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SHIPPING. ? OTATE SHIPPIXCi- SERVICE. ? , CLIFF-STREET, FREMANTLE. CARGO AXD PASSEXqBRS. . ' Freights and Fares are the Lowest on the Coast. ' For ALL PORTS- / S.S. BAJTBRA, '? to WYNDHAM , - Xovemb«r IB. For BUNBURY, ) MV KVRP. and BUSSEL- } QitoTF^1 »fy-f J October 25. - Receiving Orgo *i Frementle from. 8 a.m. 23rd'to noon 2oth. For JlLBAXY.HOPE- 1 lf v vvx,r- i TOUN and ES- ( sn ,*?**& PEBANOE ) October 28. PERTH AGEXCY for Cargo: Fremantle Harbour Trust, Bazaar-terrace. PERTH AGENCY, for Passengers: Gov ernment Tourist Bureau, Barrack-street. pUNAED LIN*. . austbalasun' sebvicb. commoxwealth axd dominion lin1 LIMITED. NEW YOBKS DESPATCHES For' Sydney, Uelbkurne, Adelaide, and Fremantle. via PANAMA OANAL. MATEKRAX Sailed Sept. 2. PORT MACQUAEIE Sailed October 3 MAHOUT To Sail Oct. 27 VALACIA To Sail Xov1. 24. MAXDALAY To Sail Dec. 8 MAKALLA ? To Sail Jan. 5. To be followed by other steamers at regu lar intervals. . For Further Particulars Apply THE WEST AUSTRALIAN. SHIPPINO AasociAnoN. ltd. bSnt lixe of steamers' For PLYMOUTH and LONDON Via Colombo, Suez, Naples ana Touicm. OBSOVA ' 12,041 Oct. 25 OBVIETO 12.133 ? Nov. 8 ' OTKAXTO 20,000 Xov. '2 OROXSAY 20.000 Dec. 20 ' OSTEBLKY . 12,129 }an.JS. ? ' SALOON Fates to Lctadon, £92 t0 £log HOLIDAY EXCURSIOX TO COLOMBO ' £59 Return available by P. and O OROXSAY, November 16, takes passengers for NEW ZEALAXD, and ports bej-ond Aus tralia. ' ' THIRD CLASS. Special attention is drawn to the im proved Accomodation in the new steamers Also the Orsojra, Orvieto, Osterley, and Or monde have been brought up to the standard of the new steamers by the, inclusion in the Third of most of the former Second Saloon accommodation. Spacious decks, smokinc and music rooms with- facilities for deci games are provided. FARES, £38, £40, £44. Also a few Deck C*bins at £45. . ''? UHli-ST STEAM XAVIGATIOX CO., LTD New -Zealand Chambers, 105 St. Georee'c ? ter.. Perth, and at Freman-tJe. \ XOLO-PERSIAX OIL COlfPAXY, LTD. HIGH-GRADEJMBEL OIL. FOB BTJXKEBS AND DIESEL ENGINES. SuppHes for Internal Trade br Stil Tank. Waggon, or in Container*. ' . Agents: MAODOXALD, HAMILTON and CO JremanUe. ** BAiJK CADD, COMPASY, LIMITED Perth and Fremantle, ' Customs Agents and Express Forwardera and Bond Store Warehousemen. Authorised Baggage Agents to aH Paisencer Steamship Companies. ?Phones: Perth, A2126 (4 lines); Fremaatle ? B4.T (2 lines), and direct line. ' OYLAT Lino. PrejMred Wax is mannfac tured under Bnrford's guarantee. TBSOLUTE^ i SEOURITY il ' May be Obtained for VALUABLES. DEEDS. MONEY. LUGCAGE. And Goods at Any Descriiotion. By Leaving (hem at -the W.A. SAFE DEPOSIT. West Australian Chambers, 10-1 St. GeorseVterrace, Perth. 01,000 First Prize. Ugly Men's Sweep on uU the Melbourne Cap. Only 7 npre days.

SHIPPING. rUTEBSTATE STEAMSHIP SAILISOS »- (Circumstances Pcrmittiug). WEEKLY PASSENGER SEBVI0E ?? To IDBLAIDE/MELBOUKXE and SYDNEY (transhipping for Queensland, Tai manlan »cd New Zealand porti. S« ?gents for particular). Through' bill* of ?lading, etc.). ? ? Ste»m«r. SaiU. . Aceati. UUUSUULA i'ri., Melbourne Steanu&tD Oct. 29. Co..- 'Ltd.'. Tel. ' 4 p.m. A2300, B620. ?KAT001TBA S»t.. ? - Mcllwraith. MoEach Xov. 6, «ra'j Line, 'Tel. , Xoon. . A6171 (2 llnei). BIOS ZEALANDIA Sat., Huddart.. rirksr. Sot. 13, Ltd., Dalt»-y and s'ojn Co.i Ltd.. asents. ' ? TeC A4157. 5187V ! B570, B40. . KAB00LA Sat., adlwraith. JIcEach Nov. 20. arn'j Line. TH.. A'oon. A6171 (2 iine4i. ? ? B109.. ? »KAT001iai ca.u \'Aiuj lot pMseagexs only. ?.'-,- ? ' *- '?* US. 2nd. 3r41 . FARES. ' £ s. d. £ s. d. £ ?- d Adelaide 10 0 0 110' I) 5 '10 0. Melbourne 13 10 0 9.0 0 0 10 0 Sydney .. IB 10 0 II Qua ? 0 \ 0 ' * VJSTRALIAN CO ilMOX WEALTH LINE. X\. ' One Class Passenger and Cargo Service to London, via Colombo, Port baid, Ply mouth, or Southampton. Transhipping, al ColomDo for Indian ±*orts. ? , ??LAKUS BAY 13,850 toua. Nov. -1, ?HOBSOX'S BAY 13,850 toas^ Xov. 16 ?tSPERAXOE BAY 13,850 toas, Dec. 9;*' *M0Ri.'l'0X BAY 13,850 toas. Dec. a9 JhltV-lS BAY. ' 13,850 toas.1 ,i'eb. 10 LARUS BAY ''. ..- 13,850 tons, liar. 24 HOBSUX'S BAY 13,850 tons. Apl. 1. bSPKKAXCE'BAY/ 13,850 tons. Apl 21. MOKt-TOX BAy. 13,850 tons'. May 5. . 'Discharge 'Hull, \theu' London. ? FARES to LUX-DON, from £38 tp £45 ting-e, £b'8'8s. to £81 return. Also a limited number of Deck Cabin Berths, at £65 single, £117 relurn. ? . . AUSTRALIAN COMMONWEALTH LINE, Mouatt-at.', iVemaiitle. Tel. B871. . .Royal Bank'.Chambers, Perth, Tel. 5401. TNTERSTATE^. ' ' 4 PASSEXGEBS. ..'? '.'One-Class?', Acconnnodatiori. .' J?or Adelaide, -- -\ MORETON BAY, ; .Helbourne, r November 18. ? - Sydney, , f JEBVIS BAY, ; Brisbane,' .' ? J December . 23. AU STR ALIAN ? COMMONWEALTH LINE, ^Mouatt-st., FTemahtle. ,\ Tel. B871. , Ro'yal Bayk Chambers. Perth:. Tel. .'5401- ~* P. AND 0. BOYal IIAIL' STEAJUiltd. ' -???.-,.-??? FOB ;L0XD0N. - ' ' CALLING ,AT COLOMBO, EGYPT. -? MAKSlilLLBS and PLYMOUTH. : First and Second Saioon PArttaigers -Only. 3toa-mer-.. .,-,.- . : Tons. .Oom'd'r. - Date, (aj NALDEitA ? ' lo'.uoo Coklweu Nov. 1. *^b) MONGOLIA lta.aui Ohlsoa Nov. 15.; (I) b&jih.VSU± Iii,^a7 Oollj-er Nov. '-J9. loj'-CAU'HAY la.lOi. BarUett Dec. 13.' (») -ilOOLTAN UU.S47 Ooisey Cec. 27. , tt£ C0M01UN ''. 