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[Bt "Patnatob."]

The V.A.T.C. Debutants Stakes for next October have been raised from 1,000 sovs. to 1,200 sovs.

Mr. George Rer arrived from Bunbury yesterday with Summer and Wild Wave. The mare is engaged in the Hurdle Race at Canning Park on Saturday. Summer has been physicked.

Our Melbourne correspondent telegraph- ing hist night stated that Ayrshire, the Australian Cup winner, had been sold to Mr. 31. Traban for removal to India. Ayrshire is an unlikely starter for the Adelaide Cup.

Mr. T. O'Bierne has decided in future to race his horses in his new colours, namely, green and gold, which colours are to be used by the recently formed South Fre- mantle Football Cluo>-of which Mr. O'Bierne is a strong supporter.

The selling prices and weights of the six acceptors for the Selling Race to be run at Canning Park next Saturday are as follows Holly (¿10) SstMllb.; Mainstay (nil) Sst. 41b.; Pretty Maid (¿20) 7st. 71b.; Fun (¿10) 7st. 71b.; Irene II (nil) 7st.; Lucinda (nil) 6st. 71b. In giving the list of acceptors for the race in Tuesday's West Australian, Holly's selling price

was stated at ¿30.

AV. Powell, who will probably be attend- ing the second (Cup) day's racing of the Warrnambool (Vic.) R.C. this afternoon, has been retained to ride J. Scobie's charges-Paul Pry, Chit-Chat and Ran- furly-at the S.A.J.C. Autumn (Adelaide Cup) meeting, which opens next Saturday week, May 7. Powell's services have also been retained for the Padlock gelding. Security, in his races at the same meeting.

Mr. S. P. Mackay, of Mundabullangana Station, in the Nor'-West, now in Perth, yesterday received a telegram from Roe- bourne to the effect his maro Sea Pie (Two of Hearts-Starlight), who was engaged in several events to be run at the annual

meeting of the Nor'-West J.C. at Roe- bourne next month, had been killed through accident, about 30 miles out from Roebourne, while en route in from Munda- bullangana.

The Australian Cup winner, Ayrshire, remains in the Adelaide Cup. Top-weight with 9st. 91b., just a stone and 61b. more than he won the Australian Cap under, he Í3 sure to run well. I am of the opinion that the four remaining at the head of the list for the Goodwood Handicap, with Security, will furnish the placed horses in the Goodwood Handicap, while the three top-weights, after the second payments, in the Adelaide Cup, with Mischief, will fight it out for supremacy in that event.

Primrose has been withdrawn from the Goodwood Handicap and Adelaide Cup. Mr. Locke telegraphed from Bunbury, on Monday morning last, to the secretary of the S.A.J.C., Adelaide, scratching the mare, but the message wa3 not received until late that day, after the time for per- mitting owners to scratch had passed. In consequence Mr Locke is liable for the second payments for Primrose in all her


The shares in racing companies in Eng- land appear to attract plenty of attention from investors. In tbe usual monthly sale of shares held at the Auction Mart, Tokénhouse-yard, London, by Messrs. Edwin Fox and Bousfield last month were included 100 £10 shares (fully paid) in Sandown Park (Limited), the dividend on which for some years past has been 7 per cent., and 500 £1 shares (fully paid) in the Folkestone Racecourse Company (Limited). The Sandown Park shares were offered in five lots of twenty, and, starting at £11 10s. per share, the whole lot were sold at  

£12 per share. The Folkestone Racecourse

Company's shares wera pub np ia lots of j fifty, the first fifty realising 21s. per share, and the remaining 450 shares going at 20s. per share.

. The " two Paul Frys" for the Goodwood

Handicap and Adelaide Cup is a., double j that the more I reflect upon the golding's performances the more I am convinced it

will want a lot of beating. AVere the-1

ex-Western Australian to win. the Good- wood Handicap he would be re-handi- capped on his weight, S3t. 51b., for the Adelaide Cup. there being no specific penalties in that race. Paul Pry -will be ridden in the Goodwood by his old pilot, AV. Powell, who knows the Lochiel gelding thoroughly. The opinion of rainy who saw the finish for the Onkaparinga Cup was that Dawes, riding Paul Pry, was outridden by "Teddy" Hodgkins

Gnullo, Hodgkins will, in all probability, ride Staffa in the Goodwood Handicap, while it may fairly be expected that Mr. Crozier will entrust the riding of Gnullo in the Adelaide Cup to him also.

