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r^The '- City. //'Council / iyieeterday. .adopted the -recomimendaticjn/ofVtlhe ^works' .'-'.coni- mitfee'-' /that: ^ the ?nccessaryv' :?'etepsv. -be faken to float a loan of ?£ 200.000 to- carry

out the /works so; out in the, following Bchedule:-— '.''? ^' '?' ?? .;? ''??.{'?'? ''? ''?'?:.'?'' ' ': -. ' Central'- Ward. ' £30,O02;.: North : Ward, £20,097.;'--' Soiith Ward, i30,032; East; Ward, E20.CH5 ;. 'West ?_ Ward. -£20,008; North Perth Wari, J20/137; 'Leederville :.Ward, 20,018; Victoria Park' Ward.: .£20,030; miscellaneous, Bl'2,800; total., £i93,'129;' ' ;.: - ?-.The! details are ; as. follow:— - ' ' , Central Ward.rrBeaufort-street 'bridge to Newcastle-meet.- east «ide. slab path-Iorfull *-idt-h;' £1,390 ; Irwin^treet,'- St. George'.s-ter-. rwe to Ifurray-stree't, ' wood block- road; on nnncrete ba£-- includin-g concrete . kgriing. £4,014; Lord-street, Victoria -square to '? .Wel lington-street' re-surfacp. -Srith tarredi ' ma cadam, full vridth, £163 ; XewcasUo-street,' Beaufort to Lord -streets,1' two coats. bitumin- nns maradam. £1 ,422 ; Bier-street, .Murray to, Wellington streets.' wood, block, road. £3,500; pier-street, railway to '^e.wcastle-'streot, two. coat* hituminons macadam, ,£3,438; Stirling-' Btretet Bridge to New-castlef streets, couiplete Biirfacing ' on both «ides, £1,682;', Stirlin(r itreet; Bridge, to Newcastle streets, consruct Sit.'slab path, both 'side. £1,500 ; Wellington street Barrack, lo 'Lord streets, wood block road, £111,644;; : Jesa £1,090', allowed tnr oi- Loan ? 22 for . section Pier \o Lord streets, £1-0,5*4;. Wniiani-street, St/ Georgo.'s-terraco to Esplanade wood block on concrete tiasp, half cost to.Sonth Ward. £1,189;'. drainage. £1,151); total. £30,002. Korth Ward.— Brisbane-street, Beaufort to William streets, -e-surface with tarxed ma cadam, £1/170; Brewer-street. ' Stirling Lord streets, top dress with diorite and tar dress £487; (Bulwer-stTeet. Beaufort to Pal merston streets balanco required for bitu minous surfacing. £2.765; Edward-street, Stir ling to Lord streets; re-surface with tar macadam. £593; G-oode-^treet. .Brewer to Bu-lwcr streets-, top dress with diorite and tar dress, £386; HaroloVstreet. Beaufort, to Lord streets re-surface with tarred macadam for existing width. £1,567; Lake-street, New castle to ? Glendower streets, two coat bitu minous mat-udam and repairs to kerb,. £4,060; Newcastle-street, Beaufort lo 'Lord streets, two coat bituminous msu'adam. £1,422: P»rrj--Etreet Beaufort to Lord streets, re pairs and- top dres-3, £1,383; Palmerston i-reet, Newcastle to Giendower streets, rn surface with tar matadam. £1,180; William street, Newcastle to Brisbane streets, two coaf bituminous matadam, and repairs to kerb, £3.016; Wright-street, re-surface with tarred macadam Ior full width, £1,458; total, £20,087. ' ? south Ward. — Colin -street, .King's .Park road to Hay-streel, re-o-urfacewith tar mac adam, £1,344; Hay-street, Miliigan-street, wist, wood blocks, £1.'131; M-ak-oim-street, Harveot-terrace to St. &eorge's-terrnce, side construction and kerb on 'north side, tarred macadam, £775; Murray-street, William to llilligan streets, wood bl-ock road, £1-2,035; Murray-street, Miliigan to Hovelock streets, two coal bituravnous macadam, £5,750; Rich ardsonstre«, Thomas to Colin streets, tar macadam, £1,545; W^'lington-street, Mel bourne-road 'to George-street, two coat bitu minous macadam, £-1.151; William-street, Si George' s-terrace to Esplanade. £1.169; drain age, i'3,122 Total, £!!0,o:)2. Bast