15,11.6 Borland Jan. 10. '. a)' MALOJA '. 2U.837 Warner1 Jan. W. b) MOLDAVIA 10,136 Burleigh Feb. 7. a) AAliDKBA ? lb.Uo'o Coldwell. Feb. '21. b) CHITliAL, 15,246 Smith Mar. 7., Ua)NAttKUNDA lb,^a7 Collyer Vl»r. al.; (b)OATHAY 15,101 Bartlett Apl. 4. t (a) MOOLTAN' 20,847 Ooaaey Apl. 18.. (b; COMOH1N 15,116 Borland ilay 2. (a-, MALOJA . ? 20,887 Warner. May' 16r ... (a) Omit Port- Sudan. Oalle 'Aden «ad Gibraltar. .' ?? , - -. . , ? ' '.' „ ' (b) 'Omit Aden aai. Gibraltar. ? C*Il» Port Sudan. - ' ' - V J . 'Taking Cargo for direct discharge at Hall. t Caking at Bombay .-^ ; ...'„,-' .-.Circular Tourii in , (.onjuction with .W.^. S.N.Co.: Fremanile, Colombo, Singapore, and vice-versa. yjre!,.i8112s., £5'J is. . ? Excursion yares to Coicabo: Return, flm sjlooa £59; second, £36. S.S. NARKUXDA, October 26,. taking pas sengers for ports beyond .Australia, includ ing New Zealand. ? , ' - ' ' v'i»iiors . are not allowed oa board. MACDONALD, HAMILTON and OO.- Agents, P. and 0. S.N. Co., ' St. Georse's House, Perth: Tel. 4659. ' . - ;2a PhiUimore-gt., t-emantle. AXD O., VIA THE CAPE 'SERVICE. ' ??' .OXE' CLASS OXLYi* $o 'DURBAN, CAPETUWX, and LOXD03. BBXALLiA ?11,100 tons xAbout Nov. -16.V. l.BALIt/tRAT-ri3,lt)O' ions ' About March ?', BilUiUMA '11,100 , tuus About Marcu :i 1 BEXALLA ' ? ll.lUO'.tonti About April -a Taking General and Refrigerating 0-argu. UKDLCED FARES: South Africa, from £21; return from £28. Loudcm, from £37, xeturn from £67. Round Trips to London, returning via S'tez by mail steamer, £110 lUs. Cargo booked subject to the' terms, con ditions, and exceptions bt' the Bill of L*d inc- ' . ?'. GEORGE WILLS and CO., LIMITED, N 1-5 B St. George 's-urrace, , Perth; ' PhilHmoro-otreet, Premantle. * BERDBEN BLUE.FUNNEL AND WHITE xV: ' STAB ' . , JOINT SERVICE. TO SOUTH AFRICA AND ENGLAND. ? - - CiLLlXG DUBBAX, CAPKrOW-N, and CANARY . 1SLAXDS.

bteamer. Tons. Commander. Sails. (e) Ceramic lb,io» J. Ko'berta .Nov. bx. (a) Xes-tor 14,ouo G.K.Houghton Xov. lo. (b) Themis- 11,-JaU \V. M. Jermyn Dec. 6. toclei. | (a) Uiysaes 14,500 A.L.Gordon Dec. 24; (c) Suevic lijOSu 1'. Musgrave je(:. So. (b) Demos-' U,2oO t'-.A. Oriss ^»u. ai. thenes by. F. bummers ii»f; 7. . (c) Medic 12,221 ' - (a)Ascanius lu.uuu J. Agnew Mar. 7. (c) Bunic i^tibt) W. H. Jones liar. IB. Ob)Euxipides lo.oUo P. J. Collins Mar. -6. (c) Ceramic 18,495 J. Buberte Apl. 14.' (a) Nestor - 14,500 j.K.Houghlor. Ap!. 11. (a) Carrying first-class passengers only. (b) Carrying tirst and third class passen gers only. , ? ' ? (c) Carrying cabin passengers only, (x) .Sails, from Albany. ; Particulars third class, see separate ad vertisement. FIRST CLASS FABES: To South Africa Single, from £56. Return, from £141. To United Kingdom:. Single, from £86; Iteturn, from £151. ? ' | ' CAiBiX FABES: Fremantle to South Africa — Single, from, £37; return,' from £67. To United. Kingdom: Single, from £56; return, from £101. Bound-the-World Tour's and Return Tic kets via Suez, America and the Far East, also Tours- to and' throughout south Africa, at reduced rates.* For further particulars apply to either D ALGETY and -*JMPAXi. LlMlTBD. (Phone No. A4157.J (Perth, Fremantle, Albany. GEO. WILLS and COMPANY, LIMITED, ('Phone A4148.) Perth and Fremantie. HEXBY WILLS and COMPANY, Albany, Joint Agents. ? A .BEBDEEN ? ' LINE. The Fast S.S. H0RATIUS, '7,960 Tons, Sails from Fremantle about October 27. For HULL and L0XD0X via SUEZ. Taking Wool and General Cargo Serving Perth Wool Sales. Booking of cargo subject to the terms and conditions and exceptions of ihe company'! biU of lading. For rates and other particulars, apply to DALGETY and COMPANY, LIMITED, Agents, ? /Perth and Fremantle. ? A BERDEEN ? LIXE. NOTICE TO THIRD-CLASS PASSENGERS. THEMISTOCLES, 11,250 tons. Dec. 6. DEMOSTHENES, 11,250 tons, Jan. 31. EUKirlDJiS, 15,000 tons, March 28. These steamers, m addition to First Si-loon, have excellent accommodation for Third class Passecgere. But ths in large and airy 2, 4 and 6 berth cabiru, *are available at the following rates: — To South Africa, £25, £22, £21. To England, £43, £39, £37. Au Particular.) Obtainable from UALGBT* and CO.. LTD. ? W.A.S.N. COMPANY LIMITED AND THE OOEAN STEAMSHU' CO.. LIMITED. KOKTH-WKST FUi*TS, JAVA AXD ? SINGAPORE. ? Steamer. bail About. Destination. lioKUON. Oct. 2a. Singapore (a). 11 a.m, MINDEROO Nov. 12. Singapore. CENTAUR Xov. 28. Singapore. GASCOYXE. .Dec. 12. Singapore. (a) Calling Gera'dton, Shark Bay, Carnar von, Maud's Landing (circumstances per mitting), Beadon Point, Cossack Roads, Port Hedland, Broomc, Derby, Sourabaya, and Batavia. f aseeosers can leave the steamer at Soura baya. journeying by rail to Batavia, and viewing the inland scenery. Beeervieg Cargo H shed from 8 a.m. on 23rd to noon on 28th. Deck Cargo from 8 pjn. to noon 28th. itecei-ving Cargo Perth Wharf from 8 a.m. on 25fii to 3 p.m. on 27th. Keduced Return Tickets to Java and Singa pore available for three months; — To Java. £42; to Singapore with break of Journey at Java, £-15. DALGETY and COMPANY. LIMITED Agents for Western Australia. FIRST Prize, £1,000. Ugly Men's Sweep on the Melbourne Cup. Only 7 more days. KY Craven's Little Liver Pills for that headache. Is. bottle. ? IF your Storekeeper can't supply Boylat (Polish, just write 'Burford's.