At the London Bankruptcy Court la3fc month an adjourned meeting of creditors was hold under a receiving order made on November 11 last in the case of the Earl of Rosslyn, whose statement of affairs showed

unsecured debts ¿8,522, and debts fully I secured ¿15,500, against assets nil. The Official Receiver reported that the debtor's

insolvency was due to extravagance ia | living, losses by gambling, and the large payments made to money-lenders and others for interest and renewal of loans.

The Official Receiver said that the meeting

had been adjourned to enable the debtor to : bring forward a proposal, but this had not been carried out, and the creditors would now decide what should be done in the

matter. Further time being required to | enable the debtor to formulate a scheme, the meeting was agaiu adjourned to June


The sale of the racing cups, plate and library of the late Colonel North ("the Nitrate King") took place at Eltham, England, recently. Amongst, the racing liand coursing cups wera the Liverpool Cup ¡'of 1889, won by Philomel (185oz.) ; the

Goodwood Cup of 1S90, woa by the same famous mare (154oz.) ; the Brighton Cup of 1890, won by Nunthorpe (333oz.) ; the Waterloo Cup of 1SS9 (183oz.), which was divided by Fullerton and Troughend ; and the Waterloo Cups, won by Fullerton in 1891,1S92, and 1S93, which weigh respec- tively 156oz., 335oz. and 54-loz. There were also other coursing, shooting, running and cricket cups, and a whole host of other articles, including a statuette in silver of Lady Godiva on horseback (40Soz ), claret jugs, vases, etc., and about 1,600 volumes

of books.

The Dean of Melbourne (says a writer in the Melbourne Argus) has been lecturing to a mixed congregation of Stock Ex- change brokers, mining agents, and com- pany promoters on the " moral contamina- tion" of Flemington and Caulfield. He asked his hearers if it was not the duty of a great nation like ours to sacrifice the racecourse as "bringing degradation and ruin" to many, and as "possessing every- thing which tended to the deterioration of character ?" It is only natural that such an audience should vigorously applaud in the affirmative, especially when we ara con- fronted with such shocking examples of racecourse " degradation and rum " as was the youthful Earl of Hopetoun whea be was with us, and Lord Brassey and Sir John Madden. Mr. Croker's " deteriora- tion of character" has long been apparent in the hang of his coat, as Sir Henry AVrixon's "moral contamination" in his utter disregard for fashions. The Stock Exchange men who applaud Dr. Vance do not go to Flemington. They have enough to do at home in assisting their clients into those "good things" of which we hear, but seldom come across. 'I have a friend on 'Change who lost ¿500 in Tasmanians lately; but he doesn't play cards for ha'pence " on principle."


W Strickland's Tattersalls consultation on the Welcome Handicap, l ,000 at 5, to be run at Canning Park on Saturday next, closes to-morrow night, and will bo drawn at 9 o'clock, at the office, St. George's Ter- race. The sweep is of so limited an amount that it is expected it will fill.

Mr. Charles's (W.A. Tattersall^) next consultation to be drawn will be that on the Adelaide Cup, to be run on May 11. The sweep, which will close on May 9 or 10, is already receiving attantion from the sporting public.



Mr. S. P. Mackay, one of th» firm of Mackay Bros., owners of Mundabullangana station in the Nor'-West, and breeders of thoroughbred stock, is iu Perth, en route home after a visit to the Eastern colonies. While in Victoria Mr. Mackay attended the Newmarket yearling sales and, as was reported by telegraph and previously re- ferred to in these columns, purchased a bay yearling colt, foaled lGfch September, 1S9G, by Bill of Portland from The Fortune Taller, for 230 guineas. This youngster Mr. Mackay has christened Gipsy Bill. He also bought a yearling bay lilly, foaled in 1896, by Trenton-Courteous, by Chester from Snperba (full sister to Richmond) for CO guineas privately, after she had boen passed in at the sale for 45 guineas. Mr. Mackay did not confine his purchases to young thoroughbred racing stock, for ho availed himself of an opportunity to securo two young Arab stallions bred by Mr. Justice Boucaut at Mount Barker, South Australia. These two horses were the progeny of the pure Arab sire Rayi'ik, and two pure Arab mares Rose of Denmark and Darhina, obtained from the celebrated Crabbet stud in England. One of the pair secured by Mr. Mackay is a bright dappled bay by Rayf ik-Rose of Denmark, and the otherabrightbay, by Rayfik-Darhina. One of the pair is a yearling, and the other a three-year-old, Saladin bsiug the name bestowed upon the latter. Mr. Boucaut's Arab stud is the place whercfrom Mr. E. F. Davtôt recently secured a young Arab stallion to U38 for breeding purposes on his stations in the Nor'-West. It is Mr. Mackay's intention to uso his Arabs for stud purposes, crossing them with three-quarter bred mares, of which he has a number on Mundabullangana and on other stations, mares by Two of Hearts, Sunny Days, and Cynic out of half-bred mares. It is expected that this crossing will produce excellent animals, suitable for

Indian remounts.