Wa'rd. — Bennett-street, Adelaideter race to Terrace drive, surfa-c-e with tar mac adam, £53d; Oanfcle-street. Lord-street to Wcitparade, re-surface with tar macadam £282; Chapman-street; re-surface with tar macadam, £279; Ch-ertsey-'street. re-surface with tar macadam, £2B0; C/jisebrook-roud. Summer-street to railway, re-surface with tar macadam, repair kerbs where necessary, £9I(i; Kdward-strcot. lycrd-street 1o railway. re-*urfa-:« with diorite and tar dress; £fllu: Forrest-avenue, Kay to Plain streets, resur fate with tar macadam. £011; GardnCT-street. EastJiiaradc to .loel-tcrrarc; tar drws rna-d, £273 ; Halc-slrect, Ne:«ion to \v'aterloo-cre-- «nt, coht-ru-.'i. tar path bo-f'n sides and rcjrair kerb, £185; Hny-s-trct-t, Bennett to Ha!.- plrepts, construct s-lab paii .btrth cidxis, £1,261 ; Joel-terrace. Summer to ilil-rheiJ st-reets, re-iurface with diorito and tar dress. £.1,188- Ki^vincton-jitreei, Oil isol) rook fo Trafjilgar roads, south fide only, re-surface w»-Ja lar macadam and repair kerbs, £1,400; Leslie-street, rc-surfice wnh diorite ond tar dress il75; Lord-strc-Pt, Victor;-a-sqtiare to Wellington-street, re-surfa-ce wh-h tar mac adam full widt-Ji, £163; Marlboroujli-st-reet. Lord-street to Wesl-parade, re-surface will tar macadam. £489; Nelson rrescent, Plain to Hale streets, re-surface roadway with lar iniacadam and construct tar patlrs, S441; Nor wood-street, Lord-s-tree:. to Weat-parnde, re surface with tar macadam, £202; Summer street Lord-street to railway line, remove kerbs' and Mr dn^s road, £333; Trafalgar road, Kensington-street south to existing tar metal road, re-surface with tarred mat-adam. £314; \Valcrloo-rreM---nt, Plain (o Wickham streets, convpioto side construction and rn surfacc wiih tar macadam, £1,226; Welling wnttrcet, Ivord-street to H»H-«trcct, two coat bituminous ma«idajn, £1.714; Wollington streei. Hill to Dennett, sweets, side construc tion and re-surfaro with two coat bituminous macadam, £2,591; WeWington-istroet., Ben nott-stxeot to i'orrest-avenuc, .sido construct

'f-'K--W ?;;-.??- ?? .-,::.. ? ??--.. -??,:.-;;?.-? ??-,?? .,-.- repairs 'to; kerb, and re-surface -with itar'mao. adajn, ' £964;, \y*ndsor-sUeetA-LOTd-stre&t'to West-parade,. Te-surfacetHvith -tar; ? macadam-. £773; :dra-inage, £1,0*5;; r^ToUlj' £20,015rv;-; '-; [t;.-. WestvWard.^Bulwer-strisef, :? Fitigerald - to ;Vin.cent.'streeta,! re-form! road arid dress wfth bitumeh,-.x£il1444 ; -? Bulwer-strSet, . Pabnerstor. to. Pitigerald' -strefcts,- balance- required, for 'bityminouj' '.surfacing., £835; twin-street.: ; Railway ^parade . '.to'.'..; Lof lusitrert, . ? re-s-urfa«o wdth' tar. 'jnaca-dam, j&123;'E'itzgeraldistree'.. Newcastle 'to (Vincent r8tr€et3,i two, coai bitu m-mous. macadam,. £4,030; ,Httvelock-streea. ?RaiiTOy-parada ?' to LafuiB-S'tre«t,i construct 'path'-on east, sido for', full length in ward, £196; ? LafciMtreet, Fxancia' 'to .Newcas-tle strcots,-. -??two- coat '' bituminous macadam, fi.eas ; Lot tus-*treet,. RaHway:paTade -to Vin ce&ti-street, .two coat bituminous macadam, '£1,©86; PaSmerston-strcet, Newcastle to ;Glen dower -6tre«ts, re-surface -with -'tar macadam, l£i;i80;: Ha-rlway-parade, Charles- -to- Loftus streets; -re-surface; witih tar macadam, ,£1,920; RoofitreeC Lake-street to ? Railway-parade, re surface with two coat Jbitaminous macad-a-mi £3,084 ;'.' etc-ne-street, V'-Sutherfchd;/ to; Loftus streets. -re-form surface 'wftb-'lioTiteand bhu m«n; £1,601 ;' Stuart -street^ Palmeraton ' .- to PitigeraCd Streets, ,t6pdress -Vi-th : tar mac: adam,.