optician. 143 William-st. I A CKB Harrow, special for vineyard, or Lei. orchard, in Rood order, cheap. I'orbes, An7»Tc-ter.. Baiwondoan. I \ PPL'KS: Diinns, Oh-andler, Rokewood, U\ dumps, BJ.; Hat. Gb.; rarii. with ord?r, add freight to sidings. R. J. Miller, Rock View, AVagin. ? : A TPLES, prime Doherty, and Xava! U\. Oransns, 7-. lid. fl:its, IOs. dumps. Lcia »ni, Gf. and 8s. t\ Kitncy, Donoybrook.

? FOR SALE. A PPLES finished; prime Navel Oranges, 8s.; r\. Majid-ariai, . 7s. 6d.; liemons, 5s. 9d.; aiiod Cues, f 7s. G.' SowerbuUs, Oaidiow. A PPLES and Pears, 7s. 8d. flat, 9s 6d. tX. dump eases, cash, freight paid. W. Wolfe, WiHiams. ? . APPLES. Oranges, Lamoas, Mandarines, mixed cases, 6s. 6d.; rail paid, anywhere. M. Fulwoodi. packer, 306 Beaufort-g;.. Perth. EJABY CARRIAGES. - ' GRIFFIN'S. ' Manufacturers and Importer*, aad Sole Distributors in W^. of REJiDTEX BABY CARRIAGES, ? 191-3-5 Uith-»i., Fremantle. EJABY Carriagos, 50 to clear. Big redue . ' tion«, fancy basket given free. Wo pxehange. Garvey'a, 352 WaUincten-dt. Phone 5904. ? BABY Pramettos. Sulkies. Invalid Chair*. Lounges, Toy Prams, Wheels. Re-tyrcinc. Donnelly's, 843 Hay-sU next His Majesty's Theatre. BABY Carriages, reliable, attractive, lowwt pneos in W.A. Country orders speciality. Ja-Jaloguos. The Pram Factory 233 Wil liam-st, Perth. ARBED War^E.— ^pinifer is economical, caestive, and easier to hand'ie; 14g. con tains half a. mile per cwt. coiL Leeu»v:i- and owa pattern, ako manufactured locally. Get ate*t price list, with lengths, etc, quoted Malloch Bros, 50, 52, 54 WJUiam-gt, Perth 'ARBED W I K, E. .12 x 3, 14 x 3, ordinary; also 14 x 3. special .long lengths. . Lowest prices ou ap piioatcon. , ELDER. SMITH, and 00, LIMITED. ? Perth. ? . BE WA&M. Buy an Electric Radiator for 27s. 6d. from ATKINS (W_A.) LTD, 894 Hay-st, Perth. You will find it handsome, coaveni enit, cheery and economica'l. ,? BEE'S, Italian, 4 hives and frames, inspec tion, £3 lot. -54 John-si., Oottesloe. 'Phone F13P. ? __. ? BILLIARD Table, Alcock's, Typewriter, Enamel Bath, Clocks, Watches, Bed room Suite. Gas Stoves, 'Tools, all trades. Denny'e, 42 Boaufort-st. , ILLIAiRD Table, S.H, fill! aiie, Aicock, good condition, all accessories. Wrigat and Fendick, 167 James-st, Perth. BILLIARD1 Table, 7-Sths size, good eon dition, balla and cues, reasonable price. Telephone 13129. BILLLARD 3-aible (Ailcook full size), for silo;, all equipment, £40 or 'best offer Oaborne Pork 'Hotel, Oaborne Park. ? BLNI-ER TWINE. — Universal, in 7ib. reels,' bale lots, Sid. lb.; Rosedale Flax, in bal!s, bale lots, 83d. lb.; Belfast Manila, in bills, length 500ft. to b, bale lots, 83d. lb.; Russian Hemp Sewing Twine, 12s. 3d. ball. From the Bairds Oo., Ltd. ? ? .'OOLTSi AN'D NUTS, . SCREWS. ?*-* InoiudiBg Metal Thread Screws, Coach Screws. 'WasJiiere, Cottar Pins, Tinumo-'» Rivet* aod (. iNails, AT LOWEST PBICES. ' JOHN CHURCH and; OO, Tool and Hardware tMeTchants, Fremantle. T»O0N TO POUI.TBYJCEN. GOOD FEED AVAILABLE AT LOW PRICES. USE ROSE'S OWN MANUFACTUiBE STOCK FOODS. Chick Food, Al quality, 18a. 64. ewt. Bran, Pollard, lowest price*. v Maize Meal, 2s. 9(1. bu&hei. Growing Maah, 2s. -9d. bushel. , Fattening Mash, 2s. Dd. bushel. Wheat for Poultry our epeoiality, 5^ g^ 10 bags 5s. 3d, 20 bags 5s. bushel. Kibbled Maize. Wheat, Peas. Seed Maize, all varieties. . Seed Potatoes, all varieties. ? Wheatmoal, £10 10s, ton. 2.00011). ? Country Orders Free on Bails Jtortfc. Correspondence Promptly Attended. ? ROSE MILLING OO, . ('Phone A5444), 106-110 Jam»s-8t., opposite 33gg Market*. ORONJA. !PJanta, 5s. per doien. cash with order, freight extra. H. Marshall. Tor bay. . BROtAiDClAST Airiino, 6-v»We. with valve*,' new, £lo; E.istera States, Ixxirdipeajcer. Ci-3, this oflice. ? BUFFALO Blower, 14in, Anvil, Vyco, Drilling Machine, Stock, Dyes and tools. Cheap. Harrison, Canning Bridge. UTCHER'S Paper (White), packed, de'- Krered, f.o.r, P»rth, cwt. 10U, 18». par owt. Special price 5cwt. 01 over. White Waste News, cut to sizes, 2H. U-- net. Buii ness Manager, 'West Australian.' ? /CALCULATING Machines, cheap.' Empire \J Typewriter and Su-pplies Co, 60 St. George's-ter. ? ' ? ? ? /CAMERA, Graflex, postcard size, roll film, autographic, perfect condition; cheap ior cash. C74. this office. (tASH Registers: We are ttie only people J who can guarantee Secondhand Nationals New Regieters, from £37 10s.; 12 months' terms, no, interest. Secondhand, from £10. AH repairs guaranteed. Only address 'the National Cash Register Co., of Australasia Ltd., 339-S41 Murxay-st, Porth. ? ' ClAiSH Register. National, total adder, five / buttons for assistants a- ?bargain for £46 672 'Hay-st.. Perth. ? ' C1ASH Regisux, 'National, total adder, two I totals and etrip. Empire Typewriter and. Supplies 'Co., 60 St. George's-.ter. CAST Iron Batli, for sale, also Green Lawn . Mower, any reasonable offer. 28 Carr «., Perth. ptHARCOAL Burning Kilns for Sale cheap KJ Room now taken up required for other purposes. No reasonable offer refused. SAUNOBRS and STUART PTY, LTD 276 Jamea-st, Weat Perth. ? Telephone A1946. CtHlLiD'S Cot. . Collapsible Hij-h Chair J F4i-ver Bikn , also Gent's. Bike seSloheap 21 OUve-st, aabioco. CtHHiI-'S White .Enamel Oct. jjbod as mew, J cheap. IS Marmion-st., East J?remantle. C1ORONA Portablo Typewriter, £9 10s. ) Empire Typewriter and 'Supplies Co, 00 ?St. George's-ter. /COUNTER or Showcase, about 5*t, suit \J able for drcsanaker'e sliop, mnst be good appearanco and reasonable. C79, tins office. ? . ? ' ptOiPJFlERS, Stoves, Metters and Westrai, V-* No. 1, 2, 3. 4 ; alao Aiarge KitTahen. Rao^e, Iron BoUers, &5 to 70 'gallons ; WheeCharTow, Grit and Bone Mills, Ohaffcutter, L»wn Rol Jcra and iMnroreTS. Wire .Nesting, Oirpuiar Saiws aod- S*w Bench, Toota and Sundriee an-d Toofcs orf erery deaoriptioa. Verrigx axial Son, 31,6 Wf3tDgtoa-Bt. ? CtOKFORTABLB 2, 3, and 4 Sootned Woa ) thei-board Houses from £40 to £«0, also a few eamps, £10. Lloyd, 30 WJlKs-st, Vie tori* Park. ? /-1REAM ^ SEPABATOBS. SPEOXAL OPFEB FOB ONE MONTH. - .. ANKEBHOLTH. Hiffeeat Grade Saparwtor, 4O G^looa. Self Batancine Bvvrl and All Mo*urn Im provements, usual price £10 ICn.: z«duead Co £7 10a. each. BETHBLL, THUBSTOH, LTD, WiUiam-m, Perth. ' DEliAWARE Potatoes, 14a. -. Bound seed, 12s. Od. bag. Pumpkins, 6s. 6d. Rhubarb. 2r 6d. dozen lb. Oranges, !6s.; small, 5s. Lemons, 6s 6d. case. Honey, -,25s. 601b. tin on raii. Fred Byrd, Oleeve Orchard, Har vey. ? ' ? ELAWARE Round Seed, 12s. 6d.; I.B, Pumptina, 7s. 6d. ; Navels. 8s-.; Lemons, 63. caie, on rails. J. Lopez. Harvey. DINING-ROOM Suite, seven -piecos, side board, oval extension Table, match, new order, cheap. '90 First-aye, : Mt. La-wley. ONNOLLY'S, S43 Hjy-st.. Child's Sea grass Sulky, 23a. 6-1.; this month only. Select DoE's Prams now stored until Xmas. DOORS, Windows, Cupboards wiS slidjEg doors, largo Mirror, Showcases, Desk Swing Chair. Pc:eTsen, Aberdeen and Ohar le» fits. ? DRAWING Instruments, » Students' Sets from --s.; Professional Sets from 30s! Empire Typewriter and Supplies Oo, 60 S-:. Georg'e's-tcr. TVI'^SiS Coat. worn, on ooJji two occasions, U an abs^-ute bargsvin, 50S. 3GG AVil'Kam st. J! chance. ROMS: Steel Jnk Drums, capacity 5u gal lons, suitablo conveyance liquids, £1 pa^h ca rail. Perth. Business Managar 'Wo3t Australiaa.' ? ELL.Y1I Ditplicator, £4; others, £3 and £5. Empire Typewriter and SuppKes Co I lid St. l^eorge's-ter. ? f FARMERS. — Use up all your Tins for Garages, Buckets. Stables, etc. Sen.i for an 'EZYCUT.' opens 300 tiss per hour E^erlautinc. Send 7s. Gd. Fist and Co., Bairde Arcade: or all stores. Tf E E 5^ MILL S*. Are you «tiU \feedicg your stock Dy the method that wa» in vogue 27 years ago! It fd, it's time you put your stock oa » 'bal- anced ration, ' and you'll rti:d it far more pro fitable. Consult us for your FEBD MILL re quirements. We hnve' them priced from £7 upwards. Booklets on request. MALLOCH BROS, ? WtH:am-*t, Perth. ? ?pENCING ? 'WIRES. Take no risks when purchasing high Ten sile Wires. Flc.tsteol h guariindeed and will give you many extra years at service at a much low«r mamu-nnnce cost. It is the cheapest wire in the Ions run. Su'pplkd in 12J and 14 gairges. OriKnary wires o-lso supplied. Ask for our fa-te«t Price List 'Lowest Prices Quoted. MALLOCH BROS., 50, 52, 5-t Wifiiam-«t.. ? Perth. ? FiSHfNG GEAR FOR KEEN 'ASGUS-RS. UP-TO-DATE TAOKLE. Srlk. Linen, Gut ajid Ootton Lin«s, SpinneK, Simgls and DottbTss Gutted Hooks, Gut Bo.ttoros, Sini-era, FJoars, IJ^oIb (iaiind in? Queensland Casting ?Reels), Rods, Srpeer Points, etc. Fresh shipments of Single and Twisted Gut Lunes just received. JOHN CHURCH ond 00., Tool aud Hn-rdwwre Merchnsta, FrensMUle. ? .

? FOR SALE. ? pTERR'ETB for Soue. oleaa healthy workers, V forwarded anywhere, nets,' mnzzles, etc Savage, 13G Piccadi-ny-st, KaJgoorKe. C*0R SALS, cood Pooilry Wheat, ofaettp. C . Also Pis Wheait, from 6t. per b«c. BIGER, ? 229 Newcofetle^t.. Perth. ? . C*OR Sale. 100 Shares Weatra-lian Farmers^ I; Limited, returning 7 per cent, on ac :ount deceased estate. Offers to B46, this ifBce. ? - ? '. FOR Sale, cheap Se-wing Machine, dress model 36, tailor's block Iron. 566 Mnrray-st. West. ? . ? I7CNR Sale, .SeagrasB Pxam; HtghOhair. 10s.; I? Basinebte, 7s. 6d.; (Brussels Carpet, £1. 85 CaTr-st., Perth. ? fOR ?Soie, BSiKard Table, conrp»ete, m X «ood order; also Sideboard. 'SI 15, this office. ? ; ? fOR Sale, Pram and Wicker Cot, n«*riy 1? new. 7-8 Lincoln-st, Highgate. TX)R Sile GCfft. of iSew Garden Hobo, with J: fittinffs. 398 Beaufort-s't.. Highgato HiU. TTV)R Sole, Good Class Jumper Oo&tume, X with Ha't to match. J-2. thjg office. pUDIT T B B E S. BALLED OBANGE AND LEMON TREES. VINES, ROSES. CABBAGE, OAULTFLO-WEK. asd ' ' ? ONION PLANTS. N»w I-rartratwd Catalogue Post Free. ?WTLSOS and JOHNS. TO Barraek-st., Perth. pTRUIT TREES AND BOSES. Hedge, Wowerrng and ? Ornamental Shrabs. Plant now. ? Plant now. Buy the best. GVown by Dawson's. DAWSON and HARRISON. Seed Merchants, Nurserymen, and Art Florists. ? ?' . . 125 Barrack-sA, PertK FRUIT Trees. — Pinjas, all varietiex, le. 3d. each, 12a. dozen; Beaches, Apricots; Ap ples, Pears, Quinces, etc, lb. 6d. each, 15a. dozen, £6 100, or 12 An sorted Trees, ireiffh* paid, for 20s. at G. H. Atkiaa'a Nur»ery, Harvey. ? FRUIT Trees, Apricots, Peaches, Orintej. Lemons, etc.; Grape Vines, all varieties. Plants. Geo. M. Fawkes and Sons, Carmel. ?|J«UtRNlTDRE VALUES AT BAIUDS J? SHOWBOOM, OVEB DRAPEBY. Ssvcn-piiece Dining-room So He, £11 10*.; 4 fit.. Gin. Oak Sideboard, £10 5e.; Square Extension Table, £6 7s. 6d.; E«sy Chairs, upholstered, apriog aeats, £5 15s.; Oak Hail stand, £5 15s.; 3-tPiece Drawing-room Siute, £15 10s.; Oak Book Shelves, 39s. 6d.; Oak Pedestal, 6s. Od. to 15«. 6d.; Oak Occasional Table, 12s. fid.; aft. 6in. Oombination Bcd Wead, 4-ply wire, 47s. 6d,; 2ft. 6in. Wire Stretcher, 21s. 6d. ; 3--p:ece Bedroom Suite, £10 15a.; 4ft. 6 in. Black 'and. Nickel Bed sttad, £3 78 Gd.; Lino, floral and tile pat terns, 6s. 3d. yard; Holland Window BliadB, complete, 9s. Gd. ' THE BAIKDS 00, LTD., 'Wellington aod Murray »ets»; PertB. IjMJ.RNa.TU'RS/ of Every J-e»crijrtion: (Before ibaying call and inspect. Double iBml steads, from lOe. Gd. ; Ooai., 2-5e. ; J-uchess, 55s. ; Sideboards, Goe.^ Dreaser, Coo. ; Kikihen TaiCcs, IOs. 6d. ; Safes, irom oe.; Crockery and i9andrioa of every description, at Verrier and Son, 316 WelHngton-st. ? ?pURNITURB. PUBNITUBE. Sideboard. £4 1O«. : Cotf, 35«.: Chest of Drawers, .£3; Box Ottoman, 50s.; Kitchen Dressers, 50a.; Donble Bed, 30a.;' Combina tion Bed, 30a,; Bookcase, 70s.; Bedroom Suite, £12 10s.; Ccuch, 45s.; Oak Bedstead, complete, £6 5s.; Oak Dining Boom Suite, six pieces, £6 15s.; DuchaM* ' Cheat, 75a Good* packed free on rail. GLOBE PUBNITUBB STORES. ? ? 807 Hay-«treet. ? FURNITURE, direct from the manufac turer on Exterided 1 Terms. Special in Queen Anne style, oft. Sideboard, three drawer centre, 2 Cupboards, carved panel, oval mirror, 4 small, 2 Carver Chairs, £32 10s, deposit £6 10s. weekly.. Tom Parkin son, Furniture Manufacturer, 456-8 Ndw castle-st. FURNITURE: Chain, Bedstead*, Bedding', Dochesae, Oots, K. Drewer, Saf«a, Comb. Beds, Picture*, useful sundrits; everything cheap. Inspection invited. Aoction Hart, next Immigrant*' Horn*. frnaasUe. Deliver!** free. ? ? - .. ? FOBNITUBE: Waterman'*, 133-141 Wil Mam-art., next Royal Hotel, Perth. WILL FUBNISH YOU WITH LATEST STOLES O3? FURNITUBE. Terms Arranged. Small Deposit. '|7»URNITURE, Kitchen, Dreseer, Tables and V Sundries; perfect order; cheap. 52 Ed Avard-ct, Nedlands. /GALVANISED Oorru»-1ed Iron, at red^T VT ed prices. 'Orb' brand, 5ft, 2«. 8Jd.; 6ft, 3s. 3id-; 7£t, 3s. 10d.; 8ft., 4s. 41d.; 9ft, 5a.; 10ft, 5«. Sid. 'Guinea' brand, ©ft, 3b. 2|d.; 7tt, 3s. 8 id.; '8ft,- 4s, 3Jd.; 9ft, 4«. 10id.; 10ft, 56. 7d. sheet. Free on rails, Perth, cheaper rates quoted free 00 rails, Frenuraitle. Cage iots, 'Orb' brand, 5ft.' to 8ft, £25 1O«.; S-ft, £29; 10 ft., £29 10s. ton. 'Guinea' brand, 5ft, «o 8ft, £27 ISe.; Oft, JEM 5a.; lMt., £28 Ijs. aco, on Tails Fremantle. At the Bairds Oo, Ltd. ? /GALVANISED Iron. Guttering, Ridding \JC Downpipo, Waterpipe, Ohaffratter, Bone cutter, Wheatgrinder, Piunt-inill. Pet«rs«n Aberdeen and Charles sts. GAJjVANISBD Iron, Panel ©oore, iDonbie Doors, Sashes, Box Frames, Timber, Floorimg, Mantel*, Gutter, coiny cheap. H. Leo, I-ake-st. GlAUJDENING TaO-LS, IBUEBS, SPJUDES ' HOES, HEDGE -SBElVRS. .HAN© OUXOUTVATIOlRlS, 'LAiWX' ilOV/iElRS. Excelsior Mower and A'cgetabde iSBRDS. -AiI kinds, 3d. and 6d. per packet. Strw now for miccee£-ve crops. J. and W. (BAT.EMAN, 'LTD.. ' Hay-street, Perch. ? ? Head Offtce, 'Freacantle. ? AS STOVES.- — Once you test the K.F.B. Gas Stove you wHl hare no other, for it is a stove which mafcaa cooking a pleasure each or lanu. Only at Horrj Armstrong and Oo, Ltd, 51 WUKaza-at, near Hay-«t. GET IN EABLY. A ??PBEOIOHA' Knit ting. Machine will prova a proauble in veitment this comia^ winter. Get particu lars regarding free instructions, etc. A. W. DOBBIE and OO, LTD, ? 8O4 Hayt, Perth. ? GOIiF CHrbs. twv sets, practica.'Gy new, {ft. Axdrmv'a cpecnil. ibest make. 4C Bed foroVst., Jiant Frt-amittle. 'Bia26. ? GOOD Modern Eight Syrop Soda Fountain, complete, automatic glass washer, two soda arms. C75, -this office. ? ' GRAPE Vine*. — Tw«lv* 2-yoar-oW assort ed, freifbt paid, for 7a. 6d.; others, 6d. each: OurranX& and Sultauai, £5 aad'fo1 1.0O0. G. H. Atkins's Narwrjr, Harv.ay. GttA'VHL, delivered in. too or track lots. B. Johnson, 7 Garauvo'n-s*, Victoria iPait Ring S8ft3. ? UNS, Biflea, Ammunrtion, Cameras, Port able. Darkroom, Tiheodolite, Microscopes, Prismatic Glasses, Tools, all descriptions, Denny's Exchange, 42 Beaufortst ALLSTAiX'D, Uco, Carpet, new, 12 x 10, ©cogra^s Suite, Efeetric Iron*, 71 JotR to, -Mt. Lawky. ? HAN.D AX'D BREAST DRILLS. CARPENTERS' BRACES, PUSH . 1-R.IL.LS, OTC. ?We have an attractive ramge of sound, wo'aJ-deslgucd goods, by «T2-ih .leaders ue S:an ?lev Rale and Level Oo, North Bros, and others, and the price* are reasonable. ?SUITABLE DRILL -BITS STOCKED. Come and See Them. JOHN CHURCH and 00, Tool and Hardware llerch»nts, Fremantle. HAVE a fire the iusta-at you wxnt it. Buy an EVectric Radiator for 27s. 6d. a-t Atkins (WJL.) Ltd, &94 Hay.&treet. Perth. It will givo you warmth, comfort and great economy. HQ1EY: For all supplies ring AG522. Hon»v Departjncnt, Westralian Farmers. Ltd, Perth. Distributors for V/.A. Honey Pool'. ? HONEY: Demand your own State's Pro ducts. 'Wesiobee' is the brand of. The 'Western Australian Hoiiey Pool. ? I~'V its Honey, see that its 'Wescobce.' Purity Guaranteed. .'??A. Honey Pool, Westralian Farmers. Distributors. A6.V22. TJIITAT'ICCf Marble Bath. 5ft. 6in.. £.1; X ilantlf-p'tKe. £1 ; -Mf t. Verandah BaHnrg. £C; v-iH^BParate. '.Phone A3^O7. ? TT^-NITTIXG ? MACHINES. Beehive Circuiar and Schaffhaus Fiat. ' ? Ca'h or Easv Terms. THOMSON'S c-KWING MACHINE DEPOT, 745'liay-s».. opp. Wesley Church, Perlh. KITTING Uaciine, flat, large, perfect condition, £25 or offer. Player Organ ami Pismi, any ouer. 06 j3T*iFT-:ine-st. ? LADY'S (icnuinr Sealskin Coal, £3, cost '?''0 «lso Velvet File Table Cover, full si.-.e, 'iiV. C53, tJi-Is office. ? VILfiE Sideboard, Cft, £12; also Ward robe, 5ft., £10. 4 Bay View-ter, Clare mo n't. ? L\THE, small, Mr., centre, chock, eKde, rest eSettric mt«or, new condition, £5. 56 Onrn-aTvon-st., Victoria Park. ? y A w N ' MOWERS. Don't Let the Grass Grow Under Your Feet. COLDWELL and Other Makes of MOWERS in Stock. CASH OB TERMS. Call for Particulars. A. W. DOBBIE and OO, LTD. 804 HayHitreet. ? AWJ5 ' 1C0WKKS. Sharpened and Repaired. A. W. DOBBIE aud CO, LTD, ? 804 Hay-street. ? O NOW-WHITE Pure Rics Siarcn pa us sUI O frouti into oli iJiixU.

