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1'pon tho one goal umpire rested tho responsibility of milking two decisions tliat considerably iitfluvurtMl tin; resull i-f lhi- z:mu- :u tho W.A.C.A. Ova; on

Saturday. West Perth (lofoitied Perth by a 1'ioint. ami. eonsidoring tho da-a wlUi which Perth linisiicd. wen- lucky ro gia hiiiiw. Neither team lidded tliei.' iiest side. Wcsi Perth were withoiir (iri^nol!. Parks, and Jnhnsrone. ami Langlands. Stei'le, Corser, and I.ryant did not strip for Perth. ('a.=spy um pired, and did well. For the lirst half the game was a drab one. The visitors were in the. ascendancy, and but for a weakened .ittack would have been further ahead at the end of the second session. (Josnell and Parks were sadly missed, and VFlemiuuig, b'.'iinkpttcd by Albert Watt-, did not get near the ball. It was a fit ting tribute to Watts's ability as a back that only handled the bul: on three orca-«sn ijnrins; the game. In fact, during the latter portion uf tiie:'.ast i|iiar:er tli-1 State';, le.-nlins goal-kiirker ]ii:iycil fn'1-Dac-k. und Wans, faithful i.p his tni^t. played forward. Denton, SuiiUir. am: I1. Taylor were oulslaniliiii rcprosentaru'es for West Perth anil Giese (three pi;i!sl. KhU.v. anil Melbin worn {Jit best of llic rest. Erickson was

Perth's best man on the day. McLean, i Matthews, Sharpies, and Watts were tic next pick. The teams were: — West Perth: G. Taylor. McDiannid, Soutar, Sinclair, W. Taylor. . Melbin, Fleinming, Denton.Heardon, Fry, Samp son. Miliington. Giese, Moyle, Beaumont, Kelly, and Jackson. . Perth: Morrisi ' ? Donoghue. .(Saves, McLean, Sharpies, Evans,. Love, Corn,ey, McOmish, Hopkins, Grigg..-; Roydhbuse, Watts, Eyer.'ird, Erickson, FrestbD^Mat th'ews, and Lewis. ' '?' '' 'i There was little to chronicle during the first;* half. Althougi;''t'he- play was drab/ West Perth held the ?.call. Giese, iMeibin, and -'Soutar goaled for West Penh, and following a brill ianfr run by Grigg 'and a snappy pass fo his 'team niaitt.IIopkins.-the latter raised the'two flags.' At the end of the first quarter the scores were: West Perth, 3.2; Perth, l-.l.' 'T.hc; second ? quarter' opened 'with Uro ftrirjant flashes .by D. Taylor. Two IPerfn attacks yielded a single, and then West Perth added four minors. Dc« . ton. .and. McLean. . were .the., outstanding leavers at this sinsre. .Flommimr had

an easy shot, but only scored a single. Giese, from a place kick, scored the only major of the quarter. At half-time the scores were: West Perth, 4.10; Perth, l.t»: 'On' resuming Giese .increased the visitors' lead by another six points, and after a dreary interval McComish scored a well-earned goal for Perth. Perth forwards were astray in their shooting, ar.d FJemming missed another easy one. Suddenly Perth semed to find their pace, and by .really bright foobbatl Evans kicked a major and Matthews managed another; making the board fit three-quarter time read: West Perth, 5.14; Pertu, 4IC. The last quarter wa.-- exciting. Erickson was called for good play, arid apparently, with his mates, he had struck a patch of that play that placed tbe team at tfhe iead of,' the list at the beginning of the season. Hashing around their men, picking up surely, and sending on with good leads, the home team were good to watch. McComish goaled, and two more shots added two minors. Loye beat two opponents ami found the right opening, making the scores level: D. Taylor saved a danger ous situation, and Gicsc added a single for his side. Love and McComish car ried the bail into the shooting area. Hop kins placed Perth in . front with ;i major. McCpjnish tried again, but only one flag was waved. Erickson took a wonderful mark almost on the goal-line, but AVest Perth were not to bo denied, and Melbin essayed a snap. The ball appeared to find Mie right opening, but the goal umpire judged it to be a behintl ?Melbin captured the kick-off and' tried again — a single. ? Hemming took a great mark, but kicked out of bounds. It seemed as if the game was lost for West Perth, but Soutar topped off a well judged run with a major, and placed Ins side in the load. Beaumont tried frojn the Press box; it appeared that bharples took the ball in front of the goal and carried it through with 'him, but the goal umpire did not hesitate in his decision that it was a goal. Perth at-, tacked again and scored a single, and before tie bell rang MeComish had kick ed another major, making the final cores:— West Perth. 7.17 (50 points). Perty 8.10 (58 points). Jl he coal-kickers were: West Perth. Giese (6), Soutar (2). Melbin. and Beau mont 1 each; Perth, McComish (3), Hop Kins (J), Evans. Love, and Matthews.