The Bill of Portland colt, Gipsy Bill, has been left in the hands of Tom Keily at Morphettville, S.A., to he trained, and after his racing career he will be sent for stud duty to îdundabullangana. The Trenton Courteous filly has, so Mr. Mackay has been informed by telegram, safely arrived on his station in company with the young Arab stallions. They were shipped to the Nor'-West on the s.s. Karrakatta. Both the Bill of Portland colt aad the Trenton filly are eligible for the V.R.C. Sire3* Pro-

duce Stakes of 1S99.


A meeting of the English Royal Com- mission on Horse Breeding was held on Wednesday, March 9, at the Royal Agri- cultural Hall, Islington. There were pre- sent the Duke of Portland (Master of the Horse) in the chair, Lord Ribblesdale, Sir Jacob Wilson, Sir John Gilmour, Bart., and Mr. J. Herbert Taylor (secretary). The Earl of Coventry and Mr. J. Bowen Jones wrote expressing regret at being unable to attend the meeLing. The cus- tomary business having been transacted, the location of the Premium winning stallions was announced and approved by the Commissioners. The following report was received by Professor Sir George Brown on behalf of the Veterinary Inspec- tors with reference to the stallions sub- mitted to them for inspection for sound- ness :-" Comparing the results of the veterinary examination of the Queen's Premium stallions exhibited at the present show at the Royal Agricultural Hall with the results of similar examina- tions at Newcastle in 1887 and Notting- ham in 18SS, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that a remarkable success ha3 attended the efforts which have been made to prevent the use of animals for breeding purposes affected with hereditary diseases such as cataract, side-bones, ring-bones and spavin. Since that tims, and especi- ally during the past four or live years, there has baen ».noticeable decrease in

the above-named diseases, winch were at one time exceedingly common, and in the present exhibition it is satifactory to be able to state that a critical inspection of the eyes of 49 horses did not reveal a single instance of cataract or other diseases of tho visual organ. Further, it niky be observed that no instance of roar- ing or broken wind was discovered, although the tests applied were excep- tionally severe. The total result of the veterinary inspection was the rojection of only throe horses out of the 49




Roebourne, April 27.

The following weights for the handicap events to ba run at the Nor'-West Jockey Club's annual race carnival on May 24, 26 and 27 next, have beou declared by Handi capper J. H. Church :

Great Northern Handicap, of ¿120. Two miles.-Mr. Moran's Inverary, 9st. 31b.; Mr. AV. H. Short"s Bijou, Sst. 101b.; Mr. T. R. Byass's AVillie. Sst. Sib.; Mr. A. E. Lockyer's Lochinvar, 8st. Sib.; Mr. Moran's Dunrobin, Sst. Sib.; Mr. A. E. Lockyer's Lord Byron, Sst. 71b.; Mr. T. li. Byass's Reproach, Sst. 51b.; Messrs. T. Porter and Co.'s Sunset, 83t. 31b.; Messrs. Mackay Bros.' Gossip, 7st. 131b.; Messrs. F. W. Laffer and Co.'s Thistle, 7st. 131b.; Mr. Jas. Yates' Monazite, 7st. 101b.; Messrs. Mackay Bros.' Wild Flower, 7st. 71b.; Messrs. T. Porter and Co.'s Casino, 7st. 71b.; Mr. Jas. Clark's Tumult, 7st; Mr. T. H. Edney's Stella, 7st.; Mr. Jas. Clarke's Myrie, 6st. 101b.