FOR SALE. ? LINOLEUM Squares, largest range in town, - in all shades, treat selection of 2 and 4 yard* wide .Lino*. Alao special width of 8 yards. Lowest pricts, cash or terms, as BOBBBTS. 5*3 Hsy-*t, near Pier-st. ?Phone A6796. ? ? ! : '. \ ' '~ LODGE SPJJB1ICIN1& PIjUGC. I far aB ioternsll oomboation ensines. A Special Lodga OB3 Plag for Morn Cars. Lodge BpaTkina; Piugs asntre excellent resudts tor a icrag periodi. J. awi W. 'BATTEXAiN, (LTD, Hay-streot, Perth. Head Oflice. .Fremavnile. LOUNGE Suite, 3-piece, upholstered shadonr tissue; Cane Settee aod Chairs, cheap. 62 Rupert-st, Subioco. K FITTING Muchiae, flat, in good order. iSiewart, Se Queen- Viowriu-at, Fre mant'.e. ? j ? __^ MANGLE, cheap, also Table, Gas Oreo, Eureka, and Gas Bin*. 1O1 Bailwoy parade, Mt. Lawley. , - ? ? EAT. At Warn**'*, i3'2 High-st.. Fre mantle, 30 or 401b. Ocrned Beef frm on rail, 6d. pe- lb. Satittaction assured. In quite for pi ice lis't». ? . ? ETTERS' Stoves, No. 1 and 2, relined, ?boi frames, 6 x 3, sell cheap, also Bike, B.S.A. YeJland, Basaendean. 'Phone MLIj. OTOR Boat, galvanised, s-tcel, 12 h.p.. good order, carry 8; best offer. 80 »ic-st- Cottesloe. ? NATIOCJAiL -Cash Begister, registers up to £10. Sis assistants' keys, three special keys- prints and issues receipts with adver tisement; date assistant' initial, £7-X EMPIRE TYPEWRITER and SUPPLIES ? CO., 60 St. George'a^er. ? , XTAVELS 10s, Pumpkins 7sTi Cabbage ^ 12s. Rhubarb S-s. od. dozen Vb. Mixed Vegetables, os. up. Upton, Harvey. VTAVEI^, prime, 8*.; OrahgM, 6s.; Lemoni, JM 6*.; i cases. Cash with order, freight extra to eiditu*. Knight and Son, Argyle. Vft) 4 FEDERAL POETABLE OVES. JM ' In Splendid Condition. £50 Cash or nearest ofler. Particulars Scott's OaJcery, Nurtham. i~VAK 'Di'ining-rootn Suite, comiprising six \J Chairs, «t 6in. Table (oval). Settee and Sideboard; .No. 6 Semi-Sjotary (Pranp, 4/Oii. ih'm. Piping and Spear, Quantity Jin. Piping. 5a2 Beacfort-st. ? , ? MON PLANTS, brown and white, 6*. pas thousand, Teeoma, Capaosit (th* ba*t hedje), 10*. per down. Uopmiut, Macro carp*, 5s, 7a. 6d. and 101. paraoxco. Frei*4t naid DUKGEY and O'MALLEY, ? KcraCTymen, Ifremantl*. ? i'VNIONS, browrs 4s. 1,000; 'white, 3«. 6d. Vf l,O00. Calbbage. Oaoliflowcr, Lettuce, Leeks, Celery, B. Sprouts,' Beetroot, Is. 100. Strawlberry, Cs. Gd. 1O0, rajlaffe paid, W. G. Biack, eolomon-st, Cottesloe Beach. /UNIONS: l'OO.OOO, 4s, 1.00O; C»b-b»g«s, Vf Cauliflower*, Beetroot, 9d, 1O0; Pas saon Vices, 2s. Gd. dosen; railage paid. A Brown. 3*4 Seoond-ave. .Mt. Lawley. ? MON Plants, brows, and white, Ss. 500, le. 1.000. Ofrbbtce and Cauliflower, Plants, Is. 6d. 100. J. Hfepton, Harvey. TTraNGES, Lemcns, Mandarins, nice year \J ling trees, from 2s. each, 22s. 6d. doz. ; £7 100, freight pa-d; others, 2s. 6d.' each. 25s. to 3Os. dosen. O. H. Atkina. Harvey. ORANGES or Lemons, three cases, £1 note. NaVcAs, as. Bd. case, freight paid. Cash with order. G. A. Mar&too, Parkerville. /'WRANGES, 6.A Navels, 9s, freight paid, v/ cash with Crder, reduction for two or more eases. J. R. Drnmmond, Armadale. /^WRANGBS. Mandarins, sold out;' iLeimons \J only, 7s. case. A. L. Ockcnby, 'Swaa View. bags to thank clients. 4~KBANGE Trees, airong, local grown, 2s. \J Gd. each, 25s. dozen. Pines, 4s. Gd. to 7s. Gd. dosen. JAHepton, Harvey. ? /^BAKGES, 5s. ed.; Prime. Nave:*, 7s. 6d, \J dmnp case 10s. 6d. Cash' with order. Alt. Stanford, Harvey. ' ? ? PASSION Vines, strong 6d. each, 5s. dozen; Hedge Plants, Macrocarpa, 61. to 10c. dozen, j. Hep ton. Uarvey. ? ? PERAMBULATOR, cost £9, sell cheap. Cood as new. 91 Grosvenor-rd, North Perth. ? ; ? ?' ? PORTABLE Typewriters, new, £13 10s:, used from Xii. Empire Typewriter and Supplies Oo, 60 Sit. Geonge's-tor. ? OTATOE8, . lOat. or ewt, with 291b. Onions, 17s, Od, pickling, 2s. Gd. &-t, +s,. 6d. 2st.; I.B. Pumpkins, Swedes, *s. Del. Seed, well shot, 14s.; selected graded, 17s. €d.; May das', 1G&- 6d.; Rhubarot Roots, 7*. €d. dozen; Onion Plants, 5s, 1.OO0. Navels, On.; Orange, 7s.; small Mandarines, 5s. Apples, dessert or cooking, IOs, 6s. i bus. Small Yates, 8s. «d, 4Olb. case. White Peas, hag lots, 9s. bus. Sudan Seed, 40s. cwt, 5^d. lb. A. Sne-H, Harvey. 'POTATOES, Deiawaxc, round teed, awaap X . grown, 12a. 6d. bag, £8 per too, freight 'extra. A. Miller. Beeser. ? POTATOES: Dataware Sued, well shot. 14*. and 12s. 6d. fiweJes, 7*. 6d. Pumpkins. 7», or mixed wHh Cabbaf*. 10a. -l*bb«ca lii. dhaff bag. Prime Navels. 8s. 0d.; amaU as. Gd. LenMsis. 6». fd. G. H. Atkins. Har vey; ? ' ? ?POTATOES, rjsT; Bound Seed, 12*.; A. Onions, 12*. Gd.; Swedes, 8s. 6d. ; Pumpkins, 7*. ; add i reicht to tidines. F. Hayward, Oookernnp. P POTATOES, round seed, swamp-zrown. Oei* wares, £14 per ton, at siding; cash with order. McKay, Benger. 'POTATOES, 17s.;. Onions 12b. Gd.; Swedes X 88. €d.; Pampkins, 7«. 6d.; add freigtet to aiding. A. Fiskin. Oookernnp. ? PBAMETTES, from £4 7s. Gd.; Sulkies. ?J.6&. Gd. ; Seagrass Settees, Chain, cheap. The Wicker Shop, opposite Brisbane 8t. Pout Office. ? ., ? . /QUANTITY Cheap SheWics. tmtabW, for V* books; also 8ft. Guam 'Showcase. 662 Btaufort-st, Mt. Lawiey. ' ? - '. : &i :- arnold' PLUMBER. ' 340 Beaufort-Btreet, Manufacturer of all the fallowing Hne3*— ? Skylight and Glazing Bars, all sizes; Gut tering,- Downpipes. and Ridgecapping. in Gft and 8ft. lenirths; tested Vent Pipes, acd Cowls, ail! sizes; Galvanised Iron Baths; Plain Iron, in 6ft. and 8ft. sheets, all gauges Corrugated Iron, all sizes; Rainwater Tanks! supplied, and curving done. Also Cement Concrete .Baths, Troughs, Sinks, Catfie Troughs, Horse Troughs, Piciflinj Vats, Oxy welding done. ? ?' ? EECE, 3M Vineent-sl, Leederville. Tables, 12s. Gd. Meat Safe, lls. «d. H.B. Chairs, 1'1«.( Gd. Bucket*, is. 3d. Oombin ation Bedsteads. 35«. ? ?- ? _^ REECE, 3®2 Vincent-6t, Leederville. D.D. Safe, 30s, S. Wardrobe, L2a. Gd. W.E. Dresser, 30s. Lino, 3&s. Hose, 20e. Honey, 6d. ? RI?LE, .'3O3, good EnSeld barrel!, orpen and a-perture sights, Elinc;, etc. Bar wood, -82 Heytesbnry-rd, Subiaco. ? OOFING FELT. Blanco, British, 1. 2, 3 ply rolis, 72ft. x 3(t, omt and tacks inotoded. Durable. Ohv.p. . ' THE WESTRALIAN FARMERS. LTD, ? 569 WeliingU-n-»t.. Pgrth. ? HY^'OL, Ae peat Papaw ladiea»tio'n remedy not only cores IndafMtion, but purifies the blood. Chemists and stores. SAFES, 33 x 24 X 24, £13;' 2S x 22 x 22 £16. Strong Boom Doors. F. H*. Middloujo, Stuart-ct, off Palmerston-st. Perth. Tet. 5fr63. ? . SAFSS. fireproof, 26 x 18 x 18 £12- 30 x 24 x 24, £17. 36 x 24 x 24, £20 Hoi torn and ? Co.. 696 Weflington-fft. Al 552*. C'EA-M:LEia caswab£ Cream and Mi-Ik Cans (in all sizes), Buckets, Strainim, Milk and Cream Coolers, and ail Dairy Hequisites, at Bedrock Prices. Obtainable from Bhe Pioneer Butter Manu facturers, who know your requiraiceiita. Full price iist and M particulars from JiAjOFt&avUA'Nii iad CO, I/TD, ^ ? 48 M'uxray-strewt, Perth. ? OEED POTATOES. ' Wa wish to advise Potato Growers that we believe there will be the usual export demand from the Eastern States for our Po tatoes during November and December next, and for this reason we recommend growers to plant not Isss than usual. We have arrived at this conclusion by the tact that notato crocs are lichter in 'Victoria tbr.n was at first supposed. We have cood supplies of Delaware Seed at Co west current rates. B. and B. Manure, Sulphate o! Ammonia, and other fertilisers. HARRIS BROS, ? 82 Jiinies-n., ^ert^ ? SEPARATORS^ Swedish Separators. Th« oe-:-pii*oe bow-1 Rugo 6kjms psrfeoUy without discs. Size, Us»l, £4 10s.; 12-^-1., £0 5s.; Rego 'Model, size 3, ISgaJ, £7 10s.; size 4. -tlgal, £8 10h.; i,iae G, oo-gal, £12 10s. Spare parts available from the Agents, at. -nhe Bairds Cu. ? - ? SEWING MACHINES. .TONE'S. ENGLAND'S BEST. As supplied to H,M. the Queen, i^iaranteed for 25 years. Every model jews backwards, anrt forwards, and is sold oa easy terms. Hands, £7; Droph&ads. £12. £13 10s.; Automatic Drpiihead.s. .':15; DTftSj-mafceri' Dropheads. £15; Writing Dask Cabinets, £17 Auto de Luxe Cabinet. js;-J2 lOi.; Tailo-a' ilai-.hine», £18; Bootmakers', i'lS- Durkoap Hem.«titcher». £50. Others: Hand Machines (H6»-). £3 3s. Sin?«r 7-DrawKr Droi»heaJs £13 10s. Sewing Machine At-oiors. £5 5s. THOMSON'S CT:\VI.N'C -MACHINE DEPOT 7-15 Iiay-st, opp, Wesley Church, I'erlh. ' fe 'llEPAIRED. OVERaAUUM!mji'liS' and GUARANTEED. A. W. DOBBIE and CO, LTD ? 804 Hay-street: ? '* ? SEWING WAE.D BROS. MJACHJ-VEg1 BWIXG VICKBliS. MiAC-Hjj{^' Special Writing Desk Oabtoeta, patent roil top, drop-h 'ads, and hand machines. A»i model* saw baet-.var-is and forwards, and aro improved on all others. Our 2o years' gua rantee protects you. We hiwe any make of Secondhand Maeihino you reqnire. KENNEDY, Agent for WARD BROS, ? Brennan ' s Aread-o. SEWING Machines repaired by expert-'!, guaranteed, none ooiKie-nwed. A3367. Kennedy. Agent. Ward Bros, Brvnnan's Ar cade^ ? ^ ? SBWING MncJiicce. .Singers, £U to £U: Henu-tite-heT, i'3o. ijuaratjued. liart, UK! Wiahua-t;, near- N«nt^u-Cc-st.

FOR SALE. ? SEWING- Machines, Treadles, from 39s. Gd. ; Binrer 6S's, £0, eaey term* ?ruanced. 221 VWBiaanMSt. (juat ovar bridge). ? SHOP FRONT IMPROVEMENTS MEAN MORE BUSINESS. Th*t is why we arc altenng and improv ise so many. We ? are ipeeiaiisKi in Shop Hid Offlee Fittrngs. Oountexs. Saowcaees. Par itions, ShelTings, etc. Our expert* are at your disposal, free « advke and quote. . ,- WUNiDEBLICH, LIMITED. Newcastle and Lord sts , Pert*. ? TeL A3161-2-3. Tram 22. ? r?HOP and Window ' Display. Sundt 1 and S Fitting* for aU trade*. Dnnn Bros, ia« Murray-at. ? SmEBOARiD, 4 Oak Dining OhatTs, Bed steads, doutfJe, single, all good condi iion. 56 Anzac-rd- Ml. Hawthorn. SJJ-EBOARD for taOe. nearly new cheap. 312 Soventh-ave, off Guildiord-rd, M»y iands. ? SOLID WoJnut Driwin«-room 6'uite, well upholstered and polished, on its o\ra, £15, or boat offer. Before 10, after fa. lit Moi'r-st, Perth. ? SPRAYERS, Knapsack Sprayers, Eclair Vermorel for tre&s or ground crops, t-o- latoee e'e 85s ' Brown's corn-pressed Air iryk^^tus^y^um^;3|i8: IVrpille Knapsack Dry Sprayers, for wtl;taiT, »tc, l»5fi.: at the Baird-a Co. ? S~~KYLIGHTS for every purpose, for dark rooms, sheds, outhouses, garages, stables, i-erandahs, barns, farm buildings, etc, etc, Erom 18s. unglaied, free on ra.l Perth, as easy to fix as a sheet of iron.. Glass fits in Dy patent clip, no putty requirea. We are makers of Skylights of every description. WundeV.ich. Limited. Newcastle and Lord streets Perth. ? O1AMPS, 50 for^n, includin* J*™'''- 3 Palestine, and Su-n, 6d. 0. 4. Brora, &os 3002. G.P.O.. Sydney ? QTANLEY METAL PLANES. A ihipment just re«cv«d, inciudins new alumiTLium modio, .aQ«i several new Leveia, '^vh.'^: inspection of these at tiwcrive tools. JOHN CHURCH awd CO., 7 Tool and Hardware Merchants, Fre-mantlc. S' TOVF.S. teeondhand and^ -iiA stoves bouaht. Gibson. 292 Newcaslle-st. Tram -.o Lake-st. 'Phone 3i?01. ? ) OUPPLEX Special £««el WIRE. 12J J»a*» S Etrong supple »f«l spwially tu;:able for .Tock fences; supplies available: immediate Hh^Mi-iIn fTi-^ltd, ,V59 WeHinsf-.r-st.. Perth. .Wj!g?:. t-)iruet Oftico. FrcmaTiWo. ? ^AN^s'. ? TAXKS SPECIAL SEDUCTION FOR 8 WEEKS ONLY. WEST, BRADFOBD . and MABQUIS. 10 Lake-st, Perth. ? 'Phone A12*4a ? ANKS, 24£aage, sp«cial, best, -900eaL. £5 10s.; J.OOOgal, £5 12s. Gd.; l,100gal., £6- l,200gal, £6 10s.; Tops, Taps, all thcie nested will go for freight of the largest tank £5 12«. 6d. on rail. 1.0 '?O gallon 24 gauge, cone top. lock tap, only. Prices on mils. GEO. W. PRESTAGE, is Commercial-rd , ? Midland Junction. Tel. L160 ' ? rTTANliS and Troughmie made of the highest X. quality English guiv»alfi«d iron. -}ft our prices' iHif-tratronss, etc., for the various E-tvlee.. M«lloch Eros, WiBiiam-fft, Perth. tCouU&ced oa Fas* 33.J

