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In brilliant sunshine and before a good attendance at Leederville Oval, the West Perth men won in most convincing man- ner against East Fremantle, thereby im-

proving their premiership pros- pects, whilst delivering a crush- ing blow to the hopes of East   Fremantle for the right to chal-   lenge. Not even the most rabid cardinal supporter would have anticipated such an easy win; certainly East Fremantle did not expect such a great reverse. When West Perth beat 'East Perth so pointless the previous week-end, they showed su- perb dash and pace. Yet one was in- clined to the belief that East Perth were having a day off. But the West Perth   men hung their victory last weekend on pegs of brilliancy and defeated East Fre- mantle in just the same hollow manner in which they had routed East Perth. Last Saturday East Fremantle seemed unable to cope with the pace set and the dash displayed by West Perth. Wests were   nearly always first to the ball and they played, the non-stop game which kept the pace a cracker. Nor did their pace flag at any period,the men finishing as hard as they had started. And in the air they were supreme. One could hardly imagine finer aerial work than Gosnell, Flem-   ming, Parks, and Denton showed Gos- nell excelled himself, leaping from the back with giant leaps to clasp the ball aloft with finger grip of steel. Flem- ing, too was at his best taking many spectacular marks. West Perth have improved very much as a result of their Tasmanian tour. There is a fine inder- standing amongst the men, which has   built up teams work and they are as good to-day on the ground, in pace and in dash ais they are in the air. Their little men, picking the crumbs from the floor, are clever and tenacious. But they have a weakness. It is in front of goal. Last Saturday many a chance of scoring went astray through inaccuracy and feeble   lacking. East Fremantle were very dis- appointing in their play. True, they had two good men in Dolan and Coffey stand- ing down, but against this West Perth were without the services of Boyd, Craig Sinclair and D. Taylor. East Fremantle only showed form in flashes. They did   not open out as usual, due in a measure to the dash and pace of their opponents killing leads and they were completely   dwarfed in the air. In the rucks, too,   they were beaten. Few of their men were noticeable for good play. They were nothing like the East Fremantle1 of earlier in the year. A poorly contested game never excites great interest, no matter how well one team might play and for this season the game at Leeder- ville was disappointing. West Perth supplied the brilliant spots, but an over- dose of poor kicking and a good deal of scrambling discounted the football gen- erally. Cassey had charge of the game and did well. As soon as he set the bail going it was seen that pace and vim were to be evident. West Perth ran to the attack and from easy chances, piled on a string of six minors. A ball which did not seem to flight true caused a tre- mendous lot of out of bounds penalties Easts goaled with a fleeting sortie and at the end of the quarter were only seven points away, despite the fact that on play West Perth were well ahead. West Perth built up an advantage of 21 points by half-time, and deserved to be further ahead on play. The third quarter pro- vided a complete East debacle. West Perth were always ahead in play, with the brilliant Gosnell taking some most phenomenal high marks, whilst the whole side showed pace and nip, which com- pletely clamped the seasiders to their places. With a big lead of 43 points at the opening of the last quarter, the game was in West Perth's keeping, and they ran out the easiest of winners by an additional ten points. Nearly every man on the winning side weighed in with on effective game. Gosnell was bril- iant in the air, and seldom beaten on the ground. He got rid of the ball quickly with long driving kicks, and was the outstanding player on the field. G. R. Taylor played his best game in Western Australian football. At half-back, tak- ing over the duties of Craig, he excel- led and showed the dash and marking ability, which gave him a place in Vic- toria's Carnival side of 1921. One dash down field in which he brushed aside the opposition as the wind would scatter chaff was the gem of the day's football. A new boy in Millington, making his League debut, was a clever and fast flanker who gave his man a severe drub- ing, whilst Denton completed a great quartette for the cardinals. Denton was never beaten either in the air or on the ground, and his defence was always effec- tive. Soutar did well and Fleming marked magnificently, but kicked poorly, despite the fact that he collected 5 goals. Parks, Melbin, Kelly and John- ston were other outstanding players. There were few who showed out on the East Fremantle side, their men being generally beaten everywhere on the day. Sheedy flashed out with several brilliant dashes, and L. Brown did likewise. Rocke, Clark and Jarvis, in patches, defended well, and Cinoris, in the first quarter, was a prominent player. The teams were:—   West Perth.—Gosnell, G. R. Taylor,   McDiarmid, Soutar, Parljs, Melbin, Flem- ming, Denton, Reardon, Fry, Sampson, Tyson, Johnston, Millington, Giese, Moyle, Beaumont, Kelly.   East Fremantle. — Cinoris, Buchanan, Brown, Baird, Gibson. Clark, Gallagher, Westergaard, Jarvis, Jones, Mudie, Rich- ards, Rocke, Ryan, Woods, Sheedy, Trus- cott, Wicks. It was fast from the jump, with West Perth in the van, but six minors in a row was all they could set out of repeated attacks. Cinoris and Sheedy were playing well for Easts, and turn- in the ball forward. Truscott capped off the drive with full points. Then Wests took charge again, and Parts broke the spell of wretched goal front work with

a goal. At the quarter Wests led 1.8 to 1.1. It had been a West Perth quar- ter, in which their dash and fine mark- ing had put them ahead. A neat pass Fleming to McDiarmid, and a good kick gained full points for West as soon as the second term commenced. Then it became fast and willing. Cinoris scored for Easts from a free in front, and Flemming, bringing down a glorious mark, goaled for Wests. At the end of the quarter a brilliant dash, Gosnell. Parks to Melbin; which flashed the ball forward in a trice, saw the last-named player score. Half-time scores were: —West Perth 4.11; East Fremantle 2.2.   Again a West Perth quarter. The third term was all in favour of the leaders, who kept the pace a cracker and con- tinued to mark all over their opponents. Parks and Flemming scored early in the play, to seal the fate of the match, and Flemming goaled again before the bell. At three-quarter time Wests led 7.18 to 2.5. With a lead of 43 points against them, East Fremantle had a hopeless task in the last term, and went further behind. They scored a goal early, Gal- lagher finding the big opening, but Parks. and Flemming (twice) scored for the cardinals, who won with great ease by 53 points, the final tallies being:— West Perth, 10.18 (78 points). East Fremantle, 3.7 (25 points). Goalkickers:— West Perth: Flemming (5), Parks (3), McDiarmid, Melbin. East Fremantle: Truscott, Cinoris, Gal- lagher.