Flying Handicap, of ¿55, three quarters of a mile.-Mr. T. R. Byass's Willie, Ost. 4lb.; Mr. AV. ILÄShort's Bijou, Sst. 121b.¡ Mr. A. E. Lockyer's Lochinvar, Sst. 91b.; Mr. Moran's Dunrobin, »st. 9ib.; Messrs. T. Porter and Co.'s Sunset, Sst. 91b.; Mr. T. Ii. Byass's Reproach, Sst. 81b.; Mr. Moran's Brownlock, Sst. 61b.; Messrs. Mackay Bros.' Gossip, 8st.; Messrs. T. F. AV. Laffer and Co.'s Thistle, Sst.; Messrs. T. Mackay Bros.' Wild Flower, 7st. 101b.; Messrs. T. Porter and Co.'s Casino, 7st. 9lb.; Mr. A. E. Lockyer's Trenton, 7st. 91b.; Messrs. Mackay Bros.' Satire, 7st. 21b.; Mr. J. Yates's Maiden Erligh, 7st.; Mr. J. Clark's Tumult, 7st.¡ Mr. Jas. Clarke's Myrie, 6st. 121b.

Hurdle Race, a handicap of ¿25, about one and a half mile.-Mr. W. H. Shorf s Bijou, lOst. 101b.; Mr. A. E. Lockyer's Trenton, lOst. 71b.; Mr. Moran's Artist, 103t.; Mr. Moran's Brownlock, lOst.; Mr. P J. Bender's Topsy, lOst.; Mr. A. E. Lockyer's Lord Byron, 9st; Mr. T. R. Byass's Reproach, 9st.; Messrs. I1'. W. Laffer and Co.'s 'Thistle, 9st.; Messrs. Mackay Bros.' AVild Flower, 9st.; Me3srs. Mackay Bros.' Sea Pie, 9st.; Mr. j Yates's

Monazite, 9at.


Menzies, April 27.

The Menzies Turf Club will hold a small

meeting on ' Queen's Birthday. None of the stakes will exceed ¿30, the object being to induce competition among local horses.


Adelaide, April 27.

A telegram was received in Adelaide to-day from Mr. Cripps, of Melbourne, the owner, stating that he intended to bring Hear Hear only over to Adelaide for the S.A.J.C. Meeting, Ayrshire having been



Melbourne, April 26.

There is to be no alteration in the amount of added money in connection with the events run afc Flemington, for which entries will be taken on the first Monday in June. Tho added money for the Melbourne Cup will remain at ¿3,000, that for the Maribyrnong Plate at ¿1,000, and for the Champion Stakes at ¿1,000.




The adjourned monthly meeting of t'tt9 Council of the League of West" Australian Wheelmen wa3 held at the secretary's office last evening, there being present Messrs. H. Hosking (chairman), Williams, Muirhead, Ives, AVright, Thomas, Peart, Arnold, Harrison, Leslie, Splatt, Wall, Hamley, Padfield, and Rowe. ,

After a quorum was in attendance, Mr. Thomas said that he would like to refer a request to Mr. Gollan, a reporter who was present, with regard to certain statements whioh had appeared in the Sunday Times. With the permission of the chairman he would ask Mr. Gollan if he had written the articles, or if he had had anything to do with their publication. A member sug- gested that the meeting should be formally opened before the matter was proceeded with. Mr. Thomas wished it to be put at once, as upon the answer depended whether he would remain at the meet-

ing or not. The chairman said that he would have been better pleased if he had received notice of the question. In his opinion the business of the meeting should have pracsdânce over any other matter. If the question were asked, it

would be another matter' to have it* answered. Mr. Rowe entered his protest against the time of the meeting being taken up by a purely private matter, aud expressed the opinion that it wa3 out- rageous to ask a reporter to disclose any matter affecting the newspaper he repre- sented. Mr. Thomas said that the matter affected the club of which he was the secretary, and which was affiliated with tho ¡league. Mr. Splatt expressed the opinion that the discussion was out of order. On the motion of Mr. Leslie, seconded by Mr. Muirhead, Mr. Thomas read the paragraphs, to which he took exception. Mr. Rowe moved that the question be not asked, as it would not be in the interests of the sport to do so. Mr. Peart seconded tha motion, which was lost. Mr. Thomas then asked Mr. Gollan whether he was responsible for the publi- cation of the paragraphs read by him, and Mr. Gollan refused to say whether ho was or was not. A motion submitted by Messrs. Muirhead and Hamley to the effect that Mr. Thomas be allowed to proceed with his explanation was carried. Mr. Thomas explained that the reason ho put the question was that he declined to stay in the room with Mr. Gollan. It remained to be seen whether he or Mr. Gollan re- mained in the room. The chairman stated that .every moaiber was a free agent, and could go or stay, just as he pleased. Messrs. Thomas, Hamley, Leslie and Muir- head then left the room, and the business of the meeting was proceeded with.. ¡

The secretary to the AVest Australian Cycling Club tendered for the right to rim the one or five miles championship of AVest Australia at their annual meeting on May 21 and 24, for which they offered the sum of ¿2 2s. They were given permission to run the five miles championship.

