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On 'Saturday West Perth met South Fremantle on (be Leederville Oval. The final scores showed an overwhelming vic tory for the local team, 'but in .active nlay

t hey were not so tar ahead as the scores indicated. In fac: in thn first half of the game South Fremantle pleasantly surprised by holding -the cardinals, even showing better football than their 07 pone.nts. The latter half, however, was interesting only from the point of view of seeing by exactly how many goals the visitors would be beaten. In the first. two terms West Perth players seemed sluggish, even indifferent, while Souths were full of peji and dash. White, play ing back, wajs the best man on the field during -hnt session, and indeed played well all day. Edgar, itoo, pLiycd con sistently well, nnd Lijtey, Mahon, and Daly were responsible for sound games in defence. Lawn, as ,--ueak, proved elu sive and a good kick, bagg'tier rfour of his team's seven -majors. Fleming .scored five goals, and if he had been a beMer phot would have doubled that number. Me took some brilliant marks, and prov ed discomfiting to Jennings, his marks man ail day. GosnclL G. Taylor, Parks, and -Beaumont were more than useful for the Cardnials. O'Cosuor had charge of the game. The teams were: — West Perth: G. Tay'.or (c.iptain), Gos ncll. MeDiarmid. Soutar. Sinclair, W. Taylor. Parks, Mclhin. Flemming. Den ton, Reardon. Fry. .Sanvpson, Tyson, M'i lingiton. Johnstone, Beaumont and Kelly. Smith Fremantlc: Tuxford (captain). Dixon. -Sunderland. Mcller. Fuhrnwn. Ma hon, SliPedy, Whi-le, Edgar. O'Connor. Giles, Pressley. Lawn. Fitzgerald, Jen nings. Hiiijrhes, Daly, wl Lntev. South Fr&nantle had all the piay in the first quarter. Two singles in their favour were added quickly and than Lawn scored the maximum. Edgar was called for twn spectacular marks and Lawn strapped a goal over his head. Melbin1, fouled, passed well forward and Flem ming captured and goaicd. Souths were still in attack, and O'Connor scored the maximum from -a free kick. G. Taylor put the ball into the home team's forward lines. Parks tried once and .failed, out made do mistake a few seconds later. Flomming missed one from six yards oict, and the .bell fang with tfhe «corcs:— We.* Perth, 2.1; Sou'ii Fwaiantlc. 3.4, (Souths'

back men were kept busy after tbo change over. Beaumont goaled, and a nico bit of play by Gosoell, Flcmming. and Parks, from wtech the latter again set the two flags wagging poi West ?erth in the lead. Swrclair carried the ball down the field anid passed -to Flem ining, about five yards out -from «oal, but the Cardinal sneak kicked wretchedly. A similar occasion arose a few seconds later and I'leararing connected. White, saved a dozen times- and the ball weui down the other end, where OH3onnor added a goal. A briDiant dash by GJes and Lawn was to-pped up by the latier player scoring the maximum, placing Souths in the load. Wests recovered quickly, and Flemming goaled. Not to 'be denied, Souths attacked wrongly. Press. - ley handballed to Lawn, who Ji.ade no mistake, making the scores at half lime* —West Perth, 63; liouth Fremantle, The remainder of the game was unin teresting. Dae play was fierce in the ILVlrd session; Pleinmiag called for the two flags about five minutes after re sumption and .some ten .minutes later he marked bril.iantly and kicked well, scor ing a goat. Fed by MeDiarmid, who was playing well, Beaumont scored the maximum. South Fremantle tried hard to connect^ and on five occasions were near enough to score singles, but could not find tho rajht opeaiing. At -the end of the term the scores were:— West Pcrt-d, 9.4; «5ouih Fromantle, 6.8. West Perth scored £7 points to their oppon ents' 7 in the last quarter. Rcardou, Parks to McDiaraid saw the two nags fluttering, and Beaumont, Parks to Sin clair hud the same result. Beaumont hit the posi, and aftur a long period of p.ay he scored a major. Lawn raised ill* two fiags, and before the bell Soutar 8-Vft!«-l. The final scores were: — , West Perth: 13.7 (85 points). South Fremantle: 7.0 (51 pwuts). The «oal-kickers were:— Weet P-entlj: Flemming (5), Beaumont (3), Parks (2). and MeDiarmid and Soutar (1 each) South ?Fremantle: Lawn (4), O'Connor ^K and Giles (1).