? SHIPPING. ? QkIE-NT LIXB ? _0F. . STEAMERS. .For PLYMOUTH and LONDON'. / Via Colombo, Suez. Xaples and Toulon. JItSOVA 12,041 Oct. 25. !)RV1ETO 12.1-J3 Xov. 8; 3TRAXTO 20,000 Xov. 22. 3RONSAY 20,000. Dec. 20. DSTERiLEY 12.134 Jan. 3. 3RAMA ?. 20,000 Jan. 17_ 3BMUZ 14,588 Jan. 31. URSOVA' 12,041 . Feb. 14; i OBVIETO 12,133 Feb. 28. ' l,TRANrO - 20,000 Mar. 14. 3RM0.NDE 14,653 . Mar. 28. DKOXS4Y 20,000 ApL' 11. DSTERLEY . 12,184 Apl. 25. DRAMA ' 20;000 May 9. DRMUZ J4.5S8 May 23. 0RSOVA ,', 12,041 June 6. SALOON Fares to London, £92 to £128. I'MIRD'CLASS. £38 to £44. 0RIEXT STEAM XAVIGATIOX CO.i LTD., New Zeataud Chambers, luj St. George's- . terrace. Ferph, and at Fremantie. pAXADA. UNITED STATES, EUROPE. LAXADIAN-AUStRAL ASIAN B.M.' MAIL.' Sydney to Vancouver, via Auckland, Suva and Honolulu (three clawes). ^ AuitASUl ' 22,000 tons disp. ' i Xov. 18. MAG'ARA I 18,600 tons disp.' I Uecriti. V . UNION ROYAL MAIL LIXE. Sydney to San ' Francisco, .via Wellington, .«; Karotonga . and Tahiti (three clatset). M.AKURA ? 1 13,000 tool disp. I Sow. 4. TAHITI ll3;000 two top. | Dec. 2. . . - He huh tickets to U.K. may be made, avail- able to return' by, P. and O., Orient,, N.Z. Shipping Co.. lines] etc. For particulars' of fares, apply 10 ? ?' ' ? '. ? -MACDOXALD, HAMILTOX and CO., , j . ? Perth and Kremin-t'e. _, ?? ,. 'AVIATION. . ? ' A V^ I A | T ,' I p- -S NORVH-WEST .PORTS. , ? ' . AEROPLANES -'N Leave, Perth Every -Thursday at 6 a.m., foi ,, All Ports to: DERBY. .. ?.Returning 4 p.'m.^Every Tuesday. ? Inquiries Passengers '.'and ' Freight, r. W.A. AIRWAYS, LTD.'.,' , -. V 85 -A.M.P. Buildings, ' '.???'.? .Perth/,.,.' ..,-.'- , ,'?, CHARABANCS. ?? ?? HUDSON TAXI 'SERVICE, .Perth/ York, Greenhills, -Dangih, Quairading. . Yoting; Kwolyiu,. Bruce -Rock;'; leaving: Mondayt, WedntSdays, Fridays, returning' Tuesdays; Thursdays, Saturdays. /'-Bookings Alpine Taxi Service. 5, Palabe'Ohambers. .Fares'. 10s.' York, 20s. Quairading.'3.05.* Brace Bock. - ,' A U.— NOBTH ' . ,. ' BEACH. ix^AXD WATERMAN'S .BAY PIOXEEB J . ?'? SEBVICE, .'??? ' .'-, ??? ,?. CRIMSON CHABABANCS: V 7 ?iBeducod Farak, ,S»'.. 6;d. return, 2«.'-»ir^!e. Datity.rrAveHioj'ia ijer^inonth or J2»l' weekly. Bojoy a comfojrtaoJe ride in the most upto date Ciarafoa'Dic-inATJ, Leaving. St. George's tor.,. near.Foy % Ihafilyi Extra trip . Week Days and Saturdays from Perth- 9 a.m., {mm B5«-ih 10 am. pttier trips as usual. Inquire' i*t WiA. CiarAbanc Agency or ring A. Lehmiann A5831. Pr^lTH.r ? IrWILLIAMS— .NARBOGIN.' ^ Leaves Berlh every Tuesday, ; Thursday! and, Saturday, 'at 8.3Q a.m., calling at Bod dington',. Marr'addng,- and , Quindanning on Tuesday trip taiy. .Fares: . Narrogin, 16». 6d.; Williams, 15s.; Boddington, 11s.;; radon'g, 13«.'6d.; Quindauhing 16«.' ? ?.'??. YORK.— YORK — Y0RKV ? ' Leaves daily at O^a.m., arrive York ' 12, noon. Leaving.York-at;2. p.m.' arrive Perth 5 p.m. Book! eatly. '.Fares,. 11s.- single. York bookings, at B.. lnkpen.v Newsagent, York. ^ PERTH — TOODYAY — XOBTHAM^ ?- . Leaves -Perth., daily at 9 a.m. 'Fare* 10s.' single Toodyay;-.'lls. single Northam. : BOOK at W:A: CHARABANC AGEXCY, LTD., 125 .SC'.Gebrge's'-ter., opp. Foy ant Gibbon's.; Tel:, A6516. ? . ? J ~T . ' DRESS AND FASHION. t M' . -' . GBXU1XE BEDUCnOXS In .XWlttnes of ' . L-VDltS' HANDBAGS ? /' ' :.--/.? - ' .'?;.: 'At ' ?? - ' ? . i JfATJLABOXE'S ? \VeiI-kri3Tvn .' ?? ? T~- , PK.B5EXTAT10N HOUSE. KUR THIiS 'WKBK OXL'Y. SiuurU Bnve'ioV' ^iaiMi. . in ifawn or grey velvet,, snake ca.i(. with koinMrkare, .safety. fT-xrae, loiraiur, «tc, iteuaJly J'5a. fid.; Rc duvod to llj». Gil. ' Soam in^-lijvk Mopkico, a weM finahed HaciJ-a.;, usu-aiSy 15s. Gd.: lUJuced to '10s. Od. ' . - Embossed 0»lf Suede. HAXDBAG. with to'ict flt'Xngs in .iron:, a -pi»Hty handbag, usuariy tt3». «d.; 'Keductd to 19s. lid:

' i . B.UM3.A1X VALUES IN ?FIBRE SHOPPING CASKS.. from 2s. 9d.' ?FIBRE LU-.MOH CASSS from 1*. FIBRE ATTAUHE' C-ASESfrom 3s. 3d. F1BBE.S.U1T CASES from ,0s. l'ld. LEATHER TRAVELLIXG GOODS ?' OF ALL KLSD3, AT BBDROOK.PBIOES. .JfALL.UJONB'S. 'MALLEYITB' . Tra-red Goods Manufacturers. Sho»-roo.!na : .Factory : Kl WWiam-st. Coiin-st.. Catalogue Post Free OSIERY ' ? : OS1ERY ? r ? HOSIERY ? ' ? ' , . , 'AILS, A' is. the brand of Hosiery which Jus .proved that exceptional qu&lriy can go hand. in hand with low prices. Buy direct by Mail, and keep in your own pocket the retailor's profit. 'Xilsa' Hosiery is available in a very wide range of colourii. . (No. 50) ART SUiK. Fally spliced heel, -foot and toe, per pair ? ~g- ? 2s. lid., post free. (Xo. ltK)) ART SILK. Fully spliced heel, foot aid toe, with .lisle euicer top, -wren, into silk of special quality^ per pair . . . . 4s. 3d., post free. (Xo. 150) ART SILK, FASHIOXED. Fully spliced heel, foot and toe, superior qoalhy silk throughout, per pair 4s. lid., post. free. (Xp. 200) HALF ART AND PURE SILK. Fashioned, fully spliced Reel, foot and toe, per pair ? 7s. 6d,, post free. Write today. State the colour and size you require. Order the quality by simply quoting the number i^hown in brackets. ART SILK KXITTED 'TIES FOB MEN AXD WOMEN. The prices of tiese ti&- defy competition^ They come in nil the latest patterns &nd shades. S«t of Three — Cut Prices, 5s. 9d. post free, single tie, 2s. 6d. peat free. Send no money until you see the goods we forward to you on approval. DIRECT 'MAIL ORDER COMIPAA'Y, -. Surrey Chambers, Perth, Western Australia. (Our Goods are tho Best and Cheaper because Our Costs are Less.) ? IT'S an ill wind that .blows nobody any good. The boisierou.s weather of the past week has givtn our workrooms a chnnce to replenish our stocks, with the result that we have rtow on view many beautiful model frock's, skilfully made from the latest eilk fabrics. A visit to out showrooms will cer tainly pay you. Let, us supply your whole summer outfirt on Easy Terms, THE PREMIER SUPPLY COMPANY, Th« Premier Easy Terms Store,v 129-131 St. George's-terrace, iPerth (opp. Foy'c — our only address). ? TAILORING is an art, .ind years of ex periemce has made us experta. We can tailor for you on Easy Terms — in other words, you can be supplied with the smartest of Suits for a few shillings » week. We can suit, you and satisfy you in every tray. Call and see oiir range of materials to ay' XEW ZEALAXD WO0LLEX.CO., comer Hay and Williams -tts. (over. Sydaipy Shoe Store, entrance Hay.-st.). IT'S DISPLAY WEEK At .BAIRDS. MAY 1 pay a deposit on 'a. Ring in your window -that I fancy for a Xmas Pre sent t Oartai-aly you may. with the greatest of plea-sure. Pui a deposit on anything you may choose, :be it Jewellery or Watch, ond I'll keep it for you until Xm»s Eve; foT my future assured sutoess is embedded in your entire satisfaction. MORRIS MARKS, the Swiss Watch Expert, cora«r of Barrack and Murray sts. ,_FOB THOROUGH REPAIES or Special Size Cases, etc., in TBAVELL1XG and FANCY GOODS. MALLABOXE'S, Presentation House, ? Williain-st. Tel. A1302. ? LOXG Hair. Long Hair. All smart women are now letting their Hair grow and having it permanently waved, which helps to overcome the difficult growing stage. The famous Eugene Oil Process, used by Mrs, Kay Taylor, 50 High-su. Frema-ntle. Tel. B1015. ELBOURXE Oup, £1,000 first prize. Ugly Meoi's Sweep. Only 7 more days.