- £305 ; Viricent-siree't. Fitzgerald ito Charles streets, construct-at ccntre^and- dress' wh'h bitumen, £821; drainage, £550. .Total, £2o;qo8., j ;;;:..':-.?. ,' ..i- ...??..':.. y : .' North Perth, Ward!— Alma-road, Fitzgeraid to Norfolk ?streets, side construction to 20ft., ? surface with , diorite and ? tar ?' dress,' £790 ; Bluckford^strett, -.end; of existing road to X-orth Beach-road, construct. 15ft. gravel road, £384; Charles-street, - North- Beach-road to' !Walco-(t-stre'et, Iwo coa-t ibituminous macadam; £4,440; , Dunedin-strcet, Hoba'rt : to 'North Beach-road,; construct 15ft. ? gravel road, £2S8;,/Bondi-^treet; connect up made road, .construct 15ft.' gravel-road, £832; Ellesmere steeet, ..Fairfleld- to: Edinburgh-streets^ con struct 15ft.-, gravel roadi. at end of '.existing road, £160; Fitzgerald-street, Ruby to Wal c'ott streets, complete side construction, £750; Fiuseraldrstre«t, Vincent to. Angove streets, !wo coat bituminous macadam, £2.700; For rest'street,: Norfolk ': to Fitzgerald streets, widen ? to aOft^ re-surface with diorite, £670; Loftus-street,- An-zac-road . to North,. Beach- road; side construct to 20ft., two coat- bitu m'-ions macad-am. £393;' London-street, Hobart-strect to . Nortli , Beach-road, coTVstruct 15fS.? gravel road, £384; Monmouth-street, WiKijam:tn Norfolk streets, side construct to 26ft. width,- re-surface with diorite, ..tar dressed. £1.260; Paddjngton-street. Norham to: Walcott streets, ''; construct 15ft. grave) road. £1(30; Padiiittgton-stre'ct, Fitzgerald to ?Charl-os streets,. construct road at centre and d'ft:« with bitumen, £821; Venn-street, Mbn Tnouth to Walcott streets, re-surface roadway with tar macadam, £360; Walcott-«treet, Beaufort to York' streets, two coat bitumin ous macadam. £3,641; WasJey-street, Fitz gera!d to Norfolk streets, fide construct to width 26ft., re-surface with diorite, tar. ?dr^sed, £945; Wasley-street, Norfolk to William streets, side construct to width 26 ft., re-surface with diorite, tar dressed, £1,139. Total. £20.137. - Leederville Ward. — Cambridge-street, -5 chains west of Abbots* -rd-stTeet to McCourt street , two coat bituminous macadam, £4,85-?; Cambridge-street. Holland to Re serve streets, two coat bituminous macadam, £2.27-1; Loftus-street. Railway-parade to Vincent^street, two coat bituminous macadam, £1,986; Loftus-street, Vincent-street 'to An zac-road, side construct to 20ft. two coat bituminous macadam, £3.5-60; Railwaypar ade, Oxford to McCourt streets, two coat bitu minous macadam . £6,339; allowance for dnrnage, £705. Total. £20.018. Victoria Park Ward.— Albany-road, con struct path from Causeway to Mint-street, £1.090; Ascot-road, from Causeway to rail way line, gravel path, 6ft. wide, west side, £450; Axon-avenne, Lichdeld-strect to Shep parton-road, construct 15ft. gravel road, £180; Cardiff-street. Gerard to Carnarvon streets, construct 15ft. gravel road, £250; Cargill-street, to Berwick-s-trect, side con struct to 20ft. new kerbs, and top dress wiht diorite tar dressed, £2.065; Carnarvon-street. MHler to Cardiff streets, construct 15ft. gra ve) road. £510; Gvddej street, to BerAick street, side construct to 20ft., new kerbs, nnd top dress with dinritft tar dross, £2,931; G'loucesterstreet, Mackey to Manchester streets, constriu-t 13ft. gravel road. £1,080; llordern-street, Mcilaster to Temple streets, construct loft, gravel rood, £720; Howick street, to Kutl.