? FOR SALE. t (Continued irom Fa~e 82.} i rpHE 3Tan who is adxiiing to or a3terins his . ?J- Jj°™» 'will do weil to obta-tu particulars ' of D0RA-BBS.TOS. th-* toughest bufldiag sheet raada. Eipia.{lpy suitable lor ertrior asd interior work. Does not warp. cra*k or shrink. Requires no pains. Fir* resist ing, white nut aaul weather iprooL Abso lutely iim,peri»haWe. Easily tut and nailed ? Can be joined arid tlxed without special .1 kaowd&diso. DCJBA3EST0S- adds t-y tlia ar- ' tistic effect of any building. 'Th-o use of i this mtttoriil cuaranteea Health, Happiness, - and Comfort in the Home. Solo Jlattnfcoc turers, AVtraiDBBUICH, .LIMITED. N«rw- \ casfle and Lord s-te.. Perth. ? [ ? UStATO PLANTS, order now tor delivery first week Aujust. Large Red, Champion, , Ponderosa, Oka Iks Jewel, Mikado, etc. Strong , healthy plants, -is 6cK per hundred. Freight ': paid. Dungey and O'Mallcy, Nurserymen, ? i'remantle. ? - rpwrELVB Chrysantenunw, champions, ] J. double or single rooted, 2s. Sd. dozen. posted free; R. Hurley. Box K201, G.P.O.. - Perth. ? ) rflWINE. — Brador! Twine, Universal, in , 71b. A reels, ttalo. lots, 8-ld. Ib.; ttoseUale Tiax, .- in balls, l»le lots, 83d. Ib.; Belfast »a-»lU, ?! in- balls, length. 500£t., to Ib., balo lot*, - 8jd. Ib.; .Russian Hemp, Sewing Twine, 12s. 3d. ball. From the Bajrds Oo.. Lira- ? : rpWO Canaries and Two Aviaries, for sale. . 'X 0-t Zebina-st., Perth. ? /_ ] /TtYZAOK'iS (SHBPFrELD) TCJBRBAX- '' X ABLE POINT SCXTHBS. . ? I Brambiw Scythes, Shooths, Grass Hooks, .Gruo (Shears, Hay Forks, Etc.. lAT OOMPBTITIVE PRIGBS. JOHN CHUR.OH,' and GCh, . ' -? Tool and Hardware 'Merchants, Fremantle. . ' rpYBBWRITERg, Undexwooa, Smith Pre. ' A mier, and other makes. Empire Type writer and Supplies Co*,' 60 -St. George' s-tcr. ' VEGETABLE, fresh*, direct from, grow^ / I T assorted parcels, 5s.. up. Oash with, order, I Freghifr- extra. J. ? H. Brockroon, Ghidlow. ;, 'tTERTIOAI, BOILERS^ t » ' ? , . ?- * .-? Bight- nominal horsepower, by Clayton and ? Shirttteworth; also S ucd' 10 h.p. aeconihstrj, ?H 1001b. ipres*aro-. F. J. SWBETMAN and CO.. 73 EJas-aTc. VKRAJTDAH. Chair, folding1, good: ordiji-, do for sleeping out; 104. Apply S'juday. 12 BramaiM-st.. East Perth. ? ' 'VK7IRE Work. Diamond. Mesh Workr,~Cajes, i TYJ Aviaries; Grayel Screen, Snraetj/ Fire guards, Flower Stands and Baske/bj, Dos, Bird, Foultry and Bee Supplies. JAMBS GOSS, ? 163 William-street. viriBB.- ?. - ' 'jJottesg. RABfflrr, 33BSF. and DOG/mOOF WTpB GETTING.,. ELPER, S3IIT-H- and' CO.. LrJOTBD, Perth. W USELESS: Oldham'g, 60.;»oUs,High Ten sion 'AccurouIaCorsr, rerWty for use, '£5 IDs.; Orystals, the famor/r. Neutron and others. Wright and Feaoie/i, 167 James-st^ Perth. , ? ' TTTTREDLiBSS, 2--Tn&ve, M/-insxtz.' receives ' ifT Eastern States. £12; -one-valve, with Ac cessories, -Bo, or offer. VjtliS,. this ^office, Sxo mantle-. - ? / ? ' WIRELESS . SET, 3«rolver Cabinet Speak er, 40ft. ?oreson , masts, IBIO, only eeniiin«/ 'buyers need orpply. 50 Yilgarn-ot., West Snbiaco. XTTUBBLESS Orj^tiA Set, -maple cabinet, JTT new, prico .l}is- 64. *8 (Burt-at.. North PeJth.;Oar2&. ?, -., ; . ? WITHOUT OXniSIDE AERIAJi; WE WBUL KfiM'CKrSTRA'raS IX TOUR PUKE. OliBAH 31A3-IO' REOBPTJON WJ^PH A ''DOiBBJtoO' RADIO RECEIVER. Eastern ''State 'Stations 6iiaranitced.- ''? A. W. DOBBIEand CO.. LTD., aoA H-ay-st. 'Phone .1013. . ?? - , JlTTTrNDB'&IilCH .- DURABESTOS '^yV (Asbestos Cement). BUILnKXG SHEETS SIMPLIFT AND' . . - , CHEAPEN BUILDING. ' . -? : YAOH'j, 2&it,, yawl rigged, cabin, cruiser, 8IU. Dinghy, aU- gear; ctaeap. 'Inspect Kedfamjh; . 103 Lawier-st., Subiaco. ? ACaT.Ednai Il6ft.,- fast.-.bttffit of maple, soJls and gear complete,, cheap for cash. . 38 KBnsuigton-sV.East Perth ? ? TO LET. (Sixteen woids, one BMlling'; six' consecu tive Insertions^ 6a.) - ., '. ?? v ,.% PROFissibNAL OHAMBma ?'?' ', ST. GEORGE!S-TER. !MEDK?AL AiND DENTAL ?CHAMBERS. WiH WLetr on Lease at No. 260 St. Georgo'a-ter. (nesit Dr. McWTiae'is). 8UITBS 'AB.RANGBD AND.mTTED Ti- *i SUIT OLIE-KTS. HODI-, CUTHBrfHTS&N arid NORTH, LTD., ^' Warwick Sense, St. QeorgB's-ter. '\J± . ...??? ? ?-? ? ^ - ; A GENTLEiMEN-'S BESIPENOE. - 'West Perth, 27- Ontnun-it.,- 6 rooms/ and conveniences, to let on .leaae.a.t.£4 .a j -week to, approved^ tenant.' ?- NEWOASTLE-ST.:' Large Bneic G&R. AGE, 2 entrances, suit 'bu-s comp-ui\A Or cartage .con-tractor-, reasonable rental,' \i'3 10s. per.vreek. . ? , — ? HODD, CUTHBEETSON; aid 'NORIH LTD Warwick , -Bouse, St. Georsers-tcr. lAT Gosnells:' 3-roomed TIOU6E, 3 a-Tes XX land, with' fruit trees, one -minute, from «ta*ion, suit city business man.. Apply- News Agent, Gosnells. A TTRAOTIVjs urick Home-of 3 cosy rooms XX specially constructed sleepout, bath room, c. and c.t.'s, and all cons., sewered rent 27s. Bd., lease if -required, ? ' HUNTERS, ? Tho .Equity... (BaaariiontK 223 Mnrntr-strefet. AGOAGI&- FuriatuTO and ?feoods RcmoTed, .J, Storfil,-, Forwarded. ., .Motor and Tat Transports. . R. P. NORTJH -JO^ Cusfcoirei.Agents. ,d ... ??.-?-? ?»pcfith' and-Frearonitte. ? ' BASEMENT, ^Trinily Buildings, splendid accommodation, sections 66 s 20, 33 -c 20, inspection incited. Secretary, Bnilding. 'fD-AXSWATER: -Pactory--or Works Sites, :JX- '-cloJe jUjtSoii, 3 lacros, ?garden land, good 'Vf. B'. Oftigp, PJiUangton, R-ose-aye. ? ? R10K YiDLA, -sew, 4 rooms, £850; mod ern. Cotiage, 3 rooms, new, -16s.; sell .! £a50; tram, Sunday. 23 Amrtey-st., Svran . Ijournc. . V, . . ? ? ,'' '. I-RI0K,;t3 .'ROOMS,' e.H,, all conveniences, , * TOinttte Oxford-st. tram. 1'7 Bruce-st., y'JieederviHo. Tent .173. 6d. Key at 15. BRICK HOUSE, 5 rooms, all conveniences, close 20. tram. 146 Cheimsford-rd., North r^eerth. ? ^ ? ^VjUNGALQW Residence, Banksia-ter., near !X- Subujoan.-rd., South .'Perth. Apply C. H. .rllaynea, Suburban-rd., South Perth. '?V^ANMENGTON: Four-roomed HOUSE 4 ' V^ paddocks, plenty 'water, staWing, sheds, nair Mjus, 8s. -week. Fanrdon, Oat-st., Vk ..toria IPark; Cannington ? ''bus. ? ft/^1ECIL DBNT. LTD.. 'PHONE A7155, ( V^ Surrey Cliambers, HAVE TO 'LET — .*? 85 WTSST-PARADE. Mt. Lawley: 3 ROOMS rfiiO. kitchen, 21s. ? , Also — OOTTESLOE BEACH, near ocean.: 5room '? ed! Brick RESIDENCE, furnished. ? €ITY: Four Rooms, testibirio, rent 27s. 6d. ingoing tenant buy iurniture. ch«ap. 5-1 ' Itmdgay-st;, After two.' . . . , . jPIOMMODIOUS Warehouse, riff Be»ufort-st.. \J surtbole .factory. -Oricait Mannfacturins . .Co., Economic Chambers. ? ?^tV^OitNiER 'WiHiain-fit, Monger-st., Shop and \j DweHing, 5 tootosv conveniencca, «£ter ' shop suit tenant. Ring A2778. ? . ?'TfJtrVE-ROOMED Furnished HOUSE (close ''J;r '*ns, trams), end: August, iSiree mjonfchs; rreferences; moderate. &53 Fitzgerald-st., -i-North Jerth. ? ' 'Tj*OR SiSe «r Ijo Let, Jatrah, 3 Rooma. en i LC closed, vestibule, bathroom, e.l., conveni l!On«es, 3 minutes school, 8 from station. 7 vAtrtford-gt., 'Swanbonrne. ? T^OUR-Roomed Brick Bpnse, conveniences. '. IX 129 Glendowor-st. ; possession 17thl; 26s., ?approved) tenant. ,: jSi (R 'E ai I n^ t ~T, £ ,- iSraETE OF OFFICES. Exeelleiiit Offices, -coumters, 'partitions and liitures, complete. Near Customs, shipping nnd railways. ' ? ? O»LT £2 per -week. ? ' LEJuRMONTH, DUFFT and 00, 35 Henry-street, ?Fremantle. ' ? r?&*$^JFb*2l H^ufcVfef^ Barrack-gt., Perth. ? - rTTIURNISHED FLAT, 35». :? X -? One aittinc-.Room. . ? ' ? One Bedroom. h4 One BaJcony. . ' 0n« Kitchenette and Electric Stove. One Bathrom. Sewered. Entirely Self-contained. Tram Passes Door. Direct Inxi service from door. Oars at/10 ? minute intervals, morning and eveuine, 30 ''minute service throughout day. Hi'EM, HHSTKR and CO., LTD., Forrest Ohambera. St. Ueor-eVler., Pferth. tj ? Tel. :iU9. ? ., 1 ','-l?-CJRNISHED Houses, IMuts, Self-coniained . X Rooms, superior places, Burtfm, 18 Koyal Bank Chambers, lot Terrace. ''?pURXTSHED House, North Perth. 4 rooms, ?'?JO- all cons.. ?£! wpek, poseessifcn 23rd., ' rf peren«e« required. .Box G2 1 . this office. ,VI?UR.NITUKE Removed and Stowsd J~li -(lX! Moullin and Co.. St. Gtorsa-Vter., ces' Vf.X. Bank. ? ____'^_ /TOOD Ganis-o, oj., fid« omtronec. 23 CUT! ?\JC ztm'&j Lreiem-nip? ALi1 Milliner? 'ROpM, fu'miUicd, suit . dressmaker, city B6,. tbiSt.ofiico.

? TO LET. j ''?AEiAGE OH tFlACTORY. Large promises at tbe corner;' of Welling on-st. and Man-durn:e-rd, cioseito Hay-st. SuitaWa for Garaso or /Factory. Apply at Out*. DIOCB&A.SSBaK,ETARy.. Oharch Office, ? Cn.tli»dral-ave., Perth. Tel. 4293. TREEXltOUNT Sntn,: J'our large Rooms. JT spacious verandahs,- furnished : orchard, os& garden. B. BiMing. ytorist. 572 Hay^t. aAY-ST. : Lar-re Modem. SHOP and Ba«e mput, each 22 s. S(k. V . R. Trenamim, 1 St. George's-ter.' ,' ' .,, aOMiE.TO iKOJIE CARRT1NO OO.: Fur mture Kexnorodi Packets ' Sihipping. 'ree Stores. TodBrnvu, iii Bays*, Smbi «h Tel. l\.I505. , aOUSE, 4 room*, 'copper and trottghs; two blocks, good jsarden. Harrison, Garrett q., Bayswater. SOUSE, 5 rnoiT.-sj ctean, 'fa'' to. South Perth, trawi, 7 La-R-'ler-st, £1^ 2s. 6d.; ejandaha, conyve/jjencca. King, ,538 Hay-aU CIO.USE, Fhasr'erald-st, 5 rooms, bath, bal U-t cony, all. «.:on.veniehcH. Kent 27s. 6d.' ihop; corner 7'jtigerald ond Oowle sts. HOUSE' ft? Uet, t5s. 0, week. 42 ' Man darahrfd;.. South. Freniantite^ K'ALAMJKjlDA: Furnished Cottage. to Let, C*. Ti'A ?crjhvenieh'ccs, 'Hear station/- 'phone k5208. ? ' ? ?' ' ? r^ISG-STr, ground floor, £3 weekly, , wo 3-s*. t-ayefi, suit indentor, firtore or office. C9, his^offjoe! ? - LA~R &S~BASEMBNT, 897 Hay-st, -suitable 1 !'jat: handlins heavy material. -Apply 897. Jby-eT; ? . ? ? ? . ?' ? F /4F.GE Professional ROOM, 9i. ?-George's-.; t-i ''i«r., uto waiting-joijm ; reasonable ren al: ; Baden P&wo'i, Marthyr -House, A5038. f rAKGE ROOMi splendid light, 'suit t*A samples or any business. .Apply. Secre '/iry, AmateuT Sport* CHnb. Kingit.^ h J 1DL4.ND JUNCTION. NEWCASTLE-RD Eight rooms, sub stantially built, electric light _ and all con veniences! 10 acres land, - vines and. fruit trees, central. Rental £2- Per 'Week. HYEM. HESTER an* 00 , LTD . Forrest Ohambers, ? 1 ? St. George's-'t'er., Perth. ? l| 1 LAWLH.Y MT LAWLEY XAXHOB-ST.: Nine ROOMS, 45s., SPINOZAST.: Seven ROOMS. i2 week. '. FERRAR-S'i-.: Sis ROOMS;, 35s, W0ODSOM&ST.: Five ROOMS, 35s. ROBI.N-ST.: Nine R00M.S, 45s. HYEM, HESTER and CO., LTD.. ? Forrest Chambers. . Perth. MT Han thorn, Superior House, four large rooms, vestibule,' brick garage Applr between 1 and 3 o'clock, 103 .? Fairneld-st. MUNDAR1NG, Brick ~ana~~Stone Bungalow, all conveniences, 3 minutes station H. Hughes. -L'Phone 14. ? U-EfDXiAN'J)S, facing University grounds X- lour Spacious KOOilS, kitchen, fitted sink, cupboards, enamelled) bath, basin, lies ter, ruckel taps just completed , every con venience; Corn' iFairway, -Myer.its. 'VriCE Four roomed HOUSE, 18 Thomas st , XI Ned lands Apply corner Gordon, Mtex riwa ats ? 'VIORTH PERTH Che\edenst, 4 rooms, Xl new 25s , Raglan rd , 30s , Angove st , shop and 2 rooms, 22s 6d MRS T H BL.VKE, __. ? 60 St George's terrace ? /TiPFICi. * OFFICEX Well lighted Situated central city. ' Modern Building. PADBURY BUILDINGS, Size Apprcx 17 x 23. S Moderate Rental , ??. PLUNKETT, BUILDERS LIMITBD. 39 Fadlur- Bntldings, Forrest pl«cp, Perth __^ ? 'Phone Kin$% ' ? 0FFICB3 TO ' U5T Apply v ? BRANCH MAXAGER. - V 'WEST AUSTRi-LlVN' MJW.SBAP.HRS. LTD . -j ? Fremantle ? OFFICE, approximately 18ft x 2Mt , first floor, overlooking Wilham-« , beUeen Hay st and Terrace, Tental XI per we«l, MALL0uSTBR0S , 50 5.2-54 WtJiiam street ? FJICES- Central, -n ell lighted, low ren tal, first floor, also basement room YFVTE3. . Optician Austral Chambers, 35 Barrack st ? t'FDOifii:, well Lghted, on corner Hay and Barrack sta L F. 0'Halloran, Ijativ e»i« Studios. 81 B*naeLst. Perth. ^. OFFJ.CBS, .Dsvuak Ohambexs, cor Bay and Pier sts , 10s to 17s Cd. Vx -&. Trenaman,-- 81 -St. George 'STter: ? LD Fashioned Cottage to let, Nedlands, lls week. R Brooks, Gardens, lied lands. , ? PAEfTY, Linoleum, highest quauty*, 7* '6d per yard C and H Locke, opp Foy's, Perth ; opp- P.O.. iFremantle., : , y 0CK1XGHAM — Bungalow, close to beach, 2 rooms kitchen, and 'sleep ont, fnr nished or unfurnished. B43, this office. CHOP , AND DWELLING. ; NEDI.A-JDS 25s per week. v Trams Pass Door Big Opportunity Here ' HYEM, HESTER and OO . LTD , *y ? St George's ter , Perth ' ? QHOP j SHOP CORNER HAY and AX0X STREETS, SUBIACO ' Established as grocery business for past 25 years, .known as '.'Savage; s Corner,' Large shop (fitted with countermand shelving) and dwelling of 6 rooms, with all' conveni ences; inoderato rent to good tenant. V. R. TRENAMAN, ? ' 81 'St. Qcbrge's-terrace ? HOP splendid fittings, Tent moderate showy windows 1142 Hay it 'West Ap- piy npstiure. -? SHOP,' OInrfebrook rd , Ea^t Perth, with i Dwelling o£ 3 room's und oon-venumces, 25s V -R Trenaman, SI St George's ter SHOP, Subiaco, Haj st , Dwelling, Rooms, central -Ws weekly F \V Oorney, Lombard Chamber;, -.Tel. .4044. ? *. , MALL- HOUSE, Victoria Park, opposite Carlisle station, 10s weekly, detached ?w*shhouse. NiohoHs, 6 5wansea-st, Vic torra Park. ? SOUTH PERTH 4-roomed Jarrah Weather boarl COTTAGE, lath and ptastered throughout uack and front VBrandah, Trash lionse bathroom, ctean and in perfect con dhion; handy to tram. S. ,T. D1BDIN and CO, 106 Sheffield House, .Hay-**, Pertti. ? Tel. -A6853: ? Q0UTH PERTH Modern Brick RESI ?VJ DE^CE, 6 rooms and conven.enes, 50i SOUTH PERTH Suburban H Brick five ROOMS motor shed, 27s 6d LARGE STORE, central. 55s ARTHUR E. TURNER, Estate' Agent ? ? 9 Barrack »t 'Tel 58B2 SOUTH PERTH J W B HonsD. » room's all con« , 1 mm from tram, 22s 6d week. STTLES and STTLES, ? 184 Mmray-st. (Neit Boans). ? QObTH PERTH JWB HOUSE, four k3 rooma, pantry, sink in. katehen, cement paths, verandahs. A. B&ke,- Hovea-ter, South Prrth ? . QUBIACO SUBIAGO CHURCHILL- A VE fr rooms elcc'li^ht ens stove, all conveniences, rental, £2 2i 6d per week OXSLOWRD 4 rooms and conveniences, elec. light, 25s. per week. RTCHARD NOBLE, 31 Barrack-street. ? A3S43. ? SUBIACO 263 Roberts rd. Brick. 5 Tooms' D^°d °Tde' 3°S Tenaac* »«reemeiit; rpENDEUS INVITED X ror Leps» for 3 yoan? of 'Mount-si Resi ^oarding'hous^011 fashio^blE Premises sro situated at No. 58 M0UNT-ST. The Beautiful Residence contains l«4 ROOMS and SPACIOUS BALCONIES and VERANDAHS. / Two bathrooms, sleop-'onts, -workshops p»rag'e, sewerage. ho- and cold water ser vice. TENDERS CLOSE AUGUST 31. ?ATTim-gnmen'te - t-o inspect .per' tbe agents ? HODD, CUTHBERTSOK and NORTH' LTD' Wwrwick House, '' ? ? St. George's-terrace. ? rpENAJTOIES AND LEASl^S ARE OBTAIN X ABLE FOR UNDRBMBN'TIOXED' ? PROPERTIES. Lock-up SHOP. 10s. to 15s. per -week. WEST PERTH. Shone-st.: Shop «nd Foul Room,? and conveniences. HAV-ST.: bo«k-up SHOP UPPER SAVAN: Four ROOMS. 10s week VICTORIA PARK: Tuam-st, ? 4 roTm, and vestibule. £1 wtek. HYEM. ITOSTgR and CO.. LTD, Tp LET ~^ : ^^ ? SPLENDIEi SUITE 'OF OFFICES (C)|. Whole of First Floor. Over Bank of New Soutb. Waies, Corner Willifim and James streets. Very Suitable- for Dentist. Every Modnrn Convenienco. Very Ia-w Rontal 4o ApirrovM TonBnt. 'LEAKMOKTH. DUFFY and COLj.' ..:'. Solo* 'Agantp; ??? '^ 83 St. G«oxEe'a-tenaee., ^ ?