DRESS AND FASHION. T. L L. L. U U L. LUMS'S MOXDAY SP«CIAL8. h. L. LUMS'S MOXDAY SPECIALS. L. L DAIRY PRODCCE. L L. ' BUTTER, choicest imported. If, L. L 8d. 1b. '? L. BUTTER,' Best Local, Is. 6d. 1b. 1* L. GUTTER, 'pood pastry. Is. 3d. lb. L. L. -'Prims BAOOX KASHERS, Is. od. L. L. lb. L- L. HAM RASHERS, 1*. 10d. lb. L. L. Grcyere CHEESE-, Is. 9d. box. 1. L. Prim« CHEESE. Is. lb. L. L. ? Xew Laid Hen' EGGS, Is. 2d. doi. L Ii.- Xew Laid Duck EGGS, . Is. Sd. L. L. dozen. L. Bmhell's TE.V, 2«..3d. lb. L. L . 1I0NDAY SPECIALS. L. L.. ' PRODUCE: ? !?? ?L. LocaUA'ew POTATOES, 2s. Sd. L. Xj stone ? l / ^** L. (Prime White .ONIONS, 6lb. 1. L. L. WZETIES or CKlSPlES 8d and L. L. ls.'Gd. packet. . ~' . f- L. CHICK FOOD., '51b. Is. -? - L. ' ' MONDAY SPECIALS. . , L; PIXEAPPLE CUBES (Ricksha L. L. brand), lid. tin. .- . L. L. PIE APPLES,' Is. 2d. tin. L. L. , Dbssert PEACHES.' lid. un. L. L. Pie APBlLOTS, iH. tin. L. L. - JELI.YOBY§TALS, 2s. 9d. doz.; L, L. . 31d. packet. ( l' L. NewMsiws ^lUED FRUtrS, L L. Golden Drop PLUMS, 9d. lb. , L. ,L. APRICOTS, is. id. lb. ''?- L. Dried APPLE RINGS, Is. 2d, lb. , L L. PRUXES, 1W. lb. J* L. Seeded RAISINS,' 6Jd. lb. L L. Fresh DATES,. 4id- Ik- ~ \' K. ' ' - Li. L ' MOXDAY SPECIALS. . L.. L.- WHITE W11CH, ,7.d. bar .L L. i - Giant Bars SOAP, Is. 4Jd. bar. L L. Best Brown SOAP, 9Jd. oar. L L. Velvet SOAP, lOd. bar. L. L. 'Palmolive Bath SOAP. 6 cakes L. s- is- '- 1 —^ : . k L. . MOXDAY ' SPECIALS. 1 L. Arnobfs Famous Biscuits, . Muk L.. L.. Arrowroot, 6fcd. packet.' Sao Crack- L-, L. ers, 6Jd. picket; Monte -Carlo, 8id. Ii. L., packe;; Coo-e, 9d. packet. ' .. L. Jj. Hunt's RICE-, GlXtfER XUT, and !l;.; L.' -TEA .BISCUITS, 10d. lb. _ ' ^ ?L. OYSTEft CKACKEBS andCBACK- L. L. 'LETT, 8d. lb.; Cabin.'Ed. lb. - , L: L. Rich Fruit CAKE, 7&d. lb. ,s; L- -L '.'? MONDAY SPECIALS. ' !?-' L. Full Cream MILK, 9*d. tin. v Ii.- L. Jones's' Favourite «AM, lid. Un. L. L. O.K. Fig, JAM, lsV 3d. tin. . I. L. Jones's or O.K. Btrawbtrry CON- L. L. SERVE; 10id. and-l«. 6d. tin. L. L. . O.K.. MABMALADE, giass jar,^ L. -S ' BLACK CUREAXT,' Is. 3d. 4in. ' L h. ?- ' BASPBEHRV, Is. 3d.' tin. - L. L. QU1XCE, lOd. tin. ' L. L. - :PLUM, lOd. tin. - . L. L. '.MELOXS,- Md. Ua. . ' L. L , ? .; . .: — _^_: ? - ? L. L MONDAY SPECIALS. L. L. CAMP PIE; large tins, Is. L. L. ? O.K.. Tomato -SAUCE, 'lid. bottle. L. L. TOMATO ?: SAUCE, large bottle, L. L. lid.* : ' , .' -. ' ' L. L.. Seaport's VINEGAR, 1-s.' bottle. L. L.- HAM'PATE. 3 tins, lid. L. L-.' . GRAVY SALT, 2jd. tin. ' ' L. L. TABLE SALT, 44d. packet.. L. I*, California ASPARAGUS, l's, Is. L. L. 5d.tin, 2's, 2s. 6d. tin.' L. Li. ? ? ' ' - — — - ' ? ^ h, MOXDAY SPECIALS. L.' ,L. SALMON, 1'a, pink, 6id. tin. L. ;U SALMON, l's,' pink. lOJd. tin. . L. L. ' Horseihoe SAL-MOX, Is. »d. tin. L. L. ? ?- ? ? '.-' L. L : MONDAY' SPECIALS. ' ,L.. L; /Kitohen' Favouriie . Self -Biis- :? 1»'' L: .ing FLOUR. 7ib. picket, U. 8d. L. L.' Loose 'STARCH, ^-7|d. Ih. L. K ? ? : ? ?.??? , ' L L U0XDAY SPECIALS. - L. L. Beat Safety MATCHES, 6Jd. L. L. doien. . ? ? ? . . ' L L. A.J.C. TOMATO -SOUP, 6d. tin. L. L.: ? HEALTH SALINE^-ls. 3d. tin. L. U. - ? ? ?-? — ~-* /' ' I' L MONDAY SPECIALS; ' L. ,L. CAMPHOR, is. dozen,- cakes. L. L. ? O'-Cedar Mop OIL. Is. 4d. bottle. L. L. 'Xu-Gold. Boot POLISH, 5 tins 1». L. L. WATERGLASS, for Preserving 'L. 'L. Eggs., large bottle. 9d. ..-'?' '. L. L. .OVO, Is. 3d. aid. Is. 9d. tin. L L. sCloudy jUIMOX^A,. large bottle, L. L. '5Jd.'- . . ,.;v. :??::. .- ' ?' , L. 'L. PHEXYiE,,&id. 3argt. bottle. ' L. L. I'aVrisli's CHKM10AL FOOD, M. L L. bottle. ' . ?'? ? L. L. Eight ..Ties ' Millet BROOMS; 2s. h. L. lid. each. ?'' -: . . ?; .- L. L. 3CRUB3IXG BRUSHES. Od. each. I,. L. — : ? ' L. L E. A. LUMS.and CO., L. L K.' A. LUMS and CO., L. L. E. A. LUMS and CO., I.. L.. ' ': L L. 433 HAY-STREET, L. h. SUBIAC0, L. 1^. ? ? \ , ? L.