Regarding the request of AV. J. R. Snell grove to the effect that the matter of his claim against the amount of stake in his recent match against Shaw being paid over to that rider, it was decided to inform Snellgrove that the council could not re- open the matter.

The secretary to the Fremantle Bicycle Club applied for patronage to a meeting which tney proposed to hold on the Fre- mantle Oval on May 7. It was pointed out that at recent meetings the club had suffered a loss of ¿50 7s. 4d. The local council were meeting them generously, and had given them the use of the Oval. It was also impossible for the ground to be obtained on any other date than that applied for within the next six months, in consequence of the footballers having ob- tained 230sses3ion of it. The letter closed as follows :-" I have the honour to further inform you that my coinmittse have de- cided to run this meeting independent of the League should its patronage be


A desultory discussion followed, and a motion submitted by Mr. Harrison, seconded by Mr. AVall, to the effect that patronage' be refused was carried by five

vote3 to four.

The secretary to the League of Victorian Wheelman wrote, notifying -that J. C. Davidson had been disqualified for a term of nine months from March 17 last for iir-» consistent riding and disobedience to the oiiicials at races held at Colac on that date.

The disqualification was endorsed.

The secretary to the North'Fre'mantla Clnb applied for permission to include a one mae exhibition behind pace and an exhibition on the electric motor tricycle by Mademoiselle Serpolotte in the programma for their meeting on April 30. Permission was granted.

The case of J. Bigwood, of Coolgardie, who complained 'of his handicap having been altered by the handicapped at Cool- gardie, was considered. Bigwsod appealed to the league against the prize money being paid over to the winner of the event in which he was debarred from competing unless he started off the mark re-allotted to him, and in which he acted under the instructions of the officials of tho League. Mr. Han ison moved that the appeal be up- held, and that the League declines to give an expression of opinion regarding the prize money. Mr. Peart seconded the

motion, which was carried.

A. E. Elliott, of Coolgardie, appsaled against his disqualification by the Cool- gardie Bicycle Club for collusion with another rider in the Easter Wheel Race, held at the annual meeting of the club on April 9 and 11. The case was referred to the League representatives at Coolgardie.

R. Taylor, of Kalgoorl-e, appealed against the dismissal of his protest against th« winner of an event in w hich he competed at Paddington on April 9 being paid, th« prize money. He also pointed out that the winner was not a member of the League. It was decided to uphold the appe.i!.

The following letter was received from the representativos of Messrs. M. Porta and Ken Lewis :-"I am directed by Messrs. M. Porta and Ken Lewis to acknowledge the receipt of communications from the secretary to the League, notifying1 them of the refusal of the committee to sanction a match between them. Acting on their be- half and with their authority, I beg to re- quest that you will submit the application, together with the proposed conditions, to the council; refusing also to sanction a. match under the conditions proposed, would the council entertain a request for patron- age to a match to bo run undor conditions drawn np by the League officials?" Patronage was refused by five votes to




The North Fremantle Cycling Club in- tend to hold a grand gala day on Saturday next, when the North Fromantle recrea- tion ground and racing track will be formally'opened. The proceedings com- mence at 1.30 p.m. The NF.C.C.'a inaugural race meeting promises, ac- cording to the official announcement, to ba particularly attractive. It does not fall to the lot of every club to secure a champion lady cyclist and an electrie motor tricycla to assist in the general exhibition. Mdlle. Sorpolette's attempt to lower the fiv# miles world's record should be worth wit- nessing among th» many events provided. Last evening the League of Wheelmen granted the club permission to provide for the appearance of the lady in the exhi-

bitions mentioned.


Yesterday the French champion cyclist« indulged in training operations on tba roads in preparation for her exhibition ride3 at the meeting of the North Fre- mantle Club on Saturday next. To-day sha will exercise on the North Fremantle track in order that she may become used to tha high banking and any other peculiarities pertaining to the path on which she will attempt to lower records.


Albant, April 27.

