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At Perlh-.Oval the jninor premiers, f ubiaco, ' met East Perth before a big attendance, which paid £246 at the gate and defeated them, by a margin of 11

points, iney gained their victory by nnconvin-cing football and were lucky to win. They won on play in the se-comi and halved ihe third quarter, but in xhe firs: and last East Perth had the call. In the final term, particularly. East Perth were a long way ahead . on ip!ay, but completely anchored their -chances of vic tory by shocking goal work. Their for wards simply could not turn numberless opportunities tp account, and once again the champion. 'Donnie' Cairpbell. kicked wrct-chedly. They got three behinds only in the final quarter, after having 80 per cent, of the jrlny. Subiaco with one fleet ing dash forward, saw Rodriquez goal for them. Six -points to three. Was ever bad goal front w,oi-k more vividly brought to notice.? But goal kicking is just as important part as any other branch of the paaie. And East Perth faled badly here. It was not a good game to watch. The tparkle of good icams work Vas inissins. and there was a deal of scrumming evident. The gamj did not flow. Men seemed over keen on handballing, which was overuonc to the detriment of pace. Many a time a good rousing kick would -have opened the game out and made' for speed, where the fin icking hanqlwll dosed the play in. Cus sey, too, with an overdose of whistle helped to keep the frame froai flowing. During the afternoon 71 free kicfa went to Subiaco -and 73 to East Perth. Ad-» at least lfi hoW ups, whi's-t Cassey bounced the bait and the game was sent .ilons in jerks a: ioast 40 times each quarter. Cassey. as fair as one could wish, was too tecbnl-cal by far. In tlie first quar ter East Perth established a lead of twn goals to -one point. They had played well, with Walsh ;i prominent figure for them. In the second quarter Subiaco brightened up considerably. Ear.'y in the terra East Perth were just a litt'e ahead, with surer f»jc?Jie?. but the maroon* steadied, gatlicred up pace and das.Ii aivl ran on four goals five behiuds in quick time, whilst keeping East Perth down to seven points. Subisco held .1 very handy lead 0! 11 points at half-time. This was broken down a little in the third term, bnt they entered the final quarter with S points ;o the good. The footliall had been desultory w-:f.!i Sabiaeo giving one the impression at fading out. And tlis they did. East Perth -climbed ail over theai in play, particularly across the centre where Walsh. Dobson. and J. Guhl were invincible, and a veritable h;iil of pa*ses into the forward lines produced nothing more Mian three minor 'points. I Easts forwards could not find the post-'. Subiaro wirji just one brijslit flash rushec forward and Iiotlriquez goaled for them. Eighty per mit. ascendant f«r Eisi

Perth in general play left them throe noints to the bad in scoring for ihe last term. Generally, it was desultory foot ball, , brightened in fleeting flashes by foaethiiH; good. There was a good deal of .'.-rambling: t.ho play did not flow whilst the handball in very icany in stances eou'.d .have been cut oui and tie play made much faster with a sood rous ing kick, which would hare driven tb- ball many yards further. East Perth had more conspieious players than the winners. Walsh. Guhl mid Dobson form ed a cr-ntre line, which i-?ld lie call all nay. Gnhi ami Dobson were in front of their mm always and bdtli did gnod work. Walsh had the brillian: Balieu to mark a-1 the pivot and on the whole beat Mai. Walsh is a fine type of player, full of dash and power, with a loiig driving drop kick to end off his play with. Bahcn flashed ou-t with some bpautjful dashes iast Saturday, but generally Walsh was the master at the. pjvot. Had East Penh won. Owens would have been the mateh winnor in the last quarter, when h:s marking wa^ brilliant indeed, and Ills Vwiy full of dash and determination. Sharp. Mk-ehell and Barratt. wJio ap peared to have a string on the ball in the third quarter, were other prominent Easterners. For Subiaco no one did better than Green, transferred from his oki position at half-back to the custody of the goals. His kicking off was very long and true and Ais relief work sound ' all ihe way. Brophy. as usual, was never benten in defence and J. Grig?. Leonard and Scaddiiii, with Baaen. all came under notice for good work. Gepp and 'Spar row were absentees from East Perth. I and Ouiridge ami Ahearn were off the Subiaco side. The teams were: — Subiaco: — Coekbum. Wieland, Bahen, Staith. Brophy. A. Guhl. Green, Ilickey, Peirsel, Leonard, Iliches, Grigg. Hodge. -Sexton. Beaslcy, Bunning, Scaddan and RodriqilPZ. East Pertii. — Burgess. Dobson, West ern. Mitchell. Duffy, Bedhead. Sharp. Glew. J. Guh!. Owens. Hcbbard, Camp bell. Brentnall. Sherlock, O'Meara, Flet cher, WaJsh, Barratt. East Perti had the best of the opening minutes, and after several attacks Bar ratt rammed one home for full points. Then Subiaco scored a single. Some fine aerial work preceded a neat bit of foot ball by Walsh, which payed the way to Owens scoring the maximum for East Perth, who up to this stage were clearly ahead on play. At the quarter they wero 2.0 to 0.1. -and had deserved their advan tage. At the beginning of tie second term they .Tppeaml likely to go still 'fur ther away, but Subiaco steadied, and building up ascendancy rained in four goals five behinds to 1.1 scored by East Perth. Rodriquez Oiwieo), Smith and Grigg goaled -for (Jie maroons aud Camn bell for East ePrth. At ha!s'-tia-c tfio scores were: — Subiaco, 4.6; East Pertli,

S.I. It Jiad not been a good same so far, the football being desultory and rarely studded with brilliant flashes. Nor did it improve upon resumption. From the bounce East Perth were mostly is attack, with Walsh and Barratt figuring promi nently. Owens, from a mark in front, gohled for them, but BodTiquez had equalised before the be!!, leaving Subiaco still in the lead by eight, points with tal lies of o.S to 4.C. The last quarter is easily explained. East Perth made a bold bid for victory, but faiied to convert the many chances they had. At the other end Bodriquez itopped off one of, the only forward moves xuade by Subiaeo. East Perth had most.' af the play, but from continued attacks got only three minors. Subiaco thus increased their lead, by three THtints, and won with 11 to spare, the linal tallies being: — Subiaco, 6.8 (44 points). East Perth, 4.9 (33 points). ?GoalkickerB— For Subiaco: Rodriquez (4), Smith and Grig*. For East Perth: Otvcns (2). Campbell, Barratt.