L. COUNTRY ORDERS L. L. Packed 'and Put on Rail or Boat L. L. ' Ffe». ? L. L. ? L. L Te-pLon«: A1860 and A5502 (two L. L. linea). ''. L. L. ' L U. L. . L. L. L. L. L. ?-'?'/?? / ' ARE YOU THINKING OF FURNISHING A HOME Are you thinking of renewing your Linos, Dining Room Suite, Bedroom Suite or an; article of Furniture in your home! Then call and tee us, or -write or 'phone.. Our prices are right. And we will arra&^t EASY TERMS to suit if.neeesaary. W. SMITH and CO.. House tFnnisberi. Drapers, 448 Fitzgeraid-st., North Pertk. 48' High-st., Frenuml*. 185 York-id., Midland Junction. ?Phones A3875; B14S, L191. YELDOX'S. YELDOS'S ' Have - Just Opened. A Really Beautiful Assortment of TUFF BOXES, . Complete with PUFF and illRROB, Ta5tefui-y decorated and thaped. Is. 6d. e.ich. For GoAd Value in Manicure Sets, Sewing Sets. Hand Baga, Baskets. Plain or Brilliant Hair Decora tions, Millinery Pins, Brooches, etc., Call at YELDOX'S, 596 Hay-street, and at 114 William-street. LATEST Cuts from Paris in Bobbing and Shingling. We cut to suit the contour. 1 can turn your grey hair back to its natural coiour without injury to hair. Xo failures. Beautiful Switches at low prices. May Price, 621 Hay-st.. opp. Ahera's. ? 'TV ! X! BURNETT. Go to the WALDORF for your home made CHOCOLATE. SWEETS and CAKES.* At all times and on all occasions jou will enjoy these delicious confections. Dainty AfMraoon Teas, Light Lnacheon: and Suppers. THE WALDORF. 811 Hay-strtet. TENDERS. ~~ ». DOUGLAS JONES and CO.. LTD. SAW, MOULDING, AND JOINERY MILLS Tel. M21 and 37 Guildford. BALTIC FLOORINGS AND LININGS, YELLOW P1XE, RED DEAL. AND EVERYTHING REQUIRED FOB THE BUILD1XG TRADE. TMBEB AXD HARDWARE MEBCHANTS. Customers, blow our horn for us by telling others how we treat you. A''' A PEBMAXEXT CEILING. TINDALFS PLASTER BOARD. Mado to any Design. Plain or Ornamental. CHEAP. DURABLE, ARTISTIC. WORKS. Manufacturers of — Cement Cistern*, Troughs, Baths, Rol.'ori, Lavatory Basiras, etc., etc., and P'raeter Ornaments of nil descriptions. TINDALE, Modeller. 875 Wellington-street. Perth TRY Craven's for Spectacles; no fancy prices.

? TENDERS. ? A.A.A.- ? ? IT'S DISPLAY .WEEK At ? BAIRPS. ? BEFORE IBUnfUXG A CONCRETE MIXER See ? SAUNDEBS «nd STUART PTY^ LIMITED, 276 James-street. Tel. A564S (two 'lines). We h«v» the very latest type in stock, ' wich or without patent loader and uoi*t- We aJso carry Large Stocks of All ? STRQCTUKAL STEEL SEOTIOX'S. BRIGGS.-T. J.. Lime and Stone Merchant. 76 King-street, Perth. I quote for Builders' Lime. Ground Lime, Ground Lime stone, Special Spraying Lime, Agricultural' Lime, on trucks at the worka'or delivered in any part of ths State. Also supply Cow Hair, Cement, Gravel, etc. If you want the Very Best Material and Lowest ? Possible Prices, write for particulars. Life experience in the trade. 1 am the Lime Men. Note the address: 75 K1NG-ST.. PERTH. Tel. 1684. RICKS.— Sole Agent for' State Bricks. ? Prices quoted,', delivered . Wire Cut, Fire and all kinds of Fancy Bricks stocked. Blue Metal Screening!. Lime, 5s. 6d. bag. Gravel, £1 load delivered. J. Bradley, .cor ner.Boe and. Fitzgerald sts., Perth. .A1105. Trr-.ULIN . ' ROAD IK „-*./. TENDERS are invited' up to « -Hl on .Tuesday, Xovember 2, 1-926, for a Ctae&jion to SUPPLY ELECTaiCITY with.* the townsite of Kulin. All particulars may be obtained the Secretary of the Road Board. ' B.. WRIGHT, Sec T OCALLY MANUFACTUBBD. XJ SWAN BRAND CEMENT. Guaranteed to pass British ,Std. Spec., 1925 Can be obtained from all merchants or direct ' . from Works, in any quantities. 19s. 6d. per 3 bags Net. Equals 1 Cask ? 10 bags' or under 3d. each Cartage to ? ' railway. w!i.. PORTLAND CEMENT CO., LTD., ? ; BIVEBVALE. . ..' . .,,. Tel.,A2960. . MILLS and CO.; PROPRIETARY. LTD, -Corner Murray and Pier.ets., Perth. . ... BUILDERS;— SenoVy'ottr plan for an esti mate,-' and,4 cover Vyour/ropf with pur' Higa- class- ?Htles.-Y Workmanship - guaranteed. ; .',4' '-'-,'? Manufacturers .rf '? Booting . Tiles (Marseilles patten), v . Stonem;ara:Pipe31ind,:FittiDgi. . ' O^ani'iW^IPedestaliPins. ... - Paving,' and.. Garden Edging' -Tiles. .'. Fireplace': Bricks.. -/;?..? ?. l,~ : .T.Fife? Bricks and Blocks. :? .^., ' Kitchen Crockery, . etc. ?-' LAEGE STOeKS1 ALWAYS ON HAND. Sewerage, fittinga and 'Plumbers' Sappiitt Kept in Stock. .'?..T*l. A4260. SAGAB'S ? ? ENGLISH WOODWOBKING MACHEfEBY. 1 The highest degree of manufacturing, ex ceUence.. All .bail bearings and all ,paru manufactured from high-grade ailoy steels, ground -to micrometer gauge and ialanced. . !? ' Also BELGIAN , WOODWORKING MACHINERY. Modern Design. Faithful.. Manufacture. . iMbderate Prices. ' j ' .Inspection cori'illy invited of stocks now on showat ?? . ? 'v ?. ? . . 1 : ' 35. King-street, Perth.. '. - 'WILLIAM ADAMS and CO., LTD« j '' ? '35 King-street;- Perth. -- rn ? 'E 'N.1 ' D B B. THB LICENSING ACT, 1911-22. TENDERS. fxw a Premium for 4 Provisional .Certificate for a Publican's Genorai Licence in the Perth Lieensing^District on. « cite to ibe approved by -the Licensing Court will i» receiv« the ucd^TEigned up to noon on MONDAY. :J-0VEM'BEB S, 1926. ( Particulars of the accommodaiion to be provided may be obtained a.t this office. A deposit of 5 perceut^ to be lodged with each tender. ' . . . The, highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Applications for the'- Provision Certificate will be 'heard, ;at the quarterly sitttng of the Perth Licencing Court, to take ptaco at Perth on Doceo-ber 6 next,^or kot any adjournment thereof.' There fore! t-^nSt*M^'«Kbttldr-ibe7 Iira parid in lods« tb*-r' Vrrpiltjntion; AoawtirT with 'plans ani ^pecLH«i.^?n£, .Vithia -,'tx :rvo preaoribodrSy^lfe; let' ~ / ?''?*'- 1« All tenders «houJd be addressed ?» the Chairman of the Licensing Court, snd rauiied 'Tender for Ppovisiona.1 Certificate.' ? ' By Order, . . ?-- ? ; H.'B. .HAYLBS, Clerk of the Licensinc Ooaxt. Centmi Government Offices, Perth, October 23. 1926. ?

