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'Kick his' shins' yelled a spectator at the Subiaco-Pertb match on Saturday, as one player broke away with the ball nnil that remark well indicated the spirit

in whien tne game was pmyeu. ii. »aa miserable football, with the individual ef forts of a few players the only redeeming features. The game, which was playe- on the W.AJC -A. Ground, was made up of a series of fierce- tussles, in which both sides were playing the man and forget ting the^ball. Subiaeo won 'comfortably mainly because of the sterling work of Brophy at back and Rodriquez's excel lent goal front work. H. Grigs was Perth's outstanding player, and although Bahen had the call for tihe first quar ter, the Perthite eclipsed his marksman for the remainder of the game. Subiaeo liad a very useful player in 'Scaddan, whose leads were .much surer than usual, and 'Cockburn. Pengel, lieonard, and Bunning showed out from the rest. Perth were carrying a number of pas sengers. These weak links were only too apparent, breaking up that system that placed the central team at the head of the list at the beginning of 'the sea son. Apart from Grigg. Langlands, Clowes, 'Sharpies, and Watts (particu larly in the last half) worked hard to avert defeat. O'Connor, who umpired, bus given, better exhibitions on many occasions. The teams were: — -Subiaeo: Seuildan. Cockburn. Wieland, Baheu, Brophy. Aheiirn, Guh-1, Green, Urckoy, Leonard, Thompson, Beasley, Riehes, Grigs, Bunning, IRodriquez, ?Smith, and 1'engel. ?Perth: 'Lunglauds, Don'Oghue, Steele, Clowes, Maclean, Sharpies, ICorser, -Oor- ney, MeComish. Morris, Bryant, Grigg, Roydhouse, Evans, Watts, Exickson, Preston and (Matthews. The match promised to Qj& a good one when Perth -rattled on a point byspaik , ling, football within a ? few seconds. It was the only bright .spot --f the match. Massed attacks by bath sides made the scores two poiirrs all before Erickson snapped full points. Leonard, Eickey. and Cockburn figured in a rush from which the latter raised the twin flags, l'engfl ied wpil to Abeam who obtained a major. Rodriquez, receiving fromiScad dan, ?could only .manage a mjiror, but an other try yie'.ded a goal. The ha!l was very crowded, and Perth's half-forwards were particularly weak. The 'kicking was wretched, a number of shots missing even the ourer timbers. Evans at last found the right opening, and at the end of fchc first quarter the scores were: — Subiaeo. 3.4; Perth, 2.3. iSubiaco ran all over the home team in the second quarter. Rodriauez. fouled :n front, scored a goal, quickly followed by an other. At the other end Maclean snapped a 'beauty. It was Perth's only score for the quarter. From a lucky lead Rodriquez secured and beating four op ponents, added another goal. Grigg to Ahearn saw the two flags again flutter ing, and on the beE Smith, a useful Su biaeo recruit, drop-Mcied the eighth ma jor from, a good distance ont. At h'alf tiine^ .the- scores, yieiez— Oobiacifc &6^

»erth, 3.3. The play was more even in the third quarter. A succession of short passes placed Rodriquez in posi stion and possession, ' and he made no mistage. The ball tra velled from one set of massed- players to another, ? and * the disgusted crowd watched silently mrtil M'cComish, being played as 'sneak,' found the tall tim jers. Grigg to Maclean was a bright bit, and Bryant increased the interest by adding another major. McComish tricked two opposing backs and shot true before Scaddan led two Subiaeo rushes, Irom the first of which he se cured a goal and from the second he -ed to Grigg, who shot his side's eleventh. At the end of the quarter the scores were:— 'Suoiaco, 11.7; Perth. 6.8. From a good long kick Corney, 'called for tho two' flags soon -after resumption, and immediately after Brophy marked tlio ball in a position that seemed to be in side the Perth goalmouth, , but no scoco cwas allowed. tBunning eiiowed out in an individual effort, and then Rodriquez ?added two more goals, one from a left foot snap and the other from a right foot kick. A couple of singles were re gistered before the hell rang. The final scores were: — Subiaco: 13.9 (87 poiafcs) Perth: 710 (52 ppints). The goal-Kekera ?wen:— SriWa-»: *&-*- riquez f7), Ahearn (2), Grigg, Cockhnrn, and Smith. (Perth: MdComMi ;(2), Erack srin, Evans, (Bryant, Maclean, and Cor ney.