-ind-nvcnue. constmrt 15ft. gra vel road. £-180; HuTiprt-strcpt, Mint to Dane street, construct loft, gravel road. £500; Lion-street, 'Hut-ianC-avcnue to Raleigh street, construct ]5ft. gravel road, £3D0; Ma-ckic-strefil. to Berwick-street, side con struct to 20ft., new kerbs, nnd top dnv,s with dioritc, tar dre-sed. £2.508; Mars-street, east of Ly-on-strcot, construct 15ft. gravid road, £220; Mint-s-trcet. Albany-road to rail way, side construct to 20ft., construct kerbs, and surface with dioritc. dressed with bitu men. £2.526; J'rinre-street. east of Lynn street, construct 15ft. gravel road, M50; Planet-street, east of Archer-street, construct 13ft. gravel road, £390; Rutlnnd-avenue, oast nf Lyon-strcet.' constru-ct 15ft. gravel road, £200; -Star-street, west of Archer-strett, con struct 15ft. gravel road. £560; Star-street, from Iiion-strcet eastwards, construe 10 chains of 15ft. graviM ro.iilway, SMO; Teag-UH street, Gre.sham 4o Miller streets, construct 15ft. gravel rnad, £450; Weston-streot, of Archer-street, construct 15ft. gravel road. £750; Washingon-strcet. Ji-MiHai: to T»m ?jvle streets, construct 15ft. gra%-el road, £180; Washington-street. Ra-thay to Tnam street*, construct 15ft. gravul road, £360; drainage £850; total, £20.030. Miscellaneous. — Tearoom, .public conveni cdccs, dressing rooms, at tho Esplanade,

£6.000 ; pub1tc,'coriTenieri«es, '-Ejimaton Parlc,' £250 ; .Hay and' Plain streets! ' circui,' £300 ; purehaso ot ? 3and'/for'.!Pier-atroet; - extension, ? £3;750;' rounding '??? corkers;. 'SSfibto;*; told;'- £12,800.';: ;-.-.;. -. :;;';;-.. ? -OV,.'- ;l- ?.''??.'. ? . ?'. ???Or. Craig .moved, ias' an 'amendment, that- the 'amounfo£ the loan be'.increaseil to £ 250,000:- ? The- f 20;p00 provided ; for Victoria ? . Park, .. Jio - ? . said, ? -was ??: only ; a ;flea-bite. -i- ]? -y- ??: ?:- ? -;' ?;:- --?? ??}?' ?: .'?? . .'? Cr; 'Wells i'supported .' the : ameidinent;' ? .?.'Govetousness bursls 'the bag;':.'sol- emnl'r.;warned'lCr:- Holland. ''If we -ask for to6:much..-we iwillget.nothing.'V : . ,? . '. The mation..- to. adopt .the;loan propo sal-was carried by a 'largeririajority: „? ??'. -..-? -. Tennis -vCourts^; v r i --.'??.-? ? .It' was decided thati£ on the new loajn. schedule for- the' making of '36 tennis- courts and dressing sheds on Robertson '.'Park?-' r ?-;'-? .'?'.? ♦'?;:'', ^ ' Cr. ILangleyv, . who submitted 'tne.'mo- 'tion. ?: suggested .that - -he ;.cbunc;l .?;? might retain half idf'ihe courts for the^use 6£ private .'people ? who^ did -hot ,des;re.-'to join-.a; club, and hand over 'the rest 'to .the' IiaTvn.Tehhis Association. ? ,,'It was ?preferable 'to have ?municipal , courts, 'in this' way. :, .than'to give a ?' monopoly.' to one. particular,:associati6n. (H«ar, hear). Heii-estimated-.itliat if. -the .courts were used, for seven months only in! 'a' year, at the/low rental of '25s. a.- week per' court, al'profit of £3iS5 a year :woiild -be made. C-r.'-i.-Biitt. asked -if -the. anotion meant' that a' -'State. trading concert' was to be.iet.up by iflie. council. ?'??,'.';'?'?: . ' ? .' Gr;/Langley: I do not. consider this to be a municipal trading: cbricern;'We pro ?vide cricket !and football facilities, ant] tihis iaj.i' tennis facility.1- ;...'' ?* . VCr. Raphael, said, that, it would be a 'darne^ disgrace' to spend tliat-sum on tennis. ' ?'.'?? .'? , --.- ', . ' The Acting Mayor ('Or. IBerryman): I must ask ?Cr. Kaphael to -withdraw those words- ' .'. Cr. Raphael refused to witMraw and Hvalked out of the chamber. Cr. Goode reminded the' council that it had carried a! motion prohibiting Sun day play on its sports' grounds, and sug gested ishat a great 'many people would want to play tennis' on Sundays: The motion was carried.