rpEXDERS-are invited until noon of Satur A doy, October 30. for the v ERECTION OF A SMALL W.B. COTTAGE. To be erected at Beechboronjrhj'i -via' Bas- ?endean, for Hrs. A. Bracken. jThe lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted'. ' EDGAB LE B. HENDBBSON, V3JJL, ' . v ' Architect, Commercial Bank Chambers, Perth. ? rpEXDERS are invited until noon on Satur X. day. November 6, for the EBECTION of PROFESSIONAL CHAMBEES, St. George's terrace, Perth, for D. R. Davies, Esq! ?' Quantities by Mr. George Allan. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Plans, specifications and quantities obtain able' at our offices. . E. SUMMEBHAYES and SON, Architects and Engineers', ^ Colonial Mutual Chambers, Perth, t TENDERS are invited until Monday, No vember 1, at noon for the ERECTION and . COMPLETION of ADDITIONS to PUBLIC ^HALjD, Rnjarrah, for the Commit tee. '.~ '...?' ?? :._ i ' -.'y . The-.JoTrest or any .tender not necessarily accepted. ' Plans .and specifications .may be seen at our offices and at Pinjarrah. ' ? E. SUMMERHAYES and SON, - Architects and Engineers, Colonial Mutual Chambers, Perth. T,E X ' D E R vS Are Invited for S1XKIXG a- WELL, Approrinwitely 35ft.. on the Property of the Fremantle Public Hospital. * Full particulars may be obtained from the undersigned. Tenders will close on the 26th 'inst. at noon. A. T. HOOKWAY, Secretary. riTEXDERS are invited for CARTIXG ap X proximately 15,000 to 20,000 bigs of W-Hl'AT to Waeel, Meckering, and Cnnder din,' and SCO tons Super as back loading. Satisfactory guarantee of performance re quired. Xo tender necessarily accepted. A. J. H. WATTS and SONS. Waeel ; or 'Phone 2 North Cnnderdin ^HEXDERS are inviied until Xoon. Satnrdav X 'Xovember 6, for the BRECTIOX and COMPLETION of a BRICK VILLA, in For tescus-st.. East Kremantle. Plans may be obuined from MR. Ii. LEWIX. corner Canning-road and Moss-street, ? East Frcrnarule. ? TOEXDERS axe invited until Xoon, Saturday. X Xovember 6, for the ERECTIOX and COMPLETION of a BRICK VILLA in FOR te£cue-st.. East 'Fremant'e. Plans may be obtained from R. R. LEWIX. Corner Cannin-g-rd. and Moss-st., East Fremantle. EXDERS -aro invited -for EBECTI0X mA COMPLETIOX of WAR SERVICE HOMD in Maple-st.. Victoria Park. Pians and specifications may be obtained at Corner Ascot -rd. and Kooyong-rd.. Rivervole mEXDERS for PCRCH.rSE *ad REMOVAL 1 of SERVICE STATION BUILDISG will be received to 25th inrf. H. DeMOULIX. 147 Ade!a«de-*tTeet. ? mHERE XEED BE XO WASTE ? X where gable tilling* are concerned, for we supply DURABESTOS, al ready cut to size and shape with out extra charge for cutting. This means it is ready to fix. and therefore saves time and money. Moreover, Durabestos never fails oui or cracks, nr Iook3 shabby. WUXDEBLICH LIMITED ? _ Manufacturers, Lord-street, Perth. rw\d BUILDERS The Date for Ri-ceivin» Tenders, for Che Proposed Sew Hotel. Corner of A'.bnnyr.l. and S:ate-s:., Vbrnria Park. For the 'Swan Brew-pry .Company. Ltd.. HAS BEKN KXTKXHKD L'XTii. WEDXESDAY SKXT. OCTOBER 27. At Xoon. HOBBS, SMITH and FOBBBS, Arrhitwt*. fit. Georje's-terrace, Pcrti. October 23, 1026.

? TENDERS. ? TK) ' .' PAIKTEBS. Tenders stc invited aid -wili close at oar office at noon on Wednesday, Xovember 3, for . GEXEEAL PAINTING BEXOVATIONS to the 1NTEBI0B of the PALACE HOTEL, Perth, for Mr. J. H. Glonxey. The lowest or any other tender not neces sarily accepted. Specifications, tender forms, ete, la«y--i« obtained from EALES and COHEN, V-V .TtT * . , Architects. * 23 Williani-Et.. Perth. ? rpO PATTPPlTRg Tenders stre inrited andi iriH etos« at onr office at neon on Wednesday, November 3 for GENERAL PAINTING BENOVATIOSS to the EXTKEIOB of the PALACE HOXEb for Messrs. Atkins, Bros, Ltd. , The lowest — r— r — *— -tmrlnr nnl ticiiisi sarily accepted. Specifications, tender ' frnmn «lf . nnj j^j obtained1 from - EALES and! C0HEH. FJ^BJX, ' Architects, ? 23 William-street, Perth.' rpd' ' [ TWTTT.nTOq' TENDERS are -nrvited svnd -nit o« zaesmi at Noon of tFmdiy, October 2a Cor tba EBECTION and: COMP-JUETION ot 3ZSL DEXCE, Vietoria-aTe., Claiemont. 4»T-tiIor- ria Grawcour, Esq. ? Keithet lowest nor ajry-Tamier ??aMaBBrSf aocepied. ' . Plans, etc, at my office. . , S. BO3BSTHAL; Aftr k i . 'Awfliiteet, Warwick -Bocse, St. Geong»'»4er9'£atk. TeL 6337. ' ' / * - ' rp-- I \ CONTBAOTOBaJ S. S. POBTEB. ABCHITECT, Invites Tenders Until Noon of .Tuesday, November 2. for Making Additions' (in brick) to BANK PREMISES AT GNOWANGKRUP ' FOB THE NATIONAL BANK OF ATJSTRA« LASIA, LIMITED, No Tender necessarily.' accepted. % *' Plan-and Specification may be eng»ged.-ai Office. T. and. G. Chambers. St. George's-ter. TO BUILDERS.   TENDERS are invited until 3 pm. on November 4. for the ERECTION and COM   PLETION of a CEMENT BRICK HALL at Walgoolan.. Plans and specifications may be seen at   the road Board Office; Merredin on and   after October 24,     The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted.   Tenders to be marked 'Tender for Wal   goolan Hall'. and addressed to . C. M. TAYLOR,   Hon. Sec. Hall Committee, Walgoolan. WESTERN AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT TRAMWAYS AND ELECTRICAL   SUPPLY   TENDERS are invited for ALTERATIONS and ADDITIONS to the CAB BARN IAVA TOEY.ACCOMMODATION, E«t Perth; Tenders returnable not later than noon oa Monday. -November' 1, 1926, to' the General' Manager, Tramways and Electricity Supply, 514 .Hay-street, Perth, from -whom, all in formation, may be obtained. No tender necessarily accepted. ? l Knvelope to 'be marked 'Tender *tfor--?ar Bam Lavatory Alterations.' ? ' Ev A.SVAJSS, '- Deputy CommjggkiDer of-Ba&raya. T^.A. GOVEBNMENT TENIXEB BOAfflt MOJOB-TBAXSiPOBT AT WOOBOLOO. ^ TENDERS-, addressed to the Ohasnaa. Go» ennnent Tender -Boirrd; Mnrray-«fa«et, Perti. will be received- tp till 2.1S pjai on Tfcnrs day. Xovember 4, 1926, for MOTOB aBANS POBT-SERVICB between the railway: ste&n at Woproloo and- the Woorploo '^iMliiiiinn. dnriri£a period of twelyB months. :'-. Forms' and^ paniculars- ftiom the SeereWj. Wooroibo Sana-toriom* and- from the Ttadsiv signed. - .' ; ^ : No.tendw neeessarily accepted ., . ' H. C./TRETHOWAN, Ctebnaa, .

