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Hailed as the deciding match of the qualifying rounds by football followers, a big crowd gathered at Subiaco Oval last Saturday afternoon to see East Fre-

mantle and Subiaco play. The seasiders were just half a game ahead of the maroons, and both sides realised how much victory meant to the right of chal- lenge, which, goes the way of the club at the head of affairs at the end of the qualifying rounds. The weather was perfect brilliant sunshine with little   breeze to favour any end of the ground, which was in grand order. And so the setting and conditions were all there for a great battle. It was, too, victory going to the Subiaco side in the last minute of play by a bare point. Kalei- doscopic in its changes, and studded with all the brilliant features of the game, it was a tussle which held the crowd in a simmer of excitement all the way. Cast into gloom several times during play, the supporters of either team were trans- ferred to ecstacy by brilliant rattles, which repaired the fortunes of the sides.   Wide gaps were bridged over by well- sustained offensives, and several times during play the scores were brought from big leads to level pegging or thereabouts. The pace was phenomenal. The terrific speed of the opening quarter left on- lookers wondering if it could last. It did to the end—a standing testimony to     the condition, of the men. One wondered how our players were left lagging by South Australia in the two big games this season, after watching the sustained speed of these two sides last week-end. Everything that is good to see in the game was shown. Streaming runs, superb dash, grand marking, finesse, good passing, were all there, and it was a   cleanly contested match, yet as rugged as one could wish. Subiaco won, but the East Fremantle men were just as great in defeat. In the first quarter   Subiaco jumped away with a nine-points lead. They were the first to score. Goaling twice before Easts' took a hand,   and rushing to attack with great dash,   they looked like carrying Easts off their feet. But the seasiders steadied, gath- ered pace, and matched the maroons all over the field. Two goals, well earned, drew them to within a few points. Su- biaco, however, secured a handy lead be- fore the bell. A dazzling swerving run by Bahen in this quarter was the tit-bit of the play—the effort of a great   champion. Dash was the predominant   feature of the game. Immediately the   second term opened Subiaco scored with a lucky snap, and then a further major sent them to a big lead. In a rugged patch with the speed still terrific they were the better side, and certainly   looked sure winners. East supporters were in gloom. Then suddenly their       men, headed by Truscott, opened out the game, and in wonderfully sustained at- tacks rained in five goals, which se-   cured for them the lead at half-time. It was a brilliant recovery in which Gal- lagher and Truscott played a leading part. From a deficit of 20 odd points   half way through the quarter, they had run to a lead of 8 points at half time. It was a brilliant recovery staged by opening up the game and by determina- tion. As soon as play re-commenced, Subiaco had pulled back the lead in the third. Then the changes became kaleido   scopic. Truscott, the veteran, put Easts well ahead, and they were now playing so well that they looked as if they had the maroons a little rattled. But it was the Subiaco turn to bring their supporters to their feet. Once, twice, thrice did Rodriquez pierce the big opening in quick succession, and once again the lead swung back to Subiaco.   They held an advantage of 5 points at   lemons. The third goal scored by Rod- riquez was a remarkable over-head snap from an acute angle. So far the game   had disclosed a complete mastery in   spasms by either side. In the last quarter, it was an even tussle, with the going hard and the pace still there. Only apparent anxiousness on the part of players slightly deteriorated the stan- dard of pay, making for a little fumbling and haphazard kicking. East Fre- mantle drew level. Subiaco went to the front again by a goal. Four minutes before time Easts goaled again, making it level pegging. It was anyone's game now but Subiaco got away from the bounce and Rodriquez scored a behind, which made the victory. It was a grand finish to a grand game. As said before,   the football was good, and there were many players who shone in brilliant flashes.. But the three great players of the day were Brophy, Mudie, and Heckey. Brophy played superbly in defence, mark- ing well and coming