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Lacking a trip to the coast, no more refreshing change from the monotony of these small mining communities could be desired (remarks the Malcolm Chronicle) than a visit in a good season to that mag- nificent expanse of country north of Diorite King, on which is situated the Sturt Meadow station owned by Mr. H. W. Manuel. The run commences about six miles from the Diorite King township, and the homestead is about 10 miles distant. Mr. Manuel has for a long time travelled over these goldfields with stock, and so impressed did he become with the appearance of this stretch of country that he decided to establish a station there. He purchased 160,000 acres from Messrs. Norton and Co., and 80,900 acres from Messrs. Gardiner and Stewart, after which he selected an addi- tional area of 300,000 acres, making a total of 600,000 acres. On the excellence of his choice Mr. Manuel is to be heartily con- gratulated. It is a class of country one would not expect to see in the heart of the goldfields, being covered as far as the eye can reach with salt bush, cotton grass, and herbage of various descriptions, brightened at intervals by the pretty sturt pea, from which the station derives its name. Dotted here and there are beautiful white gums and other trees covered with fresh foliage, standing out in strong contrast to the de- solate mulga scrub by which we are sur- rounded in our everyday life. In the mat- ter of water the station is exceedingly well situated. There are several large lagoons which in a favourable season contain suffi- cient water to carry the stock for 12


During the brief space of time Mr. Manuel has been in possession of the station hehas spent over ₤3,000 in improve-   ments. For the supply of water for the stock during dry seasons, wells have been sunk in different parts of the run-nine in number-varying in depths from 15ft, to 40ft., but in most of them water has been reached at about 15ft. Each of these wells is equipped with a whip, and fitted with troughs. The water is of splendid quality, and there is an abundant


Some idea regarding the extent of the station may be gleaned from the fact that it runs north to within 30 miles of Lawlers, and, going west, within 20 miles of Mount Ida; east, within 12 miles of Leonora, and south to Granite Well. Ou the run at present there are 1,100 sheep, 50 horses, and 200 head of cattle, 100 of the latter being of the dairy and breeding descrip- tion. The run is capable of carrying 12,000 head of stock. In addition to the sheep and cattle already on the station, which are all looking in splendid condition notwithstanding the dry season, droves are being continuously brought through from the Gascoyne, Murchison, De Grey, and other parts of the Nor'-West, the run thus proving of great value as a depot for the supply of the goldfields markets. Since taking up the station Mr. Manuel has been most energetic in the carrying out of improvements. He has done nearly five miles of post and wire fencing ; fixed up commodious drafting yards, mustering paddocks, stables, and sheds. He has erected a bough woolshed, where he intends to shear a large flock of sheep during the coming season. Ranking also amougst the improvements is a brick house, with storeroom attached, giving the homestead a very cheerful appearance.

It is the intention of Mr. Manuel to erect windmills over the wells, which will enable him to utilise a portion of the land for agricultural and horticultural pur-


When the whole of the arrangements   have been completed this should become one of the most valuable station proper ties in the colony. «