? TO LET. ? ? CUBIACO, Robinson-sk, 5 rooms, with all O conveniences, lt£nnis court, near scbDDl and tram. -S2 5s. Truscott, 88 Rokeby-rd. nno L^ fox long lease: SHOP. Good .position. Hay-street. R.o.w. for Direct. ?Un3o*din-g. 2;6OO Feet Floor Space. Rental £8 Weekly; Immediate Possession. Also ^ . . 7,000 Square Feet First Floor. With Private Entrance. , ? Splendidly Lighted. Modern Lavatory Accommodation. ^ Suitable for First Class Saloon. Room for 16 Tables. . Or Commercial 'Coliese or Warehouse. Rental £7 per week. Also WEIiL-LIGHTED BASEMENT. . ... Private Entrance. Rental £3 Weekly. . ' LEARMONTH. DUFFY sod COl, ' .' ? Auetaoncers. -' ? /TVO ~ 7, LET. AT . '.. ATV . : NEDLANDS. Nicely Furnished HOME, of 4 rooms, maid's room, kitchen, and 'oathToom, nil oon veniences; situated in 'delig'h'lful position. Reatol, £3 Us., per week; for period of four .months. Occup&tion froan September ?1, 19'27. W. D. TOY, ? 1 A.M.P. ChambeTa. ? 'PiO , L E T. SOUTH PERT£ SOUTH PERTH. 1 SUBURBAN-ROAD. Nice Furnished HOME of 3 bedrooms, srftirrg rooni, v«stihuie, kitchen, 'bathroom, all conveniences, ; garage. Rental, £3 1O» per week, for three monlhs from September 10, 1927 W D TOY, ? 1 A M P Clumbers. ? npo LET, LARGE, UP T0-DATE- SHOP, X Colling House, Murray st Nearly Opposite Forrest place Previously occupied by Mr P J Rimell - Also, 2 LARGE 'ROOM and 2 BASEMENTS S FREEDMAN' and CO LTD , No 4 Pfeedman's Chambers, Central . Hay-st. ftO Let Clarcmont corner Alice and Davis X roads, near Nedlands 4 roomed W B House and 5 acres of land, well and i\it«r reticulated o\er proj)ert-, suitsb.e for dairv piggery, poultry (registered) .Rent 22s Od week -with lease, end option of freehold, small deposit. JAS 0ARTER and 00, 67'SC. George' s-ter. . A2504. ? jpO LET Oodertch-st Brick, '4^rooms and kitchen, a3 coai\ csnenccs, 25s per week. HALBBRT SB»\aCE, LTD , l V v 195 Mnrray-»treet ' ? ^_ OJ Let, iBAKEHOUSfE, Workshop or Store, also Br&es Foundry Oxyweld Co 402 Murray st rpo Let. SHOP with double windows, 18 t X 16, rent 12s 6d 7 James st, Perth Apply next door ? T'iO Let, Four roomed HOUSE, 5 acres land, mile from station Cokex, Queen's Park Ageirey ? TO Let BricL House, air conveniences, good deep-out, suit sduit farm 7. 15S -OenJcral ave Maykin-ds Apply '156 '-- - ? EN\ ST ' (32), Brick House, 6 rooms, and all conveniences, garatre,' rent £2 wteV SK Farmer st , North Perth ? ICT0RIA PARK Carrier removes Tat mture cheaper rate, eo anywhere A2869 Farrell and Son 2C2 Albany-rd.. Victoria Park: ? .. TTSTEST LEEDERVILLE 5 roomed House, IT conremeii'ces, jtas, rent 25s , vacant Mon day 591 Hay st ' King A1444 PROFESSIONS. TRADES, ETC. (Sixteen words, lr. ed ; six conseentiTS in sertions, 7a. 6d.) Note. — Only copies of testiiaoniajs should be sent with ?pnlicabons for position. ^ A - ? You; Take ?' A iBig Step forward — In your career ?vrtien -jon. «nrol for a CjO College course in -Accountancy, In deing so you follow the example of many of iPenh'i most ^accessful men t , Instances of actual increases in money earnings include — (a) Salarj on enrolment, £3 weekly, on coinjtotion of course, £1 10s now, £700 a year (t) .Earnings on enrolment, £2 H-s weekly non,4lC50 a year,):/- ' ? ' (c) On enrolment, riH; on completion of course, £5 ?, now, £850 a yeaT (d) On enrolment, £2 5s -wetskly, on com pletion, £4 15« weekly, now, about £580 a year What others have done, you can do You are not only guaranteed- your Diploma, but are assisted to employment and to beiter posi tion* as your studies ?progress 'Twice last week ws placed in good citj office appoint ments at over £5 -weekly, younff beginners of CCO fessons can be studied at home ?or «t our* College SIX qualified ?account ants are engaged bv us to «oach Students _i1ees are pa.vablc iby a deposit »nd simll monthly payment Write or call for free descriptive booklet CCO, LTD, v ' Proprietors OITY 00MMER0L1L COLLBGE COMMONWEALTH - ' OORRBSTONDENCL* COLLEGE. 713 21 Hay-et , opp BreDtan's Arcade iXif ? ' ? ? -ti- DOTOEEOBDiENTED OOAiOHING- 'RBCOaD ACCOUNT VSm (AJ\D SaCRETABIAIi __ EBMXN-GWAY and. ROOEIRTSOiN1 - STUDRVES AGALV OiltRY JILiL IBBFOHB Foyhnnng an iha anmiieoment j» Jaj»t Saturday's 'West Australian' of tie iuc cess of H and R -students m ofbtaiTun.2 every principal 'FIRST HONOURS ELACr/in t£o CoTimonwDalth Iuatitnte of Aoeountants Ex ajnonation-ihe'1d in April, the candtdiites nre sensed by H anU 01 for the Jane exaraamn tura of AUSTRALASIAS INSTIuTU!EB OT 9r5CRETARlES, suipp'y further iproctf ol the efficient tuM-oa received, by ?vnnnmir cveiv FIRST PLACE- * 'U^M- -*'*? AUSTRALASIAN INSTITUTE, OS1 SEORETARIES, (FinaJ Biamimvtion Juno .1927) N lit -iPLACD ^AUSTRALASIA. MISS M ROONEY 2nd PlLAOB ?AUSTRAl.ASiliA. O. EiBERT. 3rd PIAtVB AUSTRALASIA. JP. Jl nOBEKTWO-N ALSO: — , 1st rilare. Western Ausitrafiia, H. C. O. Lesc&en. 3rd . phwe. Western Austraij*, A. G. Herbert. 1st place. SouSi. Australia. B.-IH. iRwberts. 2nd place, iScutih Australia,' W. P. Wright. v &rd piace. South Australia, L. W. Nairn, list place, Victoria, F. A. Kaberteon. 2cd -piace, Viotoria, R. C. ID^ . Wame ?Swiith. ?3rd-r£cce, Victoria, K. 'Harttett (tie), 1st pince, X1S.W.. O.Bbert. 2od p'-ace N S W , W H. TootUU 3rd pfave, BSW.iE (H Craft lst piace. Queensland Miss 'M Boonby Gnd place, Quecnsisnd. A M 'Befl Grd -tiJacb ' 'Qucenektnd, A. RusseQ, R. Moult-m, tio. ilst pfcrec, Tasmania, G. W. Brain. 2nd pTa«ej»T-*Emani», 4. H Stump (Tip* «nlv competed) _, VTK.VT GREVTIJR PROOF 3S KSBOEDT There can be no disputing the fact th»t the proof of IbetteT tu-itwc is tbe results gained in the only possible ro«thod ofveomtp'ari son — the examination room We invite you to examine our methods— rmafce inquiriea — loara -what ?others have -lone and are d«ins 1' ' WRITiE or CVIiL for fuH partini!I«Ts nnd obtain a conv of -rar inetmc-tive pu.blica.ijtm. ''iCOOUVTANOY ' Issued FREE and -without obligation. HEMINGWAY and ROBERTSON. Ta-e AccounU.n3y SpociaJiSts .PDRTH. W«rw*cV House St Oepngfe « ter MiHL/BOUiKS'E: Bank Hogse, Banicip'iace. BOOBKE.BPI-I-G for Tradesmen, OOKICiBEPlNG for Retailers, 1.;. B0OKKEEPISO for Farmers, BOOKKEEPING ?for CLERKS. All pco-plo in business — or pTCparrng for 'besines-s — require booki«eping. Under the new CommonweaUh Act, a ^bankrupt pemon can be imprisoned for riejleet to keop ?proper books Wf account. With C.C.C. courses you can learn in the ehortest time -at tjhe least cost. Personal and inddvidosd tuition at ni^ht -or -lesson* given for home study. 'Tuition is given by fuMy qualified account ants. . ' CITY- COMMBRCIAIi COLLEOE, ?COMMONWEALTH CORRESPONDENCE O&LLEG-E, 713-21 Hay-st.. Opposite Brenhan'g Arcade. T|AY AiND NIGHT DENTISTRY; OPEN (DURING HOLIDAYS. S. 5. BIG-NULL, Dentist. , ?: 109 Beaufort-st., opp. Trades Hall. DAY AND NTOHT DENTISTaY. . . - -' ? Tel. A5O!2«. ?--, TV RES SMA KING: »Wellwortb DresaSnakins ' XJ Oo. will be pleased to interview Ladies' ?while in town. Dresses made at day's notice or csll snd be measured for dresses tou need later on. We supply swierml or make up ladies' own. Wellworth Dress making Co., ground floor, 195 Murrayr'st., opp. Roans. ? ____^— ^^— ^^^_ T\RESISMA-KING. dainty Frocks. Oostumes, XJ Country order.' aUwid-ai. Miss .HendeLr 503. 0 Frecdnian's Buildings, opp. Sahdovers, Hay-sl., . . . . ,- - ? ? DRESSMAKING School,', Day and Nnr&t Claiffscs; ?drwses'cut and- fitted. Mrs. Brown, over Lerinson!s, Hay-st. ... ' .? 'I* ?/ ,

PROFESSIONS. TRADES. ETC. EDUCATION .,' DEPARTMENT TBCHX1CAL iSOHOOLS. 'PERTH, FREMANTLE, MIDLAND JUNCTION, OLAREMONT. ' 'HIRD; TERM OOMMEXCES AUGUST 15. Applicants, for admission should call an lie Superintendent at P«rth or Frtmnntle or he Officer in Chirge at 'other centres ?wi»n- ot delay. . 1 Classes in Art, Commercial, Science, En ineeTius, Domestic, Trade, Languages and reneral Subjects. Day' Classes for apprentices in Carpentry, 'itticg and Turning, Electrical, Trades, M'r or Mechanic*, Plumbing, Sheet Metahrori1 us, Paintinj, Printing (Composing and Jia hining), and allied subjects. 1 Students under 21 are admitted free, un- J ;er certain conditions, on payment of afrt lisrratton fee of 5s. per annum. ? F~'lORRN-3E PEARSON, L_\.B., Fi»««^Lt* . Teacher, has Vacancies for Puprls; terms a moderate: ivill visit if required. 64A iw«-t- ve., 'Mt. Lawloy. ? . ? FDRN.1TURE. Bedsteads. H«n-!-h llu«3, etc , ( Special Tahie no AK WooJ RDvers:l-lo lugs arid iLioti. AC389. Cash or terms. J»tk ton. 231 Oarr-!»t.. Ijeed&rville. ? J__ — rTBilSTITING and App'Jquo Specialist, tt Bdttom covered, counkry oroers P™mP|'y isecuted. Miss Morrh, 46 Royal Arcade, up tairs. ? \ ? ? ? HEMSTITCHING, French p:©atiD«, Ebort eat notice, owh materi»t nwide; satis- , «ction assured. Liiette. 3 doors cast Boa ? tftrchc. - ? , ? - HOME STUDY f C'JU'RdES. - for Ambitious People. X)MPLETE BUSINESS COURSK, covwinjr - Bookkeeping. Shorthand. Basmrss . Principies «nd Practice. Business Let ter Writing, Commercial Arr.nmo'.ic and Typewriting. _ f * UNIVERSITY Courses for serf improve irent or for examination candidates Wnl« for detai.s ' -OOM'Ji ON WK A LTH CORRBSPONDENGE COLLEGE. . 713 11 Hay «... Perth ? M^^^Si^EIGHT, BUT — JTOC JTCC JTOJCf the QUALITY vanes Many men J T.C C try to get on an this Wo'id- ««th J T C 0 the slenc-er equipnrctit of fanrtiohs JTCO -wilch Nature ffives us at birth , 3 TO C Sacli men are ughting fo-r Suocess ' liTttO hjSi -ho CERTALNTY of Do JTCO feat JTCO \ , J T CJO \ OU can -rhmb the Success Lad ] [ITJOO d*r just as higih »s you dosire JTCO To-djiy, no Tnan need say '^1 -J10- JTOjC not hare a chance ' 1 UNDU JTCC WOOD Odur-os 'of Oori-espondeiw; ' UTCO Irrstjuctjon h-ive been brought to [iTCC such perfectKO that »H **n ben0 [JTOC at. Even th* greatest distance i» U T4? 0 no bar UNDERWOOD Courses 0TC-C ara borne studied bv students «n UTOO ' att i»rt« of .the Southern Hem; BTCC -simce If YOU are not preparing ITTCC yourself for the Pdace ATiead, IJ TC C. sooner or lafer vou irall be out d.s [JTCC tanced in- the Raco for Promotion U T.O C by » more Urseeing UNDBKWO0D UrT C C student UT.CC ' , , Acdbimiarwy, Mechanical Engineer Advertising, -inc. ixdnteaairal Sub- Mathematics', jecis, Modianical Drafcsmao, Bookkeeping ' r iMiite Surveying, Builders' Estimating Motor Engineering, and TemlePin^, * Municipal Luguieonng, Bankers' Institute, , Pharmacy, ' Civil kngnnedttng, f eamaneiup. Commercial Art, Qjantit? Surveying, Gart-ooiua&, Sa^esrnan«hip, Caenuiilrj, Story \fritmg, , *. UectEacal Encmecr- SamtsTv Engineermt;, ing Steam Engmeeruic, Electric Wimic. Survey-xig, Electric Ifttjhtme. Shorthand, Brains (kU Aust, bhire 'CJerks' Erams , ]3xams )7 Typewnirng and Po* er. Teachers' Ef am , Expressive English, Trnbor Measurements, x hm^jne iDri'ven-, Univorak-j exams', Farm iBookkeepmg, Window iDressing, General 'Education, W-irel-es-^, [i-drauliic Engisder Show-card Writing, ing, Secretaries', 'Exams-, laterary Courses, ' MemoTj Train mg ► If listed, mark the 'subject In which jou ire interested, »f not, -menl-Kmi your prefer irace, and mail the Ooui-on -to UM)LiR.YfOOD fnll information wrll toilow by return mail I. am interested in ... ? Nanve . ? Address .... . .......... w. UNDERWOOD TEdENICAL ' CORRESPONDENCE OOLLLGE, 106 St -3earee-s«einrace, Perth (Only , W A. College representing- Stott's Bmtwess Oolleces A'ic, NSW, Q'land, ? *_ ? 6 A ) ? TM.RISIAN teaches French, quick comver M. £ation, coschrc^ examination, postal toi t«n, confidential! translation, ' promptCji exe firted Write LieBe, Vwrtoiu, Park ? ~ BPAIRS *nd Ittsts4t«*Kin, Biectnc Stoves «nd Heating H PestoU, Bayenater Olty tddres^ 13 Ooolgardie ter , Eatt Perth SAW1SM.DX are not born-r-they 'have to be tnuined Gool mlesmen are in demand ospecially an WjA CCC graduates irl Sci.esmans!hip get good positions or promo tion If an employe- asked us for two fully trained mlesmen to dav, .-we could not ?-*upp.\ them as all our graduates, are 'holding *ood appointments already And a knowledge of the principles, of psycho-logical salesmanship »re.of exeat benefit to men in. all professions — you cannot hope ^ to sccceed in_1ife unless von know and m»ke/uBo of at least the ele mentary jrwipJes A six mon.ths* coarse in -SalesmaixsMp and IPersohal EfSnency mea-ns money to Jrttn Write or call for free descriptive booklet Commonwealth Gor respgndence CoHege, 713 21 Hbt st tPerth rrVHX Modern .Blotting- and Baiton Factorv X 33 Breranan-'s Arcade We . ir.nte the ladies of IPerto and Oouatry to call and in spect onr -wonderfvl xange af Uu« season's costumes The very latent modern FrcuLh pleating Ml any dedSga, done on shortest notice Coin-try Orders receive our best at tention.- ' OUR OPPORTUNITY OF. GETTING A RARE BARGAIN IS HERE. AND IF YOU ARE JUDGE OF GOOD VALUE YOU WILL NOT HESITATE IN IN 'J5PECTING ? OURi OVERHAULED *USED ?MOTOR CYCLES - TRIMUPH Model I'SB,' 192 T a-spc&d, K S , Klech-K load and tall lights, -horn, pump tools, sood sppearnce and condirt.-in £30 TRHUMPH, MpdeJ 'P ' 1123 3i h p Q-speed, K S , »11 «ham drive, electric Ugbte, foojs, pump, «u 'gme in good order and appear-' nnce '.. . . . £45 TRIUMPH, Model 'P ' ' 1926, dec - trie engine, in first-class r order, good appearance, pillion eeit, pomp and tools , £50 TRIUMPH, Model J'H' 4 hp 8 speed, electric, head lamp, bat ter.y, mechanical horn, tools andi pump, good order and appear ance » ?£*0 TRIUMPH, Model 'P.' 1925, elec trie pump and tools overhauled, good .appearance £50 TRIUMPH. Three-speed, huh «ear, kick starter, pump, horn, and ' tools, .. £15 INDIAN SUPERCHIEF, 1-K!4 model, and Gouhfcns (new) Sidecar ?olmssiis, and body, fitted 'With pil lion seat electric hehts tattery, good order and condition £37 10 DOUGLAS % 1926 electric model complete with head and tail 8-?bts, battery, purn-p and tools, 'first-dass order and '. appear ance SO DOUGLAS, 1026 Model, 'C.W.' fit 1-ed with electric head and tail lights, battery pump and tools (oolv its months old), perfect ?condition. ? £50 DOUGLA.S, 1325 Model, TS, 2 speed engine in first-cl«ss order, tyres nearly -new, ?fitted with gis la-mp, Ihorn. « pumn', tools and pillion seat ' ' - £2« 10 THE ARMSTRONG CYCLL AND MOTOR AGENCY PerOi. FTgmantle: Ka^rooTlie. ? 'VTOU CANNOT DO BUTTER than. «mrol for a BUSINESS TR\INING at STOTT'S TJrer* Tre 4.'ways eppor ianJtnes for the trained b'^iin ofiee as distant, and at the present time there are many opramngs in Western Aus trahan offices, for good gtr-s and Tkijs ?«-rth 1 tenow'edge of OOmnaiCIAL SUBJECTS OUR EMPLOYMENT DEfABTMENTS ore busilv cagaged in filling the msny calls we* are receiving / from business houses, and at' the present- time ws are practically otttct pToSoient eborihand typtstcs. 'During, th-a next few m-c«xtis ?we wall Tw sendanj .out ^irCs who com meoced stod-jiios this- year. .WHEN NEST YEAH -OOMiMENCES ?we -will be finding K VFJIYDIWIOULT to- fill our calls, and this briigs us t-o ??She ipoint 'that j--e wrsh so make. PA RENTS Be advised by us'and send your GJJiliS to -STOTT'.S NOW for a course in Oooramcrcial . TKuihihg. Why Avart until next )'e-arf Pour months' train ing rn-euns four months money earned. We iuviiie you to cali and e«e our lists of applitants waiting for positions and the numbfer o-f p-ositions -we are filling. This MUST CONVINCE you. And remember that ?STOTT'S is tne MOST LVFLUJiVTlAi. and' Mp&T SU-OGESSC'UL Busiiwss Training Ooitege. ?STOTT'S BUSlXiliSS OOl^LEGE, SrTOTT'K BUSXXIB3S OOLLKO-E, Poijwtual Tnrstoo . BuiHing, .St. GeoTge's torracef and! .HoAvard-strect, PEH.TH an* at iP&BMAOTLE. Principal: Martii.J. StoH, F.LPS., A-A.LS., . . . ? etc. NOW- WHITE Pure Rice Starch gets . inlo fabric and resists dirt. ?.._.- COoatinuod on. page 24^