A boys' bicycle race, a distance of nina miles, was run to-day. Costelloe, 2Smia 45sec, was first; Prior, SOmin. SOsec, second; and Elliott, 31min. lOseo., third The race was promoted and the prizes pre- sented by Mr. C F. Baxter.


Canning Jarra'h v tperth Gas Co. Played on th« Lord-street ground and re- sulted in a "win for the former by 44 runs.

Paton 16, Gillies 25.aud Arnott 10 batted ' well for the fermer and Esler 6-was highest scorer for the latter. H. G. Smith took 8 wickets for 14 runs, Alexander 2 for 13 for > the Canning Jarrah and Williams proved

most successful for the visitors.

The Karrakatta A Club has decided to close the season, therefore all matches in which they are engaged are forfeited. They were to have met the Austral A next Saturday.


The third series of heats for the Engel- bert gold medal was held by the Swan River Rowing Club yesterday afternoon. The results were as follows -First heat:

J. Horsburgh (scratch), 1 ; H. Carr (18sec), 2. Won by Horsburgh after a good race by a length. Second heat: W. McQueen (15sec), 1 ; C. Brady (18sec), 2. Won by two lengths. The final heat will be rowed on Friday evening between Horsburgh (scratch) and W. McQueen (13sec).

The following craws hare so far been chosen by'the selection committee of the club to represent them at the Fremantle regatta, to be held on June 1. Maiden Paíc : C. Brady stroke, G. Houston bow. Maiden Fours : C. Brady stroke, Q. Houston No. 3, L. J. Dullard No. 2, and A. Harrison bow. Junior Four: A. Johnson stroke, D. Jones No. 3, E. Cartwright No. 2, and E. Bowen baw. Senior Four : J. Horsburgh stroke, C. Horsburgh No. 3, Ken. Messer No. 2, and J. Lockington bow.

The crews for the other events will be

selected by next Monday evening. The

senior four is the crew that won tha

Amateur Champion Four-oar Race last November, and the maiden four crew is the same "that rowed at the North Fre- mantle Regatta last Easter Monday and



Nick Duggan and George Elmer will box the best of fifteen rounds at the Fremantle Fayre grounds on Monday night. In their former contest Duggan was declared the


A meeting of the Pioneer Eugby Foot- ball Club was held last evening at tha Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle. Mr. F. W. Jordan occupied the chair. Thero was a large attendance of members. The election of officers resulted as follows:-Patron, Mr. R. Fairbairn, R.M.; president, Mr. G. B. Beard; vice-presidents, Messrs. F, Connor, M.L.A.. Geo. Holmes, C. Flint, J.

McHenry Clark, T. Dick, F. Fleming, Dr. . Komie3, G. Newman ; hon. sec. pro iem., F« W. Jordan ; bon. treasurer, J. Healy ; com- mittee, Messrs. F. Larkin, J,. Austin, Vi. Seabrook, H. Atkinson, H. Evan3 ; dele- gates to the union, Messrs. G. B. Beard and F. W. Jordan ; captain, Mr. H. Atkinson ; vice-captain, Mr. D. Beard. Tfc was decided to endeavour to play a Perth team on Saturday week.

The annual meeting of the Fremantle^ Rugby Football Club was h»ld at the Victoria Hall, Fremantle, on Friday night. Mr. W. Wilson occupied the chair. Tho balance-sheet for the past year was adopted.

The following office-bearers were elected :- ' Patron, Mr. D. J. Doherty, M.L.A.; presi- dent, Mr. A. Sanders; vice-presidents, Messr3. J. J. If ¡gham, J. M. Ferguson, A. Abbott, G. W. Roberts, W. E. Moxon, F. Cadd, M. Mulcahy, F. G. Easton," and G-. Flandell; secretary and treasurer, Mr. J. J.Doyle; general committee, Messrs. VT. Annois, H. Fergo3on, N. Wilson, J. Phillips and the secretary; selection committee, Messrs. R. Sweetman. J. Phillips, A. Douglas, the captain and secretary ; dele- gates to the Football Association, Messra. J. Phillips, W. Wilson, and the secretary. Captain, Mr. A. Roberts ; vice-captain, Mr. R. Sweetman. About twenty-live new members wera enrolled.


The Secretary of the W.A. Kennel Club will be in attendance at the Club Rooms, sto-nighfc, being the date of entries cloäing, to receive all entries. Exhibitors are re qnested'to not» the advertisement, and not miss the chance of entry.