EDUCATIONAU .; .,,..-; rpHE PUSSBYTEBIAN '?JiSKBe1' X OOLLEGB, - Peppermint Grove, .Oottesbe. fPhoae F235. ' MISS-E. B. flNLAYSON. UA^ Prbefcal Boarders' and: Day Seholars. '. ProspeeUu and all {-artienlan tron-Conac e or CoKege Office, 23 Barrack-Btreev Perti. ?Phone A2143 ' ..' ~*'' INSURANCE.,'. '?*? ^^-OE^^043™' ? \ FIBE, ACCIDENT, HAEErB, Manager: ' ' » C. E. HABBISON. ? , Viking House. William-street. Perth. LOST AND FOUND: ~ (Sixteen, words, Is. 6d.; siz consecsttra in sertions, 7s. -6d.) ? LEFT in, 5.15 p.m. tram ex Nadtatis, PrEday, 22nd, Storil IPSTcel, containis; felt hat. Reward retorning 73 Archdeacon. sk.'XedlaiMis. ? t LSFT in Bairway Carriage, Perth Station, Attache Case, containing wearing app» rej and' insurance policies. Reward. PoHer Holder. L.EFT 1.50 train from 'Fremantle, Friday, Lady's Handbag, containing notes docu ments. Reward. .6 Marine-ter., FTemanae. IOST. Saturday evening. Motor Ban. Tjie i and Tube, between Fremantle and GvIId ford. Finder please ring G. Sudlow, Pre» mantle Boad Board. Tel. B318. Btwrard. LOST, last week, between vicinity Queen's Park station and Bulwer-ave.. Deal 'Box, containing books and perhaps china-rare. £3 reward. M132, this office. ^ ?- ? LOSI', Lady's Grey Gatordkre . Orarooat, *eft W^-0.A_ Grounds Sat«rrd*y afier roon. Return 1323, Hay-st^ West Perti. AWOS, Reward. , ? . LOST. Motor Lorry Cover. iAddress_'~et I cover. R. Morton, Lime and Stone Merchant, Spearwood. Finder rewarded. Ring BO63. ? - ? LOST, Pearl Xwklace. between 3S9 Wil ' Ham-st. and Horseshoe Bridre, Friday. Finder rewarded returning 383 \7illiam-st. LOST Tennis Racquet. Coverj Shoes. Thursday at cr. of Xamur and Fitz gerald sts.; reward, 507 Fitzgerald-st. LOST, Hictory-st., South Beach, or South ter.,' Lady's Black Handbag, money, re ceipt. R*tuin C«rrie. Hickory-rt. LOST, Friday night. 0.45 train from Pre mantle! Diamond Solitaire Ring. Reward. J. Brodie. Taxation Department. ? LOST. Brown Stole, between JPremantlM-d. and Terrace. Finder kindly return 391 Suburban-rd., South Perth., LOST, Rim with Tyre, between Marmioa and John sts.. Cottesloe. Return 223 Brisbane-st.. Perth. Reward. ? LOST. Australian Terrier. chiM's pet .Finder pOejse .leave mesaige for Greg son, core SJcipper Batey. LOST. Child's. Brown Coat. Victoria Part Return ' 34 Keightley-rd.. Subiaco, 'Phone A1664. ? i_ LOST. Black and White Wh'PPet. answers name Peter. 24 Wittenoom-st. Reward. LOST. Male Pup, white. Reward return __C1Jr Steel. Cottesloe. ? 'VrORTH* FREMAXTLE MUXIOIPALITY. Impounded. Xorth Fremantle Pound. 1 Bay OeMinfr, brand near side shoulder A4W, previously advertised AIM. If not claimed within time allowed by lav will be sold to defray expenses. Apply to the undersigned. Oval. Xorth Fremantle. X. KESSY. Pouadkeeper. PAY Envelope, marked T. Truman, contain ing notes, (rood reward on returning to 15 Lyall-st.. South Perth, or 'Phone C73. PBRSOX who found Boy's Overcoat. Ly ceum Pit-tares. Friday night, please re turn 17 Psrk-rd.. or Lycenm. ? STRAYED' from 6'3 Burt-»t.. North Perth. Brown and White Collie Do;. Owner anxious. Finder rewarded. WOULD .the gentleman who gave girls a lift, motor car. Leederville. Tuesday, iplease return bag left in car. 150 Mnrray-st. 7S — PILES: Pure Extracts of Bare and \U Aaluable Herbs, speedily and effectively Cures Pilej without drugs, ointments, or oponr.kus. Gives quick relief. Absolutely safe, permanent results. Three stamps foT particulars. Sharp, Rosslyrj-st., West Lee derville. opp. station. ? nOlG And H O B N, XJ Jewellers and Watchmakers. 141 and 143 H'lGH-STT.. FREMAXTLE. Specialise in DLVMOXD KXGAGEMEXT RIXGS. Our I-iamond« are rarcfnUy selected by txpert-- and »'» offtr the be5t quality at low prke». Send for Cataiojroe. LL-ST. that thin, haggard expression fined taking Rhyvo'i. the. great Tapaw Inii ge^tion Care. Chemistfi, stores. \TUBlTN Hair Uend^r' Restores Faded iM Hair promptly, without dye. A charm iiig dressing. Ali s:ora». ? UULV Men's Sweep on the Melbourne Cup. Only seven more dajs. £],000 First Prize.