PROFESSIONS. TRADES. ETC. i (Continued from Page 23.) Z UNDERWOOD BCSU5BS5 COiLUEGE, L'NDEiRWOOD BUSIXESS OO.LUEG.F., U'.YDBHWOOD BUSLNtESS COLLBUE, THE LEADING COLLEGK TiiB LEADING COLLEGE For , _ . BUSINESS TRAitNONG. BUSINESS TRACING. And EXAM. PREPARATION. ?EXAM. PREPARATION. ENROL NOW FOR— Fufi BuEincsB Court o, Shorthand and Typewritinc. Bookkeeping and Accountancy. Cccnmercinl Methods. if ' (English, Arithmetic. IHwtory arid Ceutrrivphy. . 'Handwriting ami Spotting. WE PREPARE STUDENTS FOR— University Junior .Examinations. Conanottweattk PaWfc Sesraee ijxaxas. Parses' Examination. Government iRai'iway iExstn*. AS Aocount,antry IJcaro*. ?jitiwe Public Semiee Exam. NOTE THE ADDRESS: UNDERWOOD BUSINESS COLLEGE. West Australian Chambers, 106 St. Gecn-ge's-ter. (Top 'Floor). Take Lift. Headmaster and Manager: EDWARD FLETCHER. F.C.I.. ?Who has No Connection, -with- Any Other ? Business College. Z— WHAT ARE .YOU WORTH PROM THE NECK UP! When the boss gauges your fatae fee checks you from the neck up— i300 a year £400 a year, and' more, according to your knowledge. He -knows your value from the neck down — The Bj»'ii! Wage. TRAINING INCREASES YOCB. VALUE. The I CjS. can train you in your spare itimu at home, in any part of the country; and give you the knowledge that ensures, in crimed earnings and a responsible .position in the- work you like best.- . Th« I.C.S. DipComa is recognised the ?World over. The .Courses are endorsed by ?the World's greatest experts in Commerce and Industry. HERE IS YODR CHANCE, ' CAN YOU GRASP IT ! Don't say you haven't a chance. It does not matter what your circumstances are, t!u- price of the course is witfiin your reach. Students have the privilege trl paying as little as 10s. per monti. for the know-ledge ?of expert* selected from tie British Empire, ? America, and Europe. Mark 'X' against the course that inter ests you.- Do it NOW, and prostpectus and particulars will be sent without obligation. Architect. Poultry Expert. Draughtsman. Dressmaker. Surveyor. Milliner. Civil 'Engineer. Accountancy. AnaJytlcal Chemist. Office Training. Motor Mechanic. . Advanced Book Motor Cur ? keeping. \ Electrician. Station Bookkeeping.' Aeroplane Mechanic. Farm Bookkeeping. Aeroplane Ri;ger. -Salesman-ship. i Radio Operator. Advertising. Steam Engineer. Commercial ?Engine Driver. Illustrating. Mechanicftl Engineer. Window Dressing. Mine Engineer. Show Card Writing. Concrete Engineer. Shorthand-Typing. 'Building Contractor. General Education. Carpenter. ?Mathematics. . Furniture Maker. Journalism. (Livestock Expert. Bookkeeping. Farming Expert. Letter Writing. French or SpanWh (Gramophone Method). (Thero are 3,000,000 I.OjS. Student's : over 60,000 in Australasia.) '?I.CjS. teaches wherever the post readies.' Inquiries Cost Nothing — Write Now I Name ? , ....... .'.- Age ? Occupation .. .. .. .« ? Adores* ..:'. ? INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE ?SCHOOLS, (A'asia, Ltd.). 41 Barrsck-at., 'Perth. .'Phone 2608. Z~ - : C.C.C. APPOINTMENTS RECORDED C.C.C. '? , THIS YEAR — ? C.C.C. C.C.C. January ... . . 30 C.C.C. ' February ..... 23 C.C.C. March. ...... 49 iC.CG. April ....... 35 C.C.C. May ..'.... 46 C.C.C. June ? 08 C.O.C. July .. .... 45 C.CX. ? C.C.C. * . Total .. ..281 C.C.C. . C.C.C. . C.C.C. graduates are guaranteed C.C.C. appointments. , ' C.C.C. ' ; C.C.C. Full. .day,- half day, evening and C.CjC. Postal Courses arranged. {few sti\ C.C.C. . dents enrolled dairy, 9 a.m. to -5.30 C.C.C. p.m. Students travel on the rail C.C.C. , way« at quarter fares. ? E«sy inonth C.C.C. Jy payments bring O.CC. training C.C.C. within the reach of everyone. Barents C.O.C. check progress with monthly reports. C.O.C. Copies of prospectus and Annual C.O.C. Report supplied free. Call or write. C.C.C. ' C.C.C. CITY COMMERCIAL COLLEGE C.C.C: CITY COMMERCIAL COLLEGE. C.C.C. CITY COMMERCIAL COLLEGE C.C.C CITY COMMERCIAL COLLEGE C.O.C. CITY COMMERCIAL COLLEGE C.C.C. CITY COMMERCIAL COLLEGE C.C.C. ? C.C.C. W.A's. Buniness University. C.C.C. Proprietors: C.C.O. Ltd C.C.C. Principal: R. Wilkes. F.I- g C.0.0. . Headmaster: T. S. Halpin B_A £o& n713?l Hay-st.. Central. / C.O.q. Opposite Brennan'6 Arcade z ? ? , — SPSJSSIS'18 BCSIKB3S COLLEGE. THE COLLEGE THE COLLEGE THE COLLEGE ? j For For BUSINESS TRAINING. BUSINESS TRAINING. BUSINESS TRAINING. W.A. TRUSTEE BUILDINGS, PERTH , W.A. TRUSTEE BUILDINGS^ PERTiH W.A. TRUSTEE BUII/DINGS, PERTH! --S||T TO TECHNICAL SCHOOL). NEXT TO TECHNICAL SCHOOL (NEXT TO TEOHMCAL SCHOOL):. (Principal: Ohas. H. Fietcher, F.Inc.S.T.). ^ SITUATIONS VACANT. r (Sixteen words,, one shilling; six etiaci ttya insertions, jjs.). Kote.-jOnly copies of .testimonials should lie sent with application for position. M0U10 ' !A'^'Aj'A'iT?-robationer' °°°k General, ?^»- Lady-Hvlps, Companion, smart Wait ress, Generals. Scholastic Agency. Economic . A.*.A.A.— THE REGISTRY, Tel A55o,i urv Cook, hotol, suburbs, iMSs.; couiUry liotol, £2; Cook-Ueosra.!, sujburb 30k. no laiin ? dry splendid home, Coomherdale, Baandee Babnont, Roleystone, Piawanang tMardeila ami eisowhere. London. GO St. George's-ter. |^.A.— PROGRESSIVE LABOUR BUREAU. MEN. „ Married Teamster, used to all machinery, ?wife board man, 70s., cottage and extras Teamsters, 45s. and 40«. keep; General Farm Hands, £2 keep; Axeman, JS2 keep; Youth, nble to ntilk and used to iorses, 30s. keep .Toung Chap, root-picking, 30s. keep- I-*us ? bile w milk, 2m. and XI keep; two Lads, (jeraMtom. diatnict, 25s. k:e«p. 117 BARRACK-STKEET, adj. Pease Studio. , ! A .A. — Cook-Laundresses, CookGenerals uTX tiBnerals (city ami country). NeslWt's 1 VI Williain-5t. ? ! A ?— Cooper's RosUtry MoIXmaW'1* Bufld ?xX. ings: Women- lOooka. hotel; Uenerail, 50a. a'yle uook; Housemaid, relieve waitress' :!.7s. Gd. ? ? I A ? — Woman Conks, 70s. ; General, itJB., X2 U*\ lot. ; Wiiurwsw, Kwiadrefsaus Mrs. 'llarlinstou, HotalkeepBra' Offiiw, 16d WiiBi«m street. ; A ? — Oook-Gen«r»l, young suburb*, call 'iV. early. Ltceiwod Victuallers' Bmp'loyineat Ollke, H-3 St. Ge«-rge'«-ter. A. — Studgrooms, 50s.; Teamsters, SOs, 45s.; Two Scrubuuiters, 35s.; Rouse about, milk, kill, 35s. Symoos's Reeistrv. A39ia. ? ]_ A. . — Cooks, young, £2 5s. lid.,- £3, country U'V hostels; CookUcn-eral, X3, hotel, no laun -lry, city. Symons's Registry. ? I A . — General Help (cook kept), 30s., sn lc\. burbs. able drive car preferred; House keeper, 23s, farm. Symons's Registry. ? A . — Married Vann Hands, 70s, 60s., cot U\ tnce; Yonths, lads., 25s., 30s.; 100 acres clearing, 30s. Symons's Registry. ? — Bacon Curer, .good aF.-round man, splendid opportunity, good wa-ges for iteht man. Manager, Australia Hotel. , 4 PPLICATIONS ARE INVITED FOB A. POSITION OF CANVASSER. Knowledge stock, machiacrr, hardware and ftble drive car. Written applications, oneiosinu copies of n ferimces, stating agu, ex|jerieu«-.e aud salary r««iuir«i, will be received uulil Muuda-, J 'grAllTADINO FARMERS1 COOPBUA TJ'VK CO.. LT1J.. (Juair.idill^. V4 or 0 horse I-osHiaulius Teum. with Whim, own preftrr«d, piwewnrk. tjwj. WJ.m ait-y, Waroona. ? \ CTJfT Clark wanted for »cc«uniaDrt'» of jTV. ten. Apply, strung aj;c, qualiCcacioiis and aalor}' ezpocuA, to CS-1, Ui» oiSce.

SITUATIONS VACANT. TJKGINNEllS wanted for our tennis classes, JJ hc-Zd d-^ily. Divsmond Tennis Soaool, 6 L.ich-51., dartonont. BOX Film Corporation requires services sman Boy. Manager, Pearl's Buildings, Hay -St. ? ORICKLAYER'S Labourer Wanted, Dens -L- anan and Bridge st»., South Perth. tJuOOKTON ItOAD BOARD. APPLICATIONS for Uio POSITION of WORKING FOREMAN tn this Board, are NQTIFlEiD that the POSITION is now FILL ED, and Applicants are Thanked. By Order of the Board. A.'W. KING, Secretary. Brookton, August 5, 1927. UTCHERS and BAKERS: We specialiid in all requisites and madhinery for these trades. Corden 'and Co., 429-433 'ilnr ray-st. ? ^___ BUTOHBltS (2), wanted, mast be good shop nien. Monday morning, Major's, 131 Murray-st. OC.C— METSOPOLITAX . DENTAJ^ COMPANY. Australia's Premder Dental Firm. FuH Upper or Lower Set of Teeth from / £2 10s. Unsurpassed for Naturalness, COMFORT, Durability, and Practical UtilUy. EXTRACTIONS: Painless Methods, 2s. 6d. ' N'wtrous Oxide Gas Administered. FILLINGS, CROWN'S, BRIDGE WORK. REPAIRS BY POST. ' Country patients are requested t* insert name and address inside package to ensure identification of their plates. Outstanding skill, wide experience, unre mitting attention to every detail,-, have en abled the 'Metropolitan' to win. for their work the admiration, of the most exacting critics. ' ' ' OEA'TAL SURGEONS: Dr. T. W. WrUon, D.M.D., Harvard, U«S_i.; M.A., CD.; Vic. Prizeman, Gold 'Medal list in DeoUl iSurgery, lat« of Gay'* Hospital, London. Mr. Herbert H. Whitinc. ' Mr. B. W. Ford. ' ' v Mr. Joseph L. Rogers. . , . Mr. Frederick R. Burnett. Mr. Albert Kanfmau (Chief Pro jthetdst ) . 14 Kursei in. Attendance. - 12 Surgeries. The Staff Exceeds 30. Note Carefully Address: ' METROPOLITAN DhSTJUL CO3fPANT, METROPOLITAN DENTAL COMPAiNY, METROPOLITAN CENTAL COMPANY, ' 790-792-794 Ilay-st., Perti. 'WARNING. — As there are similar prem ises before reachir^ the 'Metropolitan,' look for and be sure of the Nam* and Surg ery Picture, 'Thank 'you, doctor, it didn t hurt' a 'ait,' on each s-ide,of the entrance. /CARPENTER, good, wanted, new job Mei \J rose-crescent, North Perth end Rook'wood street. ' ? /CARPENTERS Wanted, food - tradeemen. \J, W. H. Be-H sad Co.. 80 Parry-at. piTY -ENGINBER'S DEPAB.TMBNT. APPLICATIONS are hereby invited for tie POSITION of ASSISTANT ENGLNBER, at a commencing saSary of £800 per annum. Applicants must be if ally qualified Civil En gineer3, with, a wide experience in modern street -works (construction and maintenance) : antv other things being equal, preference will be tfivem. 'to one who has hud experience in General -Municipal Engineering, including Water and Sewerage Works. Canvassing of any nature will be a disquali fication. The conditions of appointment may be seen at the office of Messrs. Gordon aod Gotch (Australasia), Limited. Applications, en4ou«d 'Assistant Engi neer.!! must be delivered to the Town Gkirk. Wellington, before 11 a.m. .on iSttturday, August 27. 1927. E. P. XORMAJf, Tomi Clerk. July 23, 1927. ^?10OK-Genei»l Wanted, for Ootteadoe, re \J ' 'liable -\vximan, good pladn cootimg essen tial, must be ablclto undertake all duties, two in family'; food wages to suitable per son ; references. Apply Box 5a3H, G.P.O. ? /?WOK-GENiERAL. young, OOa., c-uburban, \_^ hotel; apply esnly. Licensed Victuailers' Ennpioyment Office, il-J8 St. Geopge's-ter. /^*OOK, for shearers. Murohison:; apply first v/ instance, Pastora-l Labwur Bureau, St. Cleorge's 'iloaise. ? /SOMMON\yEALTH OV AqSTRALIA. V/ v ? FEDERAL CAPITAL COMMISSION. CANBERRA. APPLICATIONS, returnable to Secretary, Fede-ral Capital Ooram-ission, will De receiv ed until Wednesday, August 31, 'r»27, for following POSITIONS: — Two Civil En gineering Draftsman vritii Dr&mng Office ami Field experience in Road and Bridge Work. able to carry out detaKed. desagn for road and' Bridg-e and Earth Work projects, com pute quantities and draw up sp-,'ci6oa*ians, lneiudins specificatiions $m Modern Road Construction. Experience in Design* of Reinforced con crete, Structure desirable ; University gra duate preferred. ' One Mechanical Engineering Draftsman, with Drawing Office, experience, able to carry out detailed design from instructions and sketches. Heating hot -water and ven tilation- experience desirable-, and know ledge of arrangements and layout of plant and general Mechanical Work. University graduate preferred. Salaries offered are 'from £35O per an nnm, according to qualifications-. Appoint ments terminable one montb'a notice eithm side. ? ; ? - ? /COMMONWEALTH. OF AUSTRALIA. ?\J ? FEDERAL CAPITAL COMMISSION. : APPLICATIONS will be received. for Secretary; Federal Capital Comuii»sion, Can berra, -until August 3d, 1927 ior POSITION ENGINEER' for ROADS anld. BRIDGES, CANBERRA. Applicants- should be experienced in De sign und Construction of Tar Bituminoue.aJid Cement Concerete Roadti and in Bridge De sign and Construction. Des-iraible qualifica tions in addition wiU be Administrative and Municipal experience, and experience in Application of Large Constructional Plant. FuH 'particulars of technical train ins antl experience should be supplied. Commencing salary, £05O per annum. Kn^sgenrent subject to one month's notice either side. ? /COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. \J ? ? '? FEDERAL CAPITAL COMMISSION. Th-e returnable ?date for receipt o£ Appli cations from Persons or Oooipanies de6irous of Conducing Motor Omnibus and of Hire Car Services at Canberra and Faieral Capi tal Territory and Offers for Purchase at Canberra of five A.E.C. Motor Omnibuses i» EXTENDED .until NOON, . MONDAY, AUGUST,' 22, 1927. Particulars n»ay be obtained from tiie Secretary, Federal Capital Commission. Can berra, and from the Commonwealth Works Direc-or. G.P.O. Building, Perth. Offers addressed 'Secretory, IFederal Capital .Commission, Canberra,' should tie anclosed in envelope endorsed 'Application conduct motor omnibus service,' or as the case may be. ? ? ? ? /CONCRETE AVORKER, 076, this office. COOK, Woman, experienced. Laurel Dining Rooms, Bon ?Marcho Buildings. Hay-st. /COMPANION Help, English, experknoed. \J seeks position, preferred. Write stating wages, J-15, this office. ? .TTVAY Girl, all duties, two adults. Mrs. U Laming, -2G2 Sou'-Ji-ter.. Fremantle. DRESSMAKING School, day and nigh*, classes, dresses cut and fitted. Mrs.' Brown, over Levinson's, Hay-st. ? RBSSMAKING, experienced MacfainMta, for stock frocks. D. and1 H. Stodsut, 575 Wellington-st.. near Kaog-st. ARN MORE MONEY. TAKE' A -JOURS3 OF MOTOR TUITION, 10 WSKKS. Mechanical Course, i'j 5s. Tractor Course, £5 5s. llecbanical and ilriviiijt Course, £3 S*. .Driving Coarso only. JKt 10s. Kuiming liep.i'.rs Course, .£'? '3s. Special Quvtes for any othar cour««. DOMINION MOTOR SCHOOL OF INSTRUCTION. Bear 973 Hay-nt., near Milligan-st. TeL ? A1743. ? ASTJQRN' Stales VaudcviM* Act hua open ins for young man wiLh light motor i.ruci, do country towns, this State; prefer ably one abie -assist with an. O71, this office. ? ; ? 'CTliRE AND ACOHXBKT A ' INSURANCE OOMPANY 'Reqoiros the Service* at a OAWVASSHR, For city and suburbs. 091. this office. ENERAL, 18-25. all duties, food children, references esseiitial. £1 w«ekiy. Mrs Dunn, Ba»k X^S.W.. Narembw-n. ? /C ENHRAL Help wanted. 57 State-st, Vic \Jf toria Park. A^pply this afternoon. ? GIRL, companion help, old lady, email house, Victoria Park East, 10s., keep B*9, this office. /C1RL Wanted, Housework; aieep hom« pre VT ferred. Mra. N«ttlian, 8 GoMJswoxthy-nL, -.1Ittr«nont. ? * C1 1RL. for bousehoid dulws, light work T gwd tounie. Apply to-day. 105 Rookwovd st.. Mt. f-aift-Iey. ? ^^ HO L-rfHilA-iD-LALrNDllESS, Station Su7 -'h-tsoii, good plute. roferences ruipiired. Rus'tora.! Labour Iiureau. St. Hearse's House, IMMEDIATELY -wanted, Strong Lad fo7 farm. Hi or 17. txperiunce ujineceiisary. ?js (???rr--t.. Perth. ? JUNIOR Clerk, 17 year* ajre. required, must be accurate vixh figures, n-o otStezs seed appij, Morris Bros, itiC Haj-«.