away with the ball again and again with well-timed and full-chested dashes. His was the star performance of the match. Mudie was an impassable barrier at half back for East Fremantle. He did not make a mistake and relieved time after time. And his disposal of the ball, too, was excellent. Hickey is a clever little player, cool and heady. He darted about ceaselessly all day giving good leads and feeding into the attack lines very ably. Bahen flashed out with some brilliant items, that swerving run in the opening quarter being the finest thing in the play. Scaddan battled hard and well, and Bunning, after the first quarter, played telling football on the wing, where he beat a good man in Len- nie Brown. Leonard did well in patches and so did Grigg, while Rodriquez was one of the best in maroon. He kicked five goals and was always round about the goal mouth — a golden asset in a goal sneak. His worth to Subiaco last Sat- urday was very great. Next to Mudie in East Fremantle colours, one might place Gallagher, who played well from first to last, getting the ball cleverly in the attack lanes, kicking three goals, and showing rare dash. Cinoris, especially in the last quarter, played in tiger-like   style, and Dolan in the last half marked superbly and played well, too. Truscott gathered in four majors and was one of East's beat, that little grey patch being very noticeable in opening out the play. which enabled 'Easts to fight back in the second quarter. Baird defended ably and Sheedy shone out in patches. O'Connor had charge of the game, which was a fast one to follow. He made au error or so, but kept a firm control and did well. The teams were:—   Subiaco: Cockburn, Wieland, Bahen, Brophy, Ahearn, Green, Hickey, Pengel Leonard, Riches, Outridge, Grigg, Sex ton, Thompson, Beasley, Banning, Scad dan, Rodriquez. East Fremantle: Dulan, Cinoris, Bu chanan, Brown, Baird, Gibson, Coffey Gallagher, Westergaard, Jarvis, Jones Mudie, Richards, Rocke, Ryan, Sheedy Truscott, Wicks. Subiaco were early away and Ahearn missed a dolly shot in front. Hickey and Scaddan, however, posted majors in quick succession. The maroons were fast and nippy. Then Cinoris, battling like a tiger, goaled for Easts, and a new man, Westergaard, missed an easy chance. His kick grubbed along the ground. The Subiaco goalie darted from behind to pick the ball at the goal mouth and a behind was signalled — a peculiar decis- ion. A little fumbling in the Subiaco defence lines let Truscott break through and he goaled to bring the scores almost level. Then came a dazzling run by Bahen, followed by a major from Hickey, which gave Subiaco the lead at the quar- ter with 3.4 against 2.1. In the second term Subiaco streaked away to a big lead when Rodriquez scored twice in quick succession. But Easts staged a wonderful recovery. They had seemed overshadowed by the maroons early, but gathering speed and opening out finely up forward they rattled on five goals in quick succession, Gallagher (three times). Cinoris and Truscott piercing the big opening. It was a remarkable recovery, which gave the seasiders the lead at half-time, 7.4 to 5.8. In the third Hickey broke down this lead immediate- ly play re-started. Then Truscont twice in succession kicked true for Easts, who were well ahead now both in scores and play. But Subiaco recovered just as Easts had done earlier, and Rodriquez, goaling three times in quick suceession had brought Subiaco into a winning po- sion again. It had been a great quar- ter of varying fortune. Early Easts ap- peared to have the Subiaco men rattled and beaten. But it was a complete change which marked, the last part of the term when, the Subiaco men com- pletely overshadowed the seasiders. At   the lemon bell Subiaco led with 9.11

against 9.6. It was a battle royal in the last. The pace was still there, but over anxiousness caused a little fumbling. Cin- oris, playing in something like the tiger like style which marked his play in prev- ious seasons, kicked a goal which evened the tallies and half way through the quar- ter Ahearn, with a goal got the maroons to the lead again. With four minutes to go Jarvis goaled for Easts, and the tallies were level again, 11.7 to 10.13. It was anyone's game. Flicking the ball away from the bounce off, Subiaco went to attack, and the mercurial Rodriquez gaining possession, scored a minor point which spelt victory. The final scores were:—   Subiaco: 10.14 (74 points). East Fremantle: 11.7 (73 points). Goal-kickers for Subiaco: Rodriquez (5), Hickey (3), Scaddan and Ahearn. For East Fremantle: Truscott (4), Gallagher (3), Cinoris (3), Jarvis.