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The match betwene South Fremantle and Perth, on thi; Fremantle Oval on Saturday, provided a fair crowd of spec tators with a itood but not brilliant ox

lunuion of footliall. From the opening bell to rhe end of a particularly thrilling lust quaiter the game held the interest or the ?onloofct-ri'. It was fast through out, with many fine -flashes of open, con {?e-rted play. I hough the-^o were mostly shown by the visitors. Perth, who fthuwt-d *i-j:i..s of ivnsit'.ernble improve ment, was the better tea:n. Their tejiin work was good and their pliiy in the forward lines was at times brilliant. (Juioker in getting in thu ball, faster ou the ground, aud holding their opponents in the air, there was only one period when they looked like losing, and this was for a while in the las* quarter, when the whole team appeared to tire. South 's mail* the big mistake of attempting too much short pawing.* On innumerable occasions good heady football wouid be spult by a dribbling -pas* which, did not help die team at, all. The kicking of both sides iyas below standard. Another misuike which the Port team made was that of running with the ball too much and not getting rid of it quick enough. The team, tfto, carried a- nun .her (if pns Kengers. Love, roving for Perth, was tin; best of the rhirty-six. Time and again he wa* responsible for placing his team in a scoring position, and his pass ing, marking, and kicking were excellent Erwkson's display of marking in the for ward lines was :i feature of the game, ar.-l Clowes was a sterling defender who missed few chanceis of retrieving dan gerous attacks. Matthews gave a good cxliUiiUou, particularly in the third quar ter, and Sharpies, in goal, proved a cood custodian and kicked off widl. Watts was very solid in defence. For the los ing team H. Campbell played a good game — probablj- the best .he has played this season. He marked wel land kicked with force and precision. Sunderland, in the pivot 'position, held ihe ihonours over Grigg and battled hard throughout. He set an example to the rest of the team by long kicking, one of his kicks, which scored a goal, travelling about CO yards. Tuxford played well, and others noticeable: were Mahon (in patches). Ed gar, and Hughes. Ci s®ey had charge of the whistle and his display was generally creditable. The visitors were' without the services of Hicks, and Preston and .T Campbell, Bate-man, and Miller were absent from the ranks of the seasiders: The teams were: — ? Perth : Donoghue. Steefc. Clowes, JVic Lean. Sharpies', Corser, Love, Corner, McComish, Morris, Bryant Griggntoyd k'Oiise. Watts, Turner, EricKson, Mather, and Matthews. South Fremantle: Tuxford, Sunderland, S tat on.' Fuhrmann, Sheedy. (Dhcon, Ma hon. White. Edgar. Giles. Pressley, Lawn, Fitzgerald. Hughes, Jennings, Campbell, Daly nnd Lutey. Within a minute of the bounce White was freed in front and scored the red and white's first goaL McComish replied ?with one at ihe other end, and for a rt-nue play was even. 'The frame started fast and was-rouirh. Tuy.f'-r' *??*' - a hard one across the goal mouth, and White took a' quick mark and snapped a goal. Souths were attacking, but Sharpies. Clowes, and Turner . proved hard men to beat. Perth forced the ball down and Erickson- brought down a Kpectacular mark and scored the irrsixi inum. The .same player secured later, and passing to Bryant, saw the hitter player pass to Stcele, who again raised two flajrs. Perth's- forward play was jiood and Morris added another goa; shortly before the bell. The quarter-, time scores were: — Perth: 4.3; South Fremantle, 2.2. Souths played better during the second term', but were in .?Hned to play' the man too much. Sun derland, with a beautiful iTick from near centre, scored a goal, and Lawn, mark ing well, registered another. Turner added a goal to Perth's^ tally, and Fitz jterald snapped another close to time. The' half-time scores were: — Perth 5.5; South Fremantle. 5.3. South Fremantle fin ished the third quarter three points in the lead. The p'iiy was fairly even, each team attacking in turr V'. -?- played a fine s^nre during this quarter, ami several attacks were successfully turned by him. Tuxford from a free :it a hard angle kicked a goal, and Giles, who received a kick as the bell rang, scored another. ISteelo scored Perth's only goal, and, at the lemon bell, the games- stood: — Perth, 6.7; South Fre mantle. 7.4. Excitement was intense when Bryant, with a neat goal, put Perth three points in front. Sheedy replied with, another goal, and, at this stage, Perth seemed to be makinj many mis takes, and appeared tired. Bryant marked from Grigg, and ticked a goal, and seemed to put new life into the team. They attacked frequently. Mahon s-hf-C\ied well in defence, but the visitors were too strong, and ran. out winners by 10 points, McLean scoring their last goal. The final scores were:— Perth: 5).ll (05 points). South Fremantle: 8.7 (oft prints). The Roaikickers were: — Perth: Steele (2), Bryant (2), Turner. Morris, Me fomfeh. 'Erickson, and McLean. South Fremantk: Whim (2). FitzgeraM, Giles, .Lawn, Sheedy, Sunderland, and Tnxfonl.