SITUATIONS VACANT. ' LADY offered comfortable Room- and share o fhome ?with -widow,' alone, 16s. week ly, suit quiet business woman, vacant Sep tember 1, Victoria Park. C43, tiiia office. LADY, yonng, about 13 years of age, for circulating library, intelligent. Apply Library. . D24, this office. LADIES. — Nurses. CleTks, ' Bookkeepers, Teachers, etc., prepared privately by Mr. Wise, F.E.I., F.S.Sc. 23 Barrack-st. ' LIVE Land Sa/usuian, own car, tandle river fron-tagos, close city, good salary and commission. Applications to ? 086, this office. ? TIT A. -j 01 il 3f I S T Si, For Geat'fi. Silk Gowns, Lustre*. 'White . DriH Sacs, Motor and Cycle Coats. Boys' Jyined and Unlined Golfs and Blaiers. AiLSO TROUSERS MACH)IiNiL9IlS. Apply GOODE 0-URiRU_ST and CO., LTD., Oiothing .Factory, Pa'lmerstonHstreet. MEN. 17-23 years wanted for the follow ing Branches of the Royal Australian Navy. — - Seamen, Engineroom Department, Ordnance and Electrical Artificer*, Cooks, Bandsmen. Full particulars from all Military Area Officers, State Schoolmasters; also District Xaval Officer, Frwuan'Je. ? IDDLE-AGK-D Woman, as Generai Help, wages £1 week.' Apply Mrs. Pendreigh, Coogee-«t., near .Reservoir, Mount Hawthorn. MOTHER'S -Help, ford children, good home with motherly lady, 12-s. 6d. week. L.L., Olararnont Jiu wwagency. - - TtTOTOR MECHANIC. To take charge city garmxe. . Must be competent to do aJl kinds vf r»- . pair work. State qualifieatioaa and experience, fur nish, testimonials. . ' i ALPHA. This Office. ? /'kFMCE~~ . BOY ' K.BQD4iRED'. By Large Oity War ehon»«. Boy Just Leavior School Preferred. Apply, 'in own handwriting, stating age and achodacU'c attainments, to ? Box 0147, G.P.O., Perth. ? /^ki^'IiaE Girl, smart, junior. Orient Jtamzf»c v/ 'tuTing Conapany, Eeononrie OJiinfeere. OPERATOR Mechanic wanted tot Inter type, food wage* and permanency to right man. '-Guardian,' Geraidton. ? T-ERT'H MOTCttt iiCHOOL. Ererythiac about Motors. Tarelas and Tractors TuLfhi. This is the Scteoi /or jwir son. Tench him a trade. Speeia4 rate* for boys. W«sder£oi o«iortui»ities for yo«a« mea to make a fresb start in We. Former stodontt of ours are driving .tractors, cars and tracks, some are even nmniac tliatr own c*rage. W« have mstay nnsaueht tastknoniata as io the woich of tSie instruction obtainad her*. FnUy equipped «4iaps and large faxmfe wHi Imtibea, weidiac pknt and ,plea*y -rf the beet tools. A Cue Tractor, 1927, sm mired for tow in»truc*ion. Brii* yosir om ear vr.txaek'umi owerbjaol it younek, wt- will teH 7ou what to do ass) 'uie oar gara«e and U-oJ«. £1 lOs. »er w«*. ™th instruction as t* now to effect ngairs. Write for pro»pectas. . PERTH MOTOR aCUOCXU 437 Way -«t. £act, near Unnarsny. Tel. A27«3. pEETH : L~~ HOSPITAL. ' APPOINTMENT OF MATRON. Awlieations are called for the ?ppoiatanant of Matron, at a «4lory of £325 ?per »nBum, intreasing to £*0O per annum. The Board is prepared to consider the appointment of » Senior Assistant u- the Matron »t. luter stage.. . Applicants must encltfsw copnee of testi monials and give particutara of experience antf previous executive positions neia, ana should 'be prepared to take up her du-ues on October 1. - . . . -Sirther details may !be obtained from tne K T N.A dub in each State or .from the undersigned, -with -whom «pplicat«on«, YMl close on August ^4, 1927. __„„ V. C. H. EAGLETON, Secretary. PLUMBER want«d, roofing hand, must be good. Perry and Sons, Clafemont. PLUillBER, good general hand- wanted.- A. H. Broomhall, 2t»8 Beaufort-st. ? PLUMBER, good sanitary man wanted. 196 Adelaide-ter. 'Phone 4494. ? R1VATE Tuition : Ladies, Gentlemen, back ward, advanced. Exam*. Mr. Wise, F.E.L, 23 Barrack-st., ex-master colleges. Two va cancies. ? : ? ' REFINED Woman for Murchisou station, teach two young children. Apply after 11 a.m.. 65 Francis-st. ? REPRESENTATIVES WASTED: Otty and country applications are invited from person* d«sirou« of joining fhe staff of the Asoot Garden listates. Experience is not a.1 together neceeeary. Personality aad charac ter, (pirim-e e&s-emUais. Liberal remunera-taou. Every assistance' igiveo. Reference requir ed. Ascot Garden Estates, G53 Hay-et., Perth. OYAL MILITARY COLLEGE, DCNTBOON. ViAOANiOEES FOR STAFF CADETS. APPLICATIONS axe invited from Candi dates who desire to enter the Royal MSHtary Colloge as STAFF CADETS. 2. Candidates must be natural-born Brit ish subjects' and of British origin or descent over TB and under 19 years of age («s on March 1, 1928), and have passed the JuriioT Public, Senior Public, Inteamediate or School Leaving examination in English, mathematics, a modern language and two otlher subjects. (mathematics ' includes algebra and geometry. The modern lan guage may be either 'French, Japanese or German). ;t There is no other entrance examination. -3. One-fifth of the vacancies are specialty srt apart for sons of persona who served in an AuMrajrsmi 'Force in the .Souiib.' African War, .1'&S-9-19O2. or who liave been abroad on active service in the Royal Australian Navy, the Australian Imperial Force, or the Australian Naval and Military Kxpedit-onary Force, subject to their obtaining half marks at the qualifying examinational and mafcins application' under this heading. 4. Conditions of elcgib^'ky and partiOT. hxm of examination of candidates over nine teen years of uge may be obtained on appli cation to District Base Commandants at the capital cities of the various States. ' 5. Successful candidates -will tic aBowed travelling expenses to «he College; «in£t al lo»-ance of £&0 on joining; and maintenance aUowsnce of between '5£. Gd. and. 7s. Gd. per d'iotn. During course of four years, OadeW receive free maintenance and educa tion, and on graduating receive comnriasions as Lieutenants in the Staff Corps with salary commencing at SpSo per annum and increasing :by aunwai- increments to !£430 after six years' service. At tie end of eight years' tarvice promotion is automatic to th« rank of Captain -with salary oi Sim to £530. 6. Applications are to be addressed to the District Base Comonandant at the capital city of the State in which the candidate resides,, or, - may (be handed to the local Brigade Major or Adjutant for , transmission to eanre who will furnish- application forms and all necessary -information to the candi date. 7. The last day 'for the receipt cf ap plications -by District liase Commandants hi October CD. 1927. 8. Candidates who have not pravsooeJy qualified should, when tilling in ih«ir entry forms for public examdnattoos, state (bere on that they are applicants for admission to the Royal Military College. 9. The examination for candidates over 10 years of ace will commence on Monday, No vember 21, 11927. ' . 10. The provisional allotment of vacancies for th« year 1923 is: — New South Wales, 3; V.h-'tori*, 3; Quecnsiand. 2: South Australia, 21; Western Australia, 1; Tasmania, 1; Spe cial (vide para. 3), 3; candidates over IB years oi ae*. 2. ? _^__ ? ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE DUNTROON. » VACANCIES FOR STAFF CADETS FOR ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE. 1. APPLICATIONS are Invited from Candidates desiring to enorr the Royal Mili tary Coltege as STAFF CADETS with a view, to sutKiequent appointment to the Royal AnstraJion Air Force.' 2. Candidates must be natural born British subjects and of British orlgau or descent ovct 10 and under 19 years of aye (as on March 1. 142°S) and have, passed the Junior PuUdc, Senior Public, Intermediate or School Leaving -txam.ina4.ion in English, matbonuitkis, a modern language. .physical, Mil one other subject (£ros inelmtes algebra, geometry an«l trtgonomctry. The ?modern lantruase may 'b« ? either French, German or Japitnesf) . I There is no other entrance examination, but qua-lined upplicaote will be required Ho attend bttfbre a Selection) Committee of Air Force officers. 3. Cund-idul«-; will ite required to nndengo a stringent medical examination by an Air Force Medical Officer to ensure their fit ?ness for full flying duties, and are advis«d,' ?therefore, to consult .private practi tioners bctfore applying in order to save disappointment. Full details of the medi cal standard re qua red may be had on applica tion. 4. Four vacancies exist for the special Air Force entry and candidates so apply ing will, if not selected for th« Air Force, 'bo considered for entry to th« Australian MiMtary Forces -if they so desire. The cooTse is normally four y«ars and on graduation cadete -wilt be appointed a* Lieutenants in the Staff Corps, seconded to the Royal Australian Air Force with ' the rank of Pilot Officer in nbe General Duties Branch.- to undergo a course of flying train ing, and on completion- of flying training will 5-e appointed permanently to th« Royal Australian Air Force. 5. Suvi-essfurl candidat«s wiil 'be aOowod tra%-o!line expenftw to the CoHeffc; out^t al-li-wauco of Li-3KI on join'inff; und .main tenance allowance between 5s. Od. and 7s. Cd. per diem. The salary ot a iwngie PHot Officer i« i'4SH per annuan, inclusive of oH 'allowance*, exoe-i»t travt4i'uts. W-ithtn S-i yuors after appointjnent to nhe Royal Ans traliun Air Yvree soch oflicers would nor mally 'be receiving p«y at the rato of X597 ?l»er annum. 0. Farther particulars and the necessary application! form may 'be obtained from the Secretary, Arr Board, Victoria . Barracks, 'Mntbousoe. with -whom aj»jjlic*uooi 4-Uhc im Ootoiwr SO^.OlCI. {

SITUATIONS VACANT. DRTNTJCFG ?'?-'? ' : '.- JEKDUSTST. A SPECIAIi MBETCSG : , Of AU Membere of the 3CETROPOLTTAN. MASTER ffiiBENTuSRS' .?'?'?' ? And:. ALLTUD TRlSmES UNHON Ott? aaBHLOTEBS 'Will fee held. THOS MXHOTEXG, a* 10J30 o'clock. In 'tis Booms, 24 Economic Ohsagber*. ' BBSCBBSS: To ooimAier the 'stop-work: oteeiiar he.1d srester*rr (Friday), at 4.30 p.m. f-.g.L. EJCBLOYMBKT ' 'BUM1A.U. 170 -x-»oldiers regirtered for work. Em foyers can- yon find work for Cleaners, Watchmen, Clerks, Cooks, Dispensers, La twuren. / - Telesrams : Mtns, Perth. 'Phones, A2431 and AaSSO. 5 A L E S IT. 1. N. We have Vacancies for two i— n«-h.i re liaWe men. . G-ood appearance mod peraonattty essential. Apply 9.3O a.m. BM5CTROLUX LTD.. Sbcffieid House, Uiay-^treet. : ? IPefth. ? ? MART Boy, J6, desires learn trade. T113, this office, -Fremantle. ? STAMMKRING, New P.C0. Methods. Re lief in six weeks. Private treatment. 23 Barrack-st. Offices 46-50. Take lift. ? ^ O V It Sr E !5 6~^ 5'. APPLICATIONS are invited' from laeeme ft] Surveyors de&iroas of appointment { as SURVEYOR an the Public Service of the rerritocy oi New Guine* for a period of bwo years. Salary £G3« per anonm first year, £6C0 per annum second year. Fares to Rai«u! vitl be paid. All ordinary equipment and instruments will be (provided. ' ., Appointment subject to soooeeaful s-ppb- arrt pasting a medical examination (at ais own expeas«) as to fitness for service in the tropics. . Appsfcationa, *ecoo»p»nied by copies of referencea, s«Mtnc oat name in tvii and particulars a* to ace, quaOMeations, experi ence, and nrar service, and staling wbeifcer smrried' or ?ingle, should: reach the Secre tary, Home and Territories Department, Md bourne, not later than Ancnst 31, 1967. rp A I I» O B ,B S S B S. ; . ? We H»r« ' . TAOANCTBS . ? :??- /' For . ' '.' ?'???'? EXPERIENCED -STOCK MACHINISTS, ? ???' ?''? ' for' '???/ ' . Men's Sac OoatB and Vests. ' FOX and GIBSON1 JPTY., LTD., Perth. rriAIIiORESS, Trouser and Vest Hands, good X wages to good, hands. Cohen and Co , 660 Beaufort-st., Mt. Lawley. ? ? . rlLOItESS, Coat Hand, permanent posi tion. Au^us McLeod, Tailor, 71 Hijrh U., Freumntia. 'Phone BC74. rflBNNIS Clawes beid daily in Murmy-st., X Perth. Beginners apply Super vi»or, Box K821, GJ.O., Perth. 'nAERRITORx' OF NEW GUINEA. APPLICATIONS are incited from Per sons, desirous of Appointment to the POSI TION of AGRICULTURAL INSTRUCTOR, in the -PutoUo Service of the Territory of New Guinea. ? Salary £400 per annum io commence, ris ing by annual increments to £474 per an num. ' . , Applicants must bold certificate or dip loma from a Governments Agricultural Col l«ge. Appointee' will be required to in struct natives. Fares to Rabanl pud. Appoin-iraent EUb )&ct . to *uoctts»f u-1 applicaaik. pas«ini£ a medical examination (-at bis o.wn expense) as to fitness for eervice in the tropics. ' Applications, accompanied by copies of references, setting out name' m full and particulars as lo age, quali&catioos, evperi prrco and war service, and stating wh«tiher married or single, shonld reach -rite Secte tary. Home and Territories Department, Melbourne, not later than Augnat 31, lXtl. r|V- THE FARMERS Od? WEOTEKiN X AUSTRiAlLIA. I inane a 'Good Clearing iPlant idCe, wQl take anything up to -300 acres. Conditions of payment; IHaU on. faSl of timiber, remainder after burn. Wa^in, \Lake Grace, KeUesberrin dastriots pTeferred. Write me and il wia inspect. P. W. J. FRY. 236 Adelaide-terrace, Perth. TOWN AND COUNTRY EMPLOYMENT AGENCY. (I. Ctmirooor, Licensee and Manager.) 107 Sheffield House, above Levinsons. Hay-at., Perth. Experienced Cook-Generaa, country, two positions, 30s. and keep; Experienced Cook and HouM-Parlourmaid, together. M»r ried Couple, wife eook-geaeral, ihnsband waiter, etc. Hotel Generai, able do liundry and wait when necessary. Companion Help, Ail dfaees male and female empioyannait caitered- for. TPbooe A7geo. ? VARICOSE tricers permanently healed, resting not necessary, new system. Surss Gordon, 805 Hay-st., near Metiers. ? W;W. — Baton Carer, gxiod all-roand man, splendid opportunity, good n(AI tor right man. Manager, Australia Hotel ¥¥T A tN ' T B D. FERSTJOLASS BOlDICE Q3!AJ«1I. Used- to ihigh-ttlasa -work. Apply . ? MTSS WEDLK3K, Bon March e, Ltd.. ? ? Porch. ? ' \]L7 A s T E . D FOA GOOD ! ACRICJULTURAL TOfWS. EXPERIENCEiD DRESSMAKER. To Take Over Room. : Apply D. an* W. MURRAY LIMITED, Barrack-street: ? HT A N T E D. For Sfcndstoce Hospital. MATRON. (IDoably Qualified.) Salary, £168 per Araaa. ? Apply ? MEDICAL DilPAKTMENT. ?? - ' I\T A ' X ? T Bj D SHORfTHiANID TEACHER, with, eprperi ence. Apply by tetter to STOTT'S BUSINESS COLLEGE, Perth. nTANTKD, Agents, travellius or located, TTifor tie celebrated 'EZYCUT' tlm* upens 3O0 tins per hour, Kero or PetroL Apply FIST, Puten-tee, . 20 Brennan's Arcade. ANTED, Agents, travelVing or Jocatod, for the celebrated 'KZYCUT' tha-t apene 3O0 .tins j-er bonr, Kero or Petrol. Apply FIST, Patentee, 24 Brennau's Arcade. ANTED .domesticated Young Girt for light Uoustivork, no waslking, el-etrp out, »\H?l:-en*l£ and evenings free. Saturday afternoon. 2io WilliaTO-st. ? WANTED, Young Married or Single' Man, work binder, harvester, riie a horse, used to sheep; wages £3 10s. a jveek; house Found on farm in town. J. W. Parker, York. WANTED Postage 'Stamps, in qmuititrcs, also Coltections, good price paid for clwra copies. 3-7 ti A Murray-sU, Tobacco tt-ist. ? ANT Strons Capabae Girl, a& daties, one u«ed to farm ; aJso Mother'* lUelp. Mt. Lanrfey. Inrperial Rogistry .Oorlins Hobse (next J)qaity). Murray-st. Tel. A7216. ? ANTED, Girl, experienced feeder ft-r our lettarpross department. Herald Print. Wellington-st., Perth, ? . WANTED, capable Girl, «ood pioin -ook, no washing, email family. Mxs. Howe. 13 S»-anboiirne. 'Phone F54O. WANTED, for toux*n«- Kraenta, fuKt-ctoss Pianist; able rraJ amjt memorise aud heip wrth plant. 03. tLig offiyg. ? WANTED, Middle-aged Cook-Gcueral, no washing, adult faiuily. Apply Mrs. Hammond, '11 Have-lock-st. ANTED, Capable Girl, week-ends free, sleep out. Apply afternoon. 13 Blen cowe-st.. West Leedervillc. WANTrED, General, sleep home (preferred. No. 1 ..South Vrew-rd., end Wwodiroyd-sv, Mount Lao'ley. ? ANTED. Mon to Split Posts and OTwTt 1J ffiiice iea&DS. 2. J. jSnaw. ArmA

SITUATIONS VACANT. WANTED, Competent Ladiy Bookkeeper, Vo. tational Appoinouaate. Oommensai Bnv pfoyment ' SpecdaliatB, 34 Trinity lOhamfbexa. Hay-«t. TeL A67-15. ? WANTED, YOTinjr Oiri. .light -work, good home, small family. 09 iState-6t, Vio toria Park. ? WANTED, Rough Carpenter or Handy Maai -iith' own tools. Ibulld sta'bles and shed. iState wage. Box 527 G.P.O. ? WANTED, Lady BoKp, assist another. Wanaka, € Oannirtg-j-d., £ast Premaiile. Apply after 9. ? WANTED, respectable middte-a^ed Wo man, all duties. 'Mrs. J. .Davicj, Dan gin. ? ? ? WANTED, Fremantle, Lady Help, few hours- daily. Apply ailer 10, 23a AU field-st., Prcmantfie. ? -^ ? WANTED Jumior Typiste. *or general office ?wonk, «tatc salary required and quaiifi ctttkms. iBox 44.1. G.PX). ? . ? ANTED Working Housebeopeirl toT farm, in wh-»t belt. Royal Standard Hotel. Brisbane-st. ? WANTED, Experienoed Bread Carter, good canvasser, able 'to djive Ford van. D13, tliis ofBce. ? WiAiNTED, Competent Middle-aeed Hoose keepe-r, all duties; references essentiaL Sirs. Humphrey, iSchoolhonBe. Greenmonnt. WANTED, Good Man to milk and mind few cows. Apply Sands, Fairiight-st., Oottes'.oe Beach. ? . ? - ' WANTED, Man, Ibreak in two colts for few weeks. J. Wynne, IBelmont Park. W'ELL ijSTABLTSHED BUTLDING '. SOCIETY Invites , . .TPtfLICATKHiS ; . For . ' .. . IADY CANVASSERS. * - Apply „ C81, this office. ESTERN AUSTRALIAN GOVERN MENT RAILWAYS. ?VACANCIES FOR ENGINE CLEANERS. APPLICATIONS wdJl be received by the Chairman of the Staff Selection BoaTd, Chief Mechanical Engineer'^ Oflic«, Government Railways, Midlund Junction, up to 12 noon on Saturday, August 20, 1927, ito fill vacancies for ENU'INE CLEANERS. Minimum ago lit*, maximum ago J9, last birt'hdiay; birth ccriiiificaie muit 'be pro dnced. Applicants must have poesed not Ies6 than the fifth standard of the' State: Scliooi. or its equivalent. Height not lee£ than Hit. &c. wjlioat boote. Form Of application contsindng eoaditionfi of employment, may be obtained on aipplica t.ion to -Hie Chairman of the Board; The Superintendent of Loco. Runming, Central Railway Buildings, Perth; and «he District Locomotive Depots and Station Masters. TTTIRE WORKERS and TUBULAR GATE W. MAKERS' INDUSTRIAL UNION OF EMPLOYEES. INDUSTRIAL ARBITRATION ACT, 1912-25. A Special General Meeting of the sftiove named employees wiU be heid at the Perth Tirades Hall on Sunday, August 21, at 10.30 a.m., to consider, and, if thought fit, to carry the following resolution: — 'That the Wire Workem and Tubular Gate Makers' Industrial Union «f Em ployees desires to be registered as an in dustrial union under, the Arbitration Act, 1912-25, and that the secretary be and is hereby directed to make application for such registration.' PERCY J. TRAINER, Secretary (pro tern). OMAN, from 4.30-7.30 Monday to Frf day, for flat, good cook. Apply by let ter. D20, this office. OOD0UTTERS Wanted, at once, per cord| KB. Bishop and. Oo, DarOiesjton. 'Phone 30; ? YARDMAN, sution, M/urehison.. «rw, fowls, 'garden good home suit pensioner. Pasto ral Labour Bureau St. George'e House. ODSG Gba for li^ht house duties, morn iog-s oniy, los. per week. 175 AdeJaide terrace. XT O '. ? XT T US. TWO, ABOUT IS YEARS OF AGE. Required for. Nettiac 'Factory. Apply with references to W.A. NETTING AND WIRE PRODUCTS . MANUFACTURERS, I/TD, H»rposate-st-, off iLoftos-st^ Leedentflie. SITUATIONS WANTED. (SixUea words, oa* ihUUng; iu coaaeea . ? ttre insertions, s».). ? A. — Mother andt daughter, cook and house maid-laundress, waiting, farm or station. Another, country hotel. Symons's Regis try. ? A. — Teamsters, larm hands, waiting, trac tor drivers, general hands, married couples and married farm hands. Symons's Registry. ? BAKER/ bread and emaJte, sober and reli able, wieJies position. Z134, this office. RIOKLAYING, ClaevToiuing, . Painting, Oarpentering, Pkvsterin^, Cementini, Paperfaan^ing, all suburbs, bhortast notice; Fntnens, Hubert-sU, Victoria Park. Rinz A6203. ? ' plALOOMINING. Carpentering, Faintin«, KJ Paperhacginf, Kstrmalai given. Frank 465 Murray-st. (corner Milli jan-st ) .. Perta. 'Phone A4a7C ? iMAKPtENTER will give estimate lor erec \J lion, all kinds J.W»B. WMrk, fences, etc. reasonable. Oarpentar, care Roberts, Newsagent, May lands. piARPENTER Undertakes alterations, sd \J ditions, repairs, garages, verandahs. Quotes supplied. Davits, 17? Ozford-st , Leederville. 'Phone A6710. ? ^^^ rV-KPETKNT Dressmaker desires eogage Vj m-aat 4-y -the day. Miss E. Macon. 'Phone £563. 16 Neteon-st., SoxCOi Fre mantle. /^»0RNETIST ' requires Orchestral Work, \j late Adelaide theatres, comptten*. Bs6, this offiea. ? /^U'RTAINS ami BUoda made by expert, V^ original designs, moderate cliarr«. Rob erU, 138 Murray-**. 'Pfrone A4017. 'r.OM43ST-iOA'DBD Girl, good cook, IS .!_/' months' roferesce, waste -place, -sty, no poiisbing. TeL A5564. Xiandon, 00 St. George' e-ter. ? RESSMAKING, Nurse, Coilefie Dniform*, Plsatings. Moderate cbacces. Mrs. iStooe's Elite, Trinity Arcade. Hay-st. TVRES9MAKER, cxperieiuxd, all loinds Xj sewing, remodel, renovated, cut and nt, out or 'home. ? 29 tBrookman-st. - TVRESSMAKXNG, -by day, fit and style \J guaranteed. 072, thiB office. TjiMP LO Y E RS. Top-grade Salesman, Organiser, and BuanesB Monaeer \ (yoong), seeks Eag»se m«nt. Has had wide experience in Arris* and Australia, small remuneration accept**! at start if prospects good. Write, C47, th-is office. NERGETIC Ca.pble Young Msm, ,12 years' business experience, returned soldier, no ties, will accept any job aud so anywhere. O48, tfiis office^ ? XPERIENOED Trftcior Driver wants work. llott or McOormJck preferred; own rapairs. W«ite to Tractor, tShaftec bury Hotel. ? ' ? XPERIENCED City, mechanic renuiras Position, excellent references, aU raatee of cars. C54, this office. ^ J. & M ~S B. 6'. Tou can't g-row wheat vsrt 5s. per boshel with DUD Labour. Have yoor Men Selected by a Practical Farmer at the PROGRESSIVE LABOUR BUREAU. Good -Men -for all classes of work are new available, also First -class , Axemen, Fencers, and Clearers. Wrrta, AVire, 'Pibooe, or OaJL , 117 BAHRAOKtST: 'Phone A33S3. ?C*ARiM Manager, married. IS years' practi 1? cal experience ibis State. Thorough knowledge wheat bolt and aneep farming. Teams or tractor, excellent references. Reply W185. Uas office. ? ' ? /SAK-DrBNER, kvwn« cut, edEes trimmed, VT garden* dug, -wood chwppei D10, this office. ? /^1 ENTLEMAN has Vacancies Pupils, voice \JT produetion. pianoiorle. vioiin, etc.; terms moderate; will visit. ZlGl, this office. . G'ENTLKSVOMAN desirous goint; South Africa, take ohaTgo invalid or ebildreu for passage. A06, thie office. LAD, 1 S, holidays in ' September, wants Board, in dry country, nice people, wheat urea. O34. this office. ? . ? LAD? Pianist. Fight reader, open- to ac corapony violin, practice dancing, sing ing, city. , suburbs. C56, this office. LADY wants position, morning, light house ?work, mending, care invalid or children, Mount. 'Lnwiey. 057, this office. —PIANOFORTE, Vioiin, Organ, Mando line, Baajolia. Banjo, Gnitar; easy terms. Mrs. Marie Taylor, 71 John-st, North FrfinanUe. ? MA'S wants position Ifightwatcbman, KiiT»- taker, Cleanor, Kcensed motor driver strictly sober, first-class references. my this office. ? MAN, ahle drive team, milk, Iritl, fence desires Shuatikm, at £2 per week. C2 tbw office. - ' MAN, young, needs two or three weeks' Work, anywhere, about August 15 wages rmmaterial. C46, this office. ' ARMED Man want* 'Sitnation in or near city; some experienoe ooan*ry »tore. Would undertake any job start, good penman genuine and urgent. I?tf5. this office ' MOTOR Mechanic, used all makes cars sober, experienced, reiliable co any wlierc. Ring A4ti7». ^yTi:te_Ooope^'» RqgTBiry. ORGAK1ST (tody) di^nt-m;«I, R.C, good credentials. C45. lliis ofOcu. PART or 'Whole Time, own car sujrplacit metropolitan arua, ociUictiBj, etc, re f«Tfnces. OS, this :-B-re. 1ANO*X-RTB Teacher. L-A..B., wants pupil-j in CSaremon-t; wtH visit; fees moderate. CC7, this office. ? PIANIST, open for engagement, private par ties and ballroom dancine. B90, this ?ffioa.

grrUATIONS WANTED. !-ICrUiBB Orchestra, experienced! contbina X tk-a, seeks engagement with, eubucbon fhow, not more than four nistts ?weekly. O90, th» office. ? POSITION required as Nursery Governess, experienced, country .preferred. D14, this office. EFINiED young Girl would Jfk© a, Poai tion as 'Useful Help, mornings only. R115, this office, Fremantla. ? HFIXED Married tLady iviih a cMld. give ?s-ervicea ior very aatail wage in return for good Lome. PI 15, this office, F*emantle. MART yonn« Lad}' requires Position, paas ed bookkeeping exam., also experience switchboard ; references. OS', thi» office. I^RAVBLLER ca-llins oa farmers and store X keepers with only one line is desirous of carrying good side lines. Commission and part expenses. Bd5, this office. TTPHOLSTERER, reliable, Fnrndtare, Smith U (late 'Sondover's). Designs, quotes, re pair. 17 £enwick-£t., Victoria Park. 'Phone A6425. ? VIOLIN students wanted; Cyril A. Phil Hps., A.L.Cjil., -Studios, SI Carsill-st,, Victoria Park, wad Belgownje, IS Ueytea bury-id., iSubiaco. ? WANTED, few 'Pupils, mandoline, banjo line, .Elocution, thorough turUon; will visit; reasoaable terms. N115, this office, ^remamtle. ? ? ? WANTED, Clearing, 50 to 100 acres, iy experienced man. CGO, this office. WANTED, by reliable woman, position as cook. Apply 264 Bnlwer-st. ? YOUNG Man, very fair knowledge motors, riding- and driving licences, would work for small wages -for chance to pick up me chanical work. A.B.C., Mercer's Newsagency, Subiaco. ? YOUNG .Man, 21, secondary scnool educa tion, 2J years' experience Customs. Shipping, 9 months' invoicing, ledgers, gene ral office work, desires position, clerk or traveller. Pi 14, this office, Fremantle. OUNG Married Woman requires Work, few hours daily, in shop, office, or borne. '1169, this office. ? ^^ YOUNG Man (21), desires work as truck or car driver, reference*, etc. Please appLy No. 3 Oxford-st., Lecdervjlle. BOARD ANO RESIDENCE. ~ (Sixteen words, one shilling; six oonieea ? ttve Insertions, 5s.). A-A.AJL — LUXOR FLATS, . Shaftesbury Arcaide: Weli f-imnfaed. Modern Bed Sitting ROOMS, singie and doable bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, Iritdhenette-s, etc One seUcoo tained Fiat, two rooms, tirtrJwn, ihail and bathroom, vacant, inspect or 'phone A68-17. ' A iiLAA.— NTSWCASTLE iOLCB HOTEL IA. PEETIL Excellent Aeoommodition, 3 mioct*« from city. Thuds- to door. Permanent Boarders 2 guineas per week. 'Phoae A4732. ? A.A.AA. — Superior ROOM, Board optional, two «enu or ladies. 126 Lake-st. AjA-A. ? ' A 4 1 WOBWOaD HOTEL, No. 23 Oar to iLord-st. Tariff £2 2fi. w*ek.' 8s. per da7. Motor garage. Spk*ulid lesi dentiai haunt, tor country \-isitors. F. Day Proprietor. Tal 1406. ? *' A. A ? Room, suit two younjc girls, homely, all conveniences, piano, tariff moderate B36, this office. ? A. — Board* and Residence, fcomeJy, (HOOTM, suit two einis, piano. Jlxa. Cherry, 76 Tliotnas-nt. ? A Comfortable Home for gentl9men, also DoulWe Room. 9a Thomas-st., opposite King's. Park-rd. and Park, moderait. AT Ocean. Beach Hotel, Ooaeaioe. TeL EC89: Nicely Funushed JiOOitS, entg-le and dxwble, from 10s. cin«le to 16«. double. Ijjght hreakfagt. Is., meals qptiocaJ. AT 213 Beaufort-st., Board and Residence, vacancies t\ro gtnts, share froot ream, early breakfast if Tequired. ? AT Wembley Mansions, 347 Hay-st., «?- etairs, next to Groevenor Hotel, superior Board and Residence. 'Phone A4-844. I-OARD nad Residence, homely and com J fortable, vacancies for men, moderate terms, 100 Aberdeen-st. . ? T-OARD and Residence, 7min. Central fiia XJ tion, early -breakfa£t, single Room. 41 Monger-st., off William-ct. BOARD and Residence, homely and cum - fortable, suit two Ttcrking inen, 57 York-st., Subiaco. BOtliHD and Residence, 9 Hawest-ter., West IPartii, convenient to trama and city. KBOON, LTf5 LYNTON 47 Oolin-st., West Ptrth. Higt-class Gaest Bouse. MRS. R. DICKINS, . ? Tel. A6336. ? BUNBURY: Superior Board-aesiaence, overlooking sea, eloeping-out accommo dation, good table, own swuitry. Miss WeJ lard. Seafield, Bun-bury. ? BUNBURY, Lighthouse Hit!: 'Superior Board and Residence, dnee beacli and ba-Uis, moderate terms. Mrs, Butcher. /^__tLTON KOTEL ('Phone A4i3-ia), Gode \J rich -St., Perth: Ideai home, country visi tors, dose river, cricket an— trotti-a^r ^roon^k;. Queen's Gardens. iExcellent ta'bie, moderate tuxiS. V. A). (Dee.). -xec, 'I—censoo, late oi Pinjarra. ? fXLOISTEKS, 200 St. George 'e-ter., has'^ew KJ Vacancies. Hot waCer, . free tennis. Mrs. A. Kidd. AS»jB. ? piOMPORTABLE Home for three boarders, KJ good table, cleanliness, terms moderate. 1 Campbell-si., off Delhi Square, West Perth. /'10TTES_0E. Braefide, corner Bro'ome and \*J John Ets. i&nperior Home. Special terms for permanent. 'Phone F730. Miss MatUe aon. ? ARLINGTON, TeL 1, _eilh4ale, Com fortable Stone House, ideal ftr restful caange motor sited. Misses S_i_ner and B-aldba'ne. ? ED-ERAL Hotel, Perth: Permanent Board ers, £2 2s. per week; spacious rooms. good table, hei bathg. electric lift. A4772. 17«_DMANTLE : Board-'Hosidence, Single JO .Room. C2 Queen V;ctoria^st. ? GOOD Table, Well Furnished Comfortable HOME, two doors past Mint. 292 Hay: si. East. Tel. -A4662. ? i~1 OLDFIELDS Got rniv*!, private Acoom VX modtition, ladies or gents, very caatraL Wirito particulas-s, CUvrk, ' 61 Davis-st., Boulder. ? C* 0OSEBESRY HILL, Lynd_nr«t: Ideal VT Holiday Retort, tennis court, specious grounds and verandahs, motor gan-ge. Mra. Grove. Kalamunda 19. ? . ? ft OOSHB ERR Y Will; MundilLa for restful \Jf change. Spacious grounds, beautiful views. Misses _oit— . Tei. 46, Kalamunda. A'LAMUNDA: Gienavon -House, Leamur die-rd., ComfoPtaMe Accomaiodtrtion for family parties; children specially catered for. Pi—yrob-nis, tennis conn. Free— country food. Modern sanitation. Tel. 80 for terms. Apply Manageress. ? ALAMUNDA, Tel. 1: Rhocdda House, Railway-par. New premises. — pacioas verandahs, 'bos passes. Mrs. Oneet— am. late Gienavon. ? KALAMUNDA: Bramford. Hostel, beauti fully situated in the hills, own cows, fruit, cream, roses, tennis court, swimming pool. Tel. 43. ? ? ALAMUNDA — Arcadia, Guest House, with every comfort and conveniences for boarders and week eoders. 'Phone 2o. Mrs. Prosser. ? ; ? K ALAMUNDA : Mountain Rest for restful c_»oige, gaxage, oar meets 'bus or train. Mrs. Wilson. Rf »' reation-rd. 'Phone 65. ALAMUNDA: Brick House, magui ficently situated, superior aceommods tion, shower and heater, spacious verandah. Tel, 17. Mrs.. Rogers. ? ALAMUNDA: Hollywood offers 4-ptendid Acconimod— tion for visitors and convai escents; every comfort. Excellent cuisine Mra. Niolson. 'Phone 26. ' ? KALAMUNDA: Crt_Seld, open for visitors tennis court, charabanc, via Wels-poei passes door. 'Phone 18. Mrs. MatUiew. ALAMUNDA, St. Elmo: SupertoriT commodation, spacious vc/and»hs, every convenience, lmin. train and 'bus. Mrs. Starka. 'Phone 14. '%' ? KALAMUNDA, Ophir, Board and Resi dence, home comforts, homely people, -ood table kept, tariff 35s. Close station, Bregan. ? ALAMUNDA, Nettle Brae, most Beautrfnl position in hills, for vi«itors, now under entirely new management. 'Phone 44. KALAMUNDA House: Comfortable Board Accomnuxi—tion offered, close to 'bus and train. 'Phone 56. ilws Synoot, Kalamnnida. LADY requires Wbodo or Part Board; walk ing a-istanco (sty; tfiTuge; taasi be nuiet. Box 522, G.P.O. ? ARGE Balcony _OOM, miit two gents, l)rea_f»_N soft wasiing, 15s. Gd_ minute nrh_m. 4^3 Nefaon-crescent. ? UfARLBOROUGH ? HOUSE. Ok. HAY-STREET WEST. ^ BEAUTIFUL BALCONY ROOMS Hot and Cold Water Service. TARIFF: £3 3s. PER WEEK. OR 10*. PER DAY. Special Tariff for Pen&anenta. Proprietress; XBS. H. E. liOORE. 'Phone A1730. 'Phone A1790. MIA MIA, No. 1 MounUst.. Board and Residence, ilri. L. Daviefi, Propr:^' Jefes. Double room. Telephone A253G. MISS Soa.-born, A.T.NJL, wiH attend Ob stetric Cs_-s A'ijrhU .and Morning. 134 -?iohofaon-rd.. gobiaco. Tel. 2733. ? TITON BEPOS, BUOKI_-fD ttit.t, A Health and Holiday Resort for Ladiei and Gentlemen, Convalescents and Delicate People specially accommodated. Mon Repos overlooks the Swan River and Indian Ocean. Tennis and barbing facilities, pleasure hall, raitabfo for dancing. Parties calored for. ? K. KKKW10K. Tol. ^7^0. TLIfr. HKLENA: Visitors to IIUis.' Accom ilX modation icr Guests at Dinglcy DelL Good m«v_. W. Clarke. tKS--D_iR_XG, /romuka 1_H: A.xommnu 4jun, milk, crooni. usiicis. piano, hire c*r, trips amiTJjrt«d. Mrs. ilui^he*. 'Piioire 14. L'ltSE _TV-0iK_KV h-is Private Room for each patient. 590 New.-»stleM.. ?er;h. Tram to Loftns-st. Tel. 16U. ? VTURSE WCAVElt has superior Accommo _1 datton for ladies. Oarn Brea, Kirkham Hill-Ua-., __y__ds. . Terma modecatc, Tol. A2216, . . . ^

BOARD AND RESIDENCE. ?VTJRSE ROSSER, 40 Brisbane-***, serond -*-l house from Stirimgnst. ? T-O_ONGORUPS: 'Pnone 2. Box 80, Mt. X Barker^ — Karri Bank Farm, Accommo dation, a beauty spot of WJ.. Tennis, swim nuog, motor trip*; £2 2s. per week. Mrs. Hugh FauilqiBr. POKONGOBTJPS: Bolganup Homestead -a. Pb.oa« lo. Accommodation, tennis, chafrms, riding, morning, afternoon teas, Tanu: _a per wty-k. Mrs. Gilbert Fauitaer. ?pOSTViATE Board an_ Jiesidence t\«inted X by young man. CM, th_ office. K'BCHABITE COFFEE PALACE! r^ht ; oppoMtn s.Ution. New additional accom modation over 100 rooms now ready, en trance Wellington or Murray sts Letters, telegrams promptly attended. Under my own personal supervision. E. M. Ohamberiain. OYAL GEORGE HOTEL, Dulrerst East Fromantle, Unsurpassed RasideirtLil Ac connnodation, large airy rooms, spacious balconies, moderate tariff D. C. MrrCRHLL, Prop ? 'Phone B574. SEI/BCT Home has A%c*ncies, ladies -.r gen.tlemen, 'phone, garage, minute tram, Tkortas-st. 40 Richardson-A*.. West Perth. SUPERIOR Board and Rosidence, newly lurnisicd hom-e, sleep oat -and garace at 1W Ciaiseirook-Td., 32 tsir to Summer! SUPERIOR Accommodation, early 'breakfast -if required, moderate. -57a' Beaulort-et. Mt. Lam-ley. ? . ? ' fpHE ' LAKES. MIDWAY BETWEEN PERTH AND YORK. This tew hostel, which ie now -open- for tiie reception of visitors has been, erected on the- site of ithe Old Convict Prison, and is beautifuUy situated on the _ropes at the Darling Range. 1,000ft. above &e« le«el. The Sitting-Rooms and Bedrooms are comfoTta'bly furnished. The spacious Dining-Room, 'wit_ hs charming outlook across the gardens has seating accommodation for 'MS, and is suit able ior .M-edd-ing breakfasts and dinner parties, which will bo provided upon rea sonable notice being gives. The hours of meals are a* under: — ? Breakfast from *3 a.m. Luncheons from 12.3-0 p.m. ? Evening roeals from 5.30 p.m. - Teas, which were a feature of 'Toe. Old Lakes,' with iUs ires— cream from the dairy and delicious preserves, ?will be cervad at any hour of t_e day. To lovers of the Historical, th* Kit chen, is a reminder of the eariy days of the State; the old Cook's Kitchen, and ihetwo Prison- Cells with the iron barred windows have been carefully restored, and now coc stiUite the present kitchen of t-e estab lishment. ? , Hot and cold and shower oaths. A Puiblic telegraph and telephone office on the premises. Tariff 10s. Gd. per day. Teiegr_n& 'Basnee, the lakes.' Telephone 'Tihe Lakes' (no number). HE BEAUFORT HOTEL. Oor. of Beaufort and Newcastle sts.. One of the Best Appointed Hotels, in the State. Inspection Invited. THE ACME OF COMPORT. BEDROOMS OPENING TO FIVE BALCONIES. UP-TO-DATE OUISINE. Moderate Charges. 1 A Favourite Resort oi Pastoralista and Farmers. Trams from Railway Station (Beaufort ct. entrance ) ? pass toe door. An early^ application necessary . to secure accommodation. JOE G. WALSH, Proprietor, ' Late of Kalgoorlie. CotteBloe and Oarlton ? Hotels. 'Phone 4552. ? TWO Young Tradesmen want Board, Lodgings, vicinity Highgnte. DL7, this office. ? I ? VACANCIES, two gentlemen, comfortable bonie, 1»thheater,. good table, piano, early breakfast, soft washing, moderate, SO Broome-«t., Higbgate. ACANCIE8 for Gentlemen BoardeTS. 'Phone, tennis court, garage. D21, this office. ? ^_ ? WANTED, Refined Homely Couple, to board elderly, lady, good remuneration. B92| this office. ? ? YOUNG LADY, shop assistant, -requires homely Board and Residence, Perth or Euburis. Particulars, C59, tins office. ROOMS AND FLATS. (Sixteen -words, one shining ; six consocu ? Uto insert—- s, fri.). ? ? A .A.A_A.A.A. — FLAT, furnished, s«]-f con U\. lotted, roomy. -7s. 'Gd. l'Jli Adelaide ter. Tel. A4434. ? ? ? . A.A.A Ilfracom'be, 207 Adelaide-ierraice, . Double or Single Bed-sitting ROOM, Xurtt—hed. 'Phone A1534. ? . ? AJLA. — Brisbane-fit.,' 66, Well Furnished .ROOMj, open fireplace, suit one lady or gent.; 8s. Cd. ? \ ? l-ji_A_O_-T_R. (167): Lange Front ROOM, beaaiiinlly fornis-ed, suitable couple or business friends, Icitoihenette. every possible convenience. A DBLAIDE-TER. - 2-3-8) : Large Double ii. Well Furnished. Bod-Sitting ROOM; gas, ail conveniences. ? A 'DKLAIDE-TER. (183), Avonvaue: Front J\. Veran«l»h -F.UAT, cv\-a gas stove, bath hosier; car space; e.l, conven-iences. A 'DELAIDE-TER. (214) : Large Front Bai J\. cony ROOM, own. kitchenette; also iSicgle itoom, -with kit«ii«nette. iiiKHTrnr.T.v.B (.f-i-A)- yiir^igh.^ T-^^° IROOM, marriod couple; or l-usine&s ladies; own kitchenette. Single Room. DELAIDE-TER. (21-2): Well Furnished Bod-sitting ROOM, with balcony, ovvn kitchenette attached, aJl conveniences. ? 1 A DEIjA'IDE-TER. (232), city end, two U\. Unfurnishod ROOMS, douWe, suit busi uess auen, breakfast optional. A T Ocean Beach Hotel CoUesioe. Tel. A. F2d9. Niceiiy«d- ROOiLS, sinigle and. double, from 10s. singHe, l&s. double, Sight ibreatafast Is., qjeals optional. ? AT 26 W-ellington-st., Furnished Selfcon tained Two-roomed FLAT, living room bedroom, electric light, fireplaces, gxs stove, own entrance; £1 ? AT 1-0 Victoria-ave.i City: Front Doufcle Bod-Sitting ROOM, all conveniences, cloun, superior house. T Th-e Abbey, SSi'St. George's-ter.: FiLAT . to Set, two or {ihxee. 'iarige rooms. 'Phone J721. ? - . AT 51 SJurray-st., Two Spacious Ground Floor Dou'LCe Rooms, fireplaces, every room, gas stoves. T 34. Milligan-st., Furnished FLAT, also 'bed -fitting room, also single room, op posite Melbourne Hotel, City. A(T 9 Vi-ctoria-uve., Perth: Well Furnished . 'Front ROOM, suit two Tjnsinees giris or gents, coaveniences. ias. , AT 41 Hill-st.: Furnished Balcony FLAT. U\. two rooms, kitchenette, own gas stove, conveniences, both; lieator. AT 14 Vic*oria-ove., Perth: Front Double IFurnisihed ROOM, conveniences, 3min. from, town. ? EdD-Sitting ROOM, large front, nicely furnished, gas, all conveniences, quiet home, married couple, friends. 103 Outrun street. . . ? 1UGHT Balcony Furnished ROOM, suit married couple or friends; gas, oil con veniences. 363 Hay-st. East. BRIGHT Sitting Room, every convenience, kitchenette, gas, enclosed sleep-out, two beds, near cars, 32 WalcoU-st:, Mt. Lawley. LEAN. Bright ROOM, .two beds, 10s.; ?also single beds, 6a. 2.15 PieT-st. /'AOMFORTABLY Furnished FLAT, own gas, \J s*ove, linen, cutlery, every convenience. K-4 Adelaide-ter. ? ^'COMFORTABLE Home, Single ROOM, suit KJ business gent. 123 ChuxchiU-ave, Subi aco, near Coghlan-rd. y^OTTESLOE: Fuxndshed FLAT, G rooms v./ use- kdtchen and. conveniencee, 'bus and taxi passes door. 55 Grant-st. i^iOTTESLOE, Nice Front ROOM, also single \J use kitchen, near station, ocean side. 74 Forrest-et. ? ? ? DINING Room, with enclosed verandah, furnished as bedroom, use kitchen, also furnished bed-sitting room, 3 Bennett-! t. OUBLE BedsSitting ROOM, kitchonette, ?phone, zain. 2d. section, waJking dis tance. .Mrs. Goody, /13 Bono'ett-st., first house off Terrace. ? DOUBLE Furnished Front ROOM, aleo singlo ns«, gas stove, or board optional. 96 Hill-st.. East Perth. ? OUBLE ROOM to let, gas, all conveni encos, c4ao single room 95 Stiriing-st., Central. ? _J ? DOUBLE Front ROOM, use of kitchen, gas stove, also single balcony room. 275 Higlv-st., Fremantle. LDERLY Lady, would like another El derly Lady to Sharp half unfurnished Iloncc. C&2, till/is office. ? FIjAT, furnished. private, quiet, adults only, &ci-arat« kit«hetsette. bath heater, every convenience, garage. 6 Ord-fit, West Perth. FLAT, scC-ficontaiDoJ owl weil furnSshed, ovodookir^ Freshnvater Bay, OBaremont, !o Let. 17 Vio^aria-Qve. Ij^LAT, Well Furnished, conrplete with own kifrchenntte, linen, cutlery, crockery, Mrs. Esson, 23'2 St. George's-ter. FLAT, nicely furnished, briglit rooms, en .tirerj- separate, ^\-alkius distnnco citv. qat Mount's Bay-Td. 'Phone A4899. FLAT Furnished, two rooms, kitchenette and bathroom, bati heater. Carter's Fkits. 550 Uay-st. city. FLAT, small, nicely furnished. kiichenoU-te, gas stove, bath heater. aK conveniences. moderoS*. 1106 Hay-Rt. Weot. T7«LAT: Mount-st. (unfnrnished), living X room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, use laundry, exceV.ent views of river. Box ('20, this office. I^URNISHKD ComfortiWo SeU Contained ' Flat, also Single Konm, walking dis titcce city, nroilt'raie. 72 GeuTge-st. ? FURNLSlp^) FLAT, 2 rooms, k&* stove. *uit girl fri.'nds or niirrieu coupler 2W llay-si., near Mint, moderate. ? 17»Ij\UN1-SJ1ED or l.'-niurni.-d:oJ Balcony . rUAT, krtclieneUe. p:is, ail! convenience'!, :iW;o Sinp'.p It-oom. 251 Hsiy-st r--ws. I~T-Dl{NlSlIED Rooms, double or .sinpie. .-ill conveniences, gas 15S Adelaiderter., Perth. ? TT'U'ltNLSH-ED Laxco Sing-lo SOOM, c±, evnry X oonveuie-npo. 1*6 SUdaig-st. opp Wo«-i

? ROOMS AND FLATS. J 'ITHJRNaMifcD i-LAT, aleo ©oufale Boom, «? X lat, salt business girls. 357 Hay-«. OSs^t. HAY-ST. West, 11757'Larg7'Bed-'Sittinc ROOM, two beds, gas stove, suit friends, marr-ied couple. Telephone. AI-Y. w«uW ffrve light service,* for t,w« unfurnished rooms; conveniences-; good BCTdlewoinaii, dressmitUer. CG3. ,ibk onVa. ARGH Unfomisbed ROOM, C-0 x 14, lino leum, large verandah, private entTanca. eJ., gas, conveniences. 002 Edmund-st- £e* constieCd. ? ARG-E WeU Furnwhed ttOOM, mtri m f needs, also Doable, etery eoovenieuec board' optional. 116 Charles-st. ? ARGi; Doabie ROOM Ho let, al*o nae of another, conveniences, e.L, cm Move. 77 Aberdecn-st^ Perth. LARGE, Airy Room, unfurnished or stagj« furnished, moderate rent, suit lady 140 Alma-rd-, North Perth. LARGE Furnished Double Balcony Boon, . to let* gas, wood stov«s, eJ.. aU con veniences, »9 Pabnexston-st. LARGE Unfurnished Room, firepkee. 234 ? Pier-st., opp. Ledger's. AN'S ROOM, furnished and lasce leek? ufi garage, breakfast optwuU. tele phone. 1175 H»y-gt. West. ? '^ VTEWCASTLE-ST. (400) : C-omlorta'hv J.1 BEDROOM, .with ibreakfact, for marriad couple or friends, -private family, car space. 'W^CELY Furnished Front ROOM, smit oue J.1 or two friends, every convenience, twa Jiunuto station. 263 H«yte»bnry-rd., D«« 'V'ORTH Fremantle, Double Furnished ?*?' ROOM, all oonvenienoes, handy team and train. 22 De Lisle-st. Apply- before a p.m. -. .- . - ' (J'iSiGLE, Nicely J^anwaJied ROOQC. «nni kii £J «2ienctte and' balcony. snsMMe qsiat r» ftnadi person. 19 flay^st.. Thoma»«»^ BA. sec iron. Wl-NGLB Furnished ROOM, a* -M«aoi- *^ J^*-?*. electric Kght. 152 Brisbane-si, . off WHliam-st. SINGLE Bright J'urnaehed Fmtt BOOM. . iftrcplace, prviate family, iuu Hay-«. and city. 74 Bennett-st. ? S1N.OLB HOOM, aJao 1 suit two yonng moft, eJeotric Itglrt, conveniences. «a (feorse si., West PertJi. S~ LS'GLK Furnisliod ROOM, alt conreoiencea, quiet home, near train. 76 Oa*ram-*t_ West Perth, moderate. ^ SINGLE ROOM, furnished, all convenience electric light, *uit gents^- 10 minatas station, quiet. 8 Forbes-st., off Williannt. SOCLE Furnished R«om, tieeirie iieb*. nil conveniences, «uit lady or gent, Io7 l^ike-st. . SINGLE- Furnished Room, witb. car spaca, eoit working man, central, 379 Ha* sireet. , SINGLK Furnished ROOM, fireplace, batfc heater, morning tea, every convenioea. 2d. section. 11A Btilwerave, Highgate. CINGLE BTight Furnished ROO1C, 9s., waSI Kj ing duttonce. 285 Hay-st. Kast near Mint. SINGLE ROOM to let. 14 Francis-si.. Bear B«aniort-»t. ST-ffigg&.Wi MwBt!6l*i STIRLING-ST, 223, Nice Brifht fitngla Furnished ROOM, use conveniences, tai* tody or gentleman, walking distance city. SUBIACO: Pleasant Wei: Fonushed BOOM. breakfavt, peiaiate borne, «U nuwjin epces; near 'bus, taun. a5 Cheater-s*. ? SUPERIOR Artistie FLAT, two tiedroosoa, dining room, Itcage kitehec, eleetra stove, bMh neater, garage, a real bamn. 55 Jolm-st, Oott'esloe. OUPERIOR, well foraished Single anj K3 double gas storesv *U oonveniencea, Oardigan. 23o St. Georgert'-ter. 'Phone M4&. SUfERiTOK Uniumisiea FLAT, adnltal every convairience, Hefli-contsiced, cal aflernoons. 604 Beaufori-st. UKEKiOR Front fled-SJUing BOOM, pr». ?vate family. IOC Outmmxt.. Wast Pertih. /pHREE Rooms Urge veimmdah,, gas stove. X 17s. Gd., Kelly '« Cornev/, Hay-«t_ &». biaco. »TK- l*t, one Large Untarnished ROOM; a'aa X gas, all conveniences. 48 Vincent-si, Mt. Lawley. ? ^ . n^0 Let, .PvonX iPurnisned. iDocicae MOtOiK, X igas and all eoaveniences. 1B1 Ohstes ford-rd.. North Pertih. 0^0 Let, Double Front Turnished,. fireptae^, X use of kitchen, conveniences; .12a 25* 258 ?Willitm-at^ CUy. rpO Let, UnfurniEhed ROOM. Apply BmerjL X Butcher, corner Petra-at. and Canning Td., Bicton. 'pWO Furnished Front ROOMS, «rot binil X ness gentlesnen, prrwe. 46 Gecirge-et- ' any, few doors Hay-«. mWO UnlurnisW ROOMS, open fcel X ipJa&e, electric 'ligiht, conveniences, uas of kitchen, close to station. Col, this qgca. TTNFURNISHED ROOM, suit mscried \J couple, liusiiux* ladies, smaH room, tor nieliod, unfurnislied, near tram. 23 Alorrfc tt.. North Perth. ? ' ' 4 TpjFURNISHED Front ROOK, superier rs KJ sidance, close trsm, eusy walldnc d» tanco city, all conveniences. 1281 Hsry-sl. NFURN1SHBD Flat, 2 rooma, kiiebtm ette, gat «tove, all conveniences. Auscnl Kail, 371 Hay-st. East. ? TTNFORNISHED, large front bed-«ittrac U room, every convenience, gas, electrie . light, private. SB Outram-Kt.. West Perth: TTNFU'UN-lSHiED enperior 1FIJAT. eeU-tx*. U tanned, nve roosne, &leinng-out, odob*. 35s. 1O7 Shcffigld House, over Lgvinsoaa. UNFURNISHED ROOM, to Let, no ch* dren, no other lodgers, references re quired. 171 Palm-.mon-«t^ Hyde ParJc. rpHOUSANDS are using Oralia Floor Ui» X and Furniture Polish. Are you! ? WANTED, 31G Rokebyrd, So4i»co, elderly Lady So Share Quiet Home, with . widonv. ncur Uams. . . ' 1T7ANH5HD. Large Fuznished ROOJt «r Vt Smail, tfarce tdaiitE, state iuQ (Met*. culaTs. Ci-7, thjg office. ? t^^_^_^^ W' AN.TBD, Acgngt 16: Large ' FrunJichnd. ROOM, HigiLga*e HiU preferred. OSI. Ihis office. ? \TTEUL Fmrm-6Sied BBDiROOM, and Siltine W room, conveniences, bath Iheater. prim** lroufie. S29 iBeaiifoTHi*., lngiewood terminus. AGO44. ? ] ? WEST PERTH, 76 Outram-fit., Irom Double Furnished Dining ROOM; kis Chen, all convenienc-w. moderate, near tnun. XI7ILL Let, large well furnUhed sitting W R»om with sleep out verandah, private. 11 Colin^rove, West Perth. ? VI71LL1A3I-6T.. (3713), Perth: d-ratsB an« W Single ROOMS, brcailfast -opbaasi. PERSONAL. ? fff-^».n worda. la. «d-; alx coasacuttr* t» ?srttops, 7s. ad.) ? ART Tnou weary, art tnou sad! T»k» Rhyvol, the great Vaipaw lndsi«»tiom Oure, chemists and stores. ? VOID City Publici-.y. Money lent, pianos, organs, furniture, without removal, na. delay. Subiaco .Loan Office, 82 Bokeby-rd. T»\BY Girl, 11 snoctha, beaitby, a-vailmU* Xfe,r aldopaon. State Ohaldren Depan ment, 50S Hayjg^ ? V-v v P KN DABLE Always. — MIIJjS a&4 DNvARE'S MILK ARROWEOOT Bi^ cuits. ? . ? lAMOND Polisii is the irem of 1 ad Frtwr PoJishes. ? '?? Fjj C. — Sorry keep yon waiting, but -jmam .' still always, weft. Sid. ? J- AMES SUTHERLAND FORRBSTTCR towmshire, ticotland, who repided about, tw* vSraaeo *t 53 Wtttnoom-st., Boulder, m ^etu^stfa? to comomo'icate ?with the a* ^2bS iartSrith, as it w uxgenly roq^o* f Z*± Jnvo itottch. with, hnn for the setcte nten^fTc^^anrily meters. Jehn BJa*. T EONARD Harold Charles Barley, and wife, Ij last heard of Geeioag, anyone- knowing person this name please comniunicjrte In, B^ley, 4 ilandhesterst.. Brighten, Ju«e Und. ? IILY see if we have any Oralio Lin*. j polish. It's »o imporunt. ? TvrRS BRIGHTHOUSE cove me tne eecal JJJ_ — -nwv w-e aJways use Diamond Poliaa.^ — RArlilA will polish and preserve your linn. and furnitore for years. ? EOPLE who called Carlton, Hay-st^ 3*ls« First, call 3S9 Hay-et. East. ? PREEN (iormcriy AVidgcr).— Mra. 8»rs* LctLica 1'ree.n ( formerly Widger^iaw heal. Victoria. ? , ? rpHOUSANDS are using Oralia J^or lot X acd Fxirnitnre PoUsih. Arc yut ? In TED Foster Mother, for bafcy b«, ' 1^ peV week. Sl»le Children D» uartmcptt. ? — ? — . ? , VJCTB, never use any other polish bat Ors0« W on onr linos. ? . XVUiL A* person *h,08e.^'iafT5n^t ' ? ~igATRIMONIAL. lings). ? _** --«i OTHBS wear longex; clothoa keep witter Q^™,w Bunyip Keiptha, Soap.^5 BunyiPj^ ? , ? ? . ^CTPENDABLE Always. — MILM ajX D WARE'S MILK ARROWROOT Bii CllitS;^ ? . ? ^fXlTnlED Couples, use only Cyclone Bed iVl steads, -H'1 )'°° 'TH never fail out. =rtajLVN' llair ^eonwer Restores (Fade* IN Hair promp^iy witiout dye. A chanminr Z-rt&xv;. All .stores. ? liSLlA Lino., ana Furniture Polish wiH ' bring out beauties mrthooght of. M^fiLiL motlnsr not to forget Oralia Lino. X ? ri'MiOUSANDS ore using Oralia Floor Lias X and Furniture Polish. Arc you! Printed for West Australian Newspapers Limited, by Harry John NicoU. at the *'Weat Australian 'i *fl»ce. ifiv GSMO*. . -_